March 23, 2022

Disney World Optimism

Disney World Optimism

Turn that Disney frown upside down- The Gold Key Adventurers Society is here to help you wade through the seas of negative theme park click bait, and arrive safely home in your happiest place on earth.

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Turn that Disney frown upside down- The Gold Key Adventurers Society is here to help you wade through the seas of negative theme park click bait, and arrive safely home in your happiest place on earth. And don’t forget the travel news, including maskless Skyliner, always cruise with a passport, jungle parks and tiki bars, and Star Wars Villainous:The Board Game! Think of the happiest things, and don’t feed the trolls , it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!



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[00:00:00] Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week in the studio is Heather Straight 

[00:00:08] Heather: Greeting

[00:00:09] Dan: and Mr. Jeff Williams, 

[00:00:11] Jeff: it's a pleasure to be here, Daniel. 

[00:00:13] Dan: it's a pleasure to have you here. Jeffrey, our show is always as brought to you.

by Key to the World, Travel Key to the World.

Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world. Head to www dot key to the world. for more details and to no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. Y'all, I've got a feeling that we've go have a lot to say on this week's topic.

So I'm gonna skip my usual nonsensical rambling about our theme and throw straight to the news. Starting with moment you've all been waiting for. We got another change to the mask policy at Walt Disney world. And this one makes a whole ton of sense. Masks are no longer required on the Skyliner. 

[00:00:53] Heather: Thank

[00:00:53] Jeff: Oh, I had not heard that until right

[00:00:56] Dan: 

Now that happened like just yesterday 

[00:00:58] Heather: Very soon. 

[00:00:59] Dan: a day or two ago. Yeah. Now you just have to wear those masks on Buses, and the monorail pro presumably, because they count as actual transportation

[00:01:09] Heather: Buses, I get that sort of falls under the federal mandate. This is a monorail, I

[00:01:14] Jeff: It's all buses, trains, train, bus stops

[00:01:17] Heather: Is a train it to sky choo 

[00:01:21] Dan: also. It's not open air, so 


the Skyliner is V ventilated 

[00:01:25] Heather: of, yeah. 

[00:01:26] Dan: open 

[00:01:26] Heather: And also I haven't seen them yet. Shoving tons and tons of parties. They haven't been filling them full. The last time I had to ride in the Skyliner full with the 10 people that it holds was back.

Not long after it opened. It's been a long time

[00:01:43] Jeff: they should start doing that though. Considering the lines that I saw the last few times I was there.

[00:01:48] Heather: Yeah, definitely.

[00:01:49] Jeff: to leave the park on the monitor on the Skyliner.

[00:01:52] Heather: Do we know, are they mixing parties yet? Just not full of filling it all the way for 

[00:01:57] Dan: They weren't when we were there, 

[00:02:00] Heather: which was just a few weeks

[00:02:02] Dan: we never rode it. Yeah. just a few weeks ago, But we never rode it at opening or closing. 


We were only in the 

[00:02:08] Heather: that's when it's bad. 

[00:02:10] Dan: And I think that they had mentioned that they were going go back to mixing parties a couple of months ago, actually. So I'm gonna guess that if they're doing it, it's at open and close when it's actually necessary in middle of the 

[00:02:24] Heather: not yet, it will be soon. I think it's, yeah. 

[00:02:27] Dan: yeah, middle of the day, we never waited more than five minutes, so it's not bad. But 

[00:02:33] Heather: yeah. Those lines, especially at Caribbean beach, when you've got everybody coming over from pop oh, they get crazy

[00:02:41] Jeff: The last time I walked by the station, just outside of world showcase at Epcot. It went all the way through there, all the way out of there and all the way down to the first access to yacht club, like it was Stu that I've ever seen. It was so or not yacht club beach club is the closer one, but still that's crazy long.

[00:03:03] Heather: and it moves pretty quick, but Ooh. 

[00:03:06] Dan: back last May, 2021 when attendance was still relatively low, the line at Caribbean beach was so long that we hopped out a line and just called for a lift, cuz it was. 

[00:03:18] Heather: We actually, we flew from Riviera to Caribbean beach. And when we saw the line from the Skyliner, as soon as we exited, we said to the lady, we need to go back to Riviera immediately to get our car, cuz we don't wanna wait in that line. And they took us and sent us directly back. So it was, that was a good thing, but it gets a little crazy at opening and closing.

[00:03:42] Jeff: I'm glad they're removing the mask mandate.

[00:03:44] Dan: Yeah. That's nice. Especially if you are in a car with just your 

[00:03:48] Heather: Yeah. It was a little silly if you're in there just by yourself with a mask on what? I don't understand what the point ever was of that, but

[00:03:56] Dan: yeah. And I don't think anybody was putting them. 

[00:03:59] Jeff: I never left mine on

[00:04:01] Dan: What were they gonna do? Shut down tire system to yell at people with their 

[00:04:04] Jeff: well, there's no cameras in there. I know because I've pooped on the floor and no one saw it. 

[00:04:10] Dan: taking advantage of that good old poo corner. yeah. 

[00:04:14] Heather: make sure you establish that upon entering.

[00:04:17] Jeff: that's right.

[00:04:18] Dan: Yeah, no kidding. Speaking of a situation which could have ended up with with a poo corner situation this is why you always want a cruise with the passport, even if technically a birth certificate is sufficient, 

[00:04:29] Heather: And why every travel advisor rolls their eyes at you when you say, oh, but I don't need a passport. I can just have a driver's license and a birther to, and that is true. That on a closed loop, cruise, leaving from and returning to the same us port, they will let you board with the us birth certificate and a driver's license.

However, when your cruise ship runs a ground in the Dominican Republic, as what happened Monday after afternoon, when a Norwegian ship the escape, I think it was Norwegian escape.

[00:05:05] Jeff: It's pronounced ES.

[00:05:07] Heather: Yeah, they were leaving Porto Plata and they ran a ground and it took, they got the ship reloaded after about 24 hours.

But the ships hall had sustained some damage after the way they put it in the press release was that it made contact with the channel bed. Okay. You got stuck and you had to,

[00:05:31] Jeff: in this modern era with all that

[00:05:32] Heather: I do not know. And frankly, they're pretty lucky because the, this is the same thing that happened to that. Was it MSC?

[00:05:41] Jeff: yeah no, it was

[00:05:42] Heather: Costa the Costa ship that ran a ground in Italy and San.

[00:05:47] Dan: Oh, yeah. 

[00:05:49] Heather: Yeah.

[00:05:49] Jeff: a captain said Dees and left first.

[00:05:53] Heather: But this, that didn't happen here. They did, they sustained some minor damage, but they had to get everyone off the ship. They actually kept every, it seems like everyone stayed on board while they reloaded, because they had determined that it wasn't taking on much water, just some minor . Yeah, but then they had they got everybody off the ship and they Norwegian did hire charter flights to take everyone home.

However, anyone on board who didn't have a passport was not allowed to leave on those charter flights. And they're still stuck in the Dominican Republic waiting for help from the us government to get them out because you can't board a plane from a foreign country. If you don't have a passport. two things always get a passport and always get travel insurance.

[00:06:42] Jeff: Passports are quick. Now, again, it takes about four weeks and it's 170 bucks. Just get one.

[00:06:51] Heather: Seriously. 

[00:06:52] Dan: Yeah, it says here that it's not clear. Usually they'll have a local Harbor pilot to guide the ship through. And they're not sure whether or not one was on board 

[00:07:04] Heather: Okay. So either they didn't have one on board or the Harbor pilot screwed up.

[00:07:09] Dan: Yeah, it's it struck the bottom of the channel. So it's possible that they did a poor job of calculating something as far as yeah. Depth.

and how deep the boat was riding, but that was dirty. 

[00:07:32] Heather: No one was hurt and. It seems like there was minor damage. So all in all it's not a terrible accident, but all the people who chose, I saw an article that interviewed a guy who has a passport. He and his family all have passports, but they decided not to travel with them. And this one just really made me, me shake my head, what you have a passport, but they didn't want to lose them.

So they decided to leave them at home but you're okay. Losing your birth certificate or possibly getting stuck in a foreign country? 

[00:08:08] Dan: But 

[00:08:09] Jeff: the entire reason to have that passport is to be in this other

[00:08:13] Heather: Is for traveling outside 

[00:08:15] Dan: like me. That's like me saying, I want to take my family on a cruise, but I'm worried about losing the baby. So I'm gonna leave her home

[00:08:21] Heather: Yeah.

[00:08:22] Dan: week. 

[00:08:23] Heather: yes.

[00:08:24] Jeff: I've heard about those out with the bath water. So you do wanna be careful.

[00:08:28] Heather: Did you have to be. 

[00:08:29] Dan: it's true. Yeah that's stupid.

[00:08:32] Heather: Yeah, just, this is, we say it all the time and this is just one more plug for just get your passport. You're spending so much money on a wonderful vacation and not wanting to spend a couple hundred bucks on what's essentially an insurance policy is silly 

[00:08:49] Dan: Yeah, 

[00:08:49] Heather: because it's, it's are, is it likely your ship is gonna run a ground?

No. But if someone gets hurt or sick or for whatever reason, you have to fly home from a port, you have to have a passport and you're gonna save yourself a lot of time, a lot of headache and a lot of money, frankly, if you just have a passport 

[00:09:09] Dan: A destination that you're not gonna need a passport for, but you'll probably want travel insurance just in case those crazy rhinos and monkeys get out of hand coming soon to a Lego LA near you is J G town USA. 

[00:09:21] Heather: yes. The first one actually just opened in Italy. 

[00:09:26] Dan: Yeah. Okay. So I lied. You do need a, 

[00:09:28] Heather: You do need a passport. If you wanna go to the one that just opened, but we're hopeful that these are coming to all the parks that Sony pictures has arrangements with, which includes Lego land. I'm not familiar with the park that this is opening in first.

It's called Garda land 

[00:09:45] Dan: Gardaland. Yeah, it's one of the, it's one of the big European parks actually. It's it's. It's more, it's multiple parks. It's got a sea, a Lego land. It's got a aquarium. 

[00:09:59] Heather: Interesting. 

[00:10:00] Dan: it's see life aquarium. Yeah it's one of their kind of like big more popular amusement 

[00:10:05] Heather: the first ride opening is called Jumanji. The adventure. And it's a dark ride that will transport guests to the fantastic world of Jumanji where exhilarating adventurer awaits full of pitfall surprises, dangers through the wild jungle. 

[00:10:21] Dan: I wonder if this could be similar to Indiana Jones 

[00:10:23] Jeff: That's what I'm imagining.

[00:10:25] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:10:25] Jeff: And I hope it's similar to that and not something lame.

[00:10:29] Heather: and so Sony pictures has this agreement with Merlin entertainment to open Jumanji attractions that all of their parks worldwide, which include they, they own Lego lands and Madam two SOS and quite a few parks. 

[00:10:43] Dan: Elton towers. That's another big, they're more of an amusement park in the UK, but they're a big, they're a big 

[00:10:51] Heather: I'm not sure this would draw me to a park in Italy, but I'd certainly be interested to see these attractions here, although it doesn't really fit at Lego land.

[00:10:59] Dan: But here's the thing. Here's the weird thing though. Cuz like they've already done this well Lego land. where they've got this Peppa pig 

[00:11:07] Heather: Oh, yeah, 

[00:11:08] Dan: park. That's like a separate park, but it's at Lego land. It's not Lego. land, but it's at the site and it's a separate park. 

[00:11:15] Heather: That just opened right in Florida, the Peppa pig park 

[00:11:19] Dan: Yeah. Within the past year. So if they do Jumanji, the same thing, it's like at what point does Lego world Lego land. stop being Lego land and just being a land at a larger theme 

[00:11:30] Heather: Good point. 

[00:11:31] Dan: lands. It's a it's. I'm not saying that I'm fricking psychic or anything, but, 

[00:11:38] Heather: Yeah. And it says they're planning to open Jumanji themed hotel rooms in conjunction with these attractions. So 

[00:11:44] Dan: Yeah. Check out the concept 

[00:11:45] Heather: it would be a 


[00:11:46] Dan: That is cool. 

[00:11:47] Heather: yeah, it seems like it would be a whole park, a whole just separate thing. It's a great concept. Jumanji is they're.

[00:11:54] Jeff: Ji's ripe for that. It could make an awesome ride.

[00:11:57] Dan: I could make so many green rides. Like we've seen with the sequels, like they took a whole new look at the world and they went to a place where there's other character and cities and stuff. So it's you can have so many adventures in that that land that. Weren't in the first original movie.

So it's great. You can make, it's like star wars where it's a universe that you can have open-ended opportunities for stories. 

[00:12:21] Jeff: I'm shocked. It took this long,


[00:12:24] Heather: I really do enjoy the new, the two new movies with the rock and Kevin Hart. And they're,

[00:12:30] Jeff: I've never seen the original Robin Williams one.

[00:12:33] Heather: It's been a long time, but it's a good one. 

[00:12:36] Dan: Yeah. It's very good. They're all good. I I don't know. I haven't seen these second one with the rock by imagine.

[00:12:42] Heather: It's good. 

[00:12:43] Jeff: It's good.

[00:12:44] Heather: Yeah, it, I liked the, I liked their first one, a little better than. changed some things up in the second one that weren't my favorite plot twists, but still really good and very entertaining.

[00:12:55] Jeff: Jack Black playing that young girl

[00:12:57] Heather: Oh, it's my favorite thing

[00:13:00] Jeff: Guys, come here, look how impeding

[00:13:02] Heather: Yeah. 

[00:13:04] Jeff: come watch this. 

[00:13:06] Dan: yeah, 

[00:13:06] Jeff: And then they do.

[00:13:08] Heather: Yes. 

[00:13:10] Dan: Jack Black. You just gotta love him 

[00:13:12] Heather: I do. He's so funny and I love the, a Kevin Hart and the rock playing off each other. It's so funny. Yeah. The good movies,

[00:13:23] Jeff: I was at a bar locally here, a friend of mine bartended there. And I was hanging out at the bar and Jack Black was in town recording something. And or no, he was gonna play a concert. I forget what was up. But he was at the bar.

[00:13:36] Heather: tenacious D.

[00:13:37] Jeff: Yeah. It was something, he was a project he was doing with somebody else and they were recording locally or something before.

So he was here a couple of days before the tenacious D concert and he was in the bar and he was mostly just reserved and cool, but then he just came out and did a whole crazy thing with Cartwheel and ah, yeah, and doing the whole, like Jack Black act so that people would get it outta there with system.

But the funniest thing at the end of the night, after doing his whole thing and saying hello to everybody and doing literal cartwheels and stuff, he'd. Paid for everybody in the bar's tab and then ran out the door and lept into the back of a waiting pickup truck into the bed and they just drove off.

And there was, that was Jack Black

[00:14:21] Heather: that's 

[00:14:21] Dan: That was like, 

[00:14:22] Heather: like him.

[00:14:23] Dan: that had to be planned. Like part of the effect was 

[00:14:26] Jeff: oh, for sure. To do it. And then like George Costanza out of there in a huge dramatic way,

[00:14:31] Dan: That's awesome. While we're exploring the world of immersive entertainment there's a new Tiki bar in North Carolina

[00:14:38] Jeff: dude. 

[00:14:39] Dan: It looks amazing. It picks up right where Disney's adventures club, 

Lamented left off. And in fact, it was developed by a guy the guy who was his name in the industry is Tiki Brandon Brandon Clay.

He was He's a former Disney Imagineer, and he is one of the main brains between both trader Sam's locations. And so this place is called the sorrow drown. 

[00:15:07] Jeff: That is

Greatest name. I love that name. 

[00:15:10] Dan: Yeah, it's up there. It's up there with suffering bastard. I think I like sorrow drown a little bit better. But it's a big immersive Tiki bar experience where, 

[00:15:19] Heather: oh, this looks great.

[00:15:20] Dan: they've got the typical food and drinks and it's full of artifacts, just like trader Sams is, and they've got a stage where they have throughout the night short burlesque and different variety acts come on.

But they're all themed to this Laura's club kind of place that and help advance a story. Of basically it's a museum where they. Explorers have stored all of these artifacts, maps, tribal masks, field guides, Fiji mermaids, Tiki magnifying glasses, 

[00:15:56] Jeff: It looks just so cool. 

[00:15:58] Dan: a giant shark. And so it's like it's, it is like in museum of the weird kind of thing.

 And one neat thing about it is that the storyline in the place is going to expand and change as it goes along, as he brings in more artifacts to fill the space up, he's going to kinda work in how the different things for found and stuff were in there. And it's a big improv experience, so sounds really cool.

He plans. 

[00:16:27] Jeff: the exciting part to me is it's a little bit of storyline and improv and interaction with the guests and I think that's just gonna be so cool. 

[00:16:36] Dan: Yeah, I think it sounds even cool that he plant yeah. North Carolina?


North Carolina. So that, that sounds pretty exceeding. They, it's a there's two seatings each weekend at seven 30 and 9:30 PM. And they recommend making reservation. You can search that up as my kid would say, look for the sorrow drown if you're in town, but it looks really cool. 

[00:16:59] Jeff: I think I would make a special trip just for that.

[00:17:02] Dan: It looks like the ki that.

kind of place. Yeah. There's A few Tiki bars around the country that have that like super over the top with the effects and the themeing and story. And this is one of them and they all look like they're worth the trip.

[00:17:18] Heather: A Tiki trip.

[00:17:19] Jeff: This one looks almost more society of adventures and explorers more than Tiki. It does have definitely Tiki things, but just has so many weird artifacts and cool historical stuff. 

[00:17:33] Dan: Yeah. I think Tiki mostly comes in on the menu and the drinks it's heavy on tropical drinks and poo platters. 

[00:17:39] Jeff: Lots of Ru

[00:17:41] Dan: Yeah. So that's pretty cool. I'd go there. Put it on the list. 

[00:17:47] Jeff: It's a really long list. 

[00:17:50] Dan: Yeah, it is. I need more time. Somebody needs to pay me to visit Tiki bars. 

[00:17:58] Jeff: Yeah. How do you get that gig?

[00:18:00] Heather: it's a good gig. If you can get it.

[00:18:02] Dan: yeah, no kidding. And then one last quick story while we're at it. I know that at Heather's household, the Disney villas game is a rather popular 

[00:18:11] Heather: It is.

[00:18:12] Dan: gamers in general. We Jeff, have you guys played any of those games, villainous? 

[00:18:17] Jeff: We don't play games. 

[00:18:19] Dan: you're a very serious household over there.

You run a tight ship there at the Williams 

[00:18:24] Jeff: I quit school in kindergarten, cuz I found out they have recess and frankly I don't play.

[00:18:31] Dan: Jeff. Don't play that. There's a new expansion to the villain this world, and this is star wars villain. This power, the dark 

[00:18:38] Heather: power of the dark side. My nerds are very excited about this and it will include some pretty Primo villains, Darth Vader, Kylo, Ren massage, adventurous general grievous, any even

[00:18:51] Jeff: Massage of interest.

[00:18:53] Heather: yes.

[00:18:55] Jeff: That sounds like a massage parlor.

[00:18:56] Heather: She you'd be familiar with adventurous if you were, if you watched the clone wars series, which my nerds to have watched every episode and Mo Gideon is also a great villain.

[00:19:09] Dan: Mando. 

[00:19:10] Jeff: Like him.

[00:19:11] Dan: Yeah, 

[00:19:13] Heather: and it's they're making some changes. So the, none of the there's the there's Disney villas. And then there was Marvel villains. We have all of, both of those. And now the star wars version, and you can't the Disney villains, all of those, you can mix them and play different villain together, but you can't mix Disney villains with Marvel villains, and you won't be able to mix star wars with the others, which is a little bit of a bummer.

I think it might be funny, fun to play, ENT against Darth Vader, but

[00:19:46] Jeff: Is there no way to actually do it.

[00:19:48] Heather: no, the rules are little different in each iteration, but this star wars one looks pretty cool. 

[00:19:56] Dan: Yeah. The basic premise of the games, if you haven't played 'em it's fun. It's it's like a entry level of the more like serious ki not serious, I shouldn't say, but the more like tactical kind of board games, but you choose a villain to play and each villain has their goal for what they're trying to do to win the games.

I don't know what the goals for the star wars ones are like, but, for example in the original Disney one, you could be Ratigan the rat from the great mouse detective and his goal is to kidnap the queen and throw BAS of baker street off of big Ben. And that's how you win.

And the other villains all have their own goals. And they're, so they're trying to sabotage you to keep you from, 

[00:20:41] Jeff: I think I 

[00:20:41] Dan: your goals. 

[00:20:43] Jeff: the straights, the original

[00:20:45] Heather: did. And my favorite is the original one you gave us. I like to play ENT. And her goal is to cast three curses. And so the other villains

[00:20:56] Jeff: damn.

[00:20:57] Dan: exactly. Yeah. My FA my three favorites. 

[00:21:00] Heather: And the other villains who are playing against you will play hero at you. So

They'll play, they use the prints to block ENT, stuff like that.

Yeah. So you're trying to keep the other people from meeting their goal and you have to pay attention to see if they're close

[00:21:18] Jeff: I thought it sounded complicated so that you guys would like it.

[00:21:22] Heather: we do like it. 

[00:21:23] Dan: but it's not too complicated that people that are new to that 

[00:21:26] Heather: Yeah. It's easy to pick up. It really is easy to pick up. And especially my family doesn't like it because I like to always play the same villain. And so I get really good at. ENT and I never play anyone else

[00:21:41] Jeff: Yeah. I don't know why you wouldn't do that though.

[00:21:43] Heather: Yeah. So you have to defeat heroes and it's fun. And it looks like they're adding another level to the star wars one they're adding not just to the heroes and the regular goals. They're adding something called ambition.

And one of the cool things about this one is it says, so all the, you get a little it looks like a little chess piece that represents your villain and all of the star wars ones are supposed to look a little bit different because of the way they're casting them.

So every box will have the five villains in it, and yours might look a little different from somebody else's

[00:22:20] Dan: They got like colors and

[00:22:21] Jeff: Collector alert.

[00:22:24] Dan: They know how to get your money. It's the same people that are trying to collect all of the different Keber crystals, 

[00:22:32] Heather: Yes. And you can never find them in. Okay. Now I'm blanking on the name of that shop it. DAARS. Thank you. Star wars villas will be 39 99, and it's supposed to be coming out early summer. So probably just a couple more months. 

[00:22:48] Dan: And you can find that everywhere target usually

[00:22:50] Heather: Yes. That's usually where we go. Oh, 

[00:22:54] Jeff: target actually has a great game selection of all the department store kind of places

[00:23:00] Heather: they really do. 

[00:23:01] Dan: It's surprising. So yeah, I think we'll be I'll. I'll definitely be picking up this one. I skipped on Marvel cuz I marveled out, but 

[00:23:08] Heather: We've got it. If you ever wanna play it, you can come over. I know some folks who would love to have a new player for Villa us. That's right. 

[00:23:18] Dan: we'll skip on the Marvel, but I'll 

[00:23:19] Heather: And it's better than getting sucked into one of their six to eight hour games. I can tell you that right now. 

[00:23:26] Dan: Yeah, no, thank you. That's why I don't play risk with my brother 

[00:23:29] Heather: oh man. Yeah.

[00:23:32] Jeff: that was the worst day of my life. Trying to play risk one time. 

[00:23:37] Dan: it's come on, man. You know that there's no possible way for me to come back in wood. We don't need to play until every single one of my armies is dead. Just take the win, but he won't take the win. 

[00:23:47] Jeff: you can't surrender

[00:23:49] Dan: Nope. Yeah. It's the worst. Stick around because after the commercial break, we're clearing the air on some of the gloom and doom that seems to hang around a large portion of Disney theme park news, and we're back it strange to me how much discussion of the happiest and most magical place on earth is dominated by pessimism an outrage.

[00:24:09] Heather: outrage. 

[00:24:10] Jeff: outrage.

[00:24:11] Dan: Yeah I guess when that's the tone of our news and social media for the world as a whole, it trickles down to every corner of our brains. It doesn't help the large number of theme park news sites hosted by people who claim to be the biggest fans ever of our favorite parks rely on outrageous click bait to get your attention in.

So a little ad space. We're gonna try to clear the air a little bit and help you turn that Disney frown upside down TM.

[00:24:37] Jeff: I think somebody may have used that one before.

[00:24:40] Heather: once or twice. 

[00:24:42] Dan: that's too bad. I'm taking it over. Yeah.

so man, it's just these people, like if they're always so pissed off about everything that Disney does 

[00:24:55] Jeff: Why do they have a 

[00:24:56] Dan: and is why do they go?

Why don't they find a new interest? 

[00:25:01] Heather: that's 

[00:25:01] Dan: than the fact that maybe they're not really that big a fan and they just know they can make a lot of money off of whipping up Disney fanatics 

[00:25:09] Jeff: It used to be all rumors and stuff was the thing. And now it's now it just seems to be guard.

[00:25:15] Dan: Yeah. It's all click bait and outrage. It's not even the worst part. There's nothing more frustrating than clicking on a, it sounds like it's gonna be something juicy about how terrible mouse keeping has gotten and you find out that's not really the whole story. 

[00:25:30] Jeff: Yeah, 

[00:25:30] Heather: Jeff, read that. Read that,

[00:25:32] Jeff: This is a headline from Beyond the normal,

[00:25:36] Heather: Yeah, it's a headline from one of the more ubiquitous

[00:25:40] Jeff: one of these yeah, these amazing blogs that used to be reputable. And now we're just pumping out pure garbage. This one says guest, and then in quotes complains about cleaning service upkeep at Disney hotel. So as the owner of a travel agency, that books a lot of people into these Disney hotels, I go, Hey, wait a minute.

I need to see what's going on at these Disney hotels. When I click on it, it's about a guest who it's literally just an Instagram post. They write a whole story with a bunch of superfluous detail, and then it shows ans Instagram post of a guy in the tower of terror lobby with cobwebs, fake cobwebs and all that.

And his post is boy cleaning has really taken a turn for the worst at this hotel. That's.

[00:26:27] Heather: It's a joke post, but they made it in, made it seem like it's an actual

[00:26:32] Jeff: Yeah. And that seems to be, it's either a joke or misleading post like that, or it's the kinds of headlines that are like one dude on Reddit says this thing and it's literally guest

[00:26:43] Heather: shoves past woman in wheelchair to meet Peter pan.

[00:26:47] Jeff: Or guest and not even guest, but guest complains about blah, blah, blah. It's every day on the site. It's crazy.

[00:26:56] Heather: And the problem is then that the negativity is starting to spill in, out into just, people who are not spending all of their time, living, breathing, Disney parks, and they just wanna have a family vacation. Yeah. But then they see this stuff and it makes them 

[00:27:14] Jeff: and they don't read the article either.

[00:27:16] Heather: yeah. It makes them have unrealistic expectations about what their visit is going to be like, or think that it's gonna be terrible.

Or then you get into this culture of, if I don't have X, Y, Z happen, it's gonna ruin my trip. That's what really starts to

[00:27:34] Jeff: That in the Facebook, the quote, fan groups, people join these groups cuz they want to, run stuff by people like what's the best restaurants or whatever people will ask legitimate question like that in the groups. And then everyone just flames everything. Oh, the magic is gone.

Every restaurant's awful now. Blah, blah, blah. I came across one today. Just now this is the guy's whole post in the one of the annual passholder Facebook groups. Disney food is disgusting with disgusting in all caps. 

[00:28:05] Dan: I got news for ya. They have some good food, but there has always been some pretty questionable food 

[00:28:11] Jeff: everywhere you go.

[00:28:13] Heather: yes. And it, it's a theme park, so it's all about where you're eating in a

[00:28:18] Jeff: And what you wanna spend

[00:28:19] Heather: Yes. 

And if you're talking about wanting a quick service, me a that's like going to McDonald's and I'm sorry, but that's not a culinary masterpiece.

[00:28:27] Jeff: Try going to six flags one time, if you think Disney's food is awful. Yeah. 

[00:28:32] Dan: Oh yeah, no kidding. 

[00:28:34] Heather: And I guess what the, what I'd like people to. Change their expectations to understand that it's not going to ruin your vacation. If you don't get into Ohana,

It's not gonna ruin your vacation. If you don't get to ride rise of the resistance a couple of times, even once. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:28:57] Jeff: Yeah. Dan, tell that to Dan. He's had many great vacations where he didn't get to write

[00:29:02] Heather: yeah.

[00:29:03] Dan: I can attest. I can attest to that. Let's see what, two, three I think I've had at least six vacations, right? I didn't get to ride rise of the resistance and I'm still going back to Walt Disney world for a second time this year 

[00:29:17] Heather: Yes.

[00:29:18] Jeff: lately, everyone is crying because their little darlings won't get to hug on and get an autograph from whatever character. They don't know they were supposed to get that. You know that. So keep your own expectations bay and don't tell your little darling that they're gonna have all these things that they can't.

They only know that they couldn't have it. Cuz you told 'em that.

[00:29:41] Heather: Yeah, that's true.

[00:29:43] Jeff: So there's the, all these character interactions. I've seen the cutest videos of little kids like wait, they're behind a barrier now or four feet away, six, whatever it is, it's cute. The kids love it. They, I got to see Mickey they're just as excited.

As they ever were, but the only, only the parents know there's something different.

[00:30:01] Heather: I love the new stuff they've been doing because of the pandemic where Winnie the poo is wandering around pretending to catch butterflies. I think that's so much more interesting than standing in a line than standing next to one of the P and getting a photo and leaving it's so much cuter 

[00:30:19] Dan: It seems more, it makes it more real. It makes it more magical, 

[00:30:22] Jeff: seems like you accidentally came up on P chasing butterflies or whatever. It's just a cute real thing. And I don't know, 

[00:30:30] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:30:31] Jeff: The not getting Cinderella's Royal table was always the thing. Like parents lost their minds. If they couldn't take their kids to Cinderella's Royal table, what four year olds don't know that

[00:30:41] Heather: BTY boutique spend a hundred dollars on that terrible hairstyle. That is just the tightest bun anyone has ever seen.

[00:30:51] Jeff: Yeah, with glitter glued in

[00:30:53] Heather: yeah, you can address your little girl up in the same cute little princess dress and sprinkled glitter in her hair in your hotel room before you leave for the park

[00:31:02] Dan: Yeah, 

[00:31:03] Heather: or the thing that's getting me right now is all the complaints about lines and crowds it's as if we forgot that is what it was before the pandemic shut everything

[00:31:15] Jeff: this one. This is a headline from the same website, spring break crowds, absolutely overwhelm and flood Disney park. And then 

[00:31:24] Dan: Every 

[00:31:25] Jeff: shows a picture of two pinch points at Disney. And any of you guys that are listening, that our regular goers will know exactly where I'm talking about that strip in front of Pecos bills

Through there.

And then we even through Liberty square. That's always a pinch point and leading into a small world area in front of between Peter pan and small world. That's a pinch point. It's narrow and people are coming from three different directions. It's always 

[00:31:52] Dan: go through the Archway? That's only about 10 feet wide and you're trying to shove a thousand people through 

[00:31:58] Jeff: Then the whole article is it is at park.

Yeah, we know that. So the same

[00:32:03] Heather: spring break.

[00:32:04] Jeff: the reason that they have these park reservations now is to plan for this. They limit the people that can get in. They know exactly who's coming. You're not gonna show up and not be able to get a ticket.

[00:32:16] Heather: it has certainly been worse than it is right now in the past before park reservations. 

[00:32:21] Dan: And that's another thing I saw recently. And people have been complaining about for a long time now is these park reservations. And I saw a tweet just the other day from somebody who said that their universal AP and they got a survey from universal asking how they felt about the idea of having to make a reservation, to get into the theme parks 

And they were like, I would cancel my AP and never go back. And its like, you know what? The theme park reservation system isn't that bad. Especially once they got past the first few months when they were at really low capacity levels, unless you are trying to go tomorrow on a, off the cuff trip.

And it's during spring break, you're going to find a reservation for the good parks. They have not. been selling out. And when they do look like they're sold out the next week, they open up more availability. 

[00:33:13] Jeff: yeah, that open it up for local stuff.

[00:33:16] Heather: yeah, Christmas time this year, there were a few days that, magic kingdom was sold out, but really during the entire week between Christmas and new year's there, you could still get in.

[00:33:28] Dan: And you could hop there too in the afternoon. That was just for initial start of day reservations, because I don't think I saw any stories this year about them. Maybe more than once closing down for capacity 

[00:33:37] Heather: And I think that was only if I'm remembering correctly. I think it only new year's Eve and that, it's always crazy. Even on Christmas day, we were able to hop no big 

[00:33:49] Dan: And Thanksgiving, they didn't have issues either. So I the park reservation. Yeah.

That's another thing that people are really upset about because it's new and it feels like it's limiting, but it's really, it's 

[00:34:00] Jeff: the matching is gone though. You guys, how many times have you seen that written or posted

[00:34:05] Heather: So many times 

[00:34:06] Dan: I like how these people are all pretending that they were being spontaneous about the planning of their trip. 

[00:34:11] Heather: no, they were not

[00:34:12] Dan: travel planners, we all know what went into this and how far in advance and how like super type a and anal they were being about it. Even more than we as travel planners would 

[00:34:22] Jeff: I think really what it is now, you can't preplan because you have to use genie if you want that. So people are losing their minds over the, but at first people were losing their minds. Cuz you had

the complaint this I don't wanna pick my dinner and pick my rides four months. 

[00:34:39] Heather: Yeah.

[00:34:41] Dan: I'll tell you 

[00:34:42] Jeff: fed up with Disney's money, grabbing policies and extra charges. a whole news article.

[00:34:49] Heather: Oh yeah. 

[00:34:50] Jeff: Does anybody remember when interested in making a huge profit? I do not.

[00:34:56] Heather: Yeah, no,

[00:34:58] Jeff: they are a business, have shareholders. They want to make money and it takes money to build all the things we.

[00:35:05] Heather: And I will say that there have been questionable decisions lately that I haven't been a hundred percent behind and there's always, we have recently had a change in CEO at Disney and every time something

[00:35:19] Jeff: I hadn't heard.

[00:35:20] Heather: Yeah. Whoa. You should look at the headline article today in the blog.

We've been. Reading from Bob Jeck furious, no longer talks to former CEO Iger after tens falling out. But you know that whenever there's a culture change like that there's some, it takes some time for someone new to, get up to speed and to, for some of that stuff, a shake out and who knows, he's been taking a shape.

X's been taking a lot of heat recently. Maybe he'll change some of his ways. I don't know, but it hasn't taken away. The Mo the

magic for 

[00:35:56] Jeff: for most of the things happening right this second in the parks. Cause these things take years to implement.

[00:36:01] Heather: Yes, that's true

[00:36:02] Jeff: they're not rolling stuff out in months. They're rolling it out in years.

[00:36:06] Heather: , that's true,

[00:36:08] Dan: Yeah,

not a lot of this has been reactionary type stuff. And to Heather's point we're not saying that everything at the parks needs to be all your opinions need to be, sunshine and rainbows it's, there is 100% know things that are valid complaints that are questionable ideas.

The thing is 

[00:36:27] Heather: a lot recently about genie plus, and how it's not working at Walt Disney world, we're not 

[00:36:33] Dan: And, but what's important is when you are browsing the internet, just like with the rest of the world at large, it's important to consider the source and look at what the reporting is because a lot of these, a lot of places do want to just take advantage of your outrage to get clicks And to get these ad dollars

[00:36:56] Jeff: And not just in theme park news, that's every news

[00:37:00] Dan: right. 

[00:37:00] Heather: if the page is covered with ads and popups, and that's your first clue that what they're looking for is clicks not to really, to provide you with quality reporting.

[00:37:14] Jeff: info, good quality info or planning

[00:37:17] Heather: helping you to plan. And there are a lot of good planning resources out there that aren't trying to

[00:37:23] Jeff: I don't know of any

[00:37:24] Heather: hound the outrage.

Yeah. , it's disappointing because a lot of them that I really just make pick me so angry lately are. I said, I used to really love to read, to keep up with information about what's going on in the parks and

They've really just become all about the, a money and they're not giving me any real information anymore.

[00:37:47] Dan: 

That's true. and then, 

[00:37:48] Jeff: need to learn to temper their expectations and figure out what it is and use a good planning site or a travel agent,

[00:37:57] Heather: yeah.

[00:37:58] Jeff: figure out how to plan using the tools and the things that are available today. Not lament, what used to be, or why don't we have this figure out what it is, and then work within that to have a great vacation.

[00:38:10] Heather: Yeah. And also just relax and have fun on your vacation, 

[00:38:13] Dan: Yeah, it's a vacation. Holy crap. 

[00:38:16] Jeff: Yeah. If you look right now on my Disney experience, there are literally dozens and dozens of places you can eat all during next week, which is the height of spring break. Still. It may not be the exact one thing you wanted to do, but there's tons of good availability, but everybody will be on there saying they can't find anything to eat.

And there's tons of good stuff.

[00:38:40] Heather: And there are tons of great rides that are my kids' favorites, but the most fun we've had recently, and I have I've forgot two teenage boys. It's some of the, yeah. Some days that's true, but some of the most fun we've had recently on our family trips to Walt Disney world are doing the stuff. That you wouldn't expect your teenage boys to want to do like scavenger hunts in Epcot, looking for Remy in order to get a stupid little cheap

[00:39:12] Jeff: prize.

[00:39:13] Heather: Yeah, 

[00:39:14] Dan: That actually doesn't surprise me with your boys because they used to be really big into sources of the magic kingdom. 

[00:39:20] Heather: true. They were, 

[00:39:21] Dan: so if they're the types who would want to go to magic kingdom and do nothing, but play that card game, I can see them being 

[00:39:27] Jeff: destroy me when I traveled with you guys.

[00:39:30] Heather: Yes. But they like to just, wander, they, most people will say, oh, kids hate Epcot. There's nothing for kids at Epcot. My kids love to just wander around and do that silly stuff.

And we have the best time there together. Just relaxing and not worry about getting out every single ride.

We still love the rides,

[00:39:52] Jeff: it does help that you've been there 300 times.

[00:39:54] Heather: this is true. 

[00:39:56] Dan: Yeah, but even if you haven't, here's the thing, 

[00:39:58] Jeff: It's fun.

[00:40:00] Dan: the rides are amazing. The food is delicious, but the things that. Stand out in my brain more than a few weeks afterwards. Aren't really those things. They're the other memories that came in between. So calm down about, yeah. it's it is. It's not so important what you're doing 


[00:40:22] Heather: we still have that stupid little plate that has Anna Elsa and spin on it and we call it the wooden nickel, because while we were doing this scavenger hunt Owen who has a very dry, so sense of humor kept saying, I can't wait to find out what the prize is. I hope it's a wooden nickel.

[00:40:44] Jeff: it pretty much

[00:40:45] Heather: we, yes.

And we have that plate in our cabinet and fight over who gets to eat off the wooden nickel. So

[00:40:51] Jeff: I have a 20 year old college student. And when we talk about memories of Disney and it's always, when he members, when I did something silly or a thing that happened at the pool, or it's never that one time we rode that one ride, he did. Everybody loves ride. Don't get me wrong. I love that. But the memories are not about that.

It's the family together time or the funny things that you said or did, or somebody fell down or they're, whatever.

[00:41:19] Heather: Their chiro got stolen by a one of those annoying Florida birds.

[00:41:24] Jeff: One of . Yes, that happened away at our first trip. And he screamed, like someone had stabbed him in the stomach, but then a cast member walked over with a new CHRO. They handed it to him and he was all good. My wife got shit on by a dozen birds at one time, but it's hilarious. they gave her a new shirt.

[00:41:45] Dan: yeah.

[00:41:45] Heather:

[00:41:46] Jeff: are the memories you keep

[00:41:47] Heather: Aiden and I got vomited on space mountain, and we both got a new shirt.

[00:41:52] Jeff: Yeah.

[00:41:52] Dan: got pissed on by her own daughter and she got a new pair of pants.

[00:41:56] Jeff: Yeah. And that daughter was 14. That's the weird part. 

[00:42:01] Dan: I hope not. Otherwise she's got some explaining to do cause doing the math. There's a few problems with that. 

[00:42:07] Jeff: travel.

[00:42:08] Heather: yeah. 

[00:42:09] Dan: oh yeah. So that's definitely the mindset going in. Don't get all upset about trying to get on every single attraction in that part, cuz you're never gonna do it. And there's literally nothing in any of those parks. That's a must

[00:42:24] Jeff: And be flexible. Just have fun with what you can do. If you can ride this ride, do it. If you can't move along, 

[00:42:31] Dan: If the kid wants to chase a damn duck for half an hour, you chase the duck.

cuz it's the most magical duck in the world. 

[00:42:37] Jeff: Yep.

[00:42:39] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:42:40] Heather: I, remember getting stuck in Epcot, just sitting and watching my kids playing in those little fountains that squirt

[00:42:47] Jeff: bouncing water

[00:42:48] Heather: can, yes. And they're soaked and I have to run to the gift shop to find a towel, but they had so much fun

[00:42:56] Jeff: So much fun.

[00:42:57] Heather: and it was fun watching. 'em do it.

[00:42:59] Jeff: we had a friend of my sons meet us at the park, at the hotel to go to the parks with us one day. And it was the last minute thing it was during spring break. We bought, we paid like it was right when surge pricing had come out at the park. So we paid hundred 40 something dollars for his friend to join us for one day, we were at the parks about three hours and they both were like, Hey, can we just go back to the hotel and swim? Now, you guys know how calm and cool I am. So I

Positive reaction, but honestly we had the best day just back at the pop century, swimming and having 

[00:43:36] Dan: And then you said an invoice for the ticket later. 

[00:43:38] Heather: Yeah, you owe me 140 bucks.

[00:43:42] Jeff: I build her father.

[00:43:44] Heather: Yeah. And of course it's important to have a good plan,

[00:43:47] Jeff: Yeah,

[00:43:48] Heather: Don't, I'm not saying that, especially someone who's never been before should just show up with no plan. Particularly. I keep reading about unfortunate guests who have booked their trip through Costco and were never told that they needed a park reservation and now it's spring break and they show up and they can't get in.

[00:44:06] Jeff: I see

[00:44:06] Heather: don't do that.

[00:44:07] Jeff: time lately,

[00:44:09] Heather: yeah, a lot. 

[00:44:11] Dan: Yeah, but it's important to know the right details that you should be concerning and spending your energy on. I know that, like I recently joined a group for one of the resorts that we'll be staying at this summer, just cuz I was curious what kind of conversation goes on in these resort groups and 

[00:44:29] Jeff: resort? 

[00:44:30] Dan: Port ORs, Riverside.

I think it's actually for both of the port resorts, but and I know that I am not the same kind of Disney guest that a lot of these people are, and I am not a super type, a planning type, which might make me not the best travel 

[00:44:47] Jeff: Maybe don't say that out loud. 

[00:44:50] Dan: however, 

[00:44:50] Jeff: , I'm not for my own travel too. 

[00:44:53] Dan: That's what I mean, like for my own travel and, but I can't imagine putting the amount of energy that these people put into trying to figure out the best possible room in the best possible building to 

[00:45:04] Heather: oh man. Yeah.

[00:45:05] Dan: And they make it seem like this is going to make or break their trip between where the, their room is in relation to the bus stop. And what kind of refrigerator is in their room. Like it is going to ruin their life

[00:45:19] Jeff: And port Orleans, Riverside is huge. So you can be close to the outer bus stops. That's can be great. You can be inside and close to the pool and the main hall and all that. Or you could be close

[00:45:33] Heather: that can be great.

[00:45:34] Jeff: Yeah, but there's a lot of different things and they all are good in their own ways. So just take what you get and shut your mouth.

[00:45:41] Dan: also in reality, yes, it is large. However, compared to the amount of walking that you're doing elsewhere, there is nothing that's terrible. That's like oftentimes people stress out about getting a preferred room at pop century is always the one hotel that I always hear. You gotta get a location room, you gotta get a preferred room.

Let me tell you the. the rooms that are not preferred are not that far. It's not that long a 

[00:46:11] Jeff: the resort is small. 

[00:46:13] Dan: I've only been there once last may. And we were out in one of the eighties buildings, which was one of the farther non-preferred ones. I'm like what is, why is everybody so upset about not getting a preferred room resort?

There's nothing. That's not, that's more than a four minute walk here. It's ridiculous. Why are we laying this ruin our trip? 

[00:46:33] Heather: You shouldn't be,

[00:46:35] Jeff: And also the preferred rooms they're preferred because they're close to the main hall and the buses and the pool, the loudest pool in the known world.

[00:46:47] Heather: is it really loud?

[00:46:48] Jeff: you, yeah, so if you have any of those

[00:46:50] Heather: the hippie dippy pool.

[00:46:52] Jeff: louder. You have the hippy bowl, but you, if you're out in eighties, you got that keyboard pool.

That's quiet and cool. And you got your own. It's awesome. 

[00:47:00] Dan: PSL actually eighties is closer technically to the bus stop. 

[00:47:04] Jeff: And all of the outer non-preferred rooms are closer now to the Skyliner

[00:47:09] Heather: Skyliner 

[00:47:09] Dan: yeah. So 

[00:47:11] Heather: yeah. That's, what's great. About some of those outer non-preferred rooms. Now at Caribbean beach, you can just walk right over to Riviera or you're right at the Skyliner

[00:47:20] Jeff: And then if you're at art of animation, the non-preferred smaller non suite rooms are the closest one to the sky letter,

The little mermaid rooms 

[00:47:29] Heather: and at art of animation, I prefer the cars section that's quieter. This, that section around the NEMA pool is not only more expensive. It's loud with sound and loud in the decor,

[00:47:40] Jeff: in its colors.

[00:47:42] Heather: yeah, 

[00:47:42] Dan: And again, is it slightly longer walk? Yes, 

[00:47:46] Heather: A little, 

[00:47:47] Dan: my threshold for walking distance is a lot different than most 

[00:47:51] Jeff: You're gonna walk 300 miles a day at Disney. Anyway, what's another few feet. It just doesn't matter. 

[00:47:56] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:47:56] Jeff: And honestly, when I was the dad that was running over to the food court to get food after a day in the parks, I liked the long walk because I was away from my family longer. 

[00:48:06] Dan: yeah. it's a little peace and quiet. Yeah. If you hear other, if you hear children yelling, It's not your children, so you don't have to react to it. It's not your problem. yeah.

It's somebody else's problem. A great feeling. 

[00:48:22] Jeff: I think staying flexible is the best advice I can give anybody going. My dad was not flexible. We had a plan and he was sticking to it. I have a distinct memory of being at the seven sacred pools in Hawaii. And we're having the time of our lives, swimming in water falls and slides and all this amazing stuff.

And he was like rushing us to get out of there, to go to some dumb luau thing that no one him cared about. And we have to leave the greatest place you've ever been in your life. And we'll never get back to because we've gotta of this pig roast or whatever. And my mom shut him down and like Ron, we are at the greatest place in the world.

Why would you have us leave here to go to a hotel luau 

[00:49:04] Dan: Yeah. When I write up 

[00:49:06] Jeff: though.

[00:49:07] Dan:

[00:49:08] Heather: I was, I wondered about that.

[00:49:10] Jeff: He was driving and he was the boss. 

[00:49:13] Dan: And now you live in the south where you can't spit without hitting a pig roast. 

[00:49:17] Jeff: That's right, 

[00:49:18] Dan: it's a good thing. You got to experience that when you had the chance. 

[00:49:21] Jeff: But this one had people in grass skirts, so

[00:49:23] Dan: True. True. Yeah.

When I write up a tra a packet for clients traveling to Walt Disney world that's honestly like possibly the biggest paragraph that I write is I tell them we've done all this planning. We've done all of our work. We've got. Laid out what you're going to do. That's great, but don't be afraid to throw this 100% out the 

You're not going to stick to it because the things that aren't booked and paid for in advance, they're going to change.

You don't know what the crowds are gonna be. Like, you don't know what you're gonna feel like doing. So this at least gives you a framework. and that's good. So that you're not just spinning in circles, but please be flexible and do what you feel like doing. And remember you're at a park you're not at, you're not at, work or something.

It's not a grind. It's not something you have to do. 

[00:50:15] Jeff: And if you, and especially if you're traveling with kids, if they're not into it and they want to go back to the hotel and swim, do that,

[00:50:22] Heather: go for it. 

[00:50:23] Dan: Everybody will be 

[00:50:24] Heather: And don't make them sit for four hours on a curb because you think it's gonna be the perfect view of the parade.

[00:50:30] Jeff: the parade that they have to see when

[00:50:33] Heather: Yes.

[00:50:33] Jeff: it's you that

[00:50:35] Heather: Yeah. 

[00:50:36] Dan: Yeah. Can we talk about the fact that you can now get a fast pass for the freaking parade to Walt Disney world? I've never posted up for that parade in 

[00:50:44] Heather: no.

[00:50:45] Dan: I see that it's coming and I stopped somewhere. And even in 2019, I was there with three children, my wife and my brother. 

[00:50:54] Jeff: I'm 

[00:50:55] Dan: Oh, the sixth of us, the sixth of us stopped in the middle of Liberty square and found 

[00:51:03] Heather: Oh yeah. You can always find a place

[00:51:05] Jeff: throw your kid on 

[00:51:06] Dan: could see every character and we stopped like literally the first float passes through ah, what the heck we'll stop up and watch. So you don't need to do that. Don't ruin your day sitting down, waiting for a parade or waiting for fireworks. Guess what? Fireworks are really big. And they go really high. 

[00:51:23] Jeff: What about harmonious? Would you wait a long time at the area between the world show place and 

[00:51:31] Dan: I would wait approximately 15 minutes. 

[00:51:35] Jeff: okay. 

[00:51:35] Dan: That's how long I waited. 

[00:51:37] Jeff: Oh, I thought it was longer. I was trying to give you some crap.

[00:51:41] Dan: No, in fact, 15 minutes before the show started, I moved for my perfectly acceptable spot in, I think it was in Canada or France. It was in France and moved over to the world's showcase spot. But yeah, so that's, I that's my biggest thing I agree is don't get so stressed out and upset. Be 

[00:52:03] Heather: Exactly

[00:52:04] Jeff: And don't let the negative Nancys on these groups, temper your trip before you're even there. Genie plus works really great for a lot of people. It doesn't always work. That's the thing. It's an imperfect science. It's just 

[00:52:18] Dan: And that's the thing is you have to approach it ahead of time with the right? mindset. It's not going to be a magic wand that gets you on every ride. The genie's got limited powers, right. He's got rules of what he can grant you, and he can only give a lad three wishes. Don't expect too much out of him.

[00:52:33] Jeff: also keep in mind. It's $15. It's you're not gonna pay $15 to get in front of the line for every ride.

[00:52:41] Heather: And if you don't just go ahead and stand in line,


[00:52:44] Dan: We used to do that 

[00:52:45] Jeff: Oh,

[00:52:46] Heather: to do that all the time. And the lines, frankly, have not been as crazy, terrible as they were even when in 2019, when fast pass plus was a thing, they haven't been as bad because of park reservations.


[00:53:00] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:53:01] Heather: it's okay to stand in line, 

[00:53:03] Dan: There's plenty of options. 

[00:53:04] Heather: get you one of those heads up games on your cell phone. We had, we've had so much fun playing that in 

[00:53:10] Dan: yeah, I see tons of people doing that or use the play Disney parks app. We talked about that with the data pad for Batu. Guess what most, most of the big headliner rides have.

games specifically made For them in that

[00:53:24] Heather: For the 


[00:53:25] Dan: can only play in the queue of that ride. And in fact, some of 'em have Soren has a trivia game with a scoreboard 

[00:53:31] Heather: oh yeah. I like that one.

[00:53:33] Dan: so they all have these games, there's stuff to do. Or heaven forbid you talk to your family about the cool thing that you saw walking from tomorrow land to fantasy, or, like 

[00:53:44] Jeff: I do not condone that

[00:53:48] Dan: Yeah, but Jeff, you don't travel with 

[00:53:49] Heather: Hey,

[00:53:49] Jeff: agree to 

[00:53:50] Dan: want this new world. 

[00:53:52] Heather: I, my teenagers talk to me so much more on vacation than, all of the rest of the year combined when we're standing in a

[00:54:00] Dan: Yeah. So take advantage of that time. 

[00:54:03] Jeff: And when you have a six year old, I know it's annoying when, and they talk all the time, but

[00:54:08] Heather: Yeah.

[00:54:09] Jeff: that

[00:54:09] Heather: Wait until they're

[00:54:10] Jeff: while.

[00:54:12] Heather: and they say one word a day,

[00:54:14] Dan: No, 

[00:54:15] Heather: or they might text you some dumb Giff and that's fun too.

[00:54:19] Jeff: I did find one more headline before we close up shop here that this is just a hooping to the most low here, but snot explosion on Disney coaster leaves, guest covered and panicked. I don't even wanna read that article.

[00:54:37] Heather: I don't. Hey, when I got vomited on, on, on space mountain, I didn't panic. Actually when it first happened, I just wiped it away cuz I thought, oh, what was that? Some liquid. And we got

[00:54:50] Jeff: it's not explosion

[00:54:52] Heather: we got off. And Aiden who had been sitting in front of me, said I think somebody threw up on me and sure enough, that is what it was the train passing over our head and now we laugh about it and he got a free shirt. 

[00:55:06] Dan: There you go, and you didn't even have to wear some kind of skimpy tube top to 

[00:55:11] Heather: No 

[00:55:13] Jeff: on space, mountain, a guest behind another guest sneezed. 

[00:55:18] Dan: oh yeah. 

[00:55:19] Heather: it.

[00:55:20] Dan: That was an explosion 

[00:55:21] Jeff: Snot explosion leaves them.

[00:55:23] Heather: on

[00:55:24] Jeff: What was it 

[00:55:26] Dan: panicked. 

[00:55:27] Jeff: and panicked.

[00:55:28] Heather: Oh yeah.

[00:55:29] Dan: Yeah, they got slightly mised is what they got. 

[00:55:32] Jeff: These are people who have clearly never had children.

[00:55:35] Heather: Clearly if getting sneezed on is the worst thing that ever happens

[00:55:39] Jeff: Yeah. When you have kids, you're literally eating dinner and notice there's poop on your arm. And you're just like, eh, I'll keep eating. You just keep going.

[00:55:48] Dan: My key takeaway here is I need to start writing some real bullshit and making a whole bunch of money off of pissed off Disney 

[00:55:55] Heather: Just all you. Yeah, absolutely.

[00:55:57] Jeff: this podcast into that

[00:56:00] Heather: Yes.

[00:56:01] Jeff: tonight's episode. Snot rockets.

[00:56:05] Dan: we're going to the dark side.

I promise we're not gonna do that. We love the theme parks too much. Thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you're excited to see all the best that the Disney theme parks or the whole wide world beyond has to offer, Key to the World Travel has a puppy and unicorn daycare center, full of expert travel planners, ready to make your vacation dreams a reality head to get started with a no obligation quote. Don't forget to catch up with our friend, the theme park professor for all the latest theme park news and tips at Word of mouth is the best way to help us grow our show. If you have a friend or two who you think would appreciate our special brand of globe trotting jackassery, tell them what makes our show so great and send them our away.

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[00:57:09] Heather: Bye

[00:57:11] Jeff: out the snot explosion was just flows. V8 cafe food. 

[00:57:17] Dan: gross.