Disney World Podcast|The Gold Key Adventurers Society

Disney World Podcast|The Gold Key Adventurers Society

Whether you're a seasoned theme park enthusiast or a curious traveler, The Gold Key Adventurers Society Podcast is your go-to source for all things Disney World, theme parks, and world travel. With a wealth of knowledge and a side of humor, the hosts will take you on an adventure you won't forget.

Recent Episodes

Best Disney World Restaurants 2023

Best Disney World Restaurants 2023

June 6, 2023

Favorite Disney World Restaurants 2023   Now that dining plans are back at Walt Disney World, it’s time to start planning all the tasted meals you’re going to use those dining credits on in 2024! We’re kicking off a summer…

Disney World/Travel News May 2023

Disney World/Travel News May 2023

May 31, 2023

Disney World/Travel News May 2023   We just wrapped up the month of May, which means it’s time to take a look back at all the biggest news stories that made the last few weeks so interesting. Here are the stories we’re dis…

Universal Orlando Resort Extras

Universal Orlando Resort Extras

May 22, 2023

Universal Orlando+   We can’t let Disney World have all the fun! This week we’re taking a look at Universal Orlando Resort, to find all the ways you can “plus” your stay and make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for yo…

About the Hosts

Heather StraightProfile Photo

Heather Straight

Co-host, Travel Boss

Co-host, TARDIS traveler in both time and space, lover of Mickey the Mouse and travel boss. With a background in event planning and hospitality, Heather shares her expertise and insights on planning the perfect vacation and making the most of your travel experiences. Her bubbly personality and infectious enthusiasm make her a favorite among the podcast's fans.

Jeff WilliamsProfile Photo

Jeff Williams

Co-host, Tiki Enthusiast, Travel Boss

Tiki enthusiast, and travel photography expert. Jeff brings his zany humor and love of adult beverages to the show. With a wealth of experience in the theme park industry and a sharp wit, Jeff provides hilarious commentary on the latest travel news and insights on theme park attractions. His unique brand of humor and quick wit make him a fan favorite on the podcast.

Dan LeonardProfile Photo

Dan Leonard

Host, Producer,Engineer,Editor, etc.

Doofus husband, weird dad of 4. Travel Agent, adventure and theme park enthusiast. When Dan's not planning his own next trip to Disney World, he's busy planning amazing adventures for travel clients, wrangling a bunch of kids, turning the insane rambling of 3 globe trotting jackasses into the weekly hour long paragon of travel podcasting that is The Gold Key Adventurers Society.