April 21, 2022

Disney World Game Night:The Price Is Right

Disney World Game Night:The Price Is Right

Come on down! This week we’re testing our knowledge of Disney World food and merch with a game of Price Is Right! But first travel news, including Guardians of The Galaxy have nearly arrived in EPCOT,the FAA is handing out some hefty fines, coming home v...

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Come on down! This week we’re testing our knowledge of Disney World food and merch with a game of Price Is Right! But first travel news, including Guardians of The Galaxy have nearly arrived in EPCOT,the FAA is handing out some hefty fines, coming home vacation is rough,  and Heather went to Spain! Spin that wheel and bid on the showcase,it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!



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Price Is Right Hosts

[00:00:00] Dan: Welcome back, to another meeting of the gold key adventurers society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this hijab and joining me this week in the studio is how the straight Darlene day a style a biblio taker. Jeff Williams.

[00:00:17] Jeff: that is my name.

[00:00:18] Dan: It sure is still after all these weeks. And Mr. Jeff Evans a little bit, and Jess Evans is back with us again. 

[00:00:26] Jess: Ah, guys, it's it's been a long ordeal. I know it's been a while since I've been here, but I was finally released by the staff of Flo's V8 cafe from my encampment. And I'm here to say that I was wrong and that flows V8 cafe is a wonderful place to eat with wonderful food, 

[00:00:46] Heather: you been brainwashed? Just.

[00:00:49] Jeff: cinder rescue team.

[00:00:50] Jess: Viva LA flows cafe. 

[00:00:56] Jeff: Are you holding this sign?[00:01:00] 

[00:01:00] Dan: We're going to send the deep programmers down down to justice place. And I'm going to say our show as always is brought to you by key to the world. Travel key to the world. Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world.

Head to www.travel.com for more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. Look y'all. I know that you're even more excited to goof off and play some games than I am, but sometimes you just have to buckle up and get the work done. This travel news. Isn't going to read itself and then provide charming winning insightful commentary about itself.

So let's get started with let's see, it looks like guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind is going to be starting cast member previews. A couple of days ago as you're listening, they started on Easter Sunday, April 17th. That's in advance of the grand opening, which I believe is a Memorial day weekend.

[00:01:54] Heather: It is indeed.

[00:01:56] Jeff: I wish I could write it early

[00:01:58] Heather: Oh, I bet you [00:02:00] will.

[00:02:01] Dan: Under which category are you going to fall for that preview?

[00:02:05] Heather: That would be media and travel industry


[00:02:08] Jeff: very successful travel agency.

[00:02:13] Dan: And humble at that.

[00:02:14] Heather: So 

[00:02:15] Jess: I think that's called the Hawaii previews 

[00:02:18] Heather: That's correct. 

[00:02:20] Jess: I'm just excited for a another section of Epcot to possibly not have as much fricking walls. 

[00:02:27] Jeff: Yes.

[00:02:28] Heather: sure.

[00:02:28] Jess: That would be 

[00:02:29] Dan: There'll be wild. There'll just be a big hole in the wall for you to walk through.

[00:02:33] Jeff: like. That water area thing is coming along nicely too. I saw some new picks from then, 

[00:02:40] Jess: Yeah. I never thought that was going to be that involved. I really did think that was just going to be a jumping fountains reef Murray hall. so that's exciting. 

[00:02:50] Heather: Could be

some good 

[00:02:50] Jeff: that's so rough there. I was there three. You were just there that, that whole Wald entire center of 

[00:02:57] Jess: It's better now. Cause you can go through the middle and you can cut [00:03:00] through ways that you couldn't before, but yeah it's still 

[00:03:02] Dan: February In February it was brutal. I was so pissed off. I just

wanted to leave. 

[00:03:06] Jeff: you come in and immediately after go either right or left to go around the whole spaceship earth. It's 

[00:03:12] Jess: Yeah. 

[00:03:13] Jeff: too.

[00:03:14] Dan: no stupid.

[00:03:16] Heather: can cut through the F the metal now 

[00:03:18] Jess: You can yeah, basically. It's I mean there's yeah. It, I feel like it, it changes probably weekly at this

[00:03:26] Heather: Oh.

[00:03:27] Jess: yeah. 

[00:03:27] Dan: still inconvenient, but it's slightly less inconvenient than before 

[00:03:31] Jess: Yeah. So if you can go into world showcase entrance, just keep doing that 

[00:03:35] Heather: Well, hopefully some of that stuff is cleared up before guardians because the place is going to be mobbed.

[00:03:41] Jess: yeah. I figured that whole 

[00:03:42] Jeff: will show up for it?

[00:03:44] Heather: I think So 

[00:03:46] Jess: few, 

[00:03:46] Jeff: all of the 

[00:03:47] Heather: or two people 

[00:03:49] Jeff: for that whole premier couple of weeks just sold out immediately, 

[00:03:53] Heather: gone and Epcot is never sold out.

[00:03:57] Dan: Yeah. Yeah, no. So they've [00:04:00] got a cast member previous, they got 14 days of them with two hour windows for each day. Allowing, oh, they're gonna have a second round that will include friends and family of cast members. DVCS go get previews APS. Eventually we'll get previews. And D 23 gold members were able to buy a preview for May 15th.

One day only. I'm assuming that's 

[00:04:20] Jeff: Where are they 

[00:04:21] Heather: Oh, that's very sold out. Yeah.

[00:04:23] Jess: Yeah. 

[00:04:24] Dan: Yeah. You had to buy a pass to it.

[00:04:26] Jess: I'm wondering when they're going to 

[00:04:27] Heather: yet on AP or

at right?

[00:04:29] Jess: I got an email that said, Hey you're probably going to get an invitation like days ago and Yeah.

there has been nothing since then. So it's a weird. 

[00:04:38] Dan: no.

[00:04:39] Heather: Well, the meat, the media preview is taping, taking place around the fourth of the. that it doesn't officially open until Memorial day. So that's the whole month of may I

[00:04:50] Jeff: There's a social media 

[00:04:52] Heather: pass holders. 

[00:04:53] Jeff: thing they're doing also around the 19th and 20th.

[00:04:57] Heather: Oh that sort of second media [00:05:00] preview

[00:05:01] Dan: Right.

[00:05:01] Jeff: I think one's more like the one we're going to is traditional media. 

[00:05:06] Jess: It seems like everybody's going to get to ride. There's going to be a preview for ex husbands and wives of cast members. And then 

[00:05:11] Jeff: One of the Disney executives we were hearing a bit from yesterday said he was going to write it that day. So there they've already got some people in there. Checking it out.

[00:05:22] Jess: it seems like it's solid and hopefully won't have as much downtime problems is a lot of the tracklist rides have had when they've opened. 

[00:05:30] Heather: hope 

[00:05:30] Jeff: Yeah. Just give me a good old track. Go ahead and put it on a track. 

[00:05:34] Jess: Yeah. If there's, if it seems to be, using a lot of screens and a coaster track, which you know, is a pretty solid way to go. I have hope that they'll use it pretty well.

[00:05:44] Heather: I'm excited.

[00:05:45] Dan: guys are all excited to get on guardians. Meanwhile, I'm still looking forward to possibly fingers crossed, getting on rise. The resistance

[00:05:51] Jeff: You just jinxed it, you son of a bitch

[00:05:56] Dan: At this point, I almost enjoy my status of never having [00:06:00] been

[00:06:01] Heather: if you can't get on that thing, when you're on the galactic star cruiser, there is something wrong.

[00:06:07] Dan: there is something wrong.

[00:06:09] Jess: it will be down. 

[00:06:10] Jeff: Do that. Do they help you with that? 

We're getting 

[00:06:13] Jess: get a lightening lane for that and a 

[00:06:15] Jeff: Oh, good. So you got to for that kind of.

[00:06:18] Heather: yeah.

[00:06:18] Jess: they say you should do them because they can play into your storyline back on the ship. 

[00:06:25] Dan: That's about all I plan on doing

[00:06:26] Heather: I know Dan is getting into the storyline.

[00:06:29] Dan: Oh, dear Lord. We're gonna we'll have a, we'll have a galactic star cruise or preview episode maybe scheduled for may or

[00:06:37] Heather: We get to hear your backstory.

[00:06:39] Dan: it. Yeah. Yeah, we'll get there. We're working on it. For something a lot less pleasant, although possibly just as thrilling as the Guardian's coaster the FAA just handed out a pair of fines or some unruly behavior on an airplane.

These are the largest ever penalties handed out for bad behavior on a [00:07:00] flight. The first. Incident took place July 7th of last year when a passenger pushed and threatened to hurt a flight attendant on American airlines a flight from Dallas to Charlotte

[00:07:14] Heather: Let me guess he didn't want to wear a mask.

[00:07:18] Dan: no the crew member tried to help her following a fall into the aisle,

[00:07:23] Jeff: well now don't you feel bad? You left it.

[00:07:25] Heather: I do. I could have sworn that. Maybe it was the guy that wore a thong on his face.

[00:07:33] Dan: No, this is the lady that hit the

[00:07:35] Jeff: He may have done that.

[00:07:36] Dan: I attempted to help in the cabin door and hit the flight attendant on the head and they restrained her with a flex cuffs to her

[00:07:43] Heather: I recall that one. 

[00:07:45] Jess: Made her watch boss, baby, the whole flight.

[00:07:50] Jeff: Just beat 

[00:07:50] Jess: Oh, wait. No, that was just me.

and having to sit next to my sons. All right. 

[00:07:55] Dan: So beyond never being allowed to fly again, the FAA has I'm [00:08:00] assuming isn't that what? Those, 

[00:08:00] Jess: Just on that airline though, 

[00:08:02] Heather: just on that airline. Yeah, 

[00:08:04] Dan: So she can't fly on American anymore and she's been fined $81,000.

[00:08:10] Heather: of

[00:08:10] Jeff: Woo. That's the equivalent of two tickets on it. American airlines.

[00:08:17] Heather: Delta has been pushing for the airlines to share their no fly lists 

to keep people from flying at all. Yeah. Especially these people who try to open the door. Ooh.

[00:08:30] Jess: on board with that, but spirit 

[00:08:34] Jeff: Please 

[00:08:34] Jess: Greyhound y'all everybody gets on. 

[00:08:36] Jeff: everybody gets here. We've got beanbags for all. Y'all

[00:08:40] Jess: Sit on a bucket in the aisle. You can ride. 

[00:08:44] Heather: what's the other one.

[00:08:46] Dan: The second incident is a passenger on a July 16th Delta airlines flight from Las Vegas, Atlanta. Heather, do you want to take a stab at what happened to 

[00:08:53] Heather: Is this one, someone who is pissed off about a mask.

[00:08:57] Dan: No.

She was physically restrained by,[00:09:00] 

[00:09:00] Heather: Dang it. 

[00:09:02] Dan: no, but after leaving Las Vegas, she was physically restrained by the crew. After she allegedly tried to hug and kiss the passenger next to her, she walked to the front of the aircraft to try to get off during the flight off the plane, during the flight

[00:09:14] Heather: There you go,

[00:09:16] Dan: refused, returned her seat and bitten another passenger multiple times. Then passenger, 

[00:09:22] Jess: it. 

[00:09:23] Jeff: Yeah.

[00:09:24] Dan: the passenger that allegedly spit bit and tried to kick the crew and fellow passengers. Yeah.

[00:09:31] Jeff: as we fly, I'm shocked. This is none of this 

[00:09:34] Heather: I've never seen any of this kind of thing. 

[00:09:36] Dan: Yeah, I know.

[00:09:37] Jeff: Me knocking on wood.

[00:09:38] Heather: yeah, the closest I ever got was a guy that almost got our plane turned around because every time the flight attendant would be out of view, he would take his mask off. But he finally, like she got in his face and said, if you do it again, we're turning the plane around and the police will meet the plane.

And he, his wife punched him in the arm and

[00:09:59] Jeff: Don't make me [00:10:00] stop this plane.

[00:10:01] Dan: But that second passenger, despite sounding more of a problem than the first one was only fine. $77,272. That is a lot. The article says that in total, the FAA, since putting the zero tolerance policy in place last January, 2021 is handed out about $2 million in fines for bad behavior.

[00:10:26] Heather: Wow. I wonder

how much of it they'll 

[00:10:29] Jeff: I've never gotten one of this.

[00:10:31] Heather: You are not an unruly passenger.

[00:10:34] Jeff: I thought I was that last time when I was yelling, making fun of that loud, she was talking and then she got mad at me

[00:10:40] Heather: Oh yeah. She


[00:10:41] Jeff: yeah, I was marking your yelling. You idiot. So did we discuss 

[00:10:46] Heather: was yelling into that microphone. It was bad.

[00:10:49] Jeff: last time? Did we discuss the guy that was 

[00:10:52] Dan: sticky fingers. 

[00:10:53] Jeff: masturbating four times on a two hour flight?

[00:10:56] Heather: I'm sorry, what.

[00:10:59] Jeff: sent that to you.[00:11:00] 

[00:11:00] Heather: Four times on a two


[00:11:02] Jeff: I was so impressed with four,

[00:11:04] Dan: yeah. 

[00:11:05] Jess: bathroom must've been busy. That's all he got 

[00:11:07] Jeff: the here's the thing, there was a woman sitting next to him that allowed this to go on until they were done. And then she went and told somebody I'm like, I feel like I would have gotten up. And

[00:11:17] Heather: Yeah.

[00:11:18] Dan: She didn't just, she didn't just allow it to go on.

she filmed him the first time,

[00:11:22] Jeff: Oh, that's right. For evidence 

[00:11:24] Jess: Sadly. That was his fetish. 

[00:11:26] Jeff: she started an only fans account from her plane seat.

[00:11:30] Dan: only the dude licking his fingers clean. She got on phone.

[00:11:33] Jess: Nope. We're done. 

[00:11:35] Jeff: oh

[00:11:36] Jess: I'm going to take the train 

[00:11:38] Dan: I show this week is brought to you by keyed in the world.

[00:11:41] Heather: no. 

[00:11:42] Jeff: I just couldn't believe, cause this wasn't a, it was like, where was the fight? It was like from California to Texas or something. This dude managed to rip one out four times.

[00:11:53] Jess: Wow. All by watching the boss, baby. 

[00:11:57] Heather: is awful.[00:12:00] 

[00:12:01] Jeff: it's all I can do four times in one a day, let alone in one flight. 

[00:12:07] Jess: Yeah. But do you have a hearing aid now? I think 

[00:12:10] Jeff: What

[00:12:11] Jess: you're hitting the Twilight of your jacket. 

[00:12:17] Heather: This conversation has taken a turn.

[00:12:19] Jeff: this conversation is not brought to you by either the world 

[00:12:22] Heather: correct. 

[00:12:24] Dan: Back to our regularly scheduled travel tack. Heather, tell us about this is going to be a shocker to all y'all out there, but Heather went on another trip somewhere far away from

[00:12:34] Heather: What are you


[00:12:35] Dan: us about it. I'm just saying you've been out a lot

[00:12:37] Heather: It

was, uh, 

[00:12:38] Jeff: traveler Xtrordinair.

[00:12:40] Heather: It

[00:12:41] Dan: It looked like

[00:12:42] Heather: first cruise I have been on since the pandemic where I did not have to wear a mask. Not at all, not once. It was delightful. Yeah, I went from Lisbon Portugal, which was my first time in Portugal.

[00:12:59] Jeff: One of my [00:13:00] favorite ports of call,

[00:13:01] Heather: It was great. And then we went all the way up the Iberian peninsula and ended in Barcelona and I've never been to Spain.

I loved it. Beautiful country spoiler alert. The best thing is their ham. You better, you go


It's so good. Every

[00:13:20] Dan: the ones that they hang from the ceiling,

[00:13:22] Heather: was that

[00:13:23] Dan: that the ones that they hang from the ceiling

[00:13:25] Heather: do yes. And it's delicious. And they are, I, they are my people, their favorite drink is the gin and tonic.

[00:13:34] Jeff: which seems weird.

[00:13:35] Heather: It does. Doesn't it. But they love it there.

[00:13:38] Jeff: do love.

[00:13:39] Heather: I was on a silver seas cruise with. 

[00:13:42] Jeff: Speaking of hearing 

[00:13:44] Heather: yeah, it it was it was very different from any cruise I'd ever been on them a much more formal atmosphere every night after 6:00 PM, you had to be wearing formal attire. Casual night meant that the men could take their [00:14:00] ties off. So that was a little different, but it's

all, all S all of the suites are enormous, really big sweets with walk-in closets and bathtubs.

And we had a Butler, every suite has a Butler. It was fantastic. And the ports of call were really great. I really enjoyed Spain, and it was so nice not having to wear a mask and actually really easy international travel. Spain, both Spain and Portugal. Just have a, you have to show that you're vaccinated and you have to have a negative.

COVID test within 24 hours, but they take an antigen test. So it wasn't that big of a deal to get. And then I did, of course still have to test to come home, but the cruise line provided that. And I'm really hopeful that's going to be gone any day. Now there's legislation in Congress right now, some, several representatives are trying to push the CDC and the Biden [00:15:00] administration to lift inbound testing at the very least for vaccinated Americans.

I think they just need to lift it altogether

[00:15:08] Jeff: Should not have to vaccinate to come into your own home

[00:15:12] Heather: or test negative. All it hasn't kept COVID out of our country. All it has done is increased the cost for Americans. It's stranded. Some Americans, you should be able to come home and we have treatments. Vaccinations now. So let's move on and stop with the testing, but that's my opinion.

We'll see what happens. I'm hopeful that it's going to be lifted soon. Most other countries have stopped Spain and in, in Europe, Spain and Portugal are two of the last countries to have that France recently lifted it. The UK lifted it. They don't require tests anymore. Yeah. Most of them are still requiring vaccinations, but that's, I think that's going to be around for a little while.

We did [00:16:00] have to show a vaccination and booby boosted to, to

get on this cruise. But 

[00:16:05] Jeff: What what about my freedoms?

[00:16:09] Heather: I am afraid that the, that, most of the most of the rest of the world doesn't care about your freedoms. They just don't want your COVID.

[00:16:19] Dan: And they prefer to 

[00:16:20] Heather: Yeah, but so all of the staff was still wearing masks, but none of the pat, we didn't have to wear a mask ever on the crews. The only time they asked us to put them on was on buses when we were doing shore excursions, which seemed a little silly because we'd all been together every other minute of the day on the ship without a mask.

But nobody in our group tested positive for COVID. We all got to come home. So it was pretty successful. And I would go back to Spain in a heartbeat. It's a really beautiful country and they're very friendly. Really loved it. It was cool being in a European [00:17:00] country with Palm trees. I don't know why that seemed odd to be, but I loved seeing castles with Palm trees.

[00:17:09] Jeff: yeah, it could be general like a 

[00:17:11] Heather: Yeah, it was very good. Very cool. And I love top S so we had, we would just get off the ship and wander around in the ports and drink Spanish


Yes. And eat hormone, Iberico and tapas. It was great. I loved it. I've

[00:17:29] Jeff: Did you say it like that when you were 

[00:17:32] Heather: Well, it's

[00:17:33] Jeff: I am Antonio Mendez.

[00:17:35] Heather: And it's interesting.

I've been learning Spanish for a few weeks now, and I'd always heard about the different accents in Catalonia that, that region that I was in with the very lispy Barcelona and Hadif, but it was really interesting to hear it in person. It's very prominent. Makes it a little bit harder to understand with your, four weeks of elementary Spanish training.[00:18:00] 

[00:18:03] Dan: Since you

[00:18:04] Jeff: They probably appreciate it though. When you affect the accent 

[00:18:08] Heather: I,

[00:18:09] Jeff: next be

[00:18:15] Dan: while you were in Catalonia, did you pick up either a a little shitting character to put in your nativity scene or

[00:18:22] Jeff: oh,

[00:18:23] Dan: like pooping log to go

[00:18:24] Heather: have to tell you that I

looked for that in every market we were in. I think it was just the wrong time of year because I could not find it. And I


[00:18:34] Jeff: really a wrong 

[00:18:35] Heather: that home to 

[00:18:36] Jeff: for 

[00:18:37] Jess: there's gotta be a year round shit and kids store there isn't somewhere. 

[00:18:41] Heather: There was one

port, was one port that it rained sideways all day and we didn't get off the ship. So

maybe that's where I go to

[00:18:50] Dan: Yeah, that's probably the poop

[00:18:52] Jeff: That's the one where they have marketplace.

[00:18:55] Heather: that was Cartehenya and I didn't get off the ship in that [00:19:00] port.

[00:19:06] Dan: I think about those little things every couple of weeks.

[00:19:08] Jeff: Well,

[00:19:08] Jess: make those for 

[00:19:09] Heather: Well, I definitely intend to go back to Spain. So next time maybe I'll go in the fall and it will be easier to find one for you. I will say that some of their local art related to Easter is a bit alarming.

[00:19:27] Dan: Oh, it's probably really graphic and the like blood, sweat and tears

[00:19:31] Heather: no it's the 

traditional, It's the traditional outfits that they were on. They do all of these Easter pre-sessions through the town. And their traditional outfit is a white robe and a white hood. And we kept seeing these little figures and looking at each other, like what is happening?

[00:19:56] Jeff: outfit we have here in the south. [00:20:00] They do parades 

[00:20:01] Jess: bit different contexts there 

[00:20:02] Dan: just say, so what you're saying is that you guys are just celebrating your Spanish heritage.

[00:20:07] Jess: It's Easter and your hearts. Yeah, there's frozen. 

[00:20:17] Jeff: Or she's

[00:20:18] Dan: she's horrified.

[00:20:22] Jeff: there you are.

[00:20:24] Heather: Sorry about that. That just did my internet must have crapped out. It just

quit. And 

[00:20:30] Jeff: froze. 

[00:20:30] Dan: all right. We were just going 

[00:20:31] Jeff: still picture of you

[00:20:33] Heather: and now I can't see any of you out there. Everybody's coming back in slowly. All right. Sorry about that.

[00:20:38] Dan: You didn't miss anything important. We were just making fun of Jeff

[00:20:42] Jeff: the clan. 

[00:20:45] Heather: Well, the first time we 

[00:20:47] Jeff: for anybody 

[00:20:47] Heather: we saw these little figurines in the marketplace Aaron said to me I don't think we can bring any of these back. No,

[00:20:56] Dan: I the other hand, why didn't you?

[00:20:59] Heather: this is true. [00:21:00] No, really? I promise it's Spanish, Easter art.

[00:21:05] Jeff: That's 

[00:21:06] Dan: Well, that is interesting. And I'm sure you had some feelings, so feelings about coming home from Spain. It might be really relatable. Just like this list of tweets I have from the Huffington post. Thanks to Heather.

[00:21:25] Heather: 34 relatable tweets about returning home from vacation. These are good. 

[00:21:31] Jess: Which I just did today. So I'm very much relating to this cause I had a very horrible day to day, so I'm like, yeah. 

[00:21:38] Heather: This first one I liked from at Sarah, Hollowell says, are you telling me there are people who return home from a trip and unpack their suitcase that day, instead of slowly across weeks or months as they remember, they need something out of it.

[00:21:52] Jeff: Oh man. I am pack immediately.

[00:21:54] Heather: is me.

[00:21:56] Dan: Yeah, that one hits a little close to home for me, because 

only [00:22:00] 

[00:22:00] Jess: it right in the washer. 

[00:22:01] Heather: This is why I relate to this one from at and Melissa Owen, G who says people who unpack right after coming back from a trip will be the strongest in the apocalypse. That is true. That is true.

[00:22:14] Jess: I like the one that 

[00:22:15] Dan: on the other 

[00:22:15] Jess: listen to me, if you haven't returned from vacation, do not return 

[00:22:19] Heather: Yes. 

[00:22:20] Jess: wherever you are. It's too late for me. Save yourself. I'm like, ah, why didn't I read that yesterday? 

[00:22:27] Heather: My signature move is panicked, deleting emails after returning to work from vacation.

[00:22:32] Jess: Yeah. 

[00:22:35] Dan: This one definitely applies. When I visit the theme parks difference between being on vacation and being back home last night, I had a 10 ounce Philemon Yon for dinner tonight. I had fruity pebbles.

[00:22:47] Jeff: I like to me, returning to work from vacation. Are you glad to be home for 

[00:22:53] Jess: fuck you, Brenda.


[00:22:57] Heather: Takes phone off airplane mode for the [00:23:00] first time in a week, sees 16 new messages turns around, goes back on vacation.

[00:23:04] Jeff: 16. Can you imagine?

[00:23:07] Heather: not very many at all.

[00:23:09] Jess: that's a nice number. 

[00:23:11] Heather: Now that we're back from vacation, we don't have to eat restaurant food for every meal sees empty fridge and pantry who wants pizza?

[00:23:18] Jeff: I always wind up going out the first day. I'm 

[00:23:21] Jess: we had Panera for dinner tonight. Yeah. 

[00:23:24] Jeff: $18 hospital 

[00:23:25] Jess: Oh yeah. They have a new disappointing grilled chicken sandwich though. 

[00:23:31] Dan: How's that different from the old disappointing grilled chicken sandwich?

[00:23:34] Heather: I like this one coworker on my first day, back from vacation. How is Italy me thinking about how dogs barked normal? It was fine. One of the people that I hung out with a lot on this trip kept saying, I don't understand why all these people are speaking Spanish to their dogs. Don't they know they don't understand Spanish[00:24:00] 

[00:24:00] Jeff: Yeah, dog speak English dummy.

[00:24:02] Heather: dogs speak English.

[00:24:04] Jess: or German. 

[00:24:05] Jeff: these dogs on that cruise.

[00:24:07] Heather: If it's a German shepherd. It was all the little dogs in port, the Spanish.

It turns out love little dogs. Europeans in general, like dogs, but I have never seen so many tiny dogs. It was wonderful.

[00:24:21] Jeff: I would love that

[00:24:22] Heather: You would love

[00:24:23] Jeff: I am a tiny dog

[00:24:25] Heather: Every little outdoor cafe we sat in there were, five dogs around us. 

[00:24:30] Jess: tiny coffees And, tiny dogs.

[00:24:32] Heather: And there was one market in particular that a lot of the shop, the little shopkeepers had their dogs with them.

And most of them had no problem with you scratching their dog's ears, which was very wonderful. Except for this one stall that this, the man had, that was the most beautiful dog, a bigger dog than most of them that we saw. And I'm not sure exactly what kind it was. Looked like a Greyhound, but [00:25:00] not quite as skinny as a Greyhound.

I dunno. It was a really pretty dog and

he kind of made it, no, she was like tan color.

Very pretty and sitting there, like on a little throne, like it could have been. Yeah. And he was, he the are my companions asked to pet her and it was very rudely.

[00:25:22] Jeff: does your dog debate?

[00:25:24] Heather: don't

touch my dog. 

[00:25:26] Jeff: I thought you said you had jumped in that bait. That is not my jug.

[00:25:30] Dan: You American swine. Hands-off my dog.

[00:25:37] Heather: I just jumped, dumped my coffee into my gym bag in case anyone's wondering how my first day back to work after vacation is going, wow. Hi.

[00:25:47] Dan: I do feel the other coffee one. When you. you've got your Starbucks available, but the best part of being home after vacation is having absolute certainty of your coffee being up to your own standards [00:26:00] because

[00:26:01] Heather: Yes,

[00:26:01] Dan: hotel room coffee makers are 

[00:26:04] Jess: Yeah, I gave 

[00:26:05] Heather: that. 

can be.

[00:26:06] Jeff: after taking a week of vacation and I just slowly ease back into my workload. This process typically takes 51 weeks.

[00:26:15] Heather: I feel that.

[00:26:18] Dan: Yeah. You said load stick around because after the commercial break we were playing a game or the prices, right? Walt Disney world edition.And now podcasting is most exciting. Half hour a fantastic prizes. The fabulous 30 minute price is right. Heather straight, come on down. Jess Evans, come on down.

[00:50:22] Jess: I guess if I have to. 

[00:50:24] Jeff: okay.

[00:50:25] Dan: And Jeff Williams come on down.

[00:50:28] Heather: I've always wanted to be on the prices, 

[00:50:30] Jess: I'll just tell you right.

now. I was talking to my wife about this earlier. I do not know the price of anything, I think I do. And then I'm always very indignant when I find out I'm wrong and it's not the price I thought it was. So we're going to do really good tonight 

[00:50:44] Heather: This is going to

[00:50:44] Dan: This is gonna be really entertaining.

[00:50:46] Jeff: as well on this game, as you have on every other game we've played with

[00:50:49] Heather: How sick burn?

[00:50:52] Jess: is to say I'll deflect and just make it silly. 

[00:50:54] Jeff: That's right. That's right now. That is right.[00:51:00] 

[00:51:00] Dan: yeah, I see what you did. You are the only three contestants on the prices, right? Disney world edition. And now here's the star of the prices, being lettered.

[00:51:08] Heather: Ooh.

[00:51:09] Dan: Thanks, Dan. And welcome to the prices right here is the first time to go to bed. Have a look. You can't look, you don't need to see this one because you are all familiar with this.

So let's let's cover the rules, make sure that you're all, you all know. We're all old enough to have been babysat by the prices, right? When you're home sick from school.

[00:51:25] Heather: about. Damn. I've never heard of this show.

[00:51:29] Dan: Okay, 

[00:51:29] Jess: Isn't it still 

[00:51:30] Dan: uh, 

[00:51:31] Heather: Yeah.

But drew 

[00:51:32] Dan: the host now. Yeah, that's a good drew Carey face there. Jeff. I wish the listeners can see it well. So we're gonna start with the the bidding round where I'm going to present you with an item to bid on. You'll go in turn and tell me how much you think it is in whole dollar 

[00:51:52] Heather: Cole dollars. 

[00:51:53] Dan: closest whole dollars, closest to the actual price without going over[00:52:00] wins the wins, the

[00:52:02] Heather: And can I say $1 if I think the other two bozos have gone over.

[00:52:08] Dan: Absolutely. You can you cannot guess the same amount as another contestants, so pay attention because

[00:52:14] Heather: I think I just gave away that

[00:52:16] Jeff: Did I just go glitchy? Cause all of you guys.

[00:52:19] Dan: We're gonna start this one, hopefully easy one for you. The first item up for bid is just a plain old pineapple Dole weapon, a paper cup from Aloha

[00:52:28] Heather: Oh. With no, no float, nothing.

[00:52:31] Dan: no 

float, just the 

[00:52:33] Jess: phone down. 

[00:52:33] Heather: Okay.

[00:52:34] Dan: just a doll weapon, a

[00:52:35] Jeff: My phone's over here as 

[00:52:37] Dan: uh, and let's see bidding starts to Heather

[00:52:40] Heather: I am going to say $5.

[00:52:44] Dan: $5 Jess

[00:52:46] Jess: Five 50. 

[00:52:47] Heather: Ooh.

[00:52:48] Dan: five.

[00:52:51] Jeff: Yeah.

[00:52:53] Dan: Jessica is the points for this round because the pineapple Dole whip from Aloha isle is $5 and 99 

[00:52:58] Heather: Six [00:53:00] jars. 

[00:53:00] Jess: I literally had one, two days ago. So that's why I know. 

[00:53:03] Heather: they're not even a float. Ooh.

[00:53:06] Dan: no man. Even a afford. 

[00:53:08] Jess: And they put that hole in the middle every time they do it. There's you think you get like a big old mound of it and then you scoop down and there's a giant lake cavern in the middle with no Dole whip in it. that's just not cool 

[00:53:19] Dan: bullshit.

And, and I'm hearing conflicting things about my citrus swirl

[00:53:27] Heather: Oh. About 


[00:53:29] Jess: just said, I, we just had that as well. We had a Dole whip and a citrus swirl. So there, 

[00:53:33] Heather: It's bad.

[00:53:33] Dan: Yeah. The thing is it's not on the app menu. It doesn't show it being back yet. 

[00:53:38] Jess: yeah, It's actually called an orange cream on their menu now, which, but like I ordered the orange cream and they gave me the citrus swirl. It was really weird. I don't know. Cause I was like, I know what the citrus rose, she was like orange cream. And I was like, yeah, but no, she's like same thing. I'm like, all right.

And I got the citrus world, so

[00:53:55] Dan: I hate them. All right. Since Jeff, since just won their first round, that [00:54:00] means it's time for our first mini game of the night. We're going to play a little

That one. Maybe if we do a live addition to this, we can 

[00:54:07] Jess: That's great on the radio. 

[00:54:08] Dan: up a board. Yeah. This is not a visual medium. 

[00:54:12] Heather: Pretty good with the sound effect.

[00:54:14] Dan: yeah, I like that a lot. We're going to start off with a little game that I call more or less.

[00:54:21] Jeff: Less.

[00:54:21] Dan: we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna take turns. I will present each of you with a with an item and I will, even if you have your phone handy, I will text you a photo for some of these items to to help you make your decision.

So I'm going to present you with an item in a price. Your job is just to tell me if you think that the items actual price is more or less than the dollar amount that I tell you. 

[00:54:47] Jess: No, 

[00:54:47] Dan: We got it.

[00:54:49] Heather: Got it.

[00:54:49] Dan: All right. Just one, the last bidding round. So he's going to get control of the board and go first. And the first item. Is [00:55:00] from LaCava Del tequila de tequila Del could heal or whatever the hell could Keela the wild one, margarita $20. Is it more or less than $20? This is the spicy margarita 

[00:55:14] Jess: less. 

[00:55:16] Dan: is correct. It is $17.

[00:55:18] Jeff: just 

[00:55:19] Jess: had a lot of Margarita's there and I'm pretty sure I haven't paid $20 for one yet, so 

[00:55:24] Dan: Yeah. There's

one that's like

[00:55:25] Jeff: that's 22 or 21.

[00:55:28] Jess: I just don't order it and I've had the spicy, so I figured 

[00:55:32] Heather: that 

one of the ones that has mezcal in it?

[00:55:35] Jeff: That's the one that the, yes, the one that Neil Patrick Harris made

[00:55:40] Heather: It's

got mezcal in it. BU 

[00:55:42] Dan: different. Neil, Patrick Harris, one tastes like a piss like black cherry 

[00:55:47] Jess: Oh, yeah. That's the one that shows a margarita. Yeah. 

[00:55:51] Dan: Yeah, that one's a little rough. Okay. Heather is up next and I'm going to send you a picture of this next item. The next item I'd like you to pick a [00:56:00] price for is the Epcot flowering garden festival 2022 clogs for adults by crux.

[00:56:07] Heather: rocks gross?

[00:56:10] Dan: beautiful crock. This beautiful crock is decorated with gardening tools 

[00:56:16] Heather: Oh, 

[00:56:16] Dan: plants, flowers, and vegetables that you might find in your garden, Mickey mouse in his farmer outfit. And it comes with some of those weird little things that you stick in the holes in your cracks, because they're not ugly enough without extra decorations.

Yes. So a price for this $57, you think it's more or 

[00:56:33] Heather: I think it's more knowing Disney. Yeah.

[00:56:38] Dan: Yes. You would be correct. These beautiful clogs for adults retail for 59 99. Good news. They're also available to order.

[00:56:47] Heather: Awful.

[00:56:48] Jeff: I just looked at those last two weeks ago when I was there and considered him thinking Crocs are like 40 bucks. No, they're not.

[00:56:56] Jess: And that Disney cracks, 

[00:56:58] Heather: Yikes.

[00:56:58] Dan: If you've changed your mind, you [00:57:00] decide you want him still Jeff, you can get them you can order them out of the shop Disney app, have them delivered directly to your home.

[00:57:06] Jeff: Oh, 

[00:57:06] Jess: haven't sold out. I'm so surprised. 

[00:57:09] Dan: I don't know. It's shocking. All right. Jeff. Okay. The next item is the humble, but delicious Rato wrap. And I'm going to set that at $12. You think it's more or less than $12,

[00:57:22] Jeff: less,

[00:57:26] Dan: right? Or at my friends sells for 1299.

[00:57:30] Heather: 1299.

[00:57:32] Jess: It's got a big old Wiener in it, 

[00:57:34] Dan: there's got a Wiener 

[00:57:36] Jeff: So have I been, I'm not 1299. 

[00:57:38] Jess: a big old Wiener covered in white sauce. It's it is worth 

[00:57:42] Jeff: love those things. Yeah. I don't know why I said last. I was thinking, yeah, nothing's

[00:57:46] Dan: Yeah. You got to remember they just a couple of months ago they hiked all of the food and 

[00:57:50] Heather: They did. 

[00:57:51] Dan: up resort wide. Yeah. We're going to go back around for a second round of this one. This next item is the [00:58:00] Mickey pretzel spirit Jersey again for adults, this beautiful bait cream

[00:58:06] Jeff: pretzel 

[00:58:07] Dan: Jersey.

Yeah. It's got Mickey.

[00:58:10] Jeff: I saw the waffle one. When I was there.

[00:58:12] Dan: yeah, I saw them. I saw the waffle one. I didn't see the principal, unfortunately. So this one's got a Mickey mouse waffles printed on the sleeves. It's got that retro Walt Disney world logo on the chest. 

[00:58:24] Jess: Yeah, 

[00:58:25] Dan: hideous. And I'm going to set the price at that at $77. Jess, you think it's more or less than $77?

[00:58:31] Jess: I'd say that's hideous. While I sit here wearing a Disney world hoodie with a big, giant carpeted D on the front. Take that with a

[00:58:38] Jeff: You got to shave the carpet off the D man.

[00:58:42] Jess: I'm full seventies with my hoodie CNET. I'm going to say it's more. 

[00:58:46] Dan: Oh, I'm sorry. But that beautiful spirituality retails for 74

[00:58:52] Jeff: number did you say? Dane 80. 

[00:58:55] Jess: Yeah, I figured it was pushing 80 at this point because they were still so popular, 

[00:58:59] Jeff: thanks. Some of [00:59:00] them are

[00:59:00] Dan: Yeah. 

Some of them are, some of them are even more than that. Some

[00:59:03] Heather: of those be dazzled

[00:59:04] Jeff: sister-in-law kept finding ones that she's out. We're super cute. She's oh, this is cute. And what? Like 80 bucks? What are you talking about?

[00:59:13] Dan: It's not even looking at the 

[00:59:14] Heather: Welcome to Walt Disney

[00:59:16] Jeff: Yeah,

[00:59:17] Heather: Oh yeah. That's that Christmas sort of cardigan sweater. One was like a hundred bucks.

[00:59:23] Dan: Let me think it was a little bit more than that. Actually. I think it was more like one 20. I hate to tell you how to maybe use

[00:59:30] Heather: We bought one for both of y'all. So

[00:59:33] Jess: They have I was looking at, 

[00:59:35] Dan: And I wear it all the time in 

[00:59:36] Heather: do that's 

[00:59:37] Jeff: it didn't matter what it costs. You guys are worth.

[00:59:40] Heather: That's right.

[00:59:41] Jess: I like to wear mine sitting by the fire. It is really a nice picture. Have some Brandy. 

[00:59:46] Jeff: on a bear skin rug and just no bottoms, 

[00:59:50] Jess: Yup. 

[00:59:51] Jeff: just 

[00:59:51] Jess: Reading My reading hustler magazine just being classy as can be, 

[00:59:55] Dan: class. Okay. What's Heather's oh, so this one, Jess is going to wish that he had gotten this item, [01:00:00] because I know that this is going to relate to something that his son is into. Let me send this item over to y'all. 

How, what you're looking at here

[01:00:08] Heather: What in the world? Is

[01:00:10] Dan: what'd you're looking at right here is the Disney new Moe's era, iridescent sneakers, and purse, accessory set, especially released for the Walt Disney world 50th anniversary.

So the new emo

[01:00:21] Heather: What in the hell is a new emo.

[01:00:24] Dan: it's a little stuffed, a 

Disney character, 

[01:00:27] Heather: Oh,

[01:00:28] Dan: then you buy the outfits

[01:00:30] Heather: Okay. Yeah. I have seen

[01:00:32] Dan: and then you dress them 

[01:00:32] Heather: I didn't realize it was called a new emo.

[01:00:35] Dan: Yes. So this package comes with two little shiny purple shoes and a matching shiny Minnie mouse purse for your new immo to carry around must set the price of $15. How do you think it sells for more or less at the park?

[01:00:49] Heather: I'm going to say less

[01:00:51] Dan: Ah,

[01:00:52] Jeff: going to be more

[01:00:53] Dan: guest. This thing sells for 1299.

[01:00:57] Jeff: and whatever the tech, this is.

[01:00:59] Jess: Oh 

[01:00:59] Heather: little [01:01:00] shoes.

[01:01:00] Dan: The kicker is you got to pay what? 30 bucks for the doll 

[01:01:03] Jess: You have to get the doll. And then, if you have a kid who wants the Dell, you can't just 

[01:01:07] Jeff: They are 

[01:01:07] Jess: dog, then there's all the outfits. So you got to at least get an outfit. So now he's got like a Dale who looks like Marty McFly at the champion under the sea dance with this little like blue suit on and like Mickey he's got Donald in a ski outfit and he's got 

[01:01:22] Jeff: I would totally have had all that.

[01:01:24] Jess: Yeah.

Mickey's got some sort of weird late 1980s looking 

[01:01:28] Jeff: And does our dear friend Zack collect these seem right up his 

[01:01:31] Jess: I don't think he does.

[01:01:32] Heather: That's 

[01:01:33] Dan: I don't think so. 

They're not Asian looking enough.

[01:01:37] Jeff: Now were these the D w was this a brand before they came to Disney or did Disney 

[01:01:41] Heather: I said an Asian thing to the di this come to us from Japan.

[01:01:45] Jess: So I feel like, so this, and the wishy balls and then the old what were those little like bean baggy things that they had to for a little while I feel like, this is Disney's attempt to get into that Japanese market. So [01:02:00] I don't feel that they are from there, but they are definitely inspired. And they're 

[01:02:04] Heather: Seems like, yeah. 

[01:02:05] Jess: yeah.

Cause it's super 

[01:02:06] Jeff: What's the wish bubbles. 

[01:02:08] Jess: The wisher balls are

just tiny little stuffies and they all have little stars in their 

[01:02:13] Jeff: Oh yeah. 

[01:02:14] Heather: and there 

[01:02:14] Jess: in blind bags And 

[01:02:15] Heather: And they're things like it's a stuffed Dole whip or a stuffed Mickey bar.

[01:02:20] Jeff: I like all that coy stuff. 

[01:02:22] Heather: Yeah. 

[01:02:23] Dan: we have a main street trolley. You can get all the country bears or you could that's the other thing. They're blind bags,

[01:02:28] Heather: Oh yeah. So you don't know what's Oh 


[01:02:31] Jeff: dear. 

[01:02:31] Jess: of country bears, but no big Al yet. So 

[01:02:33] Jeff: There were some really teeny, tiny, miniature things I used to buy the blind bags from there 

[01:02:40] Jess: the little plastic 

[01:02:41] Jeff: 10 years ago. Yeah. They were just like 

[01:02:43] Jess: Yeah. They still have them. Yeah. They still have them. They're supposed to go with the monorail sets. They're meant to be 

[01:02:49] Heather: Oh, wow. 

[01:02:51] Jess: now 

[01:02:52] Heather: Did not know that.

[01:02:54] Jeff: We're just not aware of that.

[01:02:55] Jess: I have a merchandise problem. 

[01:02:57] Heather: It seems like

[01:02:58] Jeff: We see that behind you?[01:03:00] 

[01:03:01] Dan: Yeah. Oh, okay. For Jeff, I'm sending over an item right now, the last item for this round. So what you're looking at here is for the Walt Disney world 50th anniversary, this is a set of chip and Dale. They both are included. They are eight and a quarter inches tall, and they are wearing adorable little iridescent vests with the 50th logo and little blue and gold bow ties.

[01:03:30] Jeff: They're adorable

[01:03:31] Dan: They are fricking adorable. And I'm sending the price at this at 27 99. Jeff, do you think they're are more or less than 27 99

[01:03:39] Jeff: to say more.

[01:03:42] Dan: then you would be correct? Actually, that is the standard price for all those characters they sell for 29 99. So if you get Mickey or Minnie by themselves, they're the same

[01:03:51] Jeff: They're cute.

[01:03:52] Heather: Oh, it's a bargain because you get to

[01:03:55] Dan: I know. And I didn't see the Chippendale

[01:03:57] Jeff: Carol was like a full grown man [01:04:00] before my son explained to me how to tell the difference in Chippendale chocolate chip. Those.

[01:04:08] Dan: I never heard, I had never thought about that. Mnemonic. I just knew that Dale was the dumb one with the red house.

[01:04:14] Heather:

[01:04:14] Jess: I had just always heard. 

[01:04:16] Jeff: calling it chocolate chip really helped with that

[01:04:18] Heather: I had to learn that from Jeff. 

[01:04:20] Jess: I had just always heard you tell them apart because chip has pendulous balls. And if you look in like the right angle, it's obvious, 

[01:04:30] Heather: I had not heard 

[01:04:31] Jess: But the nose thing, I like the nose thing is much easier when I'm going to go with 

[01:04:34] Dan: Well,

[01:04:35] Jess: on 

[01:04:36] Jeff: more discreet when you're at a meet and greet, 

[01:04:38] Jess: a lot less rewinding when 

[01:04:40] Jeff: the whole, 

[01:04:40] Jess: plus, it's a. 

[01:04:41] Jeff: telling what time it is via the donkey test.

[01:04:45] Heather: Nevermind. I don't want to know

[01:04:47] Jeff: I'll tell you that.

[01:04:50] Dan: all right. That means we've completed that round the

game, easy as 1, 2, 3 just got one. Correct, but he had five points [01:05:00] from the first bidding round. So he's at six points. Overall. Other has two points and Jeff has a point on the board.

[01:05:06] Jeff: one 

[01:05:07] Dan: are still plenty of time because we're going back to the bidding round.

The bidding round is worth five points. Cause I decided it was worth more.

[01:05:13] Heather: All


[01:05:13] Dan: like a bonus round. Alright. So for this next round of bidding,

[01:05:21] Jess: He also controls the points. 

[01:05:23] Heather: Yeah,

[01:05:24] Dan: That's true.

[01:05:24] Heather: should be


[01:05:27] Dan: go find any racer. Okay. I'm going to send an item over to you for the next item we're bidding on. This is from the arenas brothers crystal arts store on main street USA. This is extra large size beauty and the beast and chanted rose by a Rebus brothers. It's made out of the leaded crystal, and it is a red rose dropping pedals to the base

[01:05:53] Jeff: This thing 

[01:05:54] Dan: the, 

[01:05:54] Heather: It's

[01:05:55] Dan: it's under a little glass dome, just like the beast has in his west [01:06:00] wing.

And it's got a beauty and the beast logo etched into the front of it. And so we're going to start the bidding off

[01:06:06] Jeff: 3 52 and a 

[01:06:21] Jess: 40.

[01:06:22] Dan: W three 40, there was an interesting gambit, unfortunately did not pay off because Jeff was the closest that bad boy sells for $359.

[01:06:35] Jeff: least 3 25 too

[01:06:37] Heather: Yeah.

[01:06:38] Jeff: All their stuff's really pricey. I went in that little store at the Disney Springs and a little shocked at

Expensive and 

[01:06:45] Heather: All the Aribas bros stuff

Yeah. Everything in there is really expensive.

[01:06:50] Dan: cool. It's really cool to watch them actually making this stuff

[01:06:52] Heather: That's true.

[01:06:53] Jeff: I missed that at the Japan pavilion, where they made the glass blow, they had glass blowing and they had the [01:07:00] fudge making or 

[01:07:01] Heather: candy lady

[01:07:02] Jeff: thing. And I'm like, I miss all that kind of 

[01:07:04] Jess: Yeah. 

[01:07:05] Heather: and the pearls. 

[01:07:07] Jess: Oh 

[01:07:08] Jeff: Pearl looks like it's back, but it wasn't open when I was there.

[01:07:11] Heather: yeah, 

[01:07:12] Jess: they've, they're bringing back the cultural representatives finally, but they're not back yet. Hopefully, that 

[01:07:17] Dan: Yeah. And they're not doing not all countries are rolling them in pavilion at a

[01:07:22] Jeff: they literally started last week or week before.

[01:07:25] Dan: Yes, it was just recently. All right. So Jeff won that bidding round, which means that he has control of the game

[01:07:34] Jeff: Oh, wait, I'm still behind.

[01:07:37] Dan: heading into the next game. And we're going to play a little game. I like to call one right price. So here's what we do. I'm going to give you, I'm going to give you two items with prices. One of those prices is correct, and one of those prices is wrong. You have to use your best judgment to decide which [01:08:00] which item I have given you the proper price.

[01:08:02] Heather: Okay.

[01:08:02] Jeff: I get to spin the wheel?

[01:08:06] Dan: Sure. It's not good to any good, but it has been the real, and I will also be sending pictures when necessary so that you can help, that might help with your judgment. Jeff, your first round here, we're going to go with

The first item is an Epcot flower and garden festival watering can with some kind of cute little saying and Mickey mouse planting plants there for 24 99, or there is the super adorable limited edition 80th anniversary, Dumbo sketchbook, Christmas tree ornament with Dumbo looking super cute there.

And that one I'm going to price also at 24 99. So which one of those two items do you think actually cost 2,400.

[01:08:56] Jeff: So I think it's a trick question. [01:09:00] My instinct is watering pants. Is this a real size watering pail or like a

[01:09:05] Dan: Yes. It's probably like a it's 

[01:09:07] Jeff: I'm going to go Dumbo 

[01:09:09] Jess: It's normal size. 

[01:09:10] Heather: Normally 

[01:09:10] Dan: yes. Normal size

[01:09:11] Heather: I bet that water

in Canada is Spencer.

[01:09:16] Dan: Yes. Jeff is correct. The Dumbo ornament is indeed 24 99, and I would have to look up the modern

[01:09:22] Jeff: The watering cans gotta be more cause nothing that large is 24 99 at Disney world.

[01:09:29] Dan: it wasn't that much more.

[01:09:29] Jeff: That's cute. I would like to have both of these, but I really love the Dumbo.

[01:09:34] Dan: You can order both of those items off the 

[01:09:35] Heather: It's cute. 

[01:09:37] Jeff: Ellis. They're paying us away ixnay on the order day.

[01:09:45] Dan: Alright

[01:09:45] Jeff: that I'm a gardener, I'm going to get that.

[01:09:50] Dan: and you constantly.

[01:09:52] Jeff: Yes.

[01:09:52] Dan: about. I have no idea what those movies about. Okay, Heather? Yes. You're up your first thing [01:10:00] here on the one, right price. So we've got a couple of delicious options for

[01:10:04] Heather: Ooh.

[01:10:07] Dan: Yeah. We have the Edison from the Edison. We've got the DB clothesline, candied bacon

[01:10:14] Jeff: Favorite?

[01:10:15] Jess: so 

[01:10:16] Heather: that. 

[01:10:16] Dan: for $17.

Or we have the bacon and eggs from steakhouse 71 for $15, which one of 

[01:10:25] Heather: Oh, I've eaten both of those.

[01:10:28] Dan: I know. And see how I themed

[01:10:29] Heather: Yeah. That was really good. That was pretty good. 

[01:10:32] Jess: Just had stakeout of 71 breakfast. It's a really 

[01:10:34] Heather: it is delicious. 

[01:10:35] Jess: I had no. 

[01:10:36] Heather: like the bacon and eggs was more than that though.

[01:10:39] Jeff: It's tiny though. They're both kind of small for what they are,

[01:10:45] Heather: The bacon and I is three pieces of bacon for, I think that was closer to

[01:10:49] Jeff: but it's not a whole like set

[01:10:51] Heather: Yeah. 

[01:10:52] Jess: Yeah. 

[01:10:53] Heather: I'm going to go with the bacon and eggs at steak house.

Although I think I might be wrong. I think that was

[01:10:58] Dan: No, you are correct. The bacon [01:11:00] and eggs steak house is $15. And the candy bacon was like 18

[01:11:04] Heather: Oh, that's how I thought that it was closer to 20 bucks for three

pieces of 

[01:11:08] Jeff: is the bet. Did you get that when we went there? Jess?

[01:11:11] Jess: Yeah,

we got that for when we were there for my 

[01:11:13] Heather: so delicious. 

[01:11:15] Dan: Sadly, the deviled eggs are off the

[01:11:17] Jeff: Oh, they 

[01:11:18] Heather: oh, those are good. That bacon is the only thing my son Owen will eat at as

other than other than fries. Yeah.

[01:11:28] Dan: All right. This next one.

[01:11:30] Heather: Yeah.

[01:11:32] Dan: So Jess, you've got from your second favorite pizza place on property pizza Rizzo. 

The pepperoni

and sausage pizza. 

[01:11:43] Jess: the 

[01:11:43] Dan: have the pepperoni, 

[01:11:44] Jess: via Napoli. 

[01:11:46] Dan: you have the pepperoni and sausage pizza for 1279.

[01:11:49] Jess: And then

[01:11:50] Heather: never set foot in pizza, Rosa.

[01:11:53] Jeff: I've never even been near 

[01:11:54] Heather: Yeah. 

[01:11:55] Dan: will be some bathrooms there. So 1279 for the pepperoni and [01:12:00] sausage pizza from pizza. Ritzville I always say it wrong. Or from via Napoli, the Metro Metso Quatro for Mazi pizza for $55.

[01:12:11] Jess: Uh, The Metro is $55. 

[01:12:15] Dan: Yes you are correct,

[01:12:16] Jess: I literally just ate via Napoli four days ago and I was 

[01:12:20] Jeff: that pizza via Napoli is so expensive. I don't tip to prove a point

[01:12:24] Heather: make sure you leave your waiter a note that says you won't tip because it's too expensive.

[01:12:29] Jeff: be against how woke Disney is.

[01:12:33] Dan: It sounds like we've got a new episode to

[01:12:34] Heather: Yep.

[01:12:35] Dan: planning. So that means we are back to Jeff.

[01:12:39] Jeff: All right.

[01:12:40] Dan: We're back to Jeff and I've got two options. I'm going to send you a picture for part of this. I'm still stuck on food because all this stuff was delicious

[01:12:48] Jeff: I like food.

[01:12:50] Dan: too. You can have the turning red Panda ear headband for 29 99.

Or you can go to Jack [01:13:00] Lindsey's hanger bar and have the ridiculously large air pirates cargo loaded pretzel charcuterie plate. For 24 99.

[01:13:10] Jeff: The charcuterie

[01:13:11] Dan: one? Oh, I'm sorry. That one is

only that

only $22

[01:13:20] Heather: What it

[01:13:21] Dan: 22.

[01:13:22] Jeff: I knew it 

[01:13:22] Heather: 22 bucks.

[01:13:24] Jeff: We had that 

[01:13:25] Heather: that's a Disney Bergen. 

[01:13:26] Jeff: ago. It's awesome.

[01:13:28] Dan: It does look like a great deal. You got some sausage, you got some

[01:13:32] Jeff: And it's the picture? Doesn't do it. Justice. That pretzels massive, like bigger than the ones in Germany.

[01:13:38] Jess: Damn, I gotta get that 

[01:13:40] Dan: Yeah. Okay. So back to Heather. Okay. So to Heather, we have, you can either have this lovely Rapunzel light up wand for 1495 or

[01:13:54] Jess: because Rapunzel was known for her wand, 

[01:13:56] Dan: that's true. Yes.

[01:13:58] Heather: I do

[01:13:59] Dan: And that

crown [01:14:00] totally, it looks like. 

[01:14:00] Jeff: store

[01:14:02] Dan: Yeah it's one of the like light up at night kind of things that they sell, or you can head to Liberty square and get one of the large pair of sell parasols with a custom design for $22 and 99 cents.

Which one is properly priced.

[01:14:17] Heather: the wand.

[01:14:18] Dan: That would be correct. The lineup one is 1495. 

[01:14:23] Heather: parasols are 

[01:14:23] Dan: have been, no, it would've been 2199.

[01:14:27] Jeff: really well, don't I own four or 

[01:14:29] Heather: Jeff? Why haven't we gotten you some of those?

[01:14:32] Jeff: fucking 

[01:14:33] Dan: large size parasol

is just $16. It's just 1699. And then the designs are $5

[01:14:41] Heather: oh, that is such a much better souvenir than this stupid wand,

[01:14:46] Jess: $15 for a piece of plastic that your child's just going to use to hit me and my goddamn knees. 

[01:14:51] Jeff: And then choke to death on

[01:14:54] Jess: I watched some kid, like 

[01:14:55] Heather: purple bow on it.

[01:14:56] Jess: I watch some kid just purposefully just throw his into the [01:15:00] water of it's a small world while we're standing in line. And the dad just looked at it like Tam, and now I see why that

was $15. 

[01:15:06] Heather: $15.

[01:15:09] Jeff: stows? Wait, say that again? The umbrella, the parasols are 1639 plus five plus.

[01:15:16] Dan: You can get, depending on the number of pictures you have them paint on the parasol. So the parasol, the large size one is 1699 and then each picture you have them paint on or name or whatever is $5.

[01:15:30] Jeff: going to get one of those every visit because I always wish I had a parasol to block the sun from my precious skin.

[01:15:38] Heather: I can't believe you haven't gotten one yet,

[01:15:41] Jeff: if you throw it away. Cause I don't want that really in my house, it would just be a wonderful thing to carry around. That's the cost of less than that. Neil, Patrick Harris is a margarita.

[01:15:52] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. You can just give it to Zach at the end of the trip every time,

[01:15:57] Jeff: That's true. Just to parasol that says [01:16:00] Jeff.

[01:16:01] Dan: you would love it. You'd hang them all up on

[01:16:04] Jeff: Oh, that's 

[01:16:05] Dan: one. We got, we've got one, one last offering for this round and that goes to Jess. So Jess, you can go to to

Japanese pavilion at Epcot. Okay. Yes, but if it was currently open, you could go there and get the Alma cassette, all my car, say seven course tasting menu

[01:16:28] Heather: Oh, that's going to be expensive.

[01:16:30] Jeff: 14 

[01:16:30] Dan: $150, or when you're at Victoria and Albert's doing the tasting menu there, you can add enhancements on to each course to make it extra fancy.

[01:16:42] Heather: An extra

[01:16:43] Dan: So for the first course the enhancement is the international caviar tasting for $325, 3 25, 

[01:16:55] Jess: As we all know, I do these experiences, every visit. So [01:17:00] I'm pretty well versed. I'm going to say, I'm going to say that is correct price. 

[01:17:06] Dan: you are correct. The caviar tasting is actually a little bit cheaper. It's 2 85,

[01:17:10] Heather: 2 85. Oh.

[01:17:13] Dan: Yeah. For

[01:17:14] Jeff: I've had a little dibble of caviar a couple of times in my life. I can't tell the difference in one from another, or it just tastes like salt.

[01:17:22] Heather: It's 



[01:17:24] Dan: better. It's very, it's Inc.

[01:17:26] Heather: Yeah.

[01:17:26] Jess: paying all that money to pretend like you like it. 

[01:17:29] Jeff: Yeah. I definitely don't mind it. I don't think it's bad at all. I won't go that far, but I don't get it.

[01:17:35] Jess: Yeah. 

[01:17:36] Jeff: also did the Tacoma T experience and I don't care if I ever go back there again,

[01:17:41] Heather: We call that.

[01:17:43] Dan: That's unfortunate.

[01:17:45] Jeff: it took nine hours tea dinner, 

[01:17:48] Jess: Oh 

[01:17:49] Jeff: never want to go to Victoria hours

[01:17:52] Heather: That takes 10 hours.

[01:17:54] Jess: yeah. 

[01:17:54] Jeff: a harvest.

[01:17:57] Dan: That sounds really annoying. That [01:18:00] sounds so annoying. Okay. So we're back to the bidding round the pricing around here and up, up to be priced this time I have for you. We're going to keep it simple again, a Lapa Lapu from the Polynesian village resorts, TAMU lounge,

[01:18:18] Heather: familiar with

Lapu lap is, 

[01:18:20] Dan: F with Jeff this time.

How much, how has she think $18 to Jeff? Jeff?

[01:18:26] Jeff: Cheating, Heather.

[01:18:27] Heather: not cheating. Oh, is it more or less? I'm going to say $19

[01:18:38] Jess: I'm going to say,

[01:18:38] Heather: I might be wrong. 

[01:18:40] Jess: I'm going to say 1801, Bob. 

[01:18:43] Heather: Oh,

[01:18:44] Dan: 18. Oh one. That was an excellent ruse. Unfortunately I have to say congratulations, Heather, you got it right on the nose. It is $19 for a Lapu

[01:18:54] Heather: exactly $19.

[01:18:56] Jess: We're all operating on old pricing here. 

[01:18:58] Dan: exactly. [01:19:00] Yes. I was hoping that you would forget to take a Nick into account 

[01:19:04] Jess: I forgot. 

[01:19:05] Dan: Yes.

[01:19:06] Jeff: it was like a couple of months ago. They went up on specifically snacks and drinks and alcohol.

[01:19:11] Jess: So if I didn't look at it on a menu this past week, I don't know. 

[01:19:15] Dan: Yeah. 

[01:19:15] Jeff: talked to, I've gotten wrong everything I actually ordered this week. So you can tell, I don't really look at the price that much because honestly, 18 might as well be 19. It's all too much.

[01:19:26] Jess: Yeah. Yeah. That's, it's going to be overpriced. So 

[01:19:29] Dan: But it's in a pineapple.

[01:19:31] Jeff: It's true.

[01:19:32] Dan: had a core of their pineapple 

[01:19:34] Jess: is one of the things that's worth it because that's part of an experience. I feel, 

[01:19:37] Jeff: love those 

[01:19:38] Jess: that's something you can't just get everywhere. so I like it. 

[01:19:41] Dan: And they drink so 

[01:19:42] Heather: order two at a time.

[01:19:44] Jeff: so good. I would like to order two that, wait, what? Now? They're so good. I would pay 1901 for those

[01:19:52] Heather: Oh,

[01:19:53] Dan: Yeah, at least. Okay. So that brings us to our last last [01:20:00] game round before the showcase showdown and it put ha it puts Heather in control. We're playing a game called easy as 1, 2, 3, I have assembled for jeez. I've assembled for each of you, a selection of three related items, and you don't even have to tell me what the price is. You just have to put them in order from least expensive to most

[01:20:28] Heather: Okay.

[01:20:29] Dan: Heather, I've got you a trio of cocktails from the enchanted rows. Okay.

[01:20:36] Heather: All right.

[01:20:38] Dan: your items here are the Amore from the that's like the story cocktails one,

[01:20:42] Heather: Okay.

[01:20:44] Dan: suppose I could


[01:20:45] Jeff: has high in 

[01:20:46] Dan: would be helpful. 

[01:20:47] Heather: it does.

[01:20:48] Dan: Yes. I'm going to pull that up real quick and I'm going to pretend that I

[01:20:51] Jeff: I think we all are.

[01:20:52] Dan: well, this way I can read it out loud. It's more interesting for the for the listener. Because heaven knows we need something actually interesting here. [01:21:00] So from the tale of cocktails collection at the lounge menu is the MMR, which consists of grey goose vodka provide liqour de France, pear lemon Twinnings of London, camomile tea, a Garvey nectar, and a rose

[01:21:16] Heather: It has tea in it. I haven't tried that one. That sounds

[01:21:19] Dan: Yes it, it has T in it cam a mile team. Also the Kir Royale from the grand cocktail collection, which is literally just a big old cup of champagne with some pomegranate pearls in it. I'm not

[01:21:36] Heather: little more than that, Dan.

[01:21:38] Jeff: it's this 

[01:21:39] Dan: that's all the

menu lists on the menu. It says it is champagne and pomegranate

[01:21:47] Heather: They hand make those pomegranate pearls every day.

[01:21:50] Dan: I

[01:21:51] Jeff: It takes me awhile, but I make my own Pearl sauce too.

[01:21:55] Dan: Four times an hour or four times, four [01:22:00] times per two hours. Okay. Anyway, I, and the last option here is a well-known to Heather also the floral bitter

[01:22:07] Jeff: No. 

[01:22:08] Heather: love that one.

[01:22:09] Dan: which is a Kentucky collection from the featured cocktails lists consisting of Hendrick's gin, Sandra and Sandra, your man, Saint Germain, elderflower liqour yeah, that stuff Campari, Aperol, lemon, and soda.

Could you please put those in order from least expensive to most 

[01:22:28] Heather: I think that it's floral bitter beauty. More was I, when I was called as that story cocktail, one of the ones that they come to your table side and make,

[01:22:40] Jeff: what?

[01:22:41] Dan: I don't know. Possibly,

I don't know any, I've never been.

[01:22:44] Heather: sticking with it and then the Kir Royale.

[01:22:48] Dan: Yeah. Ding ding. That's exactly right. A floral bitter beauty, $17. The more is 21 and Kir Royale is 27.

[01:22:56] Heather: that went up a little. They used to be [01:23:00] 24,

[01:23:01] Jeff: is 27.

[01:23:02] Heather: $7 per cocktail.

[01:23:05] Jeff: they

[01:23:06] Heather: It's Mowat.

[01:23:07] Jeff: They're not using a

[01:23:08] Dan: no, it is not. is Lauren Perrier

[01:23:12] Heather: Oh, that's yeah. That's more expensive than Mowat. that one with the fancy hand painted floral bottle.

[01:23:20] Jeff: oh yeah, that

[01:23:20] Dan: right? That one. Yeah. I have five of those on my on my bar back here.

[01:23:24] Jeff: back here next to these.

[01:23:26] Jess: That old Chestnut? 

[01:23:27] Dan: Yeah. Right next to my coffee makers there. Okay. For Jess, I put together a really special selection for you. We're going to go back to via Napoli.

[01:23:35] Jess: No boy. 

[01:23:37] Dan: I'm going to need you to price out these pizzas. These are all individual size pizzas, so they're pretty close here.

We have the individual prosciutto and melon pizza. I just want to, I want to eat a pizza with prosciutto and cantaloupe on it really bad. 

[01:23:55] Jess: I had the prosciutto pizza at Wolfgang puck this trip, and it was really good too. 

[01:23:58] Jeff: I had that before [01:24:00] this good.

[01:24:00] Dan: That's not the one we're talking 

[01:24:01] Jess: I know 

[01:24:02] Dan: I'm talking about the walrus 

[01:24:03] Jess: I had lots of pizza. I love pizza. Come on. 

[01:24:08] Dan: cantaloupe tonight. Dad's got the car. All right. We also have the individual size margarita pizza and the individual size carciofi pizza, 

[01:24:19] Heather: What in the world does that

[01:24:20] Jeff: The cartel fee is good this time of year.

[01:24:24] Dan: they're running upstream. Let me look it up real quick so that I can help you. I believe that one has artichoke.

[01:24:31] Jess: I'm going to say, so I go from, 

[01:24:33] Dan: It's One second, wait a second. Let me do it right. It is a white sauce pizza with artichoke fontina, cheese mozzarella and truffle oil.

[01:24:42] Heather: no truffle.

[01:24:44] Jess: I'm going to say, I'm going to say that's the most expensive than the prosciutto and then with a Marguerite. 

[01:24:50] Dan: So we went 3, 2, 1 there. 

[01:24:51] Jess: Yeah. And with the other 

[01:24:53] Dan: Oh, I'm sorry. It goes the margarita is least expensive. The artichoke is in the middle and the prosciutto [01:25:00] is the most the margarita is 21. Carciofi is 25 and prosciutto and melon is $26.

[01:25:07] Jess: truffle oil would knock that over to 

[01:25:09] Heather: you, I would've thought that too. I would've put 

[01:25:11] Jess: Yeah. That's what, that was the

red herring there. Cause throws you off. 

[01:25:15] Dan: Yeah. The prosciutto and melon hat is another white sauce pizza with fontina cheese mozzarella, prosciutto, cantaloupe, and a rugala

[01:25:23] Heather: come

[01:25:24] Dan: everybody loves a regular.

[01:25:25] Heather: on a 

[01:25:26] Jeff: off my 

[01:25:26] Jess: That's what Wolfgang puck did too. But you can ask for it without it. 

[01:25:30] Jeff: I can't stand a regular, so 

[01:25:32] Jess: I don't either. 

[01:25:33] Heather: It doesn't belong on PC.

[01:25:35] Dan: just like my soul. Okay. So for Jeff, we're taking a trip to trader Sam's grog, grotto, and I would like you to put in order of price from least expensive to most expensive, these drinks with the souvenir mug included. So You're buying the mugs here. Okay. We've got the Nautilus, the zombie and the Iowa

[01:25:56] Jeff: All right, hold on. Somby[01:26:00] 

[01:26:00] Dan: zombie.

[01:26:01] Jeff: a zombie head right here.

[01:26:03] Dan: No, I do too. So the the zombie is a whole bunch

of rum, three 

[01:26:08] Jeff: then. Oh, the Nautilus.

[01:26:10] Dan: that'd be heard and you are correct.

[01:26:14] Jeff: Yeah. Anomalous is huge.

[01:26:15] Dan: done. Yeah. I was hoping to trip you up because knowing that both the Nautilus and the O are for multiple people, it's oh, which ones?

[01:26:23] Jeff: I never had the but I do dislike it when someone else orders. Ooh. Ooh. And then they escort you.

[01:26:32] Dan: Both for two or more guests, the Nautilus, I would like to get that mug on my shelf one of these days. 

[01:26:38] Heather: The Nautilus is more expensive or less expensive than the more expensive than the , which is like that giant bowl.

[01:26:45] Jess: It's the 

[01:26:46] Dan: yeah, but the, the Nautilus I think has more expensive rums

[01:26:50] Heather: Oh, okay.

[01:26:52] Dan: It's got Appleton

[01:26:53] Heather: would've thought that big oh, a bowl was the most expensive.

[01:26:57] Jeff: The novelist mug is much more [01:27:00] enviable too.

[01:27:01] Heather: Oh,

[01:27:02] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. I think it's

[01:27:03] Jeff: Cause the other one's just a shallow bowl.

[01:27:05] Jess: Yeah. Not many people want to put that on their shelf. 

[01:27:08] Dan: Yeah the Iowa has not cheaper rums in it also. So I think that's what does it that means we're

down to 

[01:27:15] Jeff: of my time, man, myself.

[01:27:18] Dan: I like a good mind tie. We're down to the showcase showdown. I'm going to present. I'm going to offer each one of you, your very own showcase. And just like in the pricing rounds, you're going to have to guess the total combined price of all the fabulous prizes in your showcase and the closest to the price of their of their showcase without going over wins.

And so this is really going to show off your skills as a travel agent because


[01:27:50] Jeff: I wouldn't say either of the three of us, a damn thing about travel.

[01:27:57] Heather: All

[01:27:57] Dan: 'cause because our [01:28:00] prizes are prizes tonight are all trips to various Disney properties. Heather is going to go first

[01:28:09] Heather: Okay.

[01:28:10] Dan: and, You're gonna have to talk with Jeff later, if he's going to be buying this price for you. I don't know if gawky adventure society is providing these prizes or not. We've got for you a six nights, stay in October for two adults at Alani in an ocean view parlor suite.

[01:28:30] Heather: I haven't praised our Alani since like

[01:28:33] Jeff: I have no idea.

[01:28:34] Dan: And what I think I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and read each of you, your prizes, and then you can have a time to think and formulate your best

guests here. And let's be honest. We're just going to be, just be spitballing here, obviously. So

[01:28:48] Jeff: six nights.

[01:28:50] Heather: nights at Alani. That's for two adults.

[01:28:53] Dan: Two adults in the ocean view parlor, 

[01:28:57] Heather: Ocean view parlor, suite sounds expensive.[01:29:00] 

[01:29:00] Jess: Yeah. 

[01:29:00] Dan: That's the fanciest room that was available for the dates, random dates I picked just for you, we've got

a four night, 

[01:29:12] Jess: All star music.

[01:29:15] Dan: we've got a four night, very married, very Merry time. Bahamian cruise on the Disney wish for two adults sailing December 12th through 16th. And you're going to be staying in the concierge level. One story Royal suite.

[01:29:33] Jess: Oh Lord. Okay.

[01:29:34] Heather: okay. 

[01:29:35] Jeff: in there. That 

[01:29:36] Jess: I thought I had it until that part. I was like, oh yeah. Oh, okay.

[01:29:40] Dan: Yeah. See we gotta make it a fabulous prize. 

[01:29:44] Jess: That's true. 

[01:29:45] Dan: terrible show. Okay. Then that leaves Jeff, you get five nights at the Polynesian village resort. It to be in mid December for two adults, one child age four and one child age [01:30:00] 11, you all are going to get four day park hopper tickets with the genie plus upgrade

[01:30:06] Jeff: Oh, God.

[01:30:07] Dan: a memory maker.

And on top of that, we're going to throw in an eight hour VIP

[01:30:14] Heather: Oh,

[01:30:17] Jess: Do the 

[01:30:17] Jeff: Can I count, kill later?

[01:30:19] Dan: Yeah, you can 

[01:30:20] Jess: else gets like one stay and you get oh, laundry list. 

[01:30:24] Dan: To get it up there into the price range of everything

[01:30:26] Heather: to be like $1,500 a

[01:30:28] Jeff: Did you say one day of VIP?

[01:30:31] Dan: Yeah. One eight hour VIP tour.

[01:30:33] Jeff: Good. Gosh,

[01:30:34] Jess: I'm just going to take off. I'm just going to take a wild guess on this one. 

[01:30:37] Jeff: I don't have the first clue. I'm going to say 

[01:30:42] Dan: a swig $22,000.

is Jeff's bid

[01:30:47] Heather: It's what's

[01:30:48] Dan: I Heather, where do you think

[01:30:50] Heather: 1500 times six, 9,000. Let's call it $9,500.

[01:30:58] Jess: man. I'm gonna [01:31:00] say I'm pro I know I'm wrong on this I'm going to say it's probably $9,000.

[01:31:06] Jeff: this is fun. Chills me out little. I still know got agents that are pulling their hair out right now, listening. Cause they're like, we would know this like that.

[01:31:18] Dan: Let's start off Jeff. I'm sad to say. That your price was over a little bit. Your five nights stay at the poly with park hoppers, genie plus memory maker. And the eight hour VIP tour comes to $15,412 and 35 cents.

[01:31:34] Heather: still an expensive trip.

[01:31:37] Dan: Yes.

[01:31:39] Jeff: I wouldn't forget about that one. If 

[01:31:41] Heather: now I feel like maybe I'm low. 

[01:31:47] Dan: you came in a little bit under, so your four night cruise on the Royal in the Royal suite you bid $9,000. The actual price is $24,030 and 6 cents.[01:32:00] 

[01:32:01] Jess: Jesus. 

[01:32:04] Heather: Oh. 

[01:32:06] Jess: I was going to say 12,000 and I thought I was like way over, so wow. 

[01:32:11] Dan: second, most expensive room. No,

[01:32:13] Heather: Oh,

[01:32:14] Jess: people on a four 

[01:32:17] Dan: the. only more expensive rooms that they 

[01:32:18] Heather: This is the funnel. 

[01:32:19] Dan: funnel. And there's a two-story Royal suite. So this is 

[01:32:23] Heather: $24,000 for a four night 

[01:32:26] Jess: I will never stay there. 

[01:32:28] Jeff: to work there,

[01:32:29] Dan: yeah.

[01:32:31] Heather: I think I was probably under then.

[01:32:33] Dan: Heather, you bed $9,500 for six nights for two adults at Alani in the ocean view parlor, suite actual price, $10,942 and 40 cents. Heather gets the point.

[01:32:45] Heather: do I get to go to Hawaii?

[01:32:48] Dan: Yeah, sure.

[01:32:49] Heather: I thought that I was coming to I, if it's more than $1,500 a night, woof,

[01:32:54] Dan: Yeah.

[01:32:55] Jeff: So that's four nights in a parlor suite, [01:33:00] pretend grant 

[01:33:01] Heather: nights in a 

[01:33:02] Jeff: There's no bad. That doesn't seem terrible.

[01:33:07] Heather: I'll send you the bill.

[01:33:09] Jeff: Did I win? I feel like I won. We're all winners. Disney's the winner.

[01:33:15] Dan: Jeff, and just tied for second place with eight points, a piece. Heather is our champion with 12 points. Congratulations, spread EPR.


[01:33:27] Heather: Is drew Carey going to bring me my certificate for my Elani trip?

[01:33:33] Dan: Do you want him to show up at

[01:33:34] Heather: No, not really.

[01:33:37] Dan: Do you want him to have your address? Have you seen the man?

[01:33:40] Heather: I don't. You can send Josh tomorrow to bring me my grand prize.

[01:33:46] Jess: He's not busy. He's got nothing else going 

[01:33:48] Dan: we'll get Jeff. We'll get right on that. Cut that check.

[01:33:52] Jeff: Yeah we're going to send Bob to 

[01:33:55] Heather: Oh, nevermind.

[01:33:56] Jeff: Okay.

[01:33:57] Dan: I rather have true care yet.[01:34:00] 

[01:34:00] Jeff: For sure.

[01:34:01] Dan: At least he's funny. He has personality. I want to say, thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you're excited to put your new found Disney world price guessing skills to test out in the field, key to the world, travel has a Price Is Right Showcase full of expert travel planners, ready to make your vacation dreams a reality head to www.goldkeyadventurers.com to get started with a no obligation quote.

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We can't wait to hang out with you again next week. We'll see a [01:35:00] real soon

[01:35:02] Jeff: How much is a meal at V8 cafe? I 

[01:35:07] Jess: Regardless, the price is too damn high. 

[01:35:11] Jeff: 1250 plus two days of diarrhea.

[01:35:16] Dan: The true cost is your dignity.

[01:35:18] Heather: That's right.