Oct. 22, 2022

Disney World/Travel News 10-22-2022

Disney World/Travel News 10-22-2022

Oh boy, do we have a stack of news to get through this week, including Disney theme park price increases, hotels, wizards, and plenty of spooky stuff!
Disney Parks’ Genie+ system goes to a dynamic pricing modelhttps://bit.ly/GeniePlusDynamic 
Price incre...

Oh boy, do we have a stack of news to get through this week, including Disney theme park price increases, hotels, wizards, and plenty of spooky stuff!

  • Disney Parks’ Genie+ system goes to a dynamic pricing model https://bit.ly/GeniePlusDynamic 
  • Price increases across all Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks on food and beverage, Savi’s lighsabers, Droid Depot, and pretty much everything at Disneyland including theme park admission and parking. 
  • Possible progress on the EPcOt Future World Hotel https://bit.ly/EPCOTHotelProgress 
  • Details emerge about Harry Potter attraction coming to Epic Universe: https://bit.ly/HPMoMAttraction 


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Travel news 10-22-22

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key. Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard

Jeff: Hi, Dan.

Dan: and joining me this week in the studio is Jeff

Jess: Hello.

Dan: Heather Straight, and Mr. Jeff

Jeff: Hi folks.

Dan: Hi Jeff. Our show is always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in Theme Parks, cruising, and destinations around the world, head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. Boy oh boy. We've got a stack of news to get through.

Heather: been.

Dan: we had some pleasant surprises this morning. As we Oh, we.

as we're record. Let's go ahead and get started with the big news that everyone's really excited about is the Genie Plus system has gone

Heather: So excited

Dan: pricing.

Jess: Now it will vary about how much I will not pay for it.

Dan: I like the I like phrasing it though. It's gone to dynamic pricing. Not they raise the price, y'all. It's dynamic

Heather: They can raise it and they can lower it and they can raise it again. Although I wasn't surprised by this at all. It's hopefully going to

Jeff: they just dropped it one morning. Unbeknownst,

Heather: the middle of fall break. Yeah.

Jeff: a little heads up to those currently on site or planning might have been nice.

Heather: Yes, but I think it was an expected step forward. We saw them make the one step to try and make the system at Wald Disney World anyway, work a little better by not allowing pre purchasing because just everyone was buying it. So then they went to, You can't buy it until you're in the park. And now they're varying the price based on demand, really. they have said already that the price will fluctuate in the month of October from anywhere from $15 per person per day, up to $22 per person. Per day. And if I were the betten type, I'd say Christmas, the week between Christmas and New Year's, we're gonna see higher than $22 per person per

Jeff: even more dynamic pricing

Heather: Yes

Dan: know that already today we saw some reports. Today, October the 11th was at the $22

Heather: Yes, we did see some folks were paying

Jeff: seems like they dynamic it during the day itself, so didn't we see comments that some people had paid 15 while others had paid 22,

Heather: Yes very early in the day people were checking it and it was 15 and then people started having to pay 22. So it seems like it was,

Dan: sense.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: It makes sense the more they sell Jack the price up

Heather: When you're buying tickets for an airplane, More of the plane fills, the more you're gonna pay. And the return on investment doesn't change with the airplane

Yes. That's

Jeff: So this is an interesting thing. I see why they're raising the price in hopes that fewer people buy it so it doesn't, So the reward is still there, but they are selling as they sell more of these. You pay more, but the value goes down because more people are trying to use it.

So you're buying a less workable

Jess: for a fast pass for it's a small world because everything else is gone. Yeah, it's kinda

Jeff: What is the high, I guess it's a high of 22 and a low of 15.

Heather: it feels they're trying to see exactly how high they can go, what people will pay, and then maybe at that point have to start limiting how many they sell if it still isn't fixing the problem of too many people being in the lightning lanes.

Dan: I thought that was the idea of what they were supposedly doing when they stopped selling them ahead of

Heather: Yeah, that's what we thought. And then the first, this first step. Now, instead of doing that, they've just gone to dynamic pricing.

Jeff: out that the stopping ahead of time, I think was really just so that they can raise it whenever they want and Johnny can't complain or whatever. My friend got it for 15

Heather: Now you can still in Disneyland purchase it in advance and the price went up a lot. It went up to $25 per person per day. And that's if you buy it in advance. And then they said if you don't purchase it in advance, they will be fluctuating it with dynamic pricing for those who buy it on site.

Jeff: it 15 before or

Heather: It was, I think it had gone up to.

Dan: it was more at Disneyland, wasn't

Heather: It was, I believe it was $20 per person per day already. And now it's 25.

Jeff: Which is still more than the highest version at Disney World. But I gotta say that a couple of times, we've used it at Disneyland, it works way better

Heather: it works. Great.

Jeff: Cause the locals are just there to show off their cool vests. They don't wanna

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: anyway, so they're not buying it.

Heather: That's.

Dan: To be honest, when we February and. June and when Kendra was there last month, it actually worked pretty well for her. I think it depends on just your luck and what you're looking for and what you're hoping to accomplish. If you're looking to make those picks the basis of your whole day, then you're outta luck.

Jeff: Yeah, just you gotta, It is like with dining to me, you just have to be flexible in what you do or want to do or are willing to do it. If you're just hell to ride that one special ride you probably aren't

Heather: It's really looking to me like it's time for people to return to the traditional touring plans and other types of strategies about how to manage wait times, how to manage the parks, when to go Personally, I think this is doing travel advisors who specialize in Disney some big favors because their advice is back to being invaluable, especially if you can't afford Genie Plus for every member of your family, every day of your trip.

You've gotta have other strategies and they exist and there are ways to manage wait times and figure out. What to do in line and the standby lines haven't been terrible recently. Really, even with the crowds, they're managing the crowds a bit with Park reservations, even though it is still busy. But I haven't seen outrageous standby lines in a while. People freak out on the crowds, but it's like it was already really too crowded.

and I haven't been seeing the the four hour lines for.

 Flight of passage and things like that in a while.

Jess: been having an uptick, like just, I've seen on Reddit, just countless photos recently of super long lightning lang lines for them. But that has to do a lot with their holiday overlays being recently popped out, and they all love to come out for that. So that's all their own fault.

Jeff: it'll

Heather: that is

Jeff: dare they'd be so great.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: People wanna see what they have, they should do like Disney World and just make everything very mediocre and manage those crowds.

Heather: And honestly, you can still get a lot done with the individual lightning lanes for those really big ticket attractions. Maybe spend your money there, purchasing Guardians of the Galaxy or those, and then figure out some other strategies for handling the other lines.

Dan: You can get a lot done without having to spend a dime too. That's true.

like you said, The weights aren't bad.

Jeff: be flexible.

Dan: it's a Theme park. You're going to wait, so just accept that nobody's getting out without

 Standing on

Jess: I still love the individual Lightning Lane purchases. Like we, we use those all the time, and those are great because they work and they, you use it for what you need and then plan your way around everything else. And those are always the biggest rides anyway, So I like

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Yeah, and they added web slingers as no longer an individual Lightning lane purchase out at Disneyland. It's been lumped in with the others.

Jeff: I wouldn't pay a buck for that ride. It sucks.

Heather: don't have as many individual lightning lane attractions out there.

Jess: No. Yeah.

Heather: Is there anything left at. California adventure that's on that?

Jess: Is in credit coaster.

Heather: No, I think incredible. Maybe, I think it might only be mission breakup.

Jeff: probably it's probably only rise over at Disneyland. I don't know what

Heather: I think it's, yeah.

Jeff: That in the shooting gallery.

Heather: The shooting gallery.

Jeff: Dan's looking it up.

Jess: I swear they have one for dca.

Dan: they I'm the individual lightning lane.

Jeff: This is going great.

Dan: You know what Radiator Springs Racers is the ill

Jess: Oh yeah. Yeah, that one's still pretty,


Jeff: yeah.

Jess: We paid for it when we were there.

Jeff: I love that. Dang ride.

Jess: It's

Dan: its rise

Jeff: I

Heather: Yeah, so it is, It's just those two. That's, And you're only, you're allowed two per day. So you can get both of those rides

Jess: Yeah.

Heather: and not need the Genie.

Jeff: is easy out.

Heather: it sure is.

Dan: Yes, sir. You may. We had some other nice surprises this morning

Heather: Yeah. That wasn't the only price increase.

Dan: Yeah, and I was surprised to see a second price increase for food and beverage in one year.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: already check the prices,

Jeff: not surprised by that.

Dan: Yeah. Usually it seems like it's about once a year, right? About the time that they lift, raise

Jeff: Just because of, if you've been to the grocery store lately, it's

Dan: Oh yeah, There's that I guess. Yeah.

Jeff: I bought ground Turkey yesterday. It was nine bucks a pound. Like what? And there's apparently a Turkey shortage now,

Dan: Yeah. But ground turkey's still the value option. Instead of getting ground beef, holy.

Heather: $9 a pound. There's a Turkey shortage. Now what? Oh boy. Wow.

Dan: I got a two pound package for 10 bucks.

Jeff: It's social. That was because the only thing, literally only thing in there was like the homestead, hand fed whatever

Dan: Oh.

Jess: Talking Turkey. The

Heather: Organic Turkey . Yeah.

Dan: Yeah, I did notice that our meat case had a lot more like bison and exotic meats to fill in the space. Usually kept by the the cheap hamburger, the 75%

Heather: Interesting.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah.

Jeff: Time to start eating weird animals.

Dan: yeah. I'm done for a weird animal. Yeah. Alcoholic drink prizes. This is where it's really gonna hit Jeff in the pocketbook.

Heather: boy.

Dan: Most single glass beverages are gone up by a buck. Bottles of wine have gone up by four to $5.

Jeff: Yeah, I saw that it just, alcohol in general was like between 50 cents and $5

Jess: some of the drinks going up.

Jeff: on what it

Jess: There was like a drink at Blizzard Beach or something that went up by $3. I was like, what are y'all putting it in a jug? Cause I don't,

Heather: A bucket.

Jess: for me? If it's not a Long Island iced tea where it's just pure liquor, then I'm not too happy about this

Jeff: Why I'm not gonna drink anymore at Disney.

Heather: Or any less.

Jeff: gonna drink just the same.

Dan: Refill for resort mugs went up to 2199 and we noticed I didn't really pay attention cuz we don't really why 'em, but man, those things keep on getting skinnier and skinnier.

Heather: Yeah, . I'm going up in price. Yeah.

Jeff: Oh yeah. It's like the serial box method where they, it looks the same from the front, but it's a half inch thick,

Jess: Yeah,

Heather: Yes.

Dan: Yeah. That's crafty.

Jeff: 19?

Dan: yeah, I think so. 1899. Yeah.

Jeff: SAVIS workshop. Boom.

Heather: Savis got a hefty increase. Yeah.

Dan: Droids

Jeff: up 50 bucks.

Dan: No

Heather: It had already gone up to two 19. Yeah.

Jess: need to add more pieces for the options for that if they're gonna

Dan: This is one spot where I can see where they're going. They're going with, we

Jeff: Yeah. They're made out of mostly Turkey, so of course they went up.

Dan: But SAVIS has had major supply issues all year. It's not unusual to go and find four, five pieces not available at any given time.

So maybe this will. Cut down on it won't, but

Heather: I'm really tired of the,

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: more for the same crappy selection.

Heather: I'm really tired of the supply chain issues. How about you guys? Are you guys loving it?

Dan: about, the weird thing about supply chain issues is they don't seem to be feeling them equally across the board.

 Near us, there's certain grocery stores who are claiming supply chain issues that other stores aren't having

Heather: Yes.

Dan: And it's a little weird talking about you, Meyer f you fricking Meyer, the Joy Depot also went

Heather: The depot went up from $99 to 120 for those that's.

Jess: That's, Yeah, that's where I'm like,

Heather: That one is,

Jeff: of crap. Wasn't worth 50.

Heather: Yeah.

Jess: I was wary about doing it for a hundred. I just did it cuz I can't help myself. But, ah, that's

Jeff: I know. Same

Jess: But that's a lot, man. That's and they're they're just radio controlled, little plastic. You

Heather: Yeah. They don't really do much.

Jess: Yeah.

Like target cells little robots that do basically the same things. It's,

Jeff: Yes. But can you handpick the pieces?

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: they've got

Heather: From a conveyor belt.

Dan: they chirp in different ways depending where and Galaxy said you are.

Jess: That's true. Mine freaks the cat out. That's about it.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: that's what ours, Yeah.

Jeff: eight was good for back in the day.

Dan: I'm trying to think. I know that, Did I see anything else went up? I'm sure there's other things that went up those were the things that I really noticed was. After the Genie Plus was the SAVIS and the Droid Depot. I hadn't even actually seen the

Jess: admission.

Dan: went up at Disneyland. Ticket. Yeah.

Heather: Oh, tickets. They had a ticket price increase at Disneyland as well. Yeah.

Jess: Yeah. So they're I think they're really hitting them hard to get as many of those strangling AP regular locals to stop coming as they can. They're, that was, it was a pretty hard, Here's all of the increases. We're giving you guys all at once, and we've already increased the annual passes and all that.

So it's, they're really trying to clear it out and just make it so that it's more of a vacation destination like Disney World is.

Heather: Yeah that's tough.

Jeff: I get, there's more money in that, but that's just sad for the locals that have grown up

Jess: When it's been around for,

Jeff: just going forever.

Jess: Yeah, when it's been around for as long as it has as an institution like that, it's I feel for those fans because I've always wanted to be one of them that, that was able to grow up, going to that whenever I wanted to, and now to it's also quickly basically being scraped away from 'em.


Jeff: I get it.

Dan: This isn't on, this isn't on my outline, but I would just got distracted by this clicking around this news site.

Jeff: The porn.

Dan: We missed this last week. Did y'all see that they're changing the pirate rooms at Caribbean Beach?

Jess: Oh yeah. Under the Sea Theme,

Heather: Yep.

Dan: Yes. Yes. It says that it's going to fit more people,

Heather: Yeah, cuz those those pirate shaped beds were not good for tall people.

Jess: They're not good for people with knees. Like on those things is very easy to do. I hate those beds.

Heather: They were certainly very cool and a lot of little kids really loved sleeping in a pirate ship, but it wasn't really very comfortable.

Jess: It shows you how pirates are on the way out as far as what's hot for the kids. It's moved on to superheroes and Pirates of the Caribbean hasn't had a new film in

Jeff: What are they changing? Oh,

Heather: Under the c.

Dan: sea,

Jess: possibly means I think new live action Little Mermaid themed.

Dan: It just says Disney said the new rooms will include subtle nods to fan favorite characters from under the sea. We'll accommodate more guests and feature updated furnishings that can't be found anywhere else at the resort. So I'm going to

Jeff: adding those flip down trundle bed things probably.

Jess: and maybe different various characters that are C

Jeff: Yeah, that'd be good if different sections were different

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: or you could have, I don't know, all of your sea

Heather: Yeah, but does it mention whether they're going to refurb the non pirate rooms? Those haven't been refurbed in a while. And are They could use it, so hopefully they move on. Yeah.

Dan: just mentions the rooms in Trinidad, South, where

Heather: I bet when they're finished with that, they move on to the rest of the resort. There's

Dan: They're doing it everywhere, so

Jeff: I feel like I may say this each time we record, but I have never been there.

Heather: Really?

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: Huh?

Jeff: I've been over to the banana hammock in that mediocre restaurant Everybody loved, but that's it.

Heather: Much like you've never watched Game of Thrones, you have

Jeff: Hey. Yeah, I have.

Heather: at Caribbean

Jess: I prefer old Caribbean Beach because. Hotel was the most nineties thing I had ever been to. It was all kind of neon colors and it just, it looked like a soda cup that you'd get at seven 11. It was amazing. And then they did the reefer, but It's okay. It's

Jeff: that's like how old Coronado was, like crazy nineties looking.

Jess: yeah.

Heather: but it's one of the resorts that needs it, along with the boardwalk oof boardwalk in needs. Needs some updating. Grand Floridians finally getting it, and I've been starting to see some sneak peaks of the rooms there, and they're gorgeous. Finally.

Dan: And I think Boardwalk is gonna start seeing it. They're already starting to do in the public areas They're up next, I believe they're on the schedule for refurb in 23.

Jeff: put a shop a coffee shop in there instead of the weird sundry shop.

Jess: Oh yeah. Yeah. That they need more at the boardwalk, I

Jeff: They need to get rid of those creepy chairs with the weird faces on 'em. It looked like my nightmares. You know those I'm talking about in the lobby?

Jess: the nanny chair.

Dan: like replicas. Those are a replica of some,

Jeff: Yeah. They look like the Asbury Park signs with the big garish face, but nobody wants to sit on that. I'm sorry.

Jess: Tune into our next episode and I have a little bit more about nanny chairs.

Jeff: after Turkey talk.

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: Yeah. All right, well we can stop talking about that then. I just noticed we hadn't talked about that. So I've got a couple of things on my list here. These are a little bit, we'll just say they're not fully confirmed.

Heather: we think these things are happening?

Dan: you might remember we talked a while back about one of the announced plans for the. Reimagining of Epcot that got massively paired down was a hotel inside the gates or at the entrance of the park. So and so that hotel we heard zero about for years now. And then all of a sudden all of a sudden permits have been pulled for construction at the address that was assigned to that hotel.

Heather: And do we have any details on what these permits, what do they look like they're for? Could it be a hotel?

Dan: It's a let's see. They are, they've been filed just for general construction, maintenance and labor,

 So it's very vague. It does not have anything any details, but that the address that it is for where the. The hotel is planned. Who knew that there's like addresses inside the park

Heather: I did not know that.

Jeff: Yeah, you only ever see that. You always see that on building permits. They divide each thing up into an address.

Heather: Ah,

Jess: if it's like a bog one day and they need it to be an address the next day, do they just make up an address?

Jeff: Yeah, I think so. But they have to, I think they have to file a naming uh, Structure or whatever for it too, so that the inspector needs to go where to find the thing they're going to inspect.

Heather: Interesting.

Dan: yeah, so there's no details though there, but it would make sense for them to be reviving that if they wanna try to keep up with That's what I was thinking. With Epic Universe on the horizon, they need more than just some new attractions. They need new properties. They do have that. If we're gonna expand out, hopefully into the villains land and the Beyond big Thunder. And let's, They need a new resort. I know they're putting up the poly tower, but

that doesn't

Heather: something completely new.


Jess: I'll just say,

Dan: to an existing hotel doesn't count as a new

Heather: exactly.

Jess: I'll just say r i p reflections a lakeside lodge. I know what, Bring that

Jeff: what They're

Jess: that a nice green pasture and then gave up on that. So I'm I'm not holding out hope on the Upcott Hotel until I see a ribbon cutting like

Heather: That's fair.

Dan: At least they took care of that gator hole there, so they did a public service.

Heather: I think eventually something's gonna go in that spot. Yeah. Gross. I think something eventually will go in that spot. It's a beautiful spot on Bay Lake and maybe pick a different name, hopefully, but

Dan: My fingers are still crossed for the highly immersive wild west town wait.


Jeff: Yeah, Where I can kill a man.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: It's the only place on Disney property that you can kill a man.

Jeff: Go shot me.

Dan: You have to pay extra for character. So another, this is another set of, and this is rumors based on supposed insiders, but I thought it was fun to think about and there's some details coming out about the the Harry Potter ride at

Jeff: Oh yes.

Dan: and holy crap.

Jeff: hope this is real. I

Heather: I hope so.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: It'll probably be a merry-go-round.

Heather: It makes sense for that to be what it is, but

Jeff: That's long been rumored. I think before they were gonna open that third park that they were gonna do this type of ride when it

Heather: Ministry of Magic something.

Jeff: to be over by the either Poseidon or in the other park over by whereas the animal stunt show or whatever that thing is now. Near men in black.

Dan: Yeah. So first the outside of the land is going to allegedly, we'll just pretend I say allegedly in front of every

Heather: Yes,

Dan: positive, definite statement I make here is going to be based on the French version of Diagon Alley Place Cache from the Fantastic Beasts series. I know that it mentions here in the article that Interactive Wands will still be there, and I've seen other articles saying that they're working on some upgrades to those interactive wands that are supposed to make them more

Heather: Cooler

Dan: I don't know. Yeah. My favorite part of this though is how you are allegedly rumored to enter this attraction, which is

Jeff: a toilet?

Heather: not a toilet, but a flu. A flu network of fireplaces. That's cool.

Jeff: Yeah, that would be cool. Yeah, that'd be easy too. You walk into a big fireplace.

Dan: And then the rumor goes on to say that when you exit, you'll exit through a fireplace, but then you'll come out of a phone box.

Heather: Oh, cool.

Dan: So that, that sounds

Heather: I like that.

Dan: Then the idea for the ride that has been leaked is that this is gonna take place. That's what, after the sixth book, before the seventh book during the trial of Dolores Umbridge.

Jeff: up. Those were books.

Dan: Yeah, sorry, the movies.

Heather: to be able to read though

Jeff: I can't read

Dan: you're from Alabama, so what do you expect?

Jeff: That would be hurtful if I knew what that meant.

Dan: It'd be hurtful if I knew what it meant. Yeah. You're present at the trial of Dolores Umbridge and death theaters come to break her out and you battle through Ministry of Magic, allegedly.

Heather: ensues.

Dan: Of course

Heather: Yes.

Dan: It's a Theme Park ride.

Jeff: And there was talk of the most complex animatronics ever for these things.

Dan: yep.

Heather: I suspect there will also be some screens.

Dan: Probably they say at this point they've landed on probably using, basically the vehicles from Spiderman for Interest.

they don't plan on using 3d, but on having screen effects and projection effects.

Heather: crazy new animatronics you are mentioned have a code name. Did you see that? They're called MegaBots.

Jeff: Hi for one, welcome our new robot over Lords,

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: They're rumored to in feature not only fluid human-like motion, but fully projection, mapped, animated face.

Jeff: which sounds exactly like every animatronic they're using over at Disney

Heather: It sure does.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: with the projection mapping. If they maybe if they figured out how to make it not look like their face is glowing.

Jeff: Yeah.

Jess: everything else isn't though, Like that's the problem. I've I love the fluidness and I like how it fits with the sculpture of the face and everything, but they're always glowing brighter than anything else.


Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah. If they could use like a, maybe a more opaque face that they shined it into so it wouldn't emit as much light.

Jess: yeah. Something that absorbs the light more. Yeah. Yeah.

Heather: good.

Jeff: Or instead of inside projection, if they use outside projection mapping, it wouldn't glow.

Jess: You could, Yeah. You could at least light the whole thing too. That would make more sense. Yeah. You and I

Jeff: We shall see.

Jess: know. I don't know what we're doing here.

Jeff: what?

Dan: cool thing about the ride is the fact that it's brand new Harry Potter content instead of taking place during a book or a movie that we've already

Heather: Yep.

Dan: It's something that we've not been introduced to before,

Jeff: And what was the rumored title? I liked it. I forget the battle for the

Heather: Oh, the Battle for the Ministry of Magic, I believe, Let's see,

Jess: I'm surprised it's not fantastic Beasts

Heather: Yes, the working title is The Battle for the Ministry of Magic.

Jeff: it was probably going to be till those movies bombed so hard.

Jess: Yeah,

Heather: yeah, I think you're right.

Dan: I think that's why they gave the nod to it with making the land.

Jess: yeah. They'll squeeze it in there, but.

Jeff: They already had some CAD drawings done. Anyway

Dan: There is, they do say in the in the rundown of the storyline, one of the, like the finale scene. You end up running from a creature from Fantastic Beast. Some big beast. I've never seen the movies. It's an some.

Heather: Ah, yes. Yep.

Dan: You end up having to

Heather: I have seen the movies and I really liked the first one. The most recent one was so convoluted. It was a

Jeff: second one. I thought the first one was okay. Second one was great and very Nazi.

Heather: yes. But this third one the. Plot was so convoluted, it was difficult to follow,

 And if you lost attention for even a moment, you'd look back and go, What is happening?

Jeff: have been writing her scripts.

Heather: Yes, absolutely.

Dan: she should have farmed that out George Lucas did for the better Star Wars movies. Jeff, would you like to take a moment to clarify that you are not saying you liked the movie because you like the Nazis?

Jeff: No, I loved the way the bad guys were turning into All the bad witches and stuff were, the enemy was very Nazi. Not unlike the bad guys from Star Wars, which everyone loves you guys. I don't love

Heather: It is a, It's a very classic villain. Yeah

Dan: Original statement was, I liked that movie. It was very Nazi

Heather: you did say that. That's, Yeah.

Jess: Most

Heather: knew what he meant. I knew what he meant.

Jeff: that

Jess: of Nazi as.

Heather: He meant that the villains were very fascist and it

Jeff: loved how they started turning them, and, but like at the end when Johnny Depp was doing his speech, it was very hit, horrific, which I love Wait, am I helping

Jess: So you're on record as loving Johnny Depp and Hitler speeches,

Heather: this has taken a turn.

Jess: have your thing.

Dan: the term. Hit horrific.

Jess: Would you like to tell us how you're a member of the Kanye West Fan Club now? Is that.

Heather: Oh no,

Jeff: Oh boy.

Dan: Oh I'm gonna save Jeff here. And we've got a story that some cruisers may say that this is also some fascistic and Hitler. Hitler if behavior on the part of Carnival Cruise line.

Heather: yeah. They announced recently that they will in, they've introduced a fine, a rowdy behavior on board. Yeah.

Jeff: Carnival.

Jess: Oh

Heather: $500. Fine. And did y'all see what really finally instigated this? Fine. There's some video of a crazy. Fight that happened in a pool on the Carnival Sunrise, and it ended up involving about 30 people.

Dan: Oh,

Heather: Yeah. It was not good.

Dan: That's like a Magic Kingdom brawl right there.

Heather: In the pool and yeah it spilled out into one of the bars and it was pretty bad.

Jess: Oh, they

Jeff: I think what they should do is just do like Disney with the dining plan. Just go ahead and charge everybody that $500 and then you can just be as rowdy as you want.

Jess: just like mad Max me on thunder

Heather: On top of the $500 fee, you are also going to be responsible for any facilities that you damage.

 So they had to institute this. Why wasn't this already the

 Not only that.

Jess: Don't do that again? That was one that there was a giant fight on the carnival elation in July, and then there was another huge brawl that started in a nightclub on the Carnival Magic in June. It's, it seems to be a recurring issue on there. Yeah.

Dan: they also just put in place a curfew for minors?

Heather: Yeah. I think that has something to do with this as well.

Jeff: Yeah, that's good. They need to go to bed early cuz they have to wake up so early and go down the mines

Heather: Okay.

Jess: Dad Joke of the Week, brought to you by Key to the World Travel

Jeff: If I can pay $500 for unlimited fighting on a cruise ship, count me in.

Heather: I don't think that was the point. Ofof.

Jess: The first rule of Carnival Fight Club is you don't talk about

Heather: Let's think. But let's think about this. That $500 fee could be about what you paid for the entire cruise on some of these ships. So

Jeff: what you pay

Heather: yeah, so hopefully It will do what they intend and keep people from brawling in the pool. We'll see. We'll see.

Jeff: I like a good pool brawl.

Dan: I do like the idea, Jeff, of you just suck it up and you pay

Jeff: Pay the 500. Then you just come in there ready to rock and roll.

Heather: Fight Club,

Dan: an upgrade on your cabin.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: Next thing we know, clients are going to be demanding that their their travel agent gifts them the

Heather: the Brawl package

Dan: I want onboard credit and the

Jeff: Yeah. I out the unlimited booze and the unlimit.

Heather: fighting.

Jeff: Fighting

Jess: I was disappointed it didn't come with a mouth guard. Yeah. Full of liquor.

Dan: I still don't have a transition, but it's spooky season.

Heather: Spooky time.

Dan: Yeah. Let's talk about some of the best ghost tours in the United States.

Heather: I wanna go right to the one that kind of freaked me out, and apparently there's a famous haunted doll in Florida.

Dan: yeah, we've talked about Robert, the hunted

Heather: Okay. I find creepy dolls unappealing, but creepy. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah,

Heather: This is in Key West, Robert the haunted do.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: Huh.

Jess: what a, what an unassuming name

Jeff: That is

Jess: It's like

Dan: And I'm trying to remember exactly what it is,

Jeff: Robert the Slim Reaper.

Dan: there's certain etiquette with Robert. Like you have to speak to him the right way or you have to ask his permission.

Heather: He looks real creepy

Jess: way. I want to

Heather: and I guess they keep him locked up during the visit. Because he's so haunted. Yeah, it's Key West Ghost Adventurers is the tour you wanna take to get a chance to visit for 25 minutes with Robert, the haunted doll and he will be kept under lock and key so as not to harm you.

Jess: They're too damn drunk in Key West. They need to calm it down.

Jeff: I should have named him Chucky.

Heather: Yeah. This is apparently a serious ghost tour. You get some equipment like thermal imagery. And electromagnetic field detectors. Yeah.

Dan: People who have failed to respect Robert, the doll in the past have suffered car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce, and a cornucopia of other

Heather: Wow. That's unfortunate.

Dan: Yeah. Also he is one of the biggest Robert the Hana doll in his little sailor

Jeff: get past this

Dan: We did mention he's this doll of a small boy Sailor suit.


Jess: Oh yeah.

Dan: puppy.

Jeff: Duffy.

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: And he is one of the main inspirations for Chucky Child's.

Heather: Oh, interesting.

Dan: doll obviously Chucky was my buddy doll

Heather: Honestly, his little stuffed chihuahua is pretty creepy looking too.

Dan: yeah, that kinda looks like the Taco Bell dog doesn't,

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: You get.

Heather: he's scary.

Dan: Yeah. let's see. It's some other good.

Heather: Boston, the ghost tours in Boston is always a, a Halloween staple. They have some good stuff. From the witches that were burned and hung and drowned and everything else they did to witches. There's a lot of creepy cemeteries in and around Boston. So if you're

Dan: And out to Salem Way, something about, just cuz they're so freaking old.

Heather: I think that's what it is.


Jeff: Lots of

Jess: ghost tours. How come there's no modern ones? I want the tour of the lady who died from Oversizing in the eighties or Yeah.

just never anything past like wearing frogs and.

Heather: Yeah, I don't know. Old stuff is creepy.

Jeff: Yeah, that's it. And also, old people believed in that hoopla.

Heather: Yes.

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: I saw some comedians said that in the future are we gonna have and then the ghost stories were then Britney Spears from under my bed. Were like, It's Britney bitch.

Jess: She's haunting us as is. It's, I

Jeff: That's.

Jess: doesn't have to die for that.

Heather: New Orleans Vampires and Voodoo. That's always a solid place for

Jeff: New Orleans

Heather: creepy ghost tours.

Jeff: a lot of voodoo and a lot of, Yeah, just got all the Caribbean influence and slaves and lots of murder and death and just everything unsavory.

Dan: One of their main attractions is a gigantic cemetery, yes.

And watching funeral processions.

Jeff: They're so cool though.

Dan: go down to New Orleans and watch a funeral.

Heather: Oh.

Jess: They're very lively though. They're very entertaining, so it's

Jeff: Far more lively than the people. They're celebr.

Heather: What's,

Dan: seen live and let die just like the rest of us.

Heather: Hey, what's scary to me about New Orleans is apparently they have a very active, still to this day, vampire community. You're talking about the folks who will go out and file their incisors down to vampire teeth. That's frighten.

Dan: Y Harpers are terrifying.

Heather: this is true.

Dan: Out in San Francisco, you can take, there's a ghost tour that is, takes you through Chinatown.

Heather: Oh

Dan: Sharing supernatural stories from there. That one sounds pretty good. Be good. Bar Harbor, Maine, I guess is one of the top 10 ghost tours in the United States. I really didn't think of. Maine is being creepy, but again, it's one of the oldest places in the US so they've got old, just old, creepy things.

Jeff: Things were, they're old enough. So many more people have died and many more troubled souls.

Dan: Yeah. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia has a big Civil War tour. We've talked about in past Halloween episodes that there's something particularly spooky about a Civil War

Heather: Yes.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: I like a Civil War ghost.

Dan: Civil War ghost

Jeff: Every good zombie movie has a Civil War zombie too. They just look cool in their uniform.

Heather: Yeah. What about wild, Wild West ghosts? Something out in Nevada or in a creepy. Abandoned mine.

Jeff: whole towns called ghost towns.

Heather: is true.

Dan: That's

Jeff: Have you ever been in one of those?

Heather: No, but I want to, They look very cool.

Dan: Yeah. There's I never went. To it, but I would love to around where I grew up, there's a there's a national park and to create the national park, part of what they had to do is they had to re reclaim a, a superfund, like those incredibly polluted sites.

 And so in the middle of the national park, there's a ghost town from that.

I guess it's a more modern ghost town,

Heather: There you go. Jess.

Dan: They call it

Heather: A modern ghost town. That's a super fun site.

Jess: I want a haunted mall or something

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Spencer's gifts with a ghost holding rubber dog shit.

Dan: Great big on the co vibrator floating around the back of the.

Jess: Check out our booby mugs. Woo.

Heather: We have some creepy places in the United States. We're not as old as Europe. We don't have caverns full of bones in major cities, but there's some cool places to go see

Jess: have a cavern full of bones. I do.

Heather: I don't, but perhaps Jess does.

Jess: Oops. Allegedly

Dan: You've

Jess: that fixes it, right? That's

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: that's right.

Jess: That's have to do

Dan: If there's one thing I've learned in the last three months,

Jeff: is what?

Dan: Said, I don't have a segue out of story,

Jeff: I think we've all learned that

Dan: That means I'm going. Just say, thanks for hanging out with us again this week

Jeff: Don't she go dying on us.

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Jeff: Goodbye

Heather: Hi, y'all.