Nov. 28, 2022

Disney World/Travel Gift Guide 2022

Disney World/Travel Gift Guide 2022

Disney/Travel Gift Guide 2022
Just in time for Cyber Monday, here it is- The Gold Key Adventurers Society guide to gifts for the Disney fans and world travelers in your life. From Imagineering books and guides to Disney Adventures around the world, t...

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Disney/Travel Gift Guide 2022

Just in time for Cyber Monday, here it is- The Gold Key Adventurers Society guide to gifts for the Disney fans and world travelers in your life. From Imagineering books and guides to Disney Adventures around the world, to quality travel gear and gadgets, we have a little bit of everything to keep you exploring the world into the new year. 


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Holiday Gift Guide

dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key. Adventurers Society. My name is Dan

jeff: Hi, Dan

dan: joining me this week in the studio is Jess Evans

jess: Ho.

dan: Heather Straight, and Mr. Jeff William.

jeff: Hey guys.

dan: Hey, Jeff. Our show, as always, is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is full service travel agency specializing in Theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world. Head to for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime.

Well, it's that time of year again.  The sign at The Magic Kingdom, just a few days ago, helpfully reminded me that there's fewer than 60 days until Christmas.

jeff: Oh no.

dan: That's not a lot. It was actually like 51, but I didn't wanna do the math and figure out how many it would be when this episode releases.

So I just kinda rounded up to make it safe. So we are here to help you build a travel toy land underneath the Christmas tree of your favorite traveler, Disney fan or globetrotting podcaster. If you wanna send us something fun.

heather: Yeah.

dan: Yeah, we should put up an Amazon wishlist Trim our.

jess: You can contribute to my only fans

jeff: I'm scared

jess: Tip me on my Cash app.

dan: Yeah, sure. So yeah I I was thinking we should, we could share some of the things we would like to receive that are either Disney or parks themed or also just travel gear, travel gadgets. I know I came up with a list of things that could come in handy during my last trip.

heather: Mine are mostly travel gadgets,

jeff: there's a travel related or Disney thing. that I want. I already own it.

jess: Yeah

dan: Yeah but this is maybe stuff

heather: But these are recommendations.

jess: I have some parks at homes, home things, so that. Balance it a bit.

dan: I'm gonna be selfish and go first. The first thing on my list for Disney and Parks merch just dropped the book version of The Imagineering Story by Leslie iWorks. It's a tie-in to the show that she did for Disney Plus and is all of the extra stories that she didn't have time for in the documentary.

It's all in there. That's

it looks really.

heather: excellent.

jeff: I would like to, has that

jess: Yeah I

jeff: I don't already.

jess: there are a plethora of parks related books out there. I. One that I've been reading recently is the imaginary, the Disney Theme Parks Mark Davis, in his own words book that they put out, the giant massive two books that,

 Got that actually for Christmas last year and it's been one of my favorite gifts.

And if you're a comic book fan like I am, they have been starting to put out a lot of comics that tie into attractions. I collect the Haunted Mansion series. They've done an Enchanted Tiki Room series. Just recently I've got coming in the mail, the first issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, cosmic Rewind, which ties into to that.

So if you're into comics, just search 'em out.

heather: That's a good

jess: 'em

jeff: Are any of those in compendium form yet?

jess: I don't think so. I think maybe the haunted mansion ones are I've just been getting the single issues and I've got some

 Iniki room ones as well.

dan: there's also a figment series that they put out that was published a few years ago. I

jeff: With the hipster dream finder.

jess: sexy dream finder with his


dan: Another. Another comic compendium that's not on it's not parks related, but it's Disney. There's a collection of the complete Scrooge McDuck comics,

jess: Oh,

heather: Oh.

jess: cool.

dan: that span decades and decades.

It's like a two big volume set. It looks really cool. I've had my eye on Amazon.

heather: A book that was on my list is a, actually a National Geographic book, and they're putting it out in conjunction with the hundredth anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, and it's called 100 Disney Adventurers of a Lifetime. Magical Experiences from Around the World, and the photography in this thing looks amazing.

So this one is actually on my list. I haven't seen it in person yet, but I've seen some ads for it and I'm excited to take a look. Some of the stuff that they have in it are things like the photographs of the Dragon Under Sleeping Beauties castle in Disneyland, Paris and after photos from an after hours tour that a Adventurers by Disney does in Egypt in Luxor.

Which could be some pretty spectacular photography

dan: Yeah.

jeff: I have notebooks.

jess: I can't read

heather: They're also putting out a book that's more the story, the whole story of the Walt Disney Company called The Story of Disney, a hundred Years of Wonder, and that's another one that's about to come out. I believe it's already shipping right now. You can find it on.

dan: Four

jeff: ordering this book right now, that engineering story. I love that show so much.

heather: Yeah.

dan: Yeah, I just read a little kind of previous snippet and it sounds really good, some of the insider stories. So that one sounds pretty awesome. I had a handful of just parks, merch before it's gone. Any of the 50th celebration merch, that's not iridescent, but that has the retro 1971 logos and character images on it, that stuff

heather: prefer those.

dan: Some of those shirts are really great and actually Vans came out with a collection of stuff that's really good.

jess: of those shoes.

heather: did, and I finally got a pair of those shoes

jess: you find them? Nice.

heather: I did. They restocked them and I was able to find them. I initially thought that I had found them, but they, I was looking at the men's size and that was too

jeff: Yeah, that was a bummer. We were like, yay, they're here. Nope.

jess: I ended up getting mine for free actually. So they got lost in the mail for two weeks, and so I contacted Disney and I was like, they're lost ups said to just contact you, and they gave me a full refund and then like two days later they showed up. So yeah, so I was like, great.

dan: Yeah.

jess: for me.

heather: Do any of

dan: They've been doing this monthly Mickey Mouse, the main attraction series where they Theme 'em after different attractions. This year they, or this month they just released the Honda Mansion one. I really want that

heather: I haven't seen that one, but I did obtain on my last trip, the tiki room one, and he's so

dan: one's a good one.

heather: I love him so much. In his cute little tiki shirt and he has a little tiki bird on his hat.

dan: And that's a funny thing is that people are lining going crazy to get these online when they drop the day of, they're all over the

heather: Oh

jeff: Yeah, at every store.

dan: Giant

heather: I where we found mine. Where it was at the gift

jeff: It was in the contemporary gift shop.

dan: Yeah. Wilderness Lodge has a ton of them too. So,

heather: He's

jeff: Yeah, that's a cute series. I didn't have a book on my actual list, but I was trying to think of there's several books that are out and if for any Disney Parks Lover, the poster Art of the Disney Parks

heather: Ooh. Yeah.

jeff: table book of all. I love the old attraction art I've gotten, and I did have on my list they have it in.

Calendar form. Every year they release a calendar that's, it's useless as a calendar, but it's perforated and you can tear the poster attraction posters off of it and frame those. I've had several of those framed around my office through the years. You can swap 'em out easy.

jess: I've got a stack that I keep meaning to like finish framing cuz I framed

jeff: It's an awkward, it's like a 11 by 14 size.

heather: I have two separate bathrooms that are decorated with framed of those calendar prints.

jeff: There's now a big coffee table book that's just got tons and tons of the images of all the old attractions, posters, the original ones and the current ones. Very good book.

heather: I took a look at the hallmark ornaments that are parks related that are releasing this year, and there's some good ones. There's a Mr. Toad from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. That's cute. And I also liked, there's a, it's a Pirates of the Caribbean one this year, and it's that snoozing pirate that's surrounded by pigs. And it's, and he is all filthy and he is got the little piglets and it plays music from the

dan: Oh.

heather: I may have already purchased

jeff: I tell you what I want. Wish they had was the one that's where the cat's all mad he's doing here. Kennedy

heather: Yes. I love that. Yes.

dan: And if they could just play that audio loop from your Christmas tree at all times.

heather: And they still have, they're still making the hitchhiking, ghosts one, I think was new last year or the year before, maybe I have that one. Yeah. And I also saw, actually, this is some universal side of things. They have a sorting hat ornament, and they have a cute it looks like an a, a box of quidditch set.

So it has all the balls and. Yeah, they have thought. I, that's one thing that I do collect is Hallmark ornaments with mostly Mickey the Mouse, but I have one that's the castle with fireworks going off behind it and it plays music. Some really good ones.

dan: I saw a cute one of Mickey Mouse riding in a Dumbo from the Dumbo

heather: Oh yeah, that one's new this year too. I think

jeff: I love those things and have tons of them through the years, and I never. Ever think to go look and see what's coming out and be on the lookout for 'em until someone posted on Facebook that they got one and then I'm always too late cuz they've sold out. I don't know what it is. I never think about it,

dan: Yeah.

jeff: but I love them.

jess: They announce 'em in like Octo or earlier than October. I feel like it's

heather: It's pretty early.

jess: yeah.

dan: of 'em released really early cuz that Dumbo one the Dumbo Ride one has been out for a couple of months. I saw it in our local at

jeff: I would like to go.

dan: two months ago.

jeff: Oh, that's not a Hallmark store exclusive.

dan: but it was this display of Hallmark brand ornaments.

jeff: don't even, I gotta find a Hallmark store. The one I used to go to is in a mall that is now torn down, so.

jess: Yeah, we still have one in a strip mall. It's surprising that they're still around really.

dan: No. A year. They're very popular.

right? Yeah. For Disney and Parks merch. Other than that, I just had I'm normally not a fan of the spirit jerseys cuz I don't think they generally look very good on my body. But the sweaters are good and I really like this year's holiday sweater. The one that's got Mickey Mouse, it's green, and Mickey Mouse is outside in the snow.

heather: Oh,

jess: like

jeff: type of a sweater? Like a pullover sweater.

dan: Yeah, it's a pullover sweater. It's not the I do like my zip up cardigan from

jeff: I love that style.

heather: one.

dan: this, they've got this, it's Mickey strolling through the winter woods, and he is got a candy cane and he is, it's got that kind of like 1940s college like letter sweater, logo looking Mickey that they're using this year.

jess: I just ordered. You can get a sort of forties replica style plastic light up version of that and put it. Which kinda like they used to have in the yards. I just ordered it off of shop Disney. It's like

heather: I saw some cute

jeff: Oh, like the glowing plastic santa type of thing, but of that, oh wow.

jess: holding the candy cane and he is got the sweater.


heather: They have some cute stuff like that at Target right now. Just came out the Mickey Holiday decorations for your porch and things like that. And I also got for myself and a matching set for my little niece. Oh, sorry. I could get it for you too if you'd like. It's a really cute Mickey holiday sweatshirt.

It's just Mickey wearing a scarf and then. The sweatpants that go with it have the whole gang on them, and they have them in adult sizes and

jeff: Mickey's in a gang. Warriors come out, play

heather: Sophie and I have matching outfits.

dan: She's changed her pants, but she hasn't taken that sweatshirt off since you bought

heather: Oh, I love it.

dan: She is

jeff: and she had to change her pants.

dan: No comment.

heather: Awkward.

dan: Yeah.

jeff: good book thing now that you got me looking. I have this one and it's awesome is the maps of Disney Parks charting 60 years from California to Shanghai. It's all the park maps of all the parks through the ages, and I absolutely love that book. I've always been a map goober anyway, and especially Disney maps through the years.

dan: that's a good book. I've looked at it at Heather's house,

heather: I have that on my coffee

jeff: I think we buy, did we buy that when we were there for that D 23 expo or so, yes.

Disney World, whatever that one's

 The author was

heather: destination

jeff: buying that. Yeah, that's it. That's everyone's favorite destination.

jess: been buying and actually they've been cranking these out a lot too, is the attraction themed board games that they've been coming out with. And you can get them at Target. Now. I've been noticing that like they had the Haunted Mansion one, they've got, you know, like Hocus pos, which is not really attraction base, but yeah, and we picked up this, the vintage.

 1970s Magic Kingdom board game that they reproduced for the anniversary, which is really fun to play, but it takes about 20 minutes just to set it up cuz it's one of those that's got cardboard models. You literally have to set up the teacups and so nobody wants to play it in our house anymore because nobody wants to be the person that sets it up.

jeff: Leave it set. No way to leave it set up.

jess: No. I mean if you've got somewhere, but it's it takes up a lot of space and it literally has a monorail that goes around the sides and it has a cardboard castle. It's all cardboard 2d, but it's still stuff you have to put together and it's just

dan: Yeah. It's a board game plus paper crafting you outside a whole evening for

jess: Yeah.

jeff: my favorites.

jess: But the other ones the ones that are like Clue and Monopoly, and then the ones that they've just come out with that are just the Haunted Mansion game.

Those are fun. I think they've done well with those. So,

dan: There's a HA Mansion game of Life

jess: yeah, which I think should just be called the Game of Death.

jeff: Yeah.

dan: Yeah, that'd be good. That's all I the only other thing I had for Disney stuff is I've always wanted like a nice grown up classic Mickey Mouse watch

heather: Yes. Solid. I, my, I wear

jeff: it on my Apple

heather: yeah. What's what? I was gonna say, I wear an Apple

dan: dress it up a little bit,

jeff: No.

dan: Sometimes

jess: button you can push and Mickey just puts on a tuxedo on your Apple watch, and then he is all dress.

dan: sometimes it's nice to not have my watch dinging at me all day

heather: that's

jeff: Yeah, mine doesn't make it peep. Yeah, no notifications always silent. I even have to touch it to make the screen

jess: even if I'm having a heart attack. Shut up. I'm not listening.

jeff: Yeah.

jess: you've been in a car accident. Shut up. I'm not listening.

dan: It turns out that Jeff's just had one of those Casio It's a

jess: calculator Watches.

jeff: Yeah. Mine doesn't make any noise. What are

dan: They told him that it's an Apple watch charged some full price

jess: It's weird. All I can do is make it say boobs weirdly, Yeah.

Still fun.

dan: Yeah. Should we move on to travel gear and gadget?

heather: Yeah, absolutely. I.

jeff: Mine is mine. First one is a combination of the first and second categories is a good, great gift for somebody is always a Disney lounge fly cuz that you need a little bag in the park cuz people weigh over pack, I think. But if there's so many varieties of those Disney Lounge fly bags you can get from or wherever.

Disney Parks merchandise crap. They're small. You always need a little something, but people carrying these monster backpacks around unless you have 40 actual babies with you. I don't know what you're carrying in these backpacks.

jess: I finally switched to the fanny pack on my last trip to universal, and I'm never looking back. I have given up on the backpack in the parks. I had to pair things down a little bit, but. I feel like yeah, little bags are the way to go.

jeff: I did that several years ago accidentally, I wore literally my one pair of pants on the plane that like ties in the waist. And so I got there and didn't have a belt and couldn't find a belt. I just bought a fanny pack basically to hold my pants up and then I wound up loving it. And then Heather got the same one that I have, and it's a Disney Mickey Mouse classic fanny pack.

It's a, it's, that's the best. But if you can't do a fanny pack or needed backpack, or those little lounge fly ones, make great gifts. They're pricey, but not like extravagant.

dan: bucks,

jess: But like, yeah they're worth it. I Cuz like, my wife doesn't even usually like things like that, but she loves the lounge fly. Like she's got a lounge, fly purse because it had big owl on it and

jeff: they've got some really odd off the wall character and ride. Pretty much any character or ride kind of thing, you're into Marvel.

dan: they're usually clever and there's some kind of little thing about 'em that makes 'em, you know, not just a backpack or

jeff: And any Disney fan lady would dig it. And some in, of course,

dan: I actually went the opposite way with a backpack and I actually bought the first item

jeff: the biggest one you could find.

dan: I found myself on this past trip really frustrated with the backpack I used in the parks, cuz I was going into it a lot to grab out camera gear and various charging things

heather: Yeah. Whatever I needed.

dan: And it was, it's not as big as it looks. It's the op, it is an anti tars, it's smaller on the inside. And so I went and I found this travel laptop travel backpack made by Shadu.

heather: Oh,

dan: it's some Chinese brand, but it's Amazon's choice.

jeff: he in breaking two?

jess: Yeah, Electrics,

dan: Yeah. I got it on an Amazon Lightning deal, and apparently they have it on this bag frequently, but it's like, it's a great, it's a big backpack, but you can cinch down these side straps to make it narrower to fit when you don't need it to be full of stuff.

But it's got the main zipper locks, it's got lots of different pockets. It's got. Built in wire where I can put my charger brick inside the bag and then I can plug my phone just into the side of the backpack to charge things. That's so Boy Scout, leadery of you. I love

heather: is

dan: Yeah. I mean it is, but it's really convenient and it opens wide so I can actually see what's in there and find stuff. And there's a lot more pockets and pouches. Cuz I found myself, my backpack only has like one.

jeff: It's the cargo pants of backpacks.

dan: Yeah, and I love cargo pants,

 So I got myself a pair of cargo pants for my back and you know, a loop to hang my sunglasses on.

And the other strap has a pouch to put a wallet in. It's like convenience. So that's the first thing on my list was a traveling backpack.

heather: I just recently got, as a lady who likes to travel with a tote and a rolling bag, I'm always having trouble figuring out, like I'm throwing the straps of the tote over the rolling bag, and then it just, the weight balance is not quite right.

jeff: And then it holds it closed if it's held on there.

heather: So I, I got this thing and it saw it on. A Facebook ad and it's called an astro strap, and it straps around your purse.

You, you like, it's like seatbelt material. You strap it around the purse, and then on the back of it, it has a loop that goes over the handle of your rolling bag. So I can get in and out of the tote, but it's secured to my suitcase.

dan: I saw that Marketed with a less embarrassing name. I think it was just called the Travel Belt

heather: Yeah, I think there's, yeah, this particular company is called Astro straps astros, but you could probably find it with something a little

jess: Don't

heather: innuendo for your perverted

jeff: year old boys that you're talking to on the podcast,

heather: yeah, exactly.

dan: by the way I'll do the, I'll do my best to get the links to find a lot of these suggestions for travel gear and stuff in the show notes, the episodes so you can check it out if any of these sound good to you.

jeff: I am a big, sweaty person.

 And I love and discovered last year neck fans, I recommend those for a stocking stuffer for any person that frequents the Florida parks, especially where it's always 250

heather: two hot.

jeff: They're cheap, they're around 20 bucks ish on Amazon, and they just go around your neck and have two fans that are unflexible things.

So you can point them right at your face or. One down your shirt, one in your face, whatever, both on your neck. They run for hours and hours on a charge, and they're much better than those ones. You have to. I see. The other ones you have to hold or you have, they wear 'em around your neck and then you pick it up and hold it.

jess: Let's see. I have this one that you have to hold, and this is now my favorite thing because it's a, it opens up to a fan, which you know, you can do by hand, but it also is a portable charger. You can charge your phone off of it and it has a flashlight built in the end.

jeff: Wow. Some Theme Park multi-tool.

heather: Wow.

jess: And I've used, yeah, I've used the charging on it to charge my phone.

A few times in the parks. So if you like to hold it cuz I don't like having anything around my neck. I like to hold it cuz it depends on what part of me is hot at that moment. I need to redirect. So

dan: How about those ones that you clip onto the back of your belt and you point it up your, up inside your shirt

jess: blowing up your Gus at.

dan: Yeah.

jeff: Yeah, I like the idea of that. But then you have an inflated shirt.

heather: My son uses the neck fan and he loves it. He always has one back in the hotel room charging and one around his neck in the park.

jeff: Same. We have. I always, I see what you have. I have, I always wear collared shirts cuz I protect my neck from the sun with the old collar on the shirt. And so that thing around me doesn't bother me. But if I was wearing just a t-shirt, I wouldn't like something around my like that either. What's the handheld one you've got?

Just something Amazon find

jess: Yeah, it's what? Yeah, I, it's just looked up on Amazon. I'm sure the name is, as you know, unpronounceable as most of the things you can buy on Amazon these days just made up letters and words. But yeah, you just look for it. It came up. There's a few different kind. This one is called the Jisu Life.

jeff: Oh

heather: Oh

jess: You know that brand that's been around since.

heather: I have another new thing that I love to travel with that's called an air fly. Air Fly Pro maybe is the full name of

jeff: is an air fly and an air fly pro.

heather: and it's so you plug it into the headphone jack on the TV in front of you on the plane, and then you sink it to your AirPods or your headphones, and you don't have to have that cord attached that you have to keep unplugging it when somebody next to you wants to get out.

It's annoying.

jeff: Or gesturing and knocking it out

heather: Yes. Or very often those little, they're not great outlets and yeah, and it works great. I love

dan: lets you connect two pairs of

heather: why I have the pro That's right.

jeff: Yes. We've, we shared that watching a movie.

heather: Yes, it's fantastic and I love it and often I forget to charge it before I travel, but it comes with the little cord so you can plug it into the outlet and then plug, put the cord in it, and plug it into the power spot next to it.

Charge it while you're using it.

jeff: Yeah, that's a great little device. That was one of those I literally had said out loud, why don't they make a wireless thing? And then it started showing up in my Facebook feed. Of course. So,

dan: Yeah, it's like a TikTok one of

heather: very handy

jeff: Yeah.

heather: when they just read your mind

jeff: Oh, you have one

dan: No, I had it on my list of.

jeff: things you want me to buy you?

dan: No things that I would suggest buying for the traveler in your life that you love and

jeff: Oh, yeah. I highly

heather: Yeah. And go to go along with that noise canceling either headphones or but.

Airbus are fantastic. I have one of each. Sometimes I don't want the full headphones, so I just use my AirPod Pros because they're noise canceling.

jeff: I have the bows, big noise canceling over the year ones, and they get hot

 Plane. It's often stuffy on the plane, and these I'm wearing in here don't do that. But the, when I'm on the plane often, the over the year ones get hot.

heather: I like that. My AirPod pros will read, Siri will read me my texts if I'm using them.

dan: No

 Always handy.

heather: it's very handy.

dan: Yeah. Especially when you're driving or operating heavy equipment.

heather: I'm usually not doing the operating heavy equipment thing

jeff: Speaking of having to have a cord running through an enormous backpack into a charging brick, I'm a fan of the Mag Safe mobile Charger for iPhone users. If you have the newer couple of models that have that ag safe circle on the back, it magnets to that and charges your phone while you walk around, you know, up to have it plugged into anything.

And if I put that, I'll charge it overnight, put that on my phone, and I can be doing in park videos and shooting pictures and Facebooking and all of the things for literally all day till I go to bed and never have to charge. Keeps it going All.

dan: I have a question about that actually, cause I've been looking at those. But do they, does the back of the battery pack also have a magnet ring so that I can. So I can put like a gripper or something

heather: Oh, on the back of the, I see what you're

dan: Yeah,

jeff: Oh no, for like if you had a

heather: Uhuh,

dan: yeah,

jeff: grippy thing a pop socket lady hands and use a pop

heather: though. You could adhesive one to it.

dan: one. Although I'm not very happy with the brand. I've got, it comes off very easily. But I was also thinking about things like I guess I would have to be taking it on and off to switch out.

jeff: Camera E stuff.

heather: It's easy to pop on and off. I

jeff: pulls off. That's what I like about it, if you

heather: don't keep mine on all day. I just pop it on when I need to recharge.

dan: About, put I, I've been thinking about one of those for

heather: And I have to say, if you are an iPhone user, Go for the Apple branded mag safe portable charger. Don't try a cheap off brand one. I may know someone who went through many iterations trying to save a few bucks and they just don't work as well,

jeff: Does his name ride with Schmid

heather: they don't work as well. They often are bulkier.

He actually did try out one that had a built in little ring for holding it and it was just, it was very heavy and didn't work that well. It's just not as good as the Apple one. It is a, it is worth the extra

jeff: They're a little spiny. I think it was like

heather: They are, yeah. Same

jeff: I love it.

heather: Charger I travel with called a MagSafe duo and it's, it folds down so small and so light, and you flip it open, plug it in, and it will charge your Apple watch and your phone at the same time.

So I travel with that and I, it cuts down on the number of cords I have to have because

jeff: Yeah, single cord feeds it.

dan: I think they have a triple version too, that you can also put your AirPods

heather: that.

dan: your AirPods case on.

heather: And again, the Apple branded one is not cheap. I think that one is about a hundred dollars, $120, but it is the superior product. It works really well and I love how small and light it

jeff: It folds down to like the size of a compact mirror that you would put in your purse or something

 And one cord for two or even three items on the newer

heather: super worth it.

dan: In a similar vein I think it would be a good gift for anybody. That's something that I'm going to be looking for is just like a little tech kit. To organize all of my chargers and cables so they can all be together in one place, throw it in my bag and forget about it. And it's always there when I go someplace. Like what Jess is holding up there.

jeff: Yeah, that'd be a cool gift, maybe with a logo on

jess: basically always in my backpack.

dan: Yeah, that would be that. That would be handy. I have one that's just a tiny replica of my suitcase. That's

oh, nice.

jeff: a hard shell, teeny tiny suitcase. But it's only got one pocket and the rest is just open. So I'm looking for something like what you showed, it has little compartments to better organize each thing.

dan: A binder

jess: Yeah, that was on Amazon. Just travel cord organizer. I.

dan: getting away from the tech. I had an idea, sorry. You can find this on Amazon. Have you seen these little travel cocktail kits?

heather: What

dan: It's a little tin.

jeff: I'm not much of a drinker, so.

heather: that's

dan: a, it is. It's a little bit bigger than an aloid tin, but a similar kind of box. You can get a set of four for $70, or you can get a single one for 22, and it comes with a little bar spoon and whatever.

Mixers you need to add to an airline mini on the plane to make little cocktails. And they have these con, these collections, these gift sets. You can get one that's the classic cocktail set that comes with a mule gin and tonic champagne cocktail and old fashioned kit. But then they also have a tropical one that has ingredients for mojito.

Margaritas, my ties and daiquiris. And then there's a, oh, the classic one has saac,

jeff: Oh

dan: Old

heather: these are adorable.

jess: I know I want one of

dan: They make enough for

jeff: wait. Where'd you find this?

jess: Amazon,

dan: a link on Amazon.

heather: Let me send you a link. This is

dan: it's in the, it's in the outline

jess: I wanna get one of these and try it when I go down in December. That's cuz I always drink a mule on the plane. So that's,

jeff: Yeah, I always have to see a man about a mule when I get on a plane.

heather: Oh, no.

jess: that's why you're banned from New Mexico. Isn't.

dan: That's a donkey, that's a different breed of, and

jess: No, Jeff likes meals.

dan: a little bit bigger

jess: a little bit more stubborn. More of a fight.

jeff: You're both paying meals, right?

dan: All right so anyway, so those look like fun for if you're stuck

heather: These look like fantastic Christmas gifts. This some would fit in a stocking.

dan: Yeah, so like the old fashioned kit comes with a tiny little

heather: It's

dan: spoon baron. It's really cute with a swirl, a little, a smaller tin full of sugar cubes, and then some bottles of syrup and bitters,

jess: I love that. Yeah, the little tiny bottles of bitters. That's so great.

heather: There's even one for a champagne cocktail.

dan: And these kits are all TSA approved. They're all sizes that you're allowed to bring them straight through the TSA

jeff: I gotta say this is for a smaller person. My big ass trying to use these little things in these amount of, I have to like, yeah. I can barely move my arms to even, yeah. Is

jess: Bring me beer

jeff: On my tray table.

dan: but you love tiny things.

jeff: I do, but I just need

jess: on an airplane.

jeff: move them. Yeah.

dan: Yeah, this

jess: bit of turbulence, and you got that tiny spoon stuck up your nose and.

dan: yeah,

jeff: are adorable though.

dan: looks like some of 'em come with a muddler in addition to the cocktail spoon, so, yeah.

heather: I have always been a huge proponent of packing cubes. They make my life very easy. While I recently discovered compression packing cubes, so they have a second zipper that squishes all your stuff down and you can get more stuff in your suitcase. Amazon has a ton of them and they're really good quality.

The ones I use are from Amazon. They're my fav new favorite travel item.

jess: I hate it because I had a ton of the Amazon packing cubes, and then, yeah, we needed more for our next trip, and so I was like, oh, let's just try the compression and now I want to throw. Everything

heather: All the other ones away. Yes.

jess: ones. And my wife's like, we already have, I'm like, no, but we can get like twice as much stuff in here.

She's like, so you

heather: so much more.

jess: stuff. And I was like, yes.

jeff: is the real answer.

heather: that is correct.

jess: getting there. It's getting home.

heather: That's

jeff: clothes are too big for packing cubes. I'm a giant,

heather: I love that I can pull the packing cubes out, throw 'em in a drawer in the hotel room, and I'm unpacked and everything

jeff: what I do is pull my stacks of clothes out and put them in a drawer. Then in fact,

heather: Yep.

jeff: no zipping required, or I lay my. opened on the bed and just sleep in it and pack out. Dress

heather: Sleep in

jess: sleep in your suitcase curled up on one

jeff: it's big enough.

heather: Nice.

jeff: up

jess: the zipper flap as your blanket?

jeff: Yeah.

jess: Just halfway.

jeff: cover

jess: Just gotta stick my leg out.

jeff: my next gifty item for. Good for travel and, but just an excellent gift is the, every year they put out at least one kind of Mickey Mouse, Ray Band sunglasses.

They're pricey, but they're awesome. And Disney fans and like pretty much every travel agent we know when you, we go on these trips together, like we, everybody's got 'em and they're all like different ones. They'll come out with a couple of different designs each year.

heather: never a bad thing.

 I actually have two. One pair is a prescription, and the other pair is for when I'm wearing contact

jeff: And different designs.

heather: And they're different designs. Yeah.

jeff: I think I have three total. They're good stuff.

dan: I have one that's not gonna get through the airport, but if you're going, if you're going for outdoor Adventurers, this thing is amazing. It's called the Jet Boil Caffeine Fied gift bundle.

heather: Jet boil.

jeff: that really rolls right off the tongue.

dan: So the jet boil is this little, it's basically a camping stove.

heather: Okay.

dan: it uses a tiny little fuel bottle, like a propane bottle that you screw the stove onto, and then it comes with a mug that just twists and locks onto the mug.

 And it's got this. It's got the bottom of the mug is designed to suck the air through so that it heats up super fast and it'll boil. It boils a liter of water in like just over a minute and a half. And this set comes with an adapter to make the mug into a French press.

jeff: Oh,

heather: Wow,

dan: anywhere you go, you put your water in your mug and you

jeff: get

dan: button to light the stove

jeff: some creek water and make you some

dan: Yeah, whatever you want, it goes.

That's gonna sound really awesome later. I can't wait.

jeff: Yeah, it.

dan: it, yeah the stove just heats it up super fast. It's got a color change indicator on the side of the mug to tell you when it's up to temperature,

jeff: The optimal temp.

dan: yeah. And then you just do your French press, or you can make tea, or you can even cook, you know, if you've got like camping, dehydrated camping food or whatever. You can cook whatever in there. So that thing's really cool.

jeff: That's a cool little idea.

dan: it's like 130 bucks. It's pretty neat. A guy that was at Cub Scott camp with myself and Wyatt a few weeks ago had one, and it's really awesome.

jeff: Did you get Jet Boyle Envy?

dan: Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty cool. Do y'all have anything else?

heather: That was everything on my list. I'm gonna go buy some of the things that you guys suggested.

dan: Yeah.

jeff: I like those little cocktail kits. They're.

 I could use them where I normally said I couldn't have used this most recent trip. I could get one while I'm having my foot massaged. Your extreme neck pillow is Oh, that's what I forgot. This neck

with the chin, chin

heather: chin straps. What?

dan: thank you. I passed that one up. So I actually saw this pillow in the airport and won the news stands, and I've never really been a new neck pillow kind of guy, but recent, I got a real bad stiff neck, falling asleep in the middle seat this time. Yeah. So this, so the one pillow I saw at the airport is the Cabo EV evolution, S3 travel pillow and. It's like 60 bucks in the airport and it's about $40 on Amazon. It's, it looks like one of those cervical colors that you

heather: totally does.

dan: your neck, but it's all memory foam up there and it's really soft and squishy and I don't think I'd ever use it because most airplanes have the video screens now, but it's got a strap that you can put around your, the back of your headrest so that it holds your head upright

jeff: you don't go

dan: you don't sink down

Yeah. It holds high enough up on your neck that it would that it would, it's pretty supportive to begin with. But then there's a runner up one that I found

jeff: Yeah. It's this one, the Side J Sleeper or whatever.

dan: yeah, this one is good for if you're a window seat person. It is the J pillow chin supporting travel pillow, and so it's just got, it's got a pillow That's like a right angle.

heather: Oh

dan: That one goes on, your

jeff: It fits in the wedge between your head and shoulder.

heather: Oh yeah.

dan: can go up against the wall, so it pads against the wall and then it's got a J shaped tube that goes underneath your chin to help support your head so that you don't sink down too

jeff: When I sink down is when I start snoring.

dan: Exactly. And get a stiff neck and all that.

So this thing, that's a really good looking pillow. One of those, I don't know which one of those pillows, but I couldn't pick between the two. They both look really.

jeff: Is it reversible? Can you sleep on either side?

dan: Yeah. Yeah. It's reversible and you don't have to be up against the wall. There's pictures of somebody using it in the aisle seat, so it's just supports against your shoulder still, and it works either way.

jeff: Yeah. I've never carried one of those cuz I'm like, when I'm not, what do I do with this thing when I'm not? Sleeping on it.

heather: Yeah. People just like strapping it on their carry on and

jeff: Yeah,

heather: Yep. Dragging

jeff: that's fine.

dan: That's one nice thing about the Cabo pillow. It, I'm not sure if it comes with or if it, or if you can get separately a little carrying case, so at least of keeps it covered and clean. It also has a little pouch, a pocket on the side of it that you can stick earplugs in or your earbuds if you decide you're gonna fall asleep or something.


jeff: Yeah, I like that idea. I like this J wedge thing cuz I'm a window seat leaner on.

dan: That's fun. All right I've gotta go get kids from school. So

jeff: Yeah, end of our list,

Jess had to.

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We can't wait to hang out with you again next week, and we'll see you real soon.

heather: Bye y'all.

jeff: Thank you for the privilege of your time.