Sept. 2, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 9-2-2022

Disney World/Travel News 9-2-2022

News time! This week we talk about changes to the theme park reservation system at Walt Disney World Resort, tours are back at EPCOT, and putting the Walt back in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom fireworks spectacular. Plus, it’s easier for United State...

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News time! This week we talk about changes to the theme park reservation system at Walt Disney World Resort, tours are back at EPCOT, and putting the Walt back in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom fireworks spectacular. Plus, it’s easier for United States citizens to get into (and out of!) Cancun, evacuating the Chunnel, Indonesia’s Ma’Nene festival, and the ever classy Testy Fest in Bentonville Arkansas!


Don’t forget, we’re trying something new this summer, and releasing our news segment and theme park segment as two individual episodes. This helps spread all the great content we cover out over the week so you don’t miss us as much in between episodes, and also makes it easier to listen back to episodes in the future, without dated and irrelevant news stories. We hope. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher app, and that our show is set to automatically download. And let us know what you think about our new format!



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news 9-2-2022

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the gold key adventure society. My name is Dan Leonard.

Jeff: Hi, Dan

Dan: I couldn't remember where it was that you interrupt me. So and joining me this week in the studio, said the straight

Heather: Hello, Dan.

Dan: and Jeff Williams.

Jeff: prolapse.

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Heather: Woohoo.

Dan: Oh so yeah, so news we got some theme park news starting up. First of all just just what yesterday, as we were talking about recording this or two days ago, I don't remember what the date is now previously. Some updates to the Walt Disney world park pass reservation system were announced to becoming well before you the changes happened before this

Jeff: they're happening.

Dan: Yes,

Heather: taken effect as you are listening. There's some good changes actually. Name them.

 First of all, the Mo the most exciting thing is that now you can modify your park reservation without having to cancel it and book a new one, which was always a little bit scary. If you were booked into a park that was full , is this gonna work?

Jeff: Yeah. And you can you see availability before?

Heather: Yes. And now what they've done is they've made it exactly what Disneyland had all along , which was better. And your. Park pass is now gonna be tied to the specific ticket that you wanna use instead of just tying it to your, my Disney experience account. And the best part of that is, so if you have an annual pass and you have just some tickets left over that you bought, you can go in and pick which ticket you wanna use to make this reservation. And what's a lot better is that now you can book park passes for multiple ticket types. All at the same time, it used to be that if some of your group had an annual pass and some just had multi-day tickets. You had to do yours first, everybody who had your specific kind of annual pass first, then you had to go back in and have everybody who had say a park copper.

You had to book them together. You couldn't mix and match. So if you had a group of people traveling together that all had different tickets, it was a pain to do park reservations. Now you can do all of them at the same time, which is great.

Dan: And for a larger group of people, right?

Heather: Yes. Up to 30 in it used to be only 12. So that's

Jeff: both of those are weird arbitrary numbers. Why

Heather: It does seem like a little bit of an arbitrary number.

Dan: I wanna know is when are they going to make it so that I can do this through the app instead of having to exit the app and go to the website and do it

Heather: Yeah. You click on it in the app, but it takes you out of it into the website. I don't know whether you ever

Jeff: browser on the phone is annoying.

Dan: Yeah. And I have to resign in a second time and all that nonsense, and that's just a pain. I. 

Heather: Yes, 

Dan: angry.

Jeff: are what they call pain points,

Heather: they're not huge change. They're not change. Huge changes that some people were hoping for, which was basically that they would drop the park

Jeff: all together.

Heather: I don't think that's gonna happen. I really don't.

Jeff: it to either.

Dan: no.

Heather: No, they're doing a great job at managing. Crowds are spreading the crowds out better amongst the four parks, because a daily attendance is back to 2019 levels.

But if you look at the wait times are not back to 2019 levels at all.

Dan: I think you'll find that the people who are complaining, who would like to see it go away are more on the west coast than I want Disney world. I hear more

Heather: That is true. The magic key folks are not thrilled with the park pass reservations. That's.

Jeff: local area probably, Disney world ones too. They can't just pop in, but generally speaking, they're almost never sold out and if they are sold out, it means it's so crowded. You wouldn't wanna pop over there to go to Tony's town square anyway.

Heather: yeah, I think it's a combination of the park pass system and. I hate to say it genie plus that's keeping those standby lines down because back when, at the height of fast pass, plus that had a lot to do with why those standby lines got so, so long. And it seems to have been mitigated a lot.

 I haven't seen. Lines longer than 60 to 90 minutes. Yeah. And that's nothing, when you look back at summertime flight of passage when it was three hours.

Jeff: plus hours. This there's lines stretched all the way back to

Heather: And I haven't seen it like that at all in the past six months when attendance has been back up to 2019 levels. So I.

Dan: No.

Heather: great.

And I think it's working and let's keep it. It's not that big of a deal to make it, especially now that you can, it's easier to make them for whatever kind of mix of group you have and that you can modify it.

 The thing that I would like to see happen with the park pass reservation system is some way to make park hap park hopping part of that reservation system so that people could park up earlier than two o'clock. I don't know whether it's gonna, but yeah, that way somebody could spend a couple of hours in a park and decide this isn't really where I. To be today or it's a little more crowded and I'd like to go somewhere else and they don't have to wait until two

Jeff: Yeah. I used to like to do that. If I'd been at one thing, for instance, we used to do a lot was just pop in there and ride rock and rollercoaster ride at rope drop. It's a great, exhilarating thing to do. And then go to another park or go to a reservation for brunch or something. And then move on, but you can't really do that now.

Heather: That is true.

Dan: It almost seems like now that they're not worried about limiting crowd sizes due to pandemic stuff, it feels like two o'clock being the hopping time is a, again, like a weird arbitrary, just

Heather: Definitely.

Jeff: I don't get I wonder where that number came. That time came from in the first place.

Dan: I'm sure they did some sort of study and said, here's the average amount of time people.

Jeff: You think Disney would study their analytics?

Dan: They used to who knows?

Jeff: now they just read the blogs.

Heather: Oof.

Dan: blogs are great. They.

I don't know, but what is great is there's some there's some exciting tours that are returning Toco very soon. This fall. One, I know Jeff is a big fan of the behind the seeds tour at living with the land. That's one that I have always wanted to take myself is that tour.

Heather: it's really great to see this stuff coming.

Jeff: it again.

Dan: it's really great.

And I don't know what the price point's gonna be when it comes back, but. In previous times it was what, like 35 bucks.

Jeff: Yeah, it was pretty affordable. It's pretty low key too. It's not that long. So if it was boring for your family or whatever not a big deal, but that's a great tour.


Heather: cool. I'd like

Jeff: into plants. I always wanted to do that with him. And then it disappeared for.

Heather: It's back starting October 2nd.

Dan: That's right. And one or hour walking tour through the greenhouses of the living with the land ride, you can get up close and personal with those crazy cool hydroponic towers of dwarf peppers and the Mickey shaped pumpkins and stuff. See the hydroponic fish tanks and stuff. So

Jeff: Hold the biggest cucumber you ever did. See.

Heather: What

Jeff: Or some vegetable. I don't know what it was. I held some big,

Heather: Some large vegetable

Jeff: yeah, I wasn't paying that much attention.

Dan: On also returning on October 2nd is going to be the what do they call that thing? Dive

Heather: dive quest. I'm a super excited about this

Jeff: And what date are you doing? It?

Heather: I will be doing that on October 5th, actually. Yes.

Jeff: Heather and a couple of, other of our managers are going to dive in there when we're there for a meeting. So

Heather: sure Jeff will be posting video on the internet.

Jeff: 100% from as flattering an angle, as I can find for you.

Heather: I can't wait. You have to wear a wetsuit on that one. So that's gonna be great. but I'm excited. I've always wanted to do it. Diving in the living seas aquarium

should be.

Jeff: And do you have to be scuba certified or do they offer a snuba option?

Heather: You do have to be scuba certified for this one, but they do have a snuba. And I don't know whether they do this for the public, if it was ever a public tour. When my kids were younger, several summers in a row, they got to do a summer camp that was offered for cast members and friends of cast members.

And one of the things that they did was a snuba experience in the living seas. And it was really cool. But I don't know if that's something that they ever offered to the public. I'd have to look that.

Jeff: I've had a few SNE boo experiences, but never a S.

Dan: I don't know what that means.

Heather: You don't wanna know.

Dan: I didn't think I wanted to know if you're not scuba certified there's also a tour that you can take at the seas. You can visit the Epcot seas adventures, da dolphins in depth experience where you can get up close and personal with the bottle nose, dolphins, and learn about their behavior and meet the experts who work with them every day.

Jeff: I want to do. I like seeing all of the little extra things come back, cuz every time I'm there, I'm like, how can I spend more money here? And now they have answered that question for me.

Dan: There's endless opportunities for that, but this one doesn't feel like you're just buying a piece of plastic crap. So take a fun tour instead.

Jeff: there's still so many tours that haven't come back yet. Right?

Heather: Lots that I'm waiting for, like the keys to the kingdom tour, that big, exciting backstage magic tour that you did, Jeff. I

Jeff: Didn't they end that even before the

Heather: I think they may have. And it's disappointing.

Jeff: that was amazing and very expensive.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: No, I have a feeling that's gonna stay away until they're done running their magical 50th

Heather: That's ending soon, so

Jeff: Oh, yeah, we just heard about that.

Dan: I'm sure they'd rather, I'm sure they'd

Jeff: sun setting it as Disney

Heather: Yes.

Dan: yes. Taking it out back and giving it the old yellow treatment.

Jeff: sending it to live on their friend's ranch.

Dan: yeah. Let's see. Oh I know Heather was particularly excited about this bit of news and I was happy to see it too. Finally, like. What three quarters of the way through our 18 month celebration of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney world?

Jeff: remembered what the Walt in Walt Disney was.

Dan: yeah, they added some Walt into the Disney Ench fireworks show.


Heather: it yet, but I understand they added a lot of Walt back in or not back in, but added a lot of

Jeff: they have Roy, they have a lot of vintage historical clips from when the park opened. Like all the stuff we thought was

Heather: ex that we

Jeff: fully did not remember. It was the 50th anniversary. They were just like, how can we make a Disney plus ad and shoot it on the

Heather: It really was.

Jeff: on the castle. 

Heather: I. I felt bad because that show is not a terrible show, but leading up to the launch of the 50th and just, I remember the way that I was feeling walking in to watch that show for the first time I had such high hopes. Yeah. I remember. The 60th fireworks and world of color out at Disneyland made me cry.

So I was so excited for that. And we're just standing there going, what? Wait, what is over? When it was over? I was confused.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: didn't understand what I had

Jeff: it was fine.

Heather: Yeah. And it was a decent nighttime show, but

Dan: but not

Heather: supposed to be for the 50th. It

Jeff: Had nothing to do with the 50th at all. They didn't even mention it once.

Dan: For those of us watching at home on that live broadcast that you are at the taping for, it was even worse because I don't know who's been doing their live from the park. Video productions, but they're not, they don't manage to capture these nighttime spectaculars. At all. Oh yeah. It's hard, but they've done

Heather: and walking out we tried to say, oh maybe it was because there were so few people in there, there was no crowd energy to get us hyped. And that was certainly part of it, but I was genuinely disappointed in it.

Jeff: Yeah, so

Heather: I, now that the 50th is wrapping up in the next few months, it's ending in March.

They finally. Finally retooled the show and added a lot of Walt. So I'm very excited to see it. And I don't know how long this show is gonna stay around. Maybe it'll stay around longer now that they took the time and spent the money on updating it.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: It's. It is just, they basically tacked an introduction on the beginning. The rest of the show is pretty much unchanged.

Heather: And that's fine because all of that stuff did come from Walt and Walt's imagination and it because of him, but it needed that entry into

Jeff: too current right now in Pixar, heavy to have a thing to do with their history. On the 50th, there was no mention of the park or Walt or Roy, or it is weird,

Dan: Oh yeah. Definitely. There's certain things that they, I don't understand why they have to squeeze the same things into every show. It is getting the point where they'll look the same

Jeff: yeah.

Dan: with some of the Pixar stuff. And for some reason, every single show they do has to include, I want to be like you like that song can maybe move aside for some.

Great songs that they've had in the

Heather: Fair. Yeah.

Dan: of their,

Jeff: like the yoing trippy cow ones from the, on the farm.

Heather: Home on the range.

Jeff: Yeah. Home on the range.

Dan: I haven't seen that one.

Jeff: Oh my God. I love that

Heather: It's a great

Dan: You too are the only ones.

Jeff: Randy Randy, Quaids sings. This one song where he's yoing. It's incredible.

Heather: You have got to give it a chance. Give it a watch.

Dan: sleeper hit is

Heather: love it. It, yes. Give it a watch. Your kids will love it.

Jeff: yeah, the one song from that movie is played all the time. Backed by splash mountain back in that area is a Katy Lang song,

Heather: Yep.

Dan: all it's on my watch list.

Jeff: a little piece of heaven, way out west.

Dan: All right.

Heather: That's great.

Dan: sleeper

Heather: Sleeper hit. I'm telling you, watch it,

Jeff: Fire that up with your kids, they will laugh. They will cry. It's a white knuckle roller coaster ride through the emotions.

Heather: Plus there are cows and chickens.

Dan: Yeah. There's something for everybody.

Heather: That's right.

Dan: right. I have no I have no transition from this. So I'm just gonna say, we're going to say goodbye to Wal Disney world and hello to Cancun because you no longer need to provide a entry form for us. Visitors into

Heather: Thank goodness. That was always so irritating. It wasn't such a big deal. If you're a frequent visitor to a Cancun and you knew about it, you could fill that out in advance, but if you didn't know about it, the airline never had enough forms. Never had enough pens.

Jeff: I guess a plain load of 250 people. We have 80 forms and three pins

Heather: and that the ear, the most irritating part of it was, there was a little tiny piece of it that they would tear off when you went through customs and you had to have that in order to leave. And if you didn't have it, if you didn't know you were supposed to keep it, or you lost it. Not jail luckily, but you paid a fine. That was anywhere from like 35 to 50 us dollars. You'd have to go stand in this crappy long line at the airport to get a new one in order to leave the country. But they got rid of it that all of Mexico is slowly phasing it out, but they're starting in the tourist areas. Cabo already got rid of it. And now Cancun, as of this taping, No longer requires it.

So go visit Mexico.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: beautiful country. There's fantastic. Resorts there. One of my favorite places in the world to visit

Dan: and now you don't have to pay to get out.

Heather: that's correct.

Jeff: Did they drop the $12 visitor's text yet?

Heather: I haven't seen that drop yet.

Jeff: Not that 12 bucks was gonna push me over the

Heather: No,

Jeff: 12 bucks on top of my $4,000 vacation. Are you kidding me? Wonder if they have any festivals down there in the.

Dan: They might, but first we need to talk about something less, less, less

Jeff: Tactically.

Dan: something scarier than testicles

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: terrifying evacuation from an undersea tunnel

Heather: this is.

Dan: tunnel.

Heather: Getting stuck in the tunnel, in, in the channel tunnel between England and France. I don't want it.

Jeff: Yeah, but think about all the cool sea life you could see while you're walking

Heather: that is not a, that is not a thing. Yeah. We know someone who thought that the channel tunnel was a big glass tube, like that shark experience at SeaWorld

Jeff: yep. Like when we were gonna see all the cool stuff from our train,

Heather: No, it's

Dan: imagine if it was though.

Heather: oh

Jeff: be so cool.

Heather: it would be cool. Yeah. There were passengers traveling from France to England when their train broke down and so they got stuck and then they had to transfer from the tunnel, the main tunnel where all the trains run into a separate. Service tunnel and walk out and they were,

Jeff: long of a walk

Heather: It's gotta be.

Jeff: four days, they're still walking.

Heather: I don't think it's that long . No they didn't have to walk all the way out. They had to walk through this service tunnel and out into another train tunnel to get on a new train. But I guess they were stuck for about three hours on their broken down train. And it was about a mile that they had to walk.

To the other train that they needed to transfer to. And it's, they, the passengers were saying that it was not only a long walk. It was hot because the service tunnel isn't air conditioned. And there were a lot of times they were just standing around in that tunnel for hours. And I don't know, I don't have a problem writing the Euro star through the channel tunnel, but the thought of being stuck in a tube underneath all that water, it freaks me.

Dan: Yeah. And you look at that picture of the people standing in that tunnel. There's a whole lot of moisture stains all over that. Yeah, I, that

Heather: Yeah, it doesn't give you great feelings. Does it,

Dan: no, it looks a little damp in

Heather: are we sure this is safe?

Dan: At least you only had to walk one mile.

The full run of the tunnel under sea is 23 and a

Heather: Yeah it's a long way. It's between two countries.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: are you in there when you're writing? It seems like it's not only maybe 20 minutes or something,

Heather: Yeah. It's not long when you're actually in the tunnel. Yeah.

Dan: it says 34 minutes

Jeff: By train normally.

Dan: Yeah. Normally by train it's about 34 minutes and they were 10 minutes into their ride.

Jeff: I don't care for that.

Dan: No, thank you.

Jeff: It's a no for me, dog.

Dan: Yeah, I agree. I remember like I remember being in approximately third grade and that was big news when that tunnel opened up.

Heather: Yeah, it

Dan: in 1994. was 10, whole years old.

Heather: You used to have to take a ferry between England and France

Jeff: so people could get to

Heather: took a lot longer.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: Yes. There is a Euro star that goes directly to the gates of Disneyland Paris. It's pretty cool.

Dan: Almost as cool, actually equally as terrifying. Jeff sent me an article about this a few days ago, the mane festival in Indonesia, and I'm really hoping

Heather: Oh, man.

Dan: the joke that I'm hoping you're gonna make. So I don't have to.

Jeff: No, I got

Dan: Oh, so I'm not gonna get to watch you, my whip. My NA

Jeff: Oh, yeah, I'm elderly. You forget? I don't know that reference.

Dan: I don't really know what that means then either, but 

Jeff: whip and watch me. NA

Dan: yeah, I couldn't tell you what

Heather: Is that the one with the stinky

Jeff: I'm about to do this tanky leg. Y'all

Dan: a thank you. Say what happens when you got a little P a little poop in your drawers and you're trying to kinda shake it out.

Heather: gross.

Dan: oh, good.

Jeff: a slow version of shaking, a little pebble of Dukey outta your pants.

Dan: good. This is some rough viewing in this article here. I don't know if you've opened it up. There's a few cultures that I've thought about talking about some of their kind of celebration of the dead festivals and a lot of them like to

Jeff: this one.

Dan: a lot of them like to dig up their family

Heather: do not understand

Jeff: It's a little weekend at Bernie's action with your long dead grandmother.

Heather: up their mummified remains and have a party with.

Dan: Yeah are dressed up with him. They're putting sunglasses on 'em and.

 They give them a new outfit. They clean them up and they give 'em new, fresh, new clothes to wear for the year. And they, the name of the it's. It's a ritual that is literally the ceremony of cleaning corpses. It typically takes place at the end of

Jeff: The

corn dog stand. There is amazing though.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: where is this? Did you say the

Dan: Yes. Ulai island.

Heather: Oh man.

Dan: In the Philippines. Yeah. Oh, no Indonesia, I'm sorry. Not Philippines,

Heather: Okay.

Dan: But yeah, they,

Jeff: link to this

Heather: This

Dan: yeah, we're gonna link to the article cuz I don't even know. How to describe it.

yeah. It's fascinating.

Jeff: so they look all leathery and then they're dressing them up and they pose with them and dress. And it is very, this is not a funny thing or wacky thing. They're giving them shiny new outfits, cleaning them up and giving them the respect. They, but they're getting one more day with

Heather: I assume that this means that they mummify all of their dead then because you're not just putting your relative in the ground and

Jeff: Cuz that would just be soup with a sweater on if

Heather: Ew. Gross.

Dan: gross. Like sweaters

 Yeah. They mummify all of their relatives and it's the thing that in America, we are really terrified of death and a lot of other cultures embrace it a little bit better and have a better relationship with it. And so they they look at it as a

Heather: It's different. I don't know that I would want my relatives digging me up every three years and putting a

Jeff: You're dead. What do you care?

Heather: That's true.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: that hurts you.

Heather: That's fair.

Dan: Yeah. They say it's a sign of love that they will share for those who've died that they show them respect by letting them know they are still active members of the family.

Heather: All.

Dan: they clean 'em up, they dress 'em up. And then they put 'em back in the cave for a year or three years.

Jeff: Oh, is it a cave? Like a mausoleum.

Dan: yeah, it's like a There's like a hole in a rock. Is this first picture they're Oh, yeah, it is. Yeah. It's like a cliff, like a naturally not naturally occurring, but they just cut a hole in a Boulder.

yeah. Yeah. Rock tombs that says here. So that's fascinating. There's some more there's, there could be a whole series of these that we talk about. There's a group that hangs there. Coffins off the side of cliffs and then they live in houses, built on the side of the cliffs.

There's several

Heather: Surrounded by the coffins of their dead relatives.

Dan: Yeah. There's also a couple cultures where they are it's towns where they basically live in the cemetery. The whole town is just a cemetery. It's interesting. So maybe Yeah,

I'll have to look at some more of those, cuz it's interesting. Now for something a lot less a lot less thought provoking and nice.

And I'm trying to think of the word that well, we're gonna go to Bentonville Arkansas for the

Jeff: Home of Walmart.

Heather: And

Dan: and the testicle festival.

Heather: that's hard to say six times fast.

Jeff: Al festival

Dan: Testicle festival testicle festival. The good news is it's all about bull balls.

Heather: Oh no.

Dan: Yeah. The flyer that I first saw when I decided we needed to talk about this, it's the headline says beer balls bands and camping

Heather: Oh, wow. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. And it's really just looks like your typical small town festival.

Jeff: testicle festival.

Dan: Yeah. And their, the their shtick that they hang it all on is eating.

Jeff: hang it all.

Heather: Rocky mountain oysters.

Dan: oysters, Prairie, oysters, whatever you wanna call 'em. So they have a ball eating contest.

Heather: No. No.

Jeff: I know a few people that could win that.

Dan: also a wet tshirt contest. It's a really, it's a really classy festival, as you can

Heather: Yeah. Sounds like it.

Dan: UND 500. Which I'm assuming is I don't want to click on the preview

Heather: don't do it.

Dan: I might click on the preview video. They have a motorcycle show. They have a ball throwing contest. If you can throw our balls, the fur that you win $500.

Heather: Kind of balls are they throwing?

Dan: They're just shot puts. They're

Heather: All right. Phew.

Jeff: Oh what's the fun in.

Dan: they. They've got, oh yeah it's a DY 500 it's grownups on tricycles in their underpants racing to, to win things. There's also, like I said, super classy. There's a ladies only oil wrestling tournament

Heather: Wow.

Dan: a $500 prize, $500 cash for the wet t-shirt contest.

There's motorcycle show, a whole bunch of bands,

Heather: Where is this? Arkansas old art, Kansas.

Jeff: Walmart town.

Dan: that's

Jeff: There's a thing about becoming a food vendor at this place. Men cannot live on balls alone. So we've invited traditional food vendors to the test festival as well.

Dan: Have either of y'all.

Jeff: After you this line might be my favorite. After you wipe the ball off your pick up something for man cave.

Dan: Have either of you ever tried Rocky mountain

Heather: No, and I will not.

Dan: They're delicious.

Heather: You've had

Dan: I've had

Heather: you've eaten balls.

Dan: Yeah. I've had one. No, we stopped stopped in Wyoming. South Dakota and for lunch. And as you do Try the local delicacy

 That they have testicles on the menu and you can't turn them down. That'd be rude. Grandmother had them and said they were good.


Heather: yep.

Dan: grandma likes to eat

Heather: She liked Rocky mountain oysters.

Dan: grandma, pat likes to eat

Heather: Yes. Yes.

Dan: Oh, good.

Heather: It's true.

Dan: I'm gonna have to try not to bring that up

Heather: yes, please.

Jeff: I should go to this.

Dan: Yeah. They're they're a little squishy, but

Heather: Oh,

Dan: tastes, it mostly just tastes like Fri food we've got that kind of greasy

Heather: squishy

Dan: go

Jeff: Is it like you know how like organ meat is? Yeah. Like kidney or liver where it's got that weird

Heather: Spongy.

Jeff: twang to.

Dan: I don't know if it was spongy. It was more like have you ever eaten peeled grape?

Heather: Oh gross. Nope,

Jeff: but the meat

Heather: we're done here.

Dan: Yeah. Meat flavored, but mostly just tasted that fryer oil.

Heather: Uhuh. Nope.

Dan: the breading

Heather: that's the texture is that's a no for me.

Jeff: I certainly try.

Dan: Why

Heather: big was this thing?

Jeff: And I heard that

Dan: It was like,

Jeff: it takes a minute, but these things can make.

Heather: grow. Stop it.

Dan: It was a little bit smaller than a golf ball. I think

Heather: What?

Dan: I'm sure it shrinks up a little bit in the.

Heather: Aww. Nope. I'll go to the testicle festival with you, but I'm not eating the balls. that as you will.

Dan: Put that on a t-shirt

Jeff: Yeah, shaft only guys.

Dan: no, that's the, that's that one? That's the festival of the iron Fallas in Japan.

Jeff: Oh.

Dan: one.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: I really listened to that episode earlier today, too. That was back in the glory days. If we're done talking about ball nuts,

Heather: think we are.

Dan: And I think we are I'm gonna say, thanks for hanging out with us again for our weekly news Roundup.

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Heather: Bye y'all.

Jeff: Bye everybody. I had a ball.

Dan: Maybe even two!