Aug. 13, 2022

Touring Disney World, Gold Key Adventurers Style

Touring Disney World, Gold Key Adventurers Style

As travel planners, we spend a lot of time helping guests plan out their perfect way to tour the theme parks of Walt Disney World. This week, we’re taking a look at the personal Disney World touring plans of Gold Key Adventurers Society members, to get a...

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As travel planners, we spend a lot of time helping guests plan out their perfect way to tour the theme parks of Walt Disney World. This week, we’re taking a look at the personal Disney World touring plans of Gold Key Adventurers Society members, to get a feel for how they like to experience the parks as seasoned veterans. 


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Touring Disney World, Gold Key Style

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard

Jeff: Hi, Dan

Dan: joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight

Heather: Hey.

Dan: and Mr. Jeff Williams.

Jeff: Tony.

Dan: Hi. Hi there. Our show is always is brought to you by Key ot the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world.

Head for more details and to no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime.


We spent a lot of time on this show and as travel agents, just go with me here, play along. Giving other people advice on how to tour off Disney world and while that information can be useful, I thought that it might be a little more interesting for ones to talk about our own personal touring style without we've talked about this before, but we were playing a silly game.

So we had all these rules attached about you can't do this and we can't do that. But so I wanted to hear about what. Does your ideal Disney day at the various parks look like? And let's get the easy one outta the way. I think this one's gonna go by really quick. So let's start with the magic kingdom or not magic kingdom.

Let's start with the animal kingdom.

Heather: I was gonna say, that's the easy one.

Dan: Yeah. Easy one. My typical approach. Let's give it.

Heather: Skip the ed animal kingdom.

Jeff: If I ever skip a park, if I'm only there for three days, for instance, and there are four parks. That is my skipper.

Dan: Yeah which I frequently am anymore three days or less, or I'll have like some partial days when we have conferences. Unfortunately I tend to skip animal kingdom anymore. I would like to get to ride that one ride that Pandora ride there


Jeff: flight of 

Dan: Yeah, that's the one that was a cool thing, but yeah.

Jeff: It's a beautiful park and it's a great park. And depending on the time of year, it's a good park just to wander around if it's not hot, but when it's hot, it's just hot there.

And it's a

different, like the other parks have sunshine hot. Like the sun is hot beating down you. That park is just steamy and hot human.

Heather: It is fun to wander there though. Cuz there's lots of 

Jeff: So 

Heather: crannies. It's beautiful. And you can find some cool animals or weird animals or we, I like to ride expedition Everest and then just go do those trails, like the Maharaja jungle track and the one with the naked mole, rats and the gorillas.

I forget what that one was called, but yeah. That's the other one. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah, we had to explain to my son what the turtles were doing. One time in, in there, they were they were giving one was giving the other a piggyback ride.

Heather: Oh, interesting.

Dan: it's a circle of life.

 It's just an educational experience. Yeah. There's a lot of good street sphere there. I don't know. That's to me, I wander around park. The only thing I feel like I have to do there is Everest and

Jeff: Pandora. The rest of it I could do with, or without

Dan: I, I would like to have a trip that is leisurely enough that I could take. A longer period of time in that park

 Explore some more we're zoo people in my family. So I could see spending a lot of time checking out the smaller things that a lot of people probably tend to overlook pass by.

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: During my Wyatt's childhood, we had membership annual passes to the zoo. So we went so much that. I'm like, I don't, that's why I skipped that one, cuz it is beautiful and all that, but generally I don't care if I ever see another animal in my life.

Dan: unless it's on your plate,

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: but Jeff animal kingdom is NA Tazo,

Jeff: I know it's not a zoo, but

Dan: not

Jeff: sure are a lot of animals there,

Heather: there are a lot.

Jeff: the theming there and the.

Touches and all, if you do get a chance just to wander around with no agenda, it's a beautiful park to do that in. And I just don't usually do it. If I'm there, I'm like, I'm gonna bang out these two, three things and then ski battle. And I don't know why that is exactly. I think mostly cuz it's hot.

Heather: It is 

Jeff: so big takes you forever to get all around everything.

Dan: Yeah. And my other problem that I run into a lot. Is like all the parks are really great to see at nighttime. And there's a limited amount of any of the parks magic kingdom. I think I can handle all day long, but the other parks I'm kinda like, it's better at nighttime and animal kingdom during the heat, middle of the day, especially cuz everybody knows the animals are gonna be snooze them

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: and Pandora is not glowing in the dark.

Jeff: I think the safari ride is I don't care if I ever ride that again. Like it's the same five animals. I don't know. I need my sports pro when I ride it. So my ideal day at that park is to have no agenda and that be like a cool fall day. And you just wander around or spring or winter, whatever.

Dan: over into the nomad lounge or,

Jeff: No mad lounge for about four hours 

Dan: Haram Bay's, love No mad lounge.


Jeff: that whole Harambe area is great.

There's music and all. And then there's the little sort of food court type thing. There. That's a good one. I love the lion king show. I will say that the Disney presents a snippet of the festival of the lion king.

Heather: yes.

Jeff: I don't know what it looks like now. I haven't seen it since it came back, but I do love the show.

It was

Dan: monkeys are back or they will be soon it's they were putting the seating back and restoring it back to its full former glory. That's a good one.

yeah. And there's that? There's that finding Nemo show too.

Jeff: I do love, excuse me. I do love, I hate that

Dan: yeah we

Jeff: the old one. I'm gonna hate the new one just on principle.

Heather: Just on principle.

Jeff: I like the bird show. Surprisingly.

Heather: I do love the bird show and I love that you can be wandering around in that park and the Macau may just be flying overhead or they're leaving that wonders of flight show or the one that they do at the front of the park. And they'll sometimes just stop 

Jeff: yeah, they just take off. They're like they'll come home when they're

Heather: I'm gonna stop in this tree cuz I don't feel like going all the way back right now.

Dan: They know where the food is kept.

Heather: that's

Jeff: That's right.

Dan: Yeah. Are we ready to move on from the animal

Heather: pretty much what I do

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: in the magic kingdom. Yeah.

Dan: Animal kingdom.

Heather: Animal kingdom. Sorry.

Dan: No,


Jeff: like you're reading.

Dan: Let's move on to another let's go roll the dice. How about how about Hollywood studios? What, what doesn't, what does a day at Hollywood studios look if you have the day to yourself without other people saying, I wanna go ride, I wanna go ride toy story mania.

A thousand times. I wanna write on the alien swirling saucers. How do you spend it? How would you spend a

Heather: say that.

Dan: No. Other people, like if you have perhaps small children

Jeff: if I'm there by myself, I'm a ride. I can bang out everything there in two hours and be gone.

Dan: no,

Jeff: All of my that's a small park and not one of my favorite parks, but my favorite rides are in that park weirdly. So my two favorites are rock and roller coaster and tower of terror.

So if you can take that bang out those two, and then I spend the rest of the day watching lightning McQueen.

Dan: I was just gonna say lighting McQueen. Yeah. You there's no need to ever leave that corner of the park. It's just the perfect. It's probably the best thing. Imaginary is ever time.

Jeff: Those are my two favorites. And then I would head back and ride slinky dog on my way to star wars

Heather: I do love slinky dog.

Jeff: And I always think I wanna wander around star wars, town forever. I would love to be there when there's about 200 people there and everything's opened and, but it's always so crowded. I'm like, Ugh, give me outta here.

The way they built it with all the staircases and ramps and little alleys, it's just also congested. I don't know what they thought that.

Heather: Yeah, it does get pretty congested.

Dan: Yeah on a busy day earlier first sing in the morning, or later at night, closer to closing it's not so bad. And.

Jeff: It's lovely at night. It's so cool. In fact, I've only been in there at night a handful of times, and we were recently, and it was for a private event and it looked so cool, but nothing was open. I was like, this would be cool if any of this was open,

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: but it's so pretty back there at night and not scorching hot.

I will say for that area, there's a lot of shade.

Dan: Yes,

Jeff: but it, that whole sort of going through the marketplace thing looks really cool, but it's so crowded. They just created a needless there.

Dan: Everything's low on the small side. I will say that since I figured out or since the app started working for me and after experiencing. From the from the star cruiser guest

Jeff: The dark 

Dan: say, 

Jeff: I've 

Dan: you're going in like two weeks. So me, you too. No, it just, it really opened my eyes to a lot of the, built in second layer stuff that you can do playing around on the app and storyline that way. And I really enjoy I think that given a day to myself in Hollywood studios, I could probably spend half the day easy just in Galaxy's edge, hacking every doorway, listening in on radio communications and doing dorky crap like that.

Jeff: I love that about you.

Dan: Thanks. Jeff. It's a lot

Jeff: That I that just sounds like you all the interactive and all that, and I'm just like Nope, bye.

Dan: no that's just what I want. That's what I was promised. It was gonna be, I finally figured out how to get close to what they promised and it's fun. I en I, I like it a lot. Especially like Like we were promised like cast member interactions in character, like they used to do in Hogwarts.

And I got harassed a couple of times by cast members asking what I was doing near some doors that I shouldn't have been near finally for the first time. So you know that, so anyway,

Heather: that's what you were looking for.

Dan: And like, that's, that, that would probably be a big chunk of my day at Hollywood studios is head back to Galaxy's edge and just really play even, just sit down and soak in the star wars of it

Heather: it's do you eat a Toronto wrap?

Dan: oh, hell yes, God. I

Jeff: things are good.

Dan: I would eat one for breakfast and for lunch. And then you get that. That iced coffee drink that they have now with the

Bailey, with the cocoa puffs and the Gava chocolate LACO in it.

Jeff: Are they space? Coco puffs.

Dan: Yeah. Obviously.

Heather: it's

Jeff: Yeah. Duh

Dan: It's ice coffee with some sort of like sweet cream, cheese hopping and cocoa puffs.

And you can get it spiked with Gava chocolate LACO. And it is a drink.

Jeff: I want to ask that.

Dan: beautiful. Just make sure you get a spoon to help with the cocoa puffs.

Jeff: you what

Heather: cocoa

Jeff: for my perfect Hollywood studio day after four or five, six rides, then I hit up the baseline taphouse.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: and sit there in the shade with a fan blowing on me for the rest of the day.

Dan: that doesn't sound too bad.

Jeff: That's the best spot cuz you, you get, it's a intersection of three different roads that all come together there and you can watch all of the stuff happen.

People are getting kicked out of the park. You're seeing it.

Dan: you get a great view. Fountain him up his courtyard.

 Yeah. Things

like that 

Jeff: spot. Good food, lots of good different beers and CIS, and the people watching is amazing. I'm a huge people watcher. I can sit and do that for hours.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: Like no interaction. No.

Dan: And actually that's a good spot for it too. Just thinking about like when we were there a couple of weeks ago the rest of the kids in Kendra went on star tours and I stayed outside with Sophia and watching some of the evening time nerds coming into Galaxy's edge, walking in their. What they call B bounding outfits with their multiple light savers and stopping to take pictures and stuff.

 That was of fun. People

watching right there. 

Jeff: time nerds. I like it.

Dan: I've noticed the last couple of times I've went that like it starts to get around dusk and the really hardcore star wars nerds come in their outfits to take pictures by the millennium

Jeff: Cause it's cooling down and they can, their lightsabers glow better.

Dan: That and their like desert gear is more comfortable in the slightly less, less high temperatures, but the only other I do enjoy the roller coasters and I enjoy the tower terror, but one of the other things that I think for me would be necessary to make my day at Hollywood studios is the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular. So

Jeff: I've seen that enough

Dan: yeah, but still it's Indiana Jones.

Jeff: once you've started it. It's hard to

Dan: I'm so

Jeff: go back to just watching

Dan: so jealous, dude. That would be my ideal day is getting to getting pulled up on stage for that one. But a lot of I guess this park in all of the parks too, it's it is getting to the point where I don't have too many rides that I have to do anymore.

Just being there is I, if I get on something, then I'm happy. If I don't, I'm still happy cuz I'm there and experiencing it. Heather, what's your Hollywood

Heather: Hollywood studios is a ride. Ride AUSA for me. I have so many favorite rides there. I have to ride terror of terror. I have to ride the rock and roller coaster. Slinky dog is a must Jew for me, unpopular opinion. I love toy story, midway mania.

Dan: It's grown

Jeff: I don't think that's unpopular opinion judging by the lines.

Heather: That's fair.

Dan: I

hated it. I didn't like it at first. Just growing on me, playing with my kids.

Heather: I walk, hit, walked my way up Hollywood Boulevard and turn onto sunset Boulevard and hit those.

Hit the big rides at the end of that, then swing back around and head into toy story land. Just make my way in a big circle. Hitting all the

Dan: No.

Jeff: Do you ride if you're alone and you could ride whatever, didn't matter if it was lines, like if you had access somehow.

Heather: Uhhuh and would you go do all that? And would you include star tours?

It would not include star 

Dan: that's a shame.

Jeff: Mm-hmm 

Heather: I haven't ridden. I haven't actually ridden star tours in literally years.

Jeff: yeah,

Dan: I love

Jeff: ridden it. I don't think since they opened the other star wars,

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: which is weird now.

Dan: I love just walking through the queue and how they made it a like movie set version of star

that's that's fun. 

Heather: be a must do for my family because my kids love star wars. And that was the only thing there and Jedi training academy, but we don't do any of that anymore

Jeff: I always wanted to be the rebel spy. Were any of you ever the rebel spy?

Dan: I wasn't. But Pressley was once and I think one of my kids was this last time, too. I don't remember. There's so many of them.

Heather: I think the last time I wrote that was when there still was star wars, weekends. That's how long

Jeff: Wow. I've been on it since then, for sure.

Dan: No, me too. Yeah, it's a, yeah. I would include that in my must do list. If I'm gonna

Heather: I like that area over there. I like the big, the at ads and the big trees.

Jeff: I'm basically four rides there. Rock and star tour. Rock and. Tower of terror, slinky and rise.

Heather: Those are the main one, but then now Mickey and minis run away. 

Jeff: Oh, crap. I love that. I forget

Heather: love 

Dan: Runaway railway. You gotta do that

Heather: And I would hit that

Jeff: dad over rise with resistance. Actually

Heather: I would hit that at the 

Jeff: of resistance is so long.

Dan: Eh, I've ridden it so many times.

Jeff. I need to get on Mickey, Manny now that they fi now that they had the pre-show again, I

haven't ever seen the pre-show


the last time I wrote it was back before the,

Heather: heck fire, Dan, you gotta get over and see that.

Jeff: You have to do that when you're there for Keon this year.

Dan: I'm not going to econ this year.

Jeff: Oh gosh. Did I? That.

Dan: no, you didn't. You said it on purpose. I saw that little grin. you little stinker.

Jeff: Ain't I, the Dickens.

Dan: I must say that. Again, nighttime's the right time there too. I love the neon signs down Hollywood Boulevard and sunset Boulevard there. And that's a good place to sit just for atmosphere and around echo lake to in the

Heather: Oh, yeah.

Dan: That's really nice.

Jeff: I love it back there, but there is nothing to do, but it's cute looking.

Dan: Yeah. I always have to look for Roger rabbit's. Silhouette. Is it still up in the window there? It was gone for a while and I think it came back. Up above one of the, I think it's up above Hollywood and dying Hollywood and vine around

by the lake there. There's

Jeff: I don't think I knew about that

Dan: That's the window for Eddie Val's detective agency and Woody or Roger rabbit's outline is like, he, like, he flew through the blinds.

Jeff: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Dan: Then, if you follow in a straight line all the way across the park to pass the Chinese theater, where it turns into backstage area, they actually painted an outline on of him on one of the buildings at one point early on. I don't think it's still there.

Jeff: Cool story though.

Dan: you knew what I was when you started doing

Jeff: And I like over there in that same area. There's the little, the rocketeers rocket pack is back there. Isn't it? Something in there. Let's see. What was that? I found it one time I had heard about it and it's where that Coke that little kiosk thing is

Dan: named something as PVS, something or other?

Jeff: Yeah. It's like a, just a little stand with popcorn and drinks and whatever.

And near that there's a little window and a rocketeers

Heather: Oh, yeah, I actually, I think I've seen.

Jeff: and I went and found it one time,

Dan: I'll have to look for that, but yeah.

Jeff: Google that. So like, if you're looking at Hollywood and died and you turn left, there's that small little kiosk shoehorned into the side of that building. It's right by.

Dan: Nice. I'll have to look for that. The end that I must do is to leave it via the Skyliner.

Jeff: Yeah

Dan: That's I like that. Dusk nighttime. That's good. That's good. Let's start over to Epcot. What does the day at Epcot

Jeff: on the skyline.

Dan: Yeah,

Heather: Yes. Now that guardians is open. That's the only thing recently that has pulled me away from the world showcase

 Because really an up got day for me is just wandering around the world showcase and

Jeff: Eating and drinking and and shopping and whatever. Picking out dog kimonos.

Heather: yes, we have done that.

Jeff: Yeah, I was gonna say if I was there as a tourist now and came in the front door, like on the monorail or whatever, I would ride guardians

Dan: I don't. If I came in through the front door, I don't know if I would make it to guardians. I'd take a look at that giant

Jeff: it's like the first thing on the left.

Dan: I would take a look at that giant maze of plywood walls. And I'd say, eh,

Heather: That is difficult to get over right now. I Haven not been back over to the living seas and the land or any of that. And since all those walls went up,

Dan: It's still maze, like getting over there. It's a little

Heather: I'm. I go as far as guardians now, ride guardians, and then I'm back in the world.

Dan: It's a little bit, it's a little bit better now that the new store and restaurant are open.


Heather: some time in those

Dan: some of that maze has cleared out and it's a little easier to get over, but it's

Jeff: We went recently and we did we go in the front door. Yeah. We came in the front door and we rode guardians and we left. We didn't do anything but that, and that took an hour and a half.

Dan: Wow.

Jeff: And you know where guardians is. You come in, you hang a left and right there.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: The only other attraction you walk past is this face, shape, earth.

Dan: Which I would

Jeff: and that was a, that was an hour and a half with fast, best or lightning lane access.

Dan: Holy crap. Just cuz it's so hard to find anything else on that side of the park.

Jeff: To get in there and get to the thing and through the thing and out of the thing and then back

Dan: okay. I thought you meant the wait for spaceship earth

 an No.

Jeff: the queue is long, even when you're enlighting lane, like just winding through there it's fairly long

and the ride itself. 

Heather: holding area rooms. You're you come into a holding area and then you go into another holding area and then you're in pre-show.

Jeff: it's all part of the attraction and all great and well done. And air conditioned I might add, but we thought we would pop in and ride. There's no

Heather: no popping.

Jeff: guardians.

Dan: popped in when we went, we were like one of the first boarding groups and it was like, I walked through all of that stuff all the way up to

Heather: If you're in one of the first groups in, there's not as much time in those initial holding rooms.

Dan: there was, yeah it was very

Jeff: No. Like the show, then the second show,

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: then the actual show and then the LA ride.

Dan: Yeah. But yeah definitely guardians would be on my list of things to

Jeff: But if I'm going in the front door, I'm doing guardians and then I'm hightailing it out there. The world showcase, cuz there's not a thing I care about in future world anymore.

Dan: Yeah. Not the bar at space two 20.

Heather: I love the bar at space two 20, but it's too difficult to get in there right now.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: Even if you're just looking at going in the lounge. It's tricky.

Jeff: I ate there once. That was probably enough.

Dan: Yeah. Honestly, I feel the same way. Maybe I'd go

Heather: I will say I've been back since that first time that we ate there and they have improved the menu it's even better. And the food is excellent and the drinks are cool, but it is, it's so trick. It's so difficult to get in, to get a spot. There

 It is. I think it's worth it to do that experience at least once, because it's so well done.

Jeff: At Epcot, there's so much good eating in world showcase. I've never cared about any of the rest of the parks. Eating people love the seafood place with the view of the fish. And it is cool. It's mediocre seafood. And I would never eat at the electric umbrella before I never ate in that place. What are you doing?

There's all that good food in world showcase.

Heather: that's true.

Jeff: But, and this is even when I was there with kids, I just, we were not, oh, I did eat at sunshine. Terrace or whatever, that little food court area.

Heather: Sunshine seasons.

Jeff: Yeah. Sunshine seasons. Yeah. When you come out of Soren. Oh, and I do love Sorin. I will go ride

Heather: I do love it. I need to get back over there. I just haven't felt like

Dan: dealing with

Heather: dealing with all the walls. Yeah.

Dan: I get

Heather: guardians is worth it.

Dan: Guardians is worth it. And world showcases, especially during a festival, which fortunately you don't have to wait very long for anymore.

Heather: Right.

Jeff: During the

Dan: with all the booths, man. We had,

Jeff: 11 months of the year that there's a festival.

Dan: yeah, we caught the end of caught the end of that one, but yeah, so that's pretty much it there for Upcott do some eating.

Heather: Eating and drinking. But in world showcase my must dos are LaCava Del tequila. I gotta at least pop in and get something to go. If preferably I'll like to sit down and have some chips and salsa and sample a margarita or three.


Jeff: yeah,

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: that's one of those time sucks where you're like, we'll pop in here and then you're like, oops.

See their Park's closing.

Dan: right? Yeah.

Jeff: I love that. I like a nice German beer

 And a pretzel or a brat. I love snacking around the world

Heather: and I love all the new stuff over there in France. The crepe restaurant is delightful. The Remy ride is cute. There's always some delicious alcoholic slushie, 

Dan: you can't go wrong with


Heather: standard Grier or the eel sour.

Jeff: That world, showcase that lake when you're just gonna circle around that lake when you're like, oh, we'll just go back and get that thing I saw in the store back there. You're not gonna

Heather: Oh, just by the thing. When you see it. 

Dan: Yeah, It's so far,

Heather: It's so huge

Dan: like seven miles around that lake. It's

Jeff: If I was there by myself and there was no one to tell me what timeframe to do anything, I would like sleep all day if I could, and then just go to the parks in the evening, but I always wind up going to the parks. Then I'm so hot and sweaty. I wanna leave. And then I never go to another park. So I never see these parks at night.

Then you're having dinner and doing all that stuff, which I love all the great dining and dinner, but I'm never, ever in a park at night.

Dan: it sounds like your problem is you're going with other people

Jeff: Also I can't sleep all day. I just, you can't hot and you get tired and then you're like, let's go. Take a break and swim or which I do highly recommend. If you're park touring, take a break and swim and then go back at night. If you don't have dinner reservations or whatever,

Dan: Yeah. Yeah, that's a, that is an excellent plan,

Jeff: too damn hot to be there for 12 hours.

Dan: Especially with small children.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: I, when my kid was little and we would go early in the morning and bang out a bunch of stuff, which you can easily do in the morning. And then go take a break and swim and chill. Even if they don't go to sleep, just let 'em calm down and quit being about a, around a hundred thousand people and then go back later and see fireworks or whatever

 I don't ever see fireworks anymore.

Dan: yeah, no, we were,

Heather: no, it's been a while.

Dan: we had intentions and we never managed to make it that late any of our

Jeff: it's too tiring. I'm 52. I can't do that

Dan: hell I'm 38 and I can't do that.

Jeff: when I was your age. And I had little kid, we would of course there was only one of our little kid, but we were rope dropped to fireworks people every night, every day.

Dan: up until this last trip, we typically were two and then we took it a little bit easier and listened to the kids and. Left, when it was a little more appropriate,

 You're just like, yeah, let's go to the pool. And that was a good decision.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: Turns out swimming pool and bedtime ice cream was is a really great idea.

Jeff: And these resorts are expensive and they're so great. They've got pools and you play ping pong and arcades and different stuff. And it's just, that's good family time. Once you've ridden everything. There's no reason to be a warrior about it.

Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like I said going and just enjoyed the park don't necessarily have to try to get on everything.

Heather: yeah.

Dan: So I leaves this with magic kingdom.

Heather: Ah, the magical

Jeff: My ultimate favorite park.

Dan: And I think this is the park that kind of breaks that rule of, I don't necessarily have to get on anything. I'm gonna try a little bit harder to get on some of the things that I love. At the magic kingdom. Fortunately, a lot of the things that I love are less popular

Jeff: Yeah and they're still there. A lot of the things that the nostalgia stuff is all still there, your nostalgia stuff from EPCOS going

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: that's true. That's 

Dan: improved. I'm gonna be honest. I rode the frozen ride for the first time ever this past trip

and I'm tired 

Heather: time in 

Jeff: in forever.

Dan: yeah, for the first time in ever I got on that frozen ride and I'm sorry, but maelstrom just wasn't that

Jeff: Maelstrom sucked. Let's

Heather: It did it really

Dan: it, 

Jeff: was an oil rig section.

Dan: Like there was one cool section with trolls and that was it.

And then there was like cavemen and polar bears and oil rigs in a storm. Frozen is a good ride

Jeff: Rosen's a good ride.

Dan: animatronics. So


Heather: it's cute. And there's a reason why frozen was a popular, it is still a popular movie, cuz it was great.

Jeff: Oh, is that based on a


Heather: it has great music. It has great characters. It's funny. It's I don't know. It's it made a billion dollars for a reason.

Jeff: For a reason.

Dan: Right.

Heather: Yeah. And I admitted when we were talking on the last episode about the wish that I was a little poo pooing, the Erin Del restaurant, thinking that I was gonna think it was cheesy and it was my favorite thing.

Jeff: It's fantastic.

Heather: And everybody started singing. Let it go. And at fir at first I thought, oh, here we go. We're all gonna sing. Let it go. And you know what? It was so fun. 

Jeff: So fun. And who was singing the loudest in there? This guy,

Heather: Yep.

Jeff: this 52 year old male. That's. What was funny on that? Was there was, it was all adults mostly,

Dan: right.

Jeff: Yes. Magic kingdom. If I'm at Disney world, if I was there for a meeting or whatever, and I'm alone, I've got one day to spend

Heather: I will just go wander there.

Jeff: That's where I'm going.

Dan: Yeah. 100%. That's

Heather: and tons of rides that I love there and will ride for nostalgia, but it's also another park that I like to just wander around and look at things and watch people and see little kids seeing it for the first time and wander through the stores or just sit.

 Just like being there. I don't have to do anything.

Jeff: it makes me happy just to walk through the tunnel under the thing and S see main street USA. I instantly just love it.

Heather: Yep.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: No, none of the other parks do that for me, but that one is just like, ah,

Dan: yeah, no, that's 100%. True. It's a whole different feeling there. And I had a feeling, we were all gonna be pretty much on the same page with magic kingdom. Just that's my plan for magic kingdom is just be there. I don't really care that much. I'm gonna try to do things I'm gonna try. I'm gonna get on the people mover.

Fortunately, I don't have to try hard to do that.

Heather: or maybe one trip I will go in and just walk around. And the only thing I'll ride my favorite ride, there is big thunder.

Jeff: Yep.

Heather: But if I just caught the country bears or just one of 

Jeff: Pirates is a good one. You can always get on pirates and haunted mansion easy. Even when the line says an hour for ha mansion. It's not an hour.

Dan: No. That's Heather. That's what I did back in November. I had one day, not even that many hours to go into magic kingdom, I went in, I watched the country bears. I got. A snack and a fancy 50th anniversary, the Hane mansion beverage, and just walked around and it also happened to be dapper day. So I looked at, I watched the crowds and their

Heather: I love crowd watching on dapper day. Yes.

Dan: yeah,

Jeff: When was that? When were you there?

Dan: November ke con.

Jeff: Oh, was it like your last day before leaving?

Dan: it was the last day before closing stuff, Yeah. it was, 

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: it was between game time and closing. So I had a few hours to hang out,

Jeff: Yeah, I think I was busy

Dan: probably, yeah,

Jeff: stuff. Funny that Dan's just wandering around with nothing to do in a park.

Dan: You could have said, Hey Dan, I could use some help carrying these giant

letters from this room 

Jeff: saw was the smoke from your feet skying out of that place,

Heather: headed to the magic kingdom.

Jeff: but No, I love every attraction there. And if I can only ride one or two things, it's worth it or I can ride nothing or whatever, but I'll get a, get some popcorn or get a doll whip and just wander and smell and look at things. I love taking pictures at that park and at Disneyland park, I don't know what I've seen.

Thing in there a hundred times, but I always find some little weird angle to take a picture of something added. There's not a, there's not an unattractive view in that place.

Heather: that's true.

Dan: Yeah. For the most part there's a little ugliness heading from fantasy land into, in, into Liberty square. If you're not looking at the bathrooms. But other than that, yeah, you're right.

Jeff: Liberty square where

Dan: If you look to the left, when you're going past Rapunzel's potties, that

Heather: not as pretty.

Dan: yeah.

Jeff: oh yeah,

Dan: all just blank brick that's just me being

Jeff: You're

Heather: that's magic kingdom. Brick Dan

Dan: That's right. Is


Jeff: you just look right and look at the prettiest shitter in all the lands.

Dan: that's

Heather: yeah.

Dan: That's


Heather: you have, y'all been back in tomorrow land recently, Tron is looking pretty spectacular. The 

Jeff: you know, I almost never go back there. 

Heather: that whole outdoor, I don't know what you call it. The hood, the swoop,

Dan: canopy,

Heather: Yeah, it looks 

Dan: whatever it is They've got some name. It's like a

Heather: It's gonna look so cool at night, lit up all blue and

Dan: Oh, you'll see it. My family is devoted to the people movers. So we wrote that a couple times and we check out Tron construction. You can get a pretty good view of it


Heather: gonna have to do a nighttime. I think we have a meeting coming up at the end of this month. We can work during the day and hit the parks at night.

 See the things at the, in the nighttime.

Jeff: My instinct is always to get a dinner reservation or whatever, but you could get a dinner. Skippers canteen or

Dan: Yes.

Yes. Skipper canteen.

Jeff: the way, that's a must do for me is that is a great restaurant with the beautiful theming and great food mediocre service. It's awesome.

Dan: some far for the course

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: yeah. Yeah. Yes, 

Jeff: When I started going there, I always was a go left at the hub kind of person, cuz I noticed that instinctively humans go right? So we want to work counterclockwise for some reason, but I would always go clockwise and I would always go left. But now since being a club member, I especially go left there cuz and then sometimes I never go any further.

 That's a real problem. So it's best if you just go on past it and keep going. But my favorite corner is back with splash and big thunder and then haunted mansion and country bears. That whole section there is just the bomb makes me feel like a seven year old little boy.

Dan: Watching gun smoke and

 Other old timey Western shows something anyway.

Jeff: singing bears.

Dan: Yeah. That'll staple. Yeah I think the things that I try to fit in, especially are the bears and the birds, the people mover.

Jeff: That's funny. I love bears and birds, but I often keep going cuz they feel like, and I don't know what I'm in this hurry for, but I feel like, ah, those take too. But they don't,

Dan: They don't

Jeff: don't know what that is. 

Dan: don't, 

Jeff: I, in my head, it's like, I'm not gonna sit down and watch this show.

Dan: takes no longer than the queue for most of the other rides.

Jeff: I know it's just a weird mindset. I have, I adore both of those shows, but I rarely see them.

Dan: Yeah, I get it.

Jeff: haven't seen country bears in years.

Dan: Should rectify that

Jeff: Mm-hmm You know what you're missing

Since I'm sure they're gonna remove it and put in a zombies exhibit

Dan: Oh, God

Heather: that would not be good.

Dan: don't get them ideas. Yeah. So that's about what I expected to hear from magic kingdom is we just go and we just love it.

Jeff: yet to summarize my perfect day at magic kingdom is to be at magic kingdom.

Dan: yeah,

Heather: Yep.

Dan: that sounds about right.

Jeff: And my only thing I have to do there, or I'm not going, is stitch his great escape. Oh, wait,

Dan: Ooh, I got bad news for you.

Jeff: what?

Dan: Got bad

Jeff: tell me they closed it.

Dan: No, but you can still do the milk. The I'm sorry, the monster zinc laugh floor. I forgot to tell you guys. Last week I got one of my jokes red on the monster zinc laugh floor.

Jeff: Ah,

you did, 

Dan: Oh God. I gotta remember. I don't

Jeff: were you that guy.

Dan: No. I was trying really 

Heather: great dad joke.

Dan: Yeah. It was a really I man.

Dang it. What was it? Oh, it was it was why don't you ask, why don't, why do you not ask Elsa to hold onto your Mickey mouse balloon while you ride big thunder mountain railroad?

Heather: because she's gonna let it go.

Dan: Yeah. Didn't


Jeff: The one that they read that Wyatt and I submitted was one of those mini versions of the, a wire pirate something they just are

Heather: Yep. That's a 

Jeff: you can throw in with one of their, it's a dad joke with a ride name in it. They're gonna read it.

Dan: Yeah.


Heather: Yeah. Owen submitted once the where do fish store their money?

Jeff: In their

Heather: That's not the answer. It's in the river bank.

Dan: Yeah, duh,

Jeff: pretty good.

Heather: Yeah. I like your answer better though.

Dan: what did the fish say? When it ran into the wall?

Jeff: My nose.

Dan: Damn,

Heather: Okay, that then made me laugh. Dan

Dan: what's brown and sticky.

Heather: good job.

Jeff: That's stupid. I love it. So to summarize, always just go to magic kingdom,

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: skip those other parks.

Dan: I'm not necessarily gonna say that, but yeah, it's just not the same if you don't go to magic kingdom. So

Heather: that's true.

Dan: yeah, 

Jeff: don't you feel sad for someone that's like I've got one day at Walt Disney world.

I'm going to animal kingdom them

Dan: that's even rougher. I did have somebody ask me for advice because they were planning on going and spending one day at Hollywood studios. I was like, you could spend the whole day just at Hollywood studios.

Jeff: I've done that

Heather: oh yeah.

Dan: Yeah,


Jeff: used to go. Our trips were typically four days, one park each day when we went as a family and Wyatt was a kid.

Dan: No, but I this is their only day and they're just going to Hollywood studios

Jeff: Oh, they just wanna see the new stuff.

Dan: Maybe, I don't know. They're not people who frequently go to the parks,

Jeff: I'm out. They're stupid.

Dan: Yeah. They're not like you they're or even me, you gets to go once a year or so.

Jeff: Do you think they think it's universal studios?

Dan: No. I made sure I clarified that.

I think he mostly was excited about star

Jeff: We're just there for Harry Potter, man.

Dan: that never gets old stupid. Anyway. Sounds like we all know how to have a good day at the theme parks. I want Disney world. So I'm gonna say, thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you are excited to have the perfect Walt Disney world day

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We can't wait to hang out with you again next week and we'll see you real soon.

Heather: Bye y'all.

Jeff: Bye guys, call me!