Aug. 19, 2022

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Trip Report

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Trip Report

A long, long time ago
In a galaxy far away, 
The Halcyon was under an attack. 
And I thought Heather and Jeff and Dan
Could talk the First Order in
To maybe cutting them a little slack
But their response, it didn’t thrill us, 
They locked the doors a...

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A long, long time ago

In a galaxy far away, 

The Halcyon was under an attack. 


And I thought Heather and Jeff and Dan

Could talk the First Order in

To maybe cutting them a little slack


But their response, it didn’t thrill us, 

They locked the doors and tried to kill us, 

We got help from the Resistance, 

And Gaya taught us an outer space line dance


We ate some blue shrimp and drank space booze, 

And took a field trip to Batuu, 

Then learned to fly just like the crew, 

That’s how we spent our cruise….


Join us for a mostly spoiler-light look back at our voyages on the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience at Walt Disney World Resort. Or at least turn the volume down and let the episode play through if you’re trying to stay spoiler free!


Don’t forget, we’re trying something new this summer, and releasing our news segment and theme park segment as two individual episodes. This helps spread all the great content we cover out over the week so you don’t miss us as much in between episodes, and also makes it easier to listen back to episodes in the future, without dated and irrelevant news stories. We hope. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher app, and that our show is set to automatically download. And let us know what you think about our new format!


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Galactic Starcruiser Recap

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard Hi, Dan.

and joining me this week in the studio is

Heather Straight, Jess

Jess: Hey,

Dan: and Jeff Williams. We got both flavors of Jeff this week. We got how Jeff, we got the other one. Our show it's always brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world. Head to for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a

Heather: around the galaxy. Dan Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the galaxy head to for more details and into no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. It's a good thing that I've got friends that are more clever than I am.

Dan: I've composed a little ditty to kick off this very special episode. I I can't wait.


practicing a long time ago in a galaxy far away. The house Yon was under an attack and I thought Heather and Jeff and Dan could talk the first order into maybe cutting them a little slack,

Heather: This is 

Dan: their response. They didn't thrill us. They locked the doors and tried to kill us. We got help from the resistance and Gaia taught us an outer space line dance. We ate some blue shrimp and drank space booze and took a field trip to bat two, then learned to fly just like the crew. That's how we spent our cruise.

Heather: That was amazing. Dan

Jeff: And they were singing.

Dan: I didn't get that far. That's like a seven minute song. I didn't wanna

really lose 

Heather: is a very long song.

Jeff: weird. Dan, everybody.

Heather: Yay.

Dan: Yeah. My apologies to weird Albert. I did steal a lot of his, a lot of his lines, so

Jeff: stuff.

Dan: yeah, that's good stuff. So Keisha didn't catch it from the title and my lyrical stylings there, we are talking about the galactic. galactic scar cruiser the galactic star cruiser since, since three of us are now back from our trips on there.

And Jess is planning on heading out there in in December. So fair warning. Up ahead. We are going get a little bit spoilery we're gonna try not to, we're try not to do too much of major show elements, but no promises. So as much as we would love for you to listen to this, if you don't wanna be spoiled on the star cruiser, go ahead and just turn the volume down and leave this episode playing while you go do something else so that we still get credit with apple podcast 

Jess: on for your dog while you go to


Jeff: And while it's playing download two other episodes,

Dan: That's right. That's right. And tell a friend to do the same. Holy crap guys, I wanna go back already.


Dan: I know Heather, you are going back already. 

Heather: So yeah.

Jeff: I thought it was very mid.

Heather: Oh, you're a liar. You're such a liar.

Jeff: it.

Dan: So I guess before we step through things, let's talk first impressions or what just overall impressions. What's what

did you think? We haven't, we, we haven't talked about 

Heather: No, we have it. I've talked about it a lot with my family who had gone before me, but I loved every minute of it. It was, I really wasn't sure. I knew I think I knew that I would like it because I the sort of basic elements of an escape room, a dinner theater, that sort of thing.

I, so I knew I would like it. I didn't know how much I was gonna like it. Really?

Jeff: and within the first two or three hours, I was already like, I don't know. I don't know. And then it started happening. I'm like, oh, okay. And then it by day two, I was like, this is yeah, we had a little bit of a not fun boarding experience because they had some issues that were still not exactly sure what

The elevator

Heather: were. Was it the elevator?

Dan: Excuse me.


Heather: shuttle, sorry, the shuttle from the space port in Orlando, Florida. So we stood outside for, oh God. At least 90 minutes. Yeah. And it was we

Jeff: and everybody's in costume and it's just so

Heather: And we boarded at the, it was late July and it was oppressively hot in Orlando that week. So there's no. So there's no like area inside that they can put everybody in if it's raining or

you. We were

Jeff: It's covered, it's a, like a port co

Jess: yeah, but if it's hot, you're screwed.

Jeff: a space

Heather: Yes we were.

Dan: there's a bunch of big fans, but if you're not underneath them and they were and they held us. So however you arrive, they really do. They really do manage the arrival process, whether you're coming in on, in your own car or whether you're coming in at a taxi from yeah.

Heather: We drove in because you and back up a little bit, I didn't know until Dan told me that because they don't have official Disney transportation to the star cruiser. If you're staying at a Disney resort pre they will call you a taxi and the, and it's covered.

Dan: Or they will tell you to book a lift and they give you a credit on your bill equal to the cost of the lift over to the SARS. Or

Jess: that's nice.

Dan: busy mirrors

Jeff: Also, if you tell 'em they gave you a later checkouts, because check in is one o'clock at the star cruise, so you can get late checkout.

Heather: Which is great. If, as long as you have your star cruise book linked. In your, my Disney experience, which I think is automatic. They did the star cruise team did that. And our Disney stay was linked in our, my Disney experience account. They automatically gave us late checkout and we got a message from the front desk that said that they had been contacted by the hellan crew and wanted to let us know that we had a late checkout, which was excellent.

Jeff: That's great. So you did our normal checkout. We went and we had breakfast and all that kind of stuff. Then we could go back to our rooms and put on the, your gear and all that. And then you go straight from hotel to car to normally right into the new hotel. So you're never hot, but Yeah. And they

there was a huge stanchion line of

Heather: So we sat, we were in the car for a long time, cuz there was a big lineup of cars. And when we got up to the front, they said we're having a bit of a backup. Boarding right now. So we're gonna hold you in your car. That's air conditioned until the absolute last minute.

So then we got up to the port, cor share, they valet park your car, or you get out of your cab. And then normally it's not too much of a long process there, as long as you're arriving after one. O'clock when they start boarding from my understanding, it's normally it's not much of a line out there that you're waiting it

Dan: Yeah, that's true. And even if you get there earlier before they start they've got a, an army of cast members

 check you 

Heather: many.

Dan: at each family, as they arrive, gets their personal little helper that checks them in sets up their charging on their card gives you your they're not magic bands.

They're M bands when you're in outer space,

Heather: Make sure you know how to use the data pad. There, we saw PE families who didn't have their own phones that

Jeff: And they loan you. They loan you a phone if you need

Dan: They do have limited amounts of those, but yeah, they will loan you

Heather: because you need it. like if you've got 

You have to have it.

Dan: you've got kids who don't. Yeah. So our boarding process, we were out there for at least 90 minutes and they were bringing water and all of that Yeah. The problem was the shuttle effects. Apparently.

Heather: were not working so great. Yeah. And then when we got up through that process and upstairs, there was only one

Jeff: us there for a

Heather: Yeah. One CA because they come and they escort you to your cabin. that process was a little a little crazy because they'd been so backed up.

Jeff: standing there being held basically in the doorway.

Jess: that cuz they have to show you how everything works on the and Well, usually. 

Heather: is different. The door is different. The.

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: How was it 

Dan: happens is when you get off of the shuttle, they immediately take you in small groups and show you a safety video. That's okay, here's the real deal on emergency processes because we're

going make you do a 

Heather: showed 

Dan: You didn't see 

Heather: showed us that prior to even getting in the shuttle, they took us into this. They took us into this room that

Jeff: It was like the concrete

Heather: yeah. Big screen. And that's where they showed you the healthy on safety video, which this is, this signal means go to your mustard drill. And then after that, they said, okay, now here's the video of what if it a real non-space emergency.


Dan: right. Here's how to get into the panic

Jeff: And then we went into the

Heather: And then we went into the shuttle. It sounds like we 

Dan: I might have it re reversed or something. I'm having a hard time remembering

Jeff: But under normal circumstances, when you get off the shuttle itself is super

Heather: it really

Jeff: it's rumbling and you see the, you blasting off and it's really cool. But when that door opens and you're in that grand hallway, I know you've seen it on YouTube and it can't, it's awesome. Like immediately I'm like, oh, I love it

Heather: really is incredible. And photos don't do it. Justice. You feel like you are a spaceship it's

Dan: The scale of it, the hologram tubes that are playing messages and your ships are out and

Heather: You can see into the bridge and actually we snuck into the bridge. It was empty. We snuck in there and took photos. 

Dan: oh Yeah.


Jeff: well, by 

Dan: if there's, if there's no training, you're welcome. You can go in

Heather: It feels like you're sneaking in, like you're not supposed to be in 

Dan: Which is more fun. Which actually they play really well later in another room that you break

 It was very funny, the running joke of what are all these passengers doing in the engineering room, but I'm sure we'll get

Heather: But yeah, they'll. So they escort you to your room. Your room is ready immediately, which is fantastic. They escort you up there. They show you the droid that you can talk to. They show you the how the, your window into space works and all that great stuff. The door, even the door to get into your room is different than a regular hotel room.

Dan: long,

Jeff: they're all identical, other than suites, right? They're all

 Looked exactly the

Dan: no, there's two different of the regular rooms. There's some that have a fifth


Heather: That folds down underneath the, yeah, 

Dan: the TV


Jeff: Yeah,

Dan: The one I had didn't have the fifth

Heather: mine didn't either.

Jeff: no, my neighbor.

Heather: And did any, I know actually that someone in your group got stuck in the bathroom 

Dan: oh yeah. Some of the latches on those pocket doors weren't installed very well. And I just had to figure out how to use it.

Jeff: out on the doors. Like it's all one motion to unlock and open. It's like a

Dan: oh yeah.

Heather: my son got stuck in the bathroom and had to be rescued

Dan: yes. He did. Actually, both of your sons after the first one got stuck, the second one immediately went in and got

Heather: course he did.

Dan: he didn't really

Heather: No, of 

Dan: But, The rooms are cool. The beds are great.

Heather: Very

Jeff: bunk beds are short. I laid in mind just to see.

Heather: did. I climbed into the one in my room too, just to see what it was

Jeff: it is wide. So it's like a full size, so it's wide enough. You can go diagonally and it would be fine, but

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: I slept in it both nights. And I was comfortable. I liked it. I liked

the be I'm five foot 11

inches. Thank you very much. 

Jeff: what I mean by short

Dan: like the bedding. I wish they sold it in the shop. The bedding in the bunks is cool because you can use that comforter as either a blanket or it's got some little it you could use as sleeping bag if you want.

Jeff: Yeah. It's like a roll, like a camp roll

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, but the, the, just everything in the room, they do a great job of making it feel different from

being in just a 

Heather: feels

Jeff: and the effect of that window. We've made fun of that a lot. We were all kind of bagging on the thing before we did it. The window is it looks pretty real

Heather: looks real.

Jeff: concave

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: Insert and then there's an emergency. That's, there is a window behind there. So if you pull the handle and there's a little door, so you can get behind that to where you would actually escape out you up your window, if there was a real world emergency.

Dan: It's funny because you're supposed to stay in this little cubicle until emergency services, open the door on the other side to get out. So it's like a little panic room built into the into the cabin there on the ship.

Heather: And the, if you happen to be in your room, when somebody's doing some bridge training the screen in the room reflects what's going on in the bridge

Jeff: That's what was so cool. So there's screens all over in the great hall and everywhere else that are all synced so perfectly that it we've all seen the fake windows in star wars, bars, and different things. These are all synced and it gave a huge sense of scale that I haven't seen on other simulators.

Dan: Yeah. It all works together. Anything else about the room? I will say one con about the room. There's something weird about the way the outlets are arranged in the face place. They're offset in this weird way that if you have larger power bricks for charging devices, you might only be able to get one charger on an outlet. So bring something that has multiple

Heather: Yeah. Especially I was the only person in my room, so I could

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: take over all of them.

Jeff: and I've got a thing that does my phone and my apple watch. That's pretty much all I had.

Dan: And there's a glass refillable bottle there that you can take up the atrium and they have I really enjoy it. I, it tickled me because they have this faucet in the atrium to refill your water bottle and they also have cups


Jeff: got excited. I thought it was space beer, cuz it looks like a little, there's just a tap on the wall. I was like this place rules. Oh that's water.

Heather: sparkling water on tap. If you wanted sparkling.

Dan: Yeah. But it's not just spark, I, it tickled me that you could get chilled or room

temperature, water on tap depending on your preference

for, for water or the sparkling

Jeff: Yeah. So after we dropped our crap in our rooms and photographs and all we went and wondering and. Check the great hall or what do they call that great

Heather: grand atrium.

Jeff: there. Yeah. Grand atrium. It's just, there's a lot going on in there. You can get

Heather: you really

Jeff: blue milk and green milk.

Heather: getting in on everything right away. If you know what you're doing and really to get in, get started on everything right away is just start talking to people, start talking to the cast and start interacting with them. And if you're shy and you don't, they'll start reaching out to you on your data pad.

Dan: Which we've had a hard time getting into conversations early on. So we didn't get a lot of in person interaction until you started getting scheduled meetups through the data pad. But it's like right at four o'clock when they do the mustard drill then the

Heather: okay. Yes, there is a muster 

Dan: to interact with them.


Heather: but you can go right into the dining hall and just eat and the food is cool and plentiful all the time.

Dan: Yes, buffet style. You are free to take the dishes out

 The lounge. And that's actually one thing that we didn't realize at first, but if you want snacks at the bar, go downstairs. If they're serving lunch at the buffet, go grab yourself a couple of trays of food from the

buffet and take it upstairs

Heather: they also serve stuff in the bar. They have 

Dan: Yes, but they don't start that until after five. They don't serve it in the afternoon. It was good. 

and that food is all in 

Heather: and included.

Dan: Snacks are all complimentary they're included in the cost and they are delicious. There's a really cool smoked cheeseboard. There's some other good

Jeff: They have some snacks too, at the what's normally like guest services, they have snacks and stuff up there. They had these delicious space cake pops there that I accidentally ate about 30 of,

Heather: And

Dan: and some really good space goldfish.

Heather: Got in on the action right away because we had a little tip. My kids had said, had told me to go and hack one of the ships panels and told me how to do it. It did make me feel like a little bit of an idiot at first, because they didn't really, they didn't really convey to me well that it was going to be a puzzle

Dan: Uhhuh. Yeah.

Heather: It was a little bit like an escape room puzzle and it took us a little bit, but we finally managed to hack the panel and get access to

Jeff: And what was funny was we did it only because her kids told us how we could do it, but then like literally 25 minutes later, they're like, oh I see you've already gotten access to so and so you like, they were gonna be the ones to send

Heather: tell us to do

Jeff: it would've happened anyway.

Heather: yeah.

Dan: And that's one of the big things too, besides talking to people is when you see those shipboard computers, or if you see a door that has a button that you can press, or if you

see a door that has a an M band standpoint, scan it, even if it's locked, that's going to tell the computer, Hey, I tried to do this.

So this person should talk to me to start off a

Heather: Yep.

Dan: And the more of those things you do, the more stuff you're gonna get to do later. So nobody can get into the cargo hold until later in the trip. But if you're wandering around and looking for stuff to do, go try to get into the cargo hold, and then you're going get messages that like, Hey, I saw

Heather: Yes here's what I need you to do, meet me, meet. So and so in such and such a place, and this will happen. And

Jeff: storyline started being very similar. The same people

 Talking to us. And then at the muster drill thing, we talked to the section leader and she sent us in one direction. And then I really liked the Imperial

Heather: the first order.

Jeff: So I was like, he's just so funny. He was just the best actor doing it.

Apparently they have a lot of different of these guys. So I'm sure they're all good, but our guy, I, he came into the bar and I did something and I winked so obviously Adam and he. Oh, do you have a palsy?

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: and then I was like, no, I was winking. And he goes you really put the B in subtle don't you

Heather: he was

Jeff: then every time I saw him, we had made that connection. So I was winking at him. And then then his character, because of that interaction starts messaging me for more dark side stuff. So originally I was gonna,

Heather: first order because he loved Lieutenant 

Jeff: I was gonna be a, I was gonna play both sides by the end of it. I was just goose, stepping right in there with the first order.

Dan: And the funny thing too about that first order character is he was totally put on that ship for the annoying little kids

 To gather around. I noticed that during ours and I'm sure that's what happens every single time is that the little Eddie Haskel kids are the kids who are like feeding off of the attention that he gives them are totally willing to go do all of his evil bidding to the point where they like really try to screw up everybody else's missions.

And they're really annoying. And I got to the point where our K our one kid, his main kid.

Heather: I heard about Cole

Dan: every time I saw Cole, I was just like, Cole, goddamnit, get outta here, Cole. he's gonna screw. things up for me. 

Heather: I heard a funny story about Cole that on he stormed out of the dining hall with Croix one night, leaving his family behind just because Lieutenant CRO was storming out and said, come on Cole. And the kid jumped up and followed him out.

Jeff: There's like a whole, there's an overarching like storyline that every public space person is gonna get. So there's things that happen in dining there's things that happen at muster and there's things that, and these are show elements that everybody gets. And they're awesome. If that was all you did, that would honestly be enough, but do as many of these side missions as you

Heather: if you didn't participate at all on your data pad, you'd still get all that stuff

 And nothing

Jeff: and then everybody does light saber training, which I thought, Ugh, this is gonna be dumb up to. And including until I stepped into the circle and started, and I was like,

Heather: This is really fun.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: we've all seen that video of Josh tomorrow. That just, you loved that one.

Jess: Yeah they didn't do a good job Mar marketing

that at all. 

Jeff: film it.

 It feels so much better and cooler by the end of it. Like I'm

Dan: And

Jeff: cause the way they program it is, it makes you feel like you're

Heather: You are feeling the force and you are really getting into it. Yeah.

Dan: the first couple of rounds you do, it's they give you a tracer to show you where to put your blade. And then the last round you are using the force to

Jeff: and it really feels real. Like it's cool.

Dan: it's

Jeff: And it's fun because everybody feels stupid doing it. You're in a room with the way they did it with Josh tomorrow on the video that I'm sure every listener has seen is you're alone with just you in this Jedi trainer. And it's not like that you're in there with a group.

So it's awkward, but because a bunch of people just don't go first. If you're nervous, I made Heather

Heather: I ended up in the front of the

Jeff: Yeah. I pushed her out there

Heather: Yep. He sure did.

Jeff: but then yeah, it was good

Heather: Then you all get

Jeff: the end of it. Everybody's having fun and we're laughing with each 

Dan: helping, you've got shields that

Heather: yeah. And everybody in your line is helping you when it's your turn with the light saver and so everybody has a chance to do that. And everybody does the bridge training thing, which of course goes awry as everything does. And

 And de 

Dan: But every single, 

Heather: on when your 

Dan: single scheduled bridge training falls at a different place in the

Heather: So it's.

Dan: So you see something totally different. And then to that point so you've got these main storyline things that everybody's going to have some point in, and then you've got all these side things, depending on what characters get involved in.

And I liked, I noticed. Like I said, they've got Lieutenant Croix who largely is there for those annoying kids to follow around,

but then there's other things, right? Yes. And the kids and Jeff, but then so like they have also whole storylines for the teenage sisters who got dragged along, cuz their little brother wants to do star wars and they're not involved in star wars at all.

There's the whole pop star story line where you can become, you can sign up for a guy's fan club meeting and somebody gets crowned her biggest fan. And there's a whole little thing for the artsy

ninth graders where they write

Jeff: That was XFO

Heather: It was the

Dan: ZFA


Jeff: yeah. 

Heather: On our. On our sailing, a gentleman decided that he was going to come costumed in the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy he was being so clever. and he did that was, he

Jeff: not seen this movie and was like,


Heather: read the book. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: He had the juicer on his helmet and everything.

 He was

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: pretty

Heather: very into it. Yeah. But

Jeff: which I 

Dan: there's something 

Jeff: okay, go ahead.

Dan: I was gonna say. There's it is just, they did a really good job of finding ways to get everybody involved. No matter what your interest level in star wars is, no matter how much you wanna get

involved, There's something 

Heather: going on. That, when I compared notes with my family, there was stuff going on that I had no clue. Owen and Aiden were each involved in a different heist that I had no idea even happened. What . It was

Jeff: Yeah. I went and did a thing you didn't do. Oh. And so I was in the engineering room for the second time meeting CRO.

Heather: Yeah. He was with the first order.

Jeff: you talking about these little kids. So I noticed there's a little doorway in there that looks into the Bri that's like a.

Dan: Huh?

Jeff: Then these two kids were in there listening in, on our

Heather: it's a secret panel that only 

Jeff: we were having. And then when I came out, I was waiting for the elevator and these two kids were like, don't tell on us, but we were listening. So naturally I went right to Troy and turned them in. So he attacked those sniffling brats and kicked them out of bridge training. It was amazing.

Dan: which brings up another tip. I had, if a small child approaches you in a public space and asks you to help with something or tells you that you need to go somewhere, if it sounds like it's legit storyline, it's legit storyline. And just go with it because they are gonna say they're gonna send a little kid to go do something, to go look for somebody.


Heather: little kids in yours. Didn't they lie their way into bridge training

Jeff: yeah, they weren't supposed to be there. And they were with a lady that they said was their mom who

Heather: It

Jeff: sh then their real mom was outside. They were supposed to be in dinner and she's out there yelling. And I was like, that's those two kids that I told you about. So Lieutenant CRO had them rounded up and kicked outta there and giving back to their mother. 

Dan: Well, and that's 

Jeff: of that was fake or real, but I was there for

Heather: real. Yeah.

Dan: That's the thing too. It's like, when you're a grownup doing this, you've got this layer of removal where you're aware of the game mechanics and what


Heather: you also start to forget about it a 

Dan: yeah. But then the little kids really forget about

it. And Lieutenant CRO is really Lieutenant Croix and they are really

Jeff: two kids were scared of me and I loved that.

Heather: and there we spent a lot of this is gonna shock some of you.

Jeff: No one.

Heather: We spent a lot of time in the sub light lounge, we tried

Jeff: So much time and so many dollars.

Heather: and there's some stuff that I didn't realize there's a whole, this whole alcohol tasting that you could do like mixology on a real cruise. And they played this.

It was so much fun. It wasn't advertised anywhere. It was the cast members in the bar noticing you like to drink and oh, Hey we're doing this 

Jeff: I noticed you're an alcoholic.

Heather: You should come to this to, we're gonna take you on a trip around the galaxy with these drinks,

Jeff: There was an upcharge for that, but you get to try out


different of their drinks.

Heather: Yeah. And they show you how to make

Jeff: it was $40

Heather: But then

Dan: there's a non-alcoholic

Heather: And we, I saw that going on actually behind us there were children doing it. Yeah. But it was fantastic because the story she told it

Jeff: every drink and every liquor was full character. Never

Heather: What, what galaxy it's from what planet how they obtain this liquor.

And there was one

Jeff: One of, one of them was venom

Heather: Yes. It was the squeezing from some creature. And they tell you that they make the first part of it and say, but this is poisonous, but don't worry. We've developed an antidote and

Jeff: yeah. If you reach for it on your thing before she's ready for you to drink a sugar, don't drink that the antidote has not been added yet. And then they top everybody's drink with this colored antidote.

Dan: just for that drink is so cool. The antidote that they put in there smells like the

rainforest. It smells like it smells like plants and like moist soil is really

Heather: very weird.

Jeff: All I 

Dan: sounds weird. 

Jeff: I loved so many 

Dan: was a tasty drink. No.

Heather: we tried all of them.

Jeff: the drinks there by the way are much better than the drinks in the hyperspace lounge on the new Disney cruise ship.

Dan: they're also much better than Ogas because they're not batch


Heather: but they're so they are so spot on into it that there is not a bottle of alcohol in there that has a, an earth label on it. Every bottle is, looks like it came from some planets in the outer rim.

Jeff: The bar itself has so many cool details. There's like fish tanks on either side of the bar that have this weird creature swimming around in there. And

Heather: You can play hollow SAAC in the middle of the bar, which we never got a chance to do because it was, there was somebody at that table every single 

Dan: Well, and if you don't have, if you don't get a chance to play at that table, the bartenders have regular decks that they will loan out to you. If you wanna play at your table and they'll step you through the

Jeff: I didn't get what he was saying when he asked if I wanted to see his deck. I misunderstood.

Dan: So they'll teach you the game and let you borrow a deck there, or if you're really lucky and you do get to sit at the house AACH table a Rodian, which is a star wars alien. For those of you who don't know, might happen to come into the lounge and spend a good five to 10 minutes with you teaching you how to play the game


Heather: got that? I witnessed a table getting some tips from Chewbacca. It depends on the time in the story, because there's some very specific Chewbacca linked storyline. He's snuck on board and snuck off and some other things,

Dan: you sneak

Heather: some people got to break him out of the Bri that I was not privy to that storyline.

Dan: I didn't see

Jeff: yeah, there's a big thing at dinner involving him sneaking around,

Heather: That was

Jeff: when an eight foot fur creature is sneaking.

Heather: snuck through the dining room full of people.

Jeff: So Jess is your. Kid is he gonna be into this? Is, will he let it go and get all into it or is he gonna be shy about it?

Jess: No he's definitely excited for it. We really like escape rooms and there's, Richmond's got a lot of new sort of offshoots of escape rooms that are basically like themed experiences that we've tried recently and stuff like that. So we're as a family very much into doing. And if you're gonna do it, you gotta get into it.

 I don't see any other reason. And he's at that age where he's 10. So he's at the age where he's still ready to get into it and get into costume and character and all that. And that's why I'm like, gotta catch it now, before he becomes so jaded and hits that, that era, that he doesn't wanna have anything to do with it.

Heather: 15 year old, I think was like that he is a huge fan. But he's at the age where, yeah. Or that, and he just doesn't wanna, I don't know. He's a little antisocial

Dan: He's very

Heather: yes, he is very stoic and leading up to it. He was not interested at all in developing a costume or anything like that.

He was like, eh, don't really wanna do it. And I noticed that on onboarding day, he was doing the bare minimum. But as soon as they stepped on board, he was fully into it. I've never seen so many photos of him with a huge grin on his face. And he was wearing more of the costume elements and

Dan: What I think got Heather is he said he had been studying just for fun. Aash the written language that you see everywhere in star wars. And he's the one who cracked the code on the ships

Heather: he had memorized Orbe

Dan: So he's the one who cracked that code so that we could get into the into the restricted access.

Yeah. It's total nerd. But when he did that and he figured out how to get into the crew only section of the computer. And then from there, he figured out how to get into the Bri. He was sold from that moment on, he was 100% down with the story. It was really cool to watch that

Heather: I love that. Came

 And every photo I saw that people were, they y'all were sending me pictures. He was having the best time he was got to learn from the Rodian and was when we were talking about it. He already knows some of the things that he wants to do differently. He was telling me about how one, one of the, when you first board your data pad, they start sending you some messages that kind of try to work out what path you're gonna take.

 And he is like one of those messages. I clicked the wrong thing. He clicked a thing. He didn't want to click. And so he can't wait to go back and see if he can do it completely differently. And really I the more people I talk to there are so many different storylines. You really could go back multiple times and have a completely different experience.

Jeff: sure.

Dan: Not only that those cast members are doing a lot of improvising with how they interact

with. And so and they are great already, but I'm going, I would be interested to see six months down the road, a year down the road from when I went, how, the way the cast members play their roles

 game Changes.

Jeff: And what they learn about human behavior to bring stuff, elements

Heather: That's smart.

Dan: the weird things that people choose to do and how the guests solve puzzles and how that's gonna change, how they play their side of the game. I think that would be interesting to see

Jeff: My family asked me when I got back. If it like, do you have to dress up and all that? And I said, I would say, when we boarded, it was probably 60% of people were Coplay or at least bounding. And by day two 90% of people were, cause I think people were hesitant. We saw the biggest douchey bros ever get on that ship in their regular like space bro outfit.

And then by that night they had bought the like Jedi robes and they were still like with their dumb hats and whatever, but they were at least like pretending they were doing it ironically. But then by the end of it, they were into it. And there was a lot of that. Like the disillusioned teenage girl that was suddenly buying all the Ray stuff and.

Heather: And I had one of my, one of the, one of the missions that I did. There were three moms who were, none of the rest of their family was on that mission and they were fully into it. And having the best time it was my mission in

Jeff: it's funny to see everybody loosen up and get, as far as like in the costing groups, I was in Le up leading up to it. Everybody was writing these back stories and all that never came up, that there was no 

Dan: just personal in

Heather: Need it. We had a, we had worked up a little, like just a

Jeff: I was a dark side person called lascivious

Heather: was not true. but we had worked up just the bears backstory and it did it, it came into play in our,

Jeff: Oh, that's right. Yeah.

Heather: in

Jeff: Heather's stuff was, she had a crown that she had ordered that

Heather: I got into.

Jeff: And then I was vaguely hon solo E or any other guy with a vest in star wars. So I said that she was royalty and I was her security. So I did that. When came up, I was like, whoa, don't get too close.

And I kept saying things like that, stay away from her.

Heather: And so he finally asked, he's so what is the deal? And I told him that Jeff was my valid and that, that little detail he remembered. And he remembered not only that he remembered who I was saying, I was, he knew Jeff's name by the end.

Jeff: yeah. The very ending show when he is up on the balcony doing the thing that he does and he's calling certain people out and he goes, and Jeff, I'd like to thank you for your whatever. And he goes, and your Highness, you need a better valid

Heather: It was amazing. Same.

Dan: they,

Heather: Moment. I wish I had it on video, but I will never forget it.

Jeff: I know I took so much video and I was just not recording when that happened. So

Heather: they're paying attention to that stuff. And the more you interact with them, the more they remember who you are,

Dan: They do a really good job of that and including it does give every single person on board has an opportunity to be the

Heather: or the villain.

Dan: in one or the villain. Yes. But to have a major role in moving the story along at some point, which is really amazing Guys like so the shuttle to bat two

Heather: Is

Dan: when, okay, so everybody feels special.

You get asked to go to a secret mission meeting on the bridge, and you find out that basically everybody gets it at the end of mine, I got asked to do something else. And I ended up in the hallway to the shuttles where you go to BTU and the shuttle door opened and Ray stepped out

Heather: Oh,

Dan: and there was six of

Heather: no,

Dan: that hallway

Jess: we made out for an hour. It was so hot.

Heather: I was my, my bridge mission was the one that was probably linked to the, to what you were doing because we were creating a diversion to sneak Ray on in a shuttle. But I didn't realize there were people that like got to greet her as she walked on. That 

Dan: that's. That's why I said, That's why I said, 

Jeff: just you Dan or

Heather: He said there were six but six.

Dan: It was just me because I was

because that was, you know what the, okay, so the second. After everybody's back from BTU around a little bit after four, you're gonna start getting messages on

Heather: Yes. So 

Dan: are gonna start getting called away to secret little meetings in Renez VUS with different characters, depending on which storylines you've unlocked earlier in the trip, you start getting called aside to things.

So that was when I got called away just me to this special meeting on the

Jeff: Yeah, Heather and I never saw each other after about two till dinner,

Heather: Cuz we

Jeff: we were doing

Heather: completely separate.

Dan: Yeah, you can get very busy and you see some really cool things there. So quick question when you, so it seems like it splits up family members and stuff

Jess: like My wife and I both have iPhones. What about my 10 year old? Is he gonna get, do they give the kids phones to so that they have their own sort of communications and all that.

Jeff: They will. 

Dan: do

Jess: Okay, cool.


Heather: Yep.

Dan: iPhones. You do need to set up. Play

Heather: Play Disney

Jeff: If you have an old phone you or 

Jess: He's got an iPod, but like he doesn't have a phone,

so Yeah. 

Jeff: an old phone, he can use that as long as there's

Heather: Yeah. As long as their 

Dan: it needs wifi, and Bluetooth Bluetooth and wifi. And then you're

Jess: Nice.

Jeff: but they'll also give you one or, know, loan 

Heather: borrow one. Yeah. Our bridge training the bridge training we got assigned to was the last bridge training of the voyage. And so different stuff happened on our bridge training ended with with the bridge being taken over by the first order and storm troopers forcing us off the bridge.

And it was very cool. Everybody seemed that you were doing the same basic games, but the storyline was different depending on what time of day you were doing ours.

Jeff: I think Disney cannot figure out how to market this thing. And it's hard to put into words really, even what it all is. And it justifies the cost when you know what you're doing.

Dan: Yeah, well, and, but

Jess: Yeah, cuz this is like the I've done. Basic research without trying to get too far into it. And and just from listening to podcasts and YouTube channel videos and stuff, like I'm learning some stuff without really big spoilers that I didn't really know. From the other stuff I've looked at, like the whole splitting up of the family we were all okay, how are we gonna do this?

And my son and I were basically having an argument as to light dark side because, yeah.

And so like, this is great. He's gonna, 

Jeff: out

Jess: yeah. He's

gonna love that. 

Jeff: from both.

Jess: Yeah. And that'll be great that we can cuz we love spending time with each other, but we also would love to go off because you go off and have your own sort of adventure and then you get to come back and talk about


Jeff: it's all in a safe, contained area. 

Jess: yeah.


Jeff: small kids without their parents doing stuff 

Jess: yeah. 

Jeff: everywhere. That's willing to help and help the kids understand and use data pad they're

Heather: And we, our stories were storylines were fairly similar until we got to bot two. Then we really diverged. And I think the four of you were all on different paths, it sounded like,

Dan: yeah but there's several missions on BA two that everybody does. So everybody gets a mission that they need to go on. Smugglers run. Everybody gets a mission that they need to go on. Yeah, we didn't,


Heather: We did those. But then we got like Jeff's was done

Dan: you didn't go on

smugglers run. 

Heather: mission, but we didn't end up writing it. We just said we did it.

Jeff: it was 

Dan: they cha did you tap your band in

Heather: no, they did. They do change the, they do change the ride. If you have tapped your band in, it will be different 

Dan: There's a minor change. But you also get credit for the mission in your app. So you at least tap in and say, I'm not writing, but I need to complete a mission. They do they're they do make a change to the very end of the video. On Smuggler's.

Heather: Smuggler's run. Yeah.

Dan: smugglers

Jeff: Oh, yeah,

Dan: a house Yon,

Jeff: so hot. I wanted to die and we did the two the one we started at Ogas. We did two

Heather: was so fun.

Jeff: with Ron toe

Heather: cast in Ogas completely got into it.

Jeff: and I'm like, let's get the hell outta

here. It was 

Heather: didn't have any more missions, but I had a bunch and he stayed in the shade while I ran off and did my, I think I had three or four things that I had to do.

Jeff: what I did. I just hung out

Heather: You were standing in the shade and I just went off and they were very quick.

I had to go to, I had to, I think you were 

Jeff: Oh yeah. We did go around and scan a bunch of things

Heather: to realign the antenna and I

Jeff: was a lot more, we could have both done.

Dan: Yeah you can PO potentially end up doing a lot of the basic stuff that you do in Galaxy's edge. Normally if you're playing with the data pad there the Ogas mission, just so nobody worries that they're gonna miss out. If they didn't get an Ogas reservation,

you don't have to have a reservation.

You can, you still get that mission and complete it. You just talk to the greeter outside the

Heather: tell 'em you're there on a secret mission and they will

Jeff: I do recommend if you're going,

Heather: to get an Ogas.

Jeff: Try to set an alarm and get on there at 60 days

Heather: It was fun. And it was the specific cast member we got was hysterical. She shouted to the entire bar that we were there on a secret mission. And it

Jeff: Hey, these guys want some

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: yeah.

Heather: it was

Jeff: and then they have props in there that are just for guests of the

Heather: Which is.

Dan: Wow. Pro tip. If you're a star cruiser guest, you can go in and out of that tunnel where you board and you can get unlimited space, Dasani water on ice there. So stay

Jeff: Yeah. And it's cool in there. There's fans and shade and ice

Heather: And where the pin that they give you, I heard your group didn't do that. We did

Dan: we were told

not to we wore ours and the cast members on rise of the resistance, saw our pins and they changed. They were talking to us about stuff going on the Hal cion


now I 

Jeff: think you're supposed to wear it 

Jess: I had heard, I've heard that. Yeah. They give you a pen

to wear, 

Heather: give you a pin and they tell you to wear it so that the cast members on BTU know that you're a Halon guest.

Jeff: and you're allowed to wear more costume stuff.

Dan: The cast member told us before we boarded the shut shuttle, here's a bit button that shows that you're house on guest. We don't have any extras. If you lose it, you can't get another one. And the backs fall off really

easy. So you don't really need it. So I wouldn't wear it if I was

Heather: What? Stupid. That was 

Jess: Well, what's the point 

Jeff: You owed a 

Dan: didn't wear mine. I, I wish I had, I did get mistaken for a cast member

Heather: You had a great 

Dan: me for directions. The cast members on rise of the resistance interacted with us differently. They were talking to Jeff about Croix and asked for him by name and were talking about character traits that he has with Jeff. And

Jeff: CROs still terrible at

Heather: yes and there was another place. And now I can't remember, it was somewhere that we were out walking around that a cast member saw our pin and interacted with.

Differently. I that's bad advice. And if the backs fall off, then they should really do something about that.

Dan: Yeah. I it's just the normal rubber backs that they have for all their other pins. um, I wish I had not followed that advice. I did also get approached by just a regular cast member there who caught me hacking a door. And that's the first time I've had like a real in character interaction with,

Heather: be too. Yeah.

Dan: Galaxy's edge.

Heather: It really does. Ch really does change it because honestly, a lot of those cast members who work in Galaxy's edge, they, they love their job and they want to get

Jeff: yeah, they're into it anyway.

Heather: And if they see that you're somebody who's clearly into it. They're gonna interact with you differently.

Dan: Yeah. Makes sense. So I'm about to your, even if everybody's on divergent storylines, it's easy enough for everybody to stay together

Heather: Yeah. With in your case, Jess, you wouldn't have to worry that your son would have to be off by himself because you really can still it's you're hitting all of the

Jeff: You're not doing the clandestine meetings with the people kind of stuff. It's

Heather: You're going to droid Depot and maybe one of you will have a mission. That's at Dr. Depot. One of you won't, but you can all still stay together.

You and you can get into it and say turn around. I don't want you to see what I'm doing. Maintain the mystery.

Dan: once you're on the ship, it feels very large there's no mission stuff, unless you want to talk to your room droid that happens in any of the guest corridors. So

Jeff: Yeah. 

Dan: would not feel uncomfortable letting probably wouldn't let Alexander run around because just cuz I couldn't trust

Heather: no.

Dan: maybe be polite to other people, but Pressley just turned eight in Y it's

Heather: They would be fine.

Dan: have no problem

Heather: Those two little kids Jeff was talking about, one of 'em was probably maybe seven or eight and then her little brother was much smaller. I think she was probably seven and he was like three,


Jeff: they were very

Heather: they were little and they were having so much

Jeff: a second bridge training.

Dan: Yeah. So yeah, it's definitely it's safe and feels totally fine to let the kids run around. They're all over the place, having their own. They do things that nobody else sees, especially if they're younger, if they're seven and under, and they're in the loca crew, which is their version of the kids club, they do their own special thing and have their own storylines.

Jeff: down times, like there was some, I didn't have a mission going on and Heather was doing something. So I was just sitting on some of the furniture in the grand atrium and there's people relaxing in there that are just driving their new droids around that they had bought at the droid Depot and they also sell a pretty standard preassembled one in the gift shop of the store.

But it, people are just chilling, driving. The thing around cast members are helping little ones learn to drive their droids and stuff. It was very 

Dan: then Also like on a cruise ship they've got a scheduled droid race time. They

have time Where they play


in the atrium

Jeff: They had a version of know your mate kind of thing,

Heather: your mate. 

Dan: oh Yeah.

Jeff: match your mate thing.

Dan: Like the newly game.

Jeff: Yeah. It's just like a space cruise ship. There's stuff to do all the time or not do if you don't. We just sat in a bar constantly.

Heather: when we weren't on missions, we were in the sub light lounge.

Dan: We did that second day too. We grabbed a, we grabbed one of the booths and a deck of cards and we played and whenever somebody would get called away to a mission, they would leave and we'd pause the game and eat snacks. And when they came back, we'd just start

playing again. And that's a totally, that's a really good way to kind recap what you did.

 About two, if you split up and,

Heather: and the food. Can we talk about how great the food was?

Jeff: everything was

Heather: Oh, especially those two 

Dan: was great. The dinners


Heather: was so much food.

Dan: The drinks I like how they surprise you with with a complimenting beverage from the captain on the second night.

Heather: Yep.

Dan: That was nice.

Jeff: I don't remember that.

Dan: You were gonna be buying

booze anyway, At dinner the second night they allow adults

to buy 

Heather: We had a drink and we didn't get charged for it. I remember that. Yeah. But you know what, now I'm realizing I I just didn't notice that we didn't get charged until you just said that. Yeah.

Dan: It's part of the storyline that the captain to make up for the first order being on board is giving you a complimentary drink

 up for it. The food. Yeah, the food is great. I loved,

I mean, 

Jeff: to look at. And the interesting ways they serve all your courses and things come out and trays that unfold and smoking things and blue shrimp. And it's just cool looking.

Dan: everything is like what they started to do with the food on Galaxy's edge. And in

Pandora, it's a step a yes, it is. It is a step above, as far as taking earth foods and making them alien, making them different. It's amazing. It's

Heather: tip. Yep. And I forget what they call it, but it was basically Mac and cheese was delicious.

Dan: Mm-hmm 

Jeff: And they have 

Dan: don't know what they call those 

Jeff: too. If you have a

Heather: A youngling menu,

Jeff: and it's all like they had Potato cakes that were like waffle fries. It was like a potato

Heather: literally a

Jeff: a giant tater.

They had put in a waffle press. And that was good. The kid next to me each night I was looking at his food. He let me take pictures and check it all out and see the menu, his little menu and just, it's all super


Heather: little cheeseburger pods that they have on Pandora. Yeah. It tastes like a quarter pounder with cheese, but it looks like a dim sum.

Dan: So one night the first course is those

Heather: Oh, they were so good.

Dan: grownups, you can get slightly more sophisticated taste. And then for the kids, they have the cheeseburger pod from Pandora. So

Heather: I think,

Dan: yeah, food's great. Drinks are great.

Heather: yeah. And plentiful, it was so much food breakfast buffet, the lunch buffet, and then pro tip on BTU day. You get a credit on your M band to go and eat on BTU. If you want. You can go get yourself a Toronto wrap and a drink on BTU and then Hightail it back and still make it for the lunch buffet.

Dan: Or pro tip. If you use that credit in docking bay seven, you can get an adult beverage instead of just a non-alcoholic beverage. So you

can get a beer

Heather: no, we did not

Dan: No. Yeah. We saved ours and used ours in the park on December day departure day.

Heather: pro tip. You can do that.

Dan: Yes. Yeah. On the day that you leave the ship, if you're going into the theme parks and you haven't used your credit from the day before, you can use your meal credits that day.

Jeff: Smart,

Heather: That is smart.

Dan: yeah.

Jess: Anywhere or just in Galaxy's edge.

Dan: Anywhere in any of the theme parks, I used them in the magic kingdom and it's linked by your party. So

Heather's husband and sons didn't use their credits. So I had four adult meal credits to use in the magic kingdom.

Jess: I bet they don't have Pacos bills, nachos and space. So I'm

definitely gonna do that. Um, 

Jeff: the space not

Jess: I want my space nachos.

Jeff: I just, I can't say enough. Good about it. It's

hard to describe and I'm sure we did a poor job of

Heather: and the I, what I think is amazing is I've talked to a lot of friends. Who've done it and they range from one friend. Who's never seen a single star wars movie only yeah. Know two people who are just liked the movies, but aren't huge fans. They all love it.

Jeff: I really don't think

Heather: Everyone has been giving it rave 

Jeff: be a Harry Potter hotel or any it's, it is.

Dan: I guarantee it

Jeff: It 

Dan: universal is waiting to see how this turns out and they are going to do a Harry Potter version of this. They would be insane

Jess: And to put

it as part of epic universe would be real smart.

Heather: But it's just, you really, truly don't have to be a star wars fan to have fun and enjoy it. It's

Jeff: there were a lot of grandma grandpas that got on there, not knowing squad about star wars and I'm sure they had

Heather: And you could tell they were just wearing a star wars t-shirt that looked like it was brand new.

Jeff: made on a.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And see, that's the great thing I get wanting to see the familiar characters and

Heather: And there are some of that

Dan: But like Galaxy's edge, this takes it even further putting it in its own place and time you get to 

Heather: you've never heard of.

Dan: right. And it's a brand new story that way, but it's still all the star

wars stuff that you 

Heather: And every person was in that grand atrium for the finale. There wasn't, nobody was

Jeff: Nobody blew that off.

Heather: everyone 

Dan: whole, well, you literally can't because it's an emergency,

Heather: Oh, you get called to your mustard station. Sorry. and holy crap, 

loved being in the dining in dinner when that happened and having to get up and run out. It was really fun.

Dan: Yeah. And somebody who was at the earlier dinner seating got to trigger that alarm.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: was like a guest. One of their gets the mission of triggering that

Heather: so fun.

Dan: and, but holy crap, that finale the force, you see the force being used

Jeff: that was so

Dan: eight or 10 times. And they are


Heather: still don't 

Dan: Broadway stage show

Jeff: There's 

Dan: There's things that I know exactly how they did it.

And it's still the most

Jeff: doesn't make it any less. Cool. The only thing I, they

Heather: we'll talk later cuz there's a couple of things that I'd like to know how that happened.

Dan: And also just the fancy lightsaber is on stage for approximately

Heather: Yeah.

Jess: I've I've seen the footage of that. And yeah, I


Jeff: the transition from that one to the 

Jess: if, if you go back to the episode, I think where they debuted that I called that exactly. I was like, they're gonna use it for five seconds and then they're gonna put it down and

It's gonna be done. 

Jeff: effect

Heather: I think they're still working on that effect and hopefully they can make it work better. It is a great effect when she oh, that's that

Jeff: And it's gonna happen. We've seen it. I saw it on video and I still look.

Heather: Yep.

Dan: yes. And there's so much going on that it doesn't matter because not long after she switches her li saber one time, then all of a sudden she gets force pulled 30

feet across 

Heather: is what I was gonna ask you. How is that the one how it worked? Because how the hell did they

Jeff: obvious how

Heather: It wasn't obvious to me. I thought it was cool.

Dan: there, I mean, yeah we can talk

about it 

Jeff: a grocery store. Conveyor belt.

Heather: no, it was the force

Jeff: Okay.

Dan: called a speed ramp is what you use to get up to the tomorrow land

Heather: I know, but it looked so seamless

Jeff: amazing effect. And it's funny. I had been saying earlier, I was like, why the angles they've got it. You can't see that

Dan: Yeah, but we can talk about it. We can talk about another force effect later if you want to.

But yeah, So I mean, the finale is amazing. All of the show pieces are great. It's amazing to see an R two unit free roaming around the ship because it just free roams and interacts with people and their storm troopers.

And so

Heather: The droid in your room

Jeff: and they're

Heather: tell you a good night story about moisture farmers.

Dan: I happened 

Jeff: interact with.

Dan: oh, I happened upon a sad moment where she got

deactivated for the duration of the the first order dragged her away. I saw that in mind. Yeah.

Yeah. So check in with her, definitely ask her for a bedtime story. The first night when she offers. I don't know what else to say. Just You just gotta go do it.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: if even if you're not a store where's fan and you're going with a group of people who are, don't be concerned, just be open to the experience, be open to play and

Jeff: Relax.

Heather: And you really can do as little they say do as little or as much as you want. If you want to just sit back and watch it unfold, you can, and you're still gonna be entertained.

Jeff: I'd say the ship that we were on was probably 90% full, at least if not full. And they've done a good job with the spaces are all big enough that it's not crowded. It's not shoulder to

Heather: No, when you're in the bar, there's enough other stuff and missions going

we never had a problem finding a seat. Yeah.

Jeff: or,

Heather: And we were in there a 

Dan: and that's part, I mean, having the scheduled bridge trainings going on all

Heather: and the light saber 

Dan: life, it spreads everybody out so much. It's

Heather: And really on the day the B two excursion day, everybody was off the ship, really, for most of it, a good

Jeff: yeah, that was nice. We came back and there was like nobody on the ship.

Heather: So we had our space, alcohol tasting, which was so

Jeff: booze.

Heather: Space booze.

Dan: I'd say, I don't think that there's anything. The only thing I would do different next time is try to talk to more of the

 I was totally happy with the interactions and the storylines. I got mostly through the app, but I would like to get to actually interact with them. But other than that, there's nothing I would change nothing.

I would do different. I'm excited to someday hopefully be able to go again and see how it evolves, but I loved it. It is my, it is become my ideal version of themed vacation entertainment.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: that's what I want to go do every time now

Jeff: yeah, the only other fandom I think that could support this kind of thing, I think would be a Harry Potter.

Heather: Oh

Jeff: could do a Hogwarts hotel, that's that same 

Jess: Um, if they announce Avenger's camp that you can sign up for I'm

gonna be the first one for

that. So, 

Dan: Avengers could do it. I'm sure there's some sort of weird anime thing you could work out with that'll be weird. guys with their girlfriend pillows and really was the epitome of Disney, immersive entertainment. It's everything that they do well, just executed

Jeff: Even more so than the enchanted Tiki room.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Right. And that's something I was thinking about too. Like we, we had talked about a while ago. We did that one day with Walt episode. And it was like, what would you show Walt if you had, if what is the one thing that you would take him to see related to the parks to say this is what you made.

 Can you

Jeff: He'd be like, Ooh, the hell is this space go real. And why can't I smoke in 

Dan: Right. 

Heather: but it was exactly what he envisioned EV the whole family having fun together.

Dan: his love of storytelling cuz that's all it is just storytelling and getting everybody

Heather: Yes. And sometimes the story it's super cheesy and you're still like so into it.

Jeff: Eating it up. Yeah. And I'm a cynical turd and I loved every

Heather: I was a little bit AF I was a little

Jeff: highfiving I

Heather: were gonna hate 

Jeff: just, and I was afraid I was gonna hate so much. I'll pay to go back.

Heather: A hundred percent

Dan: That's where I am on that.

Heather: the house yet. You won't 

Dan: you know how you can get yourself on the house. Yon.

Heather: Tell us Dan.

Dan: You can contact your favorite key to the world travel

Heather: That's right.

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We can't wait to hang out with you again next week and we'll see a real soon.

Heather: Bye.

Jeff: Call me

Jess: Guys, all things considered. I would rather Saba Jeff's deck than eat it flows. V8 cafe.

Heather: May the force be with you.

Jeff: and with your spirit.