Jan. 25, 2022

The Gold Key Adventurers Don’t Talk About Bruno

The Gold Key Adventurers Don’t Talk About Bruno

Game on! We’re kicking off round one of an epic series of Gold Key Game Nights! But first, travel news, including even more restaurants open in Walt Disney World, Japanese floating hotel orbs of the future, and Jamaica has a bobsled team! Check your buzz...

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Game on! We’re kicking off round one of an epic series of Gold Key Game Nights! But first, travel news, including even more restaurants open in Walt Disney World, Japanese floating hotel orbs of the future, and Jamaica has a bobsled team! Check your buzzers and answer in the form of a question, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!

I’m calling tonight’s game “The Gold Key Adventurers Society Doesn’t Talk About Bruno”. A jaded, cynical person might think that I’m trying to take advantage of the astronomical popularity of the most popular song from a Disney animated film in the last 26 years. And that jaded, cynical person would be 100% right!


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Bruno Final Transcript

Welcome to another gathering of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. Have a seat by the fire. As we prepared to help you unlock the secrets of the travel life from theme park, thrills to purple mountains majesty. We want to see it all and do it all. And we want to help you do the same. We all have those bucket list trips once in a lifetime destinations that we'll get to someday, we're here to help you make your travel dreams a reality.

Buy the ticket, take the trip. Where do you want to go?

Game on! We’re kicking off round one of an epic series of Gold Key Game Nights! But first, travel news, including even more restaurants open in Walt Disney World, Japanese floating hotel orbs of the future, and Jamaica has a bobsled team! Check your buzzers and answer in the form of a question, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!


Welcome back to another meeting of the gold key adventurers society. My name is Dan Leonard. Then joining me this week in the studio is just Evans. Kether straight high, a pals minister, Jeff Williams guide Jan. And welcome back to the show. Our very special guests, Zach Bassler. Hi, hurry to bring me in or choose choosing.

Yeah, what he said. I so was always brought to you by Key to the World Travel.Key to the World Travel l is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world. Head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com for more details on a no obligation, quote on the vacation of a lifetime.

Since most of you guys are ditching me and going to play in Disneyland soon, all the cool kids are. I'm just going to take it easy and goof off for the next couple of weeks. Perfect. That means tonight it's time for a game night. I love game night. Enjoy a good game night myself. Ah, let's get the work out of the way.

Starting with, um, just there's more restaurants back at Walt Disney world. Yes, that's right. We've got a three new. Reopenings for restaurants first flying fish that Disney's boardwalk will reopen on January 27th. The turf club bar and grill Saratoga Springs will reopen on February 3rd and GIGO the place.

Yeah, it's a good one. And Jiiko the cooking place. Uh, animal kingdom lodge will reopen on February 17th. All three will begin taking reservations on January 20th and. This gets us ever closer to the dining plan return. There's a lot of people, so please not jikos and she killed the people. Call it bomas Chico for a second.

I thought you were talking about some really cool jeans. I can't wait for the turf clubs and the flying fishes to come back. The TURPs is clubs is we're getting to the, we're getting to the point. We're getting to the point where most of the restaurants that are left to be reopened are just whelming.

They're not over or under headliners. Yeah. Is turf club really? Your favorite now? I've never been there, but I am excited about Jiiko.

Yeah. I like the idea of Jiiko. I've never eaten there. It should shock nobody shocked. I'm surprised we'll get the full 8:00 AM. It's not on the menu anymore, but they'll still make us a very affordable option. When you have 11 children,

it's pretty close to the number that I have. Another affordable option. Then you have a level 11. Is a floating hotel, death star in the ocean that Heather would like to tell us, leave it to the Japanese. Everything they think of is cool or weird and cool at the same time there. This whole story is so Japan.

First of all, it is a theme park and your Nagasaki. And it's a Dutch themed theme park. So the whole park is a recreation of the Netherlands in Japan. Yes. We have one of those here. Yeah. And they've come up with a new type of hotel and they're going to develop these floating hotel pods that will drift around in the bay while you're.

And then presumably someone will come and get you to take you out of your pod. And she could go play in the Dutch theme park. It's so weird, but they look really cool. They look like, yeah, they look like the death star crashed into the ocean. And the top floor of it is just a king size bed. And then there's a spiral staircase that takes you down to another level that has another bed.

I, it doesn't have many details. Exactly how this thing works, but there is a bathroom with a shower and a bathtub and a toy. Whether or not, it's just flushing into the bay. I'm not sure does it. Yeah. It doesn't say how it gets you back, but then it pulls you a shore and then you're in the cool know. Maybe it's like when you do the bumper boats and there's just the arm that's weeps out, across kind of pushes everything against the wall.

Yeah, I do have a bone to pick though, because I have to admit that I did not actually read the article when you send it to me. But the headline says that you are brought to a luxury island and you just told me that you were going to a Dutch tea. So which one is it? It says a private island theme park is on a private island called island in Naga.

Yeah, prefecture. What nice. When I saw private island, I assumed that meant we were going to get in the lap of luxury here, not in the middle of cheap towns. Look at the pictures. It's pretty nice. It is a beautiful theme park. It's called high 10 Bosch. It's a replica of the Netherlands. That includes Dutch style buildings, shops, restaurants, windmills, and even Daniel.

You'll be excited about this because you've probably never been to one, a tulip Fest. Oh boy. Wow. That's like guys, how many of the last time we were to get it to lips anyway, pointed that the hotels are under shape. Like those little wooden shoes.

If you come to south Canada, you can visit the Dutch village and wooden shoe factory.

Add lots of wooden shoe shape. How much of a factory do you need to make wooden shoes? What like a saw and some chisels you can get your own customized pair of wooden shoes at the wood new factor. There's two of them. There's one that's village. And there's another one that's a little further out. These are more a decorative item than a actual footwear, right?

Oh no, because we're like where we take our dustiness very seriously around here. They like to dress up, especially for the two during tulip time, there is a parade where they all dress up in their Dutch wear and including their clogs and they wash the streets. I don't know. Clustery swap first. All we got is old timey racism down in the south know Dutch.

So festivals up there and new Dutch. No, just the Dutch have plenty of old timey racism too. So, oh, that's true. This show do not necessarily in my day job, my manager has a pair of. Because she's from grand rapids. I believe grand rapids, Michigan. She has their pair of now their garden. They're like their little Dutch shoes, but made to look like the little wooden shoes, but they're like made out of crock material.

I wonder the yellow ones. Of course they are. I call BS on that. Yeah, this seems a lot more comfortable in the crock material. I don't know. I didn't see any photos of this, but this is scaring me with this whole death star floating in the middle of a water with hotels attached that it's going to give shape an idea to add onto the Epcot barges.

Turn them into a hotel room that you could rent it. Nail bed. Pretty cool. They sleep four and they only cost about $300 a night. So it's very reasonably priced. That's not that if that includes any patient into the ducks, this is the question. I'm not sure. If you get to, when you check in, do you dress up in the costume and do they take you to a whole bunch of experiences while you're in your desktop?

I don't know what the traditional weapon of the Dutch is, but do they, I just love the nasty air time. I want to see a, to look parade two feet. Yeah. I didn't know. There could be loss. What's great. Is watching and playing marching band instruments. Yeah. The big dealer, big marching band. I do like to lips they're Purdy.

There are, I know where you can find a lot of, a lot of them get some of those peppermints lamina, peppermint. I'm down for this tulip time. Come on up to grand rapids in may. We'll take you. Come on up. Winter's almost over in may. We're getting close. Um, boy, it's something that's going to make everybody just as happy as I dunno.

I have no chance patients just tell us about vaccines on DC on Disney cruise line, happy as a Zack and tulip time. Nailed it. That was good. Yep. Disney cruise line has now started requiring vaccinations for guests five and up this took place on January 13th, previously. It was for ages 12. And now guests younger than five must provide proof of negative COVID-19 tests, but taken between three days and 24 hours before boarding.

So that is a nice extra layer of assurance for folks that are planning to do a Disney cruise. I am here for it for Disney.

Alexander turns five and just a couple of weeks. And I can't wait to get them right down the jacket, a birthday present. He's going to love you. You're a big boy. Now it's time to get stabbed. We'll take them to target and then we'll give them the gift certificate that they give you for your shot. Oh, what do they give you?

Like five bucks? The Walgreens that I took my son to, they just put it right in front of, they put the table right in front of the toy section. And so basically I had to sit there and be like, just pick out whatever one you want and stop screaming and we'll get it and leave nothing better than. Trucks to a toy section.

Oh yeah. It was great. It was, it was fun. Code pops of like third tier Marvel characters. I was like, you don't want the happy Hogan from iron man's assistant. You don't want,

plus they're twice as much as he walked away with what if Gomorrah? And he was just like, is this Gomorrah? I was like, it says version of Gomorrah.

Guys feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme get on up it's bobsled time. This is totally a travel story. Those crazy Jamaicans did it. It's a travel story because we were just talking about Google running and our winter Olympics, this right coffee on my fictional bobsled team. So it's.

That's right. Yeah. They were responsible for their grades success. So they have a four-man bobsled team heading to the Olympics for the first time in more than 20 years, which is all they announced on Monday. What was that? The 17th that they have, they actually have a four man bobsled, a two man body. And something called the women's motto.

Bob, I assume that's just one person. That's a haircut. I've never heard of a motto, Bob. That is so weird. What happened after I retired? My favorite things this year, just one Bob, one of my favorite things about this story is that it's colorful, just like cool runnings, because one of the ways that the foreman bobsled have been trained.

In COVID times a lot of the training facilities have been shut down. So they've been pushing a mini Cooper down a street.

There's a picture of them and it's hysterical. I love it. They said, people keep running over to help them thinking that the car's broken down. You have to say, no, that's your makeup. It's just the four of us. They literally have to do what they do in the movie. And explain what about. There's one of the two guys are inside and then two of the others are out, back pushing the car and then they swap.

It looks funny. I'm excited for this. I'm going to watch the Jamaicans and their bobsled attempts. They also, for the first time have a downhill skier. No, that wasn't trained, but elaborate runnings to Disney plus will it will. Either that, or it's one of those things where they're athletes that weren't quite good enough to make the say Russian team or something.

So they went to Jamaica said, Hey, send me an ambulance picks. Hey man, put me in. Yeah, that's right. I don't know. But I think it's time for us to watch cool runnings and discuss. It's always time to watch. I've never watched it thus far and I don't plan to, oh, come on. You like playing right. Coming up. Yeah.

And actually I saw it. It is on a Delta. I, I saw it on my last flight a couple of days ago. And actually as far as nineties Disney sports movies go it's. It's. Yeah. It's it's funny. It's it's no air bud, but heart warming, air buddies. It's it's got John candy in it. Candy is decent. That is not true. No, that's true.

That's more than half of his movies are pure girl who is Harry crumb checkmate, but who doesn't love some uncle? I love uncle bud, but the great outdoors. I love that movie. It's the old 96.

There's nothing on that plate. You and your wife. I love you both. You both have awful taste in movies just because it came out when you were young. Doesn't mean it was good. No, but I'm allowed to love it. It doesn't have to be good for me to enjoy. Yeah, but you said it was great. You didn't say you love it.

It's like stick around because after the commercial break, it's all fun and games. As we kick off gold key adventurous society game night, round one, when it comes to planning your next adventure, knowledge and preparation are always key. That's why it called to your key to the world. Travel vacation planner should always be at the top of your to-do list when you feel the urge to venture forth and explore the world.

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That's www dot key to the world. travel.com or at key to the world. Travel on. Key to the world, travel your key to a magical vacation.

All right, we're going to start now. And we're back. I'm calling tonight's game. The gold key adventurous society. Doesn't talk about Bruno. A jaded cynical person might think that I'm trying to take advantage of the astronomical popularity of the most popular song from a Disney animated film in the last 26 years.

And that jaded cynical person would be 100%. So here's how the game works at the start of each route. I'll give one team member elicit 10 words related to Disney and theme parks using catchphrase rules. Your job is to get your teammate to guess as many of the words as possible in the given time, uh, D asker can give clues, but can't say a word that rhymes with the answers.

Can't tell the first letter of the answer or number of words or so. Or you can't say any part of the secret word in your clue, the person guessing may pass on a word, and then once you've gotten to the end of your list, you can go back to any words that you've passed. If time allows we'll have four rounds with each person getting a chance to guess any questions.

Nope. All right. Start all over it throughout time to bring in the second string. The first string that too. Yeah, that's a generous, uh, our teams are Heather and Jeff. Our team won quickest for two seconds. Come up with the team name, no idea. Team. The owner. There you go team. Number two, also known as the you've got a few seconds.

Zack and Jess, what's your team name? Julia Stiles disappointing career. I'll do my best to remember that. So team, the owners are going to go first and we'll have Heather be the, the asker, Jeff guessing the answers first,

Heather, I'm sending you your list. No, I want it to be the teller. Okay. Get your turn. Okay. Just a second. Let me get my timer up. All right. And your time starts in 3, 2, 1 go. This is a little purple dinosaur, who has a lot of imagination, dragon, a dinosaur. This is Zach's favorite attraction in the magic kingdom, a carousel of progress.

He's number one, he got. This is a ride in the animal kingdom back in the area that we want to start on fire. It's still there. This, you got it. It was dinosaur. This is a nightly show in the magic kingdom where they shoot off explosive. It's the things they shoot off the things they shoot a drink and a pineapple to infinity and beyond.

This is a huge snack that you can get in the Germany pavilion. It goes great with a beer. It's the method of transportation we no longer use at Walt Disney world. The place that you sleep at night in when you stay at Walt Disney world, it's not your house.

That's all. That was a perfect round. And I'm starting to made these clues. Maybe not let these two team ups since they're like buddy, buddy, Zach, our buddy buddies are good at communicating. I have a feeling just doesn't want to be buddy, buddy with me. I'm ju I'm buddy, buddy with you. We don't run a company together.

We're not like I'm saying they've got a ringer status here.

You can come package up signs for me, that would be really helpful, actually. All right. So who's really good at this. I want to be the gaffer. Yeah, you're already the gasser. All right. So Jess is going to describe, describe first. So I'm sending just his list. Okay. And got it on my timer. All right. So we've got team Julia styles.

with Zach being the first guesser, and we're going to start in 3, 2, 1 go. My favorite attraction bought and made a form of transportation around bay lake launched boats. No. Monorail. Yes. Um, the drink that's better than the Dole whip. The tree that's better than a Dole. Yes. So resort, I can't say a word that it's a resort with campgrounds, port wilderness.

Yes. This is the area of Epcot that is basically being demolished feature world. Yes, this is, this is what they have at Epcot all the time. Now, festival, this is the other form of transportation around bay lake that you already said just a generic. Very good. Your favorite attraction? Well, this is carousel progress.

Yes. So this is a treat. It's a Mexican treats. It's cinnamon sugar based. Yes. And they replaced the parades with little mini parades. They call them character. Very good. We're done. That's another perfect round there. Yeah, I'm hoping. Oh, I should've made to actually time. There were a little faster. I should've made a time component in scoring here because this has got to be a really quick game.

It's gonna be, it's gonna be tied as well. One thing I know I'm going to have to come up with a tie breaker or this is going to be hopefully slightly or difficult. Let's see. Oh, no, it just got more difficult when I have to be the guesser. I'm gonna send this list just to let the special guest, when whoever that is to remember, that just happens to me.

That always happens on Fallon. He lives the guest, but the viewer loses every time. All right, Jeff, you have your list. Yep. We are back to team the owners with Heather guessing this round, and we're going to go in three. One water attraction. Br'er rabbit splash, mountain cooked, kernels cooked kernels popcorn.

Yes. The monorail train. Nope. Yes. The lime drink in Mexico. Lime drink and tequila. It's the drink and mix margarita. Yes. A thing that's not a cavalcade, but a fully fleshed out. Yep. Uh, star wars, sword, lightsaber, but on the saddle singer, a star wars robot. There's not a name of one, but you can guess the seven CS.

What, and then where you sleep at night when you're not at your home, same one. You.

This is what I guess, Dan, this is really going really well. Yeah. I should've come up with more than exactly forest flips. It's all right, I'll come up. I'll come up with a tie-breaker.

Carousel of progress and hotel in both routes, to be fair on my list, it was just carousel, but I just needed to get you to say, I knew if I just said merry-go-round I could have, but I knew that if you said carousel of progress, you'd have to say carousel. So it's true. I went for the easy win. I also should've made the time a minute, instead of two minutes, probably would have made it a little bit more difficult, but that's all right, because I've got a good tiebreaker in my.

All right, Zach, I am sending you your list. All right. We are back to team Julia Stiles disappointing career with just guessing this time. And we're going to start in gray. Zack. I hope so. Me too. We're going to start in 3, 2, 1, go as a Tavern and fantasy land guest on I it's the thing that's eat on a bone.

It tastes like ham, but it's not actually. Yes. It's a thing that lives in an expedition, Everest it's broken. They won't be Yeti. It's the thing that you write on in star wars town. So, oh, a millennium Falcon, a the character is in toy story. Rex, Jesse making my boot

the big tall fab, five character. It's the thing that she go back and forth from pop century, Caribbean beach to Riviera. Skyliner my favorite Landon magic kingdom bathrooms. Now my favorite land, I'm trying to make it fun fantasy. No, it's the one where the dapper Dan's pro I don't know your favorite, main street USA ice cream, but.

No, the thing on a stick and you eat it, it's shaped like a here, a premium Mickey bar and the hotel that we were supposed to stay on for the fifth anniversary. But you couldn't go. Was that grand Destino? Oh, pop. Yeah. No, it was a pop. I can't remember. And time that was the lowly 25 seconds left this time.

Cause that's not, that's not the word. It pops up. Julie, I'll give it to him because I want to play this type, right. The game. Just didn't give all the words, give you the gist of it. Just, just the, just so our bonus round is going to be a preview of the game that we're playing in next week's episode. So here's how this game is going to work.

What we're going to do is we're going to go in order. As you are on my screen. So it's going to go Heather, Zack, Jess and Jess. Okay. And you're going to go around in a circle and I'm going to give you a topic in a second and you have three seconds to give an answer that falls into that category. If you fail to come up with the answer in the three seconds time.

If you give a wrong something that doesn't fit the prompt you're out. And then I will assign points based on the order in which you were eliminated from the round, and those points will be added to your team score. Does that make sense? Not really. It's basically word association. He says, come up with something.

Give me an example is not one of them. Okay. So I could tell you the topic is. Theme park lands at Walt Disney world. So Heather would say fantasy land, and then SAC would say tomorrow land. And you go out until you can't come up with one. Yeah. So for the bonus round, and this one might go around the circle more than once.

We'll see the topic is Disney characters in alphabetical. I can't even think of it. So you already have a little bit of an advantage if you think quick, cause you know what you're already going in. Cause you can always get ready for your first answer. So Heather, you ready? Alright on your mark. Get set. Go on.

I don't know who's me. Is it me? Oh shit. Can we start? Uh, we'll give you a free pass on the timer for the first two rounds until we get this. Again, Jeff is out. It's my turn. Now I go, oh, I have to do C or C chicken, little D together. Donald duck, duck as Merelda figment goofy and two, three sex out.

Hi. Jaafar

oh, I said Liotta Liotta

Mickey mouse. Oh, crap. Dammit. To a NATO from journey into imagination. Wasn't Nigel. Okay. Yeah. We'll give it to you. Oh, piglet queue. This one. There's a queef que queen queen, queen of hearts. Yeah. Rapunzel sleeping, beauty T does that a character's name though?

the hatbox goose.

Let it go. I would've said Ursula doesn't have to be a theme park. It can be just a Disney character for V Vivica Fox. Was she ever in a Disney movie,

Penelope Von suites?

I can't think of a w 3, 2, 1, right? That's three. That's a w character that's going to cause I had nothing for X and Winnie the Pooh. We need them. Wanda Marvel. X could have been Xavier from Aaron Hernandez changes or the X-Men on Disney during Disney grasping at is technically now Disney. Yeah,

that's going in the order that I sell me. So us in was threw me away off. I couldn't remember the alpha. This is always a problem. And I'm a librarian not getting, remember the alphabet whose turn it is. And, and I don't know where I am in. It's scary. I'm scared of the moves around. That's so that means that, uh, Heather and Jeff finished the game with 24 points and just Zach finished the game with 26 points in our champions

news queue. I was thinking Quasimodo. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Queen of hearts. She works too. There were super, the good news is come back next week to find out if Zach and Jess are going to carry the day, or if we're going to have a split decision here on game night and have to go to a third round to choose champions.

That means that I'm going to say, thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you're excited for some fun and games in the Magic Kingdom or to explore anywhere else around the world. Key to the World Travel has a studio audience full of expert travel planners, right? To make your vacation dreams a reality head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com to get started with a no obligation quote. And  don't forget to catch up with our friend, the theme park professor for all the latest theme park news and tips at www.themeparkprofessor.com

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We can't wait to hang out with you again next week. We'll see you real soon. Final round of password guys. You ready? This is for everybody. Whoever gets it. Ready. We're going to go. Ready? Bad food Flow V8!. To ask a question or share your travel story. You can reach us by smoke signal, carrier, pigeon, or send an email to goldkeyadventurers@gmail.com and make sure you follow the gold key adventure society on Facebook and Instagram.

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thanks to outer vibe for the use of their song, Hoka. Hey, for the intro and outro of our show, find them on facebook @theouterfive or check out www.outervibe.com for tour dates, music, merch, and more.

we'll see you next week for another meeting of the gold key adventure. And until then, remember, life is short in the world is wide. So go have an adventure.