Oct. 14, 2022

Disney World Skyliner Dining Crawl

Disney World Skyliner Dining Crawl

Do y’all remember in the before times, when Walt Disney World unveiled their Highway Sky Dine around, which gave guests the opportunity to dine around the 7 seas lagoon with 5 courses spread between the Monorail Loop hotels?
The one drawback, of course...

Do y’all remember in the before times, when Walt Disney World unveiled their Highway Sky Dine around, which gave guests the opportunity to dine around the 7 seas lagoon with 5 courses spread between the Monorail Loop hotels?


The one drawback, of course, was the monorail part of the plan. But now, Disney has a cooler, cleaner, fast and more reliable way to travel between parks and resorts,  and it’s high time we had a dining experience to go with it. Put on your thinking caps, we’re going to design the Highway In The Sky Dine Around Part 2-Skyway to the Flavor Zone!


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Skyliner Dine Around

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard,

Jeff: Hi, Dan Leonard

Dan: and joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight

Heather: Hi, Appals.

Dan: and Jeffrey Williams.

Jeff: and I am happy to be here with you both.

Dan: Thank you for giving us the courtesy of your

Jeff: you for the privilege of your

Heather: There it is.

Dan: Yeah. I couldn't remember which fancy word you use there. Our show, as always, is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in Theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world. Head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. So do y'all remember before times?

Heather: I do. Were good times.


Jeff: No.

Dan: Really? Yeah. It's sometimes, it's hard to remember that far back. Back when Walt Disney World unveiled there, highway in the sky, dining around. Yeah. This was a special treat. A dining. A dining experience.

Heather: Yeah, it was a lot of fun,

Dan: they like

to use the word experience. No, I never did.

Heather did.

Heather: I did once.

Dan: Yeah, so you could dine around the Seven Seas Lagoon with five courses amongst the different monorail loop hotels. I don't remember what those courses were, but there's a lot of drinks involved.

Heather: Yeah, you started at the contemporary, At the time it was the wave and you had a little, a drink and an a moose bo in the wave and then started around and it went, You had appetizers at the poly. And then there was a main course at Cico back before it was redone actually.

Jeff: Abu translates to an amusing bush. More on that later.

Heather: And then you ended up back at the contemporary for a little dessert party and to watch the fireworks.

Dan: Yeah the one drawback with that plan, of course, is that you had to,

Jeff: He did the wave

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: okay, so there are two drawbacks that you did the wave and you had to write on the mono oil. Mono oil, the mono


Jeff: matter where. I was not 

Dan: I just, I just fixed that. For which transportation? With one letter. The mono.

Jeff: marriage

Dan: Of course now Disney has a cooler, cleaner, faster and more reliable way to travel. I don't know about faster but more reliable way to travel between parks and resorts. It's high time that we had a dining experience to go with it. It's time to put on your thinking caps cuz we're going to design the highway in the sky D around part two skyway to the flavor zone.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: skyway to the flavor zone. I hope you've recorded a song for this, Dan.

Dan: I'll have to get to work on that. I'm a little embarrassed how proud I was to have come up with that.

Jeff: It's pretty good.

Dan: Yeah I was

Jeff: I'll be singing that for the next several seconds.

Dan: Oh good. Once again, somebody call up the Bobs, cause I've got a million dollar idea. TMT M tm. So here's how it's gonna work. We'll just for each course share our own selection for that stop.

You can go into any Skyliner hotel as well as Epcot and Hollywood Studios but let's try to keep the restaurants a reasonable walk from the distance, from the entrances at those parks. So for Epcot, that probably means between Canada to Morocco. And in Hollywood Studios you can probably go about as far as the Chinese theater, and I imagine it's probably about as far as you would wanna go.

Heather: And you did tell us in advance that Boardwalk was okay. We were gonna use some magical time traveling stuff to get there. Okay, good.

Jeff: You can walk to anything at the boardwalk quicker than you can get to most things in Canada.

Heather: That's true. 

Dan: So, yeah, so we'll just say that. That's okay. Also you do have to board the Skyliner and change locations for each course. You can't just head to Tomos Terrace and park there for the

Heather: That became a bit of a problem for me, but I followed the rules

Dan: I appreciate that. So the courses are as follows. We're gonna have drinks and a amus.

Jeff: I'm an amusing bush.

Dan: Yes. Then we'll head on for an appetizer. I provided more courses than the original dining plan did. So we'll have an appetizer entree after dinner, drinks, dessert, and then maybe a night cat, because some people here like to drink boos.

I've heard

Heather: Yeah.

Dan: so. Now there's lots of good options for doing that around the Skyliner area. Without further ado, let's start off with where are we starting this crawl off at for drinks and a light snack?

Heather: I am starting in Hollywood studios and my drinks in a light snack would be the Brown Derby terrace, not the restaurant. That cool little terrace outside for a charcuterie board and a Poloma

Jeff: Hey, what a coincidence. I don't have that.

Heather: Where are you starting?

Jeff: I'm starting at AKA Dabar

Heather: Oh, nice.

Jeff: of those truffle cheese fries or the, They have a little charcuterie there too,

Heather: they do.

Jeff: then they have such good drinks. I'm a big fan of the conjuring.

Heather: That's just, that's solid. That's a good place to start.

Dan: Yeah,

I think I'm, I think I'm gonna visit there later on actually. Dang. You guys are a lot more prepared than.

Heather: Pick a spot and

Jeff: On Monday we were given these instruction

Dan: Yeah Some of us are prepared.

hey, life happens.

Some of us have four small 

Heather: iter iteration. Yeah, this is like the third iteration of this for me, so

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: I understood the assignment.

Dan: I think that I'm going start for light snack though. See, that's the thing.

Well, I'm okay here, 

Heather: is tricky and a shak might be a little heavier than a light snack, but you can share.

Dan: No, that's good enough. Here's what it here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to assume that there's a festival going on

Heather: Ah, 

Dan: is there not a festival So I am going to start in Epcot, in the France Pavilion

Heather: Ah, yes.

Dan: probably get one of those. It might be a little bit much for a, for a.

Like light drink to start things off, but one of those grand mar

Heather: Slushies. Start right there.

Dan: some sort of small bite snack from whatever festival You can get some sort of weird smelly cheese right

Heather: Yeah. They have snails during food and wine

Jeff: Oh yeah. 


Jeff: They have the little fried ones there.

Heather: Get you some fried snails in a Growney. Lushy. That's a great place to start. 

Dan: what I'm sticking with. 

Heather: I'm hungry.

Dan: what I'm doing. How about you, Jeff?

Jeff: I already.

Heather: Yeah. 

Dan: You already 

Heather: Aber. Cada Bar.

Dan: and dmar. I'm a dumb ass

Heather: We're already ready to move on to appetizers.

Jeff: second drink already at the Africa. I'm gonna go with the who done its punch.

Dan: All hop on that. I just screwed myself for, I was gonna do for my appetizer. I did have a plan for my appetizer.

Heather: Oh, we're gonna have to take the

Jeff: You

Heather: else and go back to Epcot.

Dan: Yeah I'll have to think about my drinks and a snack and and make a change there because we're going for the appetizer course.

Heather: All right. Where are you going?

Dan: I'm going to hop on that Skyliner and go to Epcot and walk over to Morocco to the Spice Road table and get a nice big spread of a variety of


Jeff: Merger, just add up. Oh,

Heather: He flew out

Jeff: are you editing?

Heather: went somewhere else and then flew back. 

Dan: the magic. 

Heather: You did not. You said you had to get on the skylight, or you didn't say you couldn't do a loop and go back to

Jeff: through the magic 

Dan: That's true. Technically I am on a different, but that is a long time to wait. In between

 doing magical traveling, so that's fine.

Heather: I'm going a little not so far. I'm gonna go from Hollywood studios to Riviera?

Jeff: Me too.

Heather: Yeah. To Totos Terrace.

Jeff: Yes,

Heather: Are you gonna have some duck yoki?

Jeff: I have Duck Yoki or Escar, depending on what Heather says is what's written right.

Heather: I'm gonna have some duck yoki and a French rose

Jeff: Then I'm gonna go with the Escar. Got.

Heather: snails.

Jeff: I love both of those there.

Heather: So delicious. I was gonna just park in Topos Terrace and eat duck yoki for every course. But I had a feeling Dan wasn't gonna allow it No, that's no.

And every time I'm there I think I'm gonna try something different. There's all sorts of delicious things on their menu, and I just keep going back for the same

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: few things. I Ra Rico is my, one of my least favorite cheeses, but everyone keeps raving about it. So I keep thinking maybe I should try

Jeff: but what is it? How's it served? Just a go of

Heather: just a mound of it covered in olive oil and then crackers to, to

Jeff: I would never choose that


Dan: See, I I like a big pile of that in the middle of some lasagna, but why would you want it served? Cottage cheese style.

Jeff: I'm sure it's good, but I wouldn't choose it over the duck yoki.

Heather: exactly.

Jeff: If anyone listening has never had the duck yoki there it's special. Like it's

Heather: Oh so good. But I also enjoy Spice Road table and they have a lot of really good little small plates. So that would be a good appetizer spot.

Dan: I agree. That's why I'm going.

Jeff: What about you, Dan? Where are you going?

Dan: I'm gonna the spice table for my appetizer. That's where we are still, right?

Jeff: Yes,

Heather: Yeah. Now it's time to hop on the skyliner again to get

Jeff: I'm getting back on the skylight.

Heather: Where are you going?

Dan: Where you

Jeff: I'm gonna go to Yachtsman

Heather: Ooh,

Dan: Ooh.

Jeff: for an enormous steak.

 sure which one yet. 

Heather: the size of a bicycle seat,

Jeff: Maybe not that enormous. That's a, That is an entree for two. Typically.

Heather: so good. It's so good. But every steak they have there is magical.

It is true. And that, oh, that garlic blossom thing that they serve to smear on your bread.

Jeff: They just roast a whole big clove of garlic and then cut it in half and give it to you, and each little pod is cut in half so you can just dip out the garlic and it smears right on your either steak or your bread or it is so good.

Heather: it's so delicious. think I've ever eaten anything other than a steak at Yachtsman. I assume there's other things on the menu. I think I've had a filet with Oscar style with some crab.

Jeff: Yeah, I've had all different cuts and I've had all different accompaniments, but yeah, I think I've always

had a steak 

Heather: sauteed shrimp just drowning in garlic butter.

Dan: Go to a steakhouse and order chicken,

Heather: That's true.

Dan: know what I'm saying?

Jeff: I have had their chicken. It's really good there. I didn't order it, but I had

Heather: But you tasted some. I'm flying from Rivi over to the boardwalk.

 Fish, which is finally reopened.

Jeff: I was trying to figure out how to work the old flying fish

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: thing.

Heather: And there's a bunch of stuff on their menu that is delicious. But I went with the thing I had most recently there, and it was a charred New York strip, served with the most delicious, layered potato and cheese concoction.

Jeff: Yeah, it was almost like a strudel of potato or

Heather: was cheese in the middle?

Dan: those things. Yeah. I like to watch videos of people

making that 

Jeff: finely sliced. It was almost layered, like a

buck lava or 

Heather: it a potato meal, Foy, which means a thousand layers. I don't think, I didn't count to see if there were a thousand,

Jeff: crazy. Good.

Heather: were,

Dan: on the tickety talk, they call that 17 hour potatoes

because they build them and they let them sit overnight before frying


Jeff: wonder how long those take to make.

Dan: at

least 17 

Heather: at least an hour.

Dan: They look amazing though.

Heather: and I am, I have paired a drink with every course. Of course. And they have a really delightful espresso martini there,

Jeff: what a total raging alcoholic you are.

Heather: Thank you for noticing.

Dan: I hear those are popular beverages.

Heather: Where are you flying from? Epcot to 

Dan: I'm from to Epcot over to, uh, Hollywood Studios to the Brown to, to the Brown

Heather: Brown Derby. Excellent.

Dan: I'm gonna get that filet with with Walt Disney's roast beef hash, because

Jeff: hold

Heather: what?

Dan: I think that's a special for the 50th.

Heather: We have to get over there before that goes away.

Dan: Yeah. It's a filet neon with Walt Disney's roast beef, hash served asparagus, wild mushrooms, and a brandy mustard cream, which sounds

Jeff: That sounds really good.

Dan: I like a good hash. And then, because we're going crazy, I'm going to add not one, but two of the enhancements onto my steak there. And I'm going get to get the shrimp mac and cheese and the spoon bread.

Cause I like a good spoon bread

Jeff: I'm not sure I know what, In fact, I'm sure I don't know what spoon bread is.

Dan: It's Is it like a savory bread pudding?

No, it's it's usually it's like cornbread that's a little soft and under, not quite under cook. Cuz it meant to be the way it's a

little mushy 

Heather: cornbread, 

Dan: Yeah.

 It's more bready grits almost. It's hard to describe,


often there's 

Heather: I will give it a try.

Dan: there's often like curls of corn or whatever.

 This corn, this one.

Jeff: So it's a corn meal. Grits.

Dan: Yeah, and this one comes with lavender honey butter. Got it.

Heather: they used to have a shrimp and grits there that was to

Jeff: it was magical.

Heather: was the shrimp was coated in and Dewey sausage and ugh, they took it off the menu. It's really sad.

Jeff: that off the menu, I turned, I told everyone I knew to try that we all, and everybody loved it, and then they removed it. Now I look like an asshole

Heather: Oh,

Jeff: and that's the only

Heather: is that

Jeff: Guys,

Dan: Ouch.

Jeff: That sounds really good, Dan. And we all went with steak.

Heather: I really

Jeff: went to a steakhouse for my steak. You went to a fish

Heather: I know, and

Jeff: and Dan's over at a Theme park for his.

Heather: debated at Flying Fish. There is a dish there that I really wanna try. It's a potato wrapped snapper. But I haven't tried it yet. It looks delicious, and I'm gonna try it next time I go there. But definitely the New York's trip was delightful. So now we're gonna just go have drinks right

Dan: Yeah. No. We're just gonna go have drinks somewhere.

No, have 

Heather: drinks first and then dessert after dinner drinks.

Jeff: Oh, man.

Dan: You gotta let your tummy settle Yeah, I'll go first so you can think about where, what you're gonna slide in there.

Jeff: I, No, I, That wasn't the order. I, Why do you have drinks before dessert?

Heather: Cause

Dan: more drinks after

Heather: yes,

Dan: What I

Jeff: That's up my whole

Heather: have, after

Jeff: fly anywhere,

Heather: have after dinner drinks, I'm gonna fly from Boardwalk back to Hollywood Studios and go to Ogas for a best been fits.

Jeff: ending with dessert.

Heather: No. There's more drinks after dessert.

Jeff: I didn't see that on my list,

Heather: you didn't read it carefully. It was there.

Dan: I don't know why I decided to do after dinner drinks. It just sounded like fun, cause

Jeff: Yeah, I would have dinner, then dessert, then after dinner drinks. That's what I have.

Heather: We're, This is two drinks.

Dan: I know the proclivity of the people that I do this

Jeff: I'm just gonna do what I was gonna do anyway. I'm not redo.

Heather: Okay. Where would you have after dinner drinks? Dan?

Dan: Going to head to the to the R era to bar Reva.

Heather: Oh, and I'm

Dan: gonna look at 

Heather: of my 

Dan: list here and there's so many cocktails that sound delicious.

Heather: They're all delicious there.

Dan: But I think that bourbon breeze sounds really tasty. Either that or Almond Al. Almond

Heather: Oh, I don't know about that.

Dan: interesting to the other one of those. Probably

Heather: That's fair.

Dan: Go for a bourbon breeze. Can't go.

Heather: Where were you headed for dessert, Jeff?

Jeff: To the Brown Derby for that grapefruit cake.

Heather: Oh, I have dreams about that Grapefru cake. It's so delicious. I had to fly

Jeff: so good.

Heather: and so I'm going from Hollywood studios where I had my best's fizz to Epcot to LA for a banana.

Dan: Crap.

Heather: banana and salted caramel, and then you could get some ice cream on top and an ice glass of cider on the side. doesn't Sound,

it's a very thin pancake.

Dan: That

Jeff: we Theme.

Dan: that does not sound at all.

Heather: Ah, that was good, Dan. That was real, real good.

Dan: Thanks. I was excited about it. I'm gonna slum it and I'm gonna hop hop over back. Yeah, I left there so I can go back there to Hollywood Studios and get that that fancy pb and j milkshake from the,

Heather: Oh, that is good. Yeah.

Dan: the,

Jeff: from where?

Dan: that at Fifties prime time.

Jeff: I haven't had that.

Dan: Is that the, is it specifically at the bar?

Or You can go to the bar

Heather: You can get it from the bar, but you can also get it in the dining room.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: That's 

Dan: Peanut butter and

Jeff: sounds really good.

Heather: It's so good. Speaking of peanut butter and jelly things, I had a peanut butter and jelly donut this weekend that was a lot like that only without the ice cream.

Jeff: want.

Heather: It was so good. My dumb kids didn't even, wouldn't even try it.

Jeff: I love donuts.

Heather: Me too.

Dan: Yeah. Too

Jeff: We don't really have donut places anywhere near me. We have some cool ones in town, but they're far

Heather: We have one 

Dan: one went out of business. We had one of those too.

Heather: You had a Sprinkles. 

Dan: Oh, you have sprinkles.

No. What's the one that you used to have the conspiracy donut? Conspiracy?

Heather: Oh yeah, it's around here somewhere. We used to go there, but it was far, and then they opened to Sprinkles, right?

Jeff: sprinkles like at Disney Springs,

Heather: No, it's a local place that's called Sprinkles, but it's a donut shop.

Jeff: they're gonna get sued.

Heather: what my kids say every time I go there.

Dan: They haven't yet.

Heather: Yes. And they make delicious donuts, including a raspberry or a peanut butter and jelly. Bismark. That was so good.

Jeff: North Dakota's finest donut.

Dan: God, that was well done.

Heather: I love North Dakota Donuts.

Dan: Sounds I don't know, like polka fusion band or something. I,

Jeff: The

Heather: All right, where are we going for after dinner? Drinks 

Dan: So we're going close up With more drinks, a little nightcap where you headed.

Jeff: well. As typical, I get done, I go entree and then a nice dessert and then I drink the rest of the night. So I was gonna head on back to the boardwalk for a night of carousing at those bars along there.

Heather: Just all of and carousing Wow.

Jeff: can end at jelly rolls and here to loud people singing

Heather: After paying them $20 just to get in the door. Our show's stance on dueling piano bars, I think.

Nope. It's a hard no for me.

Dan: Yeah.

Heather: I am gonna take the Skyliner back to Riviera because that's probably where I'm staying and It probably is.

I'm bar for an

Dan: Whatever that is. I bet you it's delicious,

Heather: Good.

Jeff: made with real. I.

Heather: yes,

Dan: It gives it that real, It tastes like the ocean.

Heather: it has Titos sang lemonade, pomegranate, and orange.

Jeff: Did you know that Appall and Campari are made by the same people? Same company? Yep.

Heather: Are they bitter? Yes. I thought so. Just like my black.

Jeff: Wow. Like my cold dead heart.

Heather: that's right.

Dan: That ended up being much funnier than

Jeff: what about you? Drink?

Dan: I am gonna I'm

going to 

Jeff: to Epcot

Dan: No. I'm gonna keep Jeff Company on the way to the boardwalk, but I'm gonna end my night at Aber Cada bar

 Cuz I've still not had a chance to be go there

Heather: What.

Dan: Yeah, I know. Just.

Heather: And

Jeff: you should go there when we're there for Keon.

Heather: Oh,

Dan: Yeah, next year.

Jeff: right?

Heather: you better

Dan: And I don't know what to pick for a drink, but one of those magical ones that does something cool.

 What, whatever those ones are. And those aber fries sound There's just oh my God, I

Heather: I've actually spent a lot of time at ab, at Abar recently, but I just drank Hendricks and Tonic.

Jeff: Hey, we just went there. I hadn't been in forever and we just went when were you there A couple weeks

Heather: About three weeks 

Jeff: of good drinks. The vibe in there school, it's small. Usually you can get one of the little corner sort of conversation areas, so it's like living room setup almost. They have a few tables and then a bar, but the other ones are just like little conversation areas with tables.

And I like couches and small coffee table types, so it's a good place to go with a few people. You can take over a corner and

Heather: I was at a meeting there recently. We ended up there two nights in a row and just took over that entire conversation area. There were like

Jeff: living

Heather: 15 of us just piled in there and eating charcuterie and fries and. They actually have some good flat breads there too.

Dan: Yeah, I did 

Jeff: haven't tried those, but those fries are really

Dan: Fries per jean cheese, Grandma Lata and truffle cheese sauce.

Cheese. On french fries. Are you kidding me?

Heather: So good. Just all the cheese.

Dan: who doesn't

love a good. 

Jeff: a good spot. You got the, you got all the little treats and things over there. I, it's, They got it going on now. I hadn't it's like everything's closing and now they have that cake restaurant.

Heather: There's a cake restaurant coming. They put in a new ice cream place.

Dan: That

bakery is 

Jeff: it looks exactly like ample hills was all the fun, good flavors and stuff.

Heather: The bakery has been redesigned and it's got some great sandwiches.

Jeff: Boardwalk daily

Dan: no. Yeah,

Heather: Deli. That's what it's

Jeff: And then the margarita stand and you got the brewery and then jelly rolls for anybody that just really loves loud. Billy

Heather: Yes. 

Dan: That awesome dance club.

Heather: Actually, Atlantic dance is so fun. Yeah. If you get the right group of people in there. Yeah. And the boardwalk itself, they've redone the villas and now the boardwalk, the inside of it is overdue for a reefer, but it is on the refurb bliss for next year. So the, those will.

Jeff: that bar on, like the second floor of the boardwalk? That's a nice bar too. It's always real low key, and you can always get in there and they're open.

Heather: Oh, they're open really

Jeff: 10

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: That one? No. 10 cups at, Yeah. Oh, by Yachtsman. That place is great. So the boardwalk's a good place to end up if you just wanna go move around and get some drinks.

Heather: it's called the Bellevue Lounge.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dan: yeah, that thing

Heather: Yeah, they were using it as a little coffee spot when I was just there because the, there's so much construction going on Ooh. And.

area as they redo those restaurants that there was no place for people to go in the morning to get their refillable mug filled up with coffee. So they were using the Bellevue Lounge for that in the morning.

Jeff: That's 

Dan: got some really 

Jeff: Boardwalk. There's no like proper. You have to go to the Boardwalk Bakery or in Deli now to get a refill on your drink

and it's like eight blocks away.

Heather: over to the pool area.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Yep.

Dan: At Bellevue Lunch has some really nice looking like grandma couches

 In it. That's,

Heather: it's a really comfortable spot to hang.

Dan: Yeah,

Jeff: And good drinks. The bartenders there are always good,

Dan: never

Jeff: Nobody's really ever in there.

Heather: It's always easy to find a table or you can just go pile into Aber Cada bar and stalk the tables until everyone feels uncomfortable and they leave and your group takes it.

Jeff: I stand next to groups and just fart silently, and then they leave.

Heather: Good

Jeff: It's actually, they'll leave quicker if it's not silently.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: You just make strong eye contact and then just blah.

Dan: That's the key though. Don't back down. Yeah. Maintain that eye contact the whole time.

Jeff: it lift your leg a little

Dan: Well, It's key. It relieves a little pressure so it doesn't see you. Don't pull.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Yuck.

Dan: Gross. On that note

On that note.

Heather: with.

Dan: Yeah.

Jeff: If you'd like to chart on the guests

Dan: Sounds anyway, whoever you're going with we've got some excellent meals lined up for you.

Jeff: and lots of drinks, apparently,

Dan: Yeah I've gotta keep I gotta keep us happy for fun year that.

Jeff: you always keep me happy day in.

Dan: Oh, Jeff, thanks for saying that. And I'm gonna say thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you are excited to eat and drink your way around the Skyliner route at Walt Disney World or explore anywhere else around the world, Key to the World Travel has a Dopple Myer Guerra Veta Group 300 car aerial gondola system full of expert travel planners ready to make your vacation dreams a reality. Head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com to get started with the no obligation quote.

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Jeff: Dot com.

Dan: Now we've gotta pay somebody some money.

Jeff: No, you.

Dan: Here, it's the Wild West out here in podcastvill.  we can't wait to hang out with you again next week. We'll see you real soon.

Heather: See you later. Y.

Jeff: Thank you for the privilege of your time.