Nov. 2, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 11-2-2022

Disney World/Travel News 11-2-2022

Never have I ever seen a more exciting lineup of news stories. Let’s get started with
Disney’s Blizzard Beach to reopen November 13 with some new Frozen touches 
Green Army Drum Corps...

Never have I ever seen a more exciting lineup of news stories. Let’s get started with


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News 11-2-22

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key. Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard,

Jeff: Hi, Dan.

Dan: and joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight

Heather: Hello.

Dan: and Jeff Williams.

Jeff: Great being here.

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Never have I ever seen a more exciting lineup of news stories. Let's get started with Blizzard Beach. It's gonna reopen November 13th with some

Heather: in time  for a warm holiday season.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: How long was that closed? Like three years.

Dan: Just about,

Jeff: it pre pandemic or during, I guess it closed through the pandemic and never reopened yet.

Dan: It, yeah, close with the pandemic. So nearly three years opening up they're going to include, and this one, because of the way some special sites do their headlines made people pissed off is going to have, it's gonna be opening up with some new frozen touches. It's not a full Theme, let's say outside the.

Enchantment would have you believe they've added a handful of frozen themed statues to the kiddie pool area, including Elsa and Ola, and some of those little marshmallow what do they call those? Little snow.

Heather: snowies

Dan: Oh, yeah. The

Heather: snow boogers that

 Olaf sneezed.

Dan: Those guys are cute. I did not know that.

Yeah. And Anna and Elsa's, Igloo Castle also will be featured.

They're just little statues, but

Heather: They're cute.

Jeff: it's cute. It makes perfect sense.

Dan: Yeah, it makes sense. It's winter's frozen, snow themed. I mean, you could have a conversation and argue that certain people management somewhere have forgotten about the idea of staying consistent to your Theme, but it's fine.

Jeff: But if everything became frozen suddenly, why wouldn't the children that had been there have made snow castles of famous snow based creatures?

Dan: There you go. I'm sold.

Heather: Exactly.

Dan: See, I wasn't actually all that upset about

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: seem pretty upset.

Dan: there's some people who really are though. Holy crap.

Heather: I mean, come on. Is that really something to get upset about

Jeff: These are

Heather: the kitty area, they put some statues of ola and snow booers.

Jeff: these are the kinds of people that didn't like the Batman movie. Just people with no taste whatsoever.

Heather: That's fair. So Typhoon Lagoon will operate up until November 12 and then start its annual refurbishment. Although there are some blogs trying to start rumors that Typhoon Lagoon is closed forever.

Jeff: People don't understand the word indefinitely means we don't have a reopen day yet.

Heather: Correct. And I believe that there are some new attractions that they may be adding. You never. It's, they took a long time to do a really very thorough refurbishment of Blizzard Beach, so why not do the same thing with Typhoon Lagoon, especially if they're planning to try and make it compete with Volcano Bay.

I mean it makes sense.

Dan: It makes sense. And I have to assume that if they want to compete with Volcano Bay, they've got to be doing more than adding some frozen statues somewhere. Because I mean those parks are great. They're iconic as far as water parks themed, water parks go, but they are definitely,

Heather: They're good solid water parks, but they do need to step it up a bit. Yeah.

Jeff: Especially the Blizzard Beach one cuz solid water is ice.

Dan: ice

Heather: yes.

Dan: Oh. It's,

Jeff: Thanks folks. I'm here all week.

Dan: yeah,

Heather: They are also, they announce that they're gonna be some holiday offerings at Blizzard Beach through. December 31st with some holiday themed treats, some fake snow, some snoop

Jeff: It is.

Heather: festive inner tubes, and there will even be a tropical Santa.

Jeff: That's their holiday overlay.

 Festive. Introduce,

Heather: inner tubes. Yes.

Jeff: I've never been

Dan: At the Disney Water parks? What they do? They should at oh, what the hell is that place called,

Jeff: sliter.

Dan: Bay and sell souvenir inner tubes for ut? They should do that. I'm surprised that Disney does not sell you the inner tubes to use and say

Heather: They should, They don't they don't allow, have never allowed you also to bring your own inner tube because they have to they want them to be the fully clear inner tube so that the lifeguards can see all the way through them. So I assume these

Jeff: Oh, that's,

Heather: tubes will be clear with maybe a sprinkling.

Snowflakes, maybe

Dan: Yeah. As unobtrusive as

Heather: Correct?

Jeff: So you can tell if a kid's dead underneath or

Heather: Correct. That's right. That's the idea, Yeah.

Jeff: park by me is all clear too. And you can't bring your own

Heather: Yeah. And that's really the reason

Jeff: stupid dead kids. Ruin it for all of us.

Dan: Goddamn

Heather: the thing that shut down a river country because there the water, you couldn't see the bottom of the pool. It

 Supposed to look like a swimming. And it had murky water.

Dan: That and the questionable safety characteristics

Jeff: that and the brain eating bacteria in Bay Lake or

Dan: eating, amebas,

Heather: And just, you're done.

Dan: Three strikes and you're out. That's right.

Jeff: The kids would quit dying. We could keep this place open.

Dan: Something that's in not Out Disney has announced that the Green Army Drum course are gonna be returning to to Toy Story Land

Heather: characters back in the

Jeff: More just street entertainment stuff. I love it.

Dan: And that's the awesome, exciting part is that it's streete stuff and it really, those guys really add to Oh yeah. I love that. When they come.

Yeah, it's a lot of fun.

They do their marching and they run some little games and stuff. That's a ton of

Heather: Not too far off what? November 8th they said making its big

Jeff: November is a busy month. We got all sorts of stuff returning

Dan: And here's the interesting thing though that some of these entertainment things are coming back when they're making their, announcements, other. Other places that there's cuts to the entertainment that character meet and greets are going away. Stuff like that.

Jeff: Apparently people are not applying for those jobs. They're heavily advertising now on social media for character, friends of

Heather: of the characters. That's part of the reason apparently why Acrosh is not on full day hours to open up is because they need those princesses in other places. At other

Yeah. And did you notice that they're charging a full, You have to pay in full when you book Acrosh right now, similar to Cinderella's Royal Table.

Dan: So is that official policy? Because when I haven't paid close enough attention, but when that opened up, they, a lot of people made it seem like that was a glitch and it wasn't supposed to be happening.

Heather: I

Jeff: I bet it is.

Heather: I hope it's official policy. It's entirely

Jeff: Reservation hoarding is a real issue right now.

Heather: a very big problem. And that's what we all assumed, that it was definitely that it was definitely not a glitch, but I mean, I guess it's possible. I think they, I honestly think they should start doing what some restaurants that use Open Table have an official policy where you have to put down basically a deposit so that if you NoShow they hold it.

And I think they should do that with Disney instead of the charging you, if you don't show up, make a make that $10, $20 per person whatever, something that you pay up front. To make your reservation and then it gets subtracted off your bill when you do show up because then all of these hoarders are not gonna be doing that.

Dan: no, I it's entirely possible that was intentional and they, that was the policy to charge the full in advance and it makes sense with how excited everybody was for that

Heather: And how rare those character experiences are right now.

Dan: But I'm pretty sure that they didn't tell anybody that they were going to do that ahead of time.

Heather: That's true. I didn't see that. So I guess maybe it makes sense if it was a glitch.

Dan: if you're gonna do that,

Heather: if it was a glitch because I thought it was a smart move.

Jeff: See, I have to pay some amount when I book. Speaking of open table, when I book the Tejas Day Brazil here, it's very expensive place to eat and I to pay like 20 bucks a person and then they pull it off your bill.

Heather: I just digested that I made reservations for Ruth's Chris for Kendra's birthday, and it was 20 bucks a person to make the reservation.

Jeff: Oh man. I love Ruth

Heather: And I'm happy to do that because it's a hot ticket around here. We have two very nice steak places and they both are difficult, if not impossible to get into in December, which is why I'm making the reservations now in October.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah, get it in.

Heather: Yep. That's what she said.

Dan: All right. While we're talking about restaurants did y'all get a chance to watch this video from the Flavor Lab? That gives a little bit of a sneak peek of the backyard,

Heather: Roundup Rodeo, Barbecue.

Dan: that thing? Yes. For Toy Story Land, the I.

Heather: some soon.

Dan: Yeah, at some point I didn't see the headline says that they give us a look at a food.

I didn't see that much of the food, but it's really cool the play settings that they've got going for this restaurant. You get a look at those and she's, they're talking with the head of the flavor lab, which is where they develop all of, it's like imagineering for the food

Jeff: I wanna work.

Heather: Which I would love to

Dan: sounds amazing.

It sounds really but so he sh there's talking about how they even put a lot of thought into the place settings that you're gonna use at the tables, and they show they've got these plates that are China plates, but they look like paper plates.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: be served to you in a green Army man bucket.

 They also have cups that look like barrel of monkeys, barrels. So they're really bringing the toys into the into the dining experience. It looks.

Heather: That sounds amazing.

Dan: but the flavor lab itself that would be a really cool place to visit. I'm surprised there's not a tour of it available with all the backstage.

Maybe someday that could be something they have, because it'd be cool to see that he talks about how they have the ability to, when they're planning. A restaurant or if they're working on new menu items for a restaurant, they bring in whatever cooking equipment they have at that place so that they're using exactly what they'll have there,

Heather: Oh, cool.

Dan: to work on.

And they just they develop all these ideas and they really do think of it the way imaginary thinks of the rest

Heather: amazing. I love.

Dan: experience. So

Jeff: Yeah. See this link till just now That paper plate. China is so cute.

Dan: Yeah, it's really cool. I want those plates.

Jeff: Yeah. This, Oh yeah. I see. They got, The food is served in a bucket, like a bucket of wings is coming in. What looks like the Green Army men buckets. That's so good.

Dan: Yeah. At first when I saw that pile of plates before she picked it up, I thought it was just maybe like plastic plates or pa just paper plates. And I was like, Oh, wow. Those are really cool.

Jeff: That's my new career choice. I will be the flavor lab.

Dan: For the new

Heather: It does look like an amazing job, doesn't it?

Dan: play with food all day.

Heather: Oh, yeah,

Jeff: They're the ones that come up with all the dumb cupcakes.

Heather: that is true.

Dan: Maybe they need some fresh blood in the cupcake division

Jeff: Oh yes. Blood in a cupcake. That sounds great.

Dan: Yeah, it could be like a black sausage flavored. Rolling on with the Food Theme Universal. Orlando has announced they've announced their dates and the Theme for Mardi Gras 2023,

Heather: Is there's a Theme. Isn't the Theme

Jeff: Mardi Gras.

Dan: Yeah, but it's Mardi Gras. But Mardi Gras is going to take a place at Universal Orlando from February 4th through April 16th, 2023. And the expanded Theme is international flavors of Carnival. They're go. They're gonna have a new, it says a new Mardi Gras parade. So I don't know how often they switch those floats out, but they always, another main feature of their celebration is the food stands there.

 It seems like Halloween, Christmas, and Mardi Gras is when Universal decides to shine with a special food offerings. And Mardi Gras is especially amazing. They're going to have. New Orleans style food like they always have, but they're also going to have items from Brazil, Belgium, and beyond.


Jeff: Does Belgium have a carnival?

Dan: I mean, I guess a lot of those, like romance area of Europe kind of has some sort of similar tradition

Heather: mean they have certainly, I would think they have traditions or surrounding Fat Tuesday. It's not really called that there, but something leading up to lent.

Dan: So that'll be interesting to see what those menus look like. I've not yet gotten to experience Mardi Gras Universal and it sounds like a ton of fun,

Heather: Yeah, it is a ton of fun and the food and beverage is pretty good. It's kind of like what they pull out the all the stops for Halloween Horror Nights, but the rest of the year they don't really have a ton. But people love that. People love the food with the, that looks cool. Or some weird ingredient or.

Anything you could put on the Instagram?

Dan: Yeah, it's I'm kind of surprised they don't do more of that the rest of the year outside of, they seem to highlight their churros

Heather: Yes,

Dan: they and their weird milkshakes outside the park at Tusome. Other than that, Mardi Gras be there for six months,

Jeff: I like the whole Mardi Gras thing there. I've been there during that quite a few times cause that's falls during our spring break. So I'm there a lot.

Dan: Something else new to the Orlando area in 2023. Once again Jeff shared this with us. Sea World's got another new coaster coming up and it looks amazing Pipeline. Pipeline, Colin, the surf coaster coming in 2023 to SeaWorld Orlando. They must have.

Jeff: Pipeline, Colon,

Dan: Yeah. They must have sniped, someone from Disney's team to name their attractions.

Jeff: Yeah, this is a,

Heather: look intense.

Jeff: another version of the classic standing coaster, but this one's pretty cool cuz you're not just trapped in standing up and the whole car looks like a big, long surfboard, but each car moves around as you are banking through these turns and stuff. It leans as if you were surfing on that board.

So that looks really,

Heather: and it goes through some waves, like

Jeff: Yeah, you do rip curls and

 Yeah, that looks awesome.

Heather: Have either of you ever done a standup coaster? I have not.

Jeff: I did want six legs over Georgia. I can't remember what that one's called, but it was like you're just strapped in. You don't move, and you start seated. It's like almost like you're leaning, You're not quite standing up.

Heather: if this has a full inversion while standing it, wow.

Dan: It also, I mean, so it's almost like mind train. Plus stand up. Plus you go upside down.

Jeff: They've really got it going on with the coasters there at SeaWorld Orlando.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: I guess now that they can't torture the whales anymore, they gotta do something.

Heather: they've become the big coaster park. So you're standing, but you do have kind of a seat, so it's and your seat rises and falls. It's interesting.

Jeff: Yeah, it's a dynamic seat slash the way you lean and everything. There's a video of it on

Heather: Yeah, it looks

Jeff: It looks killer.

Dan: Yeah, that looks.

Heather: I can't quite fathom what the sensation of being upside down while standing is gonna be like, I'm gonna give it a go.

Jeff: Yeah. You may not be tall enough.

Heather: kinda scary. This is true. It does. It does. It does say it's gonna have a pretty and pretty tall height requirement, but I am taller than 54 inches, which is what they think it will.

Jeff: I am.

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: That's a lie. So at the bottom of this article there's links to two other sea World coasters coming to other Sea Worlds

Jeff: Yeah, The Sea Rescue one.

Dan: Yeah. But first, San Antonio Sea World is getting a launch flume coaster. So it is a log flume with a launched start, and then it takes you around to a vertical lift into a.

Heather: Oh

Dan: So it combines a launch coaster, a log flume, and a vertical Plus. It's going to have the it's gonna be the world's steepest log flume with a 53 degree drop.

Jeff: I hope they've thought this one through better than Schlitterbahn

Heather: Oh my gosh, yes.

Dan: It says it's going to be, It says you're going to, on the vertical lift, they're going to rocket you upwards at seven feet a second.

Just staggering heights. Yeah. Yeah. So that looks awesome. And then this other one, Jeff, the, in San Diego, they're getting this Arctic rescue coaster.

Jeff: Yeah. It's like you're a Baywatch guy.

Heather: But arctic, so you're on a a snowmobile instead of a jet ski.

Jeff: Yeah, it looks really cool.

Dan: yeah. I'm trying to see, It's hard to tell because the one picture is CGI is just computer rendered. But is

Jeff: It looks like either snow or water, I can't tell, which

Heather: yeah, I assumed snow because it said Arctic, but


Dan: Yeah, I mean Arctic, so snow, but I'm wondering if to simulate that they're going to have you like splash down into water or something.

Jeff: Yeah, it looks like it. A lot of those coasters missed you as you come through a turn or. Maybe something like, Oh, here's a video.

Heather: Arctic Rescue will also feature a unique indoor launch station inside the Wild Arctic Exhibit where they have beluga whales, walrus, a ringed seal. I don't know what a ringed seal looks like.

Jeff: All right, looking at this Arctic rescue thing. So being on a fake motorcycle on a rollercoaster makes it so much fun like Haggards, when you're in the seat where it feels like a motorcycle, it's so much cooler than just sitting. You kind of feel like you're part of the thing you're not, but gives you that illusion and that's pretty, that makes it extra fun.

Dan: Yeah, that looks cool. And the kind of motions that it does to kinda simulate that, zooming across the snow looks like there's gonna be a lot more of like relatively flat, but banked

Jeff: Lots of banking. Yeah.

Dan: SNA side to side and stuff. That looks

Jeff: Yeah. They've stepped up their sea world's. Got a lot of coasters.

Dan: yeah. Who knew that, that would be where Sea World ended up is having these really cool, innovative coast.

Jeff: Now you don't have to. For those type of coasters, they've got, they're given Bush Garden a run for their money. You don't have to go out to Tampa. It seems every year they open a new mega awesome coaster.

Dan: Yes, definitely good for them. And that's another place that's on my list of, I need to finally get there

Jeff: I love

Heather: They have some great coasters. I really love

Jeff: I like seeing all the fish and stuff and the Otter Show is awesome.

Dan: I mean, I was just gonna say my, like the last time I went to SeaWorld, the biggest thrill they had was Seymour And

Heather: Clyde and

Dan: Seymour and

Jeff: the, I love that

Dan: Lions. Like that show. That show was badass. At least it was when I

Jeff: No, it still is. I love it.

Dan: Oh, good. I love to see more inclined. Speaking of innovations in roller coasters, have you seen this patent that universal Yeah, this looks cool.

Yeah. So it looks like they're working on ways to solve the problem of guests bringing cell phones under the coaster, and instead of forcing you to go through a metal detector and leave your phone in a locker,

Heather: phone in a locker, which is a

Jeff: Which slows down the whole line, and then you're in line for however long with no phone to play.

Heather: Yep.

Dan: Exactly. So now they want you to have a tiny little locker built into the seat in front of you on a rollercoaster that it looks like you can plug your phone into which a will charge your phone, but also allow the ride to interact with your phone. It could trigger an inright, ve inright photo. You could use it to select songs like you do on Rip Ride Rocket.

 It says it could also interact with. Other things in the environment. For example, if the Ride has show scenes like on Haggard's, Koosa or something might trigger something on your phone,

Jeff: Yeah, I love this idea. I definitely hate having to surrender the phone before you get in a long line.

Dan: It could have game, it could work with game effects in the ride. So there's a lot of, there's a lot of possibilities for this. It's really.

Jeff: And it keeps it from slinging out of your pocket and hitting someone in the face, which was the original issue they had with these phones. Although it seems like universal takes it to an extreme, the way they make you put your purse, everything in a locker for some of the dumbest rides like mis men in black, you have to put your purse and everything in a locker for that.

Heather: And there's not a single ride at Walt Disney World, including rock and rollercoaster that goes upside down. And the guardians of the galaxy, none of them. Do you have to do that?

Dan: Yeah. It's funny how Disney just trusts the guests to be responsible for securing their belongings, and the guests do it as opposed to universal. It assumes that you're gonna be a

Heather: Now, some of

Jeff: they've just had too many issues.

Heather: some of them at Universal makes sense because you have something big like the Hulk, that people are walking underneath as the ride is going by. So they don't wanna a phone to sling out and smack somebody in the head, and that makes sense.

Jeff: that's true. A lot of their rides go over walking paths.

Heather: And Disney doesn't have any like that, but.

Dan: yeah. Other than the whole can rip ride rocket. Do they? I mean,

Heather: But then, yeah, why should you need to do that on, for

Jeff: Velo, Ghoster goes over the walking path.

Heather: but you have to do that with green dots and that's all inside And

Dan: of making people go collect guests crap off the floor or something.

Jeff: It's such a drag there to go line up and put your stuff in a locker. And they're not big enough. The lockers are tiny

 That's why we like to have Chad La point with us. He just holds everyone's stuff. He didn't like to write anything

Heather: yet.

Dan: There you go,

Jeff: dude loves universal.

Dan: And we love that dude. Speaking of loved ones California Airport is gonna start allowing non travelers to meet their loved ones right at the gate, like the way we used

Heather: This is feels so weird.

Jeff: Remember that back in 2000

Heather: Yeah something. No, I was too young to remember that.

Jeff: yeah. That was the year you were born, I

Heather: Yeah. I am just 21.

Jeff: Oh, yeah.

Heather: No, not even a little, but it looks like actually, I somehow I missed that the Seattle airport was already doing this, so there will be a way that you can apply to get a pass. To go through security and then wait at a gate to meet someone on their plane when they arrive.

Kind of neat.

Jeff: That's perfect cuz I've always saying, I there's so many extra empty seats around this gate where I'm trying to wait for my flight that I really wish they'd, lets. In here to take these seats up.

Heather: Maybe not. Maybe not.

Dan: just hope that maybe it's a step towards progress in other areas of the annoyance of the whole security thing. Because how many years and how many millions of people not trying to blow us up, do we have to go through before we say maybe we don't have to worry

Jeff: It only takes one or eight man.

Dan: Yeah. But we haven't had one or eight in

Heather: because it's working. I did have the absolute

Jeff: we yolo it,

Heather: Of being one of the people's. When you're returning to the United States often when you get to your gate, they are calling people up for extra security check. Jeff has Jeff. Jeff has had the pleasure of that in Jamaica.

Jeff: yeah, sure did.

Heather: I had never been caught by this, but this time I was flagged for the random pre-boarding security search.

Jeff: In Mexico.

Heather: In Mexico. Yes. And actually it wasn't a big deal. It didn't take as long as I was expecting because I was thinking back to seeing it in some other places. I've seen them opening people's bags and just like taking everything out and digging through it, and I was afraid that was gonna happen. But really all they did was I had to step.

Stepped to the side and they took all of my carry-ons and they just opened them and put, ran those explosives, tester strips along the inside and then along the zipper of each of my things. And then they opened my computer and did the same thing. So it took maybe four or five minutes. It didn't end up being a

Jeff: I had to, They went all through my stuff. They pulled it all out, but it was all I had to carry on was a backpack.

Heather: Oh, I was so glad they did not do that because I had a carry on with toiletries and things like that in it, and I was afraid they were pulling it out and doing that, but they didn't. They, and then they ran that swab over my hands, and oddly, I had to take off my shoe and they ran it out over the bottom of my foot, which seemed

Dan: Not the

Jeff: they think you're smuggling a salon poss?

Heather: I'm not sure. It seemed odd, would I have put some, put an explosive together

Jeff: We had the shoe bomber guy, Richard, whatever his name

Heather: then why wouldn't you run it over the shoe, not the bottom of my foot.

Jeff: No.

Heather: It was odd.

Dan: And the big question is, did you feel safer after this experience?

Heather: really. No. I mean

Dan: In, in most cases, I'm a pretty progressive. Liberal person, but this is like the one place where I get very what about my

Jeff: But what about my freedoms?

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: it's just so

Heather: seemed to make more sense than the one they did to Jeff and Jamaica, where they were just pawing through his things. I assumed looking for weed. But this was, yeah, this was just, they really were testing all of my things for explosives

Jeff: That's the funny part, is like Jamaica's not even where the good weed is these days, so nobody is bringing it back from Jamaica. We have better stuff in the us.

Heather: Right here in Michigan, you could go to a dispensary and have all of the many different options

Dan: That's why they were, that's why they were looking for it to stop you from bringing it back home so that people would not know how crappy it is.

Heather: to buy my weed. Yeah.

Dan: They wanted. They wanna keep the mythology alive of their good weed.

Heather: Yeah. Yeah, but I get it. I mean, there, there are, oh, there are very few exceptions to this. Right now, if you have a child who's gonna be flying as an unaccompanied minor, they do, You do a similar online application and then you can take your kid to the gate, but people like it. Maybe wanna greet nana when she's coming home for Thanksgiving or something like that.

I don't know. I think it will make a lot of extra. People standing at Gates.

Jeff: The interesting thing you, they never accommodated people that were waiting. So they pushed everybody out from the gates, said, You can't wait here. You can wait beyond the gate. But they didn't ever put anywhere for anybody to wait.

 So at every airport you go to, you get to the bottom of the escalator or whatever the situation is after you get off of your concourse.

And it's just people standing around kind of.

Heather: We, we do have a waiting area at our small airport. There's a lot of tables and chairs right outside security that

Jeff: like most airports, they, I certainly do not at Newark and LaGuardia

Heather: Yeah. And there

Jeff: my own,

Heather: Starbucks there, but it has closed, and now it's just the. Liney Lodge.

Jeff: that Starbucks is pretty new too.

Heather: Yeah there's a Starbucks beyond security, but the one that was right before security is no

Dan: Yeah, they moved all the food inside the security. Its,

Jeff: telling everybody, you can't go beyond security. They put nothing for the people that, Yeah.

Dan: Yep.

Jeff: Good thinking.

Dan: They got some vending machines. Yeah, so that's available right now at Ontario International, which confusingly

Heather: Is in

Dan: east of Los Angeles and also apparently at ctac.

Jeff: I think there's an Ontario in Canada too.

Dan: yeah, last I

Heather: I think you're right.

Dan: And that's about it.

 They, they previewed this at Pittsburgh and Tampa, but. They since suspended those programs. So if you happen to be flying into Ontario International Airport, you can have your Grammy pick you up. And then last up for news Roundup This week we've got the story of a hiker in Texas who got gored by a bison.

And so she posted the video of it to TikTok because we live in hell and everything has to go on social media.

Heather: she says that it was to make sure that people understand that wild animals are dangerous. I think it was probably for the views, but. Yeah. One minute she's waiting on this trail for a group of bison to clear, and then she's running for her life as it charges her, and then the phone falls as it gores her in the back.

Dan: I.

Heather: Ugh.

Jeff: Did we watch it?

Heather: I did watch it.

Jeff: Is it gory?

Heather: and much as the, this article warns me, she does use profane language

Jeff: I'm gonna be very profane if I get a horn through the back.

Heather: Yeah. This is just another one of those public service announcements that we have every now and then to not do stupid stuff when

Jeff: You see it so much.

Dan: Yeah, I mean this. Yeah, she

Jeff: They're huge. Don't go there.

Dan: Despite her saying that she's an experienced hiker, she was far too close to the bison. She ignored the warning signs. It's her own fault,

Jeff: Yeah. I have no.

Heather: Yeah. She was hospitalized for six days with a large gas. In her back and she is going to fully recover. She did survive. And that's, and I'm glad of that. But yet, don't get so close to wild animals. People stay

Jeff: told she had a large cash in high school.

Dan: I couldn't concentrate on what Heather was saying cuz I knew what was coming outta Jeff's mouth. Next

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: you lit up. You lit up like a pinball machine.

Jeff: somebody. Yes.

Dan: I'm up.

Jeff: Oh, Yo Yang,

Dan: That's my cue. So yeah. So just. Just don't be a dummy.

Heather: like we've said, to stay away from the bears. Don't try to cook a chicken. In a hot spring in Yellowstone.

Dan: Yeah Don't get that selfie right at the edge

edge of a

Jeff: Yeah,

Dan: Don't just knock it off.

Jeff: don't tug on Superman's Cape.

Heather: No. All of these things.

Dan: Yeah. Congratulations, dummy. Now you've been gored.

Heather: Yeah the the wildlife service that was responding to her TikTok says, Use the rule of thumb, which is if you hold your thumb up in front of you and you can still see the bison around your thumb, you're too close.

Jeff: that's pretty smart.

Heather: Yep.

Dan: Yeah. Cause they're freaking big

Heather: They're huge and yeah, I mean, she's prob really lucky to be alive. It could have trampled her as well as goring her in the back.

Don't be a dumb.

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We can't wait to hang out with you again later this weekend. We'll, cereal soon.

Heather: Bye y'all.

Jeff: Thank you for the privilege of your time.