Oct. 26, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 10-26-22

Disney World/Travel News 10-26-22

It’s scary how much travel news we have to cover this week, including reopening dates for Fantasmic and Monsieur Paul, permit hints at retheme dates for Splash Mountain, annoying plane passengers, trading coffee for SkyMiles, electric planes, Peloton at ...

It’s scary how much travel news we have to cover this week, including reopening dates for Fantasmic and Monsieur Paul, permit hints at retheme dates for Splash Mountain, annoying plane passengers, trading coffee for SkyMiles, electric planes, Peloton at Hilton hotels, and the best Scare BnBs you can rent this spooky season!


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News 10-26-22

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society.

Jeff: Hi, Dan

Dan: And joining me this week in the studio is Heather Strait and Mr. Dr. Jeffrey Williams, Square D dm.

Jeff: the third. Hi there guys.

Dan: Hey Jeff, three of ya.

Heather: That's a lot

Dan: Yeah, that's a lot of Jeff. Our show, as always, is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in Theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world.

Head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com for more details and no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime.

Well, it's scary how much news we have to cover this week, starting

Heather: So much.

Jeff: Let's see what you did there, Dan. That was clever.

Dan: Yeah, you like that, But really we've got a ton of news to cover. Disney just announced the reopening date for Fantastic at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios. And it's really soon.

Jeff: It's only been closed since 1997,

Heather: It feels like it

Dan: Yeah. Although they didn't really release

Heather: not the date 

Dan: a date, they just said November, 2022,

Jeff: probably November 30th,

Heather: right.

Dan: Yeah it's a very wide window there, which they like to do.

Jeff: I wonder if they'll do any soft opening type performances.

Dan: Your favorite kind of

Jeff: And moist.

Dan: Well, you get both of those at fantastic,

right? Um, 

Heather: you do.

Dan: yeah. I don't know. They haven't said anything about that. All they said is,

Heather: Is this one of the last shows to reopen?

Jeff: I'm shocked that hoop dedoop de do opened

Before this. 

Heather: this. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah,

Heather: And we've got the New Nemo show is open

Jeff: Or as I call it, the New MO show,

Heather: Yes. And then Festival of the Lion King is open.

Jeff: Even back to its original form. Right?

Heather: I think we're getting close to everything being back so close.

Dan: is Beauty in the Beast back.

Heather: I cannot remember.

Dan: I know that's one

Jeff: What about Little Mermaid? Did that go away permanently?

Dan: Well, no, it went away with Covid times,

Jeff: I couldn't remember if they'd pulled it before the Covid or what, but it's not. I don't know if it's gonna come back. Seems like

Dan: in the Beast is back. And people were surprised because they were thinking that spot was ripe for a new show.

Heather: Yeah. I mean that they continued with that during Covid and it was stupid. They just had the actors. 

Jeff: Yeah. Wearing 

Heather: six feet

Jeff: Beast had a huge mask on.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Both of those spots, if they wanna stick with Disney, Broadway shows, they've got plenty of material now that they could swap out or even they could swap it out, like rotate on a

Jeff: I liked the Aladdin show they used to do out at California Adventure. That was really

Dan: Yeah. Everybody liked that and wishes it would come back.

Heather: What? They switched that over to Frozen before Covid.

Jeff: I don't know if that came back out there.

Dan: I think I switched over to something else before that too, or didn't it?

Jeff: I can't

Dan: it's been gone for a while. That's one where Jeanie did like improv, right?

Jeff: Ah, he was so


Heather: was great.

Dan: Yeah. I never saw it myself, but everybody seems to enjoy it or have fond memories of it. That is,

Jeff: Well, I'm glad that show's coming back. All those shows and things are crowd eaters, and we need more of that to take the pressure off the lines at these parks, especially now that you're paying for Genie.

Dan: that's right. Yes. Yes, we are,

Heather: And we're getting more and more restaurants back open. We're down to just a few Still closed.

Dan: Good news well as we're recording two days from now manure Paul at the France Pavilion would be open back up and they got a fresh new menu. I don't really know what the old menu looked like, so I can't tell you from looking at it how it's

Heather: It was good. I, it's a solid restaurant. I,

Jeff: It's excellent. They've gone to that prefix thing that everybody is doing and it's twice as expensive as it needs to be, but I'll still go cuz it's pretty amazing food.

Heather: Mosul is a great restaurant. I've only eaten there a couple of times, but I was very happy with it both times.

Dan: So now the prefix menu is a gastronomic meal of the French. It starts off with a parif and an AM moose bo, which in this case is some champ. And a cheese puff

Jeff: I have a nice hilarious bush

Dan: there's 

Heather: Gus are yummy.

Dan: course. You choose one from the selection, it looks like. S cargo.

Heather: Those are snails. You guys

Dan: Yeah, I like snails,

Jeff: sir. There are snails on my plate.

Dan: Also a soup and lobster salad are the other options for that course.

 a fish course where you can choose from CBAs and puff pastry seared scallops

Jeff: Kick his ass. See Bass

Dan: the and That's 


Jeff: Wonder if Heather should have done this

Dan: Why? Because She's good at the fancy ass

French, and

Jeff: That's right.

Dan: I don't 

Heather: you started off by saying Monster

Dan: that. That might have been intentional.

Heather: That was a little bit of a clue.

Jeff: Monster, Paul

Dan: Meat course. You

can have a rack of lamb.

Heather: I like the lamb.

Dan: my favorite edible rack chicken fr sea with morels or beef tenderloins.

Jeff: Yeah, all of these look terrific.

Dan: Cheese course, and some desserts. That sound delicious.

Heather: Ooh, they all sound delicious.

Jeff: So that's like that thing, the round thing, you pop open and it has the melty goo inside, I'm

guessing. Yeah.

Heather: like taking lava cake to the next level.

Jeff: Lava Dome wasn't that one of the Mad Max movies?

Heather: I think it was beyond lava dome

Dan: I like though that the, they've got the full, You don't just say I want the sphere for dessert. You've got to have the entire list and fancy ass French

Jeff: Would you read that to us, Heather?

Dan: I.

Heather: cognac. Oh,

Jeff: Ugh.

Heather: It's 

Dan: That's exactly how I

Heather: Cake with chocolate mose inside a dome with chocolate ice cream and cognac sauce.

Jeff: And now I will translate that into southern y'all

Heather: Yeah, let's

Jeff: sphere. De chocolate, all late glacier all chocolate sauce, teed. All chocolate and cognac.

Heather: That sauce. Tide

Jeff: Rota.

Heather: There you go.

Dan: Wow. For a second, I thought we had a Hank Hill on the show there.

Jeff: Good

Heather: It all sounds great and I'm excited. I what I think this is a, an indication that they're getting the international cash back, is cool.

Dan: Yes.

Heather: more of these restaurants open.

Jeff: October 18th and I think I saw, wasn't this like $90 a person that I dreamed that, or was it more one 90? I think it was like 200 a person or

Heather: Is it 200 a person that 

Jeff: I remember thinking it was a lot, but then I remembered I don't care cuz I'm rich.

Heather: This restaurant, Oh, here it is. This restaurant falls into the $4 sign category, which means the meal is over 

Jeff: It's $4. That seems like a bargain

Heather: They haven't listed the exact price, but the, a year ago the Prefe menu was about $175. It's probably gonna be 

Jeff: that wasn't open a year ago was.

Heather: I'm, the year before 

Jeff: Before during, Yeah.

Heather: The, during the last year that it was opened, before Covid.

Dan: Yeah, I'm gonna guess it was more, it's coping more now than it was then

Heather: I would it's a pretty extensive menu with a lot of courses, so that would not be surprising.

Dan: Here's another article about the reservations being open. Let's see, it's got the price in there. 1 75 per person

Heather: Yep.

Dan: only available to guests age 10 and up.

Jeff: I love this and I saw all these people crying about it on the fan sites. I'm like,

Dan: and it is gonna have a dress code

Heather: Oh, interesting. Does it say what the dress code is? Just that men 

Jeff: Yeah, I read the dress code. It's like, don't wear your swimsuit, basically.

Heather: Oh yeah. Really all the other signatures where they make it sound like you gotta get really

Dan: dressy, but it's 

Heather: but actually they just 

Jeff: It's, it would be

hard to have a real dress code inside a park.

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: it says here that the dress code adheres to the restaurant's sophisticated and upscaled aesthetic.

Jeff: don't come in here in your chaps. 

Heather: Grill too, and I see people walking in there in shorts all the time. And this is a little bit different than other restaurants too. Note, a $100 cancellation fee per person applies to no shoes and cancellations within 72

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Oh, well good. Then all those dining hoarders won't be scooping 

Jeff: You We, two of the three of us here have done that a couple times. We've had reservations for that place and we canceled. Cause it's like, well it's pouring rain and I don't feel like

trudging to 

Heather: feel like going into the park, but yeah. I will continue to call my special helper who can cancel those things without a fee for

Jeff: Yes.

Dan: Well, lordy, aren't we special

Jeff: Franking of being rich.

Heather: yeah. A little bit, but no Miss

Jeff: Money. Penny. care of 

Heather: it's a significant fee because the dining hoarding is a huge problem right now.


Dan: It's 

Heather: it's just, it seems like it has gotten a thousand times worth 

Jeff: Well, they need to go back to the long range dining, I think.

Dan: It's gotten to the, it's gotten to the point where when I do dining for people, I tell them right away, I'll grab what I can, and then like a week before your trip, I'll get really serious about

it, And that's when I'm going to get your meals, because that's when they're gonna show up is a week to two days before

Jeff: That's what everybody's doing with everything. Like for Disney Cruise Line, when they launched the Australia things, everybody just soft booked them up. Cause why not? You don't lose anything

for it a chance. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. It's bullshit.

Heather: It's really frustrating. It hard, It 

Jeff: Don't be that. guy. Listeners, 

Heather: Yeah. It was hard to believe that dining could get worse, but

Jeff: here we are.

Heather: Here we are. Yeah.

Dan: And shockingly, it's not Disney's fault,

Heather: No. Yeah, well,

Jeff: Somehow it is. I'm sure

Heather: yeah.

Dan: Yeah. In a way it is I well some exciting, some more exciting news. Magic Kingdom permits have been filed to start the Theme of Splash Mountain to Tiana's Bayou Adventure at the

Heather: and they say it will open in late 2024.

Dan: That's right, yes. The expiration date on this particular permit is actually June 30th,

Heather: Oh, interesting,

Jeff: Does that expiration, that just means you have to start by then, doesn't it? It doesn't mean you have to be finished by then, does

Dan: extend it or they can apply for new,

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: Permits. But that gives at least an idea of timelines here. Work's going to be carried out by the company that did construction for Pandora and also Remy's Regulatory Adventure.

Heather: And they did not specify when Splash Mountain would close for this to begin, but we're thinking probably January. That would make sense. That's when they always shut it down for refurb anyway. So keep it open through the holidays for those holiday crowds.

Jeff: Yeah, and then just close it for that

year. it would be really foolish to close down a signature attraction at the HO during the holidays.

Heather: This.

Dan: Yeah. And they're not gonna bother doing their yearly refurb and then shut it

down a month or two later, so that, that makes the best sense to me. That's all the news we have out of the Walt Disney. Parks. But so let's take a look at some other travel stuff.

Starting off with, we talk a lot on this show about the appalling behavior of passengers on airplanes. A survey done recently by the vacationer and shared with travel leisure asked passengers what they think about reclining seats, sharing armrests, more, stuff like that. And it's a little bit surprising what they said.

Jeff: Is it,

Heather: Everyone thinks it's rude. , 77% of travelers surveyed said they think it's rude to fully recline your seat, but

Jeff: I really never reclined mine at all unless it happens accident.

Heather: Yeah, I don't either, because unless I'm on an overnight international flight, I don't see the point of it. But the, my favorite part of this survey is that everyone said they think it's rude, but almost as many people said, But I'm gonna do it anyway.

Like, well,

Dan: at least most of them said that they're going to ask first,

Jeff: Yeah, I've never had anyone ask.

Heather: is funny, yes, because I've literally never had anyone ask if it was okay ever.

Jeff: I am a tall person. I'm also a wide person, but my tallness makes it so that my knees, no matter which class of seat I'm sitting in, Are touching the seat in front of me so when someone leans back that three, that two to three inches doesn't mean squat to them. Recla. Imagine you're in a chair and then you can lean two more inches back.

That doesn't help

 but It really hurts the person behind you.

Heather: Yes, it doesn't make sense to me at.

Dan: Another behavior that they were asked about that I didn't realize was an issue was who gets to use the middle arm rests. Now when I'm. Granted, I tend to go for the window seat because I'm a child and I like to look outside for the entire flight.

Jeff: Me too.

Dan: always just assume I'm going to use the outside armrest toward the window, and then the middle seat person is going to use the armrest to my left, and then the aisle seat is going to use the armrest to their right.

And the ile armrest is no man's land because you're just gonna get,

Heather: Banged.

Dan: on that one, you're just gonna get it

Jeff: Correct. That is the, That's exactly


Heather: how I've always

Jeff: That's also how you do urinals,

Dan: Yeah, sure. Exactly.

Heather: I'm not 

Dan: This article says that the common practices to allow the middle person to use both middle armrests, which doesn't seem fair, I guess because they're stuck in the middle with you.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: I guess that's why they 

Jeff: Ooh. There's a song in that.

Heather: as a person who prefers an aisle seat, I don't like to have to use the aisle side armrest because you get banged up by anybody walking past by the.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Beverage carts, all that

Jeff: That's why I like the window seat mostly cuz I can lean into the wall and just fully lean and then cross my arms

and Of the way. You can do whatever with your


Heather: feel trapped unless I'm traveling with somebody that I know. That's why I never picked the middle seat. If I'm traveling alone, I feel trapped in there.

Jeff: Good thing they don't have middle seats where you usually sit.

Heather: that's fair.

Jeff: Yeah the window seat is the way to go. And I don't care so much about looking out the window though. I do like to try to see Disney World and Universal on approach. But yeah, the leaning and getting out of the way of the person.

Dan: Whatever city he's headed into.

Heather: Yes,

Dan: No matter what city you're

Jeff: Yeah, I'm

Dan: looking for universal and Disney World.

Jeff: a pie.

Dan: I think I see spaceship birth. Y'all

Jeff: like s, they're Denver.


Dan: Sir, this is Cleveland and you're drunk.

Heather: They also asked about taking shoes off, and while 63% of travelers say they never take their shoes off, that seems to mean that I get the 40 something percent of people who are willing.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah, I've seen some really nasty stuff. I saw a guy clipping, Were you with me, Heather, when we saw a toenail clipping person? Yeah.

Heather: foul.

Jeff: I've never wanted to slit someone's throat so bad in my life.

Heather: I once saw a guy who took off his shoes. He was on the bulkhead, took off his shoes, and then stuck both of his feet up on the bulkhead on either side of his TV the whole flight.

Jeff: With bare feet or sock feet

Heather: bare feet.

Jeff: that

Heather: It was gross and ridiculous.

Jeff: they crus.

Heather: I didn't get close enough to see how is behind him and to the right, but I was like, What are you 

Jeff: Yeah, if I'm on a really long flight, I might slip off a shoe if it's an easy on, off shoe, and I'll keep a sock on. But being barefoot

and especially just sticking your feet all over the wall or other people's arm, wrists you're gonna get a fork in your foot if you're near me.

Dan: The survey does point out that Zoomers, those damn Zoomers are much more likely to remove their shoes. Americans 18 to 29 years old more than

45% have said that they've taken their shoes off. So

at least you know who to blame. It's not the millennials, so damn Zoomers.

Heather: I'm shaking my fist at

Jeff: I'm a Gen Xer and I have shoes permanently adhered to my feet.

Dan: Yeah. Even when I'm at home, I rarely am without

Heather: Oh I'm a shoes off I'm always barefoot At home.

Dan: Yeah I'm well shot at most times.

Heather: Oh

Dan: The survey does find that the most annoying guests for fellow passengers of are, of course, seat kickers. Seat kickers, and disruptive drunks.

Heather: Huh. Shocking.

Jeff: I'm both of those things. I'm sorry guys.

Dan: Well, hey, at least you're aware. That means that there's room for growth. There's opportunity for us

all to

Jeff: that's, 

Heather: it.

Jeff: yeah, that's a great point.

Dan: love, a little become better people. This next story, my, my life,

Jeff: In my.

Dan: It was . You know how you can tell how old I am? That's like the third time I've done that in the last two weeks.

Jeff: She is number three

Heather: Don't finish the thought.

Dan: no. She's very excited, was very excited to hear this. Delta customers can now earn sky miles at Starbucks and vice versa on travel days, you can earn double stars at Starbucks, so

Heather: I am all over this one.

Jeff: pretty cool. I would think with. Kendra might be able to fly to Brazil soon.

Dan: Well I did the math. It's gonna take us a little while. You get one whole mile for every dollar spent

Jeff: Ah,

Dan: on eligible purchases at Starbucks,

Heather: but the cool thing is that right off the bat, when you link your accounts together, you get 500 bonus miles on Delta and 150 stars on Starbucks. So 

Dan: through December 31st of this year. 

Jeff: I don't have points on Star. I don't do Starbucks

Heather: Well,

Jeff: now. I feel bad.

Dan: There's also another bonus starting in 2024. If you're a diamond or platinum sky miles member one of your annual choice benefits can be 4,000 stars to start off the year. So that's,

Heather: Oh, 

Dan: have time to do the math, but that's 

Jeff: What would four th What's the star rates? What's 4,000? Get you.

Dan: Well, most drinks I think are 150 and

Jeff: Snap. I'm doing.

Heather: Yeah, it depends on what you choose. It used to be that you, you could only redeem them for drinks, but now they've made it so that you can get snack items and they all have different,

Dan: stars.

Heather: It's like $400 for some merchandise. A mug at 400 stars, not $400, sorry. 200 stars for a sandwich. 

Jeff: Oh. 

Heather: stars for a drink.

50 stars for a bakery item 

Jeff: And this, the Starbucks at my airport is right next to all the delta gates, so I'll never be able to get in there.

Heather: Oh yeah. Well, you got a mobile order. That's what I do at ours.

Jeff: I wonder if that one allows.

Heather: I go through security, I put my mobile order in and then as soon as I'm outta security, the Starbucks is right there and I walk past all the people in line and they give me dirty looks when I just pick up my coffee and go about my business.

Jeff: by my house, and they really should be paying us for all this is, has still not opened the inside part again.

Heather: Oh, no,

Jeff: so the, it's always like, 19 cars deep, so it doesn't matter if you mobile order or not, you're still waiting. So I don't do it.


Dan: have one by us. That's only mobile order. You go inside,

 You it's only to pick up your order.

Heather: Yeah, you cannot actually go in an order. It's

Jeff: This one's a weird one. The way that it's designed to go to where you have to park, you have to go around the world, but like the main entrance goes right into the drive-through. And if the drive-throughs long, you cannot get to where you can park


Heather: I personally earned five delta sky miles today. 

Jeff: Hmm. Right on. So you've already linked yours,

Heather: I have already linked it and then my, the linking bonus went I was curious and I looked in my Delta account and it was pretty much instant. They gave me the 500 miles.

Dan: Yep.

Heather: Pretty cool, right?

Dan: And the double bonus stars. You don't have to use that at the airport. It's just on the day that you're booked to travel with Delta you get double stars. So you could stop at the Starbucks on the way

Heather: Oh,

Dan: if you wanted to.

Jeff: I need to start hitting that Starbucks when I get off the plane at the mco.

Dan: That too


Heather: I'm heading out tomorrow. I will be stopping and. Getting some bonus stars.

Dan: There you go. Well, speaking of bonus perks for Travelers Hilton Hotels have just announced that very soon every single Hilton across the US that's 5,000 hotels and more are going to have a Peloton bike in their fitness center.

Jeff: One.

Dan: Yes.

A single, 

Heather: that one guy who wants 

Dan: at least one Peloton 

Heather: vacation.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: That's.

Heather: I, I'm guessing this is more for like the business travelers who wanna continue their workouts I know leisure

Jeff: travelers 

Heather: Yeah. I do know some and they're crazy.

Dan: Yeah well plus Peloton people are barely one step below. What's that thing called CrossFit

people when it comes to the like status and making sure that people know that they Peloton,

Heather: They're not doing, Pelotons not doing well since the pandemic has wound down, they were raking in the bucks during the pandemic when gyms were closed and now no 

Jeff: Well, they're $2,000 to buy, which is pricey, but they're good machines. But then you have to pay the monthly thing to have the stuff. So that's the part that

chops my 

Heather: you do like that and you're into it and you use it, then it's great, but you gotta be into it and wanna 

Jeff: I think it. turns into a very expensive clothes hanger for a

Heather: but you can use it without subscribing. You don't have to do their classes and stuff.

Jeff: But that's what

Dan: I don't think I would use it without the

Heather: I think that's what motivates.

Dan: It's,

Jeff: you have one, Dan,

Dan: yes, we have one.

Jeff: And you do the subscription and do the little group class things or whatever?

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: We have one, and it made me remember that. I hate them.

Jeff: It made you remember that it hurts your taint.

Heather: You hate stationary bikes?

Dan: Yeah, that's what, that's the thing that's kept me from getting back on it, cuz I've been off for a little while, is knowing that it's gonna take me a good month to, to toughen up down there

Jeff: Strengthen your taint.

Dan: Yeah. Philadelphia

Jeff: Do you have those padded taint pants?

Dan: have A pair of those. They're

Heather: Taint pants. Oh God,

Dan: believe we've talked so much about my Tate on this episode.

Jeff: You do have a long, luxurious


Heather: times.

Dan: Thanks,

Jeff: it on taint talk.

Dan: Long and luxurious. I don't even know what that means. Well luxury. Let's talk about luxury for a

minute. The US. 

Heather: luxury.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: Luxurious taint.

Dan: the us when I think of luxury, I think of somebody else doing the work for me and taking care of my room and cleaning it at a luxurious hotel.

Heather: it's my favorite thing about hotels. Well, one of the,

Dan: pretty


Heather: having someone else make 

Dan: what I remember. But we've got some news that the US plans on doubling the number of H two B visas temporary work visas available for the year 2023.

Heather: I need Disney to stop saying that this is the reason that they're not bringing back daily housekeeping. 

Dan: Yeah. 

Heather: once this happens, don't tell me you can't get enough people. You're just doing it because it, you're 

Jeff: They're cheap. 

Heather: You're being cheap.

Dan: That's been the reason behind a lot of things 

Jeff: Like literally every other hotel and hotel chain does daily house

Heather: Everywhere I've stayed in the least the last six months, apart from Disney has brought it back

 And Disney has selectively brought it back. Club level rooms do get daily housekeeping now at most of the resorts, but,

Jeff: But even at a non-club level room at one of their deluxe resorts, which can be seven to $900 a night for a standard room, you're getting your bed changed every four days and your laundry or whatever every two days, like, give me a break.

Heather: and that's been spotty at best, at the value in moderates. They, most people are noticing that they're not even getting their trash taken out or their towels refreshed. It's terrible.

Dan: that trash piles up, especially if you're in if you're doing takeout meals from the


Heather: a lot 

Jeff: from food courts. 

Heather: resorts.

Dan: huh. If you've got six people in a family suite at Art of Animation and they're not taking your trash

away, And ki people buying souvenirs and kids buying toys and costumes, and it's a lot

Jeff: of trash. 

Heather: you, people who have paid a lot of money, and let's face it, the value resorts are expensive now too. If they have paid a lot of money for that room, what they're going to do with their trash is just chuck it out in the hall because they don't feel that they should have to deal with it in their room.

Jeff: I agree. 

Heather: looks gross.

 It's time. It is time to bring it back.

Jeff: But where did everybody go? Cause it was all mostly it was foreign workers. So they didn't limit, I don't know where they all went.

Heather: I honestly, I think it's cost cutting. They laid them all off during the pandemic and they don't wanna bring them back in spite of the record breaking crowds and their price increases and,

Jeff: Well, that's what she said, Record breaking crowds are still going. So why? Why pay for something if they don't, If they can get away with not.

Dan: trained us to accept the lower level of service for a higher price.

Jeff: They've just trained me to go to the JW Marriott down the road.

Heather: I was just about to say that our last few trips there, we have stayed at very nice properties right adjacent to Walt Disney World that are much less expensive and have much higher service. And I hate to say it, but that.

Jeff: Far better rooms and


Heather: for less money. So that something has gotta give soon. At some point

Jeff: But at least they took away the

benefits to staying on 

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: That's always a

Jeff: and you have to pay

to park 

Heather: yeah, I think they're going to start finding, particularly with the latest round of increases that they're gonna have to start bringing back those site benefits. They're just gonna have to.

Dan: Well, yeah, and this coming right at the time when, people are starting to come down off of the revenge travel

Heather: Yes, exactly.

Dan: It's not the time to be


Heather: sustainable.

Dan: It's one thing when they're gonna throw their money at you no matter what

Heather: I love those times, but I think those times are coming to an

Jeff: been a good run, guys.

Dan: well, there's always a certain number of people who are in that mode

Heather: of course. 

Dan: God bless them. But yeah. Well, I wanna tell you something about the future.

Heather: Ooh, I'd love

Jeff: is it so bright? You have to wear shaves.

Dan: yeah. You know it. Well the first ever all electric passenger airplane made its first flight on September 27th in the State of Washington

Jeff: scares me a little.

Dan: flight, reached altitude of 3,500 feet and flew for a whopping eight minutes. That's right.

Heather: Wow.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Do they have super chargers every so often up in the air for them to.

Dan: Yeah. The plane can be used for cargo or people, and it can hold up to nine passengers and two crew members.

Heather: Did you hear about the partnership that Delta Airlines is just entered into to fly people to and from the airport in these things?

Dan: Is this the same

Heather: They, yeah. It's so they're, they just entered into a partnership with Jo b. That are, that makes these vertical takeoff electric vehicles and they're starting in New York, in Los Angeles in 2024. And it's gonna be a way for people to get to the airport. So if you're, you've got a flight out of lax, 

Jeff: This is for people that just have more money than time.

Heather: Yes, that's 

Dan: these ones are cool. These ones are a little bit different. These are the first one looked more like a plane. This one is like a hybrid helicopter. It's like one

of those harrier jump

Jeff: The Harrier. Yeah.

Dan: with the rotating the engines a start upward, so it does a vertical takeoff in landing.

Heather: Yeah. And they're, they haven't really said what it's gonna cost for this 

Jeff: at least $30.

Dan: Yeah, 

Heather: expect it won't be cheap. Yeah.

Jeff: You have to do ride share, which is the thing. So they gotta pick up everybody from their roof all through new Manhattan.

Heather: it's cool though that you could I don't know exactly what area they could fly these things into, but they are saying that it would pick you up at your house and take you to the airport.

Dan: That's

Heather: I, Yeah, , 

Jeff: I want to do it. 

Heather: Yeah, 

Dan: Holds up to four passengers

Jeff: I bet that's at least 12 bucks.

Heather: And it says too that a couple other airlines, United and Hawaiian, have invested in some small four seat electric aircraft for doing similar things. They're like flying taxis.

Jeff: That would be cool if some of these far reach resorts in like Jamaica, where you have to drive

an hour plus to get to your resort from the airport if they could. Get a shuttle size one of these things or just take everybody

Dan: do you remember we talked about? About a year ago, there was a company that wants to bring durables back, blimp flight, and they wanna have the luxury blimps to take you to those remote resorts. That'd be

Jeff: seem fast.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: I'll pick you up six hours

before your 

Heather: This feels like a step towards flying cars, you guys. I like.

Jeff: They have those they're like a big drone essentially. It's like a quadcopter drone that's a single or two person,

Heather: Cool.

Jeff: one of these things you can fly yourself.

Heather: Why don't you have one?

Jeff: Well, they're like $3 million.

Heather: Oh, okay.

Dan: drop in the bucket.

Jeff: No, I have no idea what they cost, but more than I have.

Dan: Well, I'd like to read this next story to you, but it's behind a Washington Post paywall. So I'm gonna let Heather talk about another method of transportation that we could try out. If you're not into the electronic

Heather: Yeah, I saw this article come up and it is about a sleepover bus that goes from this one that they tried out was from Washington, DC to Nashville. It's called the Napa Way and. The pictures of the inside of this bus actually look pretty cool. The pods look a lot like first class business class seats on an international flight, and they lay flat

Jeff: Where

is you can lay down and sleep on a bus.

Heather: I don't know, I can't decide whether I would wanna do this or not.

Jeff: Depends on who else is on there with me.

Heather: Yeah, this is

Jeff: As last time I rode a bus, it was from Huntsville, Alabama to Gainesville, Florida, and I can tell you I was not gonna be closing my eyes and laying down around those people

Dan: I think this is aimed at a different clientele.

Jeff: be. Yeah.

Heather: It seems like it, and I guess it's really for people who are, don't like to fly. It's not that expensive. It's about a, it was $125 to do the DC to Nashville Run. That this travel writer did, so that's not terrible.

Jeff: by comparison, the one way flight home was two 50.

Heather: And the lay flat seat is pretty impressive. It's a lot like, like I said, like a business class seat. A little bit more narrow, but

Jeff: Yeah, if it's got wifi and nice and whatever, it'd be pretty cool.

Heather: I don't know. I'm not sure why. It's that guess if you were gonna do like a red eye type of thing, if you needed to be at a meeting and you could arrive in whatever city by eight, that

Jeff: could be cool. 

Heather: designed to do. Is it? It goes overnight

Jeff: What I do know is you get in some crazy traffic on roads. You don't in the sky?

Dan: true, 

Heather: This is true

Dan: but you also don't fall out of a road

Jeff: No. But buses probably crash more often than planes.

Dan: I know. I knew it was stupid before it even came outta my mouth. But I've got a track record to keep up with here, okay.

Heather: Well and they say that this the company's called NAPA Way and they say that they are marketing, it is a luxury bus experience. So they are trying to go for that luxury business traveler kind of market and not the greyhound market that you may be familiar with of some. So I don't know.

I guess I'd be willing to give it a try if.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: If I couldn't, but I don't know if it's, if I'm going from DC to Nashville, I'm just the person who's gonna fly. But

Jeff: If you could wake up at Disney World, like if you could go, If I could go from here to

Heather: yeah, 

Jeff: Disney World and wake up and I'm there somewhere like that where you don't, or any big city where you don't really need your own car, you can take transportation, that would be

kind of cool. 

Heather: try it.

Dan: I do it.

Heather: It even comes with the little amenity kit, like first class with the. And a toothbrush, some toothpaste. Earplugs and an eye mask.

Jeff: I don't mind a road trip and you just get tired of driving and sitting in that same position. You got your good tunes and can chill,

Heather: Yeah. And it says 

Jeff: knock back a couple of Miller lights while you're on it.

Dan: sounds better than flying on United. Air American Airlines sounds better than flying on American Airlines.

Jeff: Sure. Or Spirit.

Heather: Yeah, and I guess also if you need to make a trip often for work and you want something cheaper than having to fly all the time,

Jeff: And You just think you could get 11 hours worth of work done.

Heather: it looks nice. I might be willing to try it once.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: right now they're only operating between Washington, DC and Nashville, but looking to hopefully expand.


Jeff: That's a weird two

cities to 

Heather: Isn't it an odd combo?

Dan: Yeah. How many people are making that trip

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: I don't know.

Dan: often enough to make it worth

Jeff: That's for all those country music, singing politicians

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: always making that, that trip to and fro.

Dan: The country music singers who are going out to lobby, they're

Heather: Yeah, it doesn't really say why they chose those two cities, just that they are planning to expand. I would've thought more like maybe new between Washington and New York or places. I guess it, it would make a lot of sense for folks in the House of Representatives who need to travel. Washington and back home to their district.

Save the taxpayers a few bucks.

Jeff: Yeah. They're always looking to do that.

Heather: not sure they are

Dan: Well, almost as scary as the idea of all those being stuck in a bus with all those.

Jeff: With the riff,

Dan: All those Washington, DC politicians headed back to Nashville

Jeff: country singing politicians.

Dan: we've got a list from Vice of the Spookiest Places, trend Airbnbs for Halloween.

Heather: these are pretty cool. You can rent an entire house in Salem, Massachusetts, and they say it's guaranteed to be haunted. right. 

We'll see. It's only $688 a night and sleeps up to 12. It's it's this the Airbnb listing says that it's haunted by a maid named Sarah, who probably just wants her overtime checks

Dan: hilarious.

Heather: a very pretty little house.

Dan: That's cute.

Heather: It's cute. It's called the Henry Derby House in Salem, Massachusetts. Spooky guaranteed to be haun. Or if that's not your thing, you could go for a really cute rustic looking ca cabin in New York that's located next to a village of psychics

Jeff: Ah,

Heather: and it's only a hundred bucks a night.

Dan: It does a steel, but it's also It's tiny.

Jeff: a tiny house.

Heather: It's 

Dan: it's, 

Jeff: It looks cute.

Dan: tin roof love shack

Heather: it does look very cute. And if

Jeff: 10 roof

Heather: Rest it. If you're looking for a little fun, you can go down the street to the, what they call the Vegas strip of psychics.

Jeff: Yeah, like Carnival Barkers, but they're like, You're gonna die in November.

Dan: It's

Jeff: He's gotta leave you.

Heather: Or what about a haunted New Orleans French Quarter Mansion?

Jeff: Yes.

That sounds right At my alley. Where did that come from? Right up my alley. Why do we say that?

Heather: I am not really.

Dan: Ally is a euphemism for

Heather: Something else.

Jeff: Phole.

Dan: probably

Heather: French Quarter mansion is only $239 a night on Airbnb and it may be 

Dan: just for the whole mansion.

With a courtyard. See, that's a crazy thing. It, Well it's a small mansion. It only

Jeff: It says sleeps up to two.

Dan: Yeah. Sleeps up

to Four.

 Yeah. Oh, there's another mansion. Yeah, there's two Mansion. New Orleans

Jeff: just below it I see this

Heather: Oh yeah that one above, it sleeps only two. It's and it's haunted by a young girl in a yellow dress.

 Think you're just, I think that one, you're just renting a room in their

Jeff: yeah, I see that

Heather: But check out this Airbnb, that's a recreation of the haunted mansion.

Jeff: Yeah

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: I want that. 

Heather: California, and the whole thing is painstakingly decorated to look like the haunted mansion.

Sleeps up to eight and is only $744 a

Jeff: Well sold.

Heather: It's got a round dining room that's made to look like the stretching room. It looks pretty cool.

Dan: Oh, it's got a Madame Lida bedroom with floating musical instruments.

It's got The Ravens with glowing red eyes.

Jeff: I quote them never more.

Heather: Really

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: it's got the wallpaper with glowing eyes and recreations

Heather: It looks really cool.

Dan: I'd sleep there

Jeff: Where is that D?

Heather: Fullerton, California. I have no idea where that is. Is it near anything? Cool.

Jeff: Hey, Google. Oh, I don't have one of those.

Heather: Well, if if honky tonk is more your style, there's also an Airbnb in Texas. That's haunted by Honky honk ghosts,

Jeff: can hear their spurs a clinging cling,

Heather: The haunted Magnolia b and B. 

Jeff: I'm a ghost. 

Heather: has been featured on a lot of paranormal activity TV shows, Ghost Adventurers, Ghost Brothers, and Paranormal Caught on camera.

Jeff: Wow.

Heather: Ooh. And it's just an hour drive from Austin. Oh, here's something fun. It was a former brothel, 

Dan: Hmm. it maybe it's it's ghost hose, 

Heather: Yes.

Dan: There you go.

Heather: Ghost.

Jeff: ghost, and hose, Ghosts and hose,

Dan: home is this next one? This next one is in our hometown or our home

Heather: it is, It's a haunted, a mental hospital. O.

Jeff: right. Is this the one y'all talked about before?

Heather: In Traverse City, this 

Dan: this is a new one. Yeah, it's been converted into apartments. Each

one's sleeping. 

Heather: great. So this is just a listing for one of the apartments, 200 bucks for sleeps, up to two. 

Dan: They're really nice apartments too. If you click on over to the listing, Jeepers.

Heather: It does look very nice.

Dan: Oh, 13 foot sailings.

Heather: Huh?

Dan: Balcony overlooking the grounds. I would sleep there.

Heather: Sure

Jeff: I don't like.

Heather: you don't wanna sleep somewhere. Haunted.

Jeff: No, I like the hunted man and chin decoration, but I don't want, like if there was a real ghost, I would poodle in my pants.

Dan: good news is

Jeff: Ghosts aren't real.

Heather: Yes. Here's another haunted brothel in 

Dan: I knew that would catch your eye. Yeah. The black monarch.

Jeff: was my nickname in high school.

Heather: Oh funny. This place was rebuilt after a fire and it was wired up with electricity by Nicola Tesla himself.

Jeff: Huh?

Heather: Cool.

Jeff: Who's

Dan: too, because this is for the whole how it's just always crazy 

Heather: to 16.

Dan: it's always crazy to me when you've got like these giant old buildings that they that they let you run the entire thing up.

Heather: And it says it's haunted by the ghost of a local minor who died in a gunfight. Maybe he was fighting over one of the prostitutes.

Jeff: Meanwhile, a hotel room with no housekeeping is $900 a night at Disney

Heather: That's what's really spooky.

Dan: Marinate on that for a little bit.

Heather: Yeah, there's, It seems like there's a, Oh, snap. The hotel from The Shining is on Airbnb.

Jeff: Oh,

Heather: Oh, no. It says it is not on Airbnb, but the Stanley Hotel is too classic to pass up.

Dan: Yep. You can stay

Heather: Okay. I would absolutely stay there.

Jeff: Yeah, for sure.

Heather: So fun. Oh, there's no ac so you'd have to go in the fall or winter.

Jeff: Not in the


Dan: No, 

Heather: Oh. I'll go stay there in the winter.

Jeff: You'd have

Dan: winter long.

Jeff: you'd have to stay there the whole winter. I've

always been here. 

Heather: love to see it. Well, we should post this on our Facebook page and website because there's some really great spooky places that you can stay

Dan: I might give you an idea for for a quick getaway

Heather: a getaway to a haunted brothel.

Dan: before.

Jeff: Yeah, I swear baby, it was haunted

Dan: Ah, well, I'm gonna say thanks for hanging out with us again for our weekly news roundup. If you wanna take a flight in an electric plane or explore anywhere else around the world, Key to the World. Travel has a haunted vacation rental full of expert travel planners who are ready to make your vacation dreams a reality.

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Jeff: Goodbye everybody and thank you for the pleasure of your time.

Dan: Privilege.

Jeff: Shit.