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I might be biased, but I love this show. The perfect mix of irreverence and fanboyism, expertise and silliness. If you enjoy travel and especially theme parks, give it a listen!

Informative, current, and funny!

I look forward to the weekly GKAS podcasts! They keep me on top of everything happening in the travel world. I love their banter and that they share their opinions, clearly holding little back. I frequently find myself literally “laughing out loud” and they keep me on my toes. Keep on with the great content and laughs!

Fan club for Julia Stiles

The best Julia stiles fan podcast I’ve ever heard! I love getting notifications when a new episode has posted. They could talk about anything and I would still listen each week.


They know a lot about theme parks and travel, and offer great tips and travel news. They’re appropriately inappropriate and I’m here for it.


I love listening to this podcast! They are always fun and informative. I laugh every single week! There is always something about the humor that’s not quite right, but hilarious!

A fun time!

You never know what the topics will be on the show. I love the personalities and the off the creative topics!

Always informative and hilarious at the same time

This group always has so much fun and interesting information in their podcast each week. Not just your run of the mill Disney podcast. And they are hilarious to boot! Always makes for fun listening in the car and in the gym!

Informative AND Fun!

I get all the latest travel info from the Gold Key Adventurers! Love that I get all my Disney updates plus news on other travel too! And I’m all about the sense of humor!

Finally, a fun Disney Podcast

I just found this podcast and it is now something I can listen to for FUN and not just to keep up-to-date with park changes. The banter between the hosts feels like a fun conversation between friends! Can’t wait for more episodes!

Fun & Entertaining

Fun way to get your theme park and travel news and information.

Love it!!

Great job guys!!

My New Favorite Podcast!

I love listening to this podcast in the car and on my daily walks. These folks are hilarious and keep me up to date on travel and theme park news. Thanks for the laughs and updates Gold Key Adventurers Society!

So good!

Just found this podcast and I’m so glad I did! It makes me want to go off and travel to all these destinations. Check it out if you like to travel or want to one day!

Really fun and engaging!

Entertaining, informative and well-produced...Keep up the great work! Travel will return and when it does I’ll be looking to you guys for advice on where to go!

I love it!

This is the first theme park show I’ve listened to. It’s awesome. Great information and insights!

Good, lighthearted fun!

I love listening to Gold Key Adventurer’s Society on my daily commute to/from work. Filled with the most up to date theme park news and updates, it also has interesting stories of offbeat and unusual travel destinations and some hilarious round table discussions. It’s so nice to have a podcast that is just fun! No notes to take, no lectures on how to improve myself, no political debates (unless you count Dave’s campaign against Epcot—LOL) but just fun! Dan does a great job keeping everyone on track with the week’s theme but still, you never know where the conversations will go. Just like having regular conversations with your friends!

My favorite Travel podcast

It’s fun and entertaining, there’s enough banter to make it fun but not to much to make it tedious. Plus there is tons of great information!! Even my kids who “hate podcasts” want to listen to the “Disney” podcast every week.

Great podcast

Such a great podcast!! It’s a great combination of humor and useful travel information. I’ve given up listening to music in the car to listen to Dan, Jess, and Heather instead!

Funny and Informative!

Heather, Dan, and Jess have crafted a fantastic show that demonstrates why we travel! Each episode highlights news and topics of interest from the world of travel, and the Adventurers offer their takes interwoven with personal experiences and anecdotes. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast if you’re into all things travel! What’s on your bucket list?!

Great content & easy on the ears!

Not only do Dan & Jess have great "voices for radio" but their content is worth listening to! It keeps me up to date on my favorite places without having to sift through a bunch of websites and articles. Thanks guys!

Perfect for people bitten by the travel bug!

This podcast is awesome. I really enjoy their voices and the entire vibe of the show. The music, the verbiage, the travel excitement. I like feeling like I’m a part of the society! So stoked for the great content sure to come. Great job guys!


LOVE these guys! So much awesome info, with great conversation along the way. I can’t wait for more!


I’m excited to learn more from you guys!

Subscribe - you won’t be disappointed!!

Dan and Jess have a passion for travel and you can tell. It is super cool listening to them talk and share with us! Can’t wait for more episodes. Subscribe and follow them!

Great job!

Can’t wait to hear more adventures!


I can’t wait to hear more! Great job!


Better than amazing