May 3, 2022

Disney World and Travel News 5/2/2022

Disney World and Travel News 5/2/2022

All the news that’s fit to print! We’re trying something a little different this summer, and splitting up our show into two episodes per week. You’ll get one episode dedicated entirely to Disney, theme park, and travel news, and a second episode featurin...

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All the news that’s fit to print! We’re trying something a little different this summer, and splitting up our show into two episodes per week. You’ll get one episode dedicated entirely to Disney, theme park, and travel news, and a second episode featuring our in depth discussion topics. This week’s news covers Halloween parties at Walt Disney World and Disneyland for 2022, Star Wars Virtual Reality at Disney Springs, Magic Band+ is almost here, a Pixar retheme for Disneyland’s Paradise Pier,Oktoberfest (the real one, in Munich) is back, so are those crazy Smoky Mountains fireflies, and cruise season kicks off for Alaska.  


  • From the spooktacular department, Disney has announced dates for the return of MNsSHP and Oogie Boogie Bash 


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may 4 news hosts

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week. Hi, Jeff and joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight and Jeff Williams still. And as always our show is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world.

Head to For more details and a no obligation quote or the vacation of a lifetime. Look, know y'all are fresh off that plane from Mexico, but yeah, we've got some work to get to, we've got some work to get to before we nerd out on Star Wars stuff. So let's get to the news starting with let's let's head over to the spooktacular department.

Disney has announced the dates for the return of both. Mickey's not so scary. Halloween party or M N S H P as I like to call it. And the

Oogie Boogie Bash

Heather: off the tongue.

Jeff: so much shorter 

Dan: It's nearly the same number of syllables. Shockingly, Mickey's not so scary. Halloween party is coming back to

Heather: It's back

Dan: Are you surprised it practically? It's what the first of first week of August 12th, I guess 12th through October 31st. That's a lot, a lot, a lot of of dates.

Tickets will be 

Heather: Halloween partying

Dan: Yes. 

Jeff: So this is the full Monte party, 

Dan: Oh yeah. Yeah. It's back. The headless horseman is going to ride. They're going to have the boot to you. Halloween parade

Heather: trick or treating.

Dan: Hocus Pocus, villains spectacular spelled tacular stage show characters are gonna be all over the place. Overlays are going to be on space. Mountain med, tea, party, parts of the Caribbean and monster scene laugh floor.

Did they have, I didn't.

been doing overlay on space 

Heather: they used to do during that party on space mountain was just that they turned off all the lights and they pitch it was pitch dark, and they had a different soundtrack.

Dan: So it's not cool, like at Disneyland.

Heather: not a full, it's not a full, cool overlay like Disneyland, but I will say it is a very cool experience. You may think that it's not going to be that much different, but it is, it is. 

Jeff: Did you do, 

Heather: I did it with Owen. 

Jeff: I have ever done that. 

Heather: I don't think so. The I've only done it one time and it was two of our family were going to Halloween horror nights and my youngest son had no desire. So we went to, Mickey's not so scary and we did it and it was really fun. It 

Jeff: I think that was the one before the pandemic. 

Heather: wasn't. Yeah. And you and I was like, can't be that different, right?

It's terrifying.

Dan: Well, yeah, cause space mountain is so dark already. They need to replace some light bulbs in there,

Heather: And they, when they turn off all of the lights it's freaky. Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah. I always wanted to try that blackout version that I did of the mission breakout cap to 

Dan: oh

Heather: it was tower of terror.

Jeff: dark up and down falling. That sounds fun. 

Dan: Yeah, I would do that. They're also going to have Jack Skellington is going to host a projection show on the oh, the nuts. So spooky, spectacular light projection and fireworks. And of course there's treats. And in honor of the 50th anniversary celebration, they're adding even more fun this

Heather: Oh, of course.

Dan: of event, exclusive photo opportunities.

They're stepping ones like at the arts festival at Epcot.

Heather: Oh yeah. Cool.

Dan: Yeah. And in addition to the reusable trick or treating tote bag, you will also receive a Halloween themed 50th anniversary, commemorative print to take home with

Heather: The lithograph

Dan: who doesn't love a good 

Jeff: But you have

Heather: who 

Jeff: have your travel agent call in to get it. 

Heather: I have not.

Dan: yeah. So there's a homeless little, like five, six

Heather: see the fun tweet that or a universal Orlando. Put out when the mic not so scary was announced. 

Jeff: Did They, troll Disney? 

Heather: they troll Disney a little bit. They said we promise Halloween horror nights will be very scary.

Dan: I'm 

Jeff: I do 

Dan: something about the fact that we were we did something the last two years.

Heather: And the prices have gone up again a little bit. It's over a hundred dollars per party, right?

Dan: Yeah. Tickets range from what? 

Jeff: 200 

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Plus tax although pass holders and vacation Disney vacation club members do get especially priced tickets only on selected dates.

Jeff: other. Weren't the party things they had last year, the after hours. 

Heather: Those were very expensive. 

Jeff: as much. And that was only for three hours. 

Heather: Yeah. Those, I think started around 130, 150 

Jeff: Cause I remember everybody gonna know it all by this and it 

Heather: and then they all sold out here. I think people are probably really excited about this. They've everybody's been wanting this back since honestly, since it went away, I think people would have gone in 2020 if they'd had the parties.

Jeff: I would have. 

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: 100%. Uh, and then also there's less information here on this one, but OGI boogie bash.

Heather: buggy is bad.

Dan: to Disney, California adventure park, select nights and fall 2022.

Jeff: I ain't never been to that one 

Heather: No, that one is really hard to get tickets to. It was even worse when it was making his Halloween party in Disneyland park. It's they don't have very many of them. And they're incredibly popular.

Dan: Yeah. But yeah, the party looks great. I remember the last time they did that, OGI boogie bash. It just looked it blue, not so scary out of the water. 

It looked

Heather: No, for sure. 

Dan: Disneyland really does their holiday parties really well. 

Jeff: and always with the cool characters of cooler character settings than Disneyworld gifts. I don't know how they do it. They always plus it. 

Dan: Yeah. You would think maybe now that a headquarters have moved over to Florida, maybe Florida could start getting the extra cool stuff.

Heather: Fingers crossed.

Dan: That'd be nice from the, we totally called this one department. Do you guys remember when NBA experience shut down? And we said that when we said, what would be great in here?

We should totally make this into an escape room experience. 

Heather: I was so excited when I saw this news.

Dan: I'm going to call this close enough to, we nailed it because for a limited time, there's going to be a Star Wars:Tales from the Galaxy's edge VR experience put on by Meta and their


Heather: Virtual reality experience

Dan: Yeah. 

Jeff: Yeah, 

Heather: no, it's not the void it's featuring the, I L M X labs, Star Wars tales from Galaxy's edge

Dan: Yeah. So you can experience by two and 360 degree VR.

Heather: and it's free.

Dan: yes. They want to sell

Heather: yeah.

Dan: you quests,

Heather: they, yeah, they want to sell you the quest to headset. So the it's, it is a complimentary experience taking place on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost on the planet of bet to,

Jeff: Can you buy that game if you have one of these headsets at home? 

Heather: am guessing

Dan: It says it's a preview version. So I'm assuming that 

eventually you'll be able to, and they'll probably be more fully 

Jeff: Wonder if they'll sell them right there in the place? 

Dan: That

seems like a 

Heather: am sure.

Dan: It seems pretty smart, but no word on that. I hope that they come up with some kind of VR thing as a replacement for. Crap. That was the NBA experience,

Jeff: That place was 

Dan: be any 

Heather: said no one ever. It was so lame.

Jeff: was shocked when it didn't take off. 

Dan: oh, this looks cool. I'm watching the there's a preview video. That's we'll have the link to the theme park professor story on our show notes that you can check out and you can go in August Cantina shows the dude picking songs on the jukebox and throwing darts in August container. Cause I re finally remember doing that

Heather: I remember that.

Dan: Shooting blasters at enemies.

So there's definitely an action adventure thing

Heather: Oh, good.

Jeff: Can you kill him in 

Dan: Oh yeah. I just watched a man throw a grenade, 

a thermal detonator At another man. So that's, that's pretty exciting that

we can finally kill a man at Walt Disney world. Like we've always wanted. 

Jeff: Yeah, finally I get to kill him in it. His neighbor. 

Dan: And you don't even have to pay extra for it. 

Jeff: Yeah, it's great. 

Dan: Holy crap. Breaking news magic band plus is not for sale guys,

Jeff: it was, it was. 

Dan: was

Heather: It was 

Dan: blinked, 

Heather: just a little bit this afternoon, this afternoon, as we're recording this.

Dan: At one location at the at the store, at the world of Disney, at Disney Springs, an employee accidentally put some magic band pluses out on the shelves and some Eagle eyed guests snapped those up.

and uh, 

Heather: posted them to social media and all the bloggers descended.

Jeff: Everybody went ham sandwich on 

Heather: And

Dan: everybody was so confused why the cast members couldn't help them hook it up to their

accounts and why they couldn't figure out how to get it 

Heather: how does it work? We don't know

Dan: best because they weren't live yet. Nobody knows how

to do it yet. they haven't been trained. 

Heather: don't know how do I link it to my account? 

Jeff: Who knows? 

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: a feeling when all these reports were saying, the cast members had no clue how to work it, that this was too good to be 

Jeff: Also I was shocked that it was $30, which this answers it's not going to be 30 bucks. I bet. I was guessing we were guessing 50 to 79 bucks. 

Dan: This, that was just for some plain colored ones. So maybe I'm sure that it will be an upcharge for anything with a character or a design on 

it, but 

Jeff: was just curious. Cause it, comes with a USB thing and a charging cord and all this stuff and the, the magic bands are already $30, or 


No, they were 1299 up to, so job chill, like 30 bucks for 

Jeff: I guess the only ones. are buyer, those limited ones. They're always like. More

Dan: the plain colored ones right now, I believe are 15. And the 

Jeff: magic bans. 

Dan: Of the regular magic bands and the average for ones that have characters printed out of them are like in the 25 to 29 range. So 29 for the plain colored, one of the new


Heather: Disney did, when they pulled them Disney did then make, put out a statement to all these blogs that were covering it, to say that it was a mistake, but that they are, they are going to launch in June. So they've confirmed that no exact date, but they did say they would be available in June and they would start at 29 99.

Dan: Yep. So I'm fingers. I'm fingers crossed that those come out before, before we go down there in June and we'll try them out. Also I've heard rumors that they had possibly had plans for those to become the star cruiser magic bands,

Heather: I would not be surprised.

Dan: they drop. So if that happens, when when I'm down there that I will be very excited about that

Jeff: It seems like it's just a regular managing band with some glowy light. 

Heather: It's a little bigger and bulkier from all the pictures I saw of people posting it's it's 

Jeff: I can't tell. Cause the one I'm looking at is on a little thin girl wrists. 

Dan: it's got all, it is wider. It's like an apple watch, a small apple watch size. It does have a little buzzer in it for haptic feedback. When things happen, it'll buzz on your wrist. It also supposedly has motion sensors so that it can do very basic gesture control stuff.

Heather: And it does have a sticker on the box that says that it works with Alexa. What is it going to do?

Dan: oh, that's big that's that's because of that, that's because of that thing that they're going to

Heather: Alexa, stop. Now my robot lady is talking, sorry,

Dan: Alexa order 5,000 

Heather: magic band plus.

Dan: yeah, no, what was, what was that thing? What did they call it? That's going to be 

okay. Disney.

Heather: No, 

Dan: that they're going to have in the hotel rooms. That's probably why it

Heather: I bet you right. When I come home, I want to be able to tell it to do stuff in my house.

Dan: Yeah. Thank 

Jeff: Yeah. I'm curious. I'm definitely going to get one of these. I was excited cause we're going to an immediate event next week and I thought, oh if this, these came out and I bet they'll give us one, but alas. 

Heather: It was a mistake

Dan: I know that we don't normally trade in in rumors and supposedly insider info, but I did see a post on a site that does talk about that, that someone said that that was the plan originally was for them to announce it and the release date at your media event. And then that got

Heather: and then some dummy. Who was like, oh, we got a box with these. It I'll put them out. Has ruined it for everyone.

Dan: do you think that dummy still has a job?

Heather: I don't know. 

Jeff: It's a 

Heather: hope so.

Dan: The guy who posted the opening for a

Heather: He's not a, he doesn't have a job anymore. That's true.

Dan: yeah, so magic man, plus though it's got some cool new features. It's going to have a functionality in a black Spire outpost at Galaxy's edge, and you can use that to interact with the environment and play some sort of game there. It also will interact. It will activate, I think, just like a sound and lighting package on those the golden statues of the

fab 50 characters for the 

Heather: call that out. Doesn't it? That it's going to interact with them.

Dan: And you, and what that, I think pretty sure what you can, what that just means is cause you can see there's speakers and lights installed around those statues already. So it'll

Heather: Mm okay.

Dan: package. obviously, I don't know anything here and probably the best part.

Remember this, those funny ears that they had a while back that would sync

with paint the 

Heather: show ears. 

Dan: Yeah. It's got to have glow with the show functionality to work

Heather: I had a pair of those years. They were so heavy.

Jeff: yeah, If they, then he just stayed in fit. And then battery pack was enormous, but this'll be better. 

Dan: yeah. These bands they're, they're going to interact with harmonious and Disney and Chapman. So they'll light up and sync their colored flashing or something who knows. 

Jeff: All right. I'm sold. one

Dan: buy One. Sure. I'll put it on my list. 

Jeff: me like one of those French girls 

Dan: That's going to cost you a lot more than a magic man. What's next on my list. I think I've got some more Disney related news Disney. Oh, Hey, a paradise pier hotel at Disney

Heather: Yes. I'm excited about this.

Jeff: take me down under the bird ass. Pia 

Dan: it's getting a big king, a big, exciting read theme, which I like is going to be changed to a Pixar themed hotel, which is great because I, I feel like the theme overall in that hotel was kind of the weakest out 

Heather: It was at, it was just

Dan: It was is very loosely, like boardwalk seaside thing, but it wasn't real and it felt like it because they had taken over. The hotel from a different company. And that's what it felt like. It felt like not a Disney hotel. So this will definitely make a Disney there's some concept art of the lobby and the grounds is going to be all Pixart out with Pixar 

Jeff: Yeah, it looks a little like a Pixar version of animators or art of animation, rather that similar center thing with the Pixar art hanging down and 

Heather: And they're going to get a walkway into DCA, which is 

Jeff: yeah, that will make it much more valuable. 

Dan: Yes.

Jeff: to be like an arch over the, like a bridge 

Heather: what they made it sound like. 

Jeff: Yeah. 

Heather: Instead of having to walk all the way down to downtown Disney and across when you peep people who stayed there used to take cut-through Califia Grande, California, but they stopped that. So then he had to make a much longer walk down to downtown Disney to get in.

And you're just right across the street from 

Jeff: Yeah.

it'd be annoying. Like I can see right into the park, but I have to walk around the world to get 

Heather: Oh yeah. 

Dan: Oh yeah. Those, 

Heather: if so, I'm assuming there's going to be some kind of entrance then back over in Pixar pier.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: Cause that's what they're right back across from. I wonder if they're going to rent and change the name of it to Pixar pier hotel instead of just 

Dan: yeah, it makes sense. 

Jeff: they should, 

Dan: So that's exciting 

Jeff: it doesn't say that they're changing the name, 

Heather: It doesn't, it doesn't make any mention of that, 

Jeff: Yeah, that's odd. 

Dan: Yeah, it doesn't even say how, what the timeline on this is it doesn't 

Jeff: And are they still talking about that big thing where they were going to put the, when they canceled that one in hotel and there was nothing. And then last like a year and a half or something ago, they announced that they were going to build that they showed that artwork for a third park thing that was going to be squeezed in between there.

Whatever happened with that 

Heather: I don't know. I haven't heard anything about 

Dan: I mean, it says, it says right here, here's a quote from Disney's statement. It says while the evolution of downtown Disney began in 2018, we recently began work on the latest transformation to introduce more innovative shopping dining and entertainment experiences. We are investing significantly in downtown Disney district to continue growing and dynamic exciting destination with something for everyone.

So who knows, they did announce a couple of restaurants that are coming into that area of

Heather: Yeah. It didn't food soup, noodle, soup dumplings. I've heard that places. Fantastic. Yes.

Dan: Kendra's been 

Jeff: weird now. They'll just here's what we're going to build and all this artwork, and then you never hear about it again, 

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: day. 

Jeff: we're not building that 

Dan: But it's I just saw something about w I don't even remember. It wasn't something that exciting that they like, oh, it was about the duck tails Epcot taking over agent P

Heather: has happened to that?

Dan: saw an article that they're like, oh, we have confirmation. That's still on. There was no citation for the confirmation, but,

Heather: Just, yes, it's 

Jeff: confirmed by the Louie, the 

Dan: was, it was on a website that

Heather: My bus driver to Epcot.

Dan: let's say this website is on the unscrupulous side

of the spectrum and 

Heather: Then I'll believe it. When I see it,

Dan: right.

But it would be nice, but so yeah,


Heather: be 

Dan: do do that a lot. And this, this makes me actually want to stay at the whatever peer, whatever they end up calling it.

Heather: Pixar 

Dan: few 

Heather: paradise pier hotel.

Dan: Yeah. Those, those, those 


Jeff: resort and 

Dan: of course. And I don't know if they could call that rooftop pool, a spa.

Those, those theme park view rooms are awfully, awfully nice though, with the view of that big old Mickey wheel right there in the middle of the 

Jeff: I have never set foot in a hotel to the still. 

Dan: Why didn't you go on the site tour when we had keychain out there. 

Jeff: I didn't want to. 

Dan: Anyway.

Heather: It's done. They did a, they did a good job freshening that hotel up, but it still felt to me like a nineties convention, hotel, low ceilings

Dan: Yes.

Heather: getting really dark interior. Yeah. Mostly in the public spaces, the rooms were pretty cute. They did a good job on the rooms.

Dan: There were all nautical kind of theme. There were nice.

Heather: the public spaces were very, really dark and low ceilings and just

Dan: The lighting was

kind of yellowish 

Heather: Yeah. I, I never really liked that hotel. I'll give it a, I'll give it another, go check it out when they 

Jeff: it a full redo, I'll check it out. 

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, yeah. For sure. For

Heather: They just, when they took it over, they slapped on a paint job and put some, 

Jeff: Beachball pillows 

Heather: pillows on the beds. Yeah. And that was it. They threw Mickey in the buffet.

It just, it just, it felt dated.

So hopefully this will help.

Dan: I think anything will help that place at this

Heather: Yeah, for sure.

Dan: I've got a couple of quick, quick hits from, from outside of the, the world of Disney and some other travel news first up for the first time. In what seems like forever, but at least two years Munich's Oktoberfest is coming

Heather: October Fest is back.

Dan: September 17th to October 3rd, which is a little confusing.

Heather: It does. Why does it end so early in October 

Dan: yeah, it takes place in September. So October. They're going to be holding yeah. the October. 

Jeff: of the coming of The harvest, which is in October.

So it's like we're celebrating that are coming. 

Heather: I see it says it was first held in 1810 in honor, of the marriage of crown prince Ludvig of Bavaria to princess teres.

Dan: Yeah, that's exciting. And I'm sure as, as this article notes, the announcement was welcomed by the Bavarian hotel and restaurant

association. I'm 

Heather: it was. 

Jeff: Do you think they'll have a beer there? 

Heather: I think that's the point, right?

Dan: Why else would you go to Germany? 

Heather: Fair 

Jeff: for the Sasevich's 

Dan: you can, you can visit the Olympic complex in Munich.

Jeff: I bet there's some castles. 

Dan: see the swimming pool where Greg Louganis swam.

Heather: it's like another Izzo. Is that also where he smacked his head on the,

Dan: I don't

Heather: on the diving board?

Dan: I'm not 

sure you can swim in that pool though. Yeah, I think so. There's also a ski jump hill there that you can go to the top

Heather: Hey, it's just one more thing that feels like a little bit of a return to normal.

Dan: Yep. Absolutely. Also something returned to normal. The great smoky mountain national park has announced the dates for when you can see their famous, crazy fireflies.

Heather: here's, what's funny. I had never heard of these fireflies and didn't know what made them crazy until you sent this article and now I want to see them

Dan: Oh yeah. There are. I think we talked about them like in the first year of our, of the show's existence. So that was a long time ago. But so they've got these special kind of Firefly that is really only exists in this great smokey mountains. And they all flash, when, when they're in a large group, they all flash synchronous sync,

Heather: all at the same time.

Dan: all together, they flash.

So you're in the in the forest and all of the fireflies

Heather: I want to see

Dan: together. 

Jeff: And I wonder, like what happened in nature that it, that area only they 

Heather: That's so 

Dan: Yeah. It's so weird. Yeah. Apparently it's so popular that since 2006, they have limited access during the peak activity

period, which is their 

Heather: days.

Dan: yes. Their meeting period. That's when they that's, when they're all flashing. Yeah. You can go watch some fireflies do it. So is, so you have to, you have to pay a dollar to register for the lottery. Yeah, a $1 application fee for the lottery. A total of 800 vehicle passes. That's 100 passes per night will be issued. And then if you, if you are selected to be one of the 800 lucky carloads to see these things, then you will be awarded parking passes and charge $24 for the


Heather: but can I get out of 

Dan: to 

Jeff: word and your bill for 24?

Heather: can I get out of my car with a jar and catch the fireflies?

Dan: I don't know about that. I have a feeling, these things are probably protected.

Heather: I guess I can just go out in my front yard and catch them the 

Jeff: they're insects that are protected species. 

Dan: I don't know, probably these ones.

Heather: also is the proper word Firefly or lightning bug,

Dan: Oh, that's a,

Heather: I always called them lightning bugs.

Jeff: That's what we called them. 

Dan: I think that's a regional thing. And in some places lightening bugs and fireflies are two different preachers, 

Jeff: Hold the stone next week on insect talk, 

Dan: Yeah. Now we've got a topic for next

Heather: we will dive

Dan: that out

Heather: fireflies versus lightening bugs. Thanks. That's what my granddad always called him. If I can't, if I can't catch them in a jar, they can They can keep their fancy lightning bugs.

Jeff: dang lightning bug 

Dan: Maybe if you 

Jeff: synchronous lightning bugs. 

Dan: maybe if you catch a jar full of Michigan lightening bugs, you can train them

Heather: Oh, 

Dan: very short period of time. You 

Heather: true.

Dan: you can do I don't know, ring a bell or administer little electric shocks to train 

Jeff: What if you could teach them to do like a drone shower? They get in different shapes and make 

Heather: Okay. Now you're onto something.

Dan: sell that one to Disney.

Heather: Yes, we could 

Jeff: Dan 

Heather: we could make more than a dollar per carload. 

Jeff: we could do $4 easy. 

Heather: Easy,

Dan: So like that. Oh yeah. I'd pay four bucks to see

Heather: for course.

Jeff: go twice. 

Dan: This is this last story I had is great news for just our industry in general. As we're recording just just about a week ago the first large cruise ship of the season landed in our arrived in Alaska.

Heather: So exciting. I'm so happy for Alaska hope that they get a normal season this year,

Dan: Yep. So a Norwegian cruise line, the Norwegian bliss was the first large ship to arrive. So that's looking forward to a good full season with there's hundreds 

Jeff: Did they go at all last year? 

Heather: Limited. It took a little while for them to. Get that that bill passed that allowed them to travel without stopping in Canada. 

Dan: No, 

Heather: then 

Jeff: Oh, cause Canada wasn't allowing porting. Yeah. 

Heather: and then once they finally passed that there were some ships that made it in a regular season, you're talking what, like over a million passengers.

And last year they had about a hundred thousand. So it wasn't nothing like it was the year before, but it certainly wasn't enough to sustain that, 

Jeff: No telling how many airbrush t-shirt shops went out of business in Ketchikan alone. 

Dan: Yeah. So that's exciting. Every, every, every little step that

Heather: Yeah. You're talking restaurants and little kitschy trinket shops, and just, that's so many more people in businesses than you would think about that. They really, really depend on that industry. And we depend on that a lot too. I'm happy to send people to Alaska again.

Jeff: I want it to fly a drone around there. 

Heather: Yes. a great idea.

Dan: Okay. Let's all go to Alaska.

Heather: think that's a great idea. Let's do it. Gold key adventure society, cruise to Alaska.

Jeff: So sorry. My TB flared up 

Dan: Jeff's got the consumption.

Heather: no,

Dan: I thought you were looking skinnier. You're looking so pale and skinny these days is the consumption.

Heather: the consumption. He never got COVID, but he just get TP

Jeff: did contain me, 

Dan: Darn the luck. 

It's been a good run. I'm going to say, thanks for hanging out with us again for our weekly news Roundup. Oh, by the way, maybe I should just mention, we're going to start in an experiment for at least a month or two. We're going to try splitting up our news and our regular discussion topics into two separate episodes.

That way you can listen to both. Listen to one,

listen to 

Heather: a week.

Dan: Yeah.

More, more while the same amount of bang for your buck spread out over more days, so yeah, anyway, that's why I'm saying thanks for hanging out with us again for our weekly news Roundup. If you're excited to see the spooky side of the Disney theme parks or explore somewhere else around the world, Key to the World Travel has a gigantic Mickey Mouse shaped jack-o-lantern in the middle of town square full of expert travel planners, right? To make your vacation dreams a reality head to to get started with a no obligation quote. Don't forget to catch up with our friend, the Theme Park Professor for all the latest theme park news and tips at Word of mouth is the best way to help us grow our show. If you have a friend or two who you think would appreciate our special brand of globetrotting jackassery, tell them what makes our show so great and send them our way. You can find links to subscribe to the show on your favorite apps and all the latest updates at

Can't wait to hang out with you again next week and we'll see you real soon.