Feb. 22, 2022

Disneyland Trip Report:February 2022

Disneyland Trip Report:February 2022

We're back! For the first time in forever, we're coming to you with part one of our epic February trip report extravaganza, a look at our Disneyland escape. But first travel news, including masks are out at Disney World and Universal Orlando, touring the...

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We're back! For the first time in forever, we're coming to you with part one of our epic February trip report extravaganza, a look at our Disneyland escape. But first travel news, including masks are out at Disney World and Universal Orlando, touring the Game of Thrones studio, and Iceland's unsavory winter festival food. Grab a corndog and watch out for toads in automobiles, it's time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!


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Disneyland Trip Report

[00:00:00] Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the gold key adventurers society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight!

[00:00:08] Heather: Hello. 

[00:00:09] Dan: And Mr. Jeff Williams. 

[00:00:11] Jeff: Thank you so much for having me, Dan. 

[00:00:14] Dan: I am so happy to have you. Our show is always is brought to you by key to the world. Travel 

key to the world. Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, 

cruising, and destinations around the world. Head to 

www dot, keeping the world, travel.com for more details and a no obligation quote on 

the vacation of a 

lifetime. Does anybody remember how we do the rest of this whole podcast thing? Because pulling a blank at this point, 

[00:00:40] Heather: it hasn't been that long. Dan.

[00:00:42] Dan: it feels like it's been that long. It's been like 

two weeks, hasn't it? 

[00:00:46] Jeff: Maybe 

Heather has a news item she could share with us to get us rolling. 

[00:00:49] Heather: Did you guys hear that mask mandates are 


lifted at our favorite theme parks across the nation?

[00:00:56] Dan: Well, we sure did. 

[00:00:58] Heather: pretty much 

all of them really, right? 

[00:01:01] Jeff: even 

[00:01:02] Dan: You're talking about Knottsberry. 

[00:01:04] Heather: Yeah. 


[00:01:06] Dan: Six flags over Georgia, 

[00:01:07] Heather: universal 

started it off. They fired the initial shots

[00:01:11] Jeff: They always do.

[00:01:12] Heather: that's 

[00:01:13] Dan: tend to do

[00:01:13] Heather: We're done.

[00:01:15] Dan: their middle name is Yolo.

[00:01:17] Heather: And everybody, once again is saying, if you are fully vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask.

If you are not vaccinated, please continue to do and I think we all know what that means.

[00:01:28] Jeff: BTW, we're not checking vaccination status. 

[00:01:31] Dan: I liked the difference in wording from 

universal to Disney though, because universal was like, it's highly recommended that unvaccinated 

guests continue

to wear a

mask. And Disney said, we expect that unvaccinated guests will continue to wear their 

[00:01:46] Heather: Just like they did last time we 

dropped the mandates.

[00:01:51] Jeff: You should really lower your expectations. Have you met 


[00:01:55] Dan: Yeah. Have you met the people who have are not vaccinated? I do not want to wear masks. 

[00:01:59] Heather: Interesting. That 

Disneyland dropped it because they hadn't 

ever right. They had never gone to no masks 


[00:02:07] Jeff: tired of their own breath. 

[00:02:09] Heather: yeah. So it's Disneyland and Disney 

world starting February 17th, I

believe is when they both are dropping them in universal did a few days ago. I think so. 

[00:02:21] Jeff: I have a theory. I know that universal was ready 

to do it, and they always

were, but I think Disney decided to, because nobody wants to be 

wearing a

mask at galactic star 


Pay a gazillion dollars to do 

that and be in that experience and all that role play. And you're not going to be 

in there 

wearing a mask.

[00:02:41] Heather: could wear a Kylo Ren mask 

[00:02:43] Jeff: And I think that'll help with people 

not canceling, because imagine if you're in that whole thing the whole time having to do your dumb make-believe crap 

A mask. 

[00:02:53] Heather: it's only universal studios, Florida universal Orlando resort. Hollywood guests are still required to wear them because universal

studios, Hollywood is in Los Angeles and

Los Angeles still has

[00:03:06] Dan: No, LA county and knows that they were dropping.

[00:03:08] Heather: did they just today? No. As of the article I'm reading right now, that was February 15th, says universal studios.

Hollywood will continue to require guests to wear masks since the park is located inside Los Angeles. 



[00:03:23] Dan: thought I saw. Yeah, I think it did, or yes it's the, it's just the outdoor mask mandate that they lifted. 

[00:03:30] Heather: indoors. They still are requiring them 

inside. Yeah. 

[00:03:33] Dan: Yes. 

[00:03:35] Heather: And at universal studios, Hollywood, you 

have to require show proof of vaccination or a negative code of a 

test to even

enter the park, which is

[00:03:43] Jeff: I wonder if that's a labor union thing out there, cause it probably falls

[00:03:48] Heather: be yeah. It's because 

of it's because of LA 

[00:03:51] Jeff: or something. 

[00:03:52] Heather: and yeah. and 

universal studios, Hollywood is still a 

working studio, so that probably has a 

lot to do with it You're


[00:03:58] Dan: Yeah. They have all kinds of special rules out there. 

[00:04:01] Heather: But it seems we're at 

 February now, how long did we go 

[00:04:06] Jeff: three 

[00:04:07] Heather: They were, yeah, three months that we didn't have to wear masks 

indoors, and then

it went right back 

[00:04:12] Jeff: was June, July, August, 

Then they were right back there. Maybe not even 

that long. Cause I think it was in the middle of 

August when 

it started, 

[00:04:20] Heather: yeah, Disney 

world went back to masks. It seemed like pretty quick. We had one trip maybe 

[00:04:28] Jeff: yeah. I went once with my family and I 

think we went 

once to,

that was no masks and then that was right 


[00:04:34] Heather: I'm interested to see 

how long this is going to last. Are we finally going in the right direction And are we finally learning 

to live with it? Letting people make

their own personal choices about their risk tolerances?


[00:04:48] Jeff: I'm ready for that.

[00:04:49] Heather: Yeah. 

[00:04:49] Jeff: And it is weird. There are still times I'll throw a mask on. Cause I just get the skeeves and I know whatever, maybe science doesn't back that up, but it 

just makes me feel better to not be breathing in so 

many cooties. 

[00:05:01] Heather: and I think we're going to keep masks on airplanes. 

Oh, while I think it's going to be at minimum several months before


[00:05:10] Jeff: a headline. I didn't read the whole article, but said the CEO of a European airline said he expects that to stay 


[00:05:18] Heather: I, did read that and I don't buy it. I don't think it's going to be forever, but I do think we still are looking at several months before

they consider, I think officially 

right now that order only goes through March, 


I got, I don't know. I get the feeling that it's going to be extended for a bit.

I guess. We'll 

see the CDC did lift the 

Mo what are we 

calling it? The risk level on cruises? What are, what were they 


[00:05:45] Jeff: From very high to high,

[00:05:46] Heather: yes. Thanks CDC. 

[00:05:49] Jeff: These other countries that the state department 

gets you worried about 

Mexico for that, but were there the 

[00:05:55] Heather: We're just as 

[00:05:56] Jeff: as this country? They don't ever say that they just say, Mexico's not 

doing well, but yeah. So are 

[00:06:03] Heather: and most cruise lines are so much safer 

than just your local grocery store. Just

about every cruise line. Oh yeah. Just about every cruise 

line requires vaccinations

[00:06:15] Jeff: I've yet to see a rock climbing wall in my Kroger. 

[00:06:18] Heather: Now we don't have that around here or even a bar. 

[00:06:21] Jeff: We do have a few with bars. 

[00:06:23] Heather: Yeah. 

The ship that I was just on, I had 

so many COVID tests. I needed two PCR

tests and proof of vaccination before I could even set foot on the ship. and 

then the second we boarded, we were given an antigen test and we

were tested every two 

days and we had to wear masks and in shared spaces. 

[00:06:46] Jeff: You don't want to get a COVID out there on the penguins. 

[00:06:50] Heather: Yeah. Or, anywhere you're on a ship it's best and they're all 

very safe and I feel much safer

on a cruise ship than I do just, in a local restaurant.

That is something that needs to change quickly as the CDC needs to be realistic about cruising that they're not being, it's continues to be

vilified and it's just not


[00:07:10] Jeff: it seemed like in the last two or three days, just 

everybody's mask mandates. And the

other stuff is just starting to fall. 

[00:07:20] Dan: We covered all 

the COVID news that's fit to print. I 

can't wait until we

[00:07:24] Heather: have none. Just no more. 

[00:07:26] Dan: from our show.

I'll be 


[00:07:28] Jeff: He been, cause they've already changed the rule back or cause we were boring and stupid sending. 

[00:07:33] Heather: no,

[00:07:34] Dan: No just cause I'm tired 

[00:07:35] Heather: COVID is done. That's 

[00:07:36] Dan: going back and forth and back 

and forth on, Hey, the news is now we don't 

have to wear masks. Now we do 

[00:07:42] Jeff: editing it out of this recording because it's already changed again. 

[00:07:46] Dan: no just out of my 

[00:07:47] Heather: let's not have that happen. Yeah.

[00:07:49] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:07:50] Jeff: Oh, I did want.

to say one other 

thing. Speaking of enclosed spaces. so at Disney world and Disney land on their buses and other 

in indoor transportation options, you do 

still have to wear a mask. So like Skyliner boat, monorail bus. Why is that? 

[00:08:06] Heather: I suspect 

it has something to do with the federal transportation 

rules, because any public bus, even, even a city

bus is regulated federally and You still

have to wear a mask. So that's my guess because they have to

make you wear them on the bus. They might as well go ahead and 

say that You have

to on the monorail on the Skyliner,

[00:08:28] Jeff: The Skyliners the 

dumbest one I'm sitting in. You can be sitting there with just your spouse and then you're 

oh, was wear a mask.

[00:08:35] Heather: Yeah. 

[00:08:36] Dan: think that they'd somehow pull some kind of crap where they reclassified all of those things and the boats as attraction and not not transportation so they could get away with not having masks, but, 

[00:08:48] Jeff: I wondered 

[00:08:49] Dan: with that idea because they haven't decided to hire me for their corporate team yet 

[00:08:53] Jeff: not yet this,

[00:08:55] Dan: because 

[00:08:55] Jeff: think you didn't apply also.

[00:08:58] Dan: dumb ass.


[00:08:59] Jeff: Did you send in your resume? 

[00:09:01] Dan: I don't think I'd be fired for insubordination. I think as 

[00:09:04] Heather: Pretty quickly. Yeah, 

[00:09:05] Dan: the big toe in charge in the 

[00:09:07] Jeff: I wondered if maybe it was like 

a negotiated labor union 

thing. If the transportation, people were part of a different 

thing, but the federal,

[00:09:15] Dan: Could be.

[00:09:16] Jeff: Transportation thing makes good sense. Maybe that's. 

[00:09:19] Dan: Yeah, 

[00:09:20] Jeff: I've never used any of their transportation options. So I wouldn't know. 

[00:09:24] Heather: not recently. Anyway. 

[00:09:25] Jeff: I just have my helicopter 

pilot dropped me off on 


[00:09:30] Dan: you're that jerk that was buzzing around over a Hollywood studios every five minutes. Last time I was there.

[00:09:36] Jeff: Yeah. It's actually is the plane that writes when with Jesus that just drops me off outside.

[00:09:41] Dan: That's let's see, we just talked 

about what news we were going to talk about an hour. Do you think I forgot about what else we wanted to talk about 

on this episode?

[00:09:48] Jeff: Is there any interesting tours going on,

[00:09:51] Dan: Any interesting tourists all. Hey, 

there is an interesting tour. If you're into. 

[00:09:55] Jeff: standing 


[00:09:56] Dan: little 

[00:09:57] Jeff: banging your sister? 

[00:09:59] Heather: Oh, 

[00:10:00] Dan: Yeah. Good news in Northern Ireland, you can take a tour of the of 

the set or the 

studio tour for game of Thrones.

[00:10:09] Jeff: That would be

[00:10:10] Heather: Have you ever seen game of Thrones?

[00:10:12] Jeff: I watched part of one episode and once I was finished, I turned the TV off and stopped watching 

[00:10:19] Dan: And They say it is 

a completely immersive experience with a,

it's like the Harry Potter studio tour, where they have the fully dressed sets 


[00:10:28] Jeff: or undressed. In the case of this show, 

[00:10:30] Dan: Along with costumes, original props 


weaponry from the game of Thrones universe. 

[00:10:36] Jeff: it has the Starbucks cup still in there? 

[00:10:40] Heather: That was my favorite thing that happened.

[00:10:42] Dan: That thing belongs in a museum. 

[00:10:44] Jeff: That's so 

[00:10:44] Dan: It's just as well-known as yeah.

[00:10:46] Jeff: And there was another one where there was a dude in jeans in some battle scene. 

[00:10:50] Dan: yeah. 

[00:10:51] Heather: it was some Lackey that shouldn't have been In the shot. 

[00:10:54] Jeff: Eating an apple wearing jeans. 

[00:10:57] Dan: Apparently that

kind of thing is like really super common though. Cause I had also seen a screenshot. I want to say it's from game of Thrones with a pickup truck in the background 

of a 

battle scene. 

[00:11:05] Jeff: Yeah. And there was some dude in the Mandalorian too, 

just like a set guy that was, like, just hanging out while Darth Vader

was doing or no, it was, 

It was Mandalorian. It was some Star Wars thing. I was trying to think if it was star wars or if it was that scene where Darth Vader 

coming, kicking, but at the end of the Rogue One,

[00:11:24] Dan: Oh,

could be, 

[00:11:25] Jeff: but all those hallways look the same. So there's just some dude in the corner he's like peeking around in while you're in 

the shot. 


If you can see the camera, he can see you 

[00:11:35] Dan: It used to be, you got excited just to catch a boom microphone out of place or something. Now, you can look for all kinds of fun, Easter

[00:11:41] Heather: boom or boob?

[00:11:43] Dan: boom, 

Bubba, boom. 

[00:11:46] Jeff: That's a different kind of microphone. That's what I'm using here is the 

boob mic. No, I've never really watched game of Thrones, but I 

love any kind of studio behind the scenes. Anything. I think that would be cool. 

[00:11:59] Dan: Yeah. Especially when you get to see the set type 

[00:12:02] Jeff: Yeah. And just like the show 

itself, it's fun for the whole 


[00:12:05] Heather: yeah, take the kids.

[00:12:08] Dan: yeah.

[00:12:09] Heather: don't. 

[00:12:09] Dan: Or your brother

[00:12:10] Jeff: Yeah. Just bring your brother, sister, go on a date

[00:12:13] Dan: Oh 

Speaking of unsavory, I've got the next greatest, actually this winter festival is wrapping up 


this year. Right now. It is an Icelandic 

festival that I 

[00:12:26] Heather: Oh, no, 

[00:12:27] Dan: Yeah. We've talked about Iceland a few 

[00:12:29] Jeff: They have weird fish dishes.

[00:12:31] Heather: gross.

[00:12:32] Dan: to, we're going to get there.

So this is their 

traditional winter 

[00:12:35] Jeff: said. 

[00:12:36] Dan: festival. It's called Thorro Blatt. 

And it's actually going to be wrapping up, 

What's today's date. It's going to be wrapping up just a couple of days before this episode drops on the 19th 

and it is a mid winter feast held from the first Friday, 


I love when they have weird conventions for picking when things fall on the calendar. So this false. The first Friday after January 19th is 

when it 

[00:13:02] Heather: Okay.

[00:13:03] Jeff: say the date? 

Why would they say that? 

[00:13:07] Dan: it's different every year, 

It's like how Easter moves around. But anyway so it starts off 

Actually it has a 

lot in common with that, that Scottish feast, the, 

The Burns Night where they celebrate Robert 

Burns by.

So they started off with poems 

and speeches in praise of four and their ancient gods. And then it takes just like at Burns Night, where they bring out the haggis at the end and everybody eats that delicious haggis. They eat some they it's described winter in food form.

It's traditional Icelandic dishes that are 

They use every part of the livestock in they're preserved and all the interesting ways that the 

[00:13:43] Heather: Fermented shark. 

[00:13:45] Dan: Yep. That's on there. I was gonna, I was going to go through this through a list real quick. Plus it gives me a chance to say some really fun foreign words.

So there's hung a cat, which is the hung and smoked lamb meat. They like to eat whale, especially the fiber is fatty tissue. Yeah. Lamb is delicious, but you're not gonna like the lamb that we talk about in a 

minute, cause it's gonna get nasty.

[00:14:07] Heather: Oh, no. 

[00:14:08] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:14:09] Jeff: Wait, which part of the whale? The 

[00:14:11] Dan: It, it just says that fat fibrous, fatty 

tissue from the underside of the animal and they like to pickle it in sour whey

so let's take some spoiled milk.

Pickle whale 

blubber with it. There's all there's of course the fermented shark 

meat, which is ripened by burial in the ground for a certain length of time to make it decompose to just the right stage of decomposition. 

[00:14:37] Heather: gosh 

[00:14:38] Jeff: kimchi.

[00:14:39] Heather: gross. 

[00:14:40] Dan: Yeah. But even more disgusting.

And then we've got some more sheep coming up, but this is called svid 

and svid is the singed sheep's head and legs, which are sawed in half cooked and eaten fresh or soured. 

[00:14:54] Heather: Oh no.


[00:14:56] Dan: You can, 

[00:14:57] Jeff: singed cheeks. 

[00:14:58] Dan: they don't worry. They boil it to remove 

the hair 

from the from the, sheep's head


[00:15:03] Jeff: There's still just a few little hairs that wind up. 

[00:15:07] Dan: You can also get that spit in the 

jellied variety. So it's like a nice way to call it an aspic

when it's like 

[00:15:12] Heather: Oh gross.

[00:15:13] Dan: Yeah, that's nice. How about, 

[00:15:15] Heather: off my 

[00:15:16] Jeff: good. On a bagel though, that squid jelly. 

[00:15:19] Dan: oh yeah. What's even better on a bagel.

[00:15:21] Jeff: Yes. 

[00:15:22] Dan: is soured 

Rams testicles. So I guess you 

bring back that

[00:15:25] Heather: no.

[00:15:26] Jeff: how are these soured? 

[00:15:27] Dan: you, 

I'm assuming that 

means you 

[00:15:30] Heather: walked around in jeans all day.

[00:15:33] Jeff: he mowed the lawn in his Jane. Yeah. I've had that

[00:15:36] Dan: I'm assuming you bring back that. 


milk and you dunk the nuts in the milk.

Why do people listen to the 

show? There's Luna 


[00:15:45] Heather: do people go to Iceland? That's what I want to know,

[00:15:48] Dan: I don't know. It's beautiful this time of year. Apparently. 

don't know. 

[00:15:51] Heather: I'd be starving.

[00:15:53] Jeff: but bring Lunchables,

[00:15:54] Dan: Yeah. Luna bagger are loin bags. 

[00:15:57] Jeff: Lara, what 

[00:15:59] Heather: what? 

[00:16:00] Dan: loin bags.

[00:16:01] Jeff: it like a ball 

[00:16:02] Heather: That sounds like a testicle.

[00:16:05] Dan: sausage is made from the neck tissue or sirloin of the sheep wrapped in the sheep's colon and some suet and then sewn up in, 

in the like stomach lining of the sheep. So it's like an 

extra nasty haggis apparently. Yeah.

They also eat seal 

flippers, hard fish, whatever that is.

don't, Jeff can tell us what 

[00:16:26] Jeff: are like a crispy chicken wing 

[00:16:28] Dan: Oh yeah. I bet you this. 

Nice. You dip it in a little, like some donuts, maybe. So maybe some tartar sauce, squeeze some 

lemon on 

[00:16:35] Heather: okay. Maybe the seal flippers I could eat 

[00:16:38] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:16:38] Jeff: Yeah, just fry up a pair of scuba flippers. It's probably about the same. 

[00:16:43] Dan: I would assume so. And so to wash down all this delicious food you drink traditional Icelandic schnapps called Brent 

oven, which translates

to black death, 

[00:16:54] Heather: Oh, 

[00:16:55] Dan: is like the most metal alcohol

[00:16:57] Jeff: Sounds like Jaeger, 

[00:16:58] Dan: I want to know what it 

tastes like. I let me 

Google that real quick,

[00:17:01] Heather: Black death.

[00:17:02] Dan: black death. There we go. Schnapps made out of fermented potato mash, flavored with caraway seeds

[00:17:09] Jeff: Yeah. That's Jager Meister-y .

[00:17:12] Heather: Yeah.

[00:17:13] Jeff: Carroway's got that and anise of

[00:17:16] Dan: yeah, it.

tastes like eight.

[00:17:19] Heather: tastes 

[00:17:19] Jeff: Hey, this, I love Jaegers. I bet I would like that. 

[00:17:22] Dan: Jeff loves and

[00:17:23] Heather: Yay 

[00:17:24] Dan: get the pronunciation. 

But anyway,

so there's part of 

block for you. Let's all go to 

[00:17:29] Heather: No thanks. I'm

[00:17:30] Jeff: I'd love to go to Iceland, but I'm concerned with their food.

[00:17:34] Heather: I'm going to be bringing lots of boxes of granola bars, 

[00:17:38] Dan: Yeah. 

I oh man, I can't let's 

see. Oh, here. You guys, aren't going to be 

very happy with me, but I'm going to show you a picture of 


[00:17:46] Heather: Oh, no, 

[00:17:47] Dan: dang it. I blurred my

background. You might not be able to see

[00:17:50] Jeff: Hold it in front of yourself. O

[00:17:53] Dan: It might be better if You just Google it

[00:17:54] Heather: that's

[00:17:55] Dan: You probably want to see what 


[00:17:56] Jeff: S V I D. 

[00:17:57] Dan: Yes. As vid. It's very it's 

very lifelike.

[00:18:02] Jeff: Which was the one that was the seared Ram's head pickled. 

[00:18:05] Dan: That's what that is. Sid. 

[00:18:07] Jeff: Okay. 

[00:18:09] Dan: Yeah. Sheep's head cut in half since to remove the fur and boiled with the brain removed sometimes cured in 

[00:18:15] Heather: Oh, there's still teeth. 

[00:18:17] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Dude. There's still teeth. 

[00:18:20] Heather: No, 

[00:18:21] Jeff: Oh dear.

[00:18:23] Heather: I cannot. That is gross. 

[00:18:26] Jeff: I like the little balls down below his face. 

[00:18:29] Dan: He was served with, the assorted mashed 

root vegetables. There 

[00:18:33] Jeff: His eyes to live there. 

[00:18:35] Dan: I don't know. That's



lunch though.

[00:18:37] Jeff: Not really. Cause I wouldn't eat much of it.

[00:18:39] Heather: no,

[00:18:39] Jeff: I'd pluck out an eyeball and then call. 

[00:18:42] Dan: I wonder if those teeth get like 


[00:18:44] Jeff: fight you for the eyeball Clark.

[00:18:48] Dan: bet you all those people who downloaded this show 

because they Googled, we don't talk about Bruno or really regretted 


back for a 


[00:18:55] Heather: I'm

[00:18:55] Jeff: We don't talk about 

[00:18:56] Heather: No, 

[00:18:58] Dan: not

anymore. Never again. I'll stick around because after the commercial break, we're going to hear all about Heather and Jeff's epic Disneyland 

ed venture.

 And we're back. So it's, if you think back three or four, six months ago, It feels like when was it?

[00:19:16] Jeff: It was the 29th 

[00:19:18] Dan: It was the 29th of 

[00:19:20] Jeff: Oh no, it was the 25th. Fourth. I dunno. We were in Disneyland, right? 

[00:19:25] Dan: it was January. You guys were in Disneyland 

recently for the first. 

Yeah. And it was for the first time in. 

[00:19:30] Jeff: and then immediately went to the Antarctica.

[00:19:32] Heather: Yeah. 

[00:19:33] Dan: Yeah. And it was the first time


forever for you guys, right? Had you been 

[00:19:36] Heather: Three three years. 

[00:19:39] Jeff: We, 

had not been since we had the opportunity to do the Adventures by Disney, 

backstage magic. And I think that was 

28 team. 19, 

[00:19:49] Heather: I think we 

[00:19:51] Dan: I was, 

[00:19:52] Heather: it was at 

least three years 

since we'd been out 

[00:19:54] Dan: I think the agency trip was like right before the 

[00:19:57] Jeff: Hey, you know what? So when I went last max pass was new and we didn't wind up. You really using it. No 2017 is when back fast came out. So I didn't really use it then. Cause we were having key caught. And then that next time I went was the ABD and I didn't need to use it. So this was my first time using genie. up there. 

[00:20:20] Heather: that was actually my first time 

using genie. And so I 

honestly didn't know what 

to expect because the reviews for Jeannie have been so


And I loved it.

[00:20:33] Jeff: they're mixed too though. I see people that love it and people that hate it. I think it's kind of luck of the draw of

what you get. But for us personally, at Disneyland, with the,

size of the parks and their closeness to each other, you could get there in the morning, 

get your genie going. the 

F we got, we traveled and got there

around noon and we're in a park at one and we 


[00:20:57] Heather: So 

[00:20:58] Jeff: Rise of the reason we got a thing for 20 minutes later, if you're rise with resistance and it. was one of the individual lightning 

lanes that you pay for. So we paid 15 bucks for that, but we got on it and with no wait, 20 minutes after we opened the app and got into the 

[00:21:12] Heather: Halfway through the day. Yeah. And then we 

did, we rode big thunder. 

We rode. Indiana Jones,

[00:21:20] Jeff: We got we got one for space, mountain, but then the ride broke. So they gave us another one that we used for something else. 

[00:21:28] Heather: Yeah. When we 

were able to use it on whatever we wanted. So we 

did that. 

[00:21:32] Jeff: So then

we got another one for space mountain. The ride was still down, so they gave us another anytime. So we did a bunch of rides.


[00:21:40] Heather: stood in line for Winnie the Pooh haunted mansion. 



[00:21:43] Jeff: That was the other one. And then we rode Winnie the Pooh on her own. This was 

always a delightful ride. And then went over 

across the street. Literally you just, if you've never been to Disneyland, when you park hop, 

you could almost hop on one foot to the next 

park. It's

[00:21:57] Heather: Oh, I'm going to do That next time 

[00:21:59] Jeff: Yeah. We went over 

there and rode Guardians of the Galaxy. Just boom. 

[00:22:02] Heather: With are any 

time you can use on any attraction because we're sorry. Space. Mountain is still. Up and


[00:22:10] Dan: was a pretty 

[00:22:10] Jeff: we didn't 

[00:22:11] Heather: Yeah, it was 

[00:22:12] Jeff: We didn't even land 

at the airport. No, he didn't come into LAX we came into John Wayne. So it's

only about a 20 minute ride from the airport to

there, but we'd landed at noon and rode all that stuff and then went 

and had drinks 

with friends and still went to dinner at six o'clock 

[00:22:30] Dan: Geez. 

[00:22:32] Heather: I loved it. It's so easy to use. Honestly. It's 

so much like Max Pass out there. I think maybe that's why it gets better reviews at Disneyland because it's so similar to Max Pass and everybody was used to

[00:22:44] Jeff: They were used to it. 

and they never had Fast Past Plus. 

[00:22:47] Dan: Yeah, I think there's a lot of Things I think the difference between the two parks or the two resorts, 

[00:22:53] Heather: don't sell out right away 

because let's face it. The locals aren't buying 


[00:22:58] Jeff: Yeah, 

[00:22:59] Heather: That's what I was

noticing. Yeah. And you can't. 

you don't pre-buy it, there you buy it the day 

of, and you buy it when you're in the

park. So you're not back at your 

[00:23:09] Dan: just how Max Pass worked. 

[00:23:11] Heather: you're not back at your hotel. 

at 7:00 AM



You're not doing it until you're in the park. 

And I 

[00:23:17] Jeff: I don't know. They should do that at world.

[00:23:20] Dan: how it should have been done at Walt Disney World. 

[00:23:23] Heather:

[00:23:23] Jeff: think they were trying to appease the people that were used

to pre-booking they're a Fast Pass Plus. So they were like we'll not quite commit, but I think it would be better because everyone would have a more 

even shot because now by seven 10, 

apparently you can't even get most of the big rides. 

[00:23:40] Heather: and those are the individual lightning lane that you're paying 

extra for Rise of the Resistance still 

sells out at Walt Disney World. And it 

did not. Now it was 

pricey rise of the resistance in individual lightning lane was 20 bucks. 

[00:23:55] Jeff: Oh, It was 20. I thought 

[00:23:56] Heather: 2015 was

[00:23:59] Jeff: you for embarrassing me in front of our listener. 

[00:24:01] Heather: It was, 15, 20 bucks.

That's expensive for one ride, but 

it was worth it.

[00:24:08] Jeff: That ride's always worth 

[00:24:09] Heather: we got in the line and I thought, oops, 

we've just paid 20 bucks and this is going to be still a long

wait and it wasn't, it looked like it. was going to be, But they took us pretty much into the


[00:24:22] Jeff: into where Ray comes and talks and BB

eights, they're like, boom, right on the ride. Awesome. I love that. Every time. Have you ever finally ridden it, Dan? 

[00:24:32] Dan: No,

[00:24:33] Heather: Oh, 

[00:24:34] Dan: I'm hoping 

next week we'll get on it 

But as you said, it's selling out immediately daily at Walt Disney world. So I'm still not, we'll see our, basically 


[00:24:45] Jeff: I have an idea 

[00:24:46] Dan: at Hollywood studios to just do star wars, land USA, but so fingers 

crossed. I did, I 

[00:24:53] Heather: then we use genie every 

day and it was phenomenal.

It we used 

for, they only have two rides 

out there that are on 

the individual lightning lane that you have 


pay extra for rise of the 

resistance in

web slingers. And we did both of them. I think web slingers 

was the one we paid 15 bucks for. 

[00:25:11] Jeff: Oh, yeah. 

[00:25:12] Heather: And we did both of them. 

It was 

worth it not standing in line because I don't like standing in line.

[00:25:18] Jeff: for sure. And I wanted to write it and it's that ride is almost it's exactly

Midway Mania. but Spider-Man 

[00:25:25] Heather: Yeah. And you're instead of having an actual you got that 

[00:25:29] Jeff: yeah, I didn't hurt my knuckles. 

Like I 

[00:25:31] Heather: looking thing. Yeah. It's just your hands. You're just, it's almost like you're punching,

[00:25:36] Jeff: I'll

[00:25:36] Heather: you're supposed 

[00:25:37] Jeff: you to do this magic 

that you're doing the Spiderman

hands with the thumb 

and the two fingers out and the other two fingers down. and you do like your punching. 

So you aim. 

And then the accuracy is really my accuracy sucks but the accuracy of it, reading your 

hand movements is crazy.

But what I discovered on 

this rise right, is my 

left hand is nearly crippled 

with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Did not 

realize that until this moment 


[00:26:02] Dan: Did. Y'all buy one of those cute little 

spider bots to affect your gameplay 

experience on the 

[00:26:07] Heather: We did not 

[00:26:09] Jeff: that affect your game? We didn't even 

[00:26:11] Dan: I think it 

[00:26:11] Jeff: store. I don't think 

[00:26:12] Heather: We did We walked in that store for briefly and it was so crowded. We ran the 

other way. 

[00:26:18] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:26:19] Dan: I saw something about they somehow can power you up in the game or something like that at all. 

[00:26:23] Heather: Those things are silly. 


[00:26:26] Jeff: Go ahead. 

[00:26:26] Heather: I had a spider bot. I

was given a spider bought by

Disney back when a vendor's Campus 

opened. And it was lame. We chase the 


around the house with it for five minutes and then that was it. 

[00:26:39] Jeff: Yeah. Then it became a door prize at 

A slightly used

spider, but

[00:26:45] Heather: It was used for five minutes and then put back. 

[00:26:47] Jeff: yeah, it's pretty lame. It's cute. If I was 

seven or 

[00:26:51] Heather: Yeah. it's something, it's 

definitely something for either a younger fan or 

somebody who's just really super into 


[00:26:58] Jeff: The thing about it is 

Spider-Man doesn't have those, 

[00:27:02] Dan: He does in the Inn. He does inspire me in his amazing friends. 

[00:27:07] Jeff: Which came out to sell this. 


[00:27:10] Heather: Yeah. 

[00:27:10] Dan: The weird toddler version where the six year old Spider-Man fights the inherently evil, like I can get into it.

[00:27:17] Jeff: I've never heard of this. 

[00:27:19] Dan: And it's a brand new car Disney Jr. Cartoon.

[00:27:22] Heather: What I loved in Avengers 

Campus was that we finally got to see in person 

the flying Spider-Man robot. 

[00:27:30] Jeff: Yeah. Yeah, 

[00:27:30] Dan: That's like the only thing I want out of Avengers Campus. 

[00:27:33] Heather: It is really cool. And I had forgotten all about 


[00:27:36] Jeff: Yeah, we were walking by what's, everybody's standing around for looking at up here. So he's on top of the stark the whole thing with Avengers Campus, this was our first time to see it. 

So the storyline is that they 

took a, the 

Stark Industries Campus, where they 

used to 

make cars And then other high tech stuff, when they moved to more high tech things, they close this Campus down and then Tony had the keys.

So he goes back and it's really dumb, but what the storyline is to fit into the fact that we don't want to build anything taller than the crap that was already 


[00:28:09] Dan: Ah, 

[00:28:09] Heather: Yes, 

[00:28:10] Jeff: So we're going to make it all look like an old times car plant with Spiderman logo. So am I saying, 

You're building this training Campus for the Avengers, would you put a giant symbol for each of the characters on the buildings?

Like here's where Spider-Man is. If you want to kill 


so silly. 

[00:28:29] Heather: it's the 

backstory is that it's supposed to be a place that the Avengers can all 

come and

hang out and train together. 

[00:28:36] Jeff: And naturally they put it in the middle of a theme park. 

[00:28:38] Heather: And the. The show proceeding, the 

S the robot Spider-Man is it's really lame,

[00:28:46] Jeff: it's yeah, it says lame. It's the Spiderman version of the castle show or Mickey 

and Minnie


[00:28:51] Heather: He's doing hardcore parcour 

[00:28:54] Jeff: 


[00:28:54] Heather: Around on 


[00:28:56] Jeff: two different body 

types too. So you get three different body types. One is the actor who's doing the 

voice. He's like mimicking as if he's talking to the recording and he's 

doing the flipping and the turning and 

whatever. And he P he re it's cool and 

kids, we saw so many 

[00:29:12] Heather: yes. The kids. loved it. 

[00:29:14] Jeff: And so he repels down and he does this whole show. And then 

he's oh, I gotta go whatever and 

fly out of here. 

[00:29:20] Heather: He's trying out something that Mr. Stark left for 

[00:29:24] Jeff: That robot thing is so cool. 

And so life like, it's crazy. Like you don't for a second, think that's not a human. 

[00:29:31] Heather: No, it's it was amazing. 

Just as cool as all the 

videos that we saw it's it really is. And it's very 

quick. It's just a, he 

swings by and does some flips one 

pass And that's it. And people 

stand there for 20 minutes waiting 



[00:29:46] Jeff: We waited for 20 or 30 minutes to see the whole little lead up to it, which is three or four minutes long. And then he does the thing, but then he comes down, he sees there's sound 

effects. Like

he's coming down this terrace. And then 

Obviously a completely other 

body types, spite. he is down there to do the

meet and greet, but it's a great intro for the 

meet and greet. This land is full of those 

kinds of shows. Dr. Strange does a show. They have the event the terminals are in their boring, everyone to tears. They have fights break out and they have the 

those, whatever the warriors are from Wakanda, the ladies that 

come out and the, she does a whole training thing with 

kids. It's like Jedi training. It's cool. The kids are eating it. up. I thought the whole thing was dumb, but I'm a 

50 year old man. I'm not the target audience, but the snacks in 

there. Cool. 

[00:30:35] Heather: And the training stuff and the characters that are out there. pretty much, 

the whole time Black Widow is out 

there, Black Panther 

[00:30:42] Jeff: doing something

[00:30:43] Heather: all the time. We did a little photo op with ant, man. 

We just 

[00:30:48] Jeff: wanted to get up there and do 

the crash thing where, because he's little and then that didn't even 

work because my stupid 

iPhone was 

[00:30:55] Heather: Focusing, focusing on the 

wrong thing, but he was very into it and wanted to have very long conversations with everyone who came up for the photo. and we really were

just like, oh, picture with it, 

[00:31:06] Jeff: clicked, 

took a picture and he goes, good 

talk. I'm


[00:31:09] Heather: It's 

[00:31:09] Jeff: I don't want to pretend you're ain't 

man. And have a long conversation. I just 


to get this 

[00:31:14] Heather: pretty, it was pretty funny though. And he said, Good talk. And we


[00:31:18] Jeff: Cause he talked

for way too long with the 

family in front of us, but just a little boy 

was so cute and he was so happy to 

be meeting it, man.

Like he was 

[00:31:27] Heather: into it. 

[00:31:28] Jeff: Kids are going to freak on 

[00:31:30] Heather: and honestly, many of our 

travel advisors who are 40, 50 years old were 


out about it and dressing up and just absolutely loved every minute of Avengers

[00:31:43] Jeff: we've seen, we saw Loki and 

Thor and 

a well Condon guard and Black Panther and Captain America and, 

[00:31:51] Heather: Black 


[00:31:52] Jeff: widow Dr. Strange we never caught his show, but they're alternating Dr. 

Strange. And the Eternals in the same area. Dr. Strange is set thing is so cool. it has the ruins of 

the sanctum sanctorum and then when he opens the door and comes out, there's a video screen behind him that looks like the whole swirly thing.

And he 

comes out like he's beaming out of their super 


[00:32:14] Heather: And there's a really great photo up 

back there that the ground is tiled in a way that when you're just standing 

there looking at it, it just looks like black and white tile. But if you put a

camera up in front of your face and take a photo, it looks like it's a vortex that you're being sucked into. 

[00:32:30] Jeff: It's like one of those sidewalk, chalk art that only looks right from the writing. 

[00:32:35] Dan: nice. 

[00:32:36] Heather: really cool we did some, we 

horsed around with that in the evening. 

[00:32:41] Jeff: park, but I think for my money, 

Disney California

Adventure gets me because it's just so different 

than the other parks that you've 

been to the 

front little entryway you're like, oh, this is 

like Hollywood studios, 

but they're whole rest of the park is so unique 

from the other Disney parks. 

[00:32:59] Heather: And Avengers Campus. The best thing it has going for us is my 

favorite ride at 

Disneyland. And 


[00:33:07] Jeff: Spider-Man 

[00:33:08] Heather: not spider rim. it's 

Mission Breakout, 

Guardians of the Galaxy.

Just absolutely love that 


[00:33:15] Jeff: yeah, we rode it thrice or twice thrice.

[00:33:19] Heather: So good. 

[00:33:20] Jeff: Yeah, we rode it all three days. 

[00:33:22] Heather: Avengers.

Campus looks very cool at night. That's that was my favorite time.

[00:33:27] Jeff: I've never been in the parks much at night because I 


to go to the parks during the 

day and then have 

nice dinners and whatever at, night. And so we 

had a nice dinner at Carthay circle in California, Adventure 

on our last night. And when 

we came out, the park had closed 40 

minutes previous to that, and we just wandered around and did whatever we wanted.

And no one was making you leave, shuttling you out of there. 

[00:33:50] Heather: just taking pictures and Avengers


[00:33:52] Jeff: empty park. 

[00:33:54] Heather: We did. some time We 

spent some time eating and drinking at Pimm's Test Kitchen. 


[00:33:59] Dan: I was just going to ask, did you have a giant meatball? 

[00:34:01] Heather: Yeah. 

[00:34:01] Jeff: We did. We tried the meatball, we 

had the giant pretzel. What was the, Brad had a thing it's like a tiny 

slider bone with a giant piece of chicken on it. So it looks, the whole conceit is that things are either tiny or small. 

So I had 

[00:34:15] Heather: Tinier, huge, 

[00:34:17] Jeff: Oh yeah.

Tiny or huge. So I 

had a flight of beer that was 

[00:34:21] Heather: tiny little beers. 

[00:34:23] Jeff: they were like little not test tubes, 

but whatever those little cups.

Yeah. Beakers. Yeah.

It was the cutest thing. And it looked like it was sitting on a 


[00:34:33] Heather: And you get to 

take it home. 

[00:34:34] Jeff: smaller. Yeah. So I've 

got one I'm in the wrong room, but they're sitting on my 

[00:34:39] Heather: You've got you get to take home the ruler and the beakers. it 

was very cool. 

[00:34:43] Jeff: and the drinks were good. They have a lot of weird stuff. 

the head of great beer selection actually. I think Hank Pimm's known for his beer 

[00:34:51] Heather: apparently. Yeah, 

[00:34:53] Jeff: I dunno, but the inside of 

that place is cool because it's got like giant stuff and tiny things and 

[00:34:59] Heather: that's 

really cool. And the food was great. we 

[00:35:02] Jeff: haywire

[00:35:03] Heather: It's 

a nice little out, there's an outdoor bar there where you 

can get all the beers and the weird drinks and

[00:35:08] Jeff: when we were there. it 

was apparently it's gotten hot again since then, but it was perfect. We were wearing 


and like a hoodie in the morning and t-shirt at day or 

something like that. It was probably like 70, most of the time cooler in the morning and night, but 70 during the day, it was awesome.

So that's a great spot because you 

can see all of the characters stuff. So on top of the Avenger, what will eventually be the Avengers 


[00:35:34] Heather: Quinjet ride. 

[00:35:35] Jeff: Quinjet right? It has, there's a balcony and that's where all the fight scenes and funds gets happen. 

[00:35:42] Heather: We suspect that the Quinjet ride is going to be something equivalent to a rise of the 


[00:35:49] Jeff: Yeah. It's seems like it's following the same pattern where they opened 

with the lame 

ride and 

then bring the 

[00:35:55] Heather: I will say. It was surreal 

for me walking around in Disneyland park and then

coming upon Galaxy's Edge. I forget that it's in Disneyland park there. If it's not in a 


[00:36:08] Jeff: weren't really looking for it, you could easily 

not know it's there. 

[00:36:11] Heather: it's 

very well hidden 


[00:36:13] Jeff: there are three entrances to that one versus the two that we have 

on the east coast. And, 

They're all hidden. They all work. One is over by Big Thunder Mountain.

You just walk straight and it looks like the rocks change from like Big Thunder color to the gray Star Wars, town color. 

[00:36:29] Heather: and 

it's pretty much. 

The same footprint as Hollywood

Studios. It's a little bit 

smaller. That was The one thing I noticed 


rise of the 

[00:36:39] Jeff: more narrow. 

[00:36:41] Heather: see, as some of the 

rooms are just a 

tiny bit smaller when you're in that room that 

has the at 

it, it's just a little, it's a 

little smaller. and our, we K we approached, we 

were at a different angle than I

was used to 

[00:36:54] Jeff: Here, we took a different path through that room and went up on the side of them instead of in front of them. 

[00:36:59] Heather: but it's still the same ride and yeah, you're going to love it, Dan. I just know it. 

You're gonna love 

[00:37:05] Dan: Yeah, 

[00:37:06] Heather: such a great ride.

[00:37:07] Jeff: Yeah. That surprising part where that one thing 

[00:37:10] Heather: Yeah. Yeah. Still the same. 

[00:37:13] Jeff: Yeah. But the actual land felt like everything was just a snip smaller to like some of the pathways between

buildings felt smaller. And I don't know 

if that was because the berm that separates it is different or wet 

[00:37:25] Heather: yeah. 

[00:37:26] Jeff: is 

[00:37:27] Heather: They just had to shoe horn it into a slightly smaller footprint, 

[00:37:32] Dan: Yeah. I think it's just 

[00:37:33] Heather: but then we 

Just wandered around Disneyland in the afternoon, enjoying the stuff that's unique to Disneyland. 

[00:37:40] Jeff: tell you, Disneyland has it all 

over Disney World. As far as streetmosphere , character interaction, they still have the 

wandering characters with one handler and one guy, and they just wander through, they don't line up 

and have a set. 

They just wander through and you can get your picture.

They'll stop in 

high five or grab a kid and 

interact or whatever. But 

[00:38:01] Heather: we 

[00:38:01] Jeff: we saw the Disneyland. ban came down the street. We've seen them 

March many times. They're awesome. How is 

enjoy? I The 

Disney world version is just as good, but the Disneyland ban this time, never 

seen this before in all my time. What is being led by Mickey 

[00:38:17] Heather: it was one 

[00:38:18] Jeff: was he? He was leading 

them and he would dance. Then he would stop and he would start dancing. 

And then the 

guys that were playing the marching band would start mimicking his 

moves and the, and that he was getting them doing different stuff. He really was the leader of the 

band that's made for you and me.

It was awesome.

it was all the way down, Main Street from the castle all the way down with star. It was 

like 12 minutes or more of them coming down the road. That's usually just a quick 

[00:38:44] Heather: yeah, it was so good.

[00:38:46] Jeff: And then we saw 

the Dapper Dan's on the steps. We saw the jazz, the Disneyland little jazz band play.

[00:38:52] Dan: live music everywhere 

[00:38:54] Heather: they do. 


[00:38:55] Jeff: front of the firehouse 

and then we saw them back again. They have the Dixie Land band back 

in New Orleans Square and then they have the pirates band 

playing back 

[00:39:02] Heather: that I have never 

seen before the pirates singing the sea shanties, 

they were 

[00:39:07] Dan: of that. That's cool. Do this. And you still have the Mary Poppins, the pearly band in fantasy land, 

[00:39:14] Heather: We didn't see them 



[00:39:16] Jeff: see him, but I 

think they're still there. They didn't seem to fire at any of the street misfits people 


[00:39:21] Dan: Weird.

[00:39:22] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:39:22] Heather: lots of it in, 


Adventure to flapper, Minnie Mouse. So good.

[00:39:28] Jeff: this stuff going on in the Avengers 

town is how they described Star Wars would be where there

was going to be Clone Troopers that were doing stuff and arrests happening and people getting shot off 

buildings. And what they build it as was like a wild west Puncho sort of thing going on while you're going through star wars. I don't 

[00:39:48] Heather: and that's definitely happening at Avengers Campus. So it's, 

I guess part of it is the culture in Hollywood and you've got a, anybody you meet on the street is possibly an aspiring actor or actress. 

So there's a lot of, there's a big pool of talent. 

And it. It just makes that those parks for me, it, the 

street misfit is so fun and we wandered around Disneyland for a long 

time just watching that stuff.

But the pirates, 

the Firebirds were funny, singing the sea shanties. They sang this elaborate shanty and then at one point stopped and

[00:40:24] Jeff: come on everybody. And no one knew what they had just saying. It was very 

complicated, Irish brogue 

sounding stuff. And then he goes, come on, everybody, people are like, aye. 

Then he's nevermind. 

Did they? They're so funny. 

[00:40:36] Heather: Was so good. 

[00:40:38] Jeff: But, I, the, parks look fantastic, in their defense, They had two 

years of closing 

[00:40:43] Heather: Yes, they did 

spruce them up. 

[00:40:46] Jeff: everything.

looks immaculate 

there. They, 

their cleanliness is still as good as it ever 

was, which I think Disney world 

seems to, they 

can't rehire janitors or something. I don't know what's happening, but it doesn't just look as clean, but everything was pristine because it's all been painted and 

[00:41:03] Heather: We had housekeeping service at Grand Californian. 

[00:41:07] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:41:08] Heather: that was fantastic. 

[00:41:09] Dan: As you're saying is, forget about Orlando. 

[00:41:11] Heather: Yeah. Let's go to Disneyland. Yeah. Oh, and we probably would be 

doing a disservice if

we didn't do a quick review of the new snack we tried in Downtown Disney.

[00:41:21] Jeff: oh yes. It's not that new, but it was new for 

[00:41:25] Heather: Oh, it. was new for 


[00:41:26] Jeff: it is a

Giant pickle with a 

hotdog inside of it.

[00:41:31] Heather: yes. They've hollowed out the pickle. 

[00:41:33] Jeff: so they put the hot dog in the 

pickle and then they panko bread like 

corn dog, corn, dog, 


[00:41:41] Heather: dog dip 

[00:41:41] Jeff: and then 

rolled in panko 

[00:41:43] Heather: and then 

deep fry 

[00:41:44] Jeff: the 

fry, the

whole thing. And then it's served with a cup of 

peanut butter for dipping.

So you've 

[00:41:49] Dan: I could totally get 

down on that. Oh, 

[00:41:50] Heather: Yeah, It was delicious. 

[00:41:53] Jeff: So we knew we didn't have time 

to eat this thing. We were on our way to 


event that we did for some of our agents. And so we were walking it's between the, like the main part of Downtown 

Disney and the

Disneyland Hotel.

It's one of those kiosks, right at the end there near the Lego Store that it. was about 

10 bucks, but 

[00:42:13] Heather: Yeah. And 

[00:42:14] Jeff: have to try

[00:42:15] Heather: they make 


fresh when you order it 

That's when they dip it and fry it 

And so 


fresh and very


[00:42:21] Jeff: when it comes

[00:42:22] Heather: Yeah. It's very

[00:42:23] Jeff: they give it to you, but it was super, it was surprisingly good. I 

[00:42:26] Heather: It was so good.

[00:42:27] Jeff: hot dogs and peanut butter, but I don't know if I would have combined them all, but

[00:42:30] Heather: I never would have, but I would eat that again. It was delicious and weird. 

[00:42:34] Jeff: I'd love to eat it when I had more time for it to cool

down and me to eat It 

On top of a 


[00:42:41] Heather: That 

[00:42:41] Dan: was it better worse or the same as Flo's V8? guys, you guys ate there of course, right?

[00:42:48] Jeff: we did take some cute pictures 


[00:42:50] Heather: we did. 

[00:42:51] Jeff: I love the look of flows and cars. Land 

is so amazing, but no, I did not go in 

[00:42:56] Heather: We 

didn't eat there. We rode 

Radiator Springs, Racers and stuff to take a 



[00:43:01] Jeff: And that was the 

[00:43:02] Heather: I would rather eat 


[00:43:04] Jeff: or whatever Genie 

[00:43:05] Heather: would rather 

eat the deep fried pickle than anything at first

at Flos. Yeah. I love all the availability 

of corndogs at Disneyland. We had a lot of 

[00:43:15] Dan: do 

have a lot of 

[00:43:16] Jeff: two days in a row, we had the regular corn dogs. 

and then we had the pickle corn dog.

[00:43:20] Heather: Yum. 

[00:43:21] Dan: man. Now 

[00:43:22] Jeff: stand at Disneyland is right in front of the Plaza. It is so good.

[00:43:27] Heather: Blue, new year was going on, which 

I've never seen before. 

[00:43:31] Jeff: What was your 

[00:43:32] Heather: was cool. 

[00:43:32] Jeff: Heather? I 

had so many 

[00:43:34] Heather: I honestly, I just liked walking around and looking at it. It was beautiful. They have everything all done up in red and 

gold and there's a lot of different things. They have food booths, 

[00:43:43] Jeff: and the bow buttons. My goodness. They were good. 

[00:43:46] Heather: I heard that the noodles, I didn't try them, but I heard that they were 

advertised as spicy and They were incredibly spicy. They had little spots where you could get, get your name 

written and Chinese characters. And you could, 

Write out a wish for the new year and, hang 

it on the wall. and 

Milan was heavily featured. 

[00:44:05] Jeff: apparently there's a lot of Asians There in California. I had not heard that previously. 

[00:44:10] Heather: the year of the tiger. So there was a lot of Tigger, 

[00:44:13] Jeff: yes. Yeah. He was cute. There was, they had the little ticker stuff he's with the little Chinese cap and little jacket and stuff. Super 

[00:44:20] Heather: cute. 

And people got into it. We saw 

people decked

out from head to toe in red and gold and 

[00:44:27] Jeff: Yeah. We had a group of Chinese guests that were in front of us, the whole for a rise of the resistance that we're either coming to, or 

going, coming from or going 

to the lunar new year thing. And they were all 

decked out 

[00:44:42] Heather: it's great. It's a nice little, it's another one of those things about Disneyland. That's different. You don't have 

anything like that in Orlando and it was great. 

[00:44:50] Jeff: and they do their food and wine in the spring. 

that California adventure, which I like.

[00:44:55] Heather: I think that's, what's coming up next after lunar 



[00:44:57] Jeff: it's not hot there in the spring.

[00:44:59] Dan: Yeah. And they do a lot of smaller, little more limited run festivals. They do a 

[00:45:04] Heather: Yeah, it was, it really was a great trip. I missed 

it. I missed Disneyland and it was nice to get back there.

[00:45:11] Jeff: They have turned it.

opened, I think like the day after we were there or the week after we were there, they have opened by the wine country, 

Trattoria, there's this big patio that's been used as part of that. 

And as a quick service, 

it's one of those seasonal things like Tortuga, that seems never to be open, but now they have turned it into an annual pass holders.

Exclusive lounge. 

[00:45:35] Dan: oh yeah, yeah, yeah. That's 

[00:45:36] Heather: holders.

[00:45:37] Dan: Yes. 

[00:45:38] Jeff: That's pretty 

[00:45:39] Dan: the, one of the parks 

[00:45:39] Heather: Yeah. And 

[00:45:40] Jeff: on our own coast. 

[00:45:41] Heather: noticed, 

in the app that you

could open up and 

that was one of the things You could get in a Genie Plus


uh, reservation a Table for 



[00:45:50] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:45:51] Dan: So my 

[00:45:52] Jeff: a lot of DVC 

exclusive things, but I have not seen much in the way of


pass holder, exclusive things 

[00:45:58] Dan: my big takeaway is that Disneyland is not The, giant smoking hell hole that the Disneyland fans on the intern webs would have us believe. It's.

[00:46:09] Heather: not at all.

[00:46:10] Dan: that.

[00:46:11] Jeff: Disneyland.

[00:46:12] Dan: yeah. Oh yeah. The locals are not happy with 

[00:46:16] Heather: I think they're there. Mostly what they're not happy with is the new Magic Key Holder 

and the 

fact that they don't have as much flexibility 

to just drop into the parks whenever they want. 

[00:46:26] Dan: Yeah. they can't handle that. They can't handle park reservations. 

[00:46:29] Jeff: And they can't handle the truth. 

[00:46:31] Dan: That's right.

So they just, eh, they just in general seem to think that everything. They always seem to think that everything's got downhill 


[00:46:39] Heather: from an 

outsider's perspective, I enjoyed it more because 

it wasn't as crowded with the locals who just

come in and especially a,


part of it we were there 

over the weekend and it did not feel, just terribly crowded and terrible long lines. 

[00:46:54] Jeff: there's a bottleneck that runs from

New Orleans, right? When you ran the corner from New Orleans Square into Adventure Land, all the way back 

to the hub, that is just the worst thing to

traverse. And it wasn't even crowded There's still that weird bottleneck, right? At 

magic. A, Haunted Mansion

and the tree.

Cause they put the Robinson Tree House right in the 

[00:47:15] Heather: We rode one of the times we rode 

Indiana Jones. We rode in standby and we waited 

20 minutes 

[00:47:22] Dan: Wow. 

[00:47:23] Heather: Yeah. 

it was great. I think it was posted as 40. So we thought you know 

[00:47:29] Jeff: I was like, I'm willing to do 40, and I think it

was 18 or 19 minutes

[00:47:33] Heather: was great.

[00:47:34] Dan: bad at all.

[00:47:34] Heather: So highly recommend it's time to get back

[00:47:37] Jeff: and fun fact for listeners. There are more rides in the two parks of the Disneyland resort than there are in the four parks of Walt Disney World and a hell of a lot easier to get to the mall

[00:47:50] Dan: No held the Fantasy Land. there is hand seen. That's w this is where I come back and I say, thanks for hanging out with us again this 

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We'll see you real soon. 

[00:48:50] Heather: Bye everybody.