May 4, 2022

Star Wars Hotel:Galactic Starcruiser Preview

Star Wars Hotel:Galactic Starcruiser Preview

May the 4th be with you! This week we’re excited to discuss our upcoming trips on Disney’s Star Wars-Galactic Starcruiser. We’re here to share the ins and outs of cruising on the Chandrilla Starlines Halcyon, how to create a character, put together costu...

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May the 4th be with you! This week we’re excited to discuss our upcoming trips on Disney’s Star Wars-Galactic Starcruiser. We’re here to share the ins and outs of cruising on the Chandrilla Starlines Halcyon, how to create a character, put together costumes, and how to “play” along in order to get the most out of your experience. 



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starcruiser hosts

Dan: Welcome back to a very special may the fourth edition of the gold key adventurer society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week in the studio is Heather straight.

Heather: Greetings from a galaxy far away,

Dan: And Mr. Jeff Williams,

Heather: wrong alien.

Dan: Presumably a.

Mork from Ork could have shown up somewhere.

Heather: Sure.

Dan: There's your outfit for your cruise? Jeff, just get some rainbow suspenders and you can get to go. 

Jeff: Yeah. Oh, totally doing that. 

Dan: And don't shave your back for a couple of weeks. Our show is always brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world, and around the galaxy! Head to For more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. It's the most wonderful time of year again, it's that time when nerds around the world celebrate their fandom based on the conveniently punny date this year, my personal walk with the Jedi has been all about voyaging, the galactic star cruiser.

Heather: Whew.

Dan: So I thought it would be a good idea. We could share some info tips for preparing for your own cruise or cross the galaxy. Talk about how we're preparing that kind of.

Heather: We're all deep in the costuming galaxy right now, as we all prepare. 

Jeff: I'm getting served up some weird stuff on the Amazon. 

Heather: I know

Dan: Yeah, my, my algorithm is,

Heather: It's all the algorithms are all off.

Dan: yeah. And it's ruined forever. Now,

Heather: That's true.

Dan: first off, I'll say, we're going to try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. I've been trying to avoid all spoilers so that I can.

Heather: haven't read much at all just to

Dan: Yeah,

Heather: some basic high-level reviews to see that everyone's loving it, but I don't want to know what's going to happen until.

Dan: no, not at all.

Jeff: videos that were not fully spoiler-y, but really gave you some insight into how to best enjoy it and relax and let go. And that's, I'm going to have a hard time with that part. 

Heather: The relaxing and letting.

Jeff: or be. 

Dan: It sounds it is what you make of it, what you get into it. But I think it'd be a good idea for us to start with the most basic. And what exactly is the galactic star cruiser as a lot of things it's like,

Heather: not? It is

Dan: yeah,

Heather: not real trip into outer space. This is the

Dan: that's true. Yeah. Disclaimer it. 

Jeff: take you to space. 

Dan: It also really does it a disservice call get a star wars hotel, like so many people are other than if you're trying to drum up clicks for your website, I wouldn't call it that it,

Heather: cause it's not just a place where you go and spend the night.

Dan: no, it's an immersive themed environment like being at Galaxy's edge. It is like murder, mystery, dinner on steroids.

It's interactive theater.

Heather: what Jeff has been calling it. And I think that's really the, on the nose. It's like here

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: the day mystery.

Dan: Yeah. If you want it to be you is ALARP event. You don't necessarily have to go real heavy in the role-play

Heather: is.

Dan: LARPing stands for live action role-playing, which is like play, but it's those nerves that you see at the park on Saturday afternoons with their forms, swords and foam armor, eating on each.

Heather: You could even say that people who do civil war reenacting and stuff like

Dan: That's true. Yeah. Yeah. So if you want to go into the role-playing you can, but you don't have to you're going to want to talk and interact with some of the characters that we'll talk about it a little bit, but it's not necessarily like full on you don't have to have a character and speak as

Heather: have

Dan: know.

Heather: backstory or a new name or stuff like that. A lot of people do, you

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: to, if you don't want.

Dan: Yeah. 

Jeff: Duke Starbucker. 

Heather: Yes.

Dan: Some people are.

Heather: somebody in a, in a Facebook costuming group that I'm in say that his, his name is mango for breezy.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: I love that so much. 

Heather: It made me laugh.

Dan: It was so good. There's some, there's some other good ones like that. I saw a guy cause one of the things that they ask you to do when you register is they say, come up with at the very least where you're from and, and what, what,

Heather: Yes, because as Jeff knows, Disney cast members love to ask you, where are you from?

Dan: you're from.

Jeff: you folks visiting us from.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: And here's the thing though. It's you can tell the alien that you are from wherever you're actually from on earth and they'll be like, oh, I'm not familiar with that planet. Or they'll pretend that that's a planet. I also have seen some really creative there's a lot of people who, pick your favorite star wars.

Planet that have been mentioned in movies or games, whatever. I've seen some creative ones too. And one of my favorite ones is I saw a guy who said that he was from the planet, Amazon prime, which is an and in star wars. Each of the planets is always this is the one thing that the planet does. So I Karelia is the plant. Like all they do there is they build ships 

Jeff: Ship 

Dan: and, 

Jeff: or the 

Dan: yeah. And so, and so he said, and so he was from Amazon prime and on their planet, they specialize in expediting and shipping. So it was, genius. It's great. I love it. So you can be as creative with that as you want

Jeff: Wasn't that a transformer. 

Dan: after. Yes.

Heather: That's optimist prime.

Dan: It's also there's elements of there's a, it's an augmented reality game. There's a huge amount of interacting with the app that they have for, for the cruise that I'll be on. That's already partially unlocked for me. I can see my schedule and we'll, we can talk a little bit about the itinerary later on.

I, I board the ship on father's day,

Heather: Yes. May

Dan: I get to leave my child. Yeah, I get to leave my children behind 

Jeff: Yeah. 

Dan: to the star wars hotel for fantasy.

Heather: day gift.

Dan: Yeah. So thank you for that father's day gift. Has also Alma, not almost, you don't go anywhere, but it's a literal, actual cruise in lots of ways. And we can talk.

Heather: with my kids on your star, on your father's day. So sorry about that.

Dan: I'm not responsible for them though, so 

Jeff: Yeah, 

Dan: don't have to make sure they're having fun. I can just worry about if I'm having fun.

Heather: right. 

Jeff: won't have fun. 

Heather: That's

Dan: No, not now from everything I've seen. It is it's, it's a cruise. You, you board, you, you 

Jeff: There's the 

Dan: the cruise ship. 

Jeff: thing. 

Dan: yeah, yeah. I We can look at our itinerary real quick.

You get on and

Heather: And I

Dan: These got out of order.

Heather: kind of immersive way. Like when you go to space two 20, that they make it seem like you've blasted off and

Dan: That's like that moving, I assume. So probably some sort of,

Jeff: Some rumbling. 

Heather: Mm.

Dan: Isn't that what those are those trucks that they, everybody was bitching about. Not looking like spaceships that's just to take you to bat too, isn't it? Yeah.

Heather: the ship to buy two.

Dan: I assume I, I.

Heather: And that's the one spoiler I have seen. I've seen what the inside of them looks like, and they're really, I have, and it's really cool.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: it doesn't matter what it looks like on the outside. 

Jeff: Do you have to compete for space with the prime boxes and other stuff that are in those box trucks? 

Heather: No 

Dan: no, but apparently, apparently if you are returning to the ship towards the end of the day, this is one spoiler story that I it's a very minor spoiler that I heard you might be handed a piece of luggage that another passenger left behind that you need to return to them. And that is apparently very important to the overall story.

Heather: Interesting.

Dan: So what goes on.

Heather: something that I had heard about. Somebody asked some folks who had already been, I've been to battue a bunch of times. I don't really want to go, should I, can I just stay back on the ship ever nobody gave anything away, but they said, don't do that. Go to Batu and do

Dan: Cool.

Heather: on Batu or other things that happen on your last night will not unlock.

Dan: And that's the whole thing. So what you get you get on this ship. And from the second year on the ship if you're familiar with how the data pad works on buy to where you can use it to translate things and you scan labels on crates, you can use it to access data pads on the wall to try to open doors and stuff.

You're going to want to start doing that around the cruise ships. And this is also like we talked about. Jeff, one of the things that I said in our episode about things we love about Disney, when there's things that you're supposed to interact with, even if it like touch everything, because you never know when you might have something that they put there for you to play with to keep you busy in line or whatever 

Jeff: Yeah, 

Dan: around.


Jeff: went to the restroom and a 

Dan: Okay.

Jeff: and now I can't go to Disney world anymore. 

Dan: That's, that's a different issue. So yeah 

Jeff: interactive guys. 

Dan: So glad this is an audio medium. Nobody else had to see that push buttons, try to open doors, play with touch screens and keep an eye on the app. Your data pad, sorry, not your app because you're going to get communications with people. 

Jeff: And are these on your own phone? 

Dan: Yes. Now it's on your own phone, although they do have loaners.

If you have a phone that doesn't work.

Heather: to using your own phone now.

Dan: Yes. And they also have loaners available for children who probably don't have their own phones. So kids, kids can get the loaner pads and

Jeff: So bring a second phone. So it can be your data pad phone, 

Dan: yes.

Jeff: your other regular phone for regular phone stuff. 

Dan: Yes. I have heard that guest services on the ship. I don't have complete confirmation, but I saw something about guest services on the ship has also battery banks that you can borrow. To keep your phone charged, but I would recommend bringing several of those because the apps Disney apps do tend to chew up your phone battery.

But so when you enter, interact with stuff on the ship, and especially when you interact with characters on the ship that is going to unlock different branching storylines, there's like trees of story. And if you do one thing, it'll unlock these branches and you can choose to do different things. And yeah.

Heather: a real life. Choose your own adventure.

Dan: Exactly and, be open to talking to people because sometimes just talking to a character will do that. And they might say come over here and they'll ask you a question and they'd be like, come here with me and they'll have you scan your magic band because you get a special star cruiser magic band that works on the ship and it works in the parks afterwards.

So you can use it to show off and be fancy. But, yeah, so that develops the story for you. It, it they'll send you on missions. People will ask you to go places and do things. 

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: but you don't have to.

Heather: open doors that say they're only for the 

Jeff: So 

Heather: or

Jeff: first talking about opening this hotel, I didn't realize, I know like, it's a cruise. And I thought, oh, it just sounds stupid, but I didn't realize it was like a whole interactive dinner theater type thing. have led with that, like years ago. 

Dan: There was a lot of problems with the marketing. They didn't really make it clear what it was, but I I've, I've heard from people after they get off, they're still saying it's hard to really explain exactly what it is

Heather: Until you experience it.

Dan: until you experience it.

Jeff: Alesha. You can't describe it. You just have to go. 

Dan: And there's a lot of activities. I mean this, this itinerary is jam packed every 45 minutes use an opportunity for something new that you can do. But a lot of them are, a lot of them are optional. And you could be exploring the ship and doing missions instead. Or you can go to the bar instead, if you want to,

Heather: Yes.

Dan: to, you could spend the whole 48 hours in the.

Jeff: in. 

Dan: Yeah. There is stuff that happens to the bar and sometimes some aliens show up in the bar and we'll talk to you and stuff like that. But so you're going to get on the ship. There's a lunch buffet until 4:00 PM. There's time to explore the star cruiser. They give you a tour when they take you to your room, your room has a droid who's in the video screen.

That is apparently also important to interact with because he can help unlock story arcs for you. Yes. I don't remember what his name is. It's a bunch of, it's a bunch of letters and numbers. They have a mustard drill for you just on a real cruise ship that you got to show up and they, they tell you what to do in case of a fake emergency.

Apparently when you get on, they also make you watch a video to tell you what it looks like. If there's an actual real-world emergency on the galactic star cruiser so that she can know the difference because.

Jeff: Right out the door, cause you're not really in space. 

Dan: Hey

Jeff: And

then when you get back to your room alone is the Manet's drill.

Heather: And 

Dan: this,

Heather: mustard drill.

Dan: that sounds spicy, comfortable. There's a opening reception with the captain. If you really want to, you can learn space, line dancing. 

Jeff: Hold up really? 

Dan: Yeah, there's dance lesson from seven 30 to 7:45 PM on my first night, right before dinner. It's right after the outer. 

Jeff: itinerary? 

Dan: Yes, this is the itinerary for my crews. They haven't scheduled yet.

You'll see, I forgot to include the first sheet. It looks like they schedule automatically for everybody lightsaber training and the bridge, the tour of the bridge, and that doesn't get scheduled until shortly before your cruise.

Heather: that can change based on storyline you find yourself in.

Dan: I don't know about the time from.

Jeff: the bridge itself, like stuff could happen there. 

Dan: Yeah, during time of day, like different apparently different characters show up and stuff. So some people might experience certain characters and other people might not. So you're branching story arc. I don't think affects that, but where,

Heather: in a Facebook group said that they did something on bot two that unlocked something that then changed their bridge training time.

Dan: oh, interesting.

Heather: to be paying attention to their

Dan: Interesting. That's good to know. So yeah. So pay attention to your data pack because

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: all kinds of stuff. There's characters. I don't want to talk about what characters are on the ship, but there's, there's lots of characters and some of them are big name characters apparently,

Heather: have heard of some of them we have not.

Dan: but. Every single cast member is in character on the ship and everybody can affect your storylines and stuff.

So if you talk to somebody who's just your waiter, they might have a fact. So you be willing to talk to people and, at the very least, ask them questions, ask them if there's something you can do for them, or, that's from what I've heard is a good way to get into these storylines.

See on somebody list.

Jeff: lovable, scamp, leaky, fondue, I 

Dan: Oh, 

Jeff: anybody, 

Dan: There, you can go down the scoundrel path and you can be a drunk and scoundrel and apparently

Jeff: you know me. 

Dan: Everybody's got their role to play in each of the different each of them. But everybody, everybody will end up playing a role in the overall story. And something big happens at the end of the cruise apparently 

Jeff: What is 

Dan: right after dinner. So if you're on the second dinner, make sure you get there right on time and don't dilly dally over your dessert because you've got to 

Jeff: Oh, 

Dan: move.

Jeff: with the stuff. 

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: I've 

Dan: yes. Let's see. So yeah, that's like our let's run down the itinerary a little bit more. Some of the optional activities you can take lessons there's subarc lessons, which is a card game that's played in the star wars universe. And then later, apparently it's, it's very similar to to poker and very easy to play.

And also they have a really cool hologram hollow table. In the middle of the bar? No, it's hollow. Sub-arc

Heather: Ah, okay.

Dan: oh, it looks really cool though. It's like the cards you're looking through. It's Missoula real hologram. It's like when, when when prince plays when, when prince plays a concert and they're projecting him on a, on a clear screen, on a scrim

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: anyway, it's not important.

It's magical is what it is.

Heather: it's magic it. Got it. Got it.

Dan: They do have a little fashion show thing, the outer rim regalia. So if you have a really fancy costume that you can just walk down the red carpet and everybody can take pictures of your cool. 

Jeff: Lots of 

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: I'm going to wear my space. G-string and it's going to be glorious. 

Dan: Oh boy. I can't wait for pictures. It will be I there's the line dancing lessons. Let's see. Sorry. Yeah. Ooh, gross. After you've taken your subarc lessons, there's this tobacco tournament later on breakfast buffet is available. Apparently the buffets, the buffets look phenomenal. You can go.

Jeff: yeah, the food looks really good, especially on 

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: fancy night. 

Heather: Dinner nights.

Dan: Yes. Yes. Those both look really cool.

Heather: is like a Chris, you have a dinner seating and go at your time.

Dan: And the designated table you'll eat at the same table with the same wait staff both nights. So that's, that's just like on a real cruise there's storytelling in the bar. You can build a model of the ship if you really want it to you can do remote controlled, droid racing, and apparently you can bring your own droid that you built on by two.

Heather: Oh, cool.

Dan: And I believe you can raise them there. 

Heather: A few

Dan: they, yeah, they have, they have they have a kids' club on the cruise ship. Although I think that they don't take the kids away from you. So if you have a child seven or under, you can go to special kids' events is called the loft cat crew. 


Dan: And so they have.

Heather: I saw that on the schedule and I wondered what the, the, what is the lowest cat grew.

Dan: Yeah, the loaf cat crew that's the kids club. They have special activities for them. Some different like little,

Heather: loath cats.

Dan: no, that'd be pretty cool though. They, they have like games that they can play. They also have a kid's version of the fashion show and they also have special kids. Lightsaber training.

That's just for the smaller kids and because you have to be seven or up to do the regular one, but so there's several meetups that they can do there. You can meet the pop star and get autographs from her. 

Heather: The pop star.

Jeff: cool. 

Dan: yes she is. She's the the singer, the the Twilight 

Jeff: Yeah. 

Dan: guide.

Heather: yes,

Jeff: off. 

Dan: Yeah, Gaia is her name. There's a, Jeff will be really into this.

There's an activity called know your copilot, Jeff, which is basically like the newlywed game. But

Jeff: Oh 

Dan: yeah, yeah, yeah. But

Jeff: win. 

Heather: Yes.

Dan: most of those, most of those activities are optional. And in the meantime, 

Jeff: included or do they cost? 

Dan: They're included. Everything is included except for basically boos which the, the bar on the ship is open late.

I think the first night it was open till one and the second night it's open until midnight. So it's a popular spot to hang out. After all of the main activities are done to talk over the day. You can also roam the ship at night and take pictures. In empty hallways, you can go on the, 

Jeff: session? 

Dan: yeah, you can, if you're lucky, they have very limited photography sessions that she can book that are like the create your magic session.

But they are like a star wars nerd wet dream because you're in the bridge of the ship. You're in the hallway. You're all over these super, super, amazingly theme. Scifi star wars locations. And you're in your,

Heather: quality photos.

Jeff: And 

Dan: in your star wars costumes. Yeah. And they, they do a good job of eliminating the crowds around you.

And unfortunately those are very, very limited. They're very hard to get. So you need to call right on your 60 day mark and hope that you get lucky to book. But they look phenomenal, especially if you've got really good costumes, which there are some really good cautions out there. Heather and Jeff had mentioned those costuming groups.

There's a link to the one that we're all in on the show notes. It's a galactic star cruiser costumes, and man people go all out. So the costume rules on the ship, 

Jeff: know, I feel like such an underachiever. 

Dan: the costumes on four cruises. It's highly encouraged that you go all out for your costumes. So you are allowed as an adult even to do fall on costumes.

The only limitations are, you're not allowed to walk around with a helmet that covers your face and capes have to end at your waist. You can't have any floor lights capes,

Heather: What

Dan: than

Heather: a floor length Cape.

Dan: I know that's confusing, but I think that pad may Cape technically counts as a robe because it's not.

Heather: And I was just going to say, because Jedi robes go all the way to the floor. What.

Dan: Yeah. Because a Cape, if a Cape is just tied at your neck, if a Cape is just attached at your neck, then think about especially if you're about to, and the wind starts blowing and all of a sudden you've got six foot circle of places where you're going to catch guests and it can get caught up easily.

It doesn't stay close to your body. A robe stays close to your body. So you're less likely to trip and injure yourself. We're get.

Heather: right.

Dan: Space liability. Am I right? But

Heather: known that.

Jeff: floor links, Cape idea. 

Dan: If it's a skirt, I think that's okay.

Heather: then again, I didn't read the fine print, 

Jeff: I haven't even read the 

Dan: yeah. 

Jeff: print. 

Dan: You can do, face makeup, although I think there was recently a change made to that four on, by two, something about.

Heather: allowed to have your face painted on by two.

Dan: Yeah. At least not full face. It has to be just markings. It can't be full because there are

Heather: because people will think you're a

Dan: right.

Jeff: about that. Anyway, some of the costumes I've seen are better than Disney 

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: and here's how you're allowed. Here's how you get away with having a costume on when you're on planet on bat too, they give you a, a pin. When you board the transport that marks you as a. 

Jeff: tourists. 

Dan: Yeah. Marsha is a tourist that shows that you were

Heather: right?

Dan: a cruiser as a guest from the cruise ship. And that way, the, the citizens of that, to know that you're from the cruise ship.

And even if you decide that for some reason, you want to leave by two and try to, for example, ride slinky dog dash,

Heather: Yes.

Dan: then they will see your pin and they'll know that you're allowed to be in that costume and they won't hassle you. Or at least in theory, they won't have.

Heather: supposed to hassle you

Dan: Yeah. 

Heather: It and correct me if I'm wrong. That. You gets you access to the lightning lane for Smuggler's run and

Dan: and

Heather: rise of the

Dan: rice.

Heather: correct?

Dan: And it's not just lightening lane. It's priority lightning lane access. So it's like better than lightning lane.

Heather: ride rise of the resistance

Jeff: Will be 

Dan: I've got.

Jeff: down during

Dan: Probably or there'll be, there'll be filming something inside or something.

Jeff: Sorry, folks, the moose out front should have told you about tunes closed. 

Dan: Yeah. Oh, so I did want to talk a little bit about costumes stuff. Like how I put together, my costume is 

Jeff: Do you 

Dan: one thing. Yeah. Yeah. It's a good idea to have a couple, but one of the biggest tips that I've seen is make sure there's some major, very recognizable element from your costume that carries over from one outfit to the other, because the, the, 

Jeff: Pumpkin. 

Dan: yeah.

Or something like that, the crew members, the crew members on board, it will help them recognize you because they, they try to. Remember everybody's so that, if they talked with you about one thing later on, they might look for you to come do something else for them. If you helped them out on day one, day two, they might say, Hey, I've got another job for you.

Can you come help me? So they, they, it helps to give them some way to recognize you so they can find you again easily. 

Jeff: Has ever forgotten me. 

Heather: This is

Dan: yeah. And forgettable that's what Jeff is.

Jeff: just the hulking 63, dude. I'm easy to spot. 

Dan: People are doing a whole range of things they're going from everywhere, from light, almost like bounding type costumes, like what you might regularly see in the park to some people are dressing up as established characters from star wars, movies, or cartoons, books, whatever. Or a lot of people are just putting together.

Costumes for their own, what their own character would be within the universe. There's a ton, a ton of ton of Etsy shops that are selling

Heather: shop.

Dan: all kinds of, and there's some really amazing. Accessories that you can get for, for your costumes. This little piece is I've got this combat edge on little things like this.

They call them gray, which are just like little decorative elements that look like the tech kind of stuff that they have on their outfits in star wars. 

Jeff: To be your constant? 

Dan: It's one of them, but this guy. Th this guy is pretty popular. So I would not be surprised if I see quite a few of these. I, for my character, I've designed a logo.

I'm such an American guys. 

Jeff: Oh, 

Dan: Okay. Let's get into this. This is even worse than you thought. So my, my thought for my character is since I'm a podcast or in real life, I was like what, what would be the equivalent of podcasting in the star wars universe? So I was thinking about it and I was thinking like I embedded war correspondent, but then I thought about it a little bit more and to make it more interesting, because this is like the stage of the wards, like we're back to resistance times.

So it's more like counter guys. I'm such a freaking nerd. So like doing counter propaganda works. So my character. Works for the for the resistance going to places where battles have been to show the true state of things in the war, as opposed to what the new orders propaganda version. 

Jeff: cruise 

Dan: Yes. I'm sh I'm hopping on the cruise liner to get to by two, because I've been sent to meet up with such a freaking nerd. This takes place, the cruise and Galaxy's edge in general takes place, right at the end of this novel called black Spire. And there's a rebel spy who is a character that you can meet in the parks.

It has been set there to set up a rebel base. So I've been set. Sent to meet up with her to help her with establishing things I'm bad too. 

Jeff: Wow. 

Dan: this semester, so anyway, so my Carson is I designed what I imagined the logo for the resistance Syapse military unit would be I D I designed a military patch and I'm going to hopefully get a patch custom embroidered.

That will be on my best. Nerd alert, but that's a lot more work than a normal person has to do. 

Jeff: You 

Me the logo. I can make you some other things too. 

Dan: I will send you a logo once I've got the final finished version. I'll send that off to you. Yeah, I'll do that. Yeah. Seriously, I've, I've been putting a lot of thought into this. It's it's bad, but you don't have to go this hard. Look at what the outfits that cast members at, but I'm about to look.

They were a lot of textured natural fibers in like earthy tones and Juul tones, even things like where a long flowy, like a long open vest or 

Jeff: stuff. 

Dan: And yeah, angular, asymmetric things.

Jeff: One tip I saw was like, try to either don't have or obscure, but zipper. 

Dan: Yeah. Have you ever noticed in star wars movies, you do not see fasteners anywhere. I don't know how they keep their clothes on, but they don't have fasteners.

Heather: Okay. I have that's 

Jeff: Luke Skywalker's pants for just died, bleached jeans, 

Dan: And so there's a lot of things like that. I think about footwear. There's a lot of combat boots that you see. Or other boots, but make sure they're right. A lot, 

Jeff: those, like some kind of a, like a regular leather shoe and then using those boot cap, things that cover 

Dan: Yeah, 

Jeff: and then go up to look like a boot. 

Dan: yeah. Or spats or Gators, if you have combat boots or whatever, think about, make sure you have comfort. Shoes for running around in, cause you got to do a lot of running around between the two days that you're there. 

Jeff: Shim, sham Ling long, and I'm going to wear shorts cause it's hot on my planet. 

Dan: I mean it makes sense shorts 

Jeff: be shorts with a tie on the front. So you don't have any. 

Dan: there you go.

Jeff: see some there's a list on that group that we were talking about. One dude gave an example that he was like, here's my Amazon wishlist. It's an awesome list. There's hundreds and hundreds of things he found on Amazon and all different price ranges and styles from 

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Asian looking Jedi stuff to scoundrel things, to jackets and gloves.

And the one of them 

Dan: Oh yeah.

Jeff: a. Asian shorts or something like, I dunno like a guru type thing, but 

Dan: Kind of hammer pants. 

Jeff: Yeah. 

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Those are popular. A lot of Asian inspired shirts, especially those like mal collars,

Heather: Oh 

Dan: linen shirts. 

Jeff: The impure air that in the prequels, a lot of the, when everybody was rich, all the city, people were like Nehru style looking stuff. 

Dan: Yeah, exactly. So a lot of those slightly, what to us in America is like exotic looking clothing from the east shows up and that works. I'm trying to think of other other tips. Yeah. Asymmetrical things. I'll tell you. When I went on, I got a few pieces from the wish. And and, but I also, I found some stuff on Amazon shine does also, if you search for tactical clothing asymmetrical shirts and Moto pants or motorcycle pants, you can get it, find a lot of pants that have like 

Jeff: Patty 

Dan: we're.

Yeah, yeah. The built-in knee pads and the ribbing on the, on the legs and stuff. So there's a lot of stuff like that. That you just kinda think about, especially tactical. I found a lot of,

Jeff: stuff for either scoundrel or pilot look or Any of that kind of 

Dan: yeah,

Jeff: cargo pant looking things, but a little bit with a little extra flare, 

Dan: yeah. 

Jeff: Tactical vests. 

Heather: Fishing vests

Jeff: space for, 

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Fishing vests look great with the pockets.

Jeff: those are easy because they have the two pockets.

and you can put some kind of pre bleed or Greenville or whatever on to cover the button or flapper 

Dan: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And think about it. Everybody wears a frickin vest in star wars.

Heather: Yes,

Dan: they've either. Yeah, exactly. They've either got a vest or, or a, a leather jacket. Something like that works great. You don't have to go. Super crazy. You don't have to buy the multiply multi hundred dollar reproduction of

Heather: Right.

Dan: character.

Although I've had my eye on a Jen Urso jacket. That's really cool. 

Jeff: Who's that. 

Dan: She's it's actually the, the girl, the female lead from rogue won by found a shop who makes men's size men's size jackets, J Y N space Erso. She's got a really cool. Brown 

Jeff: Oh 

Dan: jacket. That's got the ribbing down and then the, and then the vest over top of that vest with the jacket is a really cool look.

But it's also impractical for the three sons of bat too. It's very warm.

Heather: kind of hot,

Dan: Yeah. 

Heather: On the housing.

Dan: yes. Yeah, it's comfortable.

Jeff: they keep it in there. Cause I want to wear my jacket and 

Dan: No I, from, from things I've seen from people on the, on the groups, it's comfortable enough to do that, wear jackets and longer stuff on the, on the house, the, on this, even if you're warm, it's worth it or the experience. So Jeff, you say you have a jacket. What? What 

Jeff: got a 

Dan: is the look just, just jacket

Is a double breasted.

Jeff: Yeah, it's like a military, a shirt jacket, but it's brown and it's, I don't know. It looks like what's his nuts for Oscar, Isaac. I like 

Dan: No. 


Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: that, but a little more like schlepping, not as, not quite as mystic, 

Dan: yeah,

Jeff: it was from the Amazon. 

Dan: yeah.

Jeff: No matter that in a That says I'm a star war.

Dan: That makes me happy. Heather, you said you have some, some cool star wars, the jewelry. Do you have any, anything else planned in the world?

Heather: I do. I have ordered. A few things. I, but now I'm old now I'm paranoid about one of them because it's, I don't know whether it would be considered a Cape or a, a robe. So I do want that pad may

Dan: Okay.

Heather: they clearly are allowing that. So

Dan: No.

Heather: You familiar with Leah's outfit on cloud city? 

Jeff: Seven year going to slave girl F. 

Heather: Oh, I got that too. 

Jeff: Okay, 

Heather: That's for one of the nights. 

Jeff: just set the formal dinner 

Heather: Yes, exactly. 

Jeff: Hey everybody. 

Heather: She

This red tunic, but then she has this, I don't know whether it's considered a cloak or in a Cape that goes over top of it and it's full length.

Dan: but if it goes over the front, doesn't have arm holes,

Heather: has arm holes.

Dan: then you're good. Then it's like a vessel. Robe vests,

Heather: Okay.

Dan: because I think the whole thing with capes is, like I said it fast and set the next, so was free to move more,

Heather: wear a Darth Vader style case.

Dan: right? No, if you, if you're going Cape it's

Jeff: you my jacket. I keep mentioning 

Dan: oh, nice. I was looking at a one very similar to that.

Jeff: and that's the color I got that.

coffee color. So I was going to 

Dan: Nice. I like it.

Jeff: black just cargo pants. 

Dan: Cargo pants or like a Dicky kind of like work pants. Thanks. I might even just take a pair of 

Jeff: There 

Dan: my work uniform past.

Jeff: at. 

Heather: And then the other stuff I've, I've ordered as re inspired ish. has those pants that are like, cropped. They come just like below her knees and they're Modo looking pants. And then 

Jeff: Did you get abandoned GRM things? 

Heather: yes, I did.

Dan: If you didn't, you can buy those on back to

Heather: That's true.

Dan: yeah,

Jeff: And do they have a shower? They do. have a shop on the cruiser itself. 

Dan: They, do. they they have a shop which has opened the first it's only opened the first few days is that open-ended Partridge. And they sell some really pretty good quality costume pieces. If you want to add your costume, there's a saber training tunic. There's a couple of Imperial uniform pieces.

You can get uniforms for crew members the, on the house Yon, if you want to play as a member of the crew there, a couple of Kind of aristocratic looking dress up pieces. And the cool thing is if, since those are normally only able to be bought on the on the ship, on, in the shop there at 60, I don't know if I think it's at 60 days notice before 60 days.

When you book the, when you book the star cruiser, those unlock for you to be able to buy on the shop Disney. So you can order them ahead of time. And they're only available to people who are actually booked on the star cruiser. So those are like magically unlocked for you and a few other souvenir items that are on the ship.

So the shop on the ship, as weird to say, shop on the ship,

Jeff: and the ship, 

Dan: the shop on the ship. Is is more like what an actual gift shop on a real cruise ship would be. So it's a chain drilla cruise lines 

Jeff: one of our agents

Heather: Steph.

Jeff: top that she wore to a party that we did last week for agents. And it was a rap, karate ish, almost shirt, 

Overly star wars, but star wars. He 

Dan: Hmm. 

Jeff: had the little logo and 

Dan: Oh, nice.

Heather: Mm.

Dan: Yeah. 

Jeff: She 

Dan: Yeah. You can get the.

Jeff: And that was a good ice breaker for cause everybody wanted to talk about it. 

Dan: Oh, yeah. I bet who doesn't want to talk. I talk about this for hours. Yeah, so there's that shop. And then when you, when you get off of the ship and when you're back on earth, there's a little gift shop at the port that you can buy is more, it has star wars branding on it and stuff like that. It's more like theme park souvenirs, nothing on the cruise, nothing on the cruise ship is going to have the star wars logo, because it's exactly it's things that someone in the world would actually be buying. So that's the difference.

Jeff: That's cool. So it's not like you'd be walking around with like real life, run your shirt. 

Dan: Yeah, exactly. Oh, there's a couple of other things I wanted to share is, is crazy to me. How people right away started running with this and acting like it was a real life crew. So we mentioned, talking, we mentioned about the costuming group, but there's also, people are setting up Facebook groups for each of the individual sailings on the ship.

Just if you're on Disney cruise line, you might join a Facebook group for your sailing. So you can meet all of the people if you want to and socialize with them. So I'm in a group. It hasn't had any activity really yet, but there's, there's there's groups on Facebook for each of the sailings that people are setting up so they can do.

And treating it like a real cruise. I know that they're setting up meetups on the onboard ship with anybody who's in the Facebook group and stuff like that. There's also so apparently I've apparently on Disney cruise line and on some other cruise ships as a thing to hide rubber ducks around the ship for other people to find.

Yeah, it kind of like, I know I've seen it around cities where people paint rocks and hide them around and you're supposed to move it to a new place and take a picture. People are doing that on the, on the star cruiser with porks they're hiding tiny little pores. They're making them either 3d printing them or making them out of clay.

Or I've seen some really cute crochet. Porgs. And they're hiding these porgs all over the ship with a little tag that says, take a selfie and tag me in it so I can see the porgs adventures.

Heather: That's

Dan: you're free to either take it with you or hide it somewhere new for somewhere else to find. I thought that was really funny.

And I wonder how many of those porgs end up in the trash at the end of the day, when crew members have to go and clean up, all of the junk slept around, but yeah, I want to find a pouring there's I there's some really cool ones that they it's a little pork frozen encrypted. That's 3d printed. And I've also seen there's, there's been more than one person in the costume group that I've seen posts that they're doing.

Their character is a they're doing, they're making their character be a poor traders so that they like they they're that's their job is transporting porgs across the. And also something that you'll notice on some of the Etsy shops, I'll link some in the show notes, as you can see, there's lots of people who are buying or making 3d printed, the lactic credits resistance credits Imperial credits, and also they're making 3d printed copies of the ASPIRA the coin that you can get on bad too, and Galaxy's edge.

So they're, they're printing. Piles of this money so that when they place a Bach, they can bet with in universe money, or they can tip in, in quotation marks, tip staff members on the crew members on the ship with, 

Jeff: earth money? 

Dan: I don't know about that. I bet you can't.

Jeff: I guess it probably goes on a card by kind of real cruise ship or something 

Dan: Yeah, probably I don't, I that's one thing I don't have an answer about, I don't know about that, but I do know that people are tipping people within universe, fake money, and I'm sure they really appreciate. Yeah. 

Jeff: Credits. 

Dan: yeah, that just seems like fun. Just a thing to have to make yourself feel.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: got a stack of those.

I wonder what those are worth on the open market. 

Jeff: millions, 

Dan: Yeah, obviously. 

Jeff: Jeff, 

Banks, banks bucks. 

Dan: oh man, those ones, those will be real popular. That's the star cruiser. That's where I am.

Jeff: interested. I'm intrigued and I'm I weirdly a little nervous for this 

Dan: Yeah, me too. I want to play and I want to see it all and I'm just. And I'm so excited. I spend at least some time every day thinking about, or, trying to figure out what I need for my costume. Planning it out, thinking about how I'll play the game on board, the ship. I just, for me like star wars was my world of imagination when I was a, a kid that that's yeah.

When I was a nerdy kid without. That's that's, that's the world I retreated into. So like for escapism, so I'm really 

Jeff: one. 

Dan: probably, hopefully, hopefully I can convince some people that it's really cool. 

Jeff: Shocked. They haven't done this with Harry Potter. 

Dan: I think they will. I think they will. I think they're waiting to see how well it goes and from everybody's reaction, it's going incredible. The people that are going are mostly there and playing the game and they're there for it. And they're not ruining the experience for other people.

Jeff: you. Say I was a Sarah of ne 

Heather: That is true.

Jeff: now I am I'm sold. 

Dan: I've, I've heard multiple. Multiple testimonials from people getting off the ship and that they cried getting off the ship and cried when they were home because they weren't on the ship in the world of star wars anymore. I've also heard that it's overwhelming going back to the real world and that there's a weird disconnect in it's like jet lag.

It takes you a little bit to adjust to not being in this pretend world.

Jeff: on the bus the rest of your vacation. Trying to talk to the bus driver about some intrigue. 

Dan: I can't wait. I'm going to be, so I will be so annoying. I'll go in character for, because my family is going to be there. We're going to be there for four days afterwards. I'll just be in character the whole time. And my, my wife will want to kill me.

Jeff: I'm sorry. Are you doing this right on the front of your family? 

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. 

Jeff: Oh, wow. 

Dan: Disembarkation day is my family's for no, I'll be missing. Darn. I'll be missing animal kingdom. I'll meet up with them at magic kingdom. The day that I get off the star cruiser.

Jeff: pod to, to a Pandora. 

Dan: No, no, I'll miss Pandora. I'll go to the magic kingdom though. 

Jeff: There you go. 

Dan: So I'll stay in. I'll stay in costume and I'll ride space, mountain in, get on the Astro orbit.

Jeff: chewed on cigar in my mouth the whole time as my character. 

Dan: If it's not lit,

Jeff: Yeah.

I just feel I dunno, space turd. Smuggler would have some little gross cigar and I was now. 

Dan: you can make sure you remember to splash some whiskey on, off your clothes for your outfit.

Jeff: Yeah, I do think a lot of stuff looks better. If you grudge your Fiat, a little cosplay people, you could probably look up some tutorials on that. Have some stuff looks a little too shiny and new.

Dan: Yeah, there's there's guides for weathering and stuff. And a lot of it is they're like just take it outside and wear it and drop it in the dirt and stomp on it a few times, wear it. And that's actually, that was a really good tip that I saw in general for your costumes. You put together, these costumes wear them for a full day.

Jeff: Yeah. See. if you're even comfortable in it. 

Dan: Yeah, make sure that you can do everyday things like running, walking, sitting, standing, jumping.

Heather: good point.

Dan: Okay. Not really running, but maybe walking at a slightly quicker pace. 

Jeff: A great idea, including with shoes. Cause I see people wearing some stuff on these pictures in that group. I'm like, dude, you're going to hate that. 

Dan: but yeah, that's the star cruiser.

Jeff: I'm glad you're going first. So you can tell me, but give me all the spoilers. 

Dan: Tell you exactly what to do to be the one person who says the galaxy.

Jeff: Here's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna show up with exact, exactly your character. And then I'm going to make all the same decisions you did and see if anyone notices 

Dan: I'll give you the login for my play Disney app and see if that affects your. I wonder if we, if return cruisers, you know how that affects their story tree or there's a full reset.

Heather: Interesting thought.

Jeff: I wonder if they ask you if you'd want to, do you want to be your same character? 

Dan: don't know 

Jeff: I'm going to 

Dan: what else.

Jeff: or zoo. So all food related. 

Dan: All right. Any other thoughts or feelings about the galactic star cruiser? 

Jeff: I know I'm here for it.


Dan: I'm excited. Yeah, you too. 

Jeff: I just 

Dan: All right. 

Jeff: More expensive. 

Dan: Me too. Thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you're excited to cruise the galaxy on the Halcyon or explore anywhere else around the world, Key to the World Travel has a Correllion Engineering Corporation Model, MPO 1400 Pergill class star cruiser, full of expert travel planners. And they're ready to make your vacation dreams a reality head to to get started with a no obligation quote. 

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We can't wait to hang out with you again next week and we'll see you real soon.

Jeff: Live long and prosper. 

Dan: At Flo's.