Oct. 6, 2022

Walt Disney World/Travel News 10-6-22

Walt Disney World/Travel News 10-6-22

News news news it’s news! This week we talk about Disney Cruise Line’s new COVID policy, After Hours Events are coming back to Walt Disney World, Duck Tales is taking over World Showcase, new narrators are in for EPCOT’s Candlelight Processional, Kite Ta...

News news news it’s news! This week we talk about Disney Cruise Line’s new COVID policy, After Hours Events are coming back to Walt Disney World, Duck Tales is taking over World Showcase, new narrators are in for EPCOT’s Candlelight Processional, Kite Tails is out at Animal Kingdom, EPCOT turns 40, and Spudnuts are the tasty treat you’ll love to eat this Halloween!

  • DCL drops COVID vaccine requirements, testing only required for unvaccinated guests 5 and up. 
  • After Hours parties returning to WDW in 2023 https://bit.ly/WDWAfterHoursEvents 
  • Duck Tales will be replacing Agent P in World showcase some time in 2022 https://bit.ly/DuckTalesEPCOTIn22 
  • Candlelight Processional celeb narrators announced. Along with all your old favorites,new hosts this year include Josh Gad, Raul Esparza,Mariana Hargitay, and Gloria Estefan. https://bit.ly/epcotCPNarrators 
  • It’s a sad day, Kite Tails at Animal Kingdom had its last performance on September 30 https://bit.ly/KiteTailsClosing 
  • Epcot is turning 40, and all we know so far is there’s a bunch of merch and food to celebrate
  • Spudnuts, the old timey treat that took Halloween in American by storm. Whip up your own batch today! https://bit.ly/Spudnut 


For coverage of all the announcements we discuss in this episode, plus even more that we didn’t have time to get to, check out this link:https://bit.ly/D23ParksAnnouncements2022 


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Heather: Hi guys.

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News. News. News, news, news. It's news time!

Heather: Breaking news.

Dan: Yeah. Major breaking news coming on hot today. Disney Cruise Line announced that they're dropping their covid vaccine requirements and testing is only gonna be required for unvaccinated guests ages five and up.

Heather: Woohoo.

Jeff: Thank golly,

Jess: Woohoo,

Dan: That's about it. Yeah. that's,

Jeff: that's the long and short of

Heather: none.

Jess: it's been a slow rollback on that whole thing Yeah, you're kind of like, Wait, did they already do that yet? No. Oh, okay. Cool. Yeah.

Jeff: I think they were about, aren't they the last to have now done this?

Heather: Yes. There are some there are some European cruise lines that still require it, but all

Jeff: of the big four or five,

Heather: all the big mass markets. Royal Norwegian Virgin.

Jeff: You either have to upload a proof of vaccine or a recent negative test into the thing before you can sail. So you can't just roll on there like nothing. But this is a great step for all of the anti-VAX cruise fans, of which there are many.

Jess: Your freedoms are on their way back.

Jeff: Yeah, but what about

Heather: off on, It starts off on the. Wonder, the dream, the wish, and the fantasy. The magic is going to be a little bit longer because anywhere that the port still requires it, they have to require it. So Magic is doing some Bermuda sailings and some European sailings and they, you still have to have it for there.

Dan: Freaking

Heather: Yeah, and a lot of the, a lot of the European countries ports of call, you still have to be vaccinated. So it's, it's really the Caribbean sailings. You don't, Alaska, you don't. still some cruise lines, some smaller ones like Penant and Silver Sea, and those smaller cruise lines. You still have to be vaccinated, but for the most part, we're back to normal and it's really, we've gotten to the point where we just, this is something we live with, like we live with the flu.

Influenza didn't go anywhere and neither is Covid.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: Thank you.

Dan: we're, we're, we are endemic.

Heather: Yep.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Heather: I just, I am still, I'm super happy for where we are now, but I'm waiting for the day where it just doesn't, doesn't come up at all where somebody sneezes and doesn't feel the need to immediately take a covid test.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. Or every few months I keep on saying I thought we were done talking about this nonsense on this

Heather: I know

Dan: we have to talk about it again. Come on.

Heather: But maybe this is the last one cuz it's a Disney cruise line is the last holdout,

Jeff: Nobody's. Yeah. Anyway,

Heather: yeah, it, it means a lot of people who could not cruise. Now they can.

Dan: and that's always good.

Heather: Yeah,

Jeff: would love to sell you a cruise.

Dan: two or three even.

Jeff: Mm-hmm. . Yeah.

Heather: Now if all those folks can see the wish,

Dan: make up for lost time.

Heather: a great ship.

Jeff: Nah.

Dan: Richard Branson. Get on one

Heather: Oh gosh. Poor virgin voyages. They're not doing well. They, they need this to, to be

Dan: Yeah, Ken Kendra's been checking up on those cruises. She's decided they're on her bucket list and they're given a pretty good bar tab to anybody who

Heather: so

Jeff: What is it now? It was 300 like when I

Heather: $300.

Dan: To anybody that books a cabin

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: That's, that's not, So they need to step it up, lower their prices or something.

Dan: Yeah. I don't know what they charged for a drink on there, but I could, I could have a decent

Jeff: They're $280 a piece.

Jess: $301. 

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: my way to $300 worth of champagne with that Shake for Champagne app.

Jeff: Yeah. The first night.

Dan: without even meaning to,

Heather: exactly.

Jeff: Oh wait, for

Dan: I ordered another champagne. Are you kidding me?

Heather: Bring it on.

Jeff: I was trying to get my phone to work.

Dan: right more exciting and breaking news, relatively breaking for when we are recording at least. The after hours events are coming back to Walt Disney World in 2023 to help celebrate the very tail ass tail end of the 50th anniversary.

Heather: The last little

Jeff: You got a fairytale less.

Heather: I was, It was cool to see they're doing another park. They'll be in the Magic Kingdom and this time Hollywood Studios. But I

Jeff: I love the crazy awesome themes

Heather: That's what I was just gonna say. I thought I was a little

Jeff: The Theme is, That'll be 1 55 please.

Heather: Yeah. Up.

Jess: Yeah, I was hoping they'd bring back the early morning magic stuff because those, I enjoyed more, especially if you've got a little kid and you wanna take the whole family. You've, you've got a little bit more energy at that point. But I don't know if they're being bringing those back.

Dan: Fantasy Land was great for that.

Jeff: Yeah. That was neat.

Dan: That was.

Heather: I really do the after hours events. I think they are worth it. You could, especially if you're a, if you're a ride junkie, you can just ride things over and over again with almost no lines. But I really loved the themes

Jess: I was gonna say, I like, yeah, as, as somebody that gets to go to the park a lot, the Theme kind of gave it a little extra something you.

Jeff: The first time they did it, it was just after hours. Then they did the villains thing for a minute. But like out at Disneyland, they have five a year and they're all a cool different Theme

Dan: Yeah, and they, and they brought the themes back when they came back and theirs came back last this, this spring, didn't

Jeff: so once again, Disney World's just we'll open the doors and give us some money.

Heather: well, and everyone gives it to them so they don't

Jeff: Yeah, why bother

Heather: of an effort. We learned that this a week ago, our company conference was at the Contemporary. This was hysterical. Our conference is called Keon because we're key to the world and it's our conference and Jeff does these amazing graphics to brand our conference, and we had them stretched all over this big registration desk on the second floor of the contemporary right next to where the California Grill is.

Jeff: For listeners to picture this, this is the check-in booth that's right next to where you go to get your name on the waiting list for the California Grill upstairs. So there's a lot of traffic, normal people traffic through there. It's not down in the main conference center,

Heather: In the past, they've had some events check in there like the Pirates and Pals. That kind of thing, but so we have a big huge sign there and in another spot that says Ke Con on it with our logo. And when we were setting up behind that registration desk, we were constantly getting people coming over asking us what Keon was and how they could buy tickets before they even knew

Jeff: One guy didn't even ask what it was. He just said, How can I get tickets to this? And we were like, You can't. It's a conference. He goes, I think, I really think my family would like it. Like you don't even know what it is.

Jess: a key Maker's convention. You don't even

Jeff: even like it.

Heather: it was just like the power of any dizzy can throw any event together and put up a sign and people are there with their wallet out wanting

Jeff: have charged him 800 bucks.

Dan: it possible you made a mistake by not letting

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: a ticket to the We already know that podiatrists love our

Jess: they'll just steal the food, yeah.

Heather: we could have charged him $250 and let him in.

Dan: Let let him meet some sales reps from.

Heather: We saw people taking selfies at our backdrops. It was crazy.

Jess: Can't wait till this movie comes out. I'm gonna say I was at the premiere

Heather: right.

Jeff: One, One lady, she was like, I'm a travel agent and I'm taking, She was not one of our travel agents. She just worked for

Heather: Yeah. Somebody

Jeff: other travel agency. Taking a picture in front of our backdrop. All right,

Heather: Yeah, but I mean this, this event is starting prices what, 1 39? I think

Dan: One 20.

Jeff: 1 29 to

Heather: all the way up to $155

Jess: is reasonable if you compare it to any holiday party.

Heather: Yeah, they will. I think they'll sell out. I really do.

Jess: but with no

Jeff: it only four hours?

Heather: It is

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: Yep.

Jeff: I could do math. That would be a lot per hour.

Heather: Crazy.

Dan: Yeah, that'd be like $40 an.

Heather: they made a, a, they made a, they made a note that said Rise of the resistance is not necessarily included

at Hollywood Studios. Possibly. And, but they

Jeff: They gotta oil that

Heather: Yeah, they had to put that caveat on there because it could be down

Jeff: Oh, you get free caviar.

Jess: Hmm. Caveat that's, That's caveat for cats.

Heather: yes.

Jess: Yeah. Whisker licks, caveat.

Jeff: I always think it's funny when people are lined up for much longer lines than for the rides, for the free popcorn or the,

Jess: Or Yeah,

Jeff: Mickey


Dan: Yeah.

Heather: you can get a lot of popcorn and Mickey bars for $159

Jess: that's why I like the trick or treating, usually at the Halloween party because they do it, They, they really keep the line moving. You don't have to spend a lot of time picking up candy. So that one

Heather: can get a lot of candy.

Jess: you do. Yeah.

Heather: And they had those great reusable bags this year instead of those little crappy plastic ones.

Jess: All.

Dan: That's true. Tickets for these events the events are scheduled select nights, January 4th through March 27th, and tickets go on sale. To the general public. Uhto seventh select Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. Guests can begin purchasing them. October 4th.

Heather: Mm-hmm. , if you have a confirmed Disney World onsite reservation, you can start purchasing them early.

Dan: Yes, Walt Disney World plus Swan, Dolphin, and shades of green.

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Dan: that's exciting. Parade parties.

Jeff: more normalcy works for me.

Heather: love it. This next, this next story you had on the list, Dan. I was so excited when I read this because I thought it had gone away.

Jeff: Yeah,

Dan: all did. We 

Jeff: We just, talked 

Dan: we had said, and, and here's the other interesting thing, why wasn't this brought up at D 23, just two weeks ago? So we have a very vague announcement that Disney's Ducktails World Showcase Adventure will open. In 2022

Heather: That's, that's this

Jeff: That's this year.

Jess: About two years after it was canceled.

Jeff: Yeah.

Jess: second

Dan: yeah, yeah, yeah.

It was announced in 2019. And yeah, we're running out of 2022, so I hope they and, and they made it seem like it may be in time for the 40th anniversary of Epcot, which is just a few days away.

Jess: Yeah, they said by the end of the year, but it's like they didn't at this point, with that short of a timeframe, they usually would say, About this month or something, but it's so weird and vague and

Heather: we talk about the fact that Epcot is 40? What the heck,

Jeff: Yeah, but it looks an X 60.

Heather: That's so true.

Jess: She's getting a lot of work done right now. Give her a minute. All right. She's, She's getting a lot of lifts.

Jeff: that surgery needs to settle

Jess: Yeah. Swelling has to go down.

Dan: Hey, I hope I look that good when I turn 40.

Jeff: You will not.

Heather: Ouch.

Dan: I was mostly making the point that I'm not 40.

Heather: That is true.

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. It's just a number, 

Jeff: I'm not 40 either.

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Dan: It's also funny that they're, they're finally putting this in after the show's been canceled.

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: the reason we hadn't heard about it was because it was canceled and they were gonna slap

Jess: makes me think that they had done most of the work and Yeah, they just couldn't, They, that was serious back burner for the pandemic, and then I guess they're just like Epcot has taken way too long, so let's open something

Jeff: put something in here.

Jess: Yeah, it's weird.

Dan: Yeah. I was hoping that if it was, if Ducktails was dead, Given the fact that Rescue Rangers has now won a major award, that they would put them in

Heather: Oh, good point. That would

be good. Maybe that'll be the next thing. They'll wait to change it over for that till that's almost not popular anymore. That's, that's the

Jess: I, I'm surprised we haven't gotten a new show out of that, coming soon for the 50th anniversary of Epcot, the Rescue Rangers World Showcase Adventure,

Jeff: It'll take him that long to program a little app

Dan: Yeah,

Heather: Yeah, this is just gonna be run using the play Disney Parks app, so they don't have that infrastructure anymore. Where you have to go pick up a flip phone at was what it was at first,

Jess: Oh yeah,

Heather: it was Kim. Possible

Jeff: possible, I think. Wasn't it still that when it was Agent P too?

Heather: A while.

Dan: they switched it over to, to using the app though, cuz when I did it, I just used the play parks. It was fun. I liked,

Jeff: No, I like those too. I've done them a lot of times with Mac

Heather: Mm-hmm. , We did that Kim. Possible

Jeff: essentially what's happening on the Star Cruiser.

Heather: Yeah, a little bit

Jess: It's more upgraded.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: fancier, A little more complex, but yeah, more or less, go here, push a button, watch something

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: Move on to the

Heather: That would be

Jeff: Doin Schmertz come out of the clock

Heather: It'd be a fun surprise if they rolled that out for T'S 40th. I'd be excited

Dan: It seems like it's just, it would be just about the only surprise for apricot's 40th. We can talk about that real

Jess: Yeah. Yeah.

Dan: the Acot is turning 40 really darn soon, and so far we've seen a little bit of merch. We've seen some food, and 

Heather: that's

about it.

Dan: they're

Jeff: Yeah.

Jess: they did more for Disney plus day than it looks like they're doing for the 40th anniversary of one of the parks. Like I'm, I'm not that much of an Epcot fanboy. I am, but I, I'm definitely disappointed in that. I really hope they're

Jeff: for the 30th of Hollywood Studios either.

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: I remember for the 45th of Walt Disney World, they actually did a lot more than I would've expected for a weird number, like 45, the 50th sucked.

Jess: I I was hoping that maybe cuz they know that they, they dropped the ball on the 50th at this point. I, I was hoping they might have used that to do a little bit better for Epcot, but I guess not.

Dan: That's what the Disney 100

Jess: I'm sure we'll get a special light scheme for spaceship Earth's new lighting.

Dan: They've already announced 

Jess: Yeah, I'm sure. There you go. And I, I guarantee you that's when they will surprise with a day notice. They'll be like, boom, here's the figment meet and greet we were talking about that,

Heather: Oh yeah, that's

Jess: wants with the giant figment from a few years ago, that was nightmare Induc.

Jeff: I would, I'll get a picture with Thinky,

Jess: I want the old figment. I want the dream finder with Figment puppet.

Jeff: with Stream Finder with his arm at Figment, but.

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: but nobody knows who Dream Finder is. They, they'd have to, They,

Jess: Make it just like a, make it

Jeff: it, putting the old ride back

Jess: Now just make it an Imagination. Institute worker, like a scientist


Dan: Eric Idol up to these days?

Jess: he doesn't wanna work with that animated little figure anymore. You can bleep that

Heather: Poor Figgy.

Dan: on the poor Figment.

Jess: I, I, I want a figment meet and greet, but yeah, I don't know. Yeah, I just, I hope they, they have more up their sleeve that they're just gonna do as a surprise that they'll maybe run through the rest of the year so that I can experience it in December, but who knows.

Dan: Yeah something you're definitely not gonna get to experience in September that darn kite tale shows as

Jess: what.

Dan: it, by the time y'all are listening to this, it's gonna be closed forever.

Jess: Oh

Dan: They, they just made that big change to it where it went to just a standing room only kinda walk by experience.

Heather: else feel like that whole area is cursed?

Jess: was about to say, have they figured out what ancient burial ground they built that water on? Because it seems everything they put in there ends up being bad and gone quickly.

Heather: Yes.

Jess: I don't get it.

Dan: Pretty much What was there before? Rivers of light.

Yeah, but was there anything there before Rivers of Light?

Heather: No, they built that

Jess: There was like a

Heather: rivers of

Jeff: There was a pet cemetery

Dan: There wasn't even a lake there. They built the lake for rivers of light.

Jeff: I think it was just a lake. They built that amphitheater.

Jess: They built the

Dan: Yeah, I knew that. I knew the seating

Jess: And then there was a Jungle book thing before

Jeff: Oh, that's right. Cause the barges kept sinking

Dan: right? Yeah. They,

Jeff: So they're like, Turn the fountains on and we'll show Jungle Book in here.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Jess: somebody moved the body or moved the headstones, but they left the bodies. It was, Yeah.

Dan: Oh,

Jess: I'm sad actually. I didn't get to see that at all. I, I, every time I don't go to Animal Kingdom every time I visit Walt Disney World and I was, I was hoping it was up for December just so I could see it in person. Cuz I find it to be hilarious in the videos I've.

Heather: The kites.

Jess: Yeah, just, just them like landing them because they have to crash them into the stands.

It just looks so violent and wrong

Jeff: just so crazy that,

Dan: I really like the idea of it. I wish it had worked.

Jess: neat idea, but not for a full show. Like when they had it as a come and sit down and sit for this. Show it, it

Jeff: just bake.

Jess: Yeah.

Heather: Yes. So hot.

Dan: Rest in peace. Kit Tales. Nobody will miss you.

Jess: one out for you.

Dan: soon you'll be a Moana Attraction, apparently

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: You know what

Jess: everything will be soon.

Jeff: a Moana stunt show, like the like the Water World Stunt Show at Universal Hollywood,

Jess: you use most of the same props.

Jeff: and kayaks and or

Dan: been a long time since they've had water skiers at Walt Disney

Jeff: Yeah, go do a whole Moana water show. People would cobble that up.

Dan: water skis. Yeah, we're calling it now one on water skis. That's the attraction.

Jess: Oh, wanna skis?

Jeff: See the line where the sky meets to see aisle ski there.

Dan: Oh, I like it. So I got one more Walt Disney World story here. Turns out. Candlelight Processionals coming back. Coming

Jeff: Hey Pip,

Dan: shocked.

Heather: Hooray.

Dan: they released they released their list of narrators and it's mostly exactly who you expected to see 

Heather: Yep. Josh Gad is new.

Dan: Yeah, there's a handful of new narrators.

Jeff: he loves warm 

Dan: through 12th is gonna be Josh Gad. 

Jess: Oh, We've got the 19th through 20th is Marrisa, Hargitay, whoever that is.

Heather: She's from one of the N Y

Jeff: on Law and Order.

Heather: and Orders.

Jess: and

Dan: Oh yeah, so it shows that

Jeff: America's sweetheart. Youth son of a bitch.

Dan: November 30th to December 1st, we got Raul Esparza, whoever that is.

Heather: Now that I don't know,

Jeff: I know

Dan: Yeah, no clue.

Jeff: She's America's sweetheart,

Heather: you'd son of a

Jess: You bitch.

Dan: Brand new for this year, December 13th through 14th. My wife is very excited about Gloria Este.

Heather: Hey, is she, Is she doing it because she wants to go ride guardians and hear her song

Jess: She did already do that. I saw some little like video of her doing that.

Jeff: Mariska Harte is also Jane Mansfield's daughter.

Jess: And Mickey Hargitay. Yeah, the Hercules.

Jeff: Perfect.

Heather: Huh? Hercules Hercules.

Jeff: And 

Dan: our, our

Jeff: Courtney Vance the same as Courtney b Vance? Did they forget to be

Dan: It's very possible.

Heather: I bet you they did

Jess: It's a Courtney b Vance impersonator for legal reasons there

Jeff: is the

first one, Courtney

Jess: a Vance, Courtney c Vance.

Dan: it's a newer model. Returning our old favorites such as Edward James, almost Whoopi Goldberg, 

Heather: Is he a favorite? 

Dan: Cal Ripkin Jr. I didn't realize that he was part of this,

Heather: Yeah. NPH is, has a new, new dates. He's usually the first week of December,

Jess: guess his family decided to move their vacation for the

 That is, Yeah, I'm gonna be there when Josh Gad and Neil Patrick Harris is there. So I think I might actually try to see it for once. I haven't gone.

Jeff: I've never seen it. I've walked past. Fast so I don't have to see it. I have, I was somewhere when the processional was actually walking through it. It was very pretty, but

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: I don't like the subject matter. So

Dan: I've only seen it when when we were in Disneyland. And they do it down Main Street USA there. So we were forced to be

Jeff: was that when Chris Hemsworth did it,

Jess: I got to see him hanging.

Heather: Hmm.

Jeff: I'd watch him do about anything.

Heather: Yeah,

Jess: Anything Biblical all.

Dan: include a lot of things. Speaking of biblical, Activities. I don't 

Jeff: of awkward transitions.

Dan: hey. This transition made sense in my, in my head you're talking about dirty stuff. And now we're gonna talk about Heather's story.

Jeff: And speaking of

Jess: Heather's Dirty story corner

Jeff: and

Heather: my dirty story?

Jess: Turn your lights down everybody.

Dan: Passenger passengers on an American Airlines. Guests were a little, a little embarrassed and felt a little awkward by

Jeff: or turned on

Jess: The fact that they were on an American

Heather: they weren't really, they weren't really sexy sounds it. It sounded more I don't know, someone was constipated in the

Dan: the, the vi, the video posted on social media by the first passenger who shared it, described the sounds as somewhere between an orgasm and vomiting.

Heather: what?

Jeff: my sweet spot.

Jess: Somebody's been looking at my Google search.

Heather: no.

Dan: It's so there were strange sounds coming from the PA system on a flight from LAX to Dallas. The, the video includes a confused flight attendant who came on over the PA and apologized for the irritating sound, who they said, Please be patient with us. We know it's a very odd anomal a very odd anomaly,

Heather: There you go.

Dan: anomaly, and none of us are enjoying it.

So we do appreciate your attention for just a few minutes until I figure out how to turn it off.

Heather: they figure out where it was coming from? Was it the pilot

Jeff: I saw originally said someone had hacked into the thing, but I don't know how that

Heather: Oh.

Dan: Yeah, I don't see how that's possible. It's not a radio, it's a hardwired so it was just some sort

Jess: This is what happens when you don't turn on your airplane mode on your co,

Jeff: That's right.

Dan: Oh, it says here. So it says the PA systems onboard our aircraft are hardwired. There's no way to get external access after the, the maintenance team thoroughly inspected the aircraft and the PA system and determined the sounds were caused by a mechanical issue with the amplifier, which raises the volume of the PA system when the engines are running.

Heather: What it clearly sounded like a person making those sounds.

Dan: Yeah. And apparently the sounds lasted the entire flight until the plan. 

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: no. 

Dan: on

Jeff: Can you play a little

of that, Dan 

Dan: they arrive in Dallas

Jess: Wow,

Dan: Yeah. I'll 

Heather: yeah. You gotta figure out how you can play a little bit of that, a little clip of it. It's,

Dan: yeah, we'll get that. Should for, for our Patreon fans, that will open up to right now, we'll put a

Jess: subscribers get moaning.

Dan: They get to listen to the entire four hour flight or however, I don't know how long it is from LA to Dallas. Probably not four hours

Heather: But a long time to have to listen to that.

Dan: his more than 45 minutes, 

Heather: That's terrible. Oh my goodness.

Jess: Chicken or fish, I'll have whatever they're not having.

Dan: I've got one more weird story to help kick off the spookiest time of year, just gonna start. By 

Heather: Oh. 

Dan: from this article says, Resurrecting the spud nut. America's forgotten Halloween. Treat

Heather: So what.

Jess: Isn't that, that's, that's what Jeff likes to do with potatoes after dinner, right?

Dan: you put in the microwave for just like five seconds.

 Like on American Pie, right? Isn't that what they do? He warms it up for just a few

Heather: Okay.

Jess: how Midwesterners do the whole American Pie thing?

Dan: I guess. Yeah, it's, it's a hardier. It's a harder experience.

Heather: Mashed

Jess: So starchy.

Heather: gross.

Jess: Oh.

Jeff: But the outside of.

Jess: about a loaded baked potato with low

Dan: All right. Do we have any more perfy 

Jeff: Yeah, it takes a little while, but I make my own sauce

Heather: Gross.

Jess: little dollop will do you.

Jeff: with a do of Jeff. He.

Heather: Dan, I blame you for

Dan: in 1940, humble spud nut was invented in Salt Lake City. This dude decided that he would like to make donuts, but with mashed potatoes.

Jeff: Oh yeah,

Jess: old chestnut. I'm like,

Dan: Yeah. It's it is like a, it's like a yeast raised donut, but it's made with mashed potatoes instead of flour, I don't know. But apparently,

Jeff: so it's like a potato pancake donut kind of thing.

Heather: Yeah. The

Dan: yeah. And way less sexy

Heather: Bud

Dan: the guy, the guy, the guy made them popular by he would send local boys to act as businessmen and sell spu nuts door to door.

Heather: This is

Dan: And on Halloween he would hand out his s nuts to,

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: then he was

Jeff: Had a tea. I should have been on that street team instead of Shelby's


Jess: So this is the reason my parents were afraid to let me trick or treat anywhere other than the mall in the eighties, I guess in an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune local resident, David Fisher fondly recalled. We would always take a couple of different Halloween masks with us so we could go back two or three times. SPU nuts. Were better are.

So you're saying they'd go back from multiple nets?

Heather: This is not, This ain't right

Dan: Uh, by the 1950s business was booming and there was more than 350 Spud nuts stores across the continental United States, Alaska, and even Mexico. Would you be surprised to learn that there was a, an anthropomorphic donut mascot for the company called Mr. Spud Nut?

Jess: yes.

Jeff: I'm giggling

Heather: y'all, These still exist. You can go visit Bud Nuts donuts across the Midwest

Dan: Yeah. Spoiler alert.

Heather: Illinois.

Jeff: Oh yeah, I'm looking at Mr. Sp Nu right now. He's nothing at all like Mr. Peanut.

Jess: Oh no. Accidentally typed Mr. Spud butt, and you guys don't want to know what I got.

Heather: do not

Jeff: If you look at real, Mr. Sp nut is kinda looks like a but hole.

Jess: Wow.

Dan: Ooh, look

Jess: Black and white

Dan: the one in.

Jess: the scariest.

Dan: The one in, in Logan, Utah, the location is called Johnny O's. Spu Nuts

Jess: Hmm.

Jeff: When you eat a SPU nut, you'll make your O face,

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: know.

Dan: So apparently 

Heather: There's a lot of them in Arkansas,

Jeff: huh?

Jess: What else is there

Jeff: They look good. I'm looking at Johnny O's Spud

Heather: Bradenton, Florida.

Jeff: like a regular old donut,

Dan: Yeah. With.

Jeff: but

Jess: probably like potato flour.

Heather: They're across the United States. Also one in Vietnam, in Homan City.

Dan: Weird.

Heather: What?

Jess: All right.

Heather: This is weird. They're really popular in Arkansas,

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. But apparently, apparently in, in Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, they were popular Halloween treats. So

Jeff: Huh?

Heather: You learn something new every day.

Dan: Mr. Spud

Jeff: Some of the days I go, whole days sometimes without learning a damn thing.

Dan: I think Spud notes is gonna become a new exclamation in,

Jeff: Ah, but nuts.

Dan: ah, spud nuts. 

Jess: Right in the bud Nuts.

Dan: the good news is in the show notes for this episode I'm gonna link to the article on Atlas Obscura and they include a recipe for, to, to make to make 12 to 16 spud nuts of your very.

Heather: Huh?

Jeff: Huh.

Dan: think I'm gonna have to bake up some SPU 

Heather: Potato 

Dan: the near future.

Heather: All right. If you make some, I'll try one.

Dan: I'll ship. I'll have to ship a few to everybody. Oh God. What did

Jess: And just send us to the Spud Nut

Jeff: posted a picture of a gaping sput net.

Dan: Hey look, you can order them online. Do you think they'll deliver out state?

Jeff: The chocolate one

Jess: It probably won't be that. That good. Seems like something you gotta eat fresh.

Jeff: The old fashioned one looks a little dis descended.

Heather: Oh, 

Dan: I was gonna say, it looks like his rib for Jeff's

Jess: Somebody's spud nuts. A little prolapse there.

Heather: yuck.

Dan: one looks delightful though.

Jess: You should get that checked out. Those aren't blueberries.

Jeff: A blue waffle.

Jess: Oh, that's all right.

Dan: All right. I think that means it's time.

Heather: It is time to go.

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Jeff: Thank you for the pleasure of your time.