July 23, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 7-23-2022

Disney World/Travel News 7-23-2022

And now, news! Swan Reserve will host two major events during the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic, Zombies invade Disney Springs with dance, walking tacos at Pecos Bill’s in Frontierland, Disney World app adds car finder utility, some dope fell in...

And now, news! Swan Reserve will host two major events during the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic, Zombies invade Disney Springs with dance, walking tacos at Pecos Bill’s in Frontierland, Disney World app adds car finder utility, some dope fell into Mount Vesuvius, London Heathrow airport is like, really really busy, and some odd summer festivals to add to your bucket list. 


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News 7-23

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the gold key adventurer society. My name is Dan Leonard

Jeff: Hi, Dan,

Dan: and joining me this weekend. Studio is Heather Straight

Heather: Hello.

Dan: and Mr. Jeff Williams.

Jeff: for having me.

Dan: Our show as always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world. Head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime It's news time, that's what time it is!

Jeff: and I am moist.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: Yeah, this is some, we got a really exciting News this week

Heather: It's true.

Dan: Let's start off with Sean reserve. I mean, Swan reserve,

Jeff: You're thinking of Swan Connery,

Dan: Yeah.


 The Swan reserve, that's that beautiful new beautiful new property that they opened over Gorgeous.

 Swan and dolphin ki it really is. Just really beautiful, really. I love the pool, the rooftop pool that they've got there and everything, but they've got this huge and really beautiful event space on the 15th floor at Swan

Heather: It is spectacular. You can see all the fireworks everywhere. From up there,

Dan: and oh yeah, for sure. And the views that you get like of just straight across to Epcot spaceship earth there is really great. And I'm a bad travel agent and I don't even really know what the Swan and dolphin food and wine classic is, but it's happening Friday, November 11th and Saturday, November 12th.

Heather: They've been doing this for several years now. And.

Jeff: I'm never

Heather: I've read all about it. And our Swan folks have told us all about it and I have never gone

Dan: Is it like a mini food and

Heather: it. Yeah, it really is.

Jeff: food and wine, it's always around the same. It's always during food and wine, I think,

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: or at least nearish it, but it's their own separate event.

Dan: Gotcha. They've got these separately ticketed events that are going on. That's Friday, November 11th and Saturday, November 12th. And up there on the 15th floor at event space at Swan reserve. There's two, there's a V I P champagne and dessert party. Where they're gonna have a reception with, which offers the opportunity to enjoy incredible champagnes and sparkling wines paired with the hotel's award winning desserts while watching the nighttime spectaculars that you can see there.

Jeff: Sign me up for that.

Dan: Yeah. The resorts executive pastry chef and certified, so have teamed up to perfectly pair a selection of sweet offerings menu. Highlights of the party include the dessert of champions, a patas shoe donut with nitro milk, chocolate hazelnut ice cream, milk, chocolate chunks, homemade peach marshmallows, hazelnut trailing chocolate pop rocks, and vanilla bean peach compote.

Jeff: I wish they'd put more on it.

Heather: Yum.

Dan: There's a very, it's a very simple dessert. There's also the, a tropical passion fruit maroon dipped in yuzu chocolate mango, crisps, and white chocolate pearls.

 So that's gonna take place Saturday, the 12th of November from eight 30 to 10:00 PM. Tickets are $150 per person and include access to the event space, unlimited dessert and champagne tastings.

And of course the spectacular views of the Disney nighttime

Heather: Yeah. That's great. And their main food and wine classic is also a ticketed event. It's $165 for that one. And it's unlimited tastings and drinks at every, all of the booths that they have. And

Jeff: Oh they'd be sad about me showing up there.

Heather: they also, they have they have live entertainment. And I think the, I think one ticket gets you into. The whole, all the whole main classic and there's one on Friday, November 11th. And then one on the 12th, Saturday, the 12th. It looks pretty spectacular.

Dan: runs from five 30 to 9:00 PM on the 11th and 12th culinary and beverage selections. Miss a festive backdrop of live entertainment.

Jeff: so you could go to that till nine and then go upstairs for the and just roll out of there.


Heather: And it's interesting. They, there are they call out that there are 22 restaurants in the Swan and dolphin complex. And I don't think I had ever sat down and figure out all the, that seems like a lot. Yeah. Yeah.

Jeff: cannot be right, between the three, you figure the, if you're counting like the lobby bar at

Heather: I think they are it because it says Swan and dolphin executive chef Dan Herman is responsible for overseeing all 22 world class restaurants and lounges on the properties.

Jeff: Oh, yeah.

Dan: coffee, shop blue.

Jeff: Blue zoo.

Heather: Oh yeah, that's true.

Dan: the ice cream shop. Isn't there another place tuck behind that milkshake shop?

Jeff: Yeah, the buffet back there,

Dan: Yeah. So there's five there and then there's the place we had breakfast

Jeff: the Italian place and the Japanese place and the other buffet.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: and

Heather: it's a lot of stuff. And sh yeah,

Jeff: Yeah. That's.

Dan: Yeah, 10. And then.

Heather: She count Shula

Dan: about Shula

Heather: Shula's

Dan: So that's 11 before we get to reserve. So there's 11 places in reserve. I dunno.

Jeff: Only a

Dan: seems like a lot,

Heather: Yeah. We recently ate at the main restaurant in reserve Amari, and

Jeff: super

Heather: really Mediterranean themed.

Dan: delicious.

Heather: And they have a great lovey bar there.

Jeff: amazing lobby, but I was just gonna say

Dan: is so cool. Did you see that hand cranked? Martini

Heather: Yes. I never saw them using it, but I saw

Dan: I want one. I want one of those things. I don't know what I would do with it, but I want one,

Jeff: You would hand shake a martini? My man,

Dan: two, it holds two shakers at once. It's efficient that way.

Jeff: it's more of a show shaker.

Dan: The other event going on is the grand tasting returning for the first time since 2019. So it takes guests P it takes your palette on a journey of a late. Of elite wines and champagnes curated by master sommelier. John Blak paired with a custom chef's table menu from executive chef Dan Herman.

 It includes a champagne reception, three flights of elite wines. Elite.

it's a again, up there on the 15th floor at the view. So yeah, and that one is just a little bit more, they, sorry I was browsing through here. They're telling you all about how wonderful the chef and Sam are.

Trust me. They sound like they really know the talking about,

Jeff: They know their food and wine. I bet.

Dan: Yeah, they sure do. This, the grand tasting event is Saturday, November 12th, from two to 5:00 PM. And tickets are $395 a pop. No, not cheap, but I guess if the wine is elite, then it must be

Heather: better. Be pretty elite.

Dan: So that's those things.

Jeff: That sounds pretty wonderful too. I might need to look at doing that next year. Maybe.

Dan: Meanwhile, I'll I'll slum it over at. The Epcot

Jeff: Heading up regular food and wine.

Dan: Yeah. Fight through the junkie town crowds to to get my melted cheese from the Switzerland pavilion, stuff like that. So yeah. But no yeah, that, that sounds great. Even more exciting. Do any of y'all have big fans at the zombies series on Disney plus in your households?

Heather: really not, I'm not really a zombie fan, but.

Dan: As as far as the Disney made for TV high school musical type movies go zombies is okay. My Presley is really into the series and she is very excited that just a couple of weeks zombie's three is going to be coming out.

Heather: have to admit, I didn't realize this was even a thing on Disney plus

Jeff: I'm hearing about it right now.

Dan: Yeah, it's it's a modern take on Romeo and Juliet where Juliet is a blonde cheerleader. And Romeo is a zombie who wants to be a football star at the high school

Heather: Huh? All right. Okay.

Jeff: fun.

Dan: things get, oh yeah, there's all kinds of dealing with issues of xenophobia and bigotry with the humans and the hating, the zombies

Jeff: Talk about periods

Dan: I don't follow where that comes into play there, but That was why people were boycotting seeing red. So

oh, that's right. That's right.

Jeff: and,

Heather: turning red, seeing what turning red.

Dan: room.

Jeff: Yeah, turning red. There was some other one that mentioned periods and everybody got been outta shape. It.

Heather: So don't talk about periods, but zombies are okay. This is what we're

 All right.

Dan: I mean, nevermind. I just gonna go down to gross. That would be on the vampires show. That would be problematic.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, zombies, one dealt with the zombies two, a tribal OLS came into play. So

Heather: No, maybe there will be vampires and zombies three.

Dan: vampires zombies.

Jeff: yeah. Dracula

Heather: This makes so much more sense. Now that I know about this the Zo beats bash at Disney Springs makes a lot more sense. Now that I know that

Dan: to get us back on

Heather: based on a Disney channel show, I had no idea.

Dan: Yeah. So to celebrate the release of zombies three, they're gonna have a limited time stage show in the middle of Disney Springs at the that main what's that stage call the marketplace

Heather: Marketplace.

Jeff: The stage in front of the world of Disney.

Dan: Yeah. So

Heather: I gotta be honest. When I saw this news released the first day I saw it released was the day that Disneyland's Instagram and Facebook were hacked. And so I thought it was part of that hack and it was fake.

Dan: Nice. No, this is definitely real. Real thing. All right.

Yeah, it's a 20 minute stage show running periodically throughout the day. For all ages, you can try out some zombie dance moves. The zombies are really good hip hop dancers in this movie. It's is,

Heather: of course.

Dan: Yeah. You can

Jeff: we've seen thriller. We knew how it

Heather: That's right.

Dan: They've elevated their game since then. They, you can sing along to favorite songs or snap, a picture with zombies three, not the characters, but a photo wall that's next to the event. So

Heather: course. So this is gonna be popular with the preteen girl set is what I'm hearing. Okay.

Dan: Absolutely. Yes. If my daughter's anything to judge by.

Jeff: She is not

Dan: who's gonna be there. Zombie's three premieres, July 15th on Disney plus. And for some reason, the stage show doesn't happen until August

Heather: Of course.

Dan: 14th of this year. So be sure to check that out or not. I mean or

it is is whatever now for something completely different,

Jeff: from the walking dead and onto.

Dan: the walk in taco.

Heather: Oh, I see what you did there.

Dan: Yeah. How many do you guys enjoy? Good walk taco.

Heather: love a walking taco, sitting, taco, laying down taco.

Dan: Frito pie or something down

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: so anytime you take a bag of Fritos and just dump taco fixins in it. I'm in.

Jeff: Yeah. I don't know much walking about it though. It feels like you would need a fork with this.

Dan: You do. Yeah you should begin a fork to go with it. And so available at Pacos bill tall tale in cafe at the magic kingdom, apparently this is one of those kind of special. 50th anniversary foods that they're swapping in and out. Occasionally they've got a new walking taco for 10 99.

Includes seasoned ground beef, yellow rice, black beans, cheese, jalapeno, tomatoes, sour cream, and Fritos chip served in a bag.

Jeff: dumped into your Frito scoops. Now they're scoops smartly that when I've had the, like the one they serve at Sonic is like regular Fritos. And it's just a GLBB mess. This, the scoop action here looks pretty good.

Dan: Oh, yeah.

Heather: I mean, everything about it sounds delicious, but what about a regular taco is not portable? Can't you walk around with a.

Jeff: That's true. It's actually more portable and less fork worthy than this.

Dan: yeah. But a regular taco is liable to spill out either end. I mean yeah, that's right.

Jeff: Tilt your head, man.

Dan: the other thing I wanted to point out I was excited when you, when Jeff, you sent me this headline and then I clicked and saw the picture this bag of Frito scoops. You can get these bad boys.

In a very large box at Costco for, I think it's like $15 for approximately somewhere between a dozen and 15 of these very large bags that,

 The back actually says that the serving size is. One third of that bag for a reasonable

Jeff: Yeah. Eat Fritos. So what I'm saying is, if you can't get to all Disney world to celebrate the 50th anniversary, you can find yourself, a friend with a Costco membership

Heather: make your own walking tacos,

Dan: of these walking taco bags.

Heather: I think I have a friend with a Costco

Jeff: I'm here for it. I haven't seen that.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: I'm gonna look for that.

Dan: these bags, aren't nice. Cuz they're bigger. Usually if you get it at like a fair booth, it's in those tiny little,

Jeff: And they're tall. These are horizontal wide. So it's these bigger mouth to eat out

Dan: And it opens up nice and wide. So it's like a bowl. So these are the way to

Heather: okay. I'm here for.

Dan: They're quite nice. We'll I'll have to send Kendra out to pick up a box and we'll the other.

Jeff: you just cook you up some taco meat and throw in some rosary to ref Fris and you're set

Dan: you go well, and then the other pro

Jeff: crumble up some BEO.

Dan: it comes half Fritos and half Doritos bags. So you can have a Doritos

Heather: What?

Jeff: Shut up right now. That's like the yummy Doritos logos

Heather: That sounds delicious.

Jeff: iHeart

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: in case you weren't getting enough sodium from a regular

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: taco bell taco.

Dan: now. We now with cheese flavored sodium the secret is extra sodium. So yeah. Check that out. Check that out at

Heather: Pacos bills. Nice.

Dan: Do I have to say the whole long name? Did they make the name longer?

Heather: Is it a really long name? What? Just say it because now I wanna

Dan: tall tale in cafe.

Heather: yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Dan: It's not as long as it could be with the modern di Walt Disney

Heather: to you by Disney world resorts and spa.

Jeff: Disney presents Disney world's PCOS

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: sponsored by the Frito lay company. Yeah. So that's good.

Jeff: Yeah, that looks pretty good

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: and good for you.

Dan: yeah, something else that looks good. Don't you just hate it where you, when you forget where you parked your car at that. Parking

Heather: Yes, I do.

Jeff: it's always right there in preferred parking,

Heather: good point.

Jeff: easy peasy.

Dan: I assume you're gonna say that that you just need to walk over to the minivan pickup zone and you're go find it right

Heather: Or that, yeah,

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: with the AC on. Where's my car. It's a new app feature coming to the Disney parks app soon. And it's gonna allow you to do what you could already do with your Google maps app individually

Heather: this is what I've been hearing most often in the groups is thank goodness. They created something I could already do with Google maps.

Dan: yeah.

Jeff: drop a man.

Dan: Drop a pin. And, but this is so convenient that it doesn't even make you look at a map. It just tells you which lot and spot number you're in.

Jeff: That is

Heather: that is really cool. Yeah.

Jeff: towards their thing rather than go left, go Southwest 22 degrees.

Dan: Yeah. So that's helpful. I don't know what else to say about it other than coming soon

Jeff: This is to distract us from the fact that they still haven't come out with the magic band plus.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: I'm also I don't know if it's worth a long discussion, but I think it's interesting that this single feature in their app that has already existed for years is sponsored by state farm.

Heather: that.

Dan: Why did they need a sponsor for a feature in this app that

Jeff: They've seen some things.

 No, that's the other one. Nevermind. Boom. BU.

Heather: The other thing that a lot of people didn't know is if you did lose your car, as long as you could tell them, approximately what time you arrived at the park, a cast member could help you find your car. Because they know exactly which rows and which lots they're parking at what time

Jeff: So if you can't remember where you are, I'm sure you'll remember exactly what time

Heather: Okay. That's fair. but I'm sure they could find out what time you banded into the park and then work backwards from there.

Jeff: Yeah. All right.

Heather: But now you could just open up your app and find

Jeff: one more way that can not have cast members help you do anything.

Heather: That's

Dan: I mean what happened to good old fashioned pulling out your camera and taking a picture of the sign that you.

Heather: There's that

Jeff: That's what I do at the airport.

Dan: But anyway if you're the kind of per if you're prone to driving to the parks, then this will probably come in pretty handy. Those parking lots are insanely huge. I've never

Heather: It is true. They are.

Dan: Back in November I met up with Sean, the singer of our theme song and kept him out way past park closing.

And his car was the only car in the animal kingdom parking lot. And our Uber driver still had a hard time finding it. The parking lot was so big

Heather: that's hysterical.

Dan: he was able to get into the parking lot, to find the car, cuz it was like almost one o'clock and but.

Jeff: I'm surprised they don't have a gate and lock you out. At some point,

Heather: No, there's no physical gate. They just put up some cones

 Which are easy to drive around as it turns out

Dan: Yeah. But it is not easy to find a giant car in that ocean of concrete.

Heather: that is true.

Dan: I can only imagine that when it's filled with other cars, it's even more difficult.

Jeff: Yeah, it makes it even more daunting, but not anymore.

 Well said, Dan.

Dan: Yeah, I know. I was just trying to think of a good segue. And so I'm just gonna say we've seen a lot of stories recently about people who go to great lengths to. To get an epic selfie while they're on vacation

 In peril. Didn't some lady recently fall into old faithful trying to get a yeah.

Heather: And it turns out that will burn you

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: we'll disintegrate you.

Heather: yeah

Dan: Turning into jelly. So a dude who of course is from,

Heather: of course he was.

Dan: I had a little bit of an issue over, up on top of Mount ISSU

Heather: Yes.

Dan: He, he was taking a selfie and dropped his phone into the volcano

Heather: then try to go get it.

Jeff: Went in after it.

Dan: and fell down into the here's the part where pro tip. If you know how, when you're on the plane, they say, if you lose your mobile device in the seat, do not try to retrieve it, but ask for help. If you drop your phone into a volcano, don't go after it.

Yeah. Yeah. He's fortunately uninjured. He just had a few bruises on his hands, arms and back, but it is worth notice.

Jeff: torso

Dan: It is worth noting that the last eruption of the sous was in dang it. I just lost it in the article. This is a stupid article.

Jeff: 1200.

Dan: last eruption of Mount Vaus took place in 1944 and is technically still active, but it's in a state of repose right now, according to the national park there.

So I guess he was okay. So

Heather: He was also walking somewhere. He wasn't supposed to be, and then fell into the creator crater.

Jeff: You can't get the good selfies on the regular people trail.

Heather: is true.

Dan: right. That's right.

Heather: I feel like it's just a matter of time before someone falls into the grand canyon backing up, trying to get a perfect selfie.

Jeff: I'm certain no, there was something like that because

Somebody fell off. Yeah. That it was at the grand canyon. It was a couple, they both fell off.

Dan: Yes. Cuz they were doing some kind of stunt right at the edge of a cliff. It was an

Heather: Oh, and they fell in.

Dan: There was a couple, it was a few years ago. There was a couple of separate cases of people falling

Jeff: Yeah, there was a good run of that sort of thing where people were falling off stuff. The one guy, two different people have wandered off the trail and into Geers or hot Springs or whatever to be. Oh yeah. It was a sulfur spring. A dude went in there and his body was melted.

Dan: Yeah, there was, I mean, and there have been several, I mean, even still in the last two weeks, there have been three people Gord by Buffalo at Yellowstone.

Heather: Yellowstone is a popular place for tourists to do stupid stuff and get hurt by bears

Jeff: many animals and everyone thinks they're at a zoo or something like, Nope, you're just in their house.

Heather: And bear Cubs might be cute and look like a Teddy bear, but they have a mama bear who doesn't appreciate you messing with her Cubs.

Jeff: Buffalo are big. Y'all.

Heather: They really are.

Dan: they are so scary. They're so and they get right up beside you and they don't care.

Heather: You know what? They're also tasty.

Jeff: Yeah, they are. How about moose? Those things are big

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: when they start running after folks, you really realize how dang big there.

Dan: Yeah. And pictures of 'em they're bigger than pickup trucks.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: Yeah. Like we, we, when I was there, I saw one on the side of the road. That was, it was a juvenile and it was bigger than any horse I've ever seen. It was insane.

Jeff: How could you tell he was juvenile?

Dan: Cause it was next to a

Jeff: Was he being delinquent?

Heather: that's what it was. He looked bored.

Dan: Yeah, he was smoking close cigarettes

Jeff: Yeah, that's

Dan: hing model airplane.

Jeff: close cigarettes. I definitely did that in my U.

Dan: Congratulations. Yeah, don't be a dope like that guy stay on the marked paths when you're

Jeff: Don't go chasing waterfalls.

Heather: right.

Dan: Or cell phone falls either. So I know we've been trying to stay super positive about air travel when we talk about it. But cuz there, there have been some hiccups lately,

Heather: A,

Dan: you all see the story about what's going on at Heathrow London's

Heather: yes. It turns out that two years of not being able to go to Europe has made a lot of people want Europe

Jeff: My Facebook certainly looks like everybody I know has gone to Europe this year.

Heather: me too.

Dan: Just cuz everybody is a travel

Heather: That's that, but yeah. yeah. London's Heathrow airport has asked all of the airlines to stop selling summer tickets to London through Heathrow.

Jeff: We don't want anymore.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: enough staff to handle the traffic. They say that because the flights are already oversold by an insane amount. They don't want any more people. So they said until at least September 11th, don't sell any more tickets here.

Heather: And they've introduced a cap of no more than a hundred thousand passengers per day through their airport. And I guess like baggage has been a really big problem there. It's been taking hours.

Jeff: airport. People, they can't handle anything either. We know the airlines can't handle it, but the airports themselves then are flooded with people and understaffed. And then what, when those airplanes cancel airlines, cancel their flights. Then these people are stuck in this airport.

Raisin hill.

Heather: yep.

Dan: right. They said that in just the past four months, they have seen the same amount of growth in numbers of passengers as they saw in the previous 40 years of business.

Jeff: Good. Gosh

Dan: I mean, obviously part of that is recovering from pandemic level travel, but I mean, how do they absorb all those people?

So I

Jeff: they do.

Dan: interesting that they just said stop selling That's like a hotel doesn't just keep selling rooms. They don't have you. At some point,


Jeff: the airlines can't handle these things. The planes are full, the airports are full. Stop it.

Dan: Yeah, I mean, the airlines seem to be happy to oversell their I can't recall hearing the announcement. We've oversold this flight, please volunteer to get off as often ever as I have in the past six, eight months. Did you see the story, Heather? That there was a flight in grand rapids last month that they were offering people $10,000 to

Heather: $10,000. And I.

Jeff: will get

Heather: At the airport that day. And it was not the flight that I was on. I was, yes. It was a flight that was from grand rapids to Minneapolis and the flight that I was on was going to Atlanta and I would have, I would've taken the $10,000 a hundred percent.

Dan: and that's the crazy thing is like they had to step it up and they still, I don't think got enough people. When they got up to $10,000 because nobody believed it was real they thought they were joking. It's Why do they, that's crazy

even if it was $5,000, I would've taken that and rented a car and driven to

Heather: And while in the woman who and her boyfriend who took it.

Jeff: that's not even far,

Heather: No, what they ended up doing was getting on a later flight and flying, they flew into their final destination was Miami. And what they did was find a way to get to Fort Lauderdale only. I think it said two hours later than their original flight.

So they had 10 grand and they took an Uber from Fort Lauderdale to where they were going in Miami and

Jeff: an hour

Heather: a lot of money.

Jeff: If that

Dan: pretty good deal to me. So

Jeff: I've never been anywhere where they offered one time. I think there was an offer, but we were going somewhere. We had to make a connection and it wasn't

Heather: there was a few, I think the most I've ever heard. Yes. The most I've ever heard has been 900 a thousand dollars.

Dan: Tell I take $900, to be honest. Not if you're wait got a, crew's gonna depart without you.


Jeff: You're just going to Minneapolis, whatever.

Dan: Yeah. I might even just change my mind and not go to Minneapolis to be honest, but yeah.

Jeff: Only assholes live there anyway.

Dan: I'm sure that's not true.

 I had a couple of real quick hot takes on a couple of strange summer festivals for y'all. It's been a, it's been a few weeks since we talked about those, but these ones are too good to come out. And actually this one, this first one is going on. Right now as we record, or at least it

Jeff: Oh, how timely.

Dan: was, I just saw the year.

I only noticed the dates earlier. Mississippi, the slug

Jeff: Oh, I go to this every year.

Dan: do.

Jeff: No,

Dan: Yeah. So the slug burger is actually not made out of slugs. It's a it comes from the great depression when they didn't have they needed to make their meat last longer. So they would mix their meat with fillers like wheat, like with flour or soy. Taste or whatever.

 And then they would deep fry the patties instead of just cooking 'em on the grill. And then these burgers would cost a nickel, which S slang, apparently back in the great depression was a slug for a nickel. And that was invented in Corinth, Mississippi. It's kind of part of that tradition of mean, everywhere has it, but it seems like it's most common in Southern areas where it's like. I don't wanna say poverty food, cuz that makes me sound like a judgey Yankee like make and do food where we make do with what we've got. Kinda like all those pies that are just like milk and sugar.

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: That kind thing.

Heather: I'm disappointed. They're not made out of slugs.

Dan: I mean that would be delicious too.

Jeff: might try one of these, but I'm not eating a slug one that, that trail, it

Heather: You eat snails.

Jeff: is

Dan: Snails are delicious. Yeah. Yeah, so that, I mean, other than the funny name slightly offput name, it sounds like a typical, good old fashioned, small town festival with carnival live music and slug

Heather: The festival that I wanna go to is the Laki Fest.

Dan: Yeah. That's coming up too, isn't it?

Heather: It is late July in, in Louisville.

Dan: yes. Yeah. Yeah. They they get together and wear. Wear robes and go bowling

Heather: It's a weekend full of dudes music and lots of movie references.

Dan: they probably drink a lot

Heather: A lot of white Russians, a lot of bowling. It looks fun. It looks like there are also annual Lebowski festivals in Los Angeles and Chicago. Hey, secret stages in Birmingham is on this list.

Dan: Oh, nice. Is that, what is that? A It's like a indie band thing and they do little small stages in different, all different, small clubs and street street performances, ones. They have band stages, rather that they put up all over town. They're all very small. Mostly unsigned acts and they just do this says 60 bands on multiple stages and it's all around our downtown area.

Jeff: It's pretty cool.

Dan: That's cool. Yeah, we, I did. When I played with the outer vibe, we did a festival like that in Chicago. I wanna say it was called riot Fest.

Heather: Huh.

Dan: was the same thing. It was a whole bunch of tiny hole in the wall bars. And,

Jeff: is modeled after that.

Dan: like showcase things where a bunch of Unna min, unknown indie bands go into

Jeff: Yeah. It's like a tiny version of what's the one in Austin that started all that the,

Dan: So by Southwest

Jeff: yeah. Yeah. So the south by Southwest, and then they have the film version of it too, but yeah, this is like that with much smaller bands of course, but a lot of showcases and things.

Dan: Yep. So that sounds like a good festival. But an even better festival is this one I wanted to tell you about real quick from Japan takes place. At the end of July, it is called the hokey Hessel Zuri. It takes place in Furo city, in the Hoka prefecture in Japan. And this is guys, this is the Bailey button.

First of all.

Heather: What

Dan: Have you ever seen, have you ever seen it? It's. It's like an old timey variety act

Jeff: It must be near a Naval base.

Heather: Oh, I see what you did there.

Dan: Yeah. We're. We're like, like you put on like a giant hat over your head and then you paint a face on your. On your stomach and over your belly

Jeff: Yes.

Dan: Yeah. That old Chestnut they have a huge street festival dedicated to that where they have a parade and troops dancing around with faces, painted on their tongue tongues. And then there's the typical food and apparently there's a shrine, a belly button shrine there which is called because it's

Heather: A belly button shrine, huh?

Jeff: Wait is this festival held over Lin?

Heather: Oh, wow.

Dan: No July 28th through 29th, but apparently at the shrine of the belly button. There's oh God.

Heather: The shrine of the belly button, the Japanese are so delightfully weird.

Dan: there's some sort of alter type thing that keeps and protects umbilical cords from children across the country.

Heather: Wait, it's just like actual umbilical cords.

Jeff: Yeah, they fry 'em up like pork Ryans and sell

Heather: Oh

Jeff: I know. Oh,

Heather: gross.

Dan: Disgust. Disgusting.

Jeff: bet you would fry, like similar to crackling or pork grind.

Heather: That's disgusting.

Jeff: gonna try

Dan: Put some salt, maybe a little Cay on there.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: You squeeze the lime.

Heather: I mean, there are people who eat place

Jeff: belly button

Heather: equal people who eat placenta. So I suppose weird things have happened.

Jeff: Chi shadows. Oh boy. Now that we've crafted upon another sacred religious Japanese festival.

Heather: Ah,

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Jeff: Y'all come back now, hear?

Heather: Bye.