May 10, 2022

Disney World and Travel News 5-10-2022

Disney World and Travel News 5-10-2022

Here it is, our weekly Walt Disney World and general travel news roundup for the week May 10, 2022. Discussion topics include Disney’s Cotino Storyliving planned community, Uber-but for jets, the TSA confiscates some crazy stuff, Disney Cruise Line relea...

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Here it is, our weekly Walt Disney World and general travel news roundup for the week May 10, 2022. Discussion topics include Disney’s Cotino Storyliving planned community, Uber-but for jets, the TSA confiscates some crazy stuff, Disney Cruise Line releases itineraries for summer 2023, looking at the real space hotel allegedly opening in 3 years, and a salty, sassy festival in Japan. 

Don’t forget, we’re trying something new this summer, and releasing our news segment and theme park segment as two individual episodes. This helps spread all the great content we cover out over the week so you don’t miss us as much in between episodes, and also makes it easier to listen back to episodes in the future, without dated and irrelevant news stories. We hope. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher app, and that our show is set to automatically download. And let us know what you think about our new format!


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May 10 News Hosts

[00:00:00] Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight,

[00:00:08] Heather: Hello.

[00:00:09] Dan: Jess Evans

[00:00:10] Jess: ho.

[00:00:11] Dan: and Mr. Jeff Williams. 

[00:00:13] Jeff: Thanks for having me back. 

[00:00:15] Dan: As I, I wouldn't have it any other way. Our show is always is brought to you by Key to the World. Travel. Key to the World

travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, bruising, and destinations around the world. Head to For more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. It's been a while since our last recordings.

[00:00:40] Heather: So long.

[00:00:41] Dan: news stories have really, really piled up here.

Time to time to dig our way out from underneath this giant stack of news, starting with ground has broken and that Catino story, living community out there, out there. And especially in California, prone to heaven.

[00:01:01] Jess: And Coachella. So the first thing they did was scoop up all the leftover blonde women with floppy hats on from the music festival 

[00:01:07] Jeff: right. 

[00:01:08] Jess: littering.

[00:01:09] Jeff: them out of here. 

[00:01:10] Heather: It is in the Coachella valley, isn't it. And it's supposed to have neighborhoods dedicated to 55 years and up. So it's a retirement community.

[00:01:20] Jeff: have the Coachella valley is very large and they're going to be really sad once a year. 

[00:01:26] Dan: Yeah, I, yeah. Yeah.

[00:01:28] Heather: It looks really cool. Actually, I would live

[00:01:32] Dan: Yeah. It's 

[00:01:32] Jeff: By the time they're finished, I will be 55 and up. 

[00:01:35] Dan: Ooh, there you go. Reserve your spot now. 

[00:01:38] Jeff: And Amelia. 

[00:01:39] Dan: I guess it's kind of like a, an evolution that we didn't really talk about this when they first announced it, but kind of like an evolution of of celebration

[00:01:47] Heather: golden Oak and celebration. It's supposed to be more affordable than golden. And a little bit like the celebration concept.

[00:01:56] Dan: Yeah, but a little less fantastical, it looks like, although they say that encourage creativity and living out your dreams. 

[00:02:03] Jeff: seems more like the celebration thing. That's like the main like city center and all that it's ever golden Oak is just golf and big houses. 

[00:02:13] Heather: Yeah.

[00:02:14] Jess: Yeah.

[00:02:15] Heather: They also have zoning approval for a hotel. Lots of shopping, dining and entertainment offerings. It looks very cool. And I liked the, I liked the it's kind of a little bit of a mid-century vibe I'm getting from 

[00:02:30] Jeff: Palm Springs, 

[00:02:31] Heather: Yeah.

[00:02:32] Dan: Yeah, definitely. Which would be appropriate because I believe isn't that kind of where they are. It also 

[00:02:37] Jeff: Sorry. 

[00:02:37] Dan: to feature a yeah,

[00:02:40] Jess: I think technically.

[00:02:41] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Because, because the reason they chose to put it, there is because while one of his vacation. Spots was Palm Springs. He really loved that area.

[00:02:49] Jeff: Oh, yeah. 

[00:02:52] Dan: that's, that's what they say. Why the reasoning behind that they're also going to have in the center of it all a a 24 acre grand Oasis, a lagoon that they have. I liked this a lot. It's going to say it's going to feature the clearest turquoise waters you've ever seen. Thanks to crystal lagoons, registered trademark technology.

[00:03:10] Heather: Oh,

[00:03:11] Jeff: I'm imagining they're painting the bottom of it. Like it Disney spring. 

[00:03:16] Jess: And just see one sad cast member with a really big net out there everyday.

[00:03:20] Dan: yeah,

[00:03:21] Jess: Absolutely.

[00:03:24] Dan: it's it's essentially like a gigantic 24, 24 acre like star blogging bay pool. It's not a, not a lake at

[00:03:34] Jess: I did read that

[00:03:34] Heather: it will have water activities. Yeah. 

[00:03:38] Jess: Yeah. Cause they're 

[00:03:39] Jeff: Like the villages has water support. 

[00:03:41] Jess: it seems like there's going to be. It seems like they're trying to combine community living with resort. Because it's got, they've already talked about, there's going to be like fees for doing certain things. There's going to be activities available to, to do.

And you, like you said, if they put a hotel in there, then they're going to be encouraging.

[00:04:00] Heather: clubhouse, basically a country.

[00:04:04] Jess: Right.

[00:04:04] Dan: Yeah, there's clubs, there's club membership, and then they also go sell a day passes for

[00:04:09] Heather: A club only beach area and recreational water 

[00:04:12] Jeff: I mean, if I had any kind of money and was an old toot like that, I would love 

[00:04:16] Heather: This place looks awesome. Absolutely.

[00:04:19] Jeff: toot part. I just don't have any money. 

[00:04:20] Dan: It's something to shoot for.

[00:04:24] Jeff: And when is it all going to. 

[00:04:25] Dan: People can move in 20, 24, they expect.

[00:04:28] Jess: That's pretty cool.

[00:04:29] Heather: And they've mentioned that this is the first of many, but they haven't really said where the next development will be. I'm curious.

[00:04:37] Jess: So they're basically going to build an entire community faster than they can build a rollercoaster that they've got built in another theme park somewhere else as I just want to throw that out there 

[00:04:48] Jeff: That's 


[00:04:49] Jess: and don't say pandemic, because it's been shown before that it takes them forever to just transfer a coaster over.


[00:04:56] Jeff: Any of the blueprints, 

[00:04:58] Jess: I'm going to be mad if they open on time, just cause as a theme park fan I'm like, can y'all just put a little bit of that juice over into

[00:05:04] Heather: Here's why

[00:05:04] Jess: Tron. Ghoster

[00:05:05] Heather: of the website, it says Disney is not the developer of Cotina a story living by Disney community nor the builder or seller of the homes.

Third parties that are doing all of that stuff. 

[00:05:18] Jeff: These five people here in these vests and name tag, That's it for Disney.

[00:05:22] Heather: That's right.

[00:05:23] Dan: Yeah, 

[00:05:24] Jeff: going to stand out here and look at maps. 

[00:05:26] Dan: but they licensed, the name

[00:05:28] Heather: Yes. 

[00:05:29] Jeff: The name Cortina. 

[00:05:30] Heather: they are definitely very involved. I know some of the cast members that are have moved from. Executive level jobs into overseeing this. So it is something that they have their hand in the design and the look and the feel of it all. But someone else's 

[00:05:46] Jeff: That's there. Yeah. It's their theme in marketing. They'll hire builders plus building. not rollercoasters is probably either. 

[00:05:56] Heather: And they've definitely had some Disney writers on, on the marketing materials. 

[00:06:02] Jeff: Do you, know, what was fast was when they built all that crap at Disney Springs, that was like two years. They built all that new stuff,

[00:06:10] Jess: Yeah.

[00:06:10] Jeff: that whole center part and all. So they can think in buggy if they need to, but those bring in money Right. away and roller coasters don't necessarily. 

[00:06:18] Dan: Have you ever. At that really frustrating moment where you need to get somewhere several hours away from where you live and you just don't know the easiest way to get yourself a private jet.

[00:06:29] Jeff: Yeah, all the time. 

[00:06:31] Heather: Every

[00:06:32] Dan: mean, you show up at the airport and you realize you don't know how you're getting on. Where, where are your planes coming from? 

[00:06:37] Jeff: Wait, I have to share this plane with a bunch of people. 

[00:06:40] Dan: Good news. There's a brand new app for ya. In case

[00:06:44] Heather: Guess what it's called? I, I, I 

[00:06:46] Jeff: Is he like the Uber for airplanes? 

[00:06:49] Dan: Yeah. What would you call the Uber for airplanes? Would you call it

[00:06:54] Jeff: Probably not. No, 

[00:06:58] Dan: yeah.

[00:06:59] Heather: How are they not getting sued for 

[00:07:00] Jeff: there we'll get sued. 

[00:07:03] Dan: there's no, there's no U in it. I guess it's it's F L E w B E. Our company was actually founded in 2018. They have access to more than 9,000 private jet. The largest have an up to 18 passenger capacity and they have agreements to flight into 1900 airports, including private airstrips. 

[00:07:24] Jeff: They should've called it flipped

[00:07:30] Dan: They now have

[00:07:32] Jess: I'm going to share my,

[00:07:33] Heather: so curious how this works, though. I want to know how much this costs.

[00:07:37] Jess: I want to know, 

[00:07:38] Heather: that you can either book a flight or bid on a flight. So

[00:07:45] Jess: to take off and you're possibly going to be on it.

[00:07:48] Heather: it will, it will, if you, 

[00:07:50] Jeff: Yeah was an already existing. 

[00:07:51] Heather: it will give you an instant quote. And if you want a bid, it says it will begin a search for an empty leg with the opportunity to save up to 60% on that charter, the

[00:08:04] Dan: Isn't there. Isn't there like

[00:08:05] Jeff: had an empty leg. He would smuggle Ramin. 

[00:08:10] Heather: It says they also added a share option so that you can send your proposed itinerary to friends and family and split the cost.

[00:08:17] Jeff: If that sounds good, the share option actually allows you to turn back to. 

[00:08:20] Jess: So here's my question, I'm showing my hand on my tax bracket, but like, I don't know much about owning a private jet. What is there a captain that's just attached to the jet and he's available whenever.

[00:08:33] Jeff: probably multiple captains 

[00:08:35] Jess: Okay. There you go.

[00:08:37] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:08:38] Jeff: you get some Lackey. That's just landed from a dead head. It can barely stay with. 

[00:08:42] Heather: Oh, no,

[00:08:43] Dan: a charter company kind of

[00:08:44] Heather: usually most, most companies that have their own jet have a staff, a pilot and flight attendants.

[00:08:54] Jess: When you get onto the do these jets sometimes have little trivia screens and the guy then hounds you like hell for five stars. As you're trying to get off the plane, you're going to give me five stars. Right? You're going to give me five stars. Right. I flew really good. You're going to get.

[00:09:10] Jeff: I want to fly private one. 

[00:09:11] Heather: I'm downloading this app and taking a look. I'm so curious.

[00:09:16] Dan: Yeah. I mean, the good news is it's really convenient. Not only do you get to fly at a time that fits your schedule, but you don't have to get there early for the TSA. And you can arrive as little as 15 minutes before take off 

[00:09:28] Jeff: Hey, how does that work with 

[00:09:29] Dan: because it's private. They're not 

[00:09:32] Jeff: so I can just roll in there with my guns.

[00:09:35] Heather: Yes.

[00:09:36] Jess: Guns a blazing.

[00:09:37] Heather: Canned your guns and your cocaine. Oh, it's a party.

[00:09:42] Dan: I mean these drugs, aren't going to mule themselves. Right? 

[00:09:46] Jeff: Do I have to put them in my bed or can I just carry on?

[00:09:49] Dan: I think you can just carry


[00:09:51] Jess: just depends on what you're into at that 

[00:09:52] Heather: I think that's your choice.

[00:09:54] Jess: Yeah. Dealer's choice.

[00:09:56] Dan: You also get the board right from the tarmac, so that's always exciting.

[00:09:59] Jess: Ooh.

[00:10:01] Jeff: Yeah. Like, like. 

[00:10:04] Heather: I flown on applied private jet one, one time. And I got to say it was pretty amazing. So I want in,

[00:10:12] Dan: Yeah. I really hope that things go well for these guys, because it could really go south quick and then everything's gotta be flew by.

[00:10:18] Heather: Oh, damn.

[00:10:21] Dan: I've been thinking about that. I've been thinking about

[00:10:23] Heather: All day long, huh?

[00:10:24] Dan: three or four hours now. Yeah. I so excited. 

[00:10:30] Jeff: so excited. We're all very excited for you then. 

[00:10:33] Dan: Yeah, really? It was underwhelming actually, once I delivered the joke, but at least I have a moment in the sun. 

[00:10:39] Jess: Come down is always the hardest, right?

[00:10:43] Dan: That's right. I really enjoyed the headline from this story that Heather sent to me, is that a meth burrito in your bag, sir? And once again, the TSA has shared some of its lists shared a list of the most unusual items that they have confiscated at airport security. And these are always.

[00:11:02] Heather: 2021,

[00:11:04] Jess: I thought they knew my taco bell order.

[00:11:06] Jeff: What mess burrito. Good Goodman. 

[00:11:09] Heather: the top 10 crazy things that they've caught people with in 2021. Number 10 bullets hidden in a DOD or in a deodorant stick. Danny. You got a joke here?

[00:11:22] Dan: The bad say when the guy was trying to get through the security line, he was probably sweating bullets.

[00:11:27] Heather: there is.

[00:11:30] Jeff: I need you to leave Dan. 

[00:11:32] Dan: That was in the

[00:11:33] Jess: The show is 

[00:11:33] Dan: CNN, CNN travel wrote that one for me. So you can, you can send your complaints to J craft courtesy of

[00:11:40] Jess: where they shot into the, to the deodorant or

[00:11:43] Heather: they just like,

[00:11:44] Jess: lovingly shoved. I don't that's okay.

[00:11:47] Jeff: And why, 

[00:11:48] Heather: And why, like 

[00:11:49] Jeff: you can have your you can, I think you can pack munitions. 

[00:11:53] Heather: in your checked bag, you can't. Yeah. I don't know why they 

[00:11:57] Jeff: So at some point 

[00:11:58] Jess: Yeah.

[00:11:58] Heather: I don't know a number nine, they say long barreled, antique looking pistol. That doesn't seem all that unusual. I could see

[00:12:07] Dan: I'm assuming it's not like a revolver. It's more like, probably like a dueling pistol. Like we're talking Hamilton style,

[00:12:13] Jess: bugs bunny as wanted for 

[00:12:15] Heather: That's what I was going to say. Yeah.

[00:12:18] Jeff: The white gloves. 

[00:12:20] Jess: Unfortunately, when they, when they pulled the trigger, a little flag came out that said bang. So nobody was hurt.

[00:12:26] Heather: Number eight is the breakfast burrito with meth in it? I can't believe that's number eight.

[00:12:32] Jess: I mean, 

[00:12:33] Jeff: that in a regular lunch burrito. you look

[00:12:35] Heather: burrito 

[00:12:36] Jess: had meth? It's it'll wake you up, like.

[00:12:42] Jeff: the new sunrise per year. Now it's 20% more meth. 

[00:12:48] Heather: Number seven, a belt buckle with a firearm in it. How big was this belt? Buckle,

[00:12:56] Jess: Yeah, 

[00:12:57] Jeff: like he is

[00:12:57] Dan: little, like a little


[00:12:59] Jess: yeah, like a little tiny one

[00:13:01] Heather: number six, a Cleaver

[00:13:05] Jess: just to 

[00:13:05] Jeff: or Wiley. 

[00:13:07] Heather: out

[00:13:07] Dan: It's definitely not.

[00:13:08] Heather: Who's got my Cleaver.

[00:13:10] Dan: It's definitely not a Cleaver idea to try to bring one of those through

the checkpoint.

[00:13:13] Jeff: Seriously, Dan, 

[00:13:14] Jess: really it's it's that? That is you're offending me now.

[00:13:19] Heather: number five, a can of bear spray.

[00:13:22] Jess: That's all right. They're 

[00:13:23] Heather: sometimes 

[00:13:25] Jeff: the cul 

[00:13:26] Dan: light his shoe on fire.

[00:13:28] Jeff: was sick and 

[00:13:29] Heather: a machete. I don't know why someone didn't know that was

[00:13:33] Jess: He was planning on fighting the guy with the Cleaver it's it's all makes sense now.

[00:13:38] Jeff: The at 10,000 feet 

[00:13:40] Heather: Number three 

[00:13:41] Jeff: Danny Trejo. 

[00:13:43] Heather: All right. Number two, a wine bottle holder that looked like a gun. Okay. Number one, it says they confiscated someone trying to go through TSA, the TSA line with the chainsaw.

[00:13:58] Jess: Like ripping it. I

[00:14:00] Dan: was really, somebody was really pissed at a pilot.

[00:14:03] Jess: hold your hands above your head.

[00:14:07] Heather: My favorite though, is this article mentions the weirdest thing on the 2020 list, which was a baby shark floating in a jar of preservative.

[00:14:19] Jess: I used 

[00:14:19] Jeff: I mean, who who among us 

[00:14:22] Jess: I swear to God. I used to have one of 

[00:14:24] Jeff: try to fly with it though. You're not a weirdo. 

[00:14:26] Dan: was the, that was the cool souvenir for kids in my middle school to bring home from Myrtle beach on

[00:14:32] Heather: baby shark

[00:14:34] Jess: Yeah. 

[00:14:34] Dan: Yeah.

In a little jar of blue formaldehyde.

[00:14:37] Heather: This says that the baby shark wasn't the problem. It was the chemical that it was floating in was deemed hazardous 

[00:14:43] Jeff: Cause it was mad. 

[00:14:44] Heather: such well, it's

[00:14:45] Dan: more than

[00:14:46] Heather: more than four ounces 

[00:14:48] Jeff: shark floating and meth. 

[00:14:50] Heather: If you are coming home from Myrtle beach with your baby shark in a jar, 

[00:14:54] Jeff: in your 

[00:14:54] Heather: yes. Don't try to bring that in your carry on bag. And also don't carry on your myth burrito.

[00:15:01] Jess: He ended up before.

[00:15:03] Jeff: I just picture a guy trying to get through TSA with a chainsaw. 

[00:15:07] Dan: Yeah. Y.

[00:15:09] Jeff: probably my belt buckle or my underwire bra. No, sir. I think it's probably the chainsaw.

you think. 

[00:15:16] Dan: I can only imagine that, like you found out his wife was, was sleeping with a pilot and he booked a ticket on the next guy's next flight. He was like, I'll show 

[00:15:25] Jeff: Yeah. And then. 

[00:15:26] Dan: this. That's the story I came up. I feel like a couple of like a long time ago, we recovered a similar story where somebody tried to bring a toilet paper older that looked like a


[00:15:38] Jess: There 

[00:15:38] Dan: onto the plane. Yeah. that got confiscated. People just keep on trying to bring stupid stuff. 

[00:15:43] Jeff: Why does the fake, I mean, is the toilet paper holder? How 

[00:15:47] Jess: And why, if you can bring bullets, I'm assuming the, the deodorant was in a checked bag. If you can bring bullets in a checked bag, why did they care that someone put it in deodorant? 

[00:15:56] Heather: Is if they were taking the time to hide it in deodorant, then clearly they're up to no good

[00:16:01] Jess: I think it just confirms my theory that they go through all my check bags and put my deodorant on their armpits. 

[00:16:08] Jeff: Just to see if there's bullets 

[00:16:10] Jess: onto your TSA.

[00:16:12] Heather: gross.

[00:16:13] Jeff: shot in the arm pit. I work for TSA. 

[00:16:17] Dan: Funny story.

I get it. Unless less amusing story, but possibly more interesting to some of our serious minded travel listeners. A Disney cruise line has released their itineraries for summer of 2023.

[00:16:36] Heather: And you can start booking on May 9th.

[00:16:39] Jess: That's 

[00:16:40] Heather: you are a Castaway club member, pat platinum class Castaway club member, golden Oak member, you can book your behind. You are able to book several days ago. 

[00:16:50] Jeff: What if I'm just a Cuttino member resident, 

[00:16:53] Jess: What if I'm a maiden 

[00:16:54] Heather: unclear. 

[00:16:57] Jeff: I have my freedom.

[00:16:59] Dan: have they updated their policies. Vis-a-vis my freedoms or.

[00:17:03] Heather: Some there's, there's still, they are still requiring vaccines. Sorry. If, if you, if that is one of the freedoms that you choose not to partake of, you're going to have to go sail with someone else. Maybe not because I don't think there's any cruise lines right now that are, that have gotten rid of that.

But it's a lot of the, the usual stuff we've been, we've come to, to enjoy with Disney cruise line. But now there's another ship. 

[00:17:32] Jeff: my money's on carnival dropping that real first. 

[00:17:35] Heather: I agree. Yeah. They will be headed back to Alaska Norway, the British Isles back to the Mediterranean. There's a cruise that will stop in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the French Riviera.

And then they're heading onto the Greek. I would love to do Greece on Disney cruise line would be awesome.

[00:17:56] Dan: I always forget that they do those European routes in a sauce. Like, wow, that's a

[00:18:01] Heather: it take.

[00:18:02] Jeff: they only did that same three and four day route. I always do to Nassau. That's what I can afford 

[00:18:09] Heather: Good news for you. There will be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and eight night cruises to The Bahamas. 

[00:18:17] Jeff: an eight night. 

[00:18:18] Heather: I, I do not know 

[00:18:20] Jeff: We visited Nassau six 

[00:18:22] Heather: cruise to The Bahamas,


[00:18:25] Dan: very thorough. 

[00:18:26] Jess: Castaway key dip. It's a,

[00:18:28] Heather: yeah.

[00:18:29] Jess: which actually be fine.

[00:18:31] Heather: They'll also be going back to Cozumel grand Cayman, Jamaica St. Thomas Tortola, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 nights in the Caribbean. 

[00:18:42] Jeff: of Disney cruise line in The Bahamas did the COVID kill that second island. They were going to build. 

[00:18:48] Heather: yet.

It's just delayed. 

[00:18:51] Jess: Lighthouse point or whatever.

[00:18:53] Dan: Yep. We haven't heard a lot about

[00:18:55] Heather: Yeah. They're still working on it, but it is very delayed. 

[00:18:58] Jeff: They've got the builders from Pandora working on it should be ready in 2030. 

[00:19:06] Heather: and there go heading back to Alaska again, five, seven and nine night cruises departing from Vancouver, British Columbia. 

[00:19:13] Jeff: That was always my family's bucket list. 

[00:19:15] Heather: They're headed back there and Canada's not being rude anymore. So they're back to leaving from British Columbia. 

[00:19:21] Jeff: never rude. 

[00:19:24] Heather: They certainly were it when the. Congress went, oh, you aren't going to let us stop there. Then we'll just quick. Write up a little law and let them not see how you like that. A

[00:19:37] Dan: Oh, suck eggs. Your Hosers.

[00:19:40] Heather: decomposers.

[00:19:42] Dan: Yeah, take off, take off all the way to space. Heather's. Heather has always been excited about the idea of this space tourism thing.

[00:19:48] Heather: that was a great segue, Dan. I'm very impressed.

[00:19:51] Dan: I am, I'm starting to get almost good at this

[00:19:53] Jeff: you like a balancing two wheeled scooter with that bad-ass segway. 

[00:19:58] Heather: I'm not sure. I want to be the first one to try this space hotel though, because it's opening in 2025. Seems a little, I don't know, dangerously soon 

[00:20:08] Jeff: Aren't you going to one in July?

[00:20:10] Heather: in space. That's true. I am going on the galactic star cruiser in July. So maybe it's not such a bad idea. This one is the first of two chic hotels in space is planned for opening in 2025.

It's going to accommodate 400 people. And yeah, I mean, Mike, my question is how are they planning to get everybody up there? Are we relying on Richard Branson and the Ilan and,

[00:20:43] Dan: if you look at this picture, if you look at this picture at the top, there's like 20 individual shuttles park outside, like each pair of rooms and they look like super cool. Okay. So here's my thing though. We can get into some of the ins and outs in a second, but I just want to point out. So it says here that the designs have been floating around since 2019 and that they're sharing new concepts.

It says nowhere that they have actually started building this. So what you're telling me is that we are going to have this fleet of shuttles to take civilians into space and a fully operational. Luxury resort hotel was simulated gravity space station built in probably less time. Then it's going to take Disney to build a rollercoaster or a 

[00:21:32] Jeff: photo space 

[00:21:33] Dan: community

[00:21:34] Heather: is why I need a bunch of peoples to try it out before I go. 

[00:21:39] Jeff: Let me just go ahead and let you know wherever invited to do this. experience. That's all. 

[00:21:45] Heather: That's just me. Yes, 

[00:21:48] Jeff: I don't want to go to space.

[00:21:49] Heather: I really 

[00:21:50] Jeff: wanted to eat a space. Two 20 

[00:21:54] Dan: Like, is this going to be one of those? Like, it's just basically a Kickstarter that's never going to actually produce the final,

[00:21:59] Jess: looks like a load of 

[00:22:00] Dan: finished product.

[00:22:01] Heather: maybe, but it looks really cool.

[00:22:03] Jess: French.

[00:22:04] Jeff: Yeah, we'll have some language. 

[00:22:06] Heather: It's really cool though. I want to fly in my own personal. Shuttle to the space hotel. I mean, they're there they're designs for what it looks like inside. Look amazing to,

[00:22:18] Dan: Yeah. But, and then here's the other thing too. 

[00:22:21] Jeff: space. 

[00:22:21] Dan: the, the quality of the graphics for their artists renderings for this things are so low budget. It's like, why am I not bilking billionaires out of money for a space station has never.

[00:22:33] Heather: Hey, maybe we could.

[00:22:35] Jeff: Great question, Dan. 

[00:22:36] Dan: cause I could do this nonsense. God, I

[00:22:39] Heather: All I know is if it, if it actually happens and they open this thing, I will sell it to call clients and find a way to go 

[00:22:48] Jeff: Oh, for sure. I want to make money on it. I just don't want to do it. 

[00:22:51] Heather: I want to go to space.

[00:22:53] Jeff: about there's a view? Do y'all want to go to space? 

[00:22:56] Jess: I'd like to, but it doesn't seem very practical.

[00:22:59] Jeff: It seems like a lot of effort. 

[00:23:01] Jess: I'm a big Spotify fan, but I don't think I'm built for that. So 

[00:23:06] Jeff: I like the five part of safe. 

[00:23:08] Jess: yeah. I like to dream.

[00:23:11] Dan: Like, you know, we've had a few rounds of people to try it out first. And also, like, I feel like if I'm going to go into space, maybe it needs to just be like a one-way trip. I don't know if I want to go to the effort of coming back to.

[00:23:27] Jess: What do you yeah.

[00:23:29] Dan: No, no. I mean like, like once we finally make the big move from our, from this big blue marble that we

[00:23:36] Heather: to go colonize. Mars

[00:23:38] Dan: and I don't know about Mars, that sounds like a, sounds like a.

[00:23:42] Jeff: Far away. 

[00:23:46] Heather: sounds like it's hot. 

[00:23:47] Jeff: would you go live on a moon colony? If you could not have to take your family? 

[00:23:53] Heather: Yes.

[00:23:55] Dan: No, but I could handle being like a bartender

[00:23:59] Heather: I say that out loud?

[00:24:00] Dan: the, 

[00:24:00] Jeff: We'd be like the Whoopi Goldberg up there. 

[00:24:03] Jess: looks pretty barren and there's nothing up there. There's just valley. It's kind of like the Coachella valley. There's really nothing there. So I 

[00:24:10] Jeff: wait till Disney builds a community, 

[00:24:13] Heather: A


[00:24:14] Jess: a pool up there 

[00:24:15] Heather: Community 

[00:24:16] Jess: then I'll go share

[00:24:17] Heather: there? Yes. I will put down a deposit immediately.

[00:24:22] Jess: lunar celebration.

[00:24:24] Heather: Yes. 

[00:24:26] Jeff: lunar, a celebration of Disney planet life. 

[00:24:31] Heather: Can it look like the original concepts for Epcot?

[00:24:34] Jess: Oh, yeah,

[00:24:36] Heather: Because I am there.

[00:24:37] Jess: that would be nice. Hey, they finally dusted the Epcot model. I noticed that on my last ride on 

[00:24:42] Heather: Oh yeah. 

[00:24:43] Jess: so excited. Yeah. I looked at it. Couldn't find like the giant spider community that was taking over, but. 

[00:24:49] Jeff: kind of in 

[00:24:50] Jess: I had, created a whole narrative in my head that my son and I would talk about it every time we rode by about the spiders that were taking over waltz, community,

[00:24:58] Heather: That's hysterical.

[00:25:00] Dan: What are the rest 

[00:25:01] Jeff: The experimental prototype Sydney spiders are 

[00:25:05] Jess: Haley and spiders,

[00:25:11] Dan: I actually died. It wasn't the cancer is the giant alien spiders.

[00:25:15] Jeff: I for one welcome our new insect overlords. 

[00:25:18] Dan: Finally I thought since we're getting close to the summer travel season, it'd be a good idea to revisit our fan. My favorite series from last year, what I'm calling unusual, unusual festivals, season two, colon going global. 

[00:25:38] Jeff: this segment is a Dan favorite.

[00:25:40] Dan: Yeah, I wish. 

[00:25:41] Heather: what you did there.

[00:25:43] Dan: Yeah, I get it. I get it. I wish I had the music for it, but I don't as yet, but we're going to start by visiting Japan. We have, we have taken a look at a couple of fascinating festivals in Japan before, such as the the naked festival.

Oh, the dudes get nude in the, in the pitch, black and Russel or there's the, the steel that the festival of the steel penis. Wasn't that the other one, it

[00:26:08] Jess: Oh, yeah.

[00:26:09] Heather: that

[00:26:09] Dan: phallus. Those are for a long time. Those two episodes for our most popular episodes where we talk about those festivals. Anyway, we're back with the

[00:26:21] Heather: Oh,

[00:26:23] Dan: which is the festival of abusive language.

[00:26:27] Jess: Nice.

[00:26:27] Dan: It's also known as the rowdiness festival. It is held annually on new year's Eve and hundreds. Count them hundreds of worshipers Trek up to the top of a mountain to attempt. Where they shout insults and swear words at each

[00:26:42] Heather: Yes. I need to do this.

[00:26:46] Dan: It says exactly.

I thought I thought this would be right up the alley of a few of y'all. The article says, although all potential targets of these insults are fair game, the curses themselves are typically mild in sort of choices. Usually Baca, yarrow, loosely translated as you idiot route.

[00:27:04] Jess: Japan. So nice. They're so

[00:27:06] Dan: Yeah, but

[00:27:07] Jess: respectful.

[00:27:08] Dan: I,

[00:27:08] Heather: go teach them how to cuss at each other.

[00:27:11] Dan: yeah. See, and then what happens is this is a festival that Motley crew would really love because at 11:00 PM you get to the top of the top of the mountain, a guy blows, 

[00:27:23] Jeff: of this. 

[00:27:25] Dan: think this guy blowing a horn they ring a temple bell, and then they shout, they're literally shouting at the. To scare the

[00:27:33] Jess: That they had a Dr. Feelgood or something. I 

[00:27:36] Jeff: and then they all smoke in the boys room. 

[00:27:39] Dan: Yeah. And then, then they take part in a final ceremony at the CRA after new years in which they they kneel down and look up at the sky and a priest comes by and pour Saki on their foreheads.

[00:27:52] Heather: Okay.

[00:27:52] Dan: The wine trickles down their faces, symbolizing the joy that will flow in the year ahead into bowls that they hold it and the chins that then they drink the booze and get drunk.

[00:28:02] Heather: Okay. I mean the basic tenets, I like shouting 

[00:28:07] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:28:08] Heather: at each other and

[00:28:09] Jeff: Drinking wine on my knees from a priest, pours 

it over my face and do a bowl. 

[00:28:14] Heather: okay. I was thinking more of just the boozy part of it, but I feel you.

[00:28:22] Jeff: I like the cussing at each other part 

[00:28:24] Heather: Yeah, 

[00:28:26] Jeff: news. 

[00:28:27] Dan: they're

[00:28:27] Heather: maybe 

[00:28:28] Jeff: head, you 

[00:28:29] Heather: we could just start our own cussing festival.

[00:28:32] Jess: That's 

[00:28:32] Dan:

[00:28:32] Jess: I live my life, man.

[00:28:33] Jeff: would you call it here? 

[00:28:36] Heather: I don't know.

[00:28:38] Jeff: Fast, 

[00:28:42] Dan: I dunno, that's got an entirely different connotation.

[00:28:44] Heather: Yeah. Yeah,

[00:28:45] Dan: to have some very confused people showing up to that to that ceremony. 

[00:28:58] Jeff: because that's all anybody's hearing. Right? Dan. 

[00:29:03] Dan: That's right. That's

[00:29:05] Heather: Danny. You brought this on yourself.

[00:29:08] Dan: I don't know. I expected it. I, to be honest, I expected a lot more, but that's fine for now. I'm going to say, thanks for hanging out with us again for our weekly news Roundup. If you're excited to live your own Disney parks story or explore somewhere else around the world, Key to the World travel has a plan community in the middle of California's Coachella valley, full of expert travel planners, ready to make your vacation dreams a reality. Head to to get started with a no obligation quote. Don't forget to catch up with our friend, the Theme Park Professor for all the latest theme park news and tips at 

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We can't wait to hang out with you again and we'll see you real soon.

[00:30:02] Jeff: Call me

[00:30:02] Jess: Yeah. The, the festival of shouting obscenities at each other just reminds me of hanging out at flows with Jeff. 

[00:30:11] Jeff: right.