Sept. 25, 2022

Three Years of Disney World Adventures

Three Years of Disney World Adventures

We finally did it. It took us three years, 150 episodes and 50,000 downloads, but we’ve made it to the celebration of 3 years, 150 episodes, and 50,000 downloads in the world of podcasting!
To celebrate, we’re going to have a tournament of champions. Hea...

We finally did it. It took us three years, 150 episodes and 50,000 downloads, but we’ve made it to the celebration of 3 years, 150 episodes, and 50,000 downloads in the world of podcasting!

To celebrate, we’re going to have a tournament of champions. Heather and Jeff will face off in a series of lightning rounds from some of the best games we’ve played on the show, to determine who will be the ultimate theme park adventurer!

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Three! Hosts

Dan: 3, 2, 1

Jeff: Oh,

Dan: you a little excited there.

Jeff: was sick.

Heather: So excited.

Dan: let's take that energy right into the show. Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard

Jeff: Hi Dan!.

Dan: And joining me this week in the studio is Heather straight and Jeff Williams. Our show as always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world. Head to for more details into no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime

Well y'all. We finally did it.

Jeff: We sure did.

Heather: do we do?

Jeff: What 

Dan: It took us three years, 150 episodes and 50,000 downloads.

But finally we've made it to the big celebration of three years, 150 episodes and 50,000

Heather: Woo.

Dan: in the world of podcasting. Yay.

Heather: Yay. That's so very exciting.

Dan: How does it feel? Do you feel different now that you're on this side

Heather: very much.

Dan: that milestone? You know, if I'd known there was a milestone and that we had crossed it. It felt different.

We've learned a little, we've laughed a little we've loved a little.

Jeff: Yeah. I'd say this whole adventure with you guys has been a knuckle rollercoaster ride through the.

Heather: Oh, I think you're right. That sounds like an accurate description.

Dan: Yeah. Is the word I would use.

Heather: Yes,

Dan: what ways?

Jeff: It's a white knuckle rollercoaster, right? Duty emotions.

Heather: there it is.

Dan: I thought maybe a cohost reminded you of certain characters or something. I don't know. I still haven't watched it. I know that's

Jeff: Even though we talked about it, days ago,

Dan: still haven't around to it. Sorry.

Jeff: I trust you.

Dan: oh yeah. It's I'll get right on. Yeah to celebrate all these big milestones, we're going to have a tournament of champions.

Jeff: Are we having special guests?

Dan: Nope. Nope. There's nobody as special as my co-host Heather and Jeff,

Heather: Aw, Dan. And.

Dan: you and there's one thing we like to do here on the goal. Key adventure society. It's. Play silly games that are themed to themed to our favorite places to visit. So what we're going to do here is we're gonna have you two face off in a series of lightning rounds based on some of the very best games that we've played on this show to determine who the ultimate theme park a adventurer is going to be.

I will keep track of scores.

Jeff: about to crush you.

Heather: I'll bring it. Bring it Williams.

Jeff: already been brought in.

Heather: Oh, I'm scared.

Dan: Should be all right. Okay.

Jeff: I any long time. Listeners know I'm about to rule. I win pretty much every game.

Heather: Really? Huh?

Jeff: Yep.

Dan: the,

Heather: how I remember it.

Dan: Official records got lost in that terrible fire in

Heather: Oh, that darn fire.

Dan: Yeah. But we'll establish a new champion right now. So our gonna be me.

Jeff: Yep.

Dan: round is gonna be great because I'm putting you totally on the spot

Heather: Oh We don't know what we're playing by the way, listeners.


Dan: right. They're finding out right.

When you do most of it's gonna be pretty easy, but this one you're probably gonna be annoyed with me because we're gonna play , we're gonna play a quick round of unpopular opinions

Heather: oh boy.

Dan: which I'm sure that you can come up with some unpopular opinions, whether you actually believe them or not. And basically how this is gonna work is you can go back and forth with your own popular opinions and I'll just go ahead and choose.

 Who's got the best one. I'd like three out of each of you please. And I'll just arbitrarily pick a winner for the round at the

Heather: Ooh.

Dan: ladies, Heather unpopular.

Heather: I didn't really like illuminations. I think it sucked.

Jeff: I'm with you on that?

Heather: Oh, That's popular in this room, yeah, I don't think it's popular

Dan: Most of

Heather: with most people.

Jeff: is it my turn?

Dan: Yeah. It's your turn, Jeff.

Jeff: I don't like any of the festivals at HECO.

Heather: Okay. That I have a problem

Dan: 'em.

Heather: not

Jeff: just don't

Heather: What about the art festival?

Jeff: It was cute the first time, but that, here's the thing. There's one every week. They're always the same. They don't update 'em from year to year. Once you've done it one time. Why would you want to go look, I pose in the exact same four pieces of art that they have around.

Dan: Eat the same

Jeff: don't feel special. It doesn't feel like you're at a festival. It just feels like a more crowded UPCO.

Dan: I get it. They need to update and change them every

 Give you something new to come back to. I can But when you go and there's not a festival, it doesn't feel any different. I dunno. Just more booths.

Heather: Okay. That's fair.

Jeff: Did I win

Dan: gotta come up with you

Heather: don't like the holiday parties. I don't wanna go to, Mickey's not so scary. I don't wanna go to Mickey's very Merry. I don't like the parties.

Dan: Yeah. Oh, sorry. Yeah, I'll agree on that

Jeff: were fine again,

Heather: Yeah. One time I, yep. When I had little kids and they thought it was fun to dress up all of us together and they liked to trick or treat it was fun. Now I just don't need to see another

Jeff: Here's what I loved when I used to love the holiday parties. It was $40 to get into one and you could not buy a park ticket that day. Spend the day at the pool at four o'clock go over there. And for 40 bucks get in. And while everybody was trick or treating, you could write a bunch of stuff.

Heather: Yeah, that's true.

Jeff: Now it's so crowded.

You can't do any of that. And it's 140.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: what I loved. Go to Disneyland and spend all day in the middle of the holiday celebrations for no extra.

Jeff: Yes. Yeah. They just got a holiday, a Santa Claus parade right there.

 Yeah. I'm with you. I don't care for those. I think you did win this round.

Heather: Your turn,

Dan: Your

Jeff: chef Mickey's is sub Ryan's hot bar level garbage.

 And I don't know why everybody thinks they have to go there. And I think it's like the only character meal or something. I I've never understood the appeal and the ceilings are too low in that place.

Dan: it's not like it's the only option for seeing Mickey and friends.

Heather: Exactly.

Dan: I can see it if that's the only place for that

Jeff: It's so popular and continues to be so popular. I do not get it.

Heather: Don't get it. All right. My final unpopular opinion. I think popcorn buckets are stupid.

Jeff: I super agree with you. Yeah. They're just like the cheapest

Heather: yes,

Jeff: plastic yout garbage.

Heather: you can't fit any popcorn in it.

Dan: I was gonna say, especially after seeing that spooky Mickey, that you brought home for Sophia, what are you supposed to put in that thing? You've got like a handful on a half of popcorn in there and you can't even reach your hand in to get the

Heather: that's true. But I will say that the look on two year old Sophia's face when I pulled him out and gave him to her, it was pure joy. And I did enjoy that.

Jeff: how old is.

Heather: She is too.

Jeff: Now explain to me why these 46 year old white ladies feel that

Heather: Exactly. I have no idea.

Jeff: and I can, I don't get it. So we used to have one, it used to sit right here. It was the tie fighter, and this is before they were a big deal. That was one, they had all the time. And I thought that was cool.

Like my son was very into star wars and spaceships and any of that kind of models and cheki so he liked that. Even that was just plastic dog.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: I was gonna say there have been a handful that I would want just because I want a model of the thing. Like I liked the main street electrical parade once that they brought out at when they brought the parade back this last time, the Steamboat Willy one is cool.

Heather: Yes, it is

Dan: A Casey junior circus train for. that during the 60th, I think

Jeff: Yeah, I D. I'd rather just have a nice looking collectible of something. Good. Not just a hollow. I don't know. I don't get

Dan: Gigantic monstrosity.

Jeff: I love this one. I hate those things. The way people freak out about 'em and then all the eBay buyers buy 'em up.

Heather: Oh, yeah, that figment one there.

Jeff: I did kinda want that one now that I'm thinking of it, but

Heather: yeah.

Jeff: I'm terrible.

Heather: That's the exception to the rule

Dan: You can go ahead and take your

 Into an extended discussion of this topic.

Jeff: Oh, do I have another one?

Heather: have one

Dan: one more.

Jeff: Dole whip is overrated.

Heather: oh,

Dan: Yeah,

Heather: words.

Dan: I

Jeff: I like them, but

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: I don't freak out on them.

Dan: No.

Jeff: Do whip float. I like better,

Heather: A hundred

Jeff: but I do disagree with dead. I do not think the citrus swirl is better.

Dan: You're wrong.

Jeff: I like ice cream. I'd rather have real ice cream than either of those.

Dan: No. The real citrus swirl is real ice cream though with frozen orange juice in it.

Jeff: Okay.

Dan: don't whip violates my, I can get it at home rule. It's not exciting to me

Jeff: Yeah, our Foyo places have it usually.

Dan: No. So I don't know how I'm supposed to score this first round because both of you dropped

Heather: I think I'm pretty sure I won.

Dan: Both of you dropped some realness that I wasn't actually expecting here. I thought we had covered all of the, actually some of those things are potentially more contentious than what's been said when we've done full episodes on

Heather: That's fair. That's fair. Especially the popcorn bucket one.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: I think that's why

Jeff: And it's funny, cuz we both totally agree with each other on all of

Heather: all of them.

Dan: Ah, damnit, I'm just gonna split the points on this one. You both get a point for this round and I'm it's not gonna go this way until the very end. It's not one of those rigged kind of situations, but I really don't know how to pick who won that one. It was a silly thing for

Jeff: All right, Jimmy Fallon.

Dan: Oh, those are fighting words. All right. Next round, do y'all remember when we played, guess who. Can you guess, who do you have a clue? All right. So here's how this is gonna

Heather: Yep.

Dan: Here's how this is gonna work. I'm going to give you a character that can be found in Walt Disney world somewhere.

Jeff: Here's where I lose.

Dan: And you have to think about that per that character. And then the other player is going to ask you yes or no questions only. Yes or no questions to try to. Narrow down who the character they're trying to guess is

Jeff: Wait, you're gonna tell me the character and I'm gonna try to get her to pick it.

Dan: no, she's going to ask. Yes, but she's gonna ask you questions, right? You're not giving her clues. She's asking you questions to try to figure out who

Jeff: You know, it's funny. I have no recollection of playing this at all. I get it, but I don't I don't

Dan: It was a lot of fun when we played it. I think Zach was on. And the way we'll determine the winner here is the person who guesses their character in the fewest questions is going to win. Oh, okay.

 Heather went first, last time. So Jeff is going to guess first. All right. So I've gotta send Heather a message real quick. Do.

Jeff: To both of us.

Dan: I did that last time. All right. Check your text messages.

Heather: Okay.

Jeff: This is a character in the park.

Dan: yeah.

Jeff: Okay. And I go now,

Heather: it's your turn.

Jeff: this character have liver lips?

Heather: no.

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: That would've been a cheap

Jeff: would've been amazing. I was just guessing Dan's personality. Does this character.

Heather: liver lips.

Jeff: Does this character sing about blood being on a saddle?

Heather: Nope,

Jeff: Is it a country bear?

Heather: no.

Jeff: How many questions do I get to ask?

Heather: as many

Dan: many as it

Jeff: Is it Mickey mouse

Heather: No,

Jeff: is

 Star wars

Heather: no.

Jeff: from Hollywood studio.

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: Okay. Is it little mermaid


Heather: no.

Jeff: beauty. This is not fun anymore. I give up and every will, nor does anybody wanna listen to me? Just name things,

Dan: Hey, Jeff, the judge would say that when you asked if this character has liver lips, I would've probably said yes.

Heather: But then he was gonna think it was all liver lips from the country bears. And it's not, this character has some big lips.

Jeff: I dunno. Is it a frog?

Heather: It's not a frog. I don't know.

it's someone who.

Dan: is this character, an animal or a human being

Jeff: That's not a yes or no

Heather: It's true, but it is a human being. This character enjoys, loving an elevator.

Jeff: Oh, Steven Tyler, is he in, is he a character in the parks?

Heather: I guess.

Dan: Yes, he's in the show

Jeff: I don't know

Dan: Aero

Jeff: I would never have guessed this.

Heather: I'm not sure I ever would've gotten that. That was too hard, Dan.

Jeff: ask yes or no questions to get to Steven Tyler? Does he does he like the shocker?

Dan: If you ask what, if you figure out the park and then you figure out it's a human being and then you figure out it's a male and then you ask, is it a cartoon or a real, if it's a cartoon

Heather: Apparently we should be asking Dan to guess a character

Jeff: Oh, yeah.

Heather: let's so boy

Jeff: one.

Dan: Not to

Jeff: Tyler, you should have named like their bass player who nobody knows their name.

Heather: I don't even know who that is.

Jeff: No, I don't either. That's.

Dan: Bradley Whitford

Jeff: Yeah he is one of the guys.

Dan: I think he's the

Jeff: Did you text me?

Dan: No, I'm working on it right now.

Jeff: Oh,

Dan: it. My, my first one was too hard, but I'm afraid this one's too easy.

Heather: good.

Jeff: of course. It's Heather's give her like Pinocchio and I get Tyler he's boy.

Dan: Just for that.

Heather: Oh, no.

Dan: original one.

Jeff: Ah, yes. Okay.

Heather: Oh no. Is this

Jeff: start with the park.

Heather: that's what I'm doing is this character in the magic kingdom?

Jeff: Yes,

Heather: Oh boy. Is this character a human?

Jeff: ish. Yes,

Heather: Is this character a Muppet?

Jeff: no.

Heather: Human ish. Yeah. Yeah, Walter,

Jeff: it's a cartoonish person of a human he's a human like Roseanne BARR was

Heather: a male?

Jeff: Yes.

Heather: Okay.

Dan: Jeff that wasn't very nice.

Jeff: I'm talking about my world's famous movie home on the ranch.

Heather: Is this person in fantasy land?

 Is this person in adventure? Land

Jeff: no. Ask me if he loves fixings.

Heather: is, this is

Jeff: yes.

Dan: Yes.

Heather: what.

Dan: See the reason Jeff loses is cause he gets bored and then he gives the

Jeff: who wants to

Heather: does. He

Jeff: you would never guess this ever in a million years.

Heather: very

Dan: said it was probably too hard. This is the tournament of champions. I can't just go with, can't just go with Roger rabbit and I guess, Roger, rabbit's not.

Jeff: I don't know how to ask yes or no questions to get to things. Remember being about this. Good at

Heather: Does

Dan: That's good because a tiebreaker. All right. How do I do a tiebreaker? Okay, then we'll do a second.

Heather: the point and we can go on to the next game that I'll

Dan: That's what I had originally

Heather: Let's do that.

Dan: You're gonna love the next game. Just as much, because it's got some more, yes or no questions

Heather: Oh, no. Okay.

Jeff: yes,

Dan: do y'all remember when we played magical hide and seek.

Jeff: no.

Heather: We played magical hide and

Jeff: this a yes or no question? Cause no, I don't.

Heather: Yes, I do.

Dan: Oh, boy, we've got a good show. It's really memorable. All right. So about a year and a half ago, we played a game of hide and seek where you could pick a location around a theme park to hide in. And the other players had to narrow it down using yes or no questions to try to figure out where you are.

Jeff: Oh, this I'm gonna crush.

Dan: I'm going. Let's see, we're gonna put the limitation on it. That it has to be a real location you could actually get into. So no magical crap like we did before and let's limit it to let's say magic kingdom

Heather: Okay.

Dan: just to make it interesting.

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: Okay.

Jeff: Am I asking her or is she asking?

Dan: Jeff started out asking, so Heather starts out asking first.

So Jeff, think of a spot.

Jeff: Got it?

Heather: Okay.

Dan: You got it. Okay, Heather.

Heather: Are you on an attraction?

 Are you on main street?

Jeff: no

Heather: Huh? Are you in the hub?

Jeff: near it.

Heather: Huh? You're

Jeff: Oh No, . There we go. Are you in a place where just anyone can go.

Dan: Know where Jeff is.

Heather: Are you in the Nemo bar?

Jeff: no,

Heather: Oh I thought you were in club 33.

Jeff: what you

Dan: That's what I was thinking too.

Heather: you're not somewhere that just anyone could go. Are you in a men's room? Sorry, hard. You're near the hub. In a place, not everyone could go. I just told Dan so he can

are you in the,

Jeff: Yes.

Dan: Nice that only took six guesses.

Heather: that was too many.

Dan: I'm impressed.

Jeff: Are you in the email bar? I knew that's what you're

Heather: Yep.

Dan: that's right where I went also

Jeff: no, I'm down there in the by the garbage tube, she's thinking I'm hobnobbing with the

Heather: I did. I thought you were classier.

Dan: the.

Heather: I've seen it. It's yeah, it's a garbage too.

Jeff: Heather, you should text Dan. What it is that I'm gonna be guessing.

Heather: Okay. You got it. Okay. Go for it.

Jeff: So this is only magic kingdom.

Heather: Correct.

Jeff: Are you inside?

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: Are you in main street

 Are you in adventure land?

 Frontier land

Heather: no.

Jeff: the others. the fantasy land.

Heather: Nope.

Jeff: Are you? Is this an area? Anyone can go.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: Are you in the castle?

Heather: Nope.

Jeff: Are you under the castle?

Heather: Nope.

Jeff: Oh, wait, anyone can go there. Are you having are you having glitter, applied to your.

Heather: I am not.

Jeff: Are you eating bad food?

Heather: Nope.

Jeff: Oh shit.

Heather: didn't ask me about tomorrow land

Jeff: Oh, where are you in tomorrow? And

Heather: I'm in a place in tomorrow

Jeff: you at anti-gravity?

Heather: Nope, but not far

Jeff: Are you in space mill?

Heather: Nope.

Jeff: Are you in every building in there?

Heather: The air conditioning is not great where I am.

Jeff: Pulled up you're in the carousel

Heather: Yes.

Dan: Ding ding. Well done. Jeff. You got there,

Jeff: I totally won that one.

Dan: Sadly, you took 13 guesses to Heather's six. So Heather takes that round. I'm sorry. Maybe you'll do better next time. What's next time.

Jeff: I doubt that seriously.

Heather: I think he is gonna win the next game. Handily

Dan: So we've got two more rounds this first round we're going to play.

Jeff: Wait where you already forgot where you were.

Heather: cure, self progress.

Jeff: So why is that in Tomorrowland? The most recent thing in there

Heather: this is the eighties.

Jeff: the nineties or eighties.

Dan: Oh, cause at one point it was the future.

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: are you in Tron? Oh,

Dan: time we are going to play catch. That's where I'm going to give or we'll start with Heather is giving the clues and Jeff has to guess what the word is, either a character or a place or a thing that's related to the theme parks. Heather has to give the clues this time. You can't say any of the words or any

Jeff: Oh, she's gotta get me to guess the thing. Now this will do well.

Dan: Without saying the words, the actual words, any part of the name? Yeah,

Jeff: It's like the pyramid bit with no pyramid password and the pyramid would look the same show.

Dan: Yes. I don't. I'm not, I'm sorry. I'm not old enough.

Heather: Don't say it damn.

Jeff: The pyramid is on currently, my friend Michael Strahan

Heather: that's true.

Jeff: hosts it.

Dan: I assume what you're talking about. A vintage game show. Anyway Heather, you've got your list. You each have eight words and we'll just keep track of I'm going to put, let's say 90 seconds on the timer and whoever gets the most, or does that sound like too long for eight words?

Jeff: Eight words. No, we got it. That's good.

Dan: I don't wanna make it so that we get another. Okay. All right, so timer one minute 30 seconds to get as many as possible are guesser. Are you ready?

Jeff: Am I the guesser

Dan: You're the guesser.

Jeff: then? Yes, I am ready.

Dan: All right, Heather, are you ready?

Heather: I'm ready.

Dan: All right. On your mark. Get set. Go.

Heather: This character is bouncy. Floy. Trancy fun. Fun fun.

Jeff: No clue.

Heather: Oh, it's Winnie the poo's cat friend.

Jeff: No, I don't know

Heather: Okay.

Jeff: when of the poo has a cat trend.

Heather: I can't say it's a big cat. It's orange. Okay.

Jeff: I dunno who that is. Oh, T.

Heather: It's what the British people

Jeff: You can say tiger right though.

Heather: I don't think so. Could

Dan: I mean it's a little close. I,

Heather: it was close. All right. It's with the British call align.

Jeff: Q

Heather: It's the sky.

Jeff: EO.

Heather: It's the main character in brave.

Jeff: Me.

Heather: It's a decorative water feature.

Jeff: Fountain

Heather: The Yeti inside of it is broken.

Jeff: The expedition Everest

Heather: Woody's cow girlfriend.

Jeff: Jessie.

Heather: And it's a breakfast item. That's shaped like a mouse's head. Lots of people like to eat it. It's not a pancake. It's a,

Jeff: Mickey waffle.

Heather: yes,

Dan: Oh, Andy got 'em all with seven seconds left. Maybe a minute and a half was too

Jeff: You could say Winnie the poo though.

Heather: I did say Winnie the poo, but I thought everybody knew the Tigger song. Sorry.

Jeff: Winnie the poos feline friend who is striked, what was it? You said? What was the song?

Heather: These bouncy Floy. Trancy fun. Fun fun.

Jeff: No clue.

Heather: Sorry. All right.

Dan: The most wonderful thing about.

Heather: Yeah. The most wonderful thing about TERs this tickers are wonderful things.

Jeff: Oh yeah.

Heather: The most wonderful thing about TIS is I'm the only one. I got it. It's Winnie the poo's fee line friend.

Dan: Isn't that basically what you said, cat

Heather: I did.

Dan: and that bothered you lot.

Jeff: Yeah, I have a Stripe. I'm like, there's not a cat. He's a stuffed animal tiger. I'm thinking of like a cat. I dunno.

Dan: yeah. Jungle

Heather: I apologize

Jeff: other clues were amazing.

Heather: Thank you.

Dan: Jeff I've sent you your

Jeff: I don't even know what this first one is, so I can't help anyone guess it.

Dan: All right. I'll take that one off the list and give you another one real quick

Heather: was it?

Jeff: Tap style.

Heather: What?

Dan: That's what you CA you don't know what that is.

Heather: No.

Dan: the thing that you scan in at the entrance gates

Heather: Oh, I've never called that a tap style.

Dan: it's a, cuz it's a turn. It's not a turn style. You tap into

Heather: it the magical Mickey orb. didn't know that

Dan: are grownups.

Heather: Is that the official nomenclature for that thing?

Dan: Yeah. As far as I'm aware, that's what

Heather: Have no clue.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: just would, yeah, I'd call it like a scanner. I don't know. I never have heard that term.

Dan: Weird. Oh,

Heather: Wow.

Dan: maybe I made it up. All right. Let me let me real quick think of something else.

Heather: you know what the rest of them are on your list? Jeff. Okay.

Dan: Okay. I sent you a new list, Jeff.

Jeff: All right.

Heather: Okay. I'm ready.

Dan: All right. Guesser. Are you ready?

Heather: I'm ready.

Dan: Clue giver. Are you ready?

Jeff: yep.

Dan: 90 seconds on the clock starts now.

Jeff: Epcot ride that looks like Tron inside, where you're in a car racing

 One of five

Heather: yes, I know. Seeing,

Jeff: Feline friend used to be crash. Test dummies. Nope. And be because I said one of the words, anyway, this is a drink in it's a frozen treat. Drink alcohol.

Heather: by the way, test track,

Jeff: can't get it because I said one of the words,

Dan: Yeah, you wasted enough time. I'll count it. It's fine.

Jeff: yeah, this is in France. It's a wine drink. That's similar.

 Of wine, a pink wine.

Heather: oh the rose,

Jeff: Yes. This frog has a wild ride.

Heather: Mr. Toad.

Jeff: You use rifles in the old west at this area.

Heather: shooting gallery shooting, arcade

Jeff: These are floating vessels that are of people you care about. I don't really know vessels of people. You care about

what are, you know, you're my best

Heather: a friend.

Jeff: Uhhuh and a floating vessel.

Heather: Oh, the friendships. Got it?

Jeff: Not really, but okay.

Heather: the friendship

Dan: enough, but

Jeff: it is.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: Friendship, boats. And time's up?

Heather: how could I not get test track? What is wrong

Dan: I dunno.

Jeff: thought we were, I was moving on to the next

Heather: I know

Jeff: be difficult.

Heather: I don't. I was seeing it in my head and I could not come up with the word test track.

Jeff: At least you knew what it was. I didn't know what his cat trend was.

Heather: Touche

Dan: Jeff you're back on the board.

Heather: won

Dan: Jeff won that

Heather: you finally got ticker. I apparently can't remember. Test track.

Jeff: All right. Let me ask you this frozen drink we love at, LaCava.

Heather: The frozen drink we love at LaCava margarita.

Jeff: Yes. You're like overthinking it.

Heather: the the, yeah.

Jeff: The place you get giant cookies. We just went there and brought home

Heather: Oh, okay. Yeah. Gideons

Jeff: All right. We suck. This is fun for the listeners. I bet.

Dan: All right. Our final round. One of my favorite games where we've played recently was when we played the price is right.

 Dunno. And what we're gonna do is this is one final round. Here is the showcase showdown. And I only have one showcase for y'all today. So the person who goes closest without going over.

Jeff: $6,438 is my guess.

Dan: You don't want me to So you gonna, oh, okay.

don't want me to break down what's in the showcase

Jeff: hear it. I got this.

Dan: and this might be something that you might actually have a chance of getting, so we are going to

Heather: Okay.

Dan: look for. The overall price of drinking around the galaxy on the galactic star cruiser. Now, let me tell you what this entails.

This entails this entails having one of every drink on the menu, and it includes the included 18% gratuity that they automatically tack on for you. So let me give you a breakdown of what you're all getting in this fabulous showcase showdown. You're getting a cloud of bein cocktail. That's the foamy one that I didn't care for.

Isn't it? Yeah. The daba vem,

Heather: Loved it.

Dan: Dre Bo's delight, which is apparently a space Negron,

Heather: Yeah. Didn't like it.

Dan: Fiery safari,

Heather: Okay.

Dan: a icebreaker.

Heather: Loved

Dan: This one does include the brand new crate reactor drink for four.

Heather: Yep. Okay.

Dan: Mandalore sling mark of the Huntress, the Niland and bubbles. A pod chaser, the old fashioned silver sea martini.

 This also includes the tasting experience, the canteen Chronicles, which is the non-alcoholic one and the spirits of adventure, which features the alcoholic beverages. It also includes the non-alcoholic beverages in the. Sub light lounge, the Muja twist guy's secret drink and the poison spitter drop as well as beers, the bad motivator, RPA, the GA Morian ale, the gold squadron.

LAGR the transition ale the wine selections Canto bite back.

Heather: This is so much.

Dan: The canonic Pino war, the Madson Blanc, the tore Chardonnay the sparkling line selections. There's three of those, including the ne Franco Rusto Lauren ER, rose. And that thing that comes in the yellow bag that I don't know how to pronounce that word.

You know, the one

Heather: Think that comes in a yellow bag.

Dan: they

Jeff: I didn't see that.

Dan: at holiday time? No, at holiday time they always have a special gift package of it that

Heather: Above Cleco.

Dan: yeah, that one.

Heather: Ah, okay.

Dan: I don't speak fancy ass French. It also includes all of the beverages at Ogas cant. Do you need me to run those down or are you good

Heather: Lord. That's so many beverages. Okay. Including the


Jeff: great or the,

Heather: The what?

Dan: Including the,

Jeff: whatever. It doesn't matter.

Dan: is it includes?

Heather: Okay. I'm you want our guesses?

Jeff: 24,000,

Heather: Oh,

Dan: 24,000,

Jeff: no clue.

Heather: I'm gonna say 1599, $1,599.

Jeff: You're crazy. Isn't one of them. $5,000.

Heather: That's on the wish. He didn't say that. Anything about the wish

Jeff: yeah.

Heather: you wanna, I guess again,

Jeff: which bar?

Dan: Yeah, this is not on the wish. This is just ATUs Cantina. And the galactic SAR cruiser 3,500 is Jeff's final guess.

Jeff: Sure.

Dan: All right. Wow. Let me tell you the drink offerings, just from the sub light lounge. With the 18% gratuity come to $613 and 16 cents. Add into that. The drinks from Ogas Cantina with 18% gratuity $286 and 15 cents for a grand total of $899 and 75 cents to drink around the galaxy

Heather: That's it.

Dan: the galactic

Jeff: every one of those 25 wines you named? I don't buy it.

Dan: Yeah, this first single pour. Yeah, I'll. I'll send you the price break.

Jeff: No. Whatever.

Dan: You could have a checklist that way. Yeah. Yeah. Nine just

Jeff: Wait, how much

Dan: short of $900,

Heather: in Ogas, I thought it was really going up and I, my original guess was gonna be $900, but I still would've gone over.

Jeff: What was the total?

Dan: 8 99, 75.

Heather: Huh

Jeff: I feel like we spent that like the first day we were there in

Heather: I know.

Jeff: bar.

Heather: We had multiple mark of the Huntress and cloud of

Jeff: Yeah, but if I drank the whole menu, I don't know

Heather: did drink the whole cocktail menu. We never did have

Jeff: none of the beers and wines. I did have one beer.

Heather: We never had the crate reactor. We failed you Dan. I'm so sorry. Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah. In my head, I was at the wish one.

Heather: Yeah. With the $5,000 drink

Jeff: I'm shocked. It's only 800

Heather: me too.

Jeff: wanna do that,

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: You're gonna go, you're gonna be back there

Jeff: but I don't drink any of those wines.

Dan: then give those to the boy.

Jeff: How much do they charge for a

Heather: Loveco.

Dan: me see. That is $22.

Jeff: The same price as the market of the interest?

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah about mark of the Huntress is a little bit 23, 23 even, but the mark OFS is so delicious. Oh my.

Jeff: He started naming so many things. I was like, okay, these are 22 to 25 bucks, and then you just kept naming 'em I totally lost count,

Dan: Yeah, but a lot of the cocktails are actually less than you think they're in the like 15 to 18 range.

Heather: That's a dang bargain.

Jeff: I guess.

Dan: The wines are cheaper. A lot of the wines are cheaper than the beers. The beers are all 1325.

Jeff: 13

Dan: I know it's insane.

Jeff: that's bananas.

Dan: For a Sierra, Nevada or a dog fish

Jeff: No. These are from space, Dan

Dan: Yeah. Contracted out they, yes. Yes. The space beer made by American fin brewing companies. You, so anyway,

Jeff: Did I win?

Heather: You did.

Dan: You both went over.

Heather: Oh yeah. So we both failed the last round.

Jeff: grand. That was close.

Dan: Yeah. There were no points awarded on the last round.

Heather: boo.

Dan: out with Jeff had two points and Heather had three points.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: Wait, is this like

Heather: you did.

Dan: it's totally like golf.

Jeff: Awesome.

Heather: You were one under par

Dan: If you count by who had the most fun,

Jeff: It was me

Dan: the listeners are the winners, right.

Jeff: they're gonna demand a full refund

Dan: that's why they keep coming back week after week for three whole years.

Jeff: like to drink around the galaxy, I really wanna do that now.

Heather: yeah.

Dan: Yeah. It seems pretty doable, right?

Heather: Let's do it.

Dan: Yeah. There you go. All right. Before I say my thank you, or I say my goodbyes, I just wanna say one more time. Thanks again, to all of our listeners for hanging out with us for all this time. We've had a lot of fun. We like Have an excuse to goof around and hopefully you enjoy it too.

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I'm not sure. Oh, because you listen to podcasts on an iPod.

Jeff: Someone has an iPod

Heather: did I come up with that?

Dan: Actually, I just got wired an iPod touch for his birthday.

Jeff: They make.

Dan: No, they canceled it this year, but I got one off

Jeff: Oh

Dan: Kids these days think they need phones when they're 10 years old. And I was like, no, you can't have a phone, but I'll give you an iPod. So you have a watch, a clock and I can send you messages.

Now I don't have to yell across the house to say, take the dog for a walk. I just send them a message and iMessage

Jeff: I did love.

Dan: it was pretty good. Pretty good. Anyway. Key to the World Travel has a giant iPod, the size of a roller skating rink, full of expert travel planners. Ready to make your vacation dreams reality. Head to to get started with a no obligation quote,

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Heather: Bye everybody.

Jeff: Thank you for the benefit of your time.