Aug. 17, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 8-17-2022

Disney World/Travel News 8-17-2022

And now, news! New entertainment spooks its way into Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World, plus Merida is back greeting guests at Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, renewing your passport online, contraband McMuffins, fl...

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And now, news! New entertainment spooks its way into Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World, plus Merida is back greeting guests at Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, renewing your passport online, contraband McMuffins, flights are getting cheaper, and surviving a shark attack!


Don’t forget, we’re trying something new this summer, and releasing our news segment and theme park segment as two individual episodes. This helps spread all the great content we cover out over the week so you don’t miss us as much in between episodes, and also makes it easier to listen back to episodes in the future, without dated and irrelevant news stories. We hope. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher app, and that our show is set to automatically download. And let us know what you think about our new format!


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Disney World/Travel News 8-17-2022

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the gold key adventurous society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week. Damn it. I forgot again. One of these weeks, I'll remember

Heather: every time.

Dan: joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight,

Heather: Hello,

Dan: Jess Evans and Jeff Williams!

Jeff: I'm glad to be here. Thank you.

Dan: One of these days, she'll do this entire show in that voice and it'll make me please let it not be this week.

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It's news time. Let's get this show on the road

Jess: Do.

Dan: two exciting new entertainment. Edit additions have been announced from Mickey's not so scary. Halloween party at at Walt Disney world.

Heather: Exciting. Are they both exciting?

Dan: while there so exciting. 

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: so exciting. Do you remember a couple weeks ago we talked about how there was gonna be for a limited time.

Only at Disney Springs, zombies were invading for the zombies three zombie's bash.

Heather: I think that was the episode where we talked about how I'd never heard of this zombies

Jess: is infatuated with those movies. He watches them all the time. He sings the songs, listens to them while he is in the bath.

Jeff: forgot. We even discussed it

Dan: Good news. That was only gonna be in, in Disney Springs for a few weeks, but I guess it must have been popular cuz it is coming to cosmic Ray star lake cafe for the Oh, another reason for me not to go there.

Jeff: with the Halloween party or cosmic rays.

Heather: Cosmic, graces

 Not my favorite.

Dan: if you wanna get your zombie dance on, you can head on over that dance party. More exciting, at least for me and possibly Jess and I

Heather: I am more of a fan of this one. Yes.

Dan: Yeah. Before the before the parades they're gonna have, when their little pre parade units come through for a little dance party, featuring max goof, cosplay.

Yeah. Max will be Coplay as power line from 1990 fives, a goofy movie,

Heather: Yes.

Dan: he and his dancers are gonna have a totally nineties pre parade dance

Heather: Now that I

Dan: main street

Heather: That sounds great.

Jess: I never got into that. I had already discovered girls and drinking at that point in my life. So I wasn't into the goofy movie or the show, but it has a 

Dan: See, I 

Jess: for.

Dan: see I, I was 11 years old,

Jeff: Oh yeah. You were prime power.

Dan: it was prime time

Heather: a goofy movie with my kids when they were young, so I like.

Dan: And they put out, I don't remember. It was probably on their TikTok because that's what modern people go to look for videos. But there's a video of max in his costume doing the dance moves from power line concert. It's awesome. I was very excited.

Jeff: You're such a nineties, baby. I love it.

Dan: I'm telling you if we could just. Get stuck in a time loop from 1989 to 1996

Jeff: Those were my peak years.

Heather: see that movie when it first came out, because that would've been just in time for Hannah and Kendra to get into it. So I think that's where I

Dan: Kendra is a very big fan.

Heather: she is.

Dan: In fact, when we first started dating, we dis

Jeff: you and Kendra are dating.

Dan: Many years ago when we first started dating,

Jess: It'll never work.

Dan: She had found a drawing that she had made copied of max from the VHS tape cover of that movie. And I said, wait a second. That looks familiar.

And at my parents' house, I found an identical drawing of max.

Heather: nerds

Dan: we were meant to be, I

Jeff: You both separately, drew that total lame garbage. Oh, that

Heather: Yeah. Yeah. Yes.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: That's cute.

Who, whose was better? She's not here to defend herself.

Dan: Probably Kendra. She's a better artist

Heather: She is a pretty good artist actually.

Dan: Yeah. Almost as exciting as partying with max. Yet another character has returned to the magic kingdom. The fairytale garden at Mar at magic kingdom has opened back up and MEA is back there reading guests once.

Jeff: That's the one I'm excited about

Jess: She's fun. Yeah.

Dan: I've never seen. I've never seen that.

Jess: As long as she's not on that, like deadly horse of hers That's right. yeah.

Heather: That horse is cool.

Jess: I don't think it trampled. Anybody did it.

Jeff: Yes, there were seven deaths.

Jess: Whoops.

Dan: Try to didn't it. Didn't it. Bolt and

Jeff: It got away. It got spooked and run, ran off with it. Done right off, off with

Dan: Which, which is funny, cuz I know at one point part of the like regimen for indoctrinating horses into the

Jeff: Christianity.

Dan: Disney into the Disney system was they would do a long like desensitizing thing with balloons so that they wouldn't freak out. Every time they saw one.

Jess: Oh, I just thought they would just stand around 'em in a circle and pop balloons at 'em until they broke.

Jeff: Yeah. Running the old balloon gauntlet.

Dan: basically. Yes

Jess: What they need to do is just have a line at children on either side yelling at them. And if they can make it through without freaking out, then

Jeff: They PTED me with rocks and garbage, young ones reference anyone.

Jess: yeah.

Dan: I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Jeff: I look

Dan: That's about all I've got to say about Meredith. I've never personally seen that, that meet and grief in that action. Does she like shoot bows and arrows at that one or something?

Jeff: At the kids.

Heather: Yeah, right at their face. Yeah.

Jess: There's a lot 

Jeff: it's that's, there's a target and a it looks like she's been at target practice and just, oh, look, who's joining me here. A line of kids.

Jess: Yeah. She talks about it, but I don't think she actually does.

Dan: Because weren't they for a while trying to make a little bit more immersive meet and greet areas

Jess: her meet and greet area is really nice. It's one of the best ones. It's all stone and castle. 

Jeff: is good.

Heather: that wig. Oh man.

Dan: that's not a wig. That's really Meredith she's always had hair like

Jeff: All

Heather: that's really her hair.

Jeff: Yes. But Meredith turns out has alopecia. So she has to wear a wig of her own hair.

Heather: Her hair is its own character

Dan: your mouth. I'm not sure if that was a too soon or too late for that.

Jeff: Just right. Shifts, kiss.

Dan: do we have anything else exciting out of wild Disney world Disneyland news saw they announced goings on holiday parties at Disneyland and it didn't look like there was anything new. It looked like it was pretty much what they had last

Heather: much just back to normal. Really?

Dan: Mano like

Jeff: Did say that the price was gonna go up across the board soon.

Heather: He

Jeff: that's exciting. That's on the same earnings call, where he was talking about how they overshot their projections by over a billion. But we're gonna go ahead and raise prices to help curb the demand.

Heather: Yeah. They were saying that crowd levels are back to actually exceeding 2019 levels.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: But I thought if they went woke, they were gonna go broke. What happened

Heather: No,

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: actually? What sir?

Dan: like that. Was it crowd levels exceeded or was it just, the prices are higher?

Heather: No, it was actual attendance figures are beating 2019 and all of the resorts are running at minimum 90% occupancy right now.

Jeff: Yeah, we're

Heather: there's

Jeff: to where we were when we were thinking, what can we do to curb attendance?

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: that curbed it a little too hard with inventing COVID at that

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: at Disneyland, but.

Heather: They are spreading it out better with, because of the park reservations. It is managing the crowds better. And they're being spread out amongst the four parks much better than before, but the actual attendance numbers are higher than 2019, which is pretty impressive.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: Sounds like with that extra billion dollars, they should hire some cast members.

Dan: Yeah, that might come in handy.

Heather: build some new resorts in another.

Jess: They don't have enough land for that.

Heather: On. Slap out.

Jess: Stop it with these pipe dreams.

Jeff: I think there never will be another park.

Jess: I'm, I, there will be, but it's gonna take epic universe to open epic universe is gonna open and it's gonna do really well. And they're gonna have to do something like that. They're gonna have to open another park, but. It's not gonna be quick. I don't think we'll see it in our lifetime. They'll announce it, but like it'll never 

Heather: We'll all be

Jeff: If NY is the galaxy takes six years to build what would a park take them?

Jess: yeah. I just hope my son can take his grandchildren it's, that's about it.

Dan: They really don't have to build a new part though. They don't have to do anything ever again, let's be honest if they're beating their previous earnings by that huge an amount

Jess: They're still doing with revenge travel and everything though. This they, these aren't the numbers that are gonna be the same this time next

Heather: I don't think so either because next year, people are going to be willing to leave the country and get on cruise ships and

that kind of thing again, 

Jess: I'd like to think 

Jeff: to choose from

as everything is 

Jess: that Disney's thinking a little bit farther ahead than like Peloton and zoom, but we've been seeing a lot of companies who thought yeah, this is it, man. Pandemic life. And then 

Jeff: The new norm.

Dan: Yeah. 

Jess: no, it's, that's not it anymore. So who knows?


Jeff: Yeah. But if they're at 2019 levels, that's amazing. Or above that.

Jess: yeah,

Dan: No.

Jess: but if they do raise the prices, then we'll see. That. Chip away at it a little bit. Everybody loves to say that's it. But then the numbers just keep rising and you're like who's saying, that's it I'm not going anymore. Cuz everybody's still going. I don't

Jeff: The internet let's

Dan: Every year they raise the prices and we still haven't seen them hit the threshold where, and no matter how many news articles say they're pricing out the average family, they're seriously not

Jeff: Then the next article is always, why is it so crowded here? Which is it? No one you, no one can afford to go or it's too crowded. You can't have it both.

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: family SCRs and saves or goes into debt to go to

Jeff: It's the second one.

Dan: It's not. Yeah.

You see the t-shirts everywhere. It's most expensive day ever, Need those

Jess: Yeah, I do too.

Dan: I want a shirt that says stupidest shirt ever arrow pointing.

Jess: I make sound financial decisions and don't purchase anything that I can't afford. Can I fit that on a shirt?

Jeff: I, you could, I would never wear that cause I know that's not true.

Dan: all right. I suppose then we can. Pop away from the mouse for a little while. That starting this month they're piloting a program, testing out a program to allow you to renew your passport, your U us passports over the internet.

that's rather there's.

Heather: you still can't. You don't have to send in your existing passport, but you still can't use it while it's being renewed. It is immediately invalid. As soon as you apply.

Dan: Yeah, it's gonna be open to the first 25,000 applicants in August. But they're planning on basically opening it up to everybody and making it the norm later this year no longer have to mail in your application and see to be able, eligible to renew online. You have to be at least 25 years old, your most recent passport.

To have been a 10 year passport. So it couldn't have been a child passport. And it has to be between nine and 15 years old.

Jeff: Oh, I'm too old for it then

Dan: the PA the passport, the physical passport has to be between nine and 15 years old. You also cannot change your name, gender, date of birth, or place of birth over the online.

Jess: That's so oppressive.

Jeff: That's so much better though.

Heather: So

Jeff: It was so antiquated. The whole passport process is so manual and antiquated

Heather: out a bunch of physical papers and taking them to the post

Jeff: office who even actually I go to the post office all the time.

I think 

Jess: And I have the worst post office.

Jeff: Yeah, me too. Normal people don't enter a post office though.

Dan: we had to go to city hall to have Presley's. Process. And then there's a whole weird thing where like you pay them, but then you also have to pay, I don't know. There's some weird thing where it's you're paying somebody else other than the government and then you're paying. I don't know.

Heather: Yes, you're paying them the processing fee, the handling fee, and then you're paying the government, the passport fee.

Dan: It's stupid.

Heather: And my passport, my post office always tries to tell people that the passport photos they had taken. Wherever Walgreens or whatever that they aren't good. Yeah. So that they can charge you.

And they tried to tell me that, oh, this is never gonna, this is never gonna get approved. You need to have us take it. And I refused and said, oh I know this meets the qualifications. Just send it in. And she's it's gonna get denied. It didn't get denied. My passport came, it was fine. They just wanted to charge me the extra money for them to take the photo,

Jeff: Dangerous game you played.

Heather: Which is always terrible.

Jess: Yeah,

Heather: Fo your passport photo taken against the white wall of the post office by the four foot six

Jeff: someone that's using like an old point and click camera. He's got a half a megapixel resolution and my son is the Payless person in the world. We call him powder. So on his last passport, he was wearing his white school uniform polo. With his white skin on a white background and it's

Heather: Oh, he just,

Jess: He reflected light and

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: was just a pair of eyes.

Jeff: pink eyes.

Dan: Yeah. So processing time for the online renewal will be the same as if you renew it by mail. It's just more convenient. You can also pay for the expedited service.

Jeff: I recommend.

Dan: to. Create a, my travel gov dot my travel gov account at that website. And then you can just renew online there. You upload a JPEG of your passport photo.

Jess: See, why don't they just do that? Everybody's got a better camera in their phone than they've got at the post office. Just let us take a photo and you approve it online. And then if it's not approved, we can get another photo. We don't have to do this whole like 

that doesn't 

Dan: Even better there's apps now that are a middle man, cuz we were trying to figure out the best way to get passport photos for Pressly. And one of the options is you can ha use an app that will charge you to basically. Make sure that your photo meets the

Heather: Meet the

Jeff: I did that. It was cheap and I just took it against this door here. Behind me this white door.

Dan: It's just funny that, that can't be, dunno.

Jess: Yeah, 

Heather: had to do that for my son's school college ID. They don't take them on campus anymore. You take the photo and they give you all the qualifications, you upload it and they decide whether it was acceptable and move

Jeff: have an actual card? Why? It has no card? It's just a thing on his phone.

Heather: Oh, yeah, he's gotta pick up an actual ID card and carry it around with him in his wallet or on a lanyard.

Dan: the quality of the printed photo on that ID card. I bet you the requirements weren't very

Heather: Ye well, they they had, it had to be a certain dimensions and it had to have a neutral background and it had to be from the shoulders up that

Jeff: No nipples showing

Heather: Exactly. And he does have a

Dan: but a tasteful amount of pubic hair.

Jeff: Taste side boobs. Okay.

Jess: I go with the whole glamor shots thing and do like a denim vest, like off the shoulder, tease up my bangs, dispose.

Yeah. That one was for us. That was for the viewers.

Dan: it's a good thing. This is an audio medium. your imaginations

Jess: It's good radio.

Jeff: on the that's not, what do you call that site and pace? I was about say patronist, but I don't think

Jess: Our only fans

Dan: Patreon. Yeah. The long promise. Never appearing after dark edition

Jeff: Patrons

Jess: days. We've got some good material though. Eventually.

Dan: There is in the archives. Heather's got a very important message to people traveling internationally and that is declare those McMuffins people.

Heather: This article cracked me up. It was a passenger that got fined almost $2,000 because they had undeclared egg McMuffins in their luggage. First of

Jeff: knew you had to declare.

Jess: I thought you only had to declare a McGriddle actually,

Heather: they were traveling from Bali to Australia. So it was any international flight when you're coming into a country, they tell you, no, you can't have any food with you.

Don't bring an apple or a banana from the plane or

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: anything at all. Yeah. This traveler was find $1,874 for two undeclared sausage McMuffins and a ham croissant found in their luggage when they were arriving

Jeff: was this their check plug?

Heather: No in their carryon luggage, I guess they just thought, oh, no one will ever notice that I have.

Jeff: Maybe they thought I'm going to eat this before I enter that other country. So

Jess: how long of a, yeah. How long of a flight were they planning to? Just save it for later. Those things don't save

Heather: they don't say even Bali to Australia is not very far a few hours.

Dan: be a, yeah, that's gotta be a short jump.

Heather: three hours. Yep. Yeah. So this, yeah, this is our PSA. When you're traveling internationally and entering a new country, you cannot bring any food with you.

Jeff: But what if the hotel

Heather: McMuffin.

Jeff: What if the hotel you'd been staying at had grab and go fruit at their morning? Thing. is that okay to bring.

Heather: Nope. 

Jess: breakfast. I'm just saying it's in the.

Heather: Nope, can't do it. And that's what all the little doggies are for when you're going through customs, they will sniff out your stuff. That too, they will also find your

Jess: They love egg McMuffins and heroin 

Jeff: McMuffin dog and a heroin dog.

Heather: Yes.

Jess: The egg McMuffin dog is a lot more uptight than the heroin dog, for some reason, 

Heather: Huh? 

Jess: fatter 

Heather: Who knew? 

Dan: I was gonna say, I would think that it would be the pot sniffing dogs that would hit on the egg McMuffins, not the heroin dogs. They're too skinny.

Jess: I don't even, do they even have pot sniffing dogs anymore? like they've been all been put out to pasture. They don't check for anything in the airport anymore. That's not a bomb. It 

Jeff: according to a lot of people, I know. No, they do not.

Dan: Some more could this will help offset the price of undeclared egg McMuffins. According to the. To hopper the popular airfare price tracking app airfare is set to drop as much as 40%

Heather: And it already is. I can confirm this. The last couple of days, I've had to adjust some fall flights and I'm stacking up the credits in the Delta account. I changed a flight yesterday in it's a late September flight had to make an adjustment and

Jeff: a coach flight?

Heather: No, but still I got an $1,100. Changing this flight, which a will tell you how God awful.

The flight was in the first place. And now it's really that brought it back down to normal. What I had been used to paying and it, I wouldn't have even checked it if I hadn't had a meeting that is bumping up against another meeting and I had to change days.

Dan: hot.

Heather: Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty

Jeff: Were they scissoring?

Heather: Ouch. Okay.

That went a different direction than I was expect.

Dan: Yeah, it was getting crazy though. Cuz I

Heather: Oh, yeah.

Dan: from grand rapids for mid-September or even on Southwest, they were gonna be like they were gonna be like about a thousand dollars round trip

Heather: And they're really coming back to normal. I just changed some for December as well because the dates of a conference changed and got credits back on both of those flights too.

Jeff: nice.

Dan: they're

Jeff: It's like we're saving money.

Heather: It is. It really is. I looked at some Southwest flights from Miami to MCO. And they were back when I first looked a few weeks ago, they were like $200 on Southwest and they're back down to 60.

Jeff: Wow. Everybody should check their flights. Cuz now everybody, all the airlines aren't doing change fees and stuff. So go check.

Dan: No.

Jeff: Now, how do they know that they're gonna by a fall be down 40%? Do we know their algorithm?

Heather: I'm not exactly sure how they figure that out, but I guess it's the part of it is the drop because of summer travel demand, they just know about how much it typically falls off.

Jeff: maybe the revenge travelers are done revenge too. That'll

Heather: Maybe or once school is back in session, there's not as much demand. It's mostly business demand

Dan: They're probably estimating fuel rates too,

Heather: And fuel has dropped a significantly in the last few weeks.

Jeff: I did

Dan: I don't ha ha, have you ever used hopper? They've got some crazy Juju going on anyway with how they

Heather: They really do. I don't know. It's voodoo magic.

Dan: Yeah it out though.

Jeff: I feel ashamed, but I've never looked at.

Dan: You put in where you wanna travel to and when, and you can do this months and months in advance, and it will tell you, this is the exact day, that will be the best day to buy your tickets. And then after here and they estimate when it's going to start going up, when it's gonna go back down, let's go shoot up again.

And they're really good. They do a good job of figuring out what the prices are gonna do. It's pretty amazing. And they show you across several airline. Good. Cuz it was getting stupid.

Heather: It was getting out of control.

Dan: yeah, I'm trying to figure out in this article where they are departing from, for some of these international flights that they give examples for prices. Cause it's you can find round trip flight to Grenada for $483, which is less than what I pair. Pay for a flight from grand rapids to Orlando.

So I'd like, know where they're flying out of for that?

Jeff: Does it not say usually it would say Yeah, no it

I'm sure it's JFK or somewhere.

Heather: Yeah, most likely.

Dan: yeah. Round fair trip to Zurich for under $700. Go to Bali for $1,200.

Jeff: Just coach.

Heather: is coach.

Jeff: some comfort. Plus at least

Dan: You go

Jeff: I need that extra quarter, inch leg room and a nice drink.

Dan: that does help, especially if you're flying Zurich. I've got one last news right here, actually. Heather found this for us and this is, we still have some time in the summer, so

Heather: Yeah, this is some really practical advice. I think,

Dan: yeah. You wanna tell us how to survive a shark?

Heather: how to survive a architect? This I came across this article after several days in a

Jeff: Stay on land.

Heather: That's a

Jess: Yeah, that's. There you go.

Heather: days in a row of seeing reports that especially off the coast of Florida shark attacks have been increasing over the summer.

And let's preface this with it still really rare this summer, worldwide, there were only a, there were under 200

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: confirmed attacks and the this article says that 40 of them were provoked. I'm not exactly sure how you go about provoking

Jeff: out there booing sharks on the nose.

Heather: why? Yeah, I don't know,

Jeff: So that meat dress was a bad idea.

Heather: yes, very bad idea.

So the first thing that they say is before you even get in the water, you need to think about what you're doing. I thought this was interesting. It says the worst place for you to swim is an estuary. Any place where a river is emptying out into the salt water, sea is bad because that's where bull sharks like to hang out.

And they are the ones who most often, other than great whites bite humans they're hanging out there waiting for fish. So don't do it. Avoid areas where people are fishing. If there are fishing boats in the area also don't swim around those areas.

Jeff: that bait,

Heather: Yes. They're chumming the water. Don't do it.

Gross, avoid swimming. First thing in the morning, early in the morning, and at dusk, because that's when the sharks are hunting and they also, their eyesight will be worse when the light is worse and they might mistake you for something they wanna eat. I've always heard this one. Don't wear shiny objects in the water or shiny anything, no jewelry, no shiny metal, nothing on your bathing suit.

I had always heard that for Barracuda

 Like to go after that kind of thing.

Jeff: Fishing lures are like shiny

Heather: yeah the fish that they're trying to eat are shiny, so don't do it.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: But then we get into actual tips. What happens if you're in the water? And you're being circled by a shark.

Jeff: Ugh, I would die

Dan: Now what

Heather: of all,

Dan: heard, I've always heard that sharks are basically the brown bear of the sea. Is that right?

Heather: That is what this article says. Punch them. Okay. First it says don't panic because if you start splashing around

Jess: failed.

Heather: if you start splashing around, you're going to make the shark more interested in you.

 So don't start

Dan: say for someone writing an article in the middle of the country.

Heather: This one is terrifying and also made me laugh. And it says maintain eye contact.

Jeff: Show it whose boss

Jess: sorry. I have social anxiety. I can't do that. that is not 

Heather: As the shark swims around you, keep your head on a swivel and maintain eye contact because they're ambush predators. And if they see that you're paying attention to them, they won't attack you.


Jess: Clever girl.

Heather: stay big or get small. This is a little complicated. Okay. They

Jeff: don't medium.

Jess: yeah. 

Heather: the 

Jess: Holy crap. What do I 

Heather: in a, if the shark is clearly in attack mode, you need to make yourself as big as possible in the water.

But if the shark seems to be simply passing through, roll up in a ball.

Jeff: No. Thank you.

Jess: Can you tell if the shark is

Jeff: appendages it's gonna get you. People are always getting bit on the feet or arms or whatever.

Jess: I just hate that I have to make a judgment call on whether this shark is interested in me. You're just passing through I'm sorry. This is not the time that I can do that.

Jeff: yeah.

Heather: And then finally they do say punch it in the nose and then slowly back away. But they do remind they would like to remind you that what, what is right beneath the nose is the mouth. So

Jess: So be really good at punching in water. Like

Heather: The thing of it is whenever I see these reports or shark attacks, the people never saw the shark and did not see it coming.

And they often seem to be on sitting on a surfboard. So the shark is seeing the surfboard and thinking that it's something that

Jeff: little flailing

Dan: it. It makes 'em look like a

Heather: yes, the flailing of the arms when they're paddling.

Dan: They say it makes you look like a seal.

Heather: Yes. They think that seals are tasty and they like to eat them.

Jeff: And especially like in when you wear that a black blood

yeah we.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: wetsuit.

Jess: thought you were gonna say neglige.

Jeff: Yeah. In my shiny Pearl necklace

Jess: My bustier,

Jeff: that Jess gave me,

Heather: it's, it really does seem to have a lot to do with climate change because as the water is warmer, they're moving in closer to the shore. Hunting. So I don't really need to go swimming off the coast in Florida. I don't wanna get bit

Jess: need the beach.

Heather: or I

Jess: I don't like sand and salt water. I

Heather: Honestly, I'm not

Jeff: forget the heat

Heather: Yeah. I'm not that scared of worried about being attacked by a shark. I just don't like wandering or just hanging. With my head above the water in the ocean and not knowing what's going on below me, snorkeling diving, fine. Cuz I can see the stuff. But when you're just hanging out, chatting with your friends and your feet are dangling in the water, it just makes me think of the opening scene of jaws and I'm not there for it.

Jeff: Yeah, it depends on where you are too. If you're deep, you can't see. So I just stay shallow. I can see everything around

Heather: Yeah. That's fair.

Dan: My favorite tip is to always, just make sure you've got your friend flipper with you, and then you don't have to worry.

Heather: Yeah,

Jess: hate dolphin.

Dan: How many weeks did that one dolphin kill a shark to save little Timmy. I don't. Timmy was Lasty wasn't

Jeff: yes. Tim was always getting stuck in the well.

Dan: yeah, I don't know what the kid's name was on flipper. It's been a while since I've.

Heather: But it's still pretty rare in 2021, there are only 47 shark attacks in the United States and almost 30 of those were in Florida, so

Dan: Yeah, but also Florida has a lot of coast.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: at the fact that the next nearest country on this map to the us is Australia and they only had 12 bites. So are we just that stupid or is it because we've got such a massive coastline? What is going on?

Jess: And if there's anything comparable to the, if there's anything comparable to the Florida man, it's the the Australian, whether they're called like broken or something like that, they've got their own sort of white 

Heather: I haven't heard about that. 

Jess: Oh, yeah, they've got their own sort of beach based white trash that's

Jeff: Oh, like Sammy Hagar.

Dan: Sammy. If you're listening, you

Jeff: lost our Sammy Hagar fan

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: you can go ahead and send your comments

Jess: we're actually sponsored this week by Cabo Wabo tequila. Whoopsy doodles.

Jeff: He can't

Dan: I wish the problem. That's why the sharks keep getting them. I wish we could score some of that Cabo Wabo KA Wabo money, which is spends real nice.

Jeff: that's good tequila too.

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Heather: Bye y'all.

Jeff: Ola