Nov. 15, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 11-15-2022

Disney World/Travel News 11-15-2022

Disney World/Travel News 11-15-2022
If there’s one thing we always have plenty of, it’s travel news. This week we cover changes to COVID testing requirements on Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World holiday treats preview, and a trip report from Dan’...

Disney World/Travel News 11-15-2022

If there’s one thing we always have plenty of, it’s travel news. This week we cover changes to COVID testing requirements on Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World holiday treats preview, and a trip report from Dan’s recent fact finding mission to Disney World. Plus, exciting news from Wales, the friendly skies are going to be busy for Thanksgiving this year, and please stop licking toads and stuffing chickens with hand guns!



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News 11-15

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key. Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard.  Jeff, you didn't do the thing that you

always do 

Jeff: not always gonna do it

Heather: He just did that on

Jeff: I'm noted. Monkey

Jess: He's dancing for

Jeff: I thought you were over. You're a little weird. Might and name is Dan Leonard.

Dan: I just, this is like jazz.

Jeff: Oh, okay.

Dan: I go where the feeling takes me,

Jess: It goes round and round it.

Dan: Ha. You never know where I'm going with this delivery.

Jeff: your name again?

Dan: My name is Dan Leonard

Jeff: Hi Dan.

Dan: and joining me this week at the studio is Evans. They're

Heather: Hey, y'all.

Dan: and Williams.

Jeff: Thank you for having be dead.

Dan: I'm to have that very enthusiastic

Heather: No, 

Jess: Yeah. 

Heather: was Yeah.

this guy again and,

Jess: you. You wanna do another take on that one?

Dan: Happy to have you,

Heather: There you go. 

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Well, there's all

Jess: Yep.

Dan: there's one thing we always have enough of around here, it's travel news. We're gonna get rolling with Disney Cruise Line very soon. Possibly as soon as when you're listening. This will no longer require guests to be tested for Covid 19, regardless of their vaccination status.

Heather: No more testing, No more vaccines.

Jeff: Thank goodness.

Heather: Yes.

Jess: you're free to make out with whoever you find attractive. It's just

 it's a free for all.

Jeff: Really? It's that kinda of cruise

Jess: Oh yeah. Oh, sorry. That's Virgin. Sorry.

Jeff: that

Jess: No.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: Beginning November 14th, 2022 for sailing supporting from the United States. Disney cruise line will no longer require guests, regardless of their vaccination status to provide proof of a negative COVID 19 test. Prior to sailing. Disney Cruise Line continues to highly recommend that you be fully vaccinated and encourages unvaccinated guests to get a test two days prior to sailing.

Heather: But it is not required. It's pretty much all cruise lines departing from the United States now have dropped all of that. There are still some European cruise lines hanging onto a little bit of that here and there.

Dan: And if you've got like a transatlantic sailing I believe sailings to Bermuda are still going to require it because it's a Bermuda requirement, not a Disney design requirement.

there was. I could pull it up because Royal Caribbean made a similar announcement on the same day and they have a more thorough listing of ports where you might still. Of them just to say departing from the us. Then they don't have to get into the specifics of the other.

 Yeah, it was, Unless you're going to Columbia, Haiti, Honduras, Trans-Atlantic. So none of those really apply to dcl,

Heather: Not a lot of those with Disney Cruise Line

Dan: Yeah. So that's exciting.

Jeff: Well, good. Just in time for my Christmas break cruise.

Dan: Yeah. You don't have to have a negative covid test to go outer space anymore.

Jess: You can sit on Santa's lap again.

Jeff: no, I'm going to, I'm going on an ocean cruise as well.

Dan: Oh, well, yeah. But I was just being a smart ass.

Jeff: Oh, that's different for you.

Dan: Yeah, I know, isn't it? All right.


Heather: different for you. You just 

Dan: that what DeWalt Disney World 

Heather: World

Dan: Yeah. You guys wanna hear

about it? 

Heather: I do.

Jeff: went to Disney World

Jess: Never 

Dan: I

was out 

Heather: World, Florida campus.

Dan: the Florida campus. Yes, that's right. I was there, I don't remember the exact dates cuz I don't operate with dates anymore It's funny how that happens when you start working from home, right?

Yeah. .It's

Jess: yeah. Time just goes away.

Dan: It was a day You were there for the end of the Well, starting to be the end of the Food and Wine Festival for the wine and dying weekend, yeah. I actually, Yes, that's right. The wine and dine race weekend. I also arrived on the day of the first show back for Fantastic. And let me tell you, I did not watch it the first night because Delta decided that I needed to sit on the tarmac in Atlanta for a little over an hour because they decided not to check for problems with the plane until after it was

Jeff: did they have a new projection show?

Dan: Yes, they it was a projected time. Spectacular. It was a

Heather: You'll be sitting here for three spectacular hours.

Dan: Yeah. Fortunately it was only one. But I got there a little bit late and folks had been lining, Folks were trying to line up starting at park opening for

Heather: Yes, which is crazy. Yeah, it'll be on every night.

Jeff: Calm

Dan: Right. 

Heather: don't like fmic enough to stand in line starting at eight o'clock in the

Dan: Yeah. Well, and the parks, 

Jeff: I don't like anything that Well.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: no. And the parks agreed. They told them to go sit over in the, what did they call The Sunshine Market? The little

quick food area that

Heather: where 

Jess: nobody ever 

Jeff: go. fill all the available seats for people who just want to have lunch and act normal.

Dan: Yeah, exactly. But they did they started letting people into the amphitheater for the first showing at five 30 in the afternoon. And it was full, very quick. And quickly the line went out past or out to the front gates of the park for the second show, which takes place after park closing.

Heather: No, 

Dan: so that night instead decided to have a lovely late dinner at Toledo.

Heather: Oh, Toledo

Dan: Uh, that was 

Jeff: favorite Ohio town.

Dan: Yeah. We had some great chili dogs with Yeah.

oh, what's that guy from Mash, his name? No the one who dresses in the lady's

Jess: Clinger,

Dan: Clinger. Yes. Yeah. He likes those hot dogs from, he's from Toledo.


Jeff: Cool story. Dan

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: a stupid digression. Tony PAOs, I think. Something like that. Anyway sorry.


Jess: dog talk is brought to you by 

Heather: choice. Yeah. Toledo is a good choice over standing in line for Fanta. Tasic.

Dan: Yeah, it was great. That was my first time at all in the the Despacito Tower.

The grandest 

Heather: yes.

Dan: that place is

beautiful and It's so hard to believe. It's so hard to believe that's a technically a moderate.

Jeff: Don't give them any ideas. They'll change.

Heather: really 

Dan: it's it's like moderate plus like AO art of

Heather: Did they have all the lighting change to red and green for Christmas time?

Dan: no, it was just dark

Heather: Yep.

Jess: That's really great. At 

Dan: It was 

Jeff: Yeah, That wall, when you first come in the lobby, the whole glowing wall is normally orange, and then they do it alternating

Heather: Yeah, it's all LEDs so they can change the lights all the time. It's really beautiful. And they will have a gorgeous Christmas tree in the lobby that's down in the Barcelona lounge.

Jess: lobby 

Dan: is beautiful, man. That's just the whole hotel's amazing. Yeah, that wall is really cool. I really like the shadow wall. And there's a bunch of lamps that castle shadows too. It's gorgeous, amazing place. The food was

Heather: food is delicious. I love that. Spanish 

Dan: And holy crap. So we like, we did tops and then I had a gigantic lamb sha, which is one of the 50th anniversary offerings


Heather: A shank

Dan: This was a hunk of lamb and it was It was everything I

Heather: You were hanking for a hun of meat.

Dan: Yeah. Yes, I was the gins were

delicious, so Yeah, 

Heather: I love that resort because they have a really good gin and they have the good tonic. It's not just Schwepps.

Jeff: I was not aware that gin was like the national booze of Spain. That's their favorite thing. Didn't know

Dan: Apparently yeah, as a delicious meal. I loved it. The whole menu looked great. Sadly they did not bring back the beef candle, 

Jeff: I know

Dan: yeah, no beef candle. That, that, that is unfortunate. But they did.

Heather: they have really good charcuterie boards. Their tops is delightful.

Dan: Yeah, this, we got this. There was this one tops that was like a three bite sampler

Heather: Oh and Yeah, so scallops and a hunka blue cheese, and I can't remember what the other, Oh, there was a, I think a pork, No, it was a

Dan: And there's one other four. There's one other thing cuz there's four things. Those were four delicious bites. I will say that. Oh, and the chorizo, which my traveling companion said that he could never talk anybody in his family into trying the

chorizo. And I would I'd like to let his family

know that the chorizo is chef's that is a lie because I like there,

Jeff: Yeah, we've had 

Dan: time you're at Toledo 

Heather: these are not facts, Perhaps the other two members of the family wouldn't. But you know what, I actually, I think my oldest son who loves meat would try the chorizo,

Jeff: Yeah. Particularly the sausage.

Dan: It's really good. It's in like a red wine. It's red wine. Braze, just like a stew of


Heather: next time I go there, I'm gonna eat it just to,

Jeff: Wine and sausage. It doesn't really sound good when you just describe it, but it is delicious.

Dan: It's delicious. Yeah. And onions. Yeah. Wine and sausage and onions and blah. Delicious. Let's see. So what did I do the next day? I went and I looked at Magic Kingdom

Heather: Check out some holiday decor.

Dan: Yeah, there was holiday decor all over the place, although a lot of the resorts aren't at that point yet. So I started out at Magic Kingdom.

 I was super lucky and I caught a ride on the Main Street Trolley with the Dapper

 on the back.

Heather: That was a great shot. I love, Yeah. And the one Dan kept leaning into your video to make sure he was on camera. That was great.

Dan: Yeah, they're great. I love the Dapper Dans, they're hilarious. They did a very humorous rendition of Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer. And then they did Happy Trails and,

Heather: traditional holiday song, Happy 

Dan: Right? Yes. Well, they did that right before they kicked us off the trolley. Cuz you could only take it one way. They wouldn't let you do a round

Heather: Well Boo.

Dan: Well, it's that way more people could get on

Jeff: I've never been on that thing.

Jess: I haven't either. Well, I think it did it when I was a kid, but.

Dan: You gotta be there early cuz they only run those main street vehicles

Heather: At the beginning of Park. Yeah.

Dan: opening. Cuz we also saw the omnibus

Heather: We've done the trolley and the,

Jeff: Wait, they have an omnibus there too.

Dan: Double decker.

Jeff: Yeah, I've seen it at

Heather: pulled by a real big horse. My, my son loves,

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: What if it was just him being drawn and quartered?

Heather: I don't, I'm not sure he'd like that.

Jeff: No,

Dan: probably not. So yeah, the holiday decorations are out all over Main Street usa. Pretty there this time of year.

 Not a lot has changed, so I don't know what you report on there

other than it's the same. Beautiful. 

Jess: so we'll see what that's about.

Jeff: they got wreaths. They got some bells,

Dan: Got reeds full of fruit for some


Heather: a lot of fruit of the wreaths this year.

Dan: yeah. And giant candles and the same shick they always have.

I'm assuming that's kinda like a period thing there, like a Victorian

Heather: I think that's It 

Dan: fruit the main street vibe. Yeah.

 And I did notice, which I didn't notice last time I was there around Christmas time, I don't, was that last year I think it was that there was a very small amount of somewhat slightly thematic, thematically appropriate decorations in Frontier Land.

And Liberty Square was just amounted to some garlands with burlap Yes. Just a little a touch.

did but it was more than last year, so I actually noticed it this year. So that was nice to see. I wish, I know I said last year, I wish they would just run with the Theme of each land and decorate them.

They do have some super cute photo op things in each of the lands, so right inside the entrance to. Adventure land. There's, it's kinda like those walk-in art works at the

art festival 

Heather: Yeah. So the in adventure land there's tiki birds. It says mey

Oh, cool.

Dan: With

Heather: We like tiki things.

Dan: Yeah.

And then in tomorrow land they have stitch and friends all Christmas up. That's right. Outside where

 Stitches great escape used to was

Heather: It's just nothing right now.

Jess: an empty room.

Dan: right. And then on Main Street, USA it's actually right next to the, it's off of Main Street right by the hub at the walkway up into Tomorrowland Terrace.

They have a Mickey Mouse themed, Mickey's

Jess: that's the new Mickey Cartoon based one. I think I saw a picture of that one. Yeah, those are 

Dan: Uh, so, so they've got, They're really cute. They've got photo pass photographers there and they'll take your picture.

Heather: Cute. I like

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: I'm gonna hit those up.

Dan: Trying to think if there's, That's about it. To report from Magic Kingdom. They don't have any of the treats.

Well, they didn't have any of the treats. They do now that now that the Halloween, the Christmas parties have started, and we'll talk about those in a minute. Let's see Hollywood Studios my

Heather: Ugh, love that.

Jess: The

Heather: that. Parks Christmas 

Dan: Uh, 

Jess: it reminds me of my grandparents house at Christmas. It was just I, it's my so good.

Dan: Exactly. So I love the vibe there. The, it's beautiful. The all of the like cheesy Tinsley

 and, And the,

Jeff: the little pixie little figures that

Jess: Oh, those weird baby

looking things. 

Jeff: Yeah, I love those things.

Dan: I, I still haven't figured out what you call the decorations that hang on the side of the lamp posts, but those things with the paintings of Santa Claus.

Jess: Yeah, I don't know. Cuz they were like they're old glass dome things that they used to put up, but I

 know What they're called.

Heather: the whole retro vibe of that park is just fantastic.

Jess: And that's my favorite style


Jess: music is like forties swing Christmas music. So whenever they switch it over to that and now that they do like snow over a near tower of terror

Jeff: It'd be cool if they took some area and just went way over the top with Christmas lights. Maybe back near like the Muppets area or

Jess: strung that up at Galaxy's Edge. If they turned that into a Christmas light covered area.

Jeff: Osborne. Cosmic Christmas. 

Jess: Yeah, like the Planet Osborne brought their lights for Life Day and put them up I'm sorry Disney, that I'm doing your job for you,

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Was the Guardians of the Galaxy switched over to Christmas music yet? Not 

Jess: Oh yeah, not yet. Huh?

Dan: And I wrote it a bunch of times and it never

Jess: See, I'm a, I'm sad about that cuz I'm gonna be writing it for the first time at Christmas. And I guess from what they said, it won't be playing any of the normal songs. It'll


Heather: It is gonna switch

Jess: So I don't get cuz I really want tears for fears for my first time for that,

Jeff: That's the worst one.

Jess: Oh, that's my favorite

song I, love that song. Yeah. 

Heather: fir, that was our first, and I still, I didn't make me love that ride any less.

Jeff: it's just it doesn't seem to go with the

Heather: You got 

Jess: very exciting. Uh, 

Dan: Which wasn't great because the start of that song is not very like pumping. So mostly you just hear the character's voices. I couldn't even tell what song it was until the ride was almost over and they finally got to the

Heather: Oh, okay. Well, I 

Dan: fair though, I don't really listen to that song very often,

so I'm not familiar with 

Heather: love Conga, cuz it's immediately upbeat and just,

Jess: that's weird that they start the song from the beginning cuz the mission breakout. You just get like


Jeff: to the 

Jess: good part right when it starts. That's

Dan: Jump to the hook. That would be smart. Yeah, we got also Conga and one way or another

Heather: like that one too. And September is so fun.

Dan: yeah, we didn't get that one. I've, I have had Flock of Seagulls twice.

Heather: still missing that one too.

Jeff: I wonder when they're gonna switch.

Heather: Cursed you Dan.

Dan: I don't know. I haven't seen an exact date, but I would imagine it's soon. I'm going to guess it's when it's at, it's when the Food and Wine Festival

ends, because that's 

Heather: Yeah. Yeah, when the Festival of the Holidays, which is always later for them. I think it's in a week or two, something like that. But

Dan: It's like the 19th or

Heather: The 19th is when food and wine ends. And then festival, Festival, the holidays, I don't think starts until right after. Yeah. Like Thanksgiving Day. Cuz Food and Wine does so well. They just wanna ride that out. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: But why? It's all the same festival

Jess: Yeah. It is. 

Heather: wine used to end with the wine and dine. That used to be it. And they were

Jess: Oh yeah,

Heather: now they stretch it out, which is fine. I love I know we bag on them for having so many festivals, but I love all of the festivals and

Jeff: At least it's something to do at

Heather: And I think it fits the Epcot World showcase vibe, so I like 

Dan: it.


Jeff: I like when they have the festivals. It allows you to eat or drink around the.

Heather: I enjoyed watching you do the Fage montage, 

Dan: Oh yeah. So, so over the period, Yeah. Over a period of days. I experienced food and wine festival in a couple of ways. And actually my last night there I took on the email's Mage montage challenge. I completed that bad boy in an hour.

Heather: Nice. 

Dan: Maybe just a touch over. Well, because cuz the ones I went for were really close together and they didn't have they, they weren't super busy.

Actually. I was shocked that they weren't super busy. So I'll break it down. Anybody that doesn't know, and I'm sure they'll have it next year, so if you can't get to food and wine this year, don't worry. You can try this next year. Emails, fromage montage. If you look on the back of your festival passport, there's a list of 10 stops that have special cheese dishes.

We've discussed it before on the

Heather: Cheese.

Dan: You eat any Yeah. You eat any five of those dishes and you get your passport stamped. This is important. Make sure they stamp your passport at the kiosk. I guess you don't have to eat it, but I chose to eat it

Heather: You could just buy it and throw it away.

Dan: Yeah, I mean you could,

It wouldn't 

Heather: that I did it, we at, we tried everything. There were a couple that we tried that we did not like, so we immediately


Dan: There was a couple. I couldn't it was a, Okay. Spoilers is it?

Heather: it's so much cheese.

Dan: especially in one hour's time. So I started with the cheese bread in


Heather: solid. Good.

Dan: a little bit on the dry side, but if you got that with the pork belly, so you got some of that

Heather: Oh, makeup. You could make a nice little sandwich out of that.

Dan: Ooh, that too. Yeah. So that

Heather: Open up your cheese bread and stuff. The pork belly in it?

Dan: Well

Jeff: you need to be alone

Jess: we're going there, aren't we?

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, it had potential. uh, that was not my favorite. I would say that was my number five selection. Next I headed over to Grease and tried to have a griddled cheese with

Heather: Yeah, we tried that one.

Dan: That one was okay. I prefer the kind of cheese that you say, Opa, and they said on

Heather: Well, and it is that cheese, and the thing about that cheese is it's not good cheese, so

Jeff: That's why they said it

Heather: Yeah. They set it on, they douse it with wine and set it on fire and you gotta eat it. Roar right away

Jess: Yeah, if you don't eat it fast, it becomes rubber. It's yeah, and that's the thing. So this cheese had been sitting underneath a red light for a while, and it had congealed back into a solid lump of cheese. It had a lot of potential though, with the crispy top and the nuts and the honey. It would've been delicious if it had been running in gooey. From there I headed to Germany

Heather: You skipped the deep fried ravioli in Italy, 

Jess: ooh. 

Heather: was my favorite when I did that

Jess: That's the one I'd have gone for. Yeah.

Dan: Italy was busy and I didn't, I couldn't actually see the kiosk, so I just went on

Heather: Oh, next year that is something special.

Dan: yeah. Next year when I do this again

because I'm a 

Heather: year I'm gonna have five deep fried raviolis.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: by the time you've pooped again because of all that cheese, you'll be another year and

Jeff: bound up.

Jess: go back.

Dan: Because I'm willing to destroy my body for love of this show and Key to the World Travel. Like that about you, Dan.

so I jumped over to Germany for the Chika


Heather: noodle in that one is the hardest one to say.

Dan: a cheesy noodle casserole with Hammond onions. That was freaking

malicious. That That was one of my favorite ones. I wanted to eat the whole thing, but it was a big

Heather: It's a lot. So much 

Dan: cheese.

Yeah. And I had to get a beer to help wash all the cheese

Heather: Oh.

Dan: that point, I

regret not getting, I regret not getting the

Pineapple. Shiffer. heifer, because the pineapple with the ham would've been really nice. I'm an

Heather: Oh, Dan, I'm disappointed in you.

Dan: The crispy panier cheese at India was really good.

It had a cured, crispy breading on

the outside of this 

Heather: good. Yeah.

Dan: is good. And I the texture, that cheese surprised me. I've never had that cheese before. And it's not it's not like a, it's not it's not mozzarella kind of texture or like the cheese you're expecting. It's almost more, I can't explain it, but it's delicious cheese.

Heather: It's weird. Cheese is what you're 

Dan: yeah. And it came with a ca Yeah. it's almost, No, no, It's

 It's almost kinda like a tofu texture,

Jeff: Oh,

Jess: Oh, spongy.

Dan: but it not really. A little bit But it's cheesy. It's definitely cheesy. So it's delicious. And it comes with this ketchup,

 which Normally I feel about ketchup. The way the French feel about ketchup, it's an abomination, but they put curry spices and these.

Real big chunks of mango in there. And so the mango curry with the cheese really good.

Heather: Well, this is interesting. So I just looked up Panera, which was the kind of cheese, it's also known as Indian cottage cheese, and it's a buffalo cheese.

Dan: Oh,

like, Oh, 

Heather: milk. It's non aged, non melting, so it won't, that's why it doesn't have that And That's what it is. If you took Kaddish cheese and you squeezed it tight and got all the liquid out of it, it,

Dan: would be that texture of the cheese

Heather: And it says it's made with with an acid, usually lemon. And that's, so it, that makes it odd texture. So yeah, it looks like it's like a lump of cottage cheese that's just been all pressed together and then squeezed all the 

Jeff: well that sounds wonderful.

Dan: I know you're not really selling it, but it was delicious. it was It was one of my fa

Jeff: A lump of Codish, 

Heather: breaded.

Dan: Yeah, it was like crispy breaded. There was five of these. They were a good size chunk

that one thing would've served as a reasonable meal for any reasonable adult who didn't have to eat a lot of cheese in a short period of time. That was my second favorite on the list. At that point, I couldn't handle any more savory cheese, so I went to Hawaii for the I cheated and that's cheesecake.

It was a

Heather: That's cheese.

Dan: passion, fruit

Heather: It looked really good.

Dan: with toasted macadamian

Heather: More nuts.

Dan: And then so once you get all five of your stamps, you take the to another pavilion. It's the cosal shimmering sips Pavilion, and they give you more

 They give you a cute little plastic

Heather: a wine cup.

Dan: It's really cute. Yeah, it's got a meal on it and it says a meal's fromage montage and the Food and Wine Festival, but it's full of what is it, raspberry or strawberry cheesecake. Soft serve ice cream with crumbled up graham crackers and a little hunk of 

Heather: Yeah. 

Jeff: Just after finishing a cheesecake,

Dan: Giant

Jess: with some cheesecake.

Heather: One of

Jeff: you're a regular golden

Heather: that we really didn't like that I thought was gonna be great was a it was back over. Yeah it was back over by test track and it was I think, Was it at the donut?

Jeff: was my nickname in high

Heather: wasn't that one? It was like across from that little kid's play area in front of te there's test track and

Jess: They, Yeah, they stuff some back there. Sometimes. Yeah.

Heather: And it was served with pork grinds.

Dan: Demento


Heather: Yeah, it was pimento cheese. And I thought, Oh, that's, I love pimento cheese. That's gonna be good. But it was oddly watery.

Jess: I was gonna say, pimento is tricky. It's a staple in the south, and if you don't make it right, you get

people mad. 

Heather: make it correctly. I've never had watery pimento cheese and it was not good.

Jeff: Thes were wet. They used a canned pimento that

Jess: Yeah. They didn't drain 'em enough before they chopped.

Dan: Yeah, it was also a little bit bland. I might be a little biased on that front since I had just had really fricking delicious pimento cheese spread not that long before at Max's Southeast

Heather: No. Max's pimento cheese is so good.

Jeff: yeah. I thought you meant at

Dan: No, not at Disney.

Jess: Homecoming does have good pimento though.

Heather: They do.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. So that was fun actually. I really enjoyed the fromage montage.

I would maybe space it out next time, over a slightly longer

Heather: Not all at once. We 

Jess: many do you have to do again? How many? Five.

Dan: five

Heather: the same thing and did it all in one afternoon and it

Jeff: So it's not five particular ones you get to.

Jess: I'm getting tummy 

Dan: you can choose. There's a list of 10 and I the other five that I didn't go with, a lot of 'em weren't that interesting or they were just It was like the cheddar cheese. It was the cheese beer soup from

Canada which is delicious, but like my wife makes that and it's delicious, so

Jess: And they have it every festival. Like I've had it at Food and Wine. I've had it at Festival of the Arts. It's,

Dan: And it's

on the menu there Stop with the beer 

like mac and cheese.

 I don't need to sample mac and cheese. I've had mac and cheese before,

so I went with 

Jeff: have what?

Dan: Is these hollow elbow shaped noodles with the cheese sauce.

Heather: the one I would like to try is the corn beef with potatoes and cheese curds, and then a beer cheese fondo in. Flavors

Dan: from 

Heather: That looks,

Dan: That one's over by test track as well, by where you get the pimento cheese and

uh, that's also 

Heather: Yeah the booth where you get the pimento cheese is called the sauce. The swanky Saucy Swine.

Jeff: Oh,

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: that was actually my nickname in high school.

Jess: There it is.

Dan: Yeah, it was it also didn't help that shortly after I finished the Mage Montage, I had a dinner reservation for TOS Terrace. first time there,

Heather: Did your stomach burst?

Dan: not from the cheese, unfortunately, I did not have a great experience at TOS

Heather: no.

Dan: but I think it was a

Jess: We didn't either.

Dan: It was, I think it


Jeff: get to diarrhea

Dan: No,

Jess: Did you get bad service? Cuz we got bad service. Once. Remember guys

Heather: Just that one time though. That's the only time I've ever

Jeff: Oh yeah. Jess was with us on the

Heather: was bad. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. The first thing, my, our waiter was like a guy.

Jeff: They usually

Dan: He had watched some movies with some fancy french waiters in them and was trying his best to imitate them.

And he was very, the mannerisms and he had these very weird, flamboyant ways of picking things up and putting them down. And the way he talked about everything was just the most, it just graded on every nerve I have.

And when somebody annoys me the way this guy did, I can't make eye contact with them. And I have a hard time not showing how annoyed I am. So that was bad to begin with. Like he would,

Jess: you should have told him that you were Abe, the sausage king of Chicago, and you not take.

Dan: Yeah, I should have done something, but he was just a little bit much.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: I was not a fan, and then I was gonna order the reggaton,

 Dinner companion ordered the Reggaton and I had already ordered the same starter as him. So I chose, I panicked. I didn't wanna be that guy who was just like, Give me the same stuff as this guy So I called an audible at the last moment. By the way, the duck kine nn.

Holy freaking. I didn't need I didn't need an entree because


Heather: that duck is

Jeff: That's my favorite.

Heather: It's my favorite thing there. 

Dan: was amazing. I got the lamb sha. The lamb shank comes with what they call

Heather: Oh

Jeff: loves a lamb. Shank.

Dan: Oh no, it was, I'm sorry. It wasn't a lamb shake.

It was a veel chop.

Heather: Chop.

Jess: You just love eating babies.

Heather: It's huge.

Dan: It looked amazing. It looked great. It was a good cut at

Jeff: regular Tom Hanks.

Dan: The problem is somebody was really heavy handed on the saw. got that chef. I'm a little slow, but I got it. They were really heavy on the salt. And then to top it off, they put what they call Italian salsa verde, which is green.

It's like pesto plus anchovy sauce. So it's like extra salt from the anchovy

sauce. My first bite is I can't eat this. It's so salty. And I just,

I powered through because we were there at the very last interceding. I didn't wanna make somebody cook me a whole new entree.

Jeff: I would,

Heather: That 

Dan: should have been that guy and sent it back, but I'm not that

Jess: You gotta channel your inner Jeff and

Heather: Next time, either get the RGA Tony or the Soul Year.

 That's delightful.

Dan: but I'm certain that it was just, this is not how the veal is normally served. Somebody just accidentally over

Heather: Too much salt. That's sad.

Dan: it wasn't great. Their chocolate cake was delicious though. So

Jeff: I've only had good food there, but I have had a questionable service, a time or two.

Dan: But again, that hotel is beautiful. I love it. I like that it's fancy, but it's

Jeff: where you 

Dan: welcoming. No, we stay wilderness lodge club level there, which was great. But Riviera it doesn't feel like bougie and off putting, It doesn't feel like fancy and only fancy folks can be there.

It's nice, it's fancy, but it's it's welcoming and inviting which I like. Oh, Fmic. I did see Fmic, the new show. The new scenes are absolutely Fanta tasc. That was my

first time seeing the show in . That was my first time seeing the show in person. It was great. I saw the. Yes, I saw the second showing of the second night.

It was back and it was still busy but not as busy as the first night. I lined up at eight o'clock for the show that started at nine 30. They started letting us in and doing that kind of progressive slow move where they let you go forward and stop ya. And they moved us ahead through the queue a few times before we finally got in the seating area for that was only about three quarters full.

The early show that night had gone to standing room only. You're still probably gonna wanna get there early, but it's settling down as all of the bloggers and vloggers and annoying people are getting out of town. Great show. The new scenes were great. There's a scene where with Mulan where she's doing her training with the other Chinese

Jeff: were they getting down to business

Dan: Yeah. They were

getting down to business with their sticks. Yeah. Yeah, they did some stick fighting Moana walks on water and holds up the heart of graffiti At the end, Elsa came out and got a bigger applause than Mickey the mouse

Jess: I heard the Encanto girl comes out and doesn't talk about Bruno

Jeff: Yeah. Ha.

Dan: Yeah. Everything just got silent for a second and then she left

Jess: She just comes out and

Jeff: Yeah.

Jess: Runs off stage.

Dan: Yeah. So yeah it's a good show. I don't know that I need to go at length about it. I'm trying to think if there's anything else Super exciting from the trip. It was a good trip. I enjoyed it. It was nice to see the, Oh we saw the Grand Floridian the gingerbread house was up. They weren't selling anything out of it yet.

And the only other gingerbread that was up was at the Beach Club. They had their carousel running and actually they were selling gingerbread and other assorted holiday treats. Which is one of the only places you can get holiday treat or, Well, not anymore because the Christmas party started, so you can get holiday treats all over the

Jess: They, yeah, they put one they put one up at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. There's like a life size giraffe and baby giraffe, and then you can get little giraffe gingerbread cookies there


Jeff: think I've ever noticed that.

Jess: Don't know if it's the first year for that. I think it's not, but I had no clue they did that.

Dan: I know. I saw dates for by the time we, this episode drops, the one at Boardwalk will be their little village that they make will be set up.

Heather: A Wilderness Lodge. Has a little gingerbread log cabin.

Dan: so that those will be going up and Christmas trees will be going up around the resorts as we speak, I'm sure. So yeah, that's, that.

 It was a

nice trip. It was 

Heather: by Thanksgiving, everything is all finished and

Dan: Oh, I did forget. We went to Tiffins and they have changed up their world famous bread service. They've changed up the breads that are in there. They were

Heather: it looked pretty good.

Dan: And they're served on a bread tower. It's now a Brazilian cheese bread that was nice and moist.

And it comes with a guava puree and honey

sauce. the, Crispy Indian bread, whatever you call that bread, which is served

Heather: It's like a

Jeff: Oh, the stickier? Yeah.

Dan: it's, Yeah.

the cracker thing. It's, it starts with a pea, I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head. And they came with a it came with an appropriate sauce that it was a ginger something or other sauce that was delicious.

And then there's a Thai milk bread, which is served with a spicy coconut curry

sauce. Also really good. We had, we ended up just appetizing it there

Jeff: don't think I've had that attendance. The bread service.

Dan: that's when everybody's Oh, you gotta go tots and get the bread service.

Jeff: I like the other bread service that what you call. Son

Dan: The one. Oh, is that what it,


Heather: yeah, 

Dan: yeah, apparently Tiffins has always had the bread surface, but this


Heather: never tried it there. I've seen it on the menu, but I've never tried 

Dan: Yeah, it's good. I also


Heather: go for the octopus there. Yes,

Dan: octopus was delicious. I got the, they have a little sampler appetizer that's just a little bit of the octopus. And then a faffel delicious pork belly also there. And the pork belly was good.

Jeff: does 

Dan: uh, that's the 

Jeff: tummy though and make you feel awful? Oh

Dan: No

It made it Made me feel delicious, actually. Delightful. So yeah, so that's all the that's I think all I need to talk about for my trip. It was a fun trip. It was nice.

Jeff: That's a good 10 minutes more than you needed to talk about 

Dan: Yeah, I'm sorry.

I'll edit it down for time. It was a good trip. Let's talk about real quick some holiday trees coming to Magic Kingdom and I don't wanna talk about all of the trees from ma holiday trees coming, but there's a few weird ones I wanted to point out cuz those are the actual interesting ones.

Let's start with, I actually would very much to try these Savory holiday dinner dog at Casey's Corner.

Jeff: the exact one I was just clicking on.

Dan: Yeah. This is an all beef hot dog with cranberry, mustard, savory stuffing, funnel cake crumbles on top and cheese

Heather: Stop

Jess: No,

Dan: God, it looks amazing, 

Jeff: is just crispy. It's just fried, savory.

Jess: it comes with a defibrillator so that when you finish it, you can just clear and shock

Dan: but so does everything.

So does

Heather: I will 

Jess: I don't know, Funnel kick on 

Heather: that at Christmas.

Jess: That's

Jeff: not 

Dan: not, It's not sweet. It's stuffing.

Jess: I know, but 

Dan: took the stuffing and fried it to make it crisp.

Jess: I can't,

I'm in my forties now. I gotta really try, like I gotta actually make an effort now and that's not helping

Heather: sounds delightful. I, yeah. I'm gonna try that on my Christmas trip for

Dan: Yeah, it looks good. I would eat it. At the Fry's. No, you can get Curry Brotts.

 Brotts. So they're tater tots topped with Chop brought worst curry ketchup and apple slaw.

Jeff: Okay. They could have quit before the apple slaw, but the rest 

Dan: one's all, 

Heather: I'm gonna ask them to hold the slaw.

Dan: It looks like regular coal slaw with apples added. And that one's only available during the Christmas party.

Jeff: bros and curry ketchup and tots, but I don't need fart salad.

Jess: Like they do that a lot though, is You read something and then it's Yeah. One too many ingredients like the last one. You're like, Oh no, y'all just don't need to put that on there.

Jeff: Yeah. 

Jess: they just pull 

Jeff: dog and everything's great, and then it's And red velvet cake. Like what? No.

Heather: I wanna go to po Splitsville for the PO spritz

Dan: Yeah, there's a

lot of good 

Heather: vodka, sugar, plum jam, lemon juice all Spice, Liqueur, and Prosecco.

Jess: All spice liqueur.

Dan: There's a lot of variations on a old fashioned with rosemary and cranberry around the place, which sounds delightful.

Jeff: How about the little clawfoot bathtub full of ice cream?

Jess: Oh yeah.

Dan: that cuz they recycled it from earlier in the 50th when that was Uncle Orville's bathtub Sunday and now it's nightmare. Before Christmas themed they had extra bathtubs.

Jeff: something creepy about it being a bath, like the kitchen sink makes sense to me. But a bathtub just makes me think of like ring around the tub or,

Heather: Oh.

Jess: reminds me of when Kramer was like making food in the shower to save time.

Jeff: Yeah.

Jess: I made this while I paved.

Dan: Over at Disney Springs. Jack Lindsay's has a couple

Heather: Really good 

Jess: that I 

Heather: stuff. Yeah.

Jess: I

Dan: Yeah. But there's the Oh it all sounds good. Really. That bows of Holly Fra, it's a Hammond Bree flatbread with sounds good. The I really enjoy just the name of the grandma's revenge venison Sliders. It's a venison sausage patty with bacon, cranberry jam,

Heather: or nice deviled eggs? Yes, please. Here we come, a crocheting crocus with Turkey and stuffing. Top with bacon and cranberry jam. Yes.

Dan: Yeah. I'm headed to Jo Lindsay's and ever GL is ever glazed, has a bunch of deliciously decorated Christmas donuts.

Jeff: I love a donut y'all.

Heather: Yes. And nothing special about the flavors.

They just look super festive on their glazed donuts, which I appreciate.

Jeff: Funnel Cake Sunday is calling my name over here at the Plaza.

Jess: Cookie for the month is, Amazing. That's coconut.

Dan: one.

Jeff: Hey, did we ever tell you

Jess: So there's like the white chocolatey coconut one, and then there's Yeah, the cramps one. That's like a mint triple chocolate. That's

Heather: yum.

Jeff: and I walked past Gideons and there was no line. And I was like, Has there been a fire? What's going on? And we walked right up to the door, literally not one other person. We were like, Are you open? He goes, Yeah, come on in. And we went in there. There was three people in front of us. I dunno, it was middle of the day, but I've been there at every time of the day.

And it was just the weirdest thing. We were not hungry at all, but of course went in there and dropped $300 on cookies and

Jess: Can eat


Heather: I'm gonna spend a lot of money at Jo Lindsay's. Everything looks delicious. There's a pomegranate, gin and

Jeff: That would be very different.

Heather: Yes, please.

Jess: Something new.

This trip. a 

Heather: a lot of money on different stuff,

Jeff: Yeah. I don't, Yeah,

Jess: stuff. This time

Heather: It's seasonal.

Dan: And I know our general policy on popcorn buckets, but the music box one, the tin music box with the rotating. I could have gotten it. It's was currently available and I didn't realize it was currently available until after I

Jess: I'm a sucker for the faux vintage stuff like that, so I really like when they do the music box, stuff like that.

Dan: Yep. Yeah, lots of holiday treats come into Walt Disney World, West

Heather: I am excited.

Dan: East Campus. I know the difference between the two. Now my computer's running slow for a second, so

I can't open up my next story. 

Heather: there. Tusker House has an in holiday fashion instead of an old fashioned 

Dan: Oh. 

Heather: trace, Rosemary cranberry, Lyman cinnamon.

Jeff: Hmm. 

Dan: And 

Heather: a souvenir jingle. Glow Cube is available for your holiday. Old fashioned.

Dan: I didn't see what 

Jeff: of a newfangled.

Heather: It 

Dan: Yeah. 

Jess: Disney's trying something new. They've never done glow


Heather: love the holidays at Walt Disney World. There's, the atmosphere is fantastic. The oppressive heat has backed off.

Jess: Yeah.

Heather: Yeah. 

Jeff: How was it when y'all were there, Dan?

Dan: It was mid eighties. It was pretty hot and sweaty, and then it started cooling down once we started feeling the previews of Tropical Storm,

Heather: Yeah. As that was pushing in. Yeah.

Dan: we got several short rain showers Saturday and Sunday. But that was nice cuz it made it really humid, but it knocked down the temperature for a little while.

So wasn't too bad. I wasn't up running like a mor on it. o'clock in the morning, so it didn't bother me. , some of those idiots are running half a

Heather: Yeah, I heard that was very humid and sweaty and miserable. Yeah,

Dan: Yeah, I heard that a few times

Heather: I bet.

Dan: So real quick imagine Walt Disney Imagineering has confirmed the opening timeline for basically the front of

Heather: Oh, 

Dan: uh, Theor Plaza and Theor Hall, which is that amphitheater that they're gonna

 No, basically it's gonna open at the same time as Moana,

Celebration of 

Heather: Like end of the.

Dan: of Water. Yeah. So late 2023 they're shooting for all of the front of the park to be open by late

Heather: Oh, that would be fantastic.

Dan: we'll see.


Jess: heart. I hope that's true.

Dan: Yeah.

 They're coming along on Moana. That rock work's looking good.

I was watching a crane, moving some I-beams around while I was there, so we'll see.

Heather: Fingers

Jeff: Missing it already. Dan

Dan: No, not

Heather: Not even a 

Jess: tear fall down as he watches

Dan: that's all right. I'll pass. Yeah. So that's all the news I've got out of the Walt Disney World campuses. Heather has some exciting news out of Wales and it has nothing to do with sheep Soto.

Heather: exciting you guys. There was a competition that revealed the world's best cheese

Jeff: Oh.

Heather: and it was gray air. It was gray air, yes. And this year's winner was a gray air from Switzerland. 

Dan: As it traditionally, would be,

Heather: yes, it would traditionally be from Switzerland, although you can get it. It's made in quite a few places. This is an age degree air.

Jeff: If it's not made in Switzerland, it's just sparkling

Heather: Exactly. It is, well it's, it is described as really handcrafted cheese that melts on the tongue and has notes of herbs, fruits and leather.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: That's 

Heather: that.


Jess: herbs

Jeff: My underwear.

Heather: in second place was a gorg ola, so I'm gonna say that they got it right on the first cheese and just

Jess: Did a blue place anywhere in there. I'm a big fan of really stinky cheese, so

Heather: ugh. Well, gondola is a blue cheese. 

Jess: That's true. Yeah.

Heather: It's more of a green. The mold in go is green

Dan: Yeah. I saw a related story that there's a cheese maker in Switzerland and I, sorry I don't have the link for you right now, but he's been doing research with real scientists from a university over there, and apparently they're finding that if you play music to cheese while it is

Heather: aging.

Dan: becoming cheese Yeah.

While you're aging it, it can actually affect the flavor. And so far, the resorts, so far, the results show that if you play hip hop, that makes the most delicious cheese.

Heather: Really? Huh. That's 

Dan: Allegedly hiphop cheese is the most delicious cheese. So I don't know those mold SPOs react to different frequencies or something

Heather: It's cheese is fascinating. This contest, there were 4,400 different cheeses entered in this contest. It's fascinating that you can get so many variations on what is basically just a chemical reaction in dairy products.

Jeff: the place

Heather: I did not see that on the list.

Dan: down at the.

Heather: I bet. I love grayer and too. 

Dan initially poo-pooed the winner. So I'm gonna make you some air potatoes that are to die for

Dan: I enjoy an ice gray air. It's just Swiss cheese is one of the top three most popular cheeses in the

world. They couldn't find something more interesting than a humble

Swiss cheese 

Heather: this one tastes of leather, so

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: interesting is happening.

Jeff: Bondage cheese.

Dan: Apparently the gray air name has been diluted since they're allowed to make gray air in Wisconsin.

Heather: Oh dear. Yeah. I think Jeff is right. That's not real Grier. It's just sparkling white

Jeff: Greer and like craft Swiss cheese singles aren't really the

Heather: not the same thing at all.

Dan: I

Jess: This has been. And weigh the podcast.

Jeff: Yeah. Tonight on cheese talk.

Heather: we have talked a lot about cheese this episode,

Dan: Well, good news. We're on tow time. Tow time. Not tow time. That's a different, That's a different,

Heather: The National Park Service put out a plea to all of us humans this week. They would like us to stop licking their toes.

Jess: Screw you. I'll do what? I


Jeff: O A D.

Jess: I love a good

Heather: they're toads.

Dan: The Colorado River towed.

Heather: Apparently this is a hallucinogenic toad. You guys

Jeff: it doesn't kill you, you'll trip hard.

Heather: Yeah,

Jess: you smoke it. That's the thing. Apparently I read that in the article, was that like mainly you're supposed to smoke it and so people licking it is like a even more dangerous way to do it, smoking a frog.

you smoke, you somehow smoke the toxin. I don't know how, but you roll the frog up in like a big piece of paper.

Dan: Specifically says smoking the amphibians secretions has grown in popularity in recent

Heather: gross.

Dan: So much so that the species is considered threatened in New Mexico due to collectors that want to use the animals for drug use.

Jess: People do know that weed is basically legal

Jeff: Yeah, smoke up some towed squeezing.

Jess: Yeah.

Heather: is apparently a very strong hallucinogenic and it's one that has been researched for treating forms, some forms of addiction and depression and other mental illness.

Dan: Right.

Heather: But it's a pretty dangerous to just grab a to and start licking.

Jeff: Plus, it's a 

Dan: Well, 

Jess: But it's so much. Come on,

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: I really enjoy the statement from the National Park Service on their Facebook page, they posted, as we say, with most things you come across in a national park, whether it be a banana slug, unfamiliar mushroom, or a large toad with glowing eyes in the dead of night, please refrain.

Refrain from

Jeff: Yeah, that's

Heather: good.

Jeff: What about Buffalo

Heather: This picture of the 

Dan: If you don't want a big gash, 

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Let's not go back

Jeff: Yeah. Don't like a big gash in 

Jess: If it fits, I licks. Okay. Guess what I do?

Heather: So this has been another public service announcement from the gold key

Jeff: No. Towed licking

Heather: Don't try to boil a chicken in

Jess: I was gonna say, in Yellowstone.

a chicken in a geyser. I can't lick a toad. You know what? I guess I'm ordering Uber Eats. Again. Thank you so much for ruining my dinner.

Dan: oh boy. You might want some of that to tox and to get through to travel this Thanksgiving

holiday though. Cause according to Delta, they're gonna be a little bit busy.

Heather: They're expecting more than 5 million travelers just as just one airline over Thanksgiving week.

Jess: Of which they will not be able to handle

Heather: I think that in addition to the recipe for your favorite Thanksgiving side dish, you might wanna pack your patients when you head out. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz it's gonna be, it's, look, you just have to realize when you're traveling over the holidays, in a busy time, it's gonna be crowded.

It's gonna be a little crazy and just be patient and be nice

Jeff: go to all that effort just to see family?

Jess: Just don't, We don't do that.

Jeff: No.

Jess: It's


Heather: and the other thing to try too is just try, if you can travel it off peak times. If you can maybe schedule your gathering so that you could travel on like Thanksgiving Day itself or something like that it's tends to be much less of less crazy. We've always done that 

Dan: from the day before. 

Heather: Yeah. We've always done that for Christmas.

 We tend to go to Walt Disney World every year for Christmas. And we travel on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning and it's always fine

Jeff: Yeah, everybody wants

Heather: wants to get there early. Yeah.

Jeff: but by the time they account for all their canceled flights, it'd only be 2 million.

Heather: Oh, no, don't say that I'm not traveling for Thanksgiving this year, but I am headed out for Christmas according to DA Delta's CEO Ed Bain, the airline is absolutely prepared for the

Dan: holiday rush. Delta is known for its high quality of service and the very best people in the industry, and we are ready. We've been, in fact, back since pretty much the second week of July running a high quality of reliability and service excellence that our customers expect.

Jeff: They are actually the best with on

 used to be, and now they've tanked and American has always been the worst and they continue to be.

Heather: He's not wrong.

Dan: fun. Yeah. Let's not, let's. Yeah. Don't add to that. Don't add to that workload anymore for the the airline and especially the airport workers. Cause they're gonna have their hands full,

Jeff: I like how in London they were just like, Yeah, don't, we're full. Don't 

Dan: Right. 

Heather: come here

Jeff: Airlines weren't. The Air airport was just like, Yep, nope.

Heather: Don't

Dan: sell anymore. You're done. Shut 'em down. Over at the Universal Parks, Hollywood and Orlando, they've got secret menus are like the thing these days except for the not very

Heather: Secret menus and secret bars.

Dan: Yeah. There, there's a secret menu of Coke products that you can get on the freestyle machines inside of the Theme parks.

So you can already make. Some crazy concoctions on those if you really try. But they've got some things in Orlando, you can get an Autumn spice cooler, which is gonna be Coca-Cola plus cinnamon and cherry syrup.

Heather: one looks

Jeff: Right on the freestyle machine,

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It's only on one machine at the hotdog Hall of Fame at City

Jeff: Ah, yes. My favorite ha

Dan: Yes. And some of these things that you have to order at a restaurant, because it's not just a mix of sodas they're making like floats and stuff with them. Yeah. Pizza's BFF at Louis's Restaurant is vanilla ice cream and a layer of dragon fruit syrup.

Heather: Dragon fruit syrup,

Jeff: Coconut cream. Sounds good.

Dan: yeah.

Heather: All right?

Jess: I don't.

Dan: Coconut cream. Oh yeah, that's, that one is at Hollywood Studios. It's Coke Zero and Coconut Cream topped off with.

Heather: sounds good.

Dan: yeah. Passion fruit flavored Sprite with cream. And a cherry on top is the prehistoric fizzy punch.

Heather: Passion fruit flavored.

Dan: Sprite.

Heather: That sounds good. I would try that.

Jeff: That'd be good with some vodka in it.

Heather: Yeah.

Jess: aren't alcoholic, I'm not really interested. That's the only time I'd

Dan: Well I'm sure you could make 'em that way, right?

Jess: Oh there's always a way.

Dan: Yeah. There

you go. 

Jess: universal. There's usually a alcohol at

Jeff: Yeah, they have. I'll call

Heather: for sure.

Dan: Yep.

So they've 

Jess: rename the hotdog place to the wienery and just came up with that. You can have that for free, Universal.

Jeff: I like it.

Dan: Wow.

Yeah. Who doesn't wanna go to the wienery? Yeah. So check out for a limited time, although it doesn't say very, it doesn't say how limited. But a limited time, you can go check out these these crazy cokes at universal Theme parks. And we're gonna go back to problematic food preparation and chicken in general. the TSA found a surprise in a,

Heather: one cracked me up. I would like to know who thought that the x-rays can't see through a chicken.

Dan: What did they

find inside the chicken? 

Heather: hid a gun inside a bra hole chicken that they then put in their baggage

Jeff: who's traveling with a chicken that arouses a suspicion to begin 

Dan: Right 

Heather: Yes.

Dan: was this A small blue man with a long hooked nose

Heather: Gonzo.

Jeff: Oh,

Heather: No, this, and apparently the, So it was found at the Hollywood Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in Florida, and apparently the TSA has found over 700 guns

Jess: In 700 chickens.

Jeff: Yeah. That was a big

Heather: year alone. 

Dan: That airport alone,

Heather: At that airport. It's just for the Fort Lauderdale airport. They've seized 700

Jeff: the old CH Trojan Chicken gag.

Heather: I gotta hand it to the TSA Instagram.

They posted this photo and the caption was, We hate to be it to you here, but stuffing a firearm in your holiday bird for travel is just a base of time.

Jeff: Oh, oof.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: that's my of headline.

Heather: This idea wasn't even half baked. It was raw, greasy, and obviously unsupervised. The 

Dan: it sounds like Jeff in high school.

Heather: Yeah,

Jeff: How's my nickname? for


Heather: then there's a picture of what is, It's a firearm that's been wrapped in something and then shoved into the cavity of raw chicken.

Jeff: shocked. That didn't work.

Jess: What caliber chicken are we talking here? Are we talking like a high caliber chicken? Semi-automatic chicken

Heather: I,

Jeff: and it a rifle.

Heather: what is wrong

Jess: Just sticking out the head of the chicken.

Heather: So gross.

Jess: There's like a silencer coming out of the wing. Wow.

Jeff: That's hilarious. What a weird thing to

Jess: You know you pay extra for that At BOJ Angles. I'll just say that much.

Jeff: Deep Chicken,

Jess: six piece chicken and a

Jeff: That's of herbs. And spices. Gunpowder. It's a musket.

Jess: dollar. Get a clip and a

Jeff: The

Heather: man.

Dan: I, I,

Jess: Yeah. 

Jeff: He's still back life. His joke. Yeah.

Dan: Okay. Chickens and guns. It's a bad


Jess: Pew. Click.

Heather: Don't do it.

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Heather: Hi, y'all.

Jeff: Thank you for the privilege of your time.