April 26, 2022

Disney World:Would You Rather?

Disney World:Would You Rather?

Adventure time! We’re back and asking the questions that matter for a round of Disney World Would You Rather! But first travel news, including ding-dong the mask is dead, Tarzan has been evicted, and cruise ship cabins of the rich and famous. Grab your p...

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Adventure time! We’re back and asking the questions that matter for a round of Disney World Would You Rather! But first travel news, including ding-dong the mask is dead, Tarzan has been evicted, and cruise ship cabins of the rich and famous. Grab your passport and unwrap a Mickey bar, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!


  • Effective 4/18, a federal judge in Florida declared the CDC’s extension of mask mandates on public transport and In transportation hubs to be illegal, many airlines have announced that masks are not required but recommended. Uber and Lyft are dropping mask requirements for passengers and drivers. DL and WDW confirm no masks on transport https://reut.rs/3KefWZK 
  • Drawn to Life dining package announced for Disney Springs restaurants https://bit.ly/DrawnToLifeDiningPackage 
  • Tarzan Treehouse at DL to be rethemed, existing tree trunk entry stairs and bridge removed https://bit.ly/TarzanTreehouseRetheme 
  • Over the Top Cruise Ship Suites



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would you rather hosts

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week in the studio is Heather's Straight Jeff Williams.

Jeff: That's me.

Dan: It sure is. And just Evans.

Jess: Dammit, Jess Evans.

Hello? That is I. 

Jeff: Yes. You go by your middle name, right?

Jess: Yeah. My mom named me like at birth. So they, they, they took her literal.

Dan: I wasn't going to cut that part out, but I gotta leave it in for

continuity sake. Our show as always is brought to you by Key to the World. Travel Key to the World. Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world. Head to www dot key to the world, traveled.com for more details and to no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime.q

No, we're messing around guys. We've got some big news to cover, so let's get right to it. Masks they're out the door effective. Yesterday as we record this. Yeah. Federal George and Florida decided that the CDCs extension of the mask mandates on public transport and in transportation hubs were illegal.

So how much of our airlines are saying that they're not required, but recommended, also saw Uber and Lyft have dropped their mask requirements and Disney land and Disney world. Walt Disney world have confirmed that no masks are required on any public transport.

Heather: going to feel so 


Jess: going to give out free fringe kisses now. Yeah wait, what can we do? We don't have any mass already 

Jeff: and donkey kissing booth is a back open 

Jess: I'm down. 

Jeff: let's pick waffles.

Heather: it's going to feel so weird to be on an airplane with no mask. It's going to feel wrong. I'm going to like it, but it's going to feel wrong.

Dan: Don't get too comfortable yet. They have said that they're looking into whether they need to appeal it. Also also, what this is, is the TSA is not enforcing at airports, but some airports have decided that they're still going to require it. I know I saw that Philadelphia's airport is, and there's some others may, some others may decide that when you're on their property, you have to and there's the same thing with some,

Heather: Some airlines, it took a few of them a little while to decide Delta was

Jeff: the majors.

Heather: Yep. Delta was up in the air for a little while and then the ruling came down from, I had a feeling they would drop it because I'd bashed in. Among the airline executives that have been pushing to get rid of it for a while

Jeff: you say that mastered.

Heather: and bastion 

Jess: I'm pretty sure that they're all just tired of having to deal with the belligerent 

Heather: Yes. 


it's the, the main, cause of all the disturbances on planes is people pissed off about the masks

Dan: No,

Heather: and I'd rather that the flight attendants have, worry about other stuff, like bringing me some drinks.

Dan: We'll see how that goes, but at least for now 

Heather: Yeah. I got a flight on Saturday. I'm hoping it lasts at least till then so that

Jeff: worry about mother and worry about bringing me some teeny tiny bags of peanuts stat.

Dan: You say, make sure you bring some with you just in case you run into places where they're required and some international airports to make sure what the what the regulations are wherever you're headed.

Jeff: Yeah. Or if I just, sometimes when I just feel like it's two people yell, throw one on just, I 

Heather: If there's a bunch of people 

Jeff: it's just mental, but yeah.

Jess: I have 

Heather: don't want their flu or their cold or any of that stuff.

Jess: I like to sleep on planes when I can. And it's really nice. I wear a hoodie. I can just put the mask on and pull the hoodie up over my eyes and I'm basically just completely covered. And you just, they know to leave me alone at that point. So

Dan: Topic of math sufficiently and maybe we'll never have to talk about

Heather: That would be nice.

Dan: Maybe this is a milestone moment, mark it on the calendar. We're done with masks and we're on to dining packages for drying the life, I

Heather: Oh, okay. That's it. The little. 

Jess: that's a, there's No segway for that. You just do what you can. 

Heather: Masks and French clowns 

Jess: yes, that's right now you can have the food with your French clowns or food and then French 

Jeff: French fries and French clowns.

Jess: that's true, actually. Yeah. So there's 

Dan: and with no mask, you can French kiss here. French clouds.

Jess: whoa. 

Heather: don't know about that.

Jess: Consent with consent. 

Dan: Yeah. 

Jess: you got to get a, we, we, before that 

Heather: Yeah, you do.

Dan: before you get the, we

we've, you know what I 

Jess: there we go. There it is. Yeah. So now there's the animated evening which is being offered. It's a prefixed dining package with reservations at a Disney Springs restaurants. And then whichever seating you purchase to go along with that. And the it's either $45 or $65 for the meal, depending on which restaurant you do. 

Heather: What are the choices? 

Jess: for the 45, there's a city works Enzo's house of blues. Palayo Maria and Enzo's para DSO 37 planet Hollywood Raglan road Splitsville and Terra Lena. 

Heather: Lots of them.

Jeff: That's all helpful.

Jess: the 65 is Edison paddle, fish, and Wolfgang puck. 

Dan: Yes.

Jeff: So before I went to see drone to life last month we went to the Edison. I had two hours from the time of my dining reservation to get the, no, not the Edison to Enzo's hideaway had two hours to get from, to get in there, to eat and to get to the show that started at eight. And it's a pretty hard stop at eight o'clock.

If you're not in your seat, you can't get in for awhile because they have stuff that goes on in the aisles and all that I told the guy, when we sat down, Hey, we're trying to make this show. I swear, he went slower on purpose. I love that place, but there there surfers are all a little bit of assholes every time we've been there.

Jess: Maybe went to that school of 

Jeff: that one. 

Jess: Is that what you're saying? 

Jeff: I wouldn't recommend that place either. They've kept disappearing and not getting stuff. When they finally brought the check, they wouldn't do it. And that was like, we're trying to make a show and he's yeah. Okay. Whatever didn't care. 

Jess: I'm sure with these dining packages, when they do those there, they definitely have to be on their toes about 

Jeff: That's probably why they're the prefix menu.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: But 

Jeff: City works is great. You can always get in and out of there. And it's literally right next door to the show. 

Jess: I finally added a Wolfgang puck this past trip for the first time. It was really 

Jeff: Hidden it. Good.

Jess: so good. I had that prosciutto pizza. It was amazing. 

Jeff: I like in those,

Heather: for sure it a bit as yummy.

Jess: Very

Jeff: have you ever seen their little kids? SU. 

Jess: No. Is it like actual sushi? 

Jeff: no, it was made like sushi, but his ham and cheese and rice, like little 

Jess: That's 

Jeff: roll. And then on top of it is gold fish. Instead of fish laid over the top, like real sushi is super cute.

Jess: not even adventurous enough to try that. It's Mac and cheese every place. 

Jeff: That's bad parenting. 

Jess: If I cared, 

Jeff: It's not because he's eating new care 

Jess: exactly 

Jeff: quiet as long as he didn't learn to read.

Jess: it's trips for me, every trip to Disney worlds. For me, not you for me. 

Dan: Speaking about who cares, I'm just kidding. Tows and tree houses to Disneyland is officially out of the ma major refurb list. They're going to be re theming it. I've also seen that they are taking out the tree trunk themed entry stairway, and the bridge that goes across the walkway. It is a real bottleneck there, so they're going to be returning it to what it's original footprint was when it was first installed.

Jeff: That's a great idea. That is a terrible little interest there.

Dan: Yeah. And there's no official word on what the re theme is. There's some rumors

Heather: of rumors being lobbed around. 

Jess: everybody thinks it's in Canto. Cause there's a tree in that movie, which, okay.

Dan: stupid.

Heather: a house in that movie. 

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: That's what the attorney mentioned too.

Heather: oh my God.

Jeff: They're both houses.

Dan: You heard it here.

Heather: Start another room.

Dan: Who's got insider. We got an insider here. He claims.

Jess: Yeah. I don't know what else. Honestly, I was, I took my son to Tom Sawyer island, another sort of throwaway spot for the first time. He'd never been a Tom Sawyer island before. 

Jeff: He's who the hell? It's tough 

Jess: I had no idea who Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn were. So I had to like on the little raft ride over, give him a little story.

And we went through the whole thing and I'm the whole time. I'm just like, when are they going to rethink this? How are they not rethinking this entire little island? It was, it was fun. Cause it wore him out some, and then we could go back and lay at the pool, but 

Jeff: It's a great play place where whatever can just make it something anyone today has heard of. 

Jess: Yeah. It's, it's weird. So you gotta think they're probably doing this. I, I would be, I believe it's in Canto just because they're wanting to try to get that into the parks as quick as possible. So that's an easy overlay. I wouldn't be surprised if it was that, but who knows? 

Jeff: Do we ever see up? We never saw it really up into the tree in his house, in his room there. 

Jess: No. 

Jeff: So I can make it whatever. Just make it glow.

Dan: yeah, yeah. Just have projected animals around the place. And

Heather: Kala good.

Dan: so unfortunately then it dilutes the overall. Theme.

Heather: It seems like a bit of a stretch. The

Jeff: Yeah. Adventure land.

Dan: place.

Heather: having a 

Jess: about that anymore, 

Heather: room of the house. Doesn't really.

Dan: Yeah. And that's, what's unfortunate is they're they they're losing the thread of what theme really means 

Jess: It needs to be like a society of explorers and adventurers kinda like clubhouse type walkthrough thing. 

Dan: That would be really cool.

Jess: It would be easy to do to like, cause 

Jeff: It doesn't matter what they seem. It is. It's a walkway that goes to a tree and back down, come on that thing, sex, whatever you call 

Jess: long as they're moving that, that horrible little bottleneck walkway thing that it. splits. 

Jeff: awful.

Jess: Yeah. 

Dan: That's I think that's like their big impetus to do it is dealing with that because it's, they, I, they did say that it's kind of part of their ongoing with expanding walkways. They've done that all over in Disneyland.

Heather: rid of

Dan: started that, started that with putting in star wars, town USA. So we'll see what goes in there.

We still

Jeff: Maybe they can put the Keebler elves in there and have Keebler pay for it.

Jess: If they had, if they had cookies. at the top. Yeah.

I would do that actually. 

Jeff: I'd walk up all those stairs for some cookbooks

Jess: little numb numbs. 

Dan: oh, about that.

Jeff: of getting up there and going, huh, I'm a pie

Heather: is dumb.

Dan: well last, last week during the, during the grand finale showcase showdown of, of the prices,


Jeff: want everything.

Heather: Is that what 

Jess: No, I think now 

Jeff: I feel like it was. You know what being with you guys makes me a winner.

Heather: Oh wow. You are full of it.

Jess: I am buying what you're shoveling, bud. 

Jeff: all sorry, Dan, please continue.

Dan: Anyway, I just was tasked with pricing out a cruise, a Disney cruise line sailing with a, with one of their fancy suites, but Heather's got a list of even more over the top cruise ships suites for

Heather: The most

Dan: us about

Heather: the top cruise ship cabins ever.

Dan: do you arm wrestle there

Heather: Yes,

Dan: over the top?

Heather: got it. I got it.

Dan: I'll cut that joke out.

Heather: This is an interesting article posted by CNN travel. And there are some spaces on cruise ships that are bigger than most people's homes. It's crazy. The first one they call out is celebrity cruise lines, iconic sweet voyages costs, $15,000 per person for an 1800 square foot suite.

Jeff: That's much larger than my home.

Heather: It's crazy large in luxury amenities in this one include cashmere bedding,

Jeff: That's important to me.

Heather: right? A private hot tub on your terrace and they, you don't even have to leave your suite, the whole voyage. If you don't want to, they'll bring you all your. And everything right in the room. I'm not sure what the point of that is, 

Jess: Yeah, that's a little off, but 

Heather: this next one I've actually seen and toured it's on Royal Caribbean.

It's called the ultimate family suite and it is pretty cool. It's $19,000 for the suite instead of per person. Save a few bucks. 

Jess: not bad. 

Heather: It's it's 

Jess: I can sleep on the slide. 

Heather: yeah. It's bill for kids, for families, with kids, because it's got the, the second level is where the kid's bedroom is and there's a tube slide down into the living room. 

Jess: It 

Heather: 1800 square feet. 

Jess: it looks like it would be like a room in the house in silver spoons, the old eighties show with a rich kid who I'd like the train that went through his rooms, 

Jeff: Yeah. And since he's not doing anything else, cell phones or Rivera's in there with you

Heather: Oh, no.

Jess: doing this little curtain 

Jeff: time.

Heather: has dance. It has an air hockey table and they don't list this in the article. But I seem to remember that they had basically every gaming console, it had a

Jeff: It has a note under the stair slide.

Heather: Yeah, an 85 inch 4k TV.

Jeff: Yeah. That's in the game room,

Heather: it's huge.

Jeff: they had VR, they had those, what are the Facebook VR things 

Jess: the 

Jeff: that Oculus and PlayStation 

Heather: 10 people and it also has a private balcony or private hot tub on the balcony.

Jeff: That place is really, really

Heather: It's so neat. And it didn't mean it's 20 grand, but if you can have

Jeff: It's the equivalent of six cabins. So it's three on the bottom and three up top. And one, the half of the top is just open to look down into the bottom, but the other half is where bedrooms and stuff are just crazy sick.

Heather: This one, compared to the others is a bit of a bargain on Virgin voyages. They have something called massive suites for the low, low price of $4,300 per person. That actually was cheaper than I was expecting. It's 2100 square feet. 

Jess: And it 

Heather: It's huge. It has a team that will unpack your suitcase for you.

There's a guitar room and a huge record collection and a turntable right in your suite. Sounds pretty cool.

Jess: ending bar. 

Jeff: What

Heather: that's what I'm talking about. 

Jess: It says never-ending bar. So the party never stops. So I'm assuming like, yeah. It's alcohol poisoning time. 

Heather: Yes, it is.

Dan: I was the Scarlet 


Heather: Scarlet lady and, And the Valiant lady, which are both sailing. Now,

Jeff: the value of lady.

Heather: one, we talked about a little bit last week, the wish tower suite on the Disney wish $21,000 for two adults, also almost 2000 square feet, feet. This thing looks amazing. It's also two stories. It can sleep up to eight people, but at, at $21,000 for two, but thing of it is this thing is booked on every sailing for that.

They have published right now. It's already been booked

Dan: It has four and a half

Heather: four and a half bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a children's room four and a half bathrooms. And it's two stories. It looks pretty killer. And it's in the it's in the funnel. One of the, some of the other ships have kids teen Hangouts in the funnels, but I guess they figured why not turn it into a massive suite and

Jeff: that's not going to make them any money.

Heather: exactly most, most cruise lines have some kind of really over the top.

Amazing sweet

Jeff: the Norwegian prima

Heather: $21,000 per person, per person.

Jeff: 9 per person for 2100 square foot room with an 828 square foot balcony.

Heather: The balcony wraps around the whole back of the ship. That looks pretty, but it's, it's three bathrooms, all featuring a jet shower and then an, an extra three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a half bath.

Jeff: You gotta get in there and wash your jet. How big is this thing?

Dan: You see the one on the queen? Mary 25 starting at 25,000 per person.

Heather: person, the Balmoral suite

Dan: Yeah. Grand duplex

Heather: British Butler service, your own Jeeves.

Jess: Nice. 

Jeff: let's stay in a different tax bracket tonight.

Heather: of money on your suite because the whole idea of a cruise is that you want to get out of your suite and enjoy the amenities on the ship and get off the ship and all the ports.

How much time are you spending in this room that you just paid? $21,000 per person for, 

Jess: I want a private jacuzzi that, cause I don't want to be in one with everybody else, 

Heather: that's

Jeff: love a jacuzzi.

Heather: Sue.

Jess: If they, yeah, if they would just offer a private jacuzzi add on for regular rains and sweets and stuff, I'm telling you I had spring 

Jeff: Yeah, you get that a lot in all inclusive resorts. They'll have a Jacuzzi's on the path balconies, but I never really see that in cruises on more normal people's style 

Dan: Yeah, no, holy crap. The Regent seven seas, 55,000 

Jess: Yeah. 

Jeff: What

Dan: The mattress in the room, the matches in the cabin cost $200,000. It is,

it is, 

Jeff: cost 

Dan: is a, one of a 

Jeff: when we buy

Dan: and all the matches is in our T's Anil, handmade, Swedish matches made of layers of flax, horse, hair, horse, tail, and cotton.

Jeff: and human 

Heather: want a mattress made 

out of horse hair. 

Jess: No.

Dan: and then after that, the seaborne winter garden suite, it looks like they must do a Alaskan cruises. There's somewhere called, cause

Heather: that's their expedition ship. Yeah. So

Dan: This one has, yes.

This one has a heated jacket, war, war broke. So that wardrobe, so that it'll keep your, it's a, it's a heated

closet to keep your park and

Heather: It does. It keeps your park at toasty.

Dan: yeah.

Jeff: What 

Dan: And that was a steal at only 18,000

Jeff: If you've just run a slap out a ways to spend

Heather: I didn't know. I needed that until now.

Dan: you probably had sterile one of those in your own home,

Heather: I do want to, 

Jeff: for your codes,

Heather: want a heated floor for my bathroom.

Dan: which would you rather have a heated closet for your parka or a, or a horse tail and flax handmade Swedish mattress.

Jeff: it sounds 

Heather: warm coat. I don't, 

Jess: It sounds like a medieval bed. I don't lay. 

Jeff: like a hair shirt mattress

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: Sweden mattress, Swedish mattress, $200,000,

Jeff: and where every ice cube has made from the glacier ice

Heather: some Sherpa Sherpa, trekked to the top of the glacier and hand curved it.

Jeff: scooch the lowly pig over that was searching desperately for truffles.

Dan: And that one, the region seven seas, when you're in port four, port excursions, it includes your own private car

Jeff: that is that's 

Dan: to go 

Heather: pretty nice.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: I get handle

Dan: So it definitely has some amenities that come with this thing,

Heather: can keep the $200,000 mattress and knock the price

Jeff: Yeah. At home I sleep on only a $95,000 mattress and it's fine.

Dan: but Jeff Neesy cause he can feel it, he's, he's the type that can feel a P through the

stack of mattresses. 

Jeff: through many mattresses in Howard. Johnson's all over the country.

Heather: As soon as you've tried out all these suites we'll we'll report back.

Jeff: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. We can expense those right.

Jeff: sure. Yeah.

Dan: I'll send the bill to Jeff.

Heather: Yeah. Send the bill to Jeff Williams, Birmingham, Alabama.

Dan: Stick around because after the commercial break, we're sharing our Disney theme parks opinions with a round of, would you rather. Here are the gold key adventurous society podcast. We're no strangers to controversy and unpopular opinions. We've recorded more than a few episodes on exactly that topic. Let's see if things get contentious tonight as we play a few rounds of, would you rather, we'll start you off with an easy one. So I'll just present you without, would you rather this or that situation and everybody can just chime in and I'm sure discussion will follow

Jeff: the joke's on you, Dan. I would rather.

Jess: Game over. 

Dan: good. I'm glad that means that you will have an answer to every single question I ask such as, would you rather have a snack on a Mickey pretzel or a Mickey premium ice cream bar?

Heather: Ice cream bar.

Jeff: Ice cream 

Jess: Yeah, definitely they bar, although you can now get ice cream bars in the grocery store, like almost all the time. 

Dan: they're not the same though,

Jess: And no they're 

Jeff: Here's

Dan: the same.

Jeff: Ice cream bars are delicious, whatever their shape principles are fairly lame, whatever their

Heather: This is true. I agree. 

Jess: that she has this really salty. 

Heather: The cheese is gross.

Dan: yeah, and also the Mickey ones specifically are dry and nasty. There's a better

Jeff: The ones in Germany are great.

Dan: They're 

great. The ones that Jack Lindsay look 

Jess: There was like a, like a pepper Jack filled. One that I had once. That 

Jeff: I wanted to try 

Jess: that. was pretty 

Jeff: That was at a tomorrow and lunching pad.

Dan: that's got filling, which provides moisture

to the inside of pretzels should not be dry in

Jeff: Particularly the pencils at Disney world all seem to the Disney brand ones. Those all seem to be frozen and reheated, and then hung there forever. Like jerky. I don't know what they're doing, but they're cured somehow. So definitely Mickey bar because it's chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

What's not to 

Heather: exactly.

Dan: Would you rather spend a day in Epcot, but you can only spend time in future world or world showcase

Jess: world showcase right now, the way the park is. Yeah. World 

Jeff: her, having to set foot in future world in three years.

Heather: think that's pretty accurate. Yeah.

Dan: But that means you can't read living with the land

Jeff: Next week I'll 

Dan: sore 

Jeff: there week after next. I'll 

Dan: mission space. 

Jeff: in there.

Heather: Guardians of the galaxy. That's true.

Jeff: Yeah. So then I will change my answer to future

Heather: Until that opens, I'm going with world showcase.

Jess: you said spend a day, is this like you have to spend the entire day because. That's only a handful of things I guarantee you, I could get done with future world stuff, even the new stuff, if I do it 

Jeff: three hours.

Jess: if I'm spending a day, I can spend a day oral showcase. I'm still sticking with that. 

Heather: Yeah. That's fair.

Jeff: I just super love world 

Jess: Yeah. That too. And I finally got to ride ratchet to it and it's really fun. So I, I 

Jeff: It is so fun. I love it.

Heather: I just love that whole France area. Like having some crepes.

Jess: Those are 

Jeff: a big fan. A lot of the listeners may not know this, but I like to eat and drink. So

Dan: I'm shocked breaking news.

Jeff: And all the rides did. I like as far as ride wise and future world, like I like Soren, but I wouldn't. If Soren was burned down, I wouldn't care if I never could ride it again, it wouldn't affect me at all.

Heather: That's fair.

Jeff: And test track is Ooh, we're look, we're going 40 miles an air in a circle

Jess: Don't you wish this was radiator Springs 

Jeff: after, after, after 10 minutes of break checking inside the dark.

Heather: Yeah. That ride it's underwhelming.

Jeff: Mm

Dan: Yeah, for sure. It'll come up later. So

Heather: Spoiler alert.

Dan: you go to the magic kingdom for, for always and forever more. You can only ever watch the incented Tiki room or the country bear Jamboree, which, which would you pick?

Jess: Can I treat bears? 

That's that's hard, but no, 

Heather: is 

Jess: up country bears.

Jeff: I think I like the enchanted Tiki room

Heather: I would go Tiki


Jeff: Tiki things and Tiki culture, and I'm a big fan of racism. So at attraction as everything I like,

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: do lie. There's more to 

Heather: Xeno phobia, Zena phobic than racist.

Jeff: Yeah. Now it's, I don't think it's either one of those, but it, I, there's more to look at.

The room is alive. There's more characters. There's more stuff. I dunno.

Dan: I think I go with country bird Chambery also though, because you can get at least some semblance of that Tiki room fix other places, but where else can you


Jess: see. 

Dan: bears singing questionably appropriate country socks.

Jeff: think some of it is some of it is because a lot of people may not know this, but I was on the, a street team for showbiz pizza. 

Heather: wow. 

Jeff: January it's always been a pale comparison.

Heather: Two years. Showbiz days.

Jeff: That's correct.

Jess: Oh, God, I want to be a fly on the wall for that. I just, and the fact that you don't sell showbiz pizza team t-shirts makes me sad. 

Jeff: Oh, 

Dan: yeah. 

Heather: My son's best friend currently works at Chucky cheese and

Jeff: street team or does he work in the restaurant?

Jess: It's one of those losers inside.

Heather: he was talking about, oh, they weren't open on Easter Sunday because they wouldn't be busy. And I was like, are you ever busy? Maybe you said, shockingly, we're busy every single day. All the time.

Dan: The parking lot is packed all the

Jeff: If there wasn't a picture of me hanging on the wall that said, do not let this man in. I would still be going to Chuck E cheese every day.

Jess: I took that street team a 

Dan: how many, how many, how many companies that went bankrupt during the pandemic have come back as strong as, as Charles entertainment, cheese,

Jess: People wanted to get those kids out of the damn house at that 

Jeff: That's right. Yeah.

Dan: and they've got wine on tap. It's.

Jeff: They got wine on tap. There's a salad bar. They have mediocre pizza and a ball pit full of scabies covered balls, which is what I call my

Heather: Oh, 

Jess: And if you're lucky there'll be a giant brawl because that happens a lot too. 

Jeff: Yeah. All the time.

Dan: Yeah. Shockingly

Jeff: My friend, Jason got a barred from there and the police were gonna come because he shoved a little girl. The cramp.

Heather: when he was a grown man.

Jeff: Yeah. He had his, he had his cup of tokens up on the machine. He was playing and this little girl came and grabbed a handful of them. One time. The second time she came, he's playing Pac-Man or whatever, you're super into it. He just kinda did this, get the heck away and just wound up knocking her down.

And then she went and told her mom who told the manager, we're all there for our kids, birthday parties. He comes over. Cause we got to go what's up. He goes, you pay the bill or whatever we got to go. And he took off, they went and got in the car and left and as they were pulling out, the police were pulling in.

They were trying to give us that little girl was going for an Oscar.

Dan: To be fair, she was still in his tokens.

Jeff: That's right, exactly. I was going to be as character witness, but I have no character

Heather: he was not going to get off

Dan: Okay. So a pair of re of of related questions. So first would you rather only in forever for all time in the future, be able to attend the international food and wine festival at Epcot or the flowering garden Fest.

Jeff: Clara.

Jess: able to, would I be able to tell the difference if you didn't have the

Jeff: flowers. Yeah. Around, around the little lake there under the monorail curve where they put all the flowers in it, flower and garden during food and wine, that's just ravioli. That's really the only way to tell the difference.

Jess: And they water it 

Dan: would pay an upcharge to go

Heather: I'd

Dan: go wait again.

Heather: because it is hot as Hades during food and wine.

And at 

least during flower and garden, do you have a chance of it not being hot as

Jeff: it's just so pretty there. I love all the topiaries and extra flower stuff and I like it.

Dan: I agree. And, and food and wine gets a little rowdier than

Jeff: Yeah. It's more emphasis on the wine, I think, than the food. 

Jess: Yeah. 

Jeff: They're both

Heather: vomiting in trash cans. I've seen that so many times at food and wine.

Dan: Yeah. Especially if you get too close to the rose and crown you're in,

Heather: Oh yeah. That is a bottleneck of drunks.

Dan: we're really selling really solid

shifts to 

Jeff: you'd like to get a food and wine contact key to the world,

Dan: All right. So how about if you had to choose, would you rather be stuck with all the visiting flower and garden or the international festival of the arts?

Jess: Festival of the arts. I love that one. 

Jeff: I like the time of year. It is 

Heather: Yeah, I think I would have to go with that one as well because of the time of year and the art.

Dan: I would stick with flower and garden still.

Heather: I do love

Dan: a little bit warmer technically,

Jeff: like all the flowers and the gardening, but I love art and I like to buy that stuff and 

Jess: I like meeting the artists, the fact that there's a lot of really good artists that show up and 

Jeff: like talking pure smack about the artist. Not realizing she sitting right there

Jess: You're good at that. 

Heather: These dolls are creepy, who would buy this

Jeff: who buys this crap. Oh, hello. Ma'am.

Heather: Hey ma'am could you tell us who buys your crap?

Dan: So all things being equal, you don't have a lightening lane plus reservation. Would you rather wait during a peak time line for Peter Pan's flight or, or Winnie the Pooh?

got to pick one 

Jess: All right. 

Jeff: is suicide an option.

Jess: just walk out into bay lake 

Dan: no, that's not how the game

Jeff: We need to know I think Winnie the Pooh because the line would be shorter. The attraction is better at, at Peter pan, but Winnie the Pooh is never as long as Peter pan.

Jess: I'll go with that. Just because the math checks out. 

Jeff: Let's say you Daniel.

Dan: It's a toss up for me. I, I think pan though, especially because then you get to go through the, the, the queue that they have, their indoors that hasn't been 

Jess: about that. It's been so long since I've been on either of 

Dan: snap, nose, breath.

Heather: I've only been through that Q one time.

Jeff: one time we with just to see the new, cute

Dan: You're you're, near less likely to get plague from the surroundings than you are from all the interactive things

Heather: Oh

Dan: Winnie the Pooh.

Heather: touch all the little kids touching all that stuff at Winnie the Pooh. That's probably back now. Their gross little hands over

that touch scream. 

Jess: like the 

Dan: Yeah. 

Jess: dwarfs gyms and stuff that they've got out there. Those just. 

Dan: No. Alright. Would you rather bring back the the castle cake or the stitch castle?

Heather: Ooh, 

Jess: Yeah, the castle cake actually was like thought out and created. And that whole stitch thing was literally just strong Toilet 

Jeff: Toilet paper. It included toilet paper.

Heather: going stitch, just to see the castle teepeed

Dan: Yeah, it was edgy. That's what we're all about

Jeff: When was that? What year was that? I feel like I saw it in person, 

Jess: was the nineties. 

Heather: The nineties

Jeff: Then I 

Jess: time that he took over alien encounter, which I don't think 

Dan: to say, I assumed it was when stages greater escape open. So late nineties,

Jeff: They should bring that back.

Heather: that happened on November 16th, 2004.

Dan: 2004 GS.

Jess: happens a lot. These days where I think the two thousands were actually the nineties. That's the sad feeling. 

Jeff: getting old sucks, dude.

Jess: Yeah, 

Dan: Yeah, man. Tell me about it. So sometimes

Heather: Wow. Yeah, that's a lot later than I thought it was.

Dan: so sometimes it's cool when you get stuck on an attraction in front of something neat to watch. If you, there's some with a lot of details, however, sometimes it really, really sucks. So would you rather be stuck on it's a small world in front of any scene or in the honey mansion, but you're in the attic right in front of constants.

Jess: yeah. 

Heather: Oh

Jess: I'm going to go Haunted mansion.

but she is real bad. She's real bad. 

Heather: annoying, but.

Jeff: Is she the ax lady. 

Jess: with the, 

Jeff: Oh, she doesn't bother me, but 

Jess: it's a 

Jeff: I would hope they turn the sound off. 

Jess: She's also extra loud. So if they don't turn the sound off. 

Jeff: I had a client slash coworker and friend that was stuck in small world, between. To scene, so she could hear the two different languages versions of the 

Heather: man, that's 

Jeff: the, the just right in the middle. And they didn't like, finally they turned the sound off and then finally they walked him out of there, but she see what she was in there and hour hearing that stupid song on a 

Heather: I got stuck on splash mountain down and the bottom, and we'd done the whole ride and down in the, where the, the riverboat and they're singing zippity Duda for an hour and a half

Jess: so you're wet and

having to 

Jeff: then they walked you out of

Heather: Yes. And then we got evacuated from the boats. Yes.

Jeff: Yeah, we got stuck for a long time, right on the climb. The first climb, not the fun club, but maybe that was with you, we were, I was like, finally, I'm going to get walked out of here. And then where there's not one single set or animation, it was just like

Heather: This sucks.

Jeff: a hallway with light at the end of the.

Dan: I've never gotten stuck for that long at anything. 

Jess: Yeah. 

Dan: Gotten stuck for a few minutes in the graveyard scene in the haunted mansion a few times, but that's just the amount of time it takes them to get a wheelchair person

Jeff: I think the only re I think that splash mat was the only time I've had to walk out of a ride.

Jess: the first time I rode rise, I got to walk out. They evaced us, which was neat to see that, but I wanted the ride. to finish. That was, that would have been real nice to, 

Heather: That would have been better.

Jeff: Yeah. I think we've all written rise so many times at this point, it doesn't even 

Jess: no, it's man, I do it on my sleep. 

Heather: Poor Dan.

Dan: And it's

Jeff: Oh, heck Dan, I 

Dan: whatever it's all right.

Jeff: I

Dan: Would you rather have the convenience of taking Uber slash Lyft slash minivan? Everywhere you go on property or save, save, save some money and using the bus and other free transportation and being able to use that extra cash for a, a fancy signature dining meal.

Heather: Private transportation.

Jeff: Yeah. Pantsy meals starting my jam.

Dan: I, I, I can't ever justify to myself the price of a minivan. I could do an Uber and a Lyft.

Heather: I love minivans.

Jess: I do overs all the time, but I was, I, I was really excited to hear minivans are coming back because it's also the only way you can, you can car to the front of the magic kingdom. So that's cause we take Uber's basically every morning we do rope drop. We don't want to deal with waiting for a bus with everybody else.

So we just started taking Uber's for rope drop, but magic kingdom, you still have to 

Heather: It's 

Jess: on a bus or Yeah.

we made like a steak steakhouse, 71 breakfast reservation Just walked over there's ways around it. But man, minivans are so nice. 

Jeff: Yeah.


Jess: They are luxury and they're, they're not going to come back at the same price. There'll be, there'll be more 

Heather: So yeah. Gas prices are up. They're going to

Jeff: because they started at 10 something. 

Jess: were cheap right out of the gate, but they Jack the price pretty 

Dan: They

weren't that she pride out of the

Jeff: it went up 

Dan: or they went to. 

Jeff: the pandemic

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: I was going to say they went up. If, if they were started cheap, they went up really fast because I remember when they came out by the, by the time I was first there, I was like, this is not, I'm not paying for that shit, but let's

Jeff: kind of depends on where I'm going and what I need from it. If I'm just going to a resort, Uber is fine.

Jess: Yeah. 

Dan: No. Would you rather spend a whole day at Disney Springs or downtown Disney in Anaheim?

Jess: Disney 

Heather: Hmm, Disney Springs. I 

Jess: there's more to 

Heather: there's more to do. Yeah.

Jess: even though I don't shop at 99% of the stores and Disney Springs. I love I'm working my way through the restaurants. And I like 

Heather: Disney Springs has the hanger bar 

Jess: Yeah, 

Heather: and it has that, that beautiful over-water bar at Bowhouse. 

Jess: a good bar to hang out at downtown Disney. I can't even think of one that I've actually ever 

Jeff: there's that center open air 

Jess: out in the middle of, I don't know. 

Jeff: Yeah. There's the new brewery. I've never, I can't ever get in there. And so I don't know to me, Disney downtown Disney is a pass through. I 

Heather: a walkthrough. Yeah, 

Dan: But on the other hand, they do have that a corn dog shoved inside a

Heather: that is true. And it is delicious.

Dan: and it's walking business to a walking,

Heather: a pickle shoved inside a corn dog, Dan.

Dan: right? Yeah. Sorry, forgive me.

Jeff: A pickle inside a Wiener inside batter.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: where you say the pickles inside the Wiener, that's a really skinny pickle, or really that

Jeff: It's like docking.

Heather: it's a giant dill pickle hollowed out with a Wiener inside

Jeff: Oh, that's

Dan: Dan. Sorry. I thought, yeah, I thought the weeder was in the pickle and then they were both breaded.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Would you rather spend would you rather spend your day in fantasy land at Walt Disney world or in Disneyland fantasy

Heather: Hmm,

Jeff: More of the classic attractions, Mr. Toad's still there. And the Alice in Wonderland is really cool and the little mini boat things, it's just a different vibe. It's more crowded,

Jess: Yeah. 

Heather: true.

Dan: true.

Jeff: but there's more stuff in there. That's cool. Yeah. 

Jess: Yeah.

I will say new Fantasyland is.

nice in that you get back there and it doesn't ever feel too crowded for that, walkway near BR guests, 

Jeff: adding those two attractions in the back there really opened up the rest of it. But 

Jess: And then you've got the whole storybook village, which is technically part of fantasy land. So there's a lot more back there 

Jeff: I do love all the little, all the attractions. Is it how many Pinocchio? There's so much cool stuff and Fantasyland and Disneyland.

Dan: all of the classic dark

Heather: wars now,

Jess: and star wars, 

Jeff: Oh yeah. That's weird too.

Heather: I

Dan: the design of the buildings. I

Jeff: No, you got to cut from star wars into

Heather: Yeah,

Jeff: Fantasyland into frontier land around that corner.

Heather: That's true. 

Jess: you have to go through a cave, it's. 

Dan: How about Liberty square or new Orleans. 

Jess: new Orleans.

square smells like pee more than any other area at a Disney park. 

Heather: it 

Jess: And I don't know if that's on purpose. They have a smell of 

Jeff: bathroom back there. Smell it, sir, to give it that, that real bourbon street feeling. 

Jess: wet. Like they just hosed it down no matter what time of day. And it smells like pee and old diapers and it feels musty back there.

And you're like, it's California. Why is it 


Jeff: of that dead end, when you go back, their dead ends on the left is the path room on the right. place. And so it's like, it's yeah, it's the worst bathroom. So you smell fried doughnut and pee and poo and the train right behind you. 

Jess: That's 

Jeff: you've got like diesel and urine and ah, 

Jess: Liberty 


Dan: Too

Heather: Liberty square.

Jeff: me, Liberty, Square's a real pass through. I don't do anything in there.

Dan: Too funny things about new Orleans square one. This is the fourth time on the show that we've mentioned

Heather: gross

Dan: bad it stinks, like piggybacking that Carter. And also when they, when they opened that place, they brought the mayor of new Orleans. And while Disney said to him, live on TV, when they were filming their special for what is he presents from Disneyland.

So we base our new Orleans square off a year, new Orleans, and we think is really accurate. It's just like the real thing, et cetera is cleaner. And he applied that it didn't have the hookers thieves.

Jeff: Maybe it needs that

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: It would be more fun.

That's hysterical.

Jeff: new Orleans. I do love the look of new Orleans square and of course club 33 is there. That's cool. And I liked the way the haunted mansion looks there. It's really cool looking and the entertain. Yeah. They've got the pirate thing and the whole thing is great 

Jess: At Riverdale terrorists or whatever. That's pretty good. Hey there, that money Cristo sandwiches. Good. 

Jeff: yes. Mm.

Yeah, they are all area looks awesome and is awesome. But it's tanks.

Dan: really crowded too. It's a bad bottleneck. The whole park is

Heather: but they put that little perfume shop in there to try to counteract the piecemeal to doesn't work.

Jeff: Yeah, it just smells like my granddad cologne and P mixed together.

Dan: you rather snack your way through a whole trip or plan out in advance? Every single meal with at least what restaurants you're going to and deal with making ATRs and

Jeff: Wait, why are those mutually exclusive?

Heather: Okay. We snag and eat at sit down places.

Dan: you the option. You 

either snapped through the trip or used


Jeff: I'm going meal.

Heather: I'm going sit down meals. 


Jess: with, especially the way that dining and the parks is right now. Because I want to, I want to know where I'm going to eat ahead of time, just so I don't have to worry 

Jeff: I'm not a huge snacker. Anyway, when they had the dining plan, I would always have 400 dining snack credits when I left.

Jess: If you're snacking, that means for breakfast, you're eating sugar, like your chances to get a snack that are like savory are far less. Every time I try. 

Jeff: No, it was the greatest snack ever to exist.

Heather: the

Jeff: The pork shank. That is correct. The $14 snack

Heather: lay at rest in peace.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: See, I'd go with snip. I go with snacking because that lets me be more flexible that lets me eat non-stop throughout the day. If I so desire. And also I've gotta be honest. I have never, not never. I have very rarely been disappointed with a snack selection, but I have more often been disappointed by a meal at a, at a table service restaurant and Walt Disney world.

Not that they're necessarily bad, but it's 75% of what I was hoping for.

Heather: service restaurants,

Dan: I've been

Jeff: you needed to tour with me and the other,

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: okay I've gone to some of some pretty decent table service restaurants and they're still like 75 to 80% of what I hoped for. And that's enough for me to be

Jeff: oh, you got to lower your standards, bud.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: I'm just saying,

Heather: I suppose cheeseburgers spring rolls a snack credit. When the dining plan existed, I don't think they were.

Jess: they 

Dan: they're not,

I think they should 

Jeff: didn't know about them when there was

Heather: so long since

there was a, dining plan. 

Jeff: was a dining plan, didn't know ma'am, but I'm always so full from my meals. And I don't

Heather: That's true.

Jeff: If I snack, it's always sweet stuff. Like I like that Peter pan 

Dan: oh, this is all


Jeff: thing over there, and I like a Dole whip or a citrus swirl and

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: bar.

That's that's what I go for with snacks. Otherwise I'm getting what's essentially table service meals, like Casey's hot dogs or things like that. That aren't really a snack.

Dan: that's why I like prefer a festival time at Epcot so I can

Jeff: I do like that.

Heather: That's a little different, I could snack my way around the

Jeff: Yeah. I was imagining myself, had magic kingdom for some reason when 

Heather: the me

Jess: too. 

Jeff: snacks.

Dan: There's more parks than just magic

Heather: true.

Jeff: You know what though, if you say Disney world, I, my mind goes to magic kingdom

Dan: It's true. Would you rather eat at Ohana or hooptie do review

Heather: de doo


Jess: I've never eaten at either of 

Heather: me lately.

Jeff: oh, Hannah was God awful. The last time we went,

Dan: that's exactly what I was gonna say. I've never eaten at hoop to do,

Heather: That's good.

Dan: except, except for the very first time I ate at Ohana way back in 2012, it's been a let down the other

Heather: It has gone

Jeff: we, yeah, it was about 2000. When did we get 13, 14, we went there. It was amazing. We went a few times and then it just started being terrible.

Dan: And it makes me wonder if back that first time I ate there. Was it really that good or was it just like the novelty of it was exciting and, wow,

Jeff: No, I hated the novelty

Dan: meat fat.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Then

Heather: The food had hoped you do is great. That fried

Jeff: so plentiful.

Jess: do, do just cause I love fried chicken but Yeah.

Jeff: you that humongous table service thing and literally a bucket of ribs.

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: And then they're like, which of these 12 items would you like me to bring you more? Yeah. So great. You could have 12 years of corn or whatever. It's really good. The 

Heather: Strawberry shortcake for 

Jeff: Good. I love it.

I can't wait to go again

Dan: no, I really want to see it. I like a good dinner theater show.

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: and that's it. They're an hour.

Heather: For dinners

Jeff: did away with the

Heather: Yeah. The Lua was gone.

Jeff: and the Mickey's backyard barbecues cone to make way for the hotel. They didn't do hoops. He

Heather: Maybe they'll bring it back.

Dan: Yeah. A new test track or, oh, gee test track. Would you rather ride

Heather: Oh, gee, new test rack is dumb.

Jeff: I liked it back then. I liked the whole crash test dummies thing. And the part where, when you finally take off to do the speed, do you think you're going to run into the wall and then it would bust open last minute? It was, it was great. And it was less in the 

Heather: your car thing is stupid.

Jeff: doesn't 

Dan: it has no bearing on your right experience whatsoever.

Jeff: it anyway. 

Heather: Yeah, 

Jess: I'm going to say old, because that was the last time I was able to ride that ride because that thing has problems with my back. That, that just, it does that little like jerky spot where it's like testing the brakes or whatever. And the way the seats are, I feel like I'm going to be able to not be able to get out of it.

So I do love the old one though. Cause I was young and it was fun.

Jeff: just liked the vibe of it better. 

Jess: I did ride the new 

Jeff: better than either one of them 

Jess: Yeah. 

Jeff: cars is the same layout and everything, but it just, it's less Turkey jerky. And it makes more sense.

Jess: Yeah.

The much 

Heather: it's a way more fun. Yeah.

Dan: It's actually fun. 

Jeff: You, Dan?

Dan: oh I've never written the original one, but I'd far rather just from videos. I'd far rather write that. I love the tests crash test dummies. I remember the cartoon show finally. The new one bores me.

Heather: I was just that song popped into my head. When you said that

Dan: I haven't been on, I haven't been on two test checks since 2012. I wrote it then. And I said, I don't need to write it

Heather: ever again?

Jeff: wow.

Dan: ever again. I tried going out, it was with Wyatt and it broke down. Like it's going to be 45 minutes.

Jeff: it breaks down a lot.

Dan: fine with just not writing it. And I haven't tried 

Jess: I wrote mission space once. And I think it was like 97, 96, something like that. And that was never, ever again. I was like this is horrible.

Dan: I like mission space. I like, I like the side that actually simulate the, the, whatever,

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: the 

Jess: That's the one I did. It was not, I didn't like 

Jeff: Carrie and why it went on at once and I was told by both of them, you will hate this. Don't go on it. And I've never sent.

Dan: Yeah. Let's see, I'm getting down to the end of my list. I've got a few more would you rather, I'm imagining that magically the wonders of life pavilions still existed, would you rather they, but they could only bring back one attraction from it, which rather they bring back body wars or cranium command.

Jess: Body wars, body wars for the sheer. What the fuck are you have it, 

Heather: I hated body wars.


Jess: it wasn't a 

Jeff: vaguely remember either one of them.

Heather: was weird.

Jeff: I only went to Epcot once or twice when those existed.

Dan: Bodyworks was cool, but it's the same thing as star tours

Jeff: Oh, then

Heather: reason that one made me sick. Those are usually don't. But.

Jeff: make me sick.

Dan: And, and I keep on every time I think of body wars, I think that you're going into bill Murray's body. And then I realized as Ashley, as most as Jones, the movie,

Jeff: Was was body wars. The one it was, is that the one that's like inner space?

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: yes.

Heather: You're going

Dan: slash


Jeff: remember what cranium command was at all.

Heather: from someone's finger.

Jess: cranium.

command was your insight of kid's head and his, how every part was run by a different lake group. And there was George went from cheers was in it and he was playing like the stomach or something.

Jeff: was the right vehicle?

Jess: It was like a theater. 

Dan: said it was a theater

Heather: was at theater.

Dan: but there was animatronics that came

and your point of view

through most of the film was through the kids' eyes or at least for a portion of it. So it was really cool. And, and the, the cool thing about it was it had like original character design that wasn't IP is really cool.

Little animatronics and

Heather: Hello.

Dan: I would, I would like to


Jeff: was like no IP at Epcot originally.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It was all 


Jess: sub in, can I have the making of me back? Can we just do that?

Heather: So

Jess: then we get to see the, the Karens lose their lids when They,

see there's a con 

Dan: Maybe we can update it and include include turning red

Jeff: What was where a test track

Dan: in it. Test check was a world emotion.

Jeff: one? I liked, I remember that one. It was like transportation and all different stuff through the 

Jess: Hmm. 

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: The mission space was horizons, or was horizons. 

Jeff: Yeah. I remember that one too. I don't think I may not have ever wrote written neither of the other two,

Dan: Horizons is like every Epcot, fanboys, but dream to have that come back someday. Okay. I've got two more so well, while Disney comes back for one day, would you rather visit Disneyland with him, but you can't talk to him or ask questions. You can just be a fly on the wall and observe as he visits the

Jeff: he gets pissed.

Dan: or, or you just sit down with him in a room and have a conversation with him for an hour.

Heather: it's

Jeff: I think I have a tour Disneyland with 

Jess: Yeah, I Disneyland cause I'm going to choke up and be like You like chili, right? That was a thing. Jesus.

Jeff: I never even looked chili Lillian used to make me eat that garbage.

Jess: 50th 

Dan: Remember the one time you made that 

Jess: everywhere. I don't 

Dan: was cool. 

Heather: think I'd want to have a conversation with him. Cause I feel like he would be an interesting character to listen to,

Jess: I'd want to know what he 

Heather: got stories. 

Jess: I wanted I'd want to know what he thought about, like the park now and what's new and, and where it's come. And I wouldn't be able to get his actual reaction by just telling him if I'm just sitting in a room with him and he doesn't get to,

see it and don't get to so Yeah.

as much as I want to talk to him, 

Heather: involved?

Jess: pickled 

Jeff: I have my phone to show him things? 

Jess: but 


Jeff: is the room club? 33. That might be

Heather: Yeah.

Jess: to to, to hear and watch him like ride a new ride, 

Jeff: Yeah. That's what I 

Jess: to ride like rise of the resistance and see what he had to say. I don't have any good questions for him on that. I just would love to see what he had to say. 

Jeff: That's what I think her, if he was just like, with all their 

Jess: Yeah, like this is horse 

Jeff: everywhere. 

Jess: You're all fired. I'd be like, holy crap. 

Jeff: what do you mean? I can't smoke in here. 

Jess: Why are so many women work in hair? What is that? 

Jeff: Yeah. Why does everybody have a beard and tattoos?

Jess: Who let the happy zone 

Dan: Okay. So my last question for you, would you rather spend an entire afternoon at lightning McQueens racing academy or eat it flows.

Heather: Oh, eat at flows. I can choke down the cold fried chicken and then get the heck out of there. 

Jess: move those kids out of my God damn way and pull up a piece of carpet. Cause I'm sitting my ass down for a day of lightning. McQueen's bullshit racing academy. Fuck. Hell. I'm not stepping foot and flip.

Dan: Ciao. 

Jeff: so many Donald duck quacks. I yeah, I would eat it flows.

Heather: Yeah. I've

Jeff: I wouldn't 

Heather: in that racing academy was all I could handle.

Jeff: never been in a racing academy, but 

Jess: it either. Yeah. 

Jeff: I would take 30 minutes of bad food over all day of anything.

Jess: Ciao.

Dan: Yeah, I think so too.

Jess: All I got to say to 

Jeff: What about you, Dan?

Dan: I agree. And who knows maybe by now they've fired that head chef and turned the place 

around. David's halfway decent

Heather: happened.

Jess: I have to stick to my guns. 

Jeff: it.

Dan: you can sit outside there, right? So you can sit outside and in the evening and watch the Mian come 


Jess: is a nice view of radiator Springs racers too. So yeah. 

Dan: No.

Jeff: I don't know how you screw up. Fred chicken Britisher found 

Heather: They sure did.

Jess: It is California. The only place where I have ever gone to a was the storytellers, cafe, breakfast buffet, and the, they had sausage gravy on the menu. And I being a good boy from Georgia was very excited until I found out that. this is the first time I've ever seen anybody make gravy and they took link sausage and just cut it in half.

And so it was like gravy 

Dan: I've had 

Jess: of a link sausage floating in

Dan: Never in half if they ever had it. I've had it with slices, like circular

Jeff: no, it's gotta be like chunked up Patty sausage

Jess: Yeah,


Jeff: spicy 

Jess: and that's when I was like, oh, 

Jeff: and white 

Jess: stop it. 

Jeff: even know. It's good though. That has a chicken and waffles is Roscoe's is right down the road from Disney.

Dan: that's 

Jess: sure they can do chicken and waffles. 

Jeff: Yeah, and gravy and other stuff, but not, I forgot about that. 

Jess: yeah, it was the 

Jeff: Gravy with a half a sticker sausage in there.

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. 

Jeff: Dan, what was your answer to that? You keep making us answer everything.

Dan: I said, I, I, I did it flows. 

Jeff: Yeah. 

Dan: bet I'd even enjoy it.

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah. It wasn't the experience for wind where we were when we were in how it was, was just awful. But I bet generally speaking, they're a mediocre restaurant

Jess: a fan of legend and at this point, the lower has taken over. So I'm going to ride this, till the end, I'll see you in hell flow. 

Dan: if I had


Jeff: link sausage entails.

Dan: if, if I had paid to be out of that ABD and that was like the meal before what you're supposed to go

Jeff: The meal before the final evening's event got rained out, it was just like really

Dan: I would be pissed and hate flows also, but on a general trip out of my own pocket, if I go there and I get a a Kadima, what's the place called, tomorrow land and magic kingdom. 

Jess: Cosmic rates. 

Dan: Yeah. If I, if I go there and I get a cosmic rays quality meal out of my own pocket, and it's not on an ABD that


Jeff: VA cafe is not even fit to hold cosmic craze. Jack's trap.

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