April 8, 2023

Super Nintendo World Trip Report

Super Nintendo World Trip Report

Super Nintendo World Trip Report
The long awaited Super Nintendo World is finally open at Universal Studios Hollywood. This exciting new land brings the world of the Mario Brothers to life with interactive elements, thrilling attractions, and belov...

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Super Nintendo World Trip Report


The long awaited Super Nintendo World is finally open at Universal Studios Hollywood. This exciting new land brings the world of the Mario Brothers to life with interactive elements, thrilling attractions, and beloved characters from some of your favorite games. Guess who got to visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood? We did! Let’s hop into that warp pipe and explore the Mushroom Kingdom

  • First impressions- what it’s like warping into the world of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. 
  • Things to do- Mario Kart:Bowser’s Challenge, Key games, blocks and easter eggs, Bowser Jr battle, Toadstool Cafe, Character meet and greets. Why you need a power band!, snacks outside the land
  • Helpful hints:early access pass, Express pass, VIP tour access, stay late, play with everything!

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Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurer Society.
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I sure do love the way you say W.
W, W, W. If I say it enough times, it loses all meaning. It starts to sound like gibberish.
I like when I play the trick.

[1:48] Guess who got to visit Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood? Was it me?
No, it's me! No, it's a you! It's a you! I did. I have yet to even go to that entire park.
You should go to that entire park. I would love it. It's a good park.
I have not been to that entire park since 1995.
Oof. I was 11 years old in 1995.
Oof, sorry. Me too. We'll talk more about- I was in kindergarten.
Right. We all were. We'll talk more about that park next week, but I wanted to focus just on the Super Nintendo the world this time. Because it's the latest and the greatest.
It is the latest and it is definitely the greatest. I have lots of warm, fuzzy feelings about it.
So let's hop into that warp pipe.
We're going to explore the Magic Kingdom this week.
Oh, warp pipe, like from the game. You mean the Mushroom Kingdom?
That's right, the Mushroom Kingdom.

[2:45] I was being clever. I used to go to the Mushroom Kingdom a lot in high school. Yeah, I bet.
No one is surprised by that. Take some shrooms and then hang out with the Rock-a-Fire Pizza Explosion.
That's right. Street team. Street team. That would be a heck of a trip.
So this is the second iteration of Super Mario World, correct?
First one opened in Japan? That's right. They have a Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan that opened about a year ago or so.
Yeah. little bit bigger in Japan.
There's a couple of things that they don't have in Hollywood.
But all the theme parks in Hollywood are a little pressed for space.
Everything is just a little bit smaller.
Yeah. It's amazing how tiny it looks from the outside, because it is cool because the Super Nintendo World is in the lower lot at Universal Hollywood.
If you've never been, the theme park is built into the side of a mountain.
So you enter up at the top of the mountain, and then to get down to the lower lot where there's attractions like the Mummy and Jurassic World and the new Super Nintendo World, you have to take the longest freaking escalators you've ever experienced.
They're crazy cool, though.

[4:05] They're really cool. They're so steep. I realized when I was leaving the land and I looked up as I was traveling up how steep these escalators are. It's crazy. And do you take a moment to think about what happens if this escalator breaks down and I have to climb.
There were some crazy people who were opting to take the stairs instead of the escalator.
And it's, I mean, it is seriously the… There's gotta be an elevator. I don't think so.
For handicapable people? I'm sure there must, there has to be for ADA compliance, but I don't know where it is.
I think maybe it's literally a mountain.
I think what you have to do for that is you have to get down to where the studio tour is and then they probably take you on a tram down the hill.
Oh, I bet you're right. Yeah. That would be my guess. But so anyway, you can see from the top of the mountain, you can see the land down below and it's nestled in the middle of where the actual working studio is. And it's not huge, but there's so much packed in there. So you take these four gigantic escalators down to the bottom of the land or to the bottom lower lot and And you see a big green pipe in the middle of these green painted hills that look exactly like something out of a Mario game.

[5:23] And you go through it and there's this lighting effect that looks like you're kind of warping, and you find yourself in Princess Peach's castle and you step out and it really is a you the game. So this is like Galaxy's Edge, like Star Cruiser, like Pandora, like Diagon Alley, or.

[5:45] Super immersive. I'd say it's up there with how Galaxy's Edge could be if you play all of the games that are built in, but we'll get to that in a minute. It was a little overwhelming the first time I walked in, just standing there and seeing everything because there's stuff moving all over the place, there's goombas walking around, and there's piranha plants coming up and down out of tubes, and there's giant coins in the distance that are spinning around like they do in the games, and there's a thwomp that drops down into these big spiky rocks, and everything is the primary bright colors and cartoon.
Is the music, all the familiar music's going, I assume?
It's all the music. The wet floor signs, because I was there in the middle of an atmospheric river event.
The wet floor signs are a banana peel like what you might get thrown at you in Mario Kart.
Oh, that's funny. Yeah, it's amazing. Which it's important to pay attention to the wet floor signs because the floor is like painted concrete.
If you've ever been at a splash pad at your local swimming pool and it gets really slippery when it's wet.
So anyway, it was definitely a moment of I stepped in and I didn't tear up the way my wife did. I was about to say, did you cry?

[7:09] Kendra cried a little, but she's a much bigger Mario and especially Mario Kart fan than I am.
Oh man, she is. But it was still just a really cool moment.

[7:19] And standing right outside of Princess Peach's castle is a great spot for people watching, Like just inside the entrance to Diagon Alley is, where you have that magical reveal into the land and just watching people's reaction.

[7:35] Oh yeah, their face light up when they walk in. Oh yeah, and just the kids are so excited, and the grown-ups are so excited, and it's amazing.
Yeah, you walk in and it's Mario. There's Peach's Castle behind you, there's Bowser's Castle in front of you, and it's misleading at first because you look at the description of the land and you say, there's There's only one ride, but the entire land, the whole thing's an attraction.
There's stuff to do everywhere. So one of the things that you want to make sure you do is grab the power bands that they have, which are like a magic band, they're a slap bracelet, and you pick a character.
There's a Yoshi, there's a Mario, Luigi, Peach. I always forget the other princess, Daisy. Becky.
Yes, Becky. Princess Becky. Princess Becky.
There's a toad. A toad.
Toadstool thing. And that... Are these... is this something you have to purchase?

[8:31] Yes. Okay. You purchase this. There's Super Nintendo World shops, or you can get it in any of the Universal shops. They also have like an ATM-looking, almost kiosk inside the land that you can buy them, almost like a vending machine. Oh. Although that wasn't open when I was...
Yeah. That wasn't open when I was there. I think it might've been because of the weather.
But they're 40 bucks and this really unlocks the rest of the land for you.
So it's like the interactive wand only crucial to the land instead of just being an extra.
Yeah. And you can enjoy the land without it, but it makes it it goes from being a let's go in and ride Mario Kart to making the whole land into experience and making it into a you can spend half a day in the land itself.
Cool. You've got your power.
Once you have the power band, you link it to your Universal Studios app.
And there's a special section of the app.

[9:28] If you're familiar from Disney parks, they have the play park, play Disney app, that has specific to rise and stuff.

[9:36] So there's a section of the Universal app for Super Nintendo world.
You link your band in there and whichever character you chose, it assigns you to that character's team for the day.
And everything you do in the land scores you points for the team.
There's a leaderboard that you can see how you're doing personally compared to everybody else who's been there today, how your team is doing, and they run like, every so often there's competition and it doesn't really mean anything other than you helped contribute to your team winning. And there's also a sticker book that you collect stickers for different achievements that you do. So there's like the question mark blocks you can go in and you punch the question mark blocks and go bling, and you rack up coins that you collect, and those transfer to points that are connected to your power band.
You can find hidden Mario symbols that make pictures of characters light up on the walls.
You have to search for all of the hidden characters around the land.
There's a series of these games around the land that you have to defeat enemies from the various games.
So like for example, there's one where there's a goomba running on a hill, and you have to spin the wheel really fast to try to knock the goomba down, and if he falls down, then you unlock the key.

[10:59] There's another game where there's a shell that slides back and forth and it goes through some green pipes, and if you punch the exclamation, or the POW block at the right time, it makes the physical, actual shell go up through the pipe and knock one of the, it's one of the red shell flying turtle guys.
If you knock him. Red shell flying turtle guys.

[11:23] Yeah. that. Koopa Troopas, whatever they're called.
Then you unlock a key. There's a couple of other games like that.
If you collect three keys, then you get to go visit Bowser Jr.'s tower, and they've got a very special game in there where you have to work with a bunch of other people to defeat.

[11:40] Bowser Jr. to save the golden mushroom.
But then the cool thing about these games is, after you've beat him once, you can go back and replay him because it moves you up to the next difficulty level.
Yes. You start off easy. Oh, cool. next time you play it, it bumps you up to medium and then hard.
So the game's totally replayable.
Those games get really.
When the land's packed, but towards the end of the evening, things slow down.
It's a little bit easier to get a chance to play them.
So that's a pro tip.
There's four games in total. Two of them, you can play solo two of them kind of team effort games, but there's always people playing. So you're always have a team to play with.
Are the teams like Team Mario or Team Toad or whatever? Or are your teams like your family?
The team is just like, there's like, they let a certain number of people in to play it. Oh, I gotcha.
It could be your family or it could just be the ten other people that are in the game area.
Gotcha. I love that they made the whole land, of course, into a game. Oh yeah, it's great.
And there's areas, so some of the achievements you can do is punch every single question mark block in the land.
And some of those you have to go hunting for because there's a hidden staircase that goes up top somewhere, and there's hidden question mark blocks that you can't see from the ground in the land that you have to find, and stuff like that.
So you really want to poke your head in every single corner of the land to try to find all of the stuff to do.

[13:08] Is there any shopping opportunities? Of course there's shopping opportunities.
There's the 1UP Factory, which is the main shop, and it is full of Nintendo Mario merch, including a bunch of Mario Kart stuff that's exclusive to the land because of the attraction.
And obviously, because it's a theme park, that store is actually the exit to the attraction, which is Mario Kart Bowser's Challenge.
And this thing is amazing. So first off, again, the queue is like an attraction in itself.
It's like a, it's a museum of all things Mario Kart.
Like how the queue for Mickey Means Runaway Railway at Disneyland is a Mickey Mouse museum.
Yes, I love that queue. It's so cool.

[13:58] This queue is just like that. You're walking through Bowser's castle and there's a giant statue of Bowser and you see all of the cups for the different circuit races that you do in Mario Kart.
And then you see the factory where Bowser and his kids make the Bob-ombs and the bullet bills or whatever.

[14:22] And there's a piranha plant spot. So you go through all of that, and then you go through a really cool room where they've got the lockers for each of the racers.
So they've got Luigi, Mario, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, they've got their racing uniforms hanging up in their locker with their helmet and their gear.
There's videos all over the place playing with super nostalgic screens from every version of Mario Kart that there's ever been.
You go in and you collect this kind of goofy looking hat. Looks like Mario's hat. But tiny.
Yeah, it's tiny, but it's one size fits all. It's got one of those kind of dial adjustable, it's like a hard hat where you've got the dial that you can adjust on the back to fit your head.
But it does look like a tiny little version of his hat perched on top of your adult size dome.
And that's going to hold your super amazing augmented reality goggles that you get once you finally get into the car.

[15:41] Toy Story Midway Mania, where everybody's playing and then your scores get compared for the four people in your cart.
So you're going to put on this visor that magnetically attaches to your Mario hat.
That displays some extra hidden stuff in front of you.
You'll see an account of how many coins you've collected and how many shells you have ready for throwing.
Oh, first pro tip, if you've got your power band, which you should, tap it to your steering wheel before the ride starts and it gives you bonus coins. Oh! Good tip!
And then the game tracks where you're looking around in the area and there will be enemies displayed on your visor, and you use some buttons on your steering wheel, and you look at the enemy you want to shoot at, and you hit the button to shoot shells at them.
And it like, you have to lock on because it actually tracks where you're looking at to aim your shells.
Because there's stuff going on all over the place.
The first ride through I didn't do very well because it was a little overwhelming.
Because also not only do you have to be looking around and shooting, but you also have to steer.
Your goggles give you prompts of which direction and when to steer your cart so that you start to drift.

[17:03] Like how in Mario Kart you drift around the corners. It gives you a speed boost and it also gives you bonus coins for your score if you follow the steering directions properly.
And has a steering wheel, all four.

[17:16] Each person's got a steering wheel and is shooting their own shells and playing the game together.
Wow. But it's not virtual, it's augmented reality, so you're on a track where physical things are happening.
Yeah, and see, that's the cool part. You're going through a track like a dark ride.
There's physical characters from the games.
There's physical set pieces from the different tracks plus the screen, their screens.
And then on your augmented reality visor is displaying the enemies.
Some of them are Bowser's kids and some of them are just like the different enemies you might see in each of the worlds.
So the race starts, you start driving and you go through, I think it's 10 or 11 tracks, from the various Mario Kart games.
So you get like a little section of each of those tracks. So they have Rainbow Bridge?
Rainbow Road? Oh yeah, you finish on Rainbow Road and it is crazy.
That's where you're just going full out blasting Bowser with all of your shells and collecting points.
And I mean, it's just, it's amazing. It sounds like an incredible ride.
Yeah. Yeah, it is. was my ultimate jam for years. Yeah. Yeah.
And that's where Kendra got teared up was in this game. It's just.

[18:36] Like I said, it's overwhelming. It's Mario. She is a Mario Kart shark. Oh yeah.
She's so good. She's very good. I used to be really good at it when I was elderly.
I can't play anything, but I used to be good. Yeah.
You get to the end of the ride, it shows you who in your car got the most coins, and then that updates to your app, and you can unlock stickers based on how well you did and if you hit certain targets and stuff.
But it's definitely totally replayable again because if you're lucky enough to be able to get on the ride more than once, because the wait times are pretty long.
Oh, I can imagine. Probably will.
What wait times were you seeing?
I was there on an unusual day because of the wind and the rain later in the evening.

[19:22] Atmospheric river. Atmospheric river. Wasn't that a Van Morrison album? Yes.
Yeah. When I was there, the worst I saw was maybe 80 minutes and I saw it down to as low as it said 20 minutes, which was really just a walk on.
But that's not usual. People are still seeing two to two and a half hour, even up to 180 minute waits.
So your pro tip is to go when there's a monsoon.
Go there late in the evening.
Also, you can purchase an early access pass for the ride or your key to the world travel planner can add that on to your ticket purchase ahead of time. It's $20 to $25 depending on the day that you visit. And what this does, it gets you into just Super Nintendo World a full hour before the park opens.
Oh, that's killer.

[20:13] Yes, because they really limit very strictly how many of these passes they sell. There's, just a couple of hundred people in the land with you for an hour. When Kendra went a few weeks ago, they got in. So that means park opens at nine, you get in at 8am. They went in, they walked on to Mario Kart ride, they got off, they went and purchased power bands, got back on the Mario Kart ride, walked onto it a second time, and then got into the restaurant, and ordered breakfast before the general admission.
Well, that's excellent.
That's fully worth that money.
Yeah, for 20 to 25 bucks a person, totally worth it. There's no express pass on that one?
No, there's not currently express pass. There's one way that you can get access to it is if you do the VIP experience at Universal, that will get you one express line ride onto the attraction.

[21:21] And we can, so yeah, the VIP tour gives you some other perks around the park.
It gives you an expanded backlog studio tour. You get a meal with it and you get express pass for the entire day that you book it.
And that's the only way you get express for. So if you really wanted multiple rides, you could do the early access and a VIP tour, and you'd probably get to ride it at least three times.
Oh, yes. That would be the way to go. and the VIP, you can join their secret club called club 69 and they have it.
Yeah. Okay. They got killer meals.
All seafood.

[22:05] But we will talk a little bit more about that VIP tour actually next week when we talk about the rest of universal studios, Hollywood, but it's a pretty great deal.
If you can afford that upgrade to your ticket, I would recommend it.
And it's going to be a minute before we have Super Mario World in Orlando.
2025! Yeah, so if you're a- We're going to have three rides and no one in Orlando.
Yep, that's what they say. If you're a Super fan though, it's time to, the time is now to go check it out in Hollywood.
That's right. And there's some really cool things about Universal Studios Hollywood that I would say definitely make it worth a trip.
What's the food like in the restaurant there? Is it typical theme park food or is there some cool Mario stuff?
It is all cool Mario stuff. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try it.
When Kendra was there, when Kendra was there earlier, they did get into Toadstool Cafe.
So here's the thing about Toadstool Cafe. Everybody wants to eat there. Of course.
It is some of the coolest theme parks food I've ever seen.

[23:08] But space is limited. It's a quick service restaurant with seating inside. They have a walk up.
We'll call it a standby line. You can line up to try to get in, but they prioritize people who do the virtual walk up line queue kind of virtual queue. Virtual queue. Yeah.
To get in the virtual queue, you have to get into Super Nintendo World, and there's a QR code on the sign outside the restaurant that you scan and that allows you to sign up for the virtual line.
And then they'll tell you when to come back. It could be half an hour.
It could be six hours later that evening or something.
It depends on where you are on the line.
I know that line is filling up.

[23:54] They're selling out the virtual queue before lunch currently because everybody wants to tech.
It's cute. The food is amazing and it is all highly themed. So like from the burgers, you can get a Mario burger or a Luigi burger. Luigi burger has a mustache on the bun.
They both have the proper mustache burned into the bun there.
There's and then on top of it.
Yeah. Yeah. They got the little hat they've got. There's a fire flower. It's also Japanese.
Yes. Yeah, it is. It's very cute. Japanese. There's the fire flower, spaghetti and meatballs that's got the little fire flower.
That's what Kendra and Wyatt had for breakfast. They said it was really great. There's also that Bowser's Challenge meatball, which is apparently a very spicy meatball and also a very large meatball. I really like the looks of there's a caprese salad.
I was just looking at that. It's so cute.

[24:59] Yeah. Let's see. They had, is it, there's a mushroom soup. It looks like the mushroom soup is really, yeah, the little bowl is served in is amazing.
Yeah. It's a, the red and white mushroom bowl and you take the mushroom cap off.
The mushroom soup with little mushroom things in it. The desserts are super cool.
They there's the what's the name of it is the tiramisu is what Kendra and Wyatt had.
She said that was phenomenal and it looks like a little one up, one up block with a star coming out.
Those are all little cafes. So cute. It looks like the little red and white.
Yeah. Oh gosh, this whole area looks so amazing. Super cute.
And then the walls, all the windows and the ceiling, the skylights in the ceiling, they're all video screens like Space 220.
And so they're playing scenes from the Mushroom Kingdom and toadstools, toad characters are running by and different characters come by and weather changes and all that kind of stuff, happens while you're eating.

[26:05] Really hoping that they would go full Japanese on the actual food because Japanese theme park food is so cute.
Yeah, I think they did a pretty good job. Yeah, it all looks great.
And it looks like good stuff. American slob. Right. With the mustaches.
The burger is good. They've got short ribs on the menu. I saw that it has a little guy on top of it and cute.
Yeah. Cute dessert.
So the food looks really great there. And that's the only food they have inside the land.
They also have a Super Nintendo World snack cart outside the land. right?
Right in between that land and where the Jurassic World ride is. Out there is where they have the, Mario Kart popcorn buckets and the 1-Up Star popcorn buckets that have taken the world by storm. They also have various fruit-flavored cream sodas that are themed to different characters.
It's funny that they went for popcorn buckets after all of the time that their social media account spends making fun of Walt Disney World's and Disneyland's popcorn buckets.
I know. They know where Disney's making money. Yeah. Because they also.

[27:22] They caught on to that spirit jersey. Yeah.
It's also. They've got like a one up, a one up sipper is a little green mushroom and then the popcorn buckets are stars or little red mushrooms.
It's all very cute.
You can get those outside the lane.
But the Toadstool Cafe is the only option for food.
I like that the sodas have there's a princess peach soda with a crown and then the Mario and Luigi sodas have mustaches on the straw. Yeah.

[27:56] Yeah. Oh yeah. Everything is super, super Instagrammable. Yeah.
It's like everything there's a photo of.
They were really smart and clever. So they're the Mario brothers.
Is it Mario Mario and Luigi Mario? Of course. Is that their names? Yes.
Of course. Never really thought about that. Luigi Mario.
Are they the Super Mario brothers? Would it be Mario Super Mario or Luigi Super Mario?
Luigi Super Mario. Yes.
How about they were the Mario brothers who were- That could be.
It's hard. Who knows? There's no way of knowing, really.

[28:30] Yeah. But yeah, so I was trying to think of like helpful hints for the land and.
Well, how first off, how much time would you think you'd need to be there?
Realistically, if you're bringing like a, you're young, I don't know why it's age kid, you're why it's age, like super fan.
How long to see everything and do all the games? Do you need a half a day or a couple hours?
Given the way the lines are currently for the games, I would say.
3-4 hours to play the games, eat Bowser Jr., do Mario Kart once, hopefully eat at Toadstool Cafe.
It could easily be nearly a half a day if you really want to get crazy.
But the good news is that the rest of the park there, especially if you have Express Pass, is about a half day or a little bit more of a park.
Yeah. Yeah. And we can talk about that more later. That doesn't mean it's not worth visiting because there is some really cool stuff to see there.
It's just, it's a lot smaller than what you're used to thinking of with the theme parks.
So it's just not as much to have to fit it to a day.

[29:44] But, yeah, I'd say easy 3-4 hours at least you could do Super Nintendo World if you really want to do everything. Oh, I forgot to mention, because I didn't see them because the weather, they weren't out there, they have character meet and greets there.
You can meet Peach, Mario, and Luigi, and their heads are… their faces are animated, and they talk to you.
What? Oh, wow.
Yeah. Luigi, Super Mario will talk to me? Wow.
Yes, Luigi Super Mario will talk to you, and you tap into the character meet and greet with your power band, because you can get credit in your sticker journal book for visiting characters, and they get information off of your power band.
So apparently if it's your birthday, Mario will wish you a happy birthday.
If you got first place in the Mario Kart ride and then go meet Luigi, Luigi will congratulate you on doing so well in your race. Stuff like that. That's cool. So that's definitely something you'll want to see. Those are cool. I like a character meet and greet. I don't care that I'm 52 years old. I still like it. Target audience. I don't make a big deal over it.
Like I don't cry and act like it's all real and stuff, but I love the pictures. Yeah, it's fun.
And I want to see what talking Mario sounds like. That sounds fun.
Sounds just like a Chris Pratt. Oh no, that'll make people lose their minds.

[31:12] Noted Italian American Christopher Pratt. Yes.

[31:18] Tiberius Pratt. That's right.
So helpful hints. Play with everything. Try that looks like a brick or a set of binoculars or whatever.
See if your power band will interact with it.
Get that early access pass if it's available. $20 to $25. Get you in early so that you can experience it.
And then you can come back later in the day if you want to play around in the land some more.
Oh, buy Universal Express because you're going to want it for the rest of the park anyway.
And that will give you a guaranteed entry into the land.
Now on super busy days. They are limiting access into Super Nintendo World, so you have to get in a virtual queue to get a return time for when you can get in there.
Oh, just to get in there. Okay. Yeah. If you buy Universal Express, you get a guaranteed entry into the land. Whereas if you just go up, walk up, and use a kiosk to try to get, in, you might not if the queues already set up for you.
VIP tours get you in there for sure too?

[32:25] Music.

[32:34] Or go back to the land later in the evening, hour and a half before closing.
The locals leave early and the crowds thin out and everything looks better at night in a theme park when it's all lit up anyway.
And you'll probably have an easier time being able to do the games and some of.

[32:52] Music.

[33:00] That's good.
All of the theme parks. If you can be there at night, it's always better.
It's cooler, it looks cooler, browser-less.
Yeah, Tron at Walt Disney World, so much cooler at night.
It's a great ride any time of day, but at night it's just a little bit extra cool.
Yeah, when it's lit up, of course it's going to be.
And that's the cool thing too, when you're leaving the land and you get up those escalators, you can look and see it all the colors, it just looks amazing.
Oh cool.
So, that's my experience in Super Nintendo World. Sounds fun, I want to go.
Take me to there. That's a ton of fun. You got it.
The best way to get there would be to talk to your Key to the World travel planner, which means I'm going to say thanks for hanging out with us again this week.
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Can't wait to hang out with you again and we'll see you real soon. Bye y'all. Bye.

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[35:25] Music.

[35:34] We'll see you next week for another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurer's Society.
And until then, remember, life is short and the world is wide, so go have an adventure.