May 31, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 5-31-2022

Disney World/Travel News 5-31-2022

News Break! Catching up on Walt Disney World Vacation Packages for 2023, Magic Kingdom Independence Day fireworks, Eat To The Beat Concert Lineup for EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival 2022, a travel trend alert, and the glamorous world of giving...

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News Break! Catching up on Walt Disney World Vacation Packages for 2023, Magic Kingdom Independence Day fireworks, Eat To The Beat Concert Lineup for EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival 2022, a travel trend alert, and the glamorous world of giving birth on an airplane. All that and more, in our weekly news roundup!


Don’t forget, we’re trying something new this summer, and releasing our news segment and theme park segment as two individual episodes. This helps spread all the great content we cover out over the week so you don’t miss us as much in between episodes, and also makes it easier to listen back to episodes in the future, without dated and irrelevant news stories. We hope. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher app, and that our show is set to automatically download. And let us know what you think about our new format!

  • The biggest of news, Walt Disney World hotel/ticket packages for most of 2023 are coming soon!                                                                                                         
  • Another big return, 4th of July is going to be lit at Walt Disney World this year, because Independence Day fireworks are back at the Magic Kingdom 
  • George Kalogridis announces retirement after a lifetime working for Disney parks 
  • Eat to the Beat concert lineup released for 2022 
  • New travel trend: revenge travel, as in “ take that, COVID!” 
  • Bargain travel meets bargain medical treatment:flight attendant delivers passengers baby in lavatory of frontier airline plane mid flight 


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news 5.31.22

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the gold key adventurer society. My name is Dan Leonard

Jeff: Hi, Dan.

Dan: and joining me this week in the studio is how to shape Jess Evans and Mr. Jeff Williams.

Jeff: Hi there.

Dan: Jeff. Our show as always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world.

Head to for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime it's news time.

Jeff: Your diction is on point, my friend, you are banging it out.

Dan: I'm trying to make sure that the transcription software can be as accurate as possible. So I don't have to go back and fix things later. It never gets key to the world travel. Right. I need to practice 

Jess: Well to that I say

Huh? Alright. 

Dan: probably 

Jess: the floor. 

Dan: probably decide. probably decide that that wasn't actually words cut you out of the recording entirely. 

Jess: Yeah. Well it'll finally do what you guys have been trying to do for awhile now. 

Heather: ah, 

Dan: Well, with that, let's start with the biggest news of all Walt Disney world hotel and ticket packages for, well, most of the 20, 23 are coming soon, like one week from now soon.

Jeff: uh,

Dan: about all I have to say about that. Uh, June 8th, June 8th, talk to your key to the world, travel agent. Now get on their list so that you can get a quote on a

Heather: Fabulous 2023 Walt Disney world.

Jeff: And Heather straight. Why is it that you can only do part of the year right now? And they don't release the entire year?

Heather: you can still only book for 499 days before your check-in. So June 8th, that puts us right around October

Dan: It's

Jeff: No idea.

Heather: dish. So Christmas, Christmas and Thanksgiving trips can't be booked yet, but you can still let your travel advisor know that you're planning to go at that time of the year. And then as, as it gets closer and closer, they'll be able to jump in and snag you the perfect resort.

Dan: Why do they have that oddly arbitrary seeming number of

Heather: I really don't know.

Jess: Cause they threw that out the window when they came back from the pandemic, right. They just opened up for a full year, I think. Right. Or did they stick to the 500 

Dan: Or what is that?

Jeff: I bet it's a throwback to some time when their computer only, they used an old booking system that only went out 

Jess: The Disney 

Dan: It was when they use a ledger, it's when they use a ledger buck and that way they wouldn't have to flip to the next page.

Jess: some old guy in a basement and he's like, Hey. 

Heather: Let me check and see what we got.

Jess: did 

Jeff: can add more pages. 

Jess: they did announce with the packages that they are going to be keeping The early morning, entry for the resort 

Jeff: The early morning, 10 minutes.

Jess: yeah. The half hour. And didn't say anything about the, the extended evening for deluxe guests, but I'm assuming that's going to stay because they, they just announced they're going to have a special guardians of the galaxy lightening lane window for those people at like 6:00 PM.


Heather: also still no dining planned for 

Jess: Yeah, 

Heather: yet? 

Jess: I can't believe that at this point. I really can't 

Heather: Yeah. It's they still 

are insisting that it's coming back, but I

Jess: For all the reasons that I thought it wasn't coming back yet, those kinds of have all gone away at this point. So I cannot think of another one. Like, you know, we've got basically the British travelers can kind of come now, which is a, which was a big thing for the dining plan.

They were the big guys and, you know.

restaurants are opening up more. I'm assuming it's just at this point, the staffing and capacity issues. 

Jeff: what I think they're so afraid of. Pre-selling something which leads us up to our topic later this week. But they're so scared of pre-selling something they can't deliver.

Jess: Yeah. So I guess 

Dan: I don't think it's, I don't think it's capacity at all. Cause they don't seem to be too worried about 

Jess: No, I'm at like capacity, like of what they can take in the restaurant, you

Dan: right. Yeah. Yeah. Their staffing is still, at least as of a couple of months ago. What is 

Jess: It's like 40% or something like that. 40 or 50. 

Dan: It's not, it's not great.

Jeff: Yeah, the dining experience is still not back to what it was, which was

Dan: But it's still

Jeff: best.

Dan: It's still delightful and delicious. It's just lacking in the numbers of waiters that you may be used to.

Heather: Yeah, the services

Jeff: Well, that's true everywhere just around me locally. It's that way. It's just not quite there. It's getting a lot better every day, but.

Jess: If I have to order another pizza and have them call me and say like, Hey, do you want to just pick it up? Like, no, not. at all. That's why I delivered. I ordered it for delivery. 

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: That's weird because pizza delivery is one thing that we don't have an issue with around 

Jess: Oh, we got a serious issue 

Dan: for that. 

Heather: Oh, wait, we do in Caledonia there, all the, the pizza place owners are constantly posting in our Facebook group. Sorry, we don't have a delivery driver this week.

Dan: Interesting.

Heather: Pick

Dan: it's been a while since I've.

Heather: We have, there are several Starbucks around here that are only open three days a week because they just don't have the staff.

Jess: wow. 

Jeff: that want to deliver food are work in the gig economy on the door dash and waiter and those 

Jess: Making their own hours. 

Jeff: but we digress.

Dan: I might as well set my own hours,

Jeff: it.

Dan: be able to walk off when I want to.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: They don't let you wake off at most of those jobs.

Heather: He said, walk.

Jeff: What? Walk off. Yeah. Subway 

Jess: Oh, sorry. Nevermind. 

Jeff: Yeah. Home of the three inch. 

Jess: My first job was as a sandwich artist in high school. So 

Jeff: Hey mine too.

Heather: A sandwich

Jeff: Well, that was my second job. My first one I got fired from immediately for drinking in the walk-in cooler.

Heather: Oh, dear.

Jess: surprising

Jeff: up. 

Heather: is frowned upon.

Jess: the shoe of 

Dan: At any age. 

Jess: team. Didn't really like you coming in drunk. Did they? 

Jeff: Well, I'm never living this street team days.

Jess: Oh, no, I'm just jealous. I'm just jealous. 

Dan: Yeah, I know. And when are we going to,

Jeff: myself.

Dan: when are we going to get pictures?

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: I mean, that was pre pictures, dude.

Jess: Do you still have, your parachute pants? 

Heather: didn't have, they didn't invent the camera until after that.

Dan: Dear Martha today, I talked three score teens into joining me.

Jess: Do you have an imprint on the pirates that we could examine? 

Jeff: they had to turn fats and the rocket fire explosion off. So they could use that camera in the box thing.

Dan: Well, of sticking with that theme of things, returning, which I set up with the first story, cause I'm clever like that. Uh, or universal Orlando, the one, the Latin luau returning to Los Royal Pacific resort.

Heather: happy about

Jeff: Take that

Disney world. 

Heather: a great show. And I'm so excited that it's coming back.

Jeff: And now they're going to ruin it and put some anti character in there that no one wanted.

Heather: Oh, I don't think 


Jess: storyline about family returning home that.

Jeff: That's right. 

Jess: Yeah. 

Dan: Damn docking along your dog.

Jeff: a great show. We had a, we had that show for one of our conferences and it was great. It was much more of what the traditional Hawaiian shows are. There was no skits and storyline. It was just the dancing and music and fire, twirling and

Heather: uses a local entertainment company that brings in all the authentic entertainment instead of making up their own. And it's a really, really good show and great food

Jess: Yeah, the food


Heather: that This is yummy, yummy, yummy, 

Jess: Um, that's coming back on June 25th and it's gonna be every Saturday when that happens. And there's, there's two pricing sections. There's a regular section, which is 89 for adults and 39 for kids three to nine, and then a premium section, which is 1 0 9 for adults and 59 for kids. So, 

Heather: you a little closer to the stage.

Jess: yeah. And it is all you can eat.

So, yeah, that's not bad at all. 

Jeff: to see the dancing gals

Jess: the hula and


Jeff: and 

the oiled up

Heather: the,

Dan: I was going to say,

Jeff: Our group of travel agents went nuts

Dan: the dude's packs. 

Jess: I just couldn't get over. Like I was focused the whole time on the Jimmy buffet style singer guy with the guitar, because he also performs, um, as one of the. The frontier land musicians. And every time I see cross-pollination with universal and Walt Disney world, I can't, I can't get over it. I'm like, ah, you're breaking my I can't, my brain can handle it

Dan: The immersion is over.

Jess: just doesn't work for me. Yeah, Like the guy that led me on to Hogwarts express, but also brought me fried chicken at fifties prime time, I was like, wait a minute. Something's not right 

Heather: I've seen you before.

Jess: that was on a split stay. I was like, I literally saw you like three days ago. He's like, yeah, well, 

Jeff: Uber driver. I had seen at universal, previously working a ride. And then he picked me up in an Uber at Disney, like, whoa, 

Jess: Are you following 

Jeff: a glitch in the matrix.

Dan: Uh, well, another big return 4th of July is going to be lit at Walt Disney world this year because independence day fireworks are back at the magic kingdom.

Heather: celebrate America. 

Jess: oh no, sorry. It's Disney's celebrate America a 4th of July concert in, or wait a 4th of July concert in the sky. yeah. that's 

Heather: Yeah. Well,

Dan: Is there a colon in there?

Heather: I was calling it what it needs to be called. We don't need all those other words. It's been since 2019

Jess: Yeah, 

Jeff: seen this live.

Jess: no, I've only seen it on. 

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: It looks pretty extravagant.

Dan: if there's one thing they know how to do, it's

Heather: chewed off some

Dan: a whole butt load of fireworks in the sky at one time.

Jess: Is it bigger for 4th of July or for new year's? Like, what do they do? They 

Heather: Ooh. 

Jess: emphasis on, I wonder 

Heather: question. 

Jess: because the new year's fireworks are pretty crazy, 

Heather: They are pretty

Jeff: I've never seen that either.

Jess: Nothing. 

Dan: I don't know. I would guess for the July, but that's just my guess. 

Jess: I don't know Cause they, they do it twice because that's the thing they're doing it on July 3rd, Angela fourth. So they might not want to use as many fireworks for that 

Jeff: Don't they do that at? 

No, maybe not. 

Jess: I feel like I'd feel like they do one really big fireworks at actual like midnight. 

Jeff: We shall see.

Dan: enter their 4th of July show into the like international fireworks show competition and the win every time.

Jeff: Is that a thing?

Dan: There's a 

Jess: for everything. 

Dan: I think it's usually held in like Canada and people come and they, the big companies that do fireworks shows, they enter shows

Jeff: They do that show, but it's not in Disney world. That's weird.

Dan: they take their show and

Jeff: This is like not having the projections on the castle would take away from that

Dan: Probably modify it a bit for,

Jeff: cardboard castle,

Dan: nobody will know the 

Jess: another minivan. 

Dan: or what's a big castle on the hill and

Jeff: Quebec.

Dan: city. Dammit. No, I started looking at dumb, dumb Toronto. Isn't there like a big castle. That's on the hill over near Toronto. 

Jess: I think I remember that from Canadian foreign white, but I don't know. 

Heather: Yeah.

Jess: I'm always drunk by the time I get to that. 

Dan: I've never seen that. 

Jess: It's all 

Dan: I can't say

Jess: It's 

Jeff: I've seen it once in all these years. And I went cause I was with Canadians.

Jess: I have to say I was slightly excited because I love Eugene Levy and, uh, um, Catherine O'Hara that they got to do it this time. And there's nothing funny about it. They don't say anything funny. There's No, jokes 

Heather: No, it's very it's. They play it straight.

Jeff: short before

Jess: Yeah. And his was.

kind of 

Jeff: saw that one? 

Jess: Yeah. His 


Dan: a mistake.

Jeff: better

Dan: Like why would you remove Martin short? he's a national

Jeff: of Schitt's Creek. take two, really funny, popular comedians and make them very sober.

Dan: Yeah, but, but he's enjoying a resurgence with, uh, with his murder show. Anyway, I'm going to kill the streak on things coming back, because I just want to mention real quick that longtime Disney executive George has announced his retirement. This guy has been working for the Disney company for more than 50 freaking years.

There's not too many people

Jeff: a day one employee, 

Jess: Started as a bus boy 

Dan: close to it. Yeah. 1971, he started as a bus boy at, uh, the contemporary at the opening. So he was there from opening day on.

Jeff: I think most busboys make it all the way to his position

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: eventually.

Heather: really good to know.

Dan: yeah.

Jeff: Last

Dan: Still 

still is. 

on his days off. Uh, he also he's, he later went on to serve for six years as the president of Walt Disney world. Uh, most recently he was leading, uh, heading up net geo and, uh, Nat geo live and the Disney Institute. He also did a lot of developing, like best practices for resorts and stuff. All over the place with Disney management.

So he's been a big part of it. So we'll kind of say to seam leaf.

Jeff: he's a, he's a well-liked dude

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: think is the last of the well-liked dudes.

Heather: Yeah, maybe

Jess: Tomorrow's pretty like,

Jeff: Yeah, but if tomorrow was ugly, he wouldn't be

Dan: that's true.

Heather: fair.

Dan: Yeah. That's, that's fair to 

Jess: Once his 

Jeff: call him 

Jess: fails, he's all in 

Jeff: Yeah, that's right.

Dan: There's also not too many people left that have been around that long, or at least that are in prominent positions. It used to be that the company was just chock full of people who've been around for decades and decades

Jeff: Yeah, whatever happened to John Lasseter, he was there forever.

Jess: he's given 

Dan: Remember, he's a ghost. He's a ghost in, in just friend's bathroom. a little too touchy. You remember

Jeff: that's right.

Dan: I'm a bit of an overhaul. Good news. Coming back to the Epcot international food and wine festival is the E to be concert series presented by cork, sickle Sony in July. And I know you guys were wondering this year marks the return of the Baha men.

Jess: yes, I've got to find out who 

Jeff: hope they can finally get to the bottom of who actually let those dogs

Heather: Who

Dan: Not or the back, not only are they back, but they are kicking off the series, July 14th and 15th.

The first show is going to be the Baha men followed up immediately. PI big, bad voodoo daddy.

Jeff: Uh, there are a ton of fun. I've seen them 

Jess: How can you start with Baha men? It's all downhill from there. You can't start with Baha, 

Heather: they are,

Jess: You got to lead 

Dan: I don't know.

Heather: Hey, there's some, there's some quality yacht rock coming. Christopher Cross.

Jess: dude. 

Dan: got some

Jess: I love me some Christopher Cross. 

Heather: Yep. There are still some holes in the schedule. This is just the preliminary lineup. There's some folks missing from here that usually play. So I'm expecting to see it filled out a

Jeff: Um, I watched air supply twice in a row. A few years ago they played and I was sitting there and then I just kept sitting there cause they were going to play another set. So my shoes were off and I was seated. So I watched them twice. Totally different sets by the way. 

Jess: my favorite on these is always the one where it's like, you know, Robert Eggers once lived next door to most of the band from journey and you're like, oh, cool. That guy. 

Jeff: yeah. Steve.

Dan: mean journey former lead vocalist, Steve R Gary, the most well-known lead vocalist.

Jeff: he was the second guy to replace Steve Perry and no one liked him. So they went and found a karaoke guy from the Philippines.

Dan: I was going to say he's the not

Jeff: so good.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: That 

Heather: is 

this guy, is this guy just going to sing journey or his, he allowed to do that for

Jeff: Yeah, I'm 


Jess: allowed to sing like the three songs. he,

was around four when they wrote, I think maybe, 

Jeff: yeah, I think they did. They did an album

Heather: be a short

Jeff: had him. He was with them many years actually.

Dan: Well, he's a, he's a cover group or a attribute group. He can, he can do that. There's there's a few new acts. I only know one of them and that would be Hoopa, stank. I have no idea who Los Amigos invisibles

Heather: an invisible, a 

Jess: invisible friends 

Jeff: Yeah, Sheila E she's just going to play her one hit. 

Jess: with her one drum. 

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: Billy ocean

Heather: Hanson. Y'all

Jeff: I'd be all about that.

Jess: you know, they're going to have Hansen's beer 

Jeff: bop?

Heather: I hope so. I would go for Joey Fatone and friends.

Jess: And friends. It's like nobody good. It's just friends. 

Heather: Well, he did, he does travel around with a, a boy band cover band and they're great. I don't know if that's who it's going to be,

Jeff: I bet it is.

Heather: they are really good.

Jeff: And since it's in Orlando, there's a lot of those guys that still live in that area. So I bet you'll get a Chris Kilpatrick or, uh,

Heather: Oh yeah, that's

Jeff: um, 

Jess: Timberlake's made. 

Jeff: yeah, 

Dan: Uh, you can still look forward to 38 special.

Jess: Yeah. 

Jeff: yeah.

Jess: All of the stepdad's out. There are. 

Dan: Billy ocean, boys to men. That's right. Don't let go. Jeff, uh, BB Mack.

Heather: who's that?

Jeff: Christian.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: yeah. 

Jess: Good for them. 

Heather: yes. 

Dan: almond project. Is that like a cousin of the

Jess: I think he's 

Dan: almond

Jeff: join almonds, grandson or 

Jess: grandson. Yeah. 

Jeff: Derek trucks is the, yeah, I think he's Dwayne almonds.

Jess: Well, Duane almond sun with shares and like a weird Neo goth rock band.

Jeff: Yeah, I think he's no, that was Greg almond 

Jess: or, yeah, you're right. 

Jeff: This is Duane 

Jess: Dwayne's different, man. 

Jeff: Or somebody, 

Jess: has been the Allman hour. 

Jeff: yeah.

Dan: Beginning.

Jeff: to eat a peach cocky to the world, travel.

Heather: returning is a meals from marsh montage. When you can eat a lot of cheese dishes in the heat.

Jeff: Oh, 

Jess: So that's why I've cut. Bathrooms are always so backed up around 

Jeff: My fellow cheese lovers.

Dan: Uh, we're we're past the date now is this release as this episode releases, but, uh, in the, in the future for us recording beginning May 24th, you can secure your spot at the show by receiving, by reserving an eat to the beat dining package, which are available for shows Friday through Monday.

Heather: that gets you a nice seat in the covered amphitheater.

Jeff: How about Chris Allen and David Cook? Two none winners of the American idol.

Dan: there's a lot of those

Heather: I would love it. If they could bring some of the non winners from the Eurovision song contest. Have you seen 

some of the 

Jess: to see that. Yeah. It's basically every year? It's just like the nuttiest thing has 

Heather: It's so weird.

Jeff: I haven't seen any of

Heather: I'm going to have to send you some clips. It's just, just bizarre. There's a group from Norway that all came out, dressed like yellow werewolves, and the lyrics of the song are just bizarre. Something like if you don't like the name, Keith, I will call you Jim. And that's just, they sent to a catchy beat.

It's so weird.

Dan: Alternatively, you can watch the will Ferrell movie on Netflix,

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: It actually really captures.

Dan: It's almost as weird as the real thing. Yeah.

Heather: That would be really fun.

Dan: Yeah. Uh, so Epcot international food and wine festival runs July 14 through November 19th. So if you hurry up, you might have enough time to.

Heather: Yeah. You might just be able to sneak it in.

Dan: Fit that into your busy schedule.

Jeff: and November 9th festival of the holidays.

Dan: Boom. 

Jess: I'm surprised. I'm still surprised they wait until November for that, I guess it's because it's not as much of a draw as food and wine. 

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: What shocks me. Why wouldn't it be? 

Jess: I love it. It's, it's one of my favorite ones. 

Jeff: I'm telling you they need to fill in the other one, one more month with the festival of festivals, 

Jess: They will, once they finish that festival center that they're going to put into that, that future world area 

Heather: I dig it. I think they should. 

Jess: yeah, I'm sad. It's not going to be that cool. Two story thing that we were going to get. 

Jeff: Yeah, it just made it wider and longer. 

Jess: Well, now it lays, it is almost exactly the same building that they just tore down just modified. So they probably could have left it up and just modified it, but Oh, oh, well. 

Dan: bigger. Plus there's an open air amphitheater, but you feel listened to the episode that we covered that 

Jess: but I know, listen, 

Dan: two ago. I know.

Jess: I don't even listen to my own self. 

Jeff: No, this show's really hard to listen to you.

Dan: Check out. 

Jess: Do you know how many Disney podcasts there are. Do you think I have time to fit this one into. 

Dan: I got a travel trend alert for ya. Uh, have any of you find yourself in the past six months or so maybe taking trips that are to bucket list destinations or perhaps traveling, taking vacations that are more expensive than you would typically take a. Indulging in other ways.

Jeff: I've never not done that.

Heather: Always 

Jess: slow down too much through the pandemic. So I was reading about revenge trial and I was like, wait a minute. Oh 

Jeff: Hmm. What was I supposed to stop traveling?

Jess: not have gone to Disney world. 

Dan: Well, for a lot of people now, the travels back, we've got this new thing called revenge travel. Apparently where people are saying, take that COVID, I'm going to travel big and

Jeff: Yeah,

Dan: we're taking more expensive trips or going to, uh, going to, uh,

Heather: More exotic places.

Dan: more exotic places

Jeff: starting to take care of some bucket list items.

Heather: I did visit Antarctica this year. So I suppose that

Dan: Yeah. That's what I was trying. I was trying to feed you that

Heather: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: stuff.

Heather: being rude.

Dan: I was hoping one of you would say, yeah, I know someone who did

Heather: I went and saw a hundred thousand penguins a day, 10 days.

Jess: That's getting your penguins money worth. 

Heather: It's true.

Dan: That's true.

Jeff: I will say we're selling a lot of travel.

Heather: And, and we have gotten a lot of requests for things like that. Um, we've sent people to Egypt this year and, um, you know, Antarctica, a lot

Jeff: Lots of Europe now.

Heather: Europe is really coming back and everybody's getting back to the, the hot travel places like Iceland. You got to go eat that fermented shark.

Jeff: No,

Heather: I don't think I would love to see Iceland, but I don't think I need to eat the

Jeff: I want to get in those pools, those Springs or whatever.

Dan: Then immediately run and jump in the ice cold ocean.

Jess: Yeah, 

Heather: I don't want to do that part.

Jess: in the 

Jeff: Just the warm part.

Heather: Yeah. It's thanks. Events slowed down a little bit by the flight prices, but honestly, people weren't spending money on travel for two

Jeff: I was going to say. They're doing some revenge pricing at the airlines too. They're making up for all that missed revenue. The last couple of years. I was trying to price for mid July, which is a little late, I guess it's may. But I was looking at tickets from Birmingham to Newark, New Jersey and coach was 1,090 piece. Yeah. And that's on Delta, but

Heather: not pesos.

Jeff: not point snap, pesos dollars. So like over four grand with all the fees and everything for my family of three, that's a no,

Dan: Who's paying, who's putting that much money to go to New Jersey

Jeff: not me,

but all they, all the airports around there, LaGuardia, all of them were in.

Dan: Interesting. Uh, yeah, people are definitely, um, Tired of being at home, the people who stayed at home and, uh, let's see, where is it? Where is that stat? According to a poll from Expedia that I just freaking lost in this article, because I'm a

Heather: 60% of consumers had plans to travel domestically and 27 to travel internationally in 2022.

Dan: That's the one I was looking for. Yeah. That's a lot of

Jeff: do have, um, you know, they didn't take, they take one big family vacation a year and they didn't for a few years, they've got three times or two times the amount socked away, some of them. So they're going bigger present. It's going to be hard next year. And you're like this, this year, we're going to Knott's Berry farm. 

Jess: Yeah, 

Jeff: After that river cruise, we did last year.

Jess: I hear they put up a fair in the parking lot of the BJ's down the street. 

Jeff: everyone loves PJ's.

Dan: so you can go, you can get a BJ and go to the fair 


Jess: not have BJ's the store? 

Heather: No, we do not have

Jess: Okay. It's like Costco. 

Jeff: No, I am familiar. I'm familiar with them. We don't have them here though.

Jess: So far, no blow jobs. I mean, I keep asking, but

Jeff: Yeah.

Jess: I'll let you know when I get somebody to do it. 

Dan: You have to find the right password. You haven't signed up for the

Jeff: you have to hit the ATM out there.

Jess: That's on free sample day. If you know what I mean. 

Dan: Well, I had, I had one last one, last story. So, uh, this is a story of bargain travel means bargain medical treatments.

Heather: that I don't know if I like the way that sounds

Jess: take one of each, please. 

Dan: Yeah. Well, this lady did, when she decided to fly on frontier airlines, when she was very pregnant, um,

Jeff: Oh,

Dan: woman gave 

Jess: she got on frontier. Let's just say the last time my family flew that didn't happen. Right? 

Jeff: so.

Dan: And when we gave birth to a healthy baby and a lavatory on board, a

Heather: Oh, no.

Jeff: That's, I don't even want to give birth to a poop in an airplane bathroom.

Dan: Yeah, no, she was flying from Denver to Orlando and she went into early labor. Um, the, uh, flight attendant helped her get to the lavatory and helped her, uh, deliver the baby.

Jess: Not one person can fit in that. How can a

pregnant lady and somebody else fit in there? 

Jeff: if she's in pain and agony and labor, do they get it? Let's get you into this tiny unsanitary room.

Jess: It smells like crap.

Jeff: don't they just lay you down in the seat or

Dan: and angles. Put her in the,

Jeff: Yeah. Where's there the most feces vapers in all of this plane, let's get you in there.

Jess: It's so that if the baby comes out, it lands in the blue water and everybody knows the blue water takes care of anything bad. 

Heather: Oh, no.

Dan: mounds birth plan was a, was a water birth. So they were trying to honor.

Jess: Unfortunately, it's that water they use for the coffee song. 

Dan: Yeah. Um, apparently the plane was diverted to Pensacola airport and then after mother and baby D plane with the assistant medical personnel, they continue to under Orlando 

Jess: And the.

only five people complained about having 

Jeff: But they did charge her extra for an additional new carry on.

Dan: Uh, though the baby's name and gender have not been shared publicly frontier did reveal that the newborn's middle name is sky due to the unusual conditions of its arrival in the world. Yeah. And this

Jeff: our daughter lavatory.

Heather: lavatory sky.

Dan: I hope so it's not the only case recently of kids being born up in the air. Last may, May, 2021. A woman went into labor on a flight from salt lake city to Honolulu. In that case, no flight attendant needed to help out because there was a doctor and three NICU nurses onboard to all

Heather: That's that's a happy

Jeff: well, clearly on frontier airlines, they didn't even bother to ask if there was a

Heather: Yeah, because they knew there wasn't one.

Jess: Unfortunately, 

Jeff: not even a pilot on books.

Dan: Yeah,

Jess: those medical professionals had been drinking since four. 

Jeff: That's right.

Jess: No, sorry. 

Dan: yeah, Uh, also a baby named Haven was born on a Sabu Pacific flight from Dubai to Manila in 2016 and was given 1 million miles by the Filipino airline as a burst day gift.

Heather: It says, despite being too little to use them, the airline was kind enough to let her share them with her family members.

Jess: I was going to say non-transferrable

Jeff: Wait until you're 18.

Jess: in three months. 

Dan: so the moral of the story is ignore your doctor's recommendations to not fly within eight weeks of your due date and, uh, get up there in the air. Cause maybe you'll get some frequent flyer miles and a cool story.

Heather: just don't met. Let them put you in the lavatory gross.

Jess: Thanks. Can I 

Dan: mean, it's frontier airlines on frontier airlines. What do you think smells more like poop, the seats or the air, the laboratory,

Jess: At least if you're on jet blue, you could move to the more leg room section so you can put them 

Jeff: thinking they could lay her down in the galley or something where there's a little

Dan: the emergency exit.

Jeff: it's a lavatory. 

Jess: That's the worst place. 

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: Like, all I can see is just like looking down the aisle, back at the lab at the bathroom to see if it's like occupied and just seeing two pairs, just the Two legs.

sticking out like up. I'll use the one in the front. Thank you. 

Dan: Nope. Okay. 

Jess: Can I just throw this tissue away? I'll just, it'll be, just reach around. Yes. Sorry. 

Jeff: Excuse me. Can I get some peanuts?

Jess: When does the drink service start, which is getting a little parched. 

Dan: I need that bachelor's and wider.

Heather: Yeah.

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We'll see you real soon.

Jeff: Bye everybody.