Oct. 23, 2022

Our Favorite Scary Things at Walt Disney World

Our Favorite Scary Things at Walt Disney World

It’s still October, which means our brains are still in Spooky mode, and this week’s topic is scary. Literally. That’s the topic. Stay with me here, it’s a real think piece. We’ve each come up with a list of things which are a.) scary or spooky, b.) rela...

It’s still October, which means our brains are still in Spooky mode, and this week’s topic is scary. Literally. That’s the topic. Stay with me here, it’s a real think piece. We’ve each come up with a list of things which are a.) scary or spooky, b.) related to the Disney theme parks and resorts, and c.)interesting. We hope. Here we go!


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Scary Hosts

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key. Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard,

Heather: Hi, Dan.

Dan: joining me this week in the studio is Jess

Jess: Hello.

Dan: Heather Straight,

Heather: there,

Dan: and Mr. Jeff

Jeff: That is my name, and you can wear it out

Dan: We'll, Mark that. RSVP maybe. Our show, as always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Mark that flattered, but not sure how to respond

Heather: Yeah, there you go.

Jeff: Flattered a bit awkward.

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Well, it's middle of October, which means our brains are still in spooky mode, and this week's topic is. Literally, that's the whole topic. a real think piece I guess. We've each come up with a list of things which are a scary or spooky, B related to the Disney, Theme, parks and resource and C. Interesting. Hopefully, maybe we'll see.

Jeff: let our listeners judge that.

Dan: Well, yeah. Here we go. In no particular order, who wants to go first? I'll go.

Heather: Go first, Dan.

Dan: I'll go first and then Jeff can go. A lot of the things I thought of aren't necessarily like slasher movies, scary or something, but there's a lot of places around the parks that build a spooky atmosphere in different ways.

And there are a lot of under lit areas in the park. They

get a creepy Spooky in places Somebody's scared of the dark.

Well, no, but there's a lot of places that I get what they go for, where they're contrasting the brightly lit exteriors of the shops or the entrances to rides. And so they don't overlight the rest of the places.

But there's some places back in Frontier Land, especially Disneyland, like back around Big Thunder.

Jeff: Oh.

Dan: At night, it's

 Bright back there. I'm also thinking like Epcot around the the snack outpost Africa place and

Heather: Oh yeah, at night that get, that does get dark.

Jess: that's,

Dan: gets dark there and it's not people aren't hanging out there because they're not selling.

Coke at that point or even in fco like back in England, because there's only people near the Rosen crown at night. And it's lit, but it's not really brightly lit. And so if you go back into that pavilion, it's it's a little quiet and under lit and sp. I could come up with more examples, but there's just a lot of places where I'm surprised that there's not more lighting going on and it gets a little in 

Jeff: whole Lib Liberty Square area at Magic Kingdom's, all just a little bit dark and creepy and sinister, only because it's old. The lantern tree thing, I'm with you there.

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah.

Most of the way back through 

Jeff: just like a good creep factor. Plus the Hall of Presidents is right there.

Heather: It's 

Dan: Right. Adventure Land headed into, towards Jungle Cruise is another spot where it's lit down there right at the ride, but it's don't know. It feels I remember going back there to see if it was open during a Halloween party a few years ago.

And It was a little foggy. It was a little creepy. It was.

Jess: I always thought it was cuz I have bad night vision, but yeah. It's very dark in the parks. A lot of the time.

Jeff: it.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: I'm not at the parks during the evening as much.

Jess: You're in the bars?

Jeff: lighting effects and all are really cool.

 Or the lack of effects sometimes.

Jess: I remember the first time that we were on a trip and my son was old enough finally to be up past dark and be in the parks, and he was like mesmerized by like how lit up like Main Street was and everything. And I was like, Oh yeah, that's like a whole different side of things that, especially when you're like new parents and you're bringing your kids and they're not old enough to make it that.

And now we go to the parties and stuff and it's some of our favorite time to be there. Like we'll take a really long break just so we can stay late in the park. Yeah, 

Jeff: Yeah, there's nothing really cooler than walking out of an empty park. If you've had a reservation that ran late long after the park, like at Ogas or something, and everything's just by itself, you're like, Wow, that's really. That's a creep factor in itself.

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: So I Well, are you done? Sorry?

Dan: Oh, I was gonna say Hollywood Boulevard when you're The only person on it

Jeff: Yes. Great.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: Go ahead,

Jeff: Mine is a more overtly scary thing and it's just my favorite thing in the world is in tough to be a bug when the lights go out and all hell breaks loose. When Hopper and the boys show up and every kid in there, I just feed on their fear. I'm like, such a gross fear vampire. But I love that so much when they're all just terrified and I like.

Kinda looking around and picking at which kid I'm gonna watch Freak out when I know it happens. So

Jess: Oh.

Jeff: That's just such a great effect. It's like such a fun, nada da kinda show until that moment and then it just takes a turn that I just love and they, the kids never come back from it. They're sobbing the rest of the time, and then at the end when there's the butt tickling bugs that come across your seat,

Jess: Yeah there's like a level of hatred for that ride. There was for stitches. Great escape. I am surprised that ride is still, that attraction is still going

Jeff: love it. I've always loved it. It's so good. And I just, I think these are thrill rides or attract what? It's supposed to be scary. It's, That's okay. I don't know. They even warn you outside. It's gonna be, And then the parents still get so mad that their little darling got scared. But I just, I love it.

Dan: I've still never seen the show I need. I need to see it. Finally,

Jeff: Oh, it's so good.

Heather: I love, Well, and something that actually does creep me out is the Tower of Terror at Disneyland, Paris. When you're down in the you're supposed to be in like the bowels of the boardroom or

Jeff: Okay.

Heather: or. Boiler room boardroom,

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: can be really scary too. Yeah. But if you stop talking to your companions long enough, you can hear voices from inside the walls in there.

And it's the people who were zapped into the Twilight Zone. And there's one point where like the little girl is going, Mommy,

Jeff: Yeah. Oh,

Heather: terrifying.

Jeff: The dead children part is the scariest. They don't do that. They didn't do that at the two

Heather: No, but it's good there.

Jeff: It really isn't it just kinda all, It's all haunted. Like

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: you're like, Well, hold

Heather: What was that? I also am terrified of being trapped in an elevator and having an elevator snap and plummet, so that helps that environment helps.

Jess: but do you ride the riot a lot?

Heather: I do. Yeah. I didn't for a really long time. I think it's fun and I love it, but I'm actually a little more scared by real elevators than the attraction

Jess: Trust the imagineers more than real engineers.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Well, I have been stuck in an elevator twice, so

Jeff: Well, those rides are inspected and all that. No one looks at an elevator till it,

Heather: till it's, Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: I have actually had to pick up that phone and call for help and in Boston I got evacuated from an old hotel elevator by the fire department, so that wasn't fun.

Jess: Yeah.

Heather: pry the doors open and help you

Jeff: Did you establish a Poo corner right away?

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: one. That's always the first

Heather: Well, I was by myself in

Jeff: I'd also do that on Tower of Terror So what you're saying is the entire box was just, The world was your

Dan: oyster 

Jeff: right.

Dan: It wasn't so much pcor as


Jess: everywhere.

Heather: it's just exactly

Dan: the litter,

Heather: gross.

Jeff: litter bar.

Jess: Oh I can come up with something a lot scarier than that.

Heather: Oh, no.

Jess: Bob Chex beard.

Jeff: Oh,

Dan: you know about putting that.

Jess: No. All right. And I'm just kidding. That's not my true pick. I will say but my real pick though, I will say is Port Orland's French Quarter Resort.

Heather: Oh yeah. 

Jess: I'm somebody that has, I have fractured sleep. So I sleep about three to four hours a night. I never sleep past 3:00 AM usually I just wake up and I'm up and going.

So on our trips, I have to find something to do while my family sleeps until we get up and go to the parks and I explore the resort that we're at and take photos and things like that. If it's foggy or cold or anything like

Heather: Oh. 

Jess: French Quarter is perfect. They've got lots of fountains everywhere. It has that New Orleans Theme, like we were talking about, New Orleans being spooky to begin with.

And yeah, and then the decor, all of the weird Mardi Gras statues and float pieces are super creepy too. So I love the ambiance. It's a good

Jeff: like we talked about last time, just New Orleans is a real creep fest on its own and anything modeled after that.

Jess: it's like a little miniature one, basically.

Jeff: The lighting is all weird around there too. It's dark except for the little street lights and they're like the old New Orleans lamp lights.

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: I only stayed there just recently and we came back from wherever we had been at night and I thought it's a little creepy around here.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: I like.

Dan: Another resort that creeped me out at night is actually. If you're there when it's not super busy and it's late at night, the poly grounds are a

Heather: Oh.

Dan: they're a little spooky, they're very quiet. And

there's the flickering because the lanterns and the torches. So you've got the flickering light going on.

Jeff: Yeah. It changes shadows and stuff.

Dan: yeah, you're very aware of the presence of alligators nearby.

Uh, that.

doesn't help, but, uh, but. There's just something about the, I dunno, there's something about the secluded Polynesian island this beautiful paradise a day. But in the dark of night when it's quiet, it's a little unnerving.

 What's lurking?

Jeff: Plus you might get thrown into a volcano as a sacrifice.

Heather: That is terrifying.

Dan: there's no coming back from

Jeff: No.

Jess: Not unless you're Joe versus

Jeff: Yeah, another kind of walking around. Wilderness Lodge. The outdoor parts of Wilderness Lodge is a little creepy. Most of it is indoor. But when. Walking outside, it definitely can be creepy. We've stayed in those cabins before. We have to work a long way outside and there's all of the nature sounds.

We've seen snakes and lots of rabbits and things. There's always just creatures moving about and so many frogs. It's obscene.

Heather: There are a lot of frogs

Jeff: How many

Heather: and nothing else back there sometimes is just frogs and

Jeff: no people.

Heather: That's one of the few places on property that I know there are snakes everywhere. It's Florida, but that's one of the few places on property that I have seen an actual snake, and Jeff almost stepped on it.

Jeff: Yeah, I've seen snakes a couple of times at pop century,

Heather: Okay. That's

Jess: I've seen the little ones. Yeah, I've seen the little tiny ones out.

Heather: hate a

Jeff: this was a pretty good sized one, but that, this was in the food court though, so no

Heather: Ooh,

Jess: Isn't

Jeff: It was well 

Jess: pasta

Heather: gross. An attraction that freaked me out was have y'all ever ridden Space Mountain during the Halloween party when it's the blackout?

Jeff: No, I want to,

Heather: It's great, but it is scary. You think in there that there's, that it's already really dark and you don't see much, but when they turn off, what little light is in there? It's of terrifying.

Jeff: And don't they put in like scary sound effects too, right?

Heather: They changed the whole soundtrack and yes,

Jeff: would love that.

Heather: it's scary. And they did. I never got to write it, but they did that. Tower of Terror was still Tower of Terror out at Disneyland.

Jeff: did that while it was while they were working on it so they could keep the shaft open and run rides through it, but they blacked it out so you couldn't see where , I like to keep my shaft wide open.

Heather: That's scary to me. The first time I stayed off of the Tower of Terror. For most of my life because I was scared of crashing to my death in an elevator, so I wouldn't do it. The first time I wrote it was Guardians when it had been changed over to Guardians of Galaxy Mission breakout, and there's a pretty epic photo of me.

The first time I was forced onto that ride, and then the second time I wrote it, my demeanor completely changed because it's so fun, and now I retire of terror all the time.

Jeff: Dan, we need to put that photo of her. What? The falling 

Jess: The falling feeling on that ride is one of my absolute like

Heather: I do love it 

Jess: feelings in the world. I love it. That's, Yeah. I'm like, you could Theme this to anything you want, as long as it'll just go up and down a real bunch really fast. I'm

Jeff: It used to. Used to, I hated it and it felt terrible and it scared me, but then I. I don't even remember who finally told me just to relax and so it was all that tensing up 


Jess: you gotta let yourself

Jeff: my 

Jess: kind Float

Jeff: But yeah, just feel weightless and I just adore it. Now,

Heather: Me

Jeff: do it like I've ridden terror, tear or guardians couple of times in a row beyond two or three, though I cannot, it starts to get my stomach.

Jess: Oh yeah.

Heather: Roiling. That's, that can be terrifying. Being in the parks with an upset stomach and not knowing where the nearest bathroom.

Jeff: Can

Dan: That's a rookie. 

Jess: at the parks and that was

Heather: Oof. 

Jess: nightmare. Yeah,

Heather: That is scary, y'all. 

Jeff: that has to do with one of my scariest things.

Heather: Oh yeah.

Jeff: That was the food court at the Coronado Springs Resort.

Heather: The shrimp salad.

 Oh, no.

Jess: Don't eat seafood at a Theme park or at least

Jeff: was late at night too. I got this, I got a salad trio. It was chicken salad, tuna salad, and shrimp

Heather: Oh 


Jeff: I was like, I'll have something lighter. I've been overeating and it was 

like these little, like little scoops of each of these things and. I didn't hardly make it back to the room from the 

Dan: Raw seafood plus mayonnaise. 

Jeff: kicked in.

Yeah, that was unsavory. So I missed a whole day and a half at the parks.

Heather: That is terrifying.

Dan: you have like a, Were you in the middle of a fever Dream, like the beginning of Apocalypse Now.

Jeff: No, I literally, we were walking back. The family from we'd, cuz we'd hung out in the food court for a while. My parents were with us on this trip, then they went to bed and we stayed up and had a drink. And as we were walking back I was like, Whoa, my stomach is just starting to rebel from all this eating


Heather: no it was the 

shrimp salad. 

Jeff: so that was like a horror fest for my family too cuz I was engaged from both sides the whole night.

Heather: Oh no.

Jess: Fire in the hole.

Dan: Doing battle

Heather: Oh.

Jess: Oh.

Heather: That's scary.

Jess: All right. I have a scary thing that's being phased out sadly, but I'm, I've always been a fan of the creepy characters. More specifically the failure of Disney to create any. Characters that are human and then not use like a human face in the past, like Bow Peep. And Oh 

fairy Godmother, I think is probably the worst offender of that one.


Jeff: one was really bad. 

Jess: she looks really

Jeff: Yeah, it's like one of those Yeah, it's 

like a mask 

Jess: mask almost. It's it, and like the old Toy Story characters looked really bad. Like Buzz Light year looked like a sex offender.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Well, that, that's cuz his woody was

Dan: Oof. Yeah. Ah.

Jess: But yeah they're getting away from that. And then if you if you go back far enough, basically Mickey looked like a goddamn nightmare in the

Heather: He was 

Jess: they like rolled him out. I, you look at Halloween costumes you look at Halloween costumes and and costumes like that from the fifties, and you go like why did no one find any of this

Heather: What were they doing?

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: did. I think the point used to be that you were scaring away the ghosts. 

Everything was 

Jess: like an old like 1950s photo of a bunch of kids going trick or treating and like all of them look like murder clowns. And I just, I was like,

Heather: I think I've seen 

Jeff: I love that so much.

Jess: just not one kid crying in a corner. Cuz that would've been me. Like I would not have been able to deal with

Jeff: you ever see the movie The Strangers, When just people with a sack over their head were standing outside? It all looked like that, but I, when Bo Peep came out that right after Toy Story three or whichever one she showed up in and they started having her at the parks, it looked like something out of the purge.

Jess: Yeah, Just the eye. It's just,

Heather: That's

Dan: And the weird vinyl sleeves that they have

Jess: yeah, the fake skin. Oh.

Jeff: Oh

Heather: Oh,

Jeff: Yeah, that's a good

Heather: that's scary.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Dan, what do you got?

Dan: Okay. So for spooky atmosphere, and I've got two attractions that like really build up the tension over a period of time. And the first one is that final lift hill on Splash Mountain. You're just going up and those buzzers are talking at you and the music, the build, the swell of that music and they just do such a good job of really building you up to that drop that even if you've done it before and you know that it's not that bad, you know what it is, You're just, Oh shit, it was

Jess: And it's such like a 180 from what you've been experiencing on the ride. It's Happy place at every, Now you're gonna die

Jeff: yeah. The buzzards are already preparing

Jess: Yeah. . That's awesome. That's great.

Dan: Oh


Jeff: one killed me when I was a kid. It was so scary. I would do it, but my grandfather had to force me every time.

Heather: But then the actual Terrifying Ride has been gone from the Magic Kingdom for years. And it's the When it was the alien counter. Yes.

Jess: ride was so awesome. I love that.

Heather: was great 

Dan: I missed

Jeff: so

Heather: Oh, no.

Dan: The one time I went when I

Jess: It was as close to the sun of like exciting, like scary entertainment that Disney's ever gonna come, I think like we're never gonna get that close again. It was. It was so well done. They had


Dan: and it was toned down, 

Heather: and 

Dan: they opened it and then 

Heather: breathing down your neck

Jess: think. I'm pretty sure I got the, I'm pretty sure I got the untoned down version when I wrote it, cuz I wrote it once and it was goddamn terrifying and

Heather: So scary. 

Jeff: there something that like felt like blood was squirting 

on you? 

Jess: That was the thing. There were guys up above that were trying to help you escape. And they kept showing video screens of them working in the ceiling above you. And then at some point in the video that the alien attacks them and you hear them being eaten and they spray water on you in the dark.

So you think you're getting blood and spit from the alien. It was, That was when they got me. I was like, This is perfect.

Jeff: Cause I guess this ditch version is, dumb, but it terrified little kids cuz it's 

just they can't see what's going on. 

So if that 

Jess: he is writing.

Jeff: terrifying 

Jess: they're like in your ears and yeah.

Heather: My uncle took my four year old cousin on alien encounter on our family trip 

to Disney World, and

Dan: on that also with them, and from what I understand, she did not go

Jeff: Hold up Dan. Does your wife know her uncle?

Heather: Kendra and Allie who were, they were tweens, refused to get on anything else after that ride

Jeff: That was the first ride. Come on, kids Disney

Heather: And my uncle, he loves the Alien movie, so he, that was the one thing at all of Disney World that he was.

To go on and he took all of his kids, including our little cousin who was four years old, and I could hear him. The blood curling screams in the pitch dark and Kendra doesn't scream if she was next to me and I broke my hand because she was so scared and then would not get on any other rights the whole

Jeff: little G.

Heather: Yeah

Dan: She was like 10,

Heather: she, yeah, she was maybe, yeah, probably 10 or 11.

Jeff: who was the four year old? A cousin.

Heather: A cousin, Yes.

Jeff: That's so funny.

Heather: That was a mistake. And there were cast members trying to convince him not to bring Samuel on the ride, but he did it

Jess: Whew. Paying for that therapy for a while, I'm sure

Heather: he didn't bring the two year old. Yeah,

she stayed out with my aunt.

Jess: That's thoroughly enough that they might forget for that's a core memory formed right there.

Heather: that's 

Jess: Sorry about that.

Jeff: My parents took my middle brother to see The Exorcist when he was four.

Jess: Oh, what

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Oh no,

Jeff: He didn't like

Jess: Everybody knows when they're that young. You Everybody knows when you're that young, you go with Exorcist two.

Jeff: That's right. . Yeah.

Jess: Just tell him what happened in the first one. Super scary, super spooky. I know he's beloved, but Josh, tomorrow's eyes

Jeff: there there's a rule. 

Jess: it, it looks like he's thinking about how he's gonna cook you.

Heather: Oh wow. 

Jeff: no, I get that. 

It's a story I always tell. If you look at someone's eyes, and if they're two sides white, like white on the left and right of your eye, that's normal. If there's three sides white, that's a little alarming. If Josh, tomorrow you have four sides, white, you better run.

Heather: Huh. I guess I never noticed

Jeff: got a heavy brow and a very intense. Set of eyes. I could get lost in them though.

Jess: Tom, he's got Tom Cruise Energy. Where it's almost, it's too

Heather: Oh yeah, 

Jess: I'm attracted to this, but it's a little too much yeah. A little too much on the couch jumping.

Heather: That's fair.

Dan: What if you've got Flinty Clint Eastwood eyes and you've only got like about one and a half sides

Jeff: No, that's okay.

Dan: one

Jess: Well then you're getting into my hands.

Heather: Wow.

Jess: sorry, What? What are we talking about here?

Heather: was that?

Jess: Disney Parks. Yes. Disney Parks.

Jeff: I think a genuine scare. It's more like thrilling scare, but the first time you get to the top of Everest, if you've never ridden it before and you get up there and the track's broken and all that, and you think,

Heather: Oh no. What's gonna

Jeff: there is a fleeting moment there that's just Oh no, cuz I hate backwards parts on roller coasters.

I'll do 'em, but I don't like them. The reverse Gs feel wrong to me. But also a broken track on a rollercoaster. Since that movie, The Fury has just been a concern of mine.

Heather: Okay. Yeah, I could see.

Jeff: care for that. But yeah the first time you get all because you think Oh, this is gonna be the scary part, but no, that's not.

Did. You're climbing, thinking this is gonna be it. Then you go through and you're like, Oh, this is lame. And then it goes up to a dead end up there, and that's just so good and so scary, and I love watching people that haven't ridden it go through that apparently. I just love watching people be

Heather: It sounds like you like to scare people. Watch them be scared.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Huh? Never knew that about you?

Dan: Maybe you've missed your calling in.

Heather: I think so.

Dan: Yeah that was the first time I've had been on a rollercoaster that went backwards like that. And that was a little tense when I knew that I was gonna come up with, to the broken tracks. But waiting for the, being released backwards and then going through that for the first time was,

Jeff: Dan, you don't 

Dan: was 

Jeff: just gonna fall straight backwards for a long time, like the thing you just climbed or what's gonna happen. Yeah, that's a great, And they hang you there long enough to make you worry about.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: I love that.

Jess: We mentioned them last last episode, but a well known spooky part of Walt Disney World Resort. The nanny chairs at the boardwalk.

Jeff: Yeah. I didn't know those were that. What does that mean? The 

nanny chair, 

Jess: think they were chairs for They're meant to scare 

Jeff: kids 

Jess: yeah they're chairs for kids and they're meant to look like some sort of demented nanny from a Blumhouse film, I don't Oh wow.

Jeff: if you're bad, you have to go sit in that chair

Jess: Yeah. I can't remember what it is, but they, yeah, they all look like they're slowly eating your soul or not so slowly

Dan: Oh God. I just Googled nanny chair. Ooh. And they're a thing. Like not

Jeff: I'd 

never heard that term 

till last week when 

Jess mentioned it. 

Jess: turn of the century thing.

Dan: that's weird.

Jess: A lot of the stuff at Boardwalk is spooky. It's

Jeff: That whole kind of era of what is that Victorian, I guess it is supposed to be. That whole era is a little

Jess: Yeah. What's funny is if you put in nanny.

Jeff: clowns and that kind of thing.

Dan: There are seats. There are seats from carousels.

 Nanny would sit on that while the kid sat on the horse

Heather: Oh, but why must they be terrifying?

Dan: to fit in with the weird, creepy circus atmosphere. I

Heather: I guess

Jeff: like clowns eating your butt,

Heather: what? 

Jeff: which was actually the first porn I.

Dan: it's just

Jess: that was my favorite house at Universal's Halloween. H.

Heather: Oh, man.

Jess: eating your butt house.

Jeff: Yeah, after six hours I had to leave

Jess: telling me I can't buy a lightning pass just for this

Jeff: Yeah. Have you seen the length of the lines Get to the back? The finale of Tiki Room when they're the Hawaiian war chant. When they start. When they start going and the tikis start going, and then the storms start slowly building and building. It's not scary, but it's a very tense atmosphere.

Dan: it's again, that 

Jeff: childhood.

Dan: No, it's again, that whole the kind of,

Jeff: I do love that part. Yeah. No, I'm

Dan: No it's that kind of, I don't know. It's the spooky, scary, magic side of the Tiki Polynesian yeah

 A thing.

Jeff: it's like the volcano fear over at the poly.

Dan: Yeah. It's like building up to throwing throwing someone in the volcano know you see a

scene in the movie and they've got, and everybody's chanting and playing the drums, and it's gonna take 10 minutes in the movie for them to walk up.

And the drums get faster and

Jeff: Carli Mar,

Dan: and now you Exactly. Yeah. It's that kind of it's that tension building

Heather: I see it.

Dan: it.

Jeff: People always think that dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom is scary, and I get the one part, maybe scary, but it's counterpart out at Disneyland is genuinely scary. The whole Indiana

Jones ride has some really cool, scary moody set pieces and the effects in the dark when there's either bugs on you or the darts coming at you, and 

it's really awesome.

Got some good, spooky atmospheric fun in there.

Jess: the scariest part of that is the constipated Harrison Ford at the end. Animatronic the, that if you're stuck on it, like Yeah.

Jeff: Jess

Jess: we were for like 20 minutes

Jeff: Yeah. And it was right at the part where he was starting to say 

something. He

Jess: he goes

Jeff: he was, Yeah.

Jess: just 20 minutes of him and he looks sweaty. It's just

Jeff: yeah.

Dan: The cool part is that an animatronic, they made it way back that was what, the mid, late nineties that they built that ride. It's an accurate portrayal of what Harrison Ford looks like these

Heather: it's true. Good

Jeff: just a 

Dan: a little constipated a little sweaty, a little straining himself.

Jeff: off my John

Jess: Now that robot's crashed far less airplanes though. So that's.

Jeff: Hello.

Dan: Oh, poor

Jeff: I do. I love that ride. The whole when you're launching and the whatever that God face thing is, that's excellent

Jess: Yeah, that's really well done. 

Dan: Anything 

Jess: only spooky thing I had left on my list was the smell of the water coming out of the sinks at Disney World,

Heather: Oh. Yeah.

Jess: and especially like when you're walking between contemporary and the front of Magic Kingdom. When you get to the road that you have to cross there, that's the stinkiest place in Walt Disney World.

For some reason, smells like sulfur.

Jeff: I can tell you the two Stinkiest places in Disneyland. One is right when you enter Adventure Land and there's a bathroom right there and right in front of you, just a little to the right. That whole area just smells like that bathroom, and then another. Genuinely good creepy place, which is back in New Orleans Square where that dead ends and there's a combination bathroom and the train smells.


Heather: Oh,

Jess: we talked about that

Jeff: that's where the line that, yeah, that's where the line is for the what are those donut things everyone loves.

Jess: Oh, the beignets. 

Jeff: Beignet.

the benne line is right there. So you smell 

Dan: it kind of gets infused. 

Jeff: and poop and diesel fuel. , it's

Dan: It's just like being at a county fair. Yeah, exactly. It smells like the generator that's running the merry around or whatever.


Heather: Yuck.

Dan: It's experience

Jess: yum.

Dan: indeed. Well, thanks for hanging out. Oh,

ahead, Joe. 

Jeff: ahead.

Jess: If you'd like to go smell.

Jeff: I was gonna say the, that whole New Orleans Square area is awesome. Not just the part right in front of Haunted Mansion, but the whole area is beautifully themed and genuinely creepy.

Jess: wish it were bigger. Yeah.

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Jeff: Thank you for the privilege of your time.

Heather: Spooky.

Jess: ever is that flows is still open.