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The Gold Key Adventurers Society is sponsored by our friends at Key to the World Travel, but it takes a lot time and expense to make this show as entertaining and easy to listen to as possible, and we could use your help to grow our show,keep the lights on, and improve our equipment, if you're able and so inclined. 

We're working on setting up a Patreon account with options for different levels of continuing support and corresponding thank you gifts. In the meantime, we have a account linked below, where you can chip in a few dollars (or a few dozen dollars, it's up to you) to buy your favorite globe trotting adventurers a coffee. Trust us, it takes a lot of caffeine to keep this wagon train a-rollin'!

We also understand that life is pretty uncertain right now, and not everyone has the extra funds to help us out. That's ok too-our number one goal for the show is to entertain and maybe do a little educating on the side. If you want to help us out, but don't have the means to do so monetarily at the moment, won't you please help spread the word about our show? Word of mouth is the absolute best way to grow our audience, and sharing a link to our site is 100% free. Ratings and reviews on iTunes or your podcast service of choice are also a free and easy way to help us promote our show that go down real smooth. 

However you're able to help support our show, be it large or small, or maybe even very large (does anyone have Jeff Bezos' phone number?), we very humbly appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. You make the show go, and you're the reason we sit down at the microphone every week. Thank you.