March 16, 2022

St. Patrick’s Day at Walt Disney World

St. Patrick’s Day at Walt Disney World

Begosh and begorrah, St Paddy’s day is upon us, and we’re looking for the luck of the Irish around Walt Disney World. But first travel news, including Disneyland Paris has a celebration all their own,Disney California Adventures prepares for Food and Wine festival 2022, Dan has a few more notes on his trip to Walt Disney World last month, and the muppets are back on TV for a little mayhem. Grab your shillelagh and look out for leprechauns, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!

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Begosh and begorrah, St Paddy’s day is upon us, and we’re looking for the luck of the Irish around Walt Disney World. But first travel news, including Disneyland Paris has a celebration all their own,Disney California Adventures prepares for Food and Wine festival 2022, Dan has a few more notes on his trip to Walt Disney World last month, and the muppets are back on TV for a little mayhem. Grab your shillelagh and look out for leprechauns, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!


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[00:00:00] Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me in the studio this week is Heather Straight and Jeff Williams. My name is Jeff Williams. Still, are you sure? Yep. Okay. Okay. Our show as always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel, can you to the world travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world.

Head to for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. Guys, it's almost time to celebrate the greenest of holidays. I'm not talking about earth day. I'm not talking about Arbor day. I'm not even talking about four 20, obviously. It's time for St. Patrick's day. Yeah. What she said, where Jeff comes from. Hey, you can kiss my learning stone. Oh, played. Yeah we've got some great ways of celebrating around the Disney parks, but first travel news, starting with Disneyland Paris has a special anniversary all their own.

This year, they're celebrating the big three oh years. Crazy. The first time I went to [00:01:00] Disneyland Paris, it was their 15th anniversary. So I feel old. So that was probably like 10 years ago. Yeah. A year or two or something like that. Just doing a little quick. Yeah, you're pretty good at the mental math.

Last week when we were at Walt Disney world, we overheard a guest say calling it Euro Disney. It hasn't been called that since, before it opened. I think it was called that for three years. It's very, but you know what? The stupid name like the Euro Disney railway is still, there are some, there's still remnants everywhere.

Yep. They opened on April 12th, 1992. Crazy. I was eight years old, but they decided to, they started to kick off their 30th anniversary celebration on March 6th for some reason. And it will go for at least a year. Yeah, probably 18 months. And to celebrate, they have ruined Minnie mouse for. Oh, gosh, we're going to go right to the pantsuit.

Huh? I was going to save that for later. That's the pantsuit anniversary. I don't [00:02:00] understand why everyone is so upset that Minnie mouse is wearing pants. Because Minnie mouse is a female and females always wear a dress or it is 2022 folks. It is not 1922, but people are so upset. That she's got a new outfit designed by Stella McCartney and its pants.

Look first, they took Lola bunny and they made her not be all sexy anymore. Then they came for the green M&MM and she's not sexy anymore. And then they took Minnie mouse and they put pants on her so that her underpants don't stick out from underneath her dress and Jessica rabbit. Got her boobs covered.

What are they doing to all of our cartoon ladies she's wearing like a trench coat or something. Her big furry boobs. She's not pretty, I don't know what you were looking at, but they got a lot going on for the 30th anniversary there. Avengers campus is opening this summer. Yeah. They'll have their own web slingers.

And I don't know how I missed this. Rock and roller coaster is no longer rock and roller coaster. It's the iron man coaster. Yep. That happened already, correct? Yeah, it did. [00:03:00] In fact, it happened like right after we were there writing it, there was a big signs about it. Yeah. And I remembered that when I read this article, but I had completely forgotten that they were getting rid of the whole rock and roller coaster rock and roller coaster.

Anyway, it was terrible. I hate it. Which means it's going to be a terrible Ironman and Custer. Cause it didn't replace the coaster. They just put different stuff. Yeah, they gave the cars. And they put an arc reactor in there somewhere and change the music. It's very raw. It's a very rough rollercoaster, like rock and roller coaster at Disney world is super smooth and great.

This one is just a knock your head around like the old Hulk coaster used to be. Oh yeah. And I'm not epileptic, but I swear I was two seconds away from a seizure on that. The flashing lights. It was terrible. I hated it did not like that one at all. Yes, we did. That is true for your children. Yeah.

They're also getting a bunch of new shows. They're getting a new show during the day called dream and shine brighter. So exciting dream [00:04:00] and just as dream and shine brighter. But the cool thing is they're getting a new nighttime show and it sounds really great. It features over 200 drones, which is great.

It's the first time that they've done a drone show over there, a castle in a Disney park and they've added the right they've added video projections, a light illuminated water jet. All kinds of cool stuff, but I saw some photos of it and the drone work looks killer. Is it in the Disneyland? It is in the Disneyland park over the Cinderella castle, which, sorry, it's not Cinderella castle there.

It's sleeping. Beauty castle. Yeah, that's the one I have. They need a studio park for the university. You have, they'd managed to make the studio park a place that people want to visit. They're working on it. That's where a vendor's campuses. So that helps it's all parts of it, but it's like a weird jumbled mess.

It is in there. They're starting to get it to have a bit of a better theme. Avengers campus opens this summer. They're also putting that's where the frozen land is going to go. [00:05:00] And Galaxy's edge is going there as well. And it's back when they did the big buyout a few years back, it started really focusing on the way the studio spark is you walk in, there's like a very small.

Courtyard. The whole thing is supposed to look like a working studio, but it's you walked into the backside of it's like you came in by the rock and roller coaster entrance, that Hollywood studio. So as soon as you walk in, there's very small courtyard. It's all just soundstage looking ugly drag buildings beyond this cute Fenton.

And you have to go through a soundstage that has a tacky food court to, before you go it. I don't know that he thought that was a good idea. It's terrible burgers. I've spent a lot of time welcome to Disney. Here's a food court from the mall and the nineties. Yes. And the rest of the park is cool. The Remy area's beautiful.

And they've got a pretty neat I liked toy story play. It's more like a kid's play area in smaller REITs. They're pretty cool though. They've got that tower of terror is awesome. There are. Attraction. I love it. And no one will ever write it with me. I don't, those rides make me sick. They little like the swinging pirate ship or any of that repetitive [00:06:00] motion gets me.

I think once they get all of these new lands into that park, it's going to be a really great park and it'll stand up well next to the Disneyland park there, which is. It did need a little bit of love though. It was starting to get pretty run down. The Disneyland hotel is one of my favorite Disney hotels because of where it is right there at that front of the park and at the entrance.

But the last time we were there, it was looking rough. Yeah. A lot of rotten wood actually on the exterior of it, we were waiting for something. I don't remember what we were waiting on, but we were looking up in the corners of these buildings and around the guest services area that all sits beneath the hotel.

It was just falling apart. Yeah. And you'd never see that in the U S and so there, they, now that they have. Full ownership of the park they're taking, they're getting it in women at, into shape. And a lot of it is done of Cinderella. CA I keep calling it Cinderella, castle, sleeping, beauty castle there they're beautiful castle, got a makeover.

And I don't know if either of you saw it. I don't know how [00:07:00] I feel about it because I always thought that was really the most beautiful castle. It's a beautiful castle and it was a subtle pink color and it is not subtle anymore. They redid it with a color scheme. That's very similar to Cinderella castle.

I think that's why I keep calling it that because I keep looking at this picture and it's they've redone. The tourists are that very bright shimmery, Royal blue. The pink is really in your face pink and they've put a lot of gold on it. It needed a little bit of a refurb. It was getting a little faded, but just for the 30th, we think it was definitely done for the 30th, but I don't know whether they'll go back to the old, more subtle color scheme.

It's I don't know. It's still a beautiful castle, but it looks. It's a little closer to the castle cake color now. Yes. It's not quite full on Pepto, but it's getting there, but it's very, oh, you know what? I actually really like it. I'm looking at it. I like the Stripe. Cause they've got the deep pink and the light pink.

It's not as bad [00:08:00] as I was expecting. No, that's why I said it was conflicted because I don't think it's ugly. I just really loved the subtleness of the way that it used to. I will say that subtleness is from 15 years of needing a pink job. That's like the Cinderella Catholic Disney world was chalky white.

It used to be like a blue and then it became like a gray and it was almost white. The gold trim they put on those spires is gorgeous cap on the top. It's the centerpiece of their new nighttime show. So the drones are all above the show. I saw some photos of it and they do some cool things with the drones.

At one point, all 200 of them form this huge Mickey head attached to the side of the castle. It looks really killer. Yeah. They do that at one point. Yeah. They form a sparkly Mickey head 30, and there's a new anniversary theme song here. I'm going to hit you with some more French. It's called a , which means a world that lights up.

So it's all about, I think they're trying to pull in the idea that it's set in the city of lights and I don't know [00:09:00] what their new nighttime show, but their nighttime show was still called illumination there. So I've never been able to mention. It's on Disney plus. Yeah. It's difficult to see it. It's difficult to see it live if you visit in the summer because it stays light.

So late there we worked on there on main street at 10 30 at night, and it was still. And they had champagne carts, like nice, good champagne all up and down main street. I love Disneyland Paris. Hello, Jeff. You mentioned that Mickey had 30 logo and that's one thing. That's one thing that caught my eye when they first announced preparations for the anniversary, the color scheme for this compared to the iridescent 50th at Walt Disney world.

And that make you hit 30. That just looks so that's a really sexy looking logo there. Yeah they kinda got a little bit of a classier celebration than we did. Didn't they, there was no iridescent anything. It's Paris versus America. This is true Paris in central Florida. A little different [00:10:00] basically things went exactly as you should have expected.

Yeah. Yep. Thanks, Brandon.

Let's let's hop over to the other sleeping beauty castle. A Disneyland resort is kicking off their international food and wine festival and wine opened on March 4th. And this is very short. It only goes to April six. And it's a little, not a little different. It's a lot different from Epcot food and wine festival.

And one of the things I love about it is every year it's completely different. They don't bring back the same food. Their culinary team thinks up something new every year. And this year the whole theme of it, it's always California. It's California ingredients, calories. Cuisine, but the overarching theme is comfort food.

So a lot of the stuff you'll find on the menu is a play on things like macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and, but elevated. So there's like a glazed pork belly, hot dog, which sounds really delicious. An IPA sausage [00:11:00] dog. That was my nickname in high school, sausage, lots of shock. There was something called peanut butter and jelly man.

Which I was afraid was going to be Mac and cheese with peanut butter and jelly in it, but it's actually a dessert. So it's a savory macaroni dish topped with brown sugar and strawberry crackle. I don't know about that one. No, it's elevated whatever they have say. Yes. One thing the caliph, the Californians are excited about is that in honor of the food and wine festival, original store in his back just for a month, I saw the sign went up.

Yeah. Yeah. And when they opened the first day they opened the attraction, they were handing out oranges in line. I wish they'd just break that. Just admitted sort around the world or at least leave it there if you want Soren around the world and Epcot fine, but let's put California that tattoo.

That would be my preference over California. They're also extending the festival into [00:12:00] Avengers campus. So you'll find a lot of very small tasting bites to go along with the theme in there. Yes. They have really boring food to pay homage to the U-turn. Not a fan. No, can't finish it. I haven't been able to either.

I have to admit, I just can't, I'm assuming to go with the comfort food theme, a lot of the emergency centers around sweat pants and fuzzy slippers. That's probably a good thought. I hope so. They always have good stuff. There's going to be lots of deep fried things, which I think is great. I love, I like that little festival and it's usually at a time of year.

That's not sweltering. Cause I guess it's just normally not sweltering there, but. And it's not a super busy time of year either. I was going into the spring. I remember being there for it and it was cool. But there was when we were there, when we had keychain there in 20 whatever year, that was 17, 17, there was some sort of festival going on around DCA then.

And I think it was. I think it was, maybe it was, I thought it was always, [00:13:00] I thought it was always opposite of Epcot. I thought that too, but I, as before Dan said that I was remembering that a bunch of us agents were all like piled under a few rentals, cheating, all different stuff. And we had this little snap off cards to buy different.

Yeah, this was early. It was early December. So it was after Epcot was done, but it wasn't yet. That's what I was saying. I remember wearing a jacket at this festival, but maybe it was a different festival. They had. They could have been, I don't know, they had really good music there though. If they had a really good, like cool at klezmer rock that classmate music.

No. Yeah. They'll have a lot of live music, live entertainment mixology demonstrations. They have the celebrity chefs cause some of the same stuff that Epcot does, but I don't know. I just, it's a smaller footprint and it just seems like an easier, more easy going. I like the, I love the Disneyland festival.

Yeah, there's a, there's going to be a section. That's all food from California, food trucks. They consider themselves the creators of the food truck culture. And so there's a bunch of food trucks that'll [00:14:00] be there, which will be neat. And who's going to prove them wrong. This is true. I want to go to that festival Disneyland in general and everything with everything opening back up, you don't have to wear masks at Disneyland.

You don't have to be vaccinated to go to universal studios, Hollywood. That was apparently a different festival. I looked it up in 2017. It was March 10 through April 16. So there was some festivals. We were in some kind of festival of deliciousness that we got to see. Maybe it was something holiday, maybe one of the bands they could get to come and play.

It could be electric mayhem. I hear they're recording. Yeah, barely. That's the premise of their brand new TV series Disney plus. Yeah. Finally, after 40 years they're getting into the studio, apparently. Yeah. It says that the basic premise is that they're going to be recording their debut album.

Yeah. They finally got signed since 1978, more than 45 years after making their debut on the Sesame street spinoff, the Muppet show. It still cracks me up. That was a [00:15:00] spin off of Sesame street.

They haven't exactly been super active. How many TV shows and movies have you had then? That's true that nobody seems to like anything. Oh, the two movies, recent movies were big hits and then that haunted mansion. So I hope that's good, but I did not like either of the two new Muppet shows, they tried to do that new one.

Where, what was it called? Miss piggy was a Knight, had her own late night talk show. I forgot. It's call it where Ralph was putting together their, they were streaming. They're making like YouTube shows. Yes. And it was in the style of the office with the candidate interview before. Yeah. In 2017, they had that other show them up it's now or whatever.

That didn't do well either. Remember they were recording that and we were like, cool, we get to tour the studio. And they're like, Nope, you're going next door to see the Black-ish set. That was the one where Kermit and miss piggy. Yes, no, they, that one they went a little too hard on the, making it an adult show.

And so people didn't want to watch it with their kids. And [00:16:00] then they just didn't really hook the adults to get it to stand on its own. And Peggy were what they called Macon bacon. I think that took that. I don't remember that. I don't remember that

I've got high hopes though, after seeing what they did with Muppets, with the hot, imagine that. Yes. All they need to do is do that. And but make it about the rock band and the rabbit is great. Those characters are all hilarious. I liked them. And I was, had very high hopes till I saw that the human star of the show was Lilly Singh.

And I think she sucks. I don't know who that is. She had a show that came on after Seth Meyers on NBC for her. She's a YouTube star, who they gave a TV show too. That was just painfully awful, which doesn't really sound like it would go well she's a delightful person, but it was, she was not one to do it late night shift.

So maybe she'll be good at this. I don't know. The show is directed by what the are written by a creator of the golden. That's a show that I know exists. I haven't watched it, but I know it exists. It's not bad. I haven't watched it either. I've watched other one. That's [00:17:00] nice, right? Yes. Yeah, exactly. I subscribe to Disney plus.

I'll watch the whole no, I'll watch it. Yeah. I have my fingers crossed. I hope that I love them up it's and I want them to have a big smash hit, but I was excited about that. Never came to fruition was before the pandemic they were working. And after the success of the two recent method movies, Bo Burnham was going to write and direct day.

Oh, that would be great. I wish they would just bring back the Muppet show in that format. Variety show with wacky sketches, celebrity guests a little bit more like Saturday night live. Yes. Bring back pigs in space. Come on. She didn't listen to the nineties. It was pretty good. Yeah. I remember Sandra called tonight.

That was good. You went well, they could do it again. The weapons wasn't good. And they need some love, that's that brings me to my trip report a denim. I just thought of another item to add to the agenda. Their store is closed at that store and we just talked about is a wonderful shop. It's a wonderful shop is close to, yeah, they were both close one with their, it doesn't look like they're being [00:18:00] refurbished or turned into something else or just not open.

It's just not open. There was. It was black tarp. There's like black plastic sheeting over the doors, the glass doors, and this just a printed sign that said the store is not open. That is not good. And that's the weird thing. There's more than one shop that we saw in hydro studio. So it was like that it was like, it wasn't nicely presented.

Like they closed something. They'll turn it into a facade or something. They don't just right out of business. Your merchant locations, isn't that a rich source of revenue. There's that other shop? When you turn onto sunset Boulevard, it's on the. If you're facing the tire terror, it's right at the corner.

Opposite. Not on your left opposite of the Starbucks. I used to be the village invoke. No no, it's the shop that looks like a movie theater. And for a while they had the toy story, land merchant in there and that's closed two and they did the same thing where it just looks like black plastic shoe was for a while.

They didn't know what to do. From a computer and it's they make a sign or something. You don't just print it off on a computer. Hey Bob, [00:19:00] we forgot to make a sign when you type something up. Yeah, it was surprising and disappointing to see that. But is it printed on a dot matrix printer?

It's on a Western union telegram form period. Current oil. That would be okay. Yeah. That'd be better than what they did have. Yeah. Yeah. Let's see. A couple of short things I wanted to add to my trip report. Oh, one thing we had briefly talked about the star cruiser and Heather, you had mentioned the loaner data pads from what I'm seeing, just so that people don't get too excited about that.

From what I'm seeing is that's a temporary thing that the app is not working great with phones. And so giving out. A phone that only has it on there that they've tested to make sure it works well. And they expect to have it working for everybody else's phone the end of this month. I thought it was a great idea because it kept you in the story and you didn't have any of the other distractions.

You could also just use your phone for regular phone stuff or film yourself using your data. Yeah, that would make sense. It makes more sense to do that way to me, but from what [00:20:00] I've seen cast reports not to be a saying it's not going to be permanent. I've started diving deep into the

backstory. They should've made the Halcyon. Excursion day be an hour before the park opens. So it's just you and your hotel, guests on the thing. That'd be smart, whatever, open early, then you're not in there with like shiny jorts. That's taken out of the story or I would love it if they. Yeah, that's a review that I read said that like, why didn't they do this when they were before or after dark looks killer after dark?

Yeah. I did see reports that surprisingly they're letting you go back and forth between planet and the ship on the transport, as long as it's during your window when you're scheduled to be there. Which just seems like why, I wonder why maybe the Trump people want to do it. I saw people saying that they like went once in their full-on really elaborate costumes and it took a transport back after they took pictures, changed into more comfortable clothes for the Florida climate and then went [00:21:00] back.

But that just seems like a waste of I also have been seeing trip reports that say, don't spend a lot of time. 'cause you can go to bat to whenever you want. And if you stay back on the house Yon, you could get involved in a lot more of the plots. And some of them happen on by tube. At the same time, there are certain missions and stuff that they could send you to do about too.

So balance it out, play some of the storylines there gotten to, we did that. Take this moment to recant all the shit slinging I did. Would you like to issue a retraction? I did. It just looks so cool. And I'm so excited to get. I just have to be able, I'm such a cynical turd that I just have to, we've heard from people who have been on the revenue sailings, where these weren't influencers who were given a free trip and they all loved it, but they also do say that you're going to get the most out of it.

If you let go of that cynicism and just before. Yeah. And they say to them you can sit back and watch and just hang out in the bar or whatever you want to do. But really to get your money's worth. And the cool part is [00:22:00] it's like mystery dinner theater mixed with escape room for two days. So you got to solve these things and people will slip you a little notes and yeah, just sounds so cool.

Yeah, I think coming up and they finished the ceiling finally come up maybe in a month or two, maybe I think we'll maybe do an episode. We can talk about preparation and some of the interesting thing, cause I'm going full LARPing Cubs play dead. I decided to Dan and I decided tonight I'm going to be a black market, poor dealer.

There's groups of. Tiny little toy porgs all over the show for other Chandlers to find I got apparently on some cruise lines, there's a thing where you hide many rubber ducks or painted rocks. Yeah. And so people are doing that on the OnStar cruiser with tiny little porks, there's some people making crocheted ones like, can I get a supply of tiny little pork figuring.

It's going to have to find a dealer I'm going to have to find me to send me a picture and I'll make them perfect. Yeah, we're good there. So yeah, we'll talk, I think we can talk [00:23:00] about some of the weird, interesting culture that's already forming around it and the preparations and things to know before.

And I found myself looking online at different cosplay thing. we're going to get full on into it too. And then we'll reconvene after we've all spent time on that. My character is, will be someone who wears shorts, perhaps a shakes star wars, Jeff Granito. Hello, Huscher. Perfect. I'll wear that to dinner.

Timeline. It's appropriate. It's conceivable that you would have a shirt with those heroes of the, I see Jeff as a scoundrel character. Yeah, I see. Jeff is a. It was a bar flight character, actually

a man about town. And the one other thing I wanted to mention on the trip report, this is something that this is the first time I've gotten to do this because I didn't have children with me. And I think it might get overlooked by a lot of people. We went into the, what do they call it? One main stream. Is it that serious called the Walt Disney exhibit at Hollywood studios?

And if you're a fan of [00:24:00] Disney of the Disney company, Walt Disney, especially my yesterday's. It's a real cool place to visit. There was some real, I didn't realize that they have that model of the granny and Kate's cabin and the dancing man, which is basically like the first animatronic I haven't been in there in years.

And that just seeing that dancing made, I just stopped in my jaw, dropped. I was like, oh my God. Cause no reading about, so that's really cool. I did feel bad for the very nice old lady who is probably one of the oldest cast members property down by the movie theater end because everybody got down to the Edmund side that there was a movie.

Did she have to wait for and then turned around and left through the entrance also. So she, the queen, she's just lonely old lady. I was still bad for the people that worked in the in the Norway ride in the movie theater. You get off that boat, just haul ass through there. These are like people from Norway, they're proud to show off their beautiful country.

And then people got to go get that film was so outdated at once. You'd saw it 30 times. I always felt a little [00:25:00] bit rude. Go could just blown it off. Oh yeah. I've watched this probably 10 times before I realized, wait a minute, I can just blame it on. Yeah. So yeah, if you're a fan of Walt Disney and the thing to see some of that history, there's some really cool models from know original planning sessions and stuff like, so they had his office in there too.

Is that still there? Like a scale of. Yeah, his is his office desk, a reproduction of a animation desk from his very first animation studio. Also his elementary school desk with his initials carved into the top. And that's pretty cool. Cool. Yeah. So was he one of the people that were responsible for Disneyland and Disney world?

I'm sorry, what was that? Is Walt Disney. One of the people that was responsible for Disneyland and Disney world, there was a child. And my child, I want to say it was like a tween who like they were watering through. And when we got to the section of it, where it was like early Mickey mouse, and there was some very early Mickey mouse because he got.

Mom is this the guy who made Mickey mouse? [00:26:00] Oh, that's just bad parenting. How does that happen? You're here. Why do you not know that? Yeah. But yeah, they were in that exhibit. Yeah. Now they know they should. But yes, definitely check that out. It's worth 10, 15 minutes of text. Yeah, definitely.

Yeah. I need to go back. I haven't been since white. It was little and then he's yeah, kids are so late. I know they shouldn't be allowed in the theme. Parks. Why do people bring them there? I don't know. It's a waste of time. Stick around because after the commercial break we were wearing the green and celebrating St.

Patrick's day around what this new world.

It's finally that one week a year where everyone becomes Irish, sadly, Walt Disney world doesn't die. The seven seas lagoon green, or have any kind of big parade with bagpipers and leprechauns and lucky charms, but you can still celebrate around. Maybe you can find some lucky champs at the food court.

Delicious. That's what I hear. You can still find some ways to celebrate around the parks. Let's let's get the most obvious option out of the way. First over at Disney Springs, there's obviously Ragland rooms. Quick question though. Do you do either of, the history of St Patrick's day[00:27:00] 

and he drove the potatoes out of Ireland housing? And then they came to America and they got the they liked the Jews. So they made these and you're being ridiculous. It's obviously Mexican independence day, really close St. Patrick's day really is an American holiday. Oddly, because in Ireland, St.

Patrick's day is a religious holiday. It's a feast day. One of the many fee stays in the Catholic church and they do not, at least they did not celebrate it the way that we do with all of the wearing of the green and getting drunk. And all of that goes into correct. It really spring out of the Irish folks who have who immigrated to the United States and wanted to have a little bit of a celebration of their own history.

And it turned into something just really uniquely American with the Chicago dying, their river green. And I just it's fantastic if you've ever seen it in person, I highly recommend it's. It's shocking. It's and really green and probably great for the earth. So green, I don't know what that is.

Super [00:28:00] authentically Irish. Yes. But the kind of thing you see around here with people wearing green and wearing orange and white and green and, wigs and the beads and all of that, it's just not, it's not actually an Irish thing. It's an Irish American thing. Can I started doing it in Ireland? Once the Americans started going to the celebrations, then they realized there wasn't anything.

So they apparently Christmas started out as a religious thing. Really you talk say, huh? The fake white beard and the red buzzy suit. That's an American invention. Huh. That's so good to know. Look, we need to start a history podcast, you guys, but what better place to celebrate such a uniquely American holiday than Walt Disney world and yes, Dan you're right.

The most obvious thing to do is to start at Raglan road and they actually make it a whole week. They call it the mighty festival St. Patrick's week not day. And so this year it starts on the 11th and runs through the 17th and every day to have of March. Yes. And every day they have live music, [00:29:00] both indoors and outdoors.

They have, of course they're the regular road, Irish dancers, which they have all the time, but really a ton of great live music, lots of bluegrass, which if you know anything about bluegrass that comes really comes from it's from Irish roots. And then a lot of a lot of Irish bands the men of Erin will be playing this year, Emerald shore, tons of stuff.

And then they have out on the patio at the, out on that they have to, they have the main pub stage indoors, and then they have the patio stages and they forgo the normal step dancers show and have these full bands playing. Yes. And then the step dancers will come out in between sets of the bands and do the Irish team.

So it looks like the step dancers perform six times a day, and then it all culminates on March 17th. When all of the bands that they've had playing throughout the week will, all of them will be playing all day long. They rotate in their sets and it's, it looks so fun. I've never been to Raglan road on, you can't even get near the place.

I've been a few years to Disney [00:30:00] Springs during, on St. Patrick's day. And man, is it that whole area is crap. And it's, they do recommend that between the 11th and the 16th. You really need a reservation if you want to go, because they're so crowded, but on St. Patrick's day it's first come first serve. They don't take reservations and you just gotta get there early.

They open at 10:00 AM and people are lined up to get in and get their spot for the yes. And do they put a time limit on your state? Like it Ogas Cantina. On St. Patrick's day. It is there's a $20 cover charge for a guests 18 and up and on that day

challenge accepted. And they, it looks like a ton of fun. I love Raglan road. It's a lot of fun even when it's not St. Patrick's day and they bookend the week Sunday to Sunday, they'll have their Irish brunch. If you're in the right frame of mind and have the energy that is the funnest place.

But I went there after an exhaust. Park day and had a headache, but there was two, two children and whoa, okay. This is not for me. It was so [00:31:00] loud and just obnoxious. Where's your box right next to your hand. They see this literally right next to the stage and I was like, cool, this is going to be great.

Really see the show. Wow. Now, even if you're in the back, the Irish dancers come with their own wooden box. Yeah. They bring the box in that few table. I love it. And the music's fantastic. And then around Disney Springs, you can usually find some good drinking opportunities. Yeah. And they have usually on all those little standards this stage over between boathouse and whatever, they had Irish music there.

And on the main stage over by the world of Disney, they usually have it going to, so it's all over Disney Springs and you'll find a lot of the restaurants get into it and have some kind of. Irish themed menu item deluxe burger does the Dubliner burger, which is a beef Patty topped with Dubliner cheddar, corn, beef, shoestring, fried onions, and Irish stout to barbecue sauce, which sounds pretty, pretty good.

And then they have an Irish cream milkshake. Does that only [00:32:00] on St. Patrick's day. Cause now I'm a little miffed. It says available March 1st through the 31st. So just the month of March. City works gets into it and they have a corn beef Rubin, which sounds so good. Shaved corn, beef, champagne, kraut, whiskey mustard, Irish stout, onions, and green air on marble rye.

This episode is going to make me hungry. You guys already there? Yes. And then they also, so thinking about it in every form of, and then they also have one, mud is my all-time favorite Irish dish Shepard's pie. I make it every year on St. Patrick's day. Let's see the gelato place does a St. Patrick stage a lotto that of course has some matcha tea in it to make it bright green.

A peppermint Patty, a slush with mint, lemonade and chorus out. But as long as you spell it, DS in that T's it's okay. They didn't. So really guys get it right. I probably put four leaves on a Clover to. And then all throughout the parks, you'll find [00:33:00] little treats here and there that give pay homage to St.

Patrick's day, lots of opportunities to eat green food, but I thought a fun thing would be to head over to flower and garden and see how many sort of Irish adjacent things you could eat and drink. And I checked out the, this year's booths and I found a few things. Get yourself some efficiencies.

Order just straight up Guinness, a snake bite. Absolutely. Which one is the snakebite? Dane? That's the Guinness mixed cider. Yeah. Yeah. Yes and no, you can get a snakebite black, which has blackcurrant also part of the core go traditional black. Yeah. I love a black and tan. I like all of the mixing Guinness on its own is it's like a flacid penis.

It's it has good intentions, but it's just not quite there.

There's so many better stouts in the world and get us, but when they start mixing them up, it's really excellent. Or just get yourself [00:34:00] a shot at Jamison and call it good. Jamison whiskey sour. I've never done this, just got into that pub in the UK and just stood there and drank. I've eaten dinner there a few times I look over and I'm like, why am I not just over there drinking with all the it's always rowdy and fun in there.

It looks great. I've gotten drinks from the little takeout thing outside, and they have plenty of that, but it looks fun just to be in the pub, drinking during food, during flower and garden, the little booth outside is called the cider house and they have a snake bite there. And they have a BLT scone, which looks pretty good.

It's unfortunate that they don't have the Irish booth from food and wine. This just seems like the perfect thing to have there during this festival, right? From there. Over at the farmer's feast near test track, you can get lamb and potatoes, which sounds delicious and pretty Irish to me. And then actually right across from that is the sunshine griddle, which has a corn beef brisket hash.

Oh, I love hash is so good. Yeah. Let's just throw a bunch of [00:35:00] crap together. Not too far from there's the Mexico pavilion and you can get yourself a green margarita from LaCava avocado margarita. Yeah. Yeah. Hear me out. Hear me out. Potato pancakes in Germany. They're made from potatoes and I know it's a little bit on the nose saying, oh, Ireland and potatoes, but they make the greatest potato dishes there because it's a staple.

It's not,

I'm trying to think of some other outside the box options. What else can you get over there? That's green and Epcot money, something with matcha, from Japan, at matcha ice cream there in Japan and matcha, everything they should make as much in nacho. Oh, and I would call him or Tor NACA if Dan was naming it.

Why is it? T-shirt got up on the site. Oh yeah. I forgot. We have a seat. Yeah. At the citrus [00:36:00] blossom near the port of entry, that would be before. Okay, great. Oh yeah. Across the gate. They have a marinated pork belly with avocado cream.

Yeah, I find it. You can get a beer in every country there. So beers, pretty Irish that is very Irish to just have a beer Fest. I don't know, drink around the world, but stick to beer and read the classic. We had a garden and that Ruben is German, but it's got corn beef on it. Corn beef.

It's corn beef, actually an American thing. It's not, yeah. Most people don't eat. No it's because they all moved when they immigrated and they were in New York and they live next to the Jews. And so thing. That from there. And plus it's like poor people, food, you boil it up with your potatoes and cabbage totally had corn beef in Ireland on St.

Patrick's day. So I know they, they know they eat it there now. But they also really love chicken Curry. We got chicken Curry all over the place. Really? Yeah. [00:37:00] the UK. Yes. They love. Moving on to other places and Walt Disney world where you can get green beverages. I cannot think of what it is, but it, at that bar outside Ohana, one of those Tiki drinks is green.

The taboo lounge. Oh yeah. I love that place. Really in honor of Saint Patrick's day, you could just drink wherever you wanted and just change your cheers to sludge out of wherever. Yeah,

maybe I had just had two minutes. Maybe I just had too many Tiki drinks and I thought it was green. That's possible. Yeah. Oh, and magic kingdom. It's not food. It's that drink, but did you know that the partners statue, Walt Disney is wearing a claddagh ring? Oh, yes. Yep. Yes. Yeah. I learned about that when we were at the Disney studio, they have the reproduction of that thing and they talked in great depth about.

The statue. Yeah. One of the trips, one of the trips that he went [00:38:00] with Lillian, I think it was when they also visited Germany. And first monorail they visited, or it was probably when he was filming a Robin hood or one of those early life action, things that they filmed in England. They visited Ireland and he bought a clattering and he worked for the rest of his life and he actually worked the wrong way.

Cause you're supposed to flip it around when you're taken, but he thought it looked. He thought it looked better with the heart pointing out. So he wore it at least. That's what he told his wife. Yeah. Oh, there is a, there's a drink at Roseanne crown. I forgot on their menu. That's called the leaping leprechaun and I normally wouldn't want to touch it because it's got Madorie in it to make it green and that stuff make turns my stomach.

But it's like it's Jamison and Madorie and sour with Sprite. Yeah, I'm sure it's terrible. But maybe get it. Take some photos, order it and take some photos for the instant gram and then get yourself some fish and chips and call it good. Like you're in Disneyland, you can visit the little leprechaun, I thought about that and the [00:39:00] perfect.

Yeah. The perfect thing would be able to, sit there and share a beer with him, but no Disneyland is dry. So you can't. Yeah. And actually, so it's the little man he gets drunk so easy. So he had,

yeah he's out. Have you ever seen it's on Disney plus to promote Darby or the little people while made a short for the Disneyland TV show where he pretended that he was hunting for the king of the leprechauns. So he wanted to get in on the action of Darville girls. There's a little kind of, it's like an extension to the movie.

It's weird that they cut in. I love that movie. My movie, when I was a kid, I was obsessed with. Yeah, it's a good movie. I watched it recently and thought, that's not very good, but I loved it and be worse because I love miniature things. Yeah. That's true. Does anywhere serve green beer? What is more American than green beer on St.

Patrick's day at Epcot? Just out around the thing. I wonder if they do at Roseanne crown. I don't. I think that's true. I think if I think you gotta go somewhere, that's got [00:40:00] a, like a, more of a real sports. You could just bring your own food coloring

gross. That's not going to turn your beer green. Just your repeat. Yeah. I think you need a real sports bar vibe there, maybe. Yeah. Why don't they have a Buffalo wild wings on the boardwalk baseline tech house. They could serve green beans there. I really think though that be a good place to go on St.

Patty's day is that baseline have a fleet of boats, have a few steps. Hello, green beers seems more like a university. It's just going to say, do they have a, do they have a St Patty's day thing at city walk? They have that Irish bar in universal studios in the parts. Pat had a Bella and pedo Brian's is at city walk, which is the one called.

In universal studios park. Oh, it's patio furniture. I don't think that's it. I think after you have lots of beer or whiskey, whichever is your choice. You should go ride haunted mansion because a lot of the ghosts in there are. So [00:41:00] they're Irish. Is that a bit of a stretch? I was like Irish. We had told that joke.

That joke out there. That's fair. It's not a joke. They're green. You could say launch it to the ghost. You can't have a beer on the ride though. So I guess, nevermind. I know they do a lot of Busan in the ballroom scene. There's some guys . I'm sure. I thought there was a joke. I thought there was a joke coming.

Yeah. I was hoping for more. That's what she said. Yeah. I don't want that's really all. I got my Irish plans for St. Patrick's day at Walt Disney world really revolve around Disney Springs and Epcot because that's where all the drinking and the boozes or the food. So I was like, I'm gonna have to start camping out.

Yeah, if you want to be at Raglan road on St. Patrick's day. Get in line. Thanks for hanging out with us again this week. 

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