April 5, 2022

We Love Disney World

We Love Disney World

We love it! Dan and Jeff are in the studio to talk about some of the big picture things we love about Disney World. But first travel news, including huggable characters at Disney World, it’s ok to cruise and visit the White House again, and Food and Wine...

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We love it! Dan and Jeff are in the studio to talk about some of the big picture things we love about Disney World. But first travel news, including huggable characters at Disney World, it’s ok to cruise and visit the White House again, and Food and Wine Fest returns to EPCOT this July. Grab some snacks and get ready for a festival,  it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!



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[00:00:00] Dan: Welcome back to another meeting or the gold key adventurers society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week in the studio is, well, hi there, Jeff.

[00:00:11] Jeff: Oh, thank you for the wonderful, warm. Welcome. You seem stoked that I'm the only one here.

[00:00:17] Dan: Oh, I can't wait to get, really get into it. Just, have some bro time 

[00:00:21] Jeff: Yeah. Yeah. The little knife. There's male bondage, a bonding moment. We 

[00:00:26] Dan: that's right. Yeah. Usually there's all that testosterone estrogen in the room. It makes it.

[00:00:32] Jeff: testosterone...tornaco!. 


[00:00:36] Dan: Tornaco Bell!. Well, our show is always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world. Head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com For more details and a [00:01:00] no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime.

Well, I thought it'd be a good idea after all that doom and gloom Marie, that we're talking about a couple of weeks ago. Maybe take a look at the flip side of all of that. And think about some of the things that we love about the parks, but first we've got some real choice travel news coming in, had starting with just a couple short weeks from now.

You're going to be able to get up and up close and personal with all your favorite characters again at the theme parks, 

[00:01:25] Jeff: is huge news for everybody with little kids, 

[00:01:29] Dan: yes. And some creepy dads on.

[00:01:34] Jeff: I feel attacked. 

[00:01:38] Dan: I died. I directed none of that to your direction, but starting April 18th the Disney has announced that, well, actually they said in their official announcement as early as April 18th. So they're giving themselves some wiggle room there. You'll be able to get up close and personal. And they're very specifically talking about hugging your art, [00:02:00] your favorite characters, but basically 

[00:02:02] Jeff: So no handy is still. 

[00:02:04] Dan: well.

I think you have to negotiate that at the point of sale. Yeah, so you'll be able to get up close and personal during the character meet and greets the way you used to do. There'll be signing autographs also as well. I know a lot of people miss collecting the old John Hancock's in there, 

[00:02:20] Jeff: Yeah, my kid, I love that. He's got two big a of those autograph.

books filled with autographs and stamps from the characters. He loves that 

[00:02:29] Dan: Yeah, I've got mine from 19 94, 19 95, still somewhere with the ninja turtles in it. Roger 

[00:02:37] Jeff: they use the big oversized cologne, clunk stamp? 

[00:02:40] Dan: Yeah. They had 

[00:02:40] Jeff: I love that my hands are too big. 

[00:02:45] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:02:46] Jeff: I guess that means they're going to do a gradual rollout. Maybe some attraction or some characters will be back up sooner than others. Maybe starting the 

[00:02:55] Dan: Yeah, I would guess because of that very interesting wording of as [00:03:00] early as and that's not just for Disney world and Disneyland, that also goes for Disney cruise line and Alani are all going to have the characters back. 

[00:03:08] Jeff: excellent. 

[00:03:10] Dan: I'm hoping to. Bring back the character interactions and also keep the, keep some of the wandering characters out in the field kind of thing that they've 

[00:03:21] Jeff: Me too. I was just saying that when I w I was there with my brother who hadn't been in years. Last week and, well, actually earlier this week, and he said that he really liked to, he didn't remember the characters wandering and just appearing places like that. And I said, no, it used to be a big production.

You had to wait in a line and go into a building. And there was a set and yada, and this, I liked that so much better. There's no waiting. You can just grab a quick selfie and leave. You don't feel like that. Wasn't weird. 50 year old waiting in a line with a bunch of 

[00:03:51] Dan: Yeah.

[00:03:52] Jeff: I don't know. I hope they'll figure out a way to do both. 

[00:03:56] Dan: Yes. I agree. Yeah. You get some fun, [00:04:00] interesting interactions when they're out and noticing people and gives you a little more space to do things 

[00:04:06] Jeff: and I'm never, almost never going to commit to just going in and standing in line to see sourcer Makey or whatever in a set in a line in a building. But I will, I'll make my way up front and based bomb a few kids out of my way to get a selfie with a character. So I hope they'll keep it. 

[00:04:24] Dan: One thing I'm interested in too is like right before everything shut down and they got rid of these the meet and greets, as we knew them, they had all of that money that they put into those super fancy talking Mickey mouse heads. And they were developing like next gen character technology.

I wonder if that's going to start back up and start seeing those things again to,

[00:04:44] Jeff: I hope so. It seemed like they were back and forth on whether that was going to be a thing. 

Also, they were having some issues with some Hanzi guests too. I hope they can figure that out for the safety of the face actors there. 

[00:04:58] Dan: yeah. I know they [00:05:00] had already modified some princess costumes. But, what did they do for goofy and Daisy, are they protecting those characters the same way as they were Ariel and then 

[00:05:10] Jeff: have to ask what somebody was wearing. If they feel like they've been assaulted 

[00:05:15] Dan: garnish you got to known as a thematic through line to our news stories this week. There are pretty, pretty 

[00:05:28] Jeff: pretty positive. 

[00:05:30] Dan: pretty much. Yeah, pretty positive and pretty well connected. Cause the next story we're where we're all just moving away from this pandemic. The CDC has lifted its risk advisory for cruise travel.

Starting now starting immediately has a dare cruise travel no longer carries a COVID-19 risk warning from the CV CDC. Oh, this doesn't mean that there's no risk of COVID 19 transmission on cruises. Travelers are responsible to make their own assessment when choosing [00:06:00] to travel on a cruise 

[00:06:00] Jeff: What you mean grown folks can make their own mindset, how novel? 

[00:06:07] Dan: to be responsible for ourselves now, though, that's asking a lot of some people 

[00:06:13] Jeff: I guess they say they, they just dropped it right away. So I don't think anybody was really noticing if that was there. It was just a stigma that was for. Keeping people away from the business as, and as someone that likes booking travel, I would like that stigma to be gone, but I think masks are starting to go away and all that stuff.

So Cruising's getting better and better. And I'm glad I'm here for it. As the young people say, 

[00:06:40] Dan: Yeah, I think in the, and I wouldn't be surprised if in a few short weeks we see some stuff about masks also since they decided to only extended by a month last.

[00:06:52] Jeff: speaking of things that are opening back up, the white house is about to be opening back up for public tours on April 15th. [00:07:00] 

[00:07:00] Dan: Oh boy.

[00:07:01] Jeff: So I've never done that. I have you ever done that? 

[00:07:04] Dan: No, we went to Washington DC in a, that was an eighth grade class trip, but we didn't go into the white house. We stood 

[00:07:12] Jeff: stood outside it and pelted it with rocks and garbage. 

[00:07:16] Dan: Yeah. We suicide looked for the for the missile launchers on the the rocket launchers on the roof. And then we did go into the Capitol, but, 

[00:07:25] Jeff: I have always wanted to do that to her. I would really like to, 

[00:07:28] Dan: yeah, that would be, that'd be pretty neat to 

[00:07:30] Jeff: you have to make reservations, I guess this week, actually the Capitol building open for limited tours too. So you're not allowed to storm it, but you can make a reservation to go in there at a predetermined time. 

[00:07:44] Dan: which, that's how it was. Not that long ago to you do have to have, you've got to go through a member of Congress for oh for the white house. Also, you've got to set up the tour through a member of Congress, 

[00:07:59] Jeff: Is that always how [00:08:00] it was? I never knew. 

[00:08:01] Dan: I don't know about that. That's how the capital building was. It says here in the article that just like at the Capitol, the white house tours are free, but you must schedule them through a member of Congress.

They each have a congressional tour coordinator and you need to make that request 21 to 90 days before your trip. 

[00:08:20] Jeff: Well, that's big 21 to 90. 

[00:08:23] Dan: Yeah. The tours are offered from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays only, except for federal holidays. 

[00:08:31] Jeff: Well, I guess I can take a break from chastising my congressmen to politely asking him for a tour. 

[00:08:38] Dan: And then go back to chastise, say caucus, but face masks will not be required, but will be available when entering the complex for those who choose to wear them. 

[00:08:47] Jeff: Well, I guess they dropped that?

right before the, what was the last state of the union address? 

[00:08:54] Dan: Yeah. Well actually it's been they, it says they, they closed it down to the [00:09:00] Publix at the beginning of the pandemic. They tried to bring it back in September, 2020, but that didn't last very long and day, shut it back down. Tours include a chance to see the China room where all the F, which is the home to all the formal dishware of former presidents.

Yeah. As well as the state dining room where formal meals with visiting heads of state are held. 

[00:09:23] Jeff: I would love to do both of those 

[00:09:26] Dan: Yeah. Sign us up.

[00:09:31] Jeff: Well said, Dan, 

[00:09:33] Dan: I ran a steam there. I had no joke teed up and I'm not quick enough tonight to come up with a good one. So I'm just going to say,

[00:09:41] Jeff: Dan Leonard, everybody give him a hand 

[00:09:44] Dan: take a bow. Well, what would you say is the ideal length for the Epcot food and wine festival to run their Jeff

[00:09:53] Jeff: maybe four months. 

[00:09:57] Dan: approximately foremost? That's about what I was thinking too. [00:10:00] 

[00:10:00] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:10:02] Dan: You are in luck because this year the Epcot international food and wine festival is going to begin on July 14th 

[00:10:09] Jeff: Lord. I thought 

[00:10:10] Dan: and it's going to run until, yeah, no kidding. Yeah. And it's going to run until November 19th. 

[00:10:16] Jeff: There are we S So.

there used to be a little downtime between the spring one and let's see. 

[00:10:24] Dan: There still is. There's a few months. I know. There's not that there's like odd month. 

[00:10:28] Jeff: Yeah, one 

[00:10:29] Dan: Cause I know that

[00:10:30] Jeff: when does the current Clara and garden thing? And 

[00:10:35] Dan: it runs at least through the week after father's day, because that's when we're going to be there and it's still going on then let me 

[00:10:43] Jeff: and that's June like 16th, 

[00:10:45] Dan: 19th. 

[00:10:48] Jeff: cause they just don't have a festival now for one month of the year. 

[00:10:52] Dan: Yeah, basically. There's gonna be lots of fan favorites returning, including the swanky saucy swine [00:11:00] Appleseed orchard over in Canada, which that was a fun. I had some libations there, a hops and barley earth eats hosted by impossible and then a cork sickle we'll be back with their shimmering sips.

[00:11:13] Jeff: Nah. Yes, the glitter sippers. 

[00:11:18] Dan: Yes. And they're going to do that thing again where some of the market place spots are going to open a few weeks later, so they're not going to all be available right. At opening. Some of them have a delayed opening. So keep an eye on that schedule.

[00:11:30] Jeff: I was just a few days ago on Sunday, actually in a backstage area back behind the let's see, what was that behind, maybe around Germany or so, and there's just a big pad where they had all of the festival booths that weren't being used for food and wine were all parked back there. 

[00:11:49] Dan: Oh, weird.

[00:11:50] Jeff: It's 22. Can you just drive by?

And they're literally just up on wheels, ready to be pulled back in. So they just parked them out there. Probably give them a little spray and wash [00:12:00] action and then put them right back out. 

[00:12:02] Dan: I wish they would just leave them out permanent. 

[00:12:06] Jeff: Yeah, 

[00:12:06] Dan: Let's get rid of the downtime. Let's just have 

[00:12:08] Jeff: I guess I asked the guy that we were with back there. I was like, why did they, what do they don't they just leave him out? And she said, well, they do change your mouth. There's different booths at different festivals. They're all the same stuff. Some things are always there, but then like 

[00:12:24] Dan: Yeah. But some of them, they just resign and use the same booth when they switched from art, the art festival to flower and garden. 

[00:12:32] Jeff: Was specifically the food ones. So not like the merch booths, but just a little food kiosks. so

they had like the Greek, the Greece one was back there and it doesn't get used, except for food and wine, international food and wine. And there's a honey one that used to be out every Byron garden.

It's not out this year. I don't know what they did with that. 

[00:12:52] Dan: Oh,

[00:12:53] Jeff: I guess the honey industry didn't pay them enough to, I dunno, 

[00:12:59] Dan: they would, [00:13:00] you would think they would have that out. Those answer 

[00:13:03] Jeff: unless it was in a different spot. It was not at the normal spot right there.

by a Starbucks. Like it usually is. 

[00:13:09] Dan: Well, are they doing construction right there? So maybe they maybe are they're getting ready to do 

[00:13:15] Jeff: it a few times, but I really wasn't in search of the honey. That was just one. I was like, oh, I didn't notice that little thing. That was always 

[00:13:23] Dan: No, this is surprising. Yeah. I like a good meat and it's interesting since spike the B is like 

[00:13:30] Jeff: Mike's huge. This here with his scavenger hunt and everything. 

[00:13:33] Dan: So you think they would have like his honey booth?

That's where I got my silly paper, honeybee antenna. Last time I was there some, a dark.

[00:13:43] Jeff: I know you are. I like all the festivals. It does seem like at this point they could just, I don't know, keep it out and make them all a little bit more permanent, a little bit more cute and just change some signs of you need to, 

[00:13:58] Dan: Yeah. A lot of them are, they're just [00:14:00] basic kitchens, so just 

Change out the menu board and whatever kitchen equipment you need and

[00:14:04] Jeff: yeah. There's none of them that are actually cooking the items. Really. They're just bringing them in from some other kitchen. 

[00:14:10] Dan: yeah. Just heating them up and just not many of them that are specially themed. So if they're mostly those generic cream colored building squares 

[00:14:20] Jeff: Quonset huts from some construction site, 

[00:14:25] Dan: yeah. Oh, it'd be cool. If they were actual class at huts some of the activities a bunch of the activities are coming back again also for food and wine. They are going to have the, a, what do they call their concert for that one?

[00:14:39] Jeff: the, to the beat. 

[00:14:41] Dan: Eat to the beat. Yes. Each of the beat will be back. They're also going to have a Remy's Ratatouille Haydn's squeak, scavenger hunt also a meals from OSH montage. So had they can go back and eat that nasty, 

[00:14:53] Jeff: that weird liquidy. Geez. 

[00:14:57] Dan: if it's just you stoked to hear about that. 

[00:14:59] Jeff: [00:15:00] Yes. 

[00:15:01] Dan: Yeah, of course. All the merchant food you can hope for.

So that's exciting.

[00:15:07] Jeff: I love a good festival. Why not just make fall last four months? 

[00:15:12] Dan: Yeah. That as well,

[00:15:14] Jeff: And then I guess the day that ends they'll go right into festival of the holidays. 

[00:15:19] Dan: just about, it doesn't take them long to 

[00:15:21] Jeff: does this trend? Through November 

[00:15:24] Dan: November 19th.

[00:15:26] Jeff: 19. Wow. Yeah. So festival holidays two days later.

[00:15:32] Dan: Yeah. That's a pretty safe bet. Well, I lest they wait until after. Thanks. 

[00:15:37] Jeff: No, that's 

[00:15:38] Dan: That's why it ends then if you well, barely anymore.

[00:15:43] Jeff: There's no money in Thanksgiving, Dan. 

[00:15:46] Dan: That's an interesting statement.

The Turkey farm down the road from where I work with beg to differ.

[00:15:55] Jeff: Okay. I suppose the grocery industry is making some Jack 

[00:15:59] Dan: [00:16:00] I think that means it's time for me to say 

[00:16:02] Jeff: or even here. She, everybody. Thanks for joining us. 

[00:16:06] Dan: That was a good episode, Jeff. We did good work.

Quit while we're ahead, stick around because after the commercial break, we're sharing 10 things to make us love what this new world.

Well, there's a lot to love at Walt Disney world and all the Disney parks beyond the obvious cutting edge attractions and amazing food and drink options. Sometimes it's just the little things that turn in infatuation into full blown love. Less, no less true of the theme parks or this podcasts community that we've got here.

[00:16:44] Jeff: You mean the two of us in our full blown love 

[00:16:47] Dan: that's right. I was trying not to be too explicit for the audience, 

[00:16:51] Jeff: if for any of our tween listeners? [00:17:00] 

[00:17:00] Dan: I think our audience skews a little closer to that. 35 to 50 range. I think we're good.

[00:17:05] Jeff: Oh Yeah. that's probably because we're 35 to 50. 

[00:17:09] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Close enough.

[00:17:12] Jeff: I know I am 

[00:17:15] Dan: Yeah.

So Jeff, what's the first thing on your list of things you love about parks?

[00:17:24] Jeff: well, this one when we decided we were going to do this topic, I was just at, as I said earlier in the show at Disney world last or over the last few days with my brother and his wife, she's been a couple of times. He's been once and that was with me in 2012 or 13. So he hasn't been there in a long time.

So he wasn't there. When they had magic bands, he wasn't there when they had star wars or toy story or any of the stuff. So it was really cool. So my number, one thing that I like about Disney or doing at [00:18:00] Disney parks is just seeing people experience any of this stuff for the first time, whether it was a new attraction or show or whole world or magical band.

It was crazy, but he is just such a joy. We are used to going all the time. So nothing's like, wow, they've got these magic bands. He was just so impressed with that. It opens the door. You can pay for it. He said his credit card up and he was just like, this is so cool. I don't even have to get my wallet out. Like, well, welcome to 2012 bub. 

[00:18:34] Dan: Little does he know he's playing right into the mouse's hands on 

[00:18:37] Jeff: Yeah. But we were fortunate enough to get to do one day of a VIP tour. And that was awesome. Cause he like didn't even know that was a thing you could do there. And so getting to get the you don't get front of the line access, but they do take you in the lightning lane side of every line. And so we wrote so many things, he got to do the one.

you [00:19:00] still haven't done. Then we did rise the resistance. We did the Smuggler's run. We did rock and roller coaster tower of terror, slinky dog twice. Just all of these there's a lot. He, the last time he was there was when toy story mania was brand. 

[00:19:17] Dan: Oh, 

[00:19:18] Jeff: And so the technology they've got going on, like he, his mind was blown with making in Minnie's runaway railway.

It was like, it's like two and a half D. And I said, that's literally what they call this when they were advertising. And he was gobsmacked at the whole thing. When you go in the one waterfall and then when you come out, the same set has changed underwater. Just that whole someone grinning ear to hear and just blown away by the stuff that the little parades and all this stuff, it was just so cool to see him.

He's he's older than I am. So he's at least in his mid thirties and and was just grinning ear to ear, like a little kid. 

[00:19:57] Dan: Yeah.

[00:19:58] Jeff: That's a favorite thing. Anytime I get [00:20:00] to go somewhere with someone new that hasn't seen something yet. 

[00:20:05] Dan: That's one of the great things about having so, so many. As I've had so many, 

[00:20:10] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:20:11] Dan: I'm going to take so many first trips with them and we're going to be doing Sophia's first trip in June. And I'm looking forward to that because she's a Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse fanatic right now. And it's just gonna blow her mind that she can actually, we've told her you can see them in person, she doesn't understand what that means.

And then she should, 

[00:20:33] Jeff: She doesn't know, they're going to be giant and plastic and scary. 

[00:20:38] Dan: I hope not. I hope that's reaction, but yeah. And even that 2019 took my youngest brother who, when we went, when we were kids as a family, he was really little. So he got left behind with 

[00:20:53] Jeff: Was that his only other trip till you guys 

[00:20:55] Dan: No, this was his first one. When he was tiny, he stayed home. 

[00:20:59] Jeff: Oh, he [00:21:00] didn't even get to go. I got. 

[00:21:01] Dan: No. Yeah. He stayed home with our grandparents. So you know, a few years ago it was his first trip and that was a lot of fun show 

[00:21:10] Jeff: love it. We've taken some friends of Wyatt's before, and it's just so much fun because even the ones that have been before have gone with their parents where they didn't do it right. Or didn't get to ride as much or stay somewhere cools. I love the first time experience for people 

[00:21:27] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:21:28] Jeff: that it'd be neat.

If you did like a foreign exchange students, if you were like a Disney DVC people that are there all the time and get a foreign exchange student every so often and take new people each time. Cause I just love that. And I'm running out of people I can take, till my kid has a grandkid for me.

I don't know who else I'm going to take now, 

[00:21:46] Dan: Actually I 

[00:21:46] Jeff: but Yeah. seeing Disney through the eyes of a child for the first time is That's. what got me hooked a you're lucky you got one more time to. See Sophia Dewar. And how old is she? Two. Three. 

[00:21:59] Dan: [00:22:00] too. She's too. 

[00:22:01] Jeff: Yeah, that's going to be magical 

[00:22:03] Dan: So, more like we'll get like two first chips out of it because we'll get this one and then a few years shoe, she'll get another for a ship when she doesn't remember 

[00:22:11] Jeff: and she can ride anything. 

[00:22:12] Dan: sure. Yeah. Well that too. Yeah. But yeah, that is a fantastic experience. 

[00:22:19] Jeff: What do you 

[00:22:20] Dan: Well, the first thing on my list is I love that it gives me going to the parks, gives me an opportunity to live out some of the adventures that Either you see a movies or read about in books and especially read about in books, because here's the thing I will be really brave here and I've got, I'm going to share something you're going to have to queue up the Sarah McLachlan music or something because it's not really a disability but yeah, I've got I have not like a super full-blown case.

So there's this thing called a Fantasia where I can't, I have a [00:23:00] very, yeah, it's even worse than that. I have a really hard time. It's almost impossible for me to actually picture anything in my brain. 

[00:23:09] Jeff: Oh, wow. 

[00:23:11] Dan: you told me to close my eyes and picture something. I don't. What I have is I hear my voice in my head describing something in really intricate detail.

It's like, I'm reading a book. 

[00:23:23] Jeff: is so interesting. 

[00:23:25] Dan: Yeah. 

[00:23:26] Jeff: What a pathetic loser. 

[00:23:30] Dan: tanks, there's a few things that I can picture like really important memories or things that I see all the time. Other than that, it's like, I hear myself describing things to myself in my head. So like I read in and I've always been into like adventure books and I, growing up loved reading.

[00:23:47] Jeff: Now when you're reading. Do you picture the thing you reading.

or do you picture your board's reading it 

[00:23:54] Dan: I don't picture it. And I don't hear though. I don't picture the 

[00:23:57] Jeff: when you're reading, it's not like you're watching a [00:24:00] movie or TV in your head. You're just,

saying the 

[00:24:02] Dan: I'm just, yeah. I'm just saying the words in my brain and processing that information and yeah. Yeah. It's crazy. Like I'm not, yeah. It's weird and yeah.

[00:24:19] Jeff: Well, if you'd like to donate to the Dan Leonard, aphantasia. 

[00:24:26] Dan: But the core thing is like, like I grew up loving to read these adventure books, like a Swiss family, Robinson or Robinson Crusoe, or the three of us could, here's all these things. And so I go to the parks and these worlds give me a chance to live out some. And I think it's part of the reason why I especially love a lot of the rides that aren't based on movie IP that are based on more thematic things, because I can, if I want, I love star wars is a bad example, but like I enjoy toy story land, but it's like,[00:25:00] I've seen it on the movie screen.

But, some of these other adventures, it's like, I'm finally getting the the opportunity to see it and to live it out. So I really loved that opportunity, but even beyond like just my weird brain, not working, like, I think it's really cool that it gives you a an opportunity to have adventures because where it's safe and you know that you're going to come out alive, even though it feels like you're in peril, it gives you a chance to fight the pirates or climb a mountain and face a monster, or, go sailing down the jungle river, those things, 

[00:25:40] Jeff: here bad jokes. 

[00:25:43] Dan: write which, 

[00:25:43] Jeff: Now. I love all that. And even if it's just a basic roller coaster, it's never just like the big red roller coaster in the park. It's the cool space shot roller coaster. You're in space, or you're trying to get to the Aerosmith concert [00:26:00] that one's a bit of a stretch, but it's cool.

They're also themed that 

[00:26:03] Dan: It's a super 

[00:26:04] Jeff: Yeah. Make it a super stretch.

[00:26:07] Dan: Yeah. It's always a world. There's always a story and you get to be right in the middle of it. And that's the definition of theme entertainment. But I love that so much.

[00:26:17] Jeff: And are you a big fan of things like the Indiana stench, Indiana Jones, stunt show and those kinds of immersive type? Yeah, me too. Have you ever been in the show? 

[00:26:28] Dan: I wish I . I was talking to Kendra about while we were waiting for it to start back in February. And that is one of my greatest wishes is to be caught up on stage, 

[00:26:40] Jeff: I know how to get you in. I was, as we were walking in, I said, watch this guys, I'm going to be in the show. And I was just be really big. So when they call, we were rising up over walking into the stadium just as they were calling for volunteers. And I just started going and doing jumping jacks and yelling and just being as big and loud and stupid as [00:27:00] possible.

So naturally they just choose you. 

[00:27:02] Dan: I hope they bring that back. They're not currently having volunteers because of that darn pandemic. 

[00:27:07] Jeff: Yeah. Well, good thing. The, or in Ukraine is solved the pandemic issue and. Things are normal again. 

[00:27:17] Dan: thanks Putin. 

[00:27:18] Jeff: Yeah. Said no on 

[00:27:19] Dan: He knew he was good for something what's next on your list.

[00:27:26] Jeff: Well, I like how I have you have a little cute white still. I have a big ugly 20 year old Wyatt. My son, Wyatt, who you guys stole your kid's name from is 20. And I miss my kid all the time, but when we go to Disney, we all revert back into our roles. And I love that. He's just my kid again. So he's not on his phone all the time, unless we're playing a game, we'll play heads up and things like that while we're in line, but not on his phone.

There's more smiling, more laughing, more goofy jokes. We have running jokes and [00:28:00] repeat jokes about things that have happened in the parks. Before I remember when mom got pooped on by all those birds. And remember when Y cried. Someone had stabbed him when a pigeon star or apple Siegel stole his chiro and those kinds of things.

And we've we swim, we play in the pool, I'm throwing him around in the pool and I'm this big 20 year old is my kid. Again at that, I love the, everybody becomes a kid again, but our family becomes our family again. And that's probably my favorite part of it is we're not just separating and going into our rooms and whatever, and we're together.

We're actually like being together and having fun. 

[00:28:42] Dan: Yeah. It's like, it's like, there's none of the pressures responsibilities of 

[00:28:48] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:28:48] Dan: day 

[00:28:49] Jeff: had his 18th birthday there and he's turning 18 becoming an adult. So naturally we go to Disney and did the it was when it was pretty new. We did the [00:29:00] Lightsaber building experience. And he just loved that. And then he's walking around. Boom, boom. Like, he might as well have been his sixth birthday with this $200 lightsaber, what I wrote.

And then we had his birthday dinner at Morimoto Asia and they came out and they sang and brought him a cake. And it was, he might as well have been five or six years old. It was no, no different 

[00:29:23] Dan: So what you're saying is my children approach their teenage years is I better work on getting some annual passes so that we can spend as much time as possible 

[00:29:30] Jeff: or something like that. If 

[00:29:32] Dan: right? Not at all.

[00:29:33] Jeff: you have a local water park or something, just getting away from your routines of everybody is separating into different. That happens more and more as your kids get all they're in the one room, your wife's in one room, you're in another room. And just that together time kid time is very valuable when they're older. 

[00:29:52] Dan: Yeah. It's already getting there. Yeah. Well,

[00:29:57] Jeff: Or like, maybe when you brought your [00:30:00] brother a couple of years ago, like you were talking about that, that, you guys probably became more like siblings when you were kids than you had been in years. 

[00:30:09] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. It was a chance for us to play and have fun like that too. Plus he got to see a lot of the things that, like you talked about before showing them the things that we love. Yeah, for sure.

[00:30:20] Jeff: Called me Dan 

[00:30:23] Dan: If only I could through this cold computer 

[00:30:25] Jeff: I'm having feelings. Men are like, 

[00:30:29] Dan: feelings are the worst. The next thing on my list was I know that you have said this before when other people have complained about somebody putting up the Christmas tree in like September or something, but it's like, people like what they like just shut up and let them like what they like.

[00:30:42] Jeff: yeah, let people enjoy things. 

[00:30:45] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. Let people let something be good. And it's like, it's the ultimate expression of that because there's like, whatever your thing is that you, like, you can be there and enjoy that [00:31:00] thing. And nobody else cares because they're doing their thing. Nobody's going to judge you.

And like how many millions of opportunities of the weirdest little things to get into are there, it's like, you can be the guy who was to chase down every trash can or hunt for hunt for all the hidden Mickeys or do pin trading, or just be the thrill rides person or whatever you like. It's okay to like it.

[00:31:27] Jeff: and Disney has done an amazing job of having a sampling, at least of basically everything that people are into. Like, if you're into. I dunno plushes or whatever. I don't know whatever thing it is or cosplay or whatever. It's just all there for you. The pin trading is a great thing and the things you can collect it.

Disney that if, oh, somebody likes this, we'll put out 200 of them. 

[00:31:53] Dan: Yeah. And then variations oh, you like small vinyl figures of characters. We're going to make small vinyl, [00:32:00] mice that are vaguely resembling your 

[00:32:02] Jeff: Or the, this is a small vinyl figure, but we haven't painted it. It's just blank. It's the silhouette of the character, it's amazing. The things you can collect and people do. And I found myself, like my brother was, he's like, what is this now? Like people collect those. He got man people collect anything.

And I think they really will. If everybody's got something, maybe not everybody, but a lot of people have something they collect and Disney's figured out a way to be 90% of that. Oh, that's why, how it came up was my sister-in-law was looking for a, one of her coworkers wanted that figment, popcorn bucket that comes in and then sells out and then comes in, well, it was sold out and she's like, how do you know it's sold out?

I said, cause I don't see anybody walking around with one. 'cause, when you do They're everywhere that people are wearing six of them. And there was none of that. So he thought it was crazy that people would collect a popcorn bucket. Then we just saw all the things 

[00:32:59] Dan: Yeah.[00:33:00] 

Yeah. Yeah. So it's like the collecting the, If you're in, does just shows just it's. Yeah. I just love that. There's so many things to love and everybody just goes 

[00:33:11] Jeff: just autograph collecting your character, hugging, which is soon to be back.

[00:33:16] Dan: Yeah.

[00:33:16] Jeff: Yeah. And no one cares you do your thing.

I'll do mine. 

[00:33:20] Dan: Yeah, totally. We could bring a little more of that into the outside world.

[00:33:25] Jeff: Yeah.

Well, that kind of. Goes along with my number three on my list, which is seeing grownups let down their guard and be silly. You just don't see that in real life, especially, it seems like in the last few years, everyone's overly serious or really sensitive and whatever, but, people are walking around eating a Turkey leg, wearing a hat that looks like a cartoon dog and dare.

We saw groups of people. We saw a big Disney bounding group. They were all of the characters from Winnie the Pooh. And my brother didn't really notice. I said, oh, look, there's Winnie the Pooh. And he was like, oh, [00:34:00] because of the red and yellow, I was like, look at their group. And each one of them, one was in orange taker and one was purple and blue for ER, and they were doing the whole thing.

And then there was a, one of them was Christopher, Robin. And he'd never heard of Disney bounding. So I got to explain that he's like, ah, he thought that was so crazy, but these are just grown folks that are doing it. And you see it all from people just doing Tik TOK videos. We ran into a lot of that, these grown folks that were making funny tick talks and you could see them.

And then young people that were doing Tik TOK dances, they're propping up on a trashcan and doing their take talk dance and all that. And just no one bats an eye, you can't go to the mall and just be weird like that. 

[00:34:42] Dan: right? No, but you can have a thousand adults walking around and. Mouse skullcaps. That's something that you struck 

[00:34:51] Jeff: I'm wearing 

[00:34:52] Dan: ago. It's like 

[00:34:54] Jeff: the scalp of this cartoon mass. 

[00:34:56] Dan: Mickey, your hats are so weird looking [00:35:00] and, you just have all these adults just walking around halfway with them. Cause it's just like,

[00:35:04] Jeff: Yeah, matching ears, matching outfits. More of that. Like you don't ever just go to the rodeo and see 14 family members were in the same outfit and you see it all over Disney. And you also see a lot of men being forced to wear some kind of Etsy shirt. Their wife got for them. 

[00:35:24] Dan: those are the worst. I hate the ones where they put the dad in some sort of shirt bitching about how expensive the trip is. 

[00:35:30] Jeff: Oh yeah. The I'll never financially recover. And the 

[00:35:33] Dan: yeah, like 

[00:35:34] Jeff: she's got best day ever. And he's got most expensive day ever. And she's got today can never be topped. And his shirt says I'm going to kill myself. 

[00:35:44] Dan: It's like we get it. We know how expensive this was. You're here. You want it to be here? Shut 

[00:35:50] Jeff: Yeah,

zip it and start having fun and wear a goofy hat. Need a Turkey leg. 

People. Oh, another good example is in the like [00:36:00] the singalong, lotta really not normally out there, adults in there just singing that stuff at the top of their lungs. I love. And at the parade shows, everybody knows all of these songs by heart and people are busting out in song.

I J I just love it. It we're, we've all become so serious and so pissed off all the time. It's great to see when people can let that go and just have fun. 

[00:36:26] Dan: Yeah. It said that we needed an excuse 

[00:36:29] Jeff: Do you have to pay eight grand to go on vacation to do it I just sing around the house all day. It's a lot cheaper. 

[00:36:36] Dan: Yeah, no kidding. And actually that leads pretty well into my next thing, because I was thinking about how it's really cool that, like you said, in this world is so serious and everybody is so upset and people are so standoffish and don't want to talk to strangers ever.

But when you're at Walt Disney world or Disneyland like people are everybody, there is your.[00:37:00] It's so easy to just strike up a conversation with a stranger on a bus or in the park waiting in line for something. I always pause for a second because like I'll overhear somebody like trying to figure something out, like, oh, how do we get here?

Or how do we do this thing? And I'm like, oh, but I know because I'm a travel agent and I do this podcast thing. I'm like, I always positively like, should I interrupt and be like, I can help. And nobody cares. They're thankful for the help or they just want to talk about whatever weird stuff and, people will talk to you.

They let their guard down 

[00:37:33] Jeff: really do. I love it. My wife is not big on. Starting conversation with strangers. At first, I think over the years now she's mellowed and.

that's more normal for her, but I will also like we're on the bus and I'm just started talking to a kid about their ears or whatever, or just strike up conversations.

Like you're saying, finding in, and especially at the pool and in hot tubs. And like, just to everywhere you go, elevators, [00:38:00] big funny one for me is always like in a five story building, ask for floor 15, when you get into they'll be looking for it and then they start laughing and then they start, as you stay, I blah, blah.

I love talking to people and they're all willing to do it on these trips. 

[00:38:19] Dan: And that's one reason that I know a lot of people I've heard people complain about sitting inside at trader Sam's grog, grotto, because of how much communal, how many communal tables there are there. And you're likely to get sick sat with strangers. But the couple of times I've been there, I really enjoyed that.

Just sit down, enjoy a Tiki drink and talk to some people there's, everybody's interesting. If you give them a chance to talk about themselves,

[00:38:48] Jeff: we, you ha you're there at Disney. So you have the common denominator. Is this your first trip? Are you DVC? We were in the, so it was my wife and I, and my brother and his wife. And we were in [00:39:00] the pool, which got really cold. As soon as the sun went down, we were like, oh, it's freezing. So we went to get in the hot tub and there was a group of tweens that were in there.

And so everybody's sitting there miserable. And then as soon as those loud tweens and this flashing laughed and they were being nice, they were just loud. And there was a lot of them. They got out, there was our little group and then two other groups of adults that were in this big, hot tub immediately.

Everybody starts talking like, Hey, so how long have you been here? And how do you like the hotel? Have you stayed here before? And then we found out like this one, couple was going to be there 10 days and they're doing the new spring Disney run and all that, it just leads to all these great conversations that you just don't have in their normal world. 

[00:39:46] Dan: Yeah, I think that's, 

[00:39:47] Jeff: And I like people, I still, I'm my wife doesn't love it, but I do act that

way and the normal world too. I'll talk to the lamppost as she says. [00:40:00] 

[00:40:01] Dan: just to keep in practice.

[00:40:03] Jeff: Yeah. Yeah. I find other people in their lives. Interesting. My next thing on my list, number four, for those keeping count calories do not count when you're Disney world. My brother was not yet hipped to this idea. So when we were there this week, he thought it odd that I had five meals, four snacks, and 12 beers by seven o'clock. But that's just a thing.

Like nowhere in my normal life, would I be like washing down a Starbucks? Why? Like, would you like a pretzel, the size of your head? You wouldn't put that with me. Let's do it. And then like, Ooh, now for something sweet and getting a Dole whip or another kind of treat whatever, a meat snack, this thing. And it, I just don't in my normal life.

I don't drink during the day or during the week typically, but [00:41:00] I'll just eat and drink and whatever on these trips. And I don't have to drive because I'm riding monorails and buses and I love it. And the eating thing is just, there's so much good stuff to eat everywhere you look. And so many ways to say shape, but habits.

[00:41:19] Dan: You're walking enough that it takes care of most of that. And then you make up for it.

[00:41:25] Jeff: Yeah, last week we were averaging like 14 miles a day, 

[00:41:30] Dan: Yeah. That's about what we did. I think in February,

[00:41:32] Jeff: but you, in my normal life, I average about quarter of a mile a day, 

But I swear I've been there a thousand times and I just, this week tried something again. I'd never tried before the violent Saki at Epcot in the Japan pavilion. That thing is delicious. 

[00:41:51] Dan: Put it on the list.

[00:41:52] Jeff: Yeah. So good. I'm not convinced there's any Saki in it, but it tastes really good. 

[00:41:58] Dan: They waved it in the direction [00:42:00] of Masaki bottle and he caught it. Good.

[00:42:02] Jeff: My brother's a real, a health, not a health nut, but he's a pretty healthy eater and very active, very exercisee. And he was not feeling the snacks, but I felt a little bit weird for eating so much, but whatever I'm having my vacation, you have yours, like we said, 

[00:42:20] Dan: Yeah, that's right. It's 

[00:42:21] Jeff: are you guys snackers when you're there? 

[00:42:24] Dan: Yeah. As a matter of fact, sometimes it's like, if you snack regularly constantly enough, then you don't need to waste time sitting down for a full

[00:42:34] Jeff: yeah.

I'd like to have one like true meal in a day. And then the rest of the time, it's just weird snacks. 

[00:42:41] Dan: Yeah. Grab, grab a snack here, grab a snack 

[00:42:44] Jeff: That's one thing I really miss about the dining plan, not being there, anymore is like, I've got all these snack credits. How do I use them? And then I would leave with a suitcase full of Goofy's kitchen snacks. 

[00:42:57] Dan: I wonder how poor old goofy is doing these days with nobody [00:43:00] trained in their scenario, little leftover 

[00:43:02] Jeff: They've shut down. Goofy's factory. He's on the streets. 

[00:43:06] Dan: You don't want to know what he's got to do to make it back. 

[00:43:09] Jeff: Gores, 

[00:43:11] Dan: I've seen those new Mickey mouse cartoons. Yeah we, 

[00:43:16] Jeff: crack, 

[00:43:17] Dan: We,

we definitely approach approach the parks the same way, especially like this last trip when we didn't have, the kids were like, it's time to Yolo. Like where were you in everything you want to eat? We're drinking everything we wanted to drink. There's no, and it wasn't, it was a fun trip that way, worry 

[00:43:34] Jeff: And it's a lot easier to try a bunch of snacks when you're not paying for five to seven of them to. 

[00:43:40] Dan: that to that too. So that was good. Well, my number four is I just really like looking at some of the small details in the theming around the different lands and like there's so much stuff that just seems. They go to a point where it's [00:44:00] unnecessary, really some of the stuff they do, but it's totally necessary because you're not supposed to pay attention to it.

But if you didn't have that layer of texture or detail, it wouldn't feel quite as real. And as even in, the older lands and attractions, I'm not just talking about like star wars land 

[00:44:18] Jeff: Pandora 

[00:44:19] Dan: Pandora, but like you look around the queue of the jungle cruise. 

[00:44:25] Jeff: that's juggled cruises. The greatest. 

[00:44:29] Dan: oh yeah. There's all these, there's all these shipping.

All the crates have the shipping labels that are going to crazy, funny punny places and people, and there's clipboards and notices pasted on the wall and all this stuff that if you take a time to read all these signs that they put there, you really get this really rich story, it's all there 

[00:44:55] Jeff: Yeah, it's unnecessary, but it's just wonderful. So [00:45:00] to the casual observer, if you just,

want to walk through the line and get on the ride, you can or go to the, but like, we were in Jack Lindsey's hanger bar. That place is so full of 

[00:45:11] Dan: Oh 

[00:45:11] Jeff: so many cool things from the sea lore society of adventure explorers and adventurers to references to.

All the Indiana Jones stuff and even the holy grail makes an appearance there. Just all that little stuff. And this is just in a bar, like 90% of the people that go in there aren't ever going to notice any of this. 

[00:45:33] Dan: Yeah, exactly. They even do that in the shops. I know that like the back to adventure land, some of the shops and eventually, and had, crates and stuff lining the walls and it's just, it's there, they've put so much there and written so much crazy story detail that if you look forward, 

[00:45:50] Jeff: Sometimes the story is a bit like really the Disney Springs Nita story. It's a mall. Come on. 

[00:45:57] Dan: Oh and the way that it just kept [00:46:00] growing from what it used to be, it's insane at this point, the story there or the backstory of the port Orleans resorts is 

[00:46:08] Jeff: Oh, I don't think I even know of that. 

[00:46:11] Dan: I it's it's we'll have to do a show about it. There's Mardi Gras parade floats 

[00:46:16] Jeff: ideas. All the backstories. 

[00:46:19] Dan: Oh, yeah.

We could do whole episodes about various backstories of things. But there's there's an old story from the opening of Disneyland where I think it's on the Columbia, the sailing ship. And they had that built at an actual shipyard. It's like an actual legit sailing ship that they could Paul ship that they could take out onto the ocean.

And it was really important to wall, like when they christened it at Disneyland that, or when they raised the mask, they had to put a silver dollar under there because as like tradition has put a coin under the mast they raise it and they're like, well, it doesn't like, is it really that important?

[00:47:00] Nobody's going to know it's there. It's like, yeah, but it needs to be there because and that's how you build a ship. So that coin needs to be under that. Mask because otherwise it's not real. And he approached a lot of a lot of that early planning of various attractions. Like we talked about how he insisted on having live orchids on that one tree in the jungle cruise 

[00:47:23] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:47:24] Dan: four, four nobody's.

It didn't nobody any good other than he knew that they were real orchids and it made it more realistic and whatever. 

[00:47:31] Jeff: Well, and then you go, that's still uphold when you go to Disneyland and you see the, in the Avengers campus, there's so much crazy stuff hidden in there written about there, the lower of the whole storyline. They could've just said like here's a Spider-Man ride. And like universal did, it's just like Polk Spider-Man whatever, just throwing spaghetti at the wall, but they at least made it, one cohesive thing [00:48:00] with a storyline and crazy detail there's blast marks.

And it's just wild that level of detail stuff even today when Bob cheap-ass, cause everybody says is running things, it's still just, the Imagineers are pretty incorrect. 

[00:48:15] Dan: Yeah. And it really makes the difference too, between, like, like look at frontier land and Walt Disney world compared to you go to a six flags or a Cedar point or something. 

[00:48:25] Jeff: Yeah, lick skill at village. 

[00:48:28] Dan: tend to have like an old timey wild west area, but they're not, it's not the same. And it just, it doesn't have that feeling of authenticity.


[00:48:41] Jeff: That's a good one. Dan, 

[00:48:43] Dan: What's your number five.

[00:48:45] Jeff: I'm not going to tell you I'm going to let you know my favorite thing, not my favorite thing among my favorite things is when I started getting tired. You guys go ride that one thing. I'm going to find a shady spot and [00:49:00] just sit And watch people go by. That is, I love that at a mall or anywhere else, but Disney is like, world-class second to none.

People watching you see humanity at their best,

[00:49:13] Dan: And the worst.

[00:49:14] Jeff: these multi-generational families that are there like Navy, it was Diane grandma's last wish to see Disney or whatever. And they're pushing her around in a wheelchair or you just see the worst in people and some bad dad whose bladder and about the lines and the heat.

What I like to do is try to figure out what the what is the, what are these people? Did they adopt this child or have they kidnapped this child or whatever it is, are these people on their honeymoon, or I make up a backstory for all the people that I'm just watching them and figure out, trying to figure out what's their sitch, PAC, the funniest stuff go by in the parks.

I just loved that. 

[00:49:59] Dan: well, [00:50:00] you get the the benefit of, for some reason, people, even though they're in the middle of a crowd of tens of thousands, they forget that there's anybody else around them. There's like this weird personal bubble that goes up around you in the middle of those crowds. And so you do get to see them with their guard down and 

[00:50:18] Jeff: Yeah. 

[00:50:19] Dan: it makes for 

[00:50:20] Jeff: And you'll see people doing the weirdest things too, just like, especially at Disney. This is like my earlier one where people just act silly. So everybody would be walking by and there's just some kid just flailing his arms or flapping around or there's the mad dad is always my favorite thing. The ads are packed. Meals are carrying everybody's backpacks and whatever. I don't know. I just, I love the whole thing. And just watching the world go by.

[00:50:50] Dan: Yeah.

[00:50:51] Jeff: That's why I wish there.

were more shady benches. I know they don't want that. Cause I should be out of spending money, but [00:51:00] 

[00:51:00] Dan: Yeah. there should be more benches. Have you ever seen that YouTube channel? I think it's from MIP, from the does or I can't remember one of the other, 

[00:51:08] Jeff: they're dead to me. 

[00:51:10] Dan: one of the other sites has a YouTube channel that they they go to, they're trying to do one for every single bench in every park and they just sit down and let the camera roll for like an hour and a half.

So the video would just be like an hour and a half from this bench looking out across the rivers of America to tile, Sawyer island or something. And you see the people going by on the boardwalk and. So many minutes, the steamship goes by and you can 

[00:51:39] Jeff: all right. 

[00:51:40] Dan: the island. So

[00:51:41] Jeff: I needed to check that out. In fact, I'm going to rip it off. I'm starting a new a new blog called strictly for my benches. 

[00:51:52] Dan: see, you've got that going for you that they don't have. They don't have, they don't have the puns.

[00:51:56] Jeff: Yeah, that's all I've got 

[00:51:59] Dan: [00:52:00] Hey, 

[00:52:00] Jeff: and I've got a camera and a tripod. I can make that happen. Ah, 

[00:52:03] Dan: you go.

[00:52:05] Jeff: are you a people watcher? 

[00:52:08] Dan: Sometimes, but I don't take as much downtime. It's like our trips are fewer and farther between, and I get caught up in the, not necessarily rushing from here to there, but I guess maybe I'm just too caught up in my own experience to sit and watch other people doing it, but I get it.

But not at the theme parks. I'm not so much for people. Watch her

[00:52:33] Jeff: You'll just have to go to a mall and sit there and look at people. 

[00:52:39] Dan: Get there early and critique the elderly mall, walkers doing their labs,

[00:52:44] Jeff: Hey, I am that guy. I'm not, but that's where I get it. They get to walk and it's air conditioned, and then they can get a Wetzels pretzel after their laps. 

[00:52:55] Dan: the replenish, all that sodium. 

[00:52:57] Jeff: I like it. 

[00:52:58] Dan: That's good. 

[00:52:59] Jeff: What's your [00:53:00] last one. 

[00:53:01] Dan: Well, mine is kind of a follows on from my previous one about all of the detail, but is finding all the things that you're supposed to touch or do something with. Of the theme parks and out of myself, this isn't a, are you there? 

[00:53:18] Jeff: I was like, no, you're going to get kicked out of the parks for that, but. 

[00:53:22] Dan: this isn't a coming of age story.

I'm talking about. Like, there's, there's some really, there's some bigger really well-known ones. Like I think at this point, most people know about lifting up the doormat at Muppets 3d to find the key that was left by the the person who is supposed to be tending the ticket office, who went on a break or some of the things in the cues that you can touch and play with.

Or, there's the rope at the Indiana Jones that goes down into the into the well, and if you pull it, the guy falls down and the sound effects of play, stuff like that. 

[00:53:58] Jeff: Yeah, I love that [00:54:00] stuff. 

[00:54:01] Dan: Yeah. And there's tiny, there's little small details everywhere that you're just supposed to touch or at least explore 

[00:54:08] Jeff: Or the phone booths that a. 

[00:54:11] Dan: yeah, I've kind, or, well, I guess it's not there anymore, but when the hat shop used to be the actual hat shop, there's that telephone on the way wall on main street USA, sorry.

Before they expanded the 

[00:54:22] Jeff: Candy shop 

[00:54:24] Dan: Yeah. It was a telephone on the wall that confectionary, that's the word we're looking for that you could pick up and you could listen to it cause there's a party line phone. So you could listen in, on conversations from citizens on main street 

[00:54:35] Jeff: Yeah. I love that stuff. 

[00:54:37] Dan: There's stuff like that.

And even, things like like some of the fountains that are interacting Dave or that you can play in and things like that

[00:54:44] Jeff: Yeah.

One of my son's favorite things at the first trip we ever took was at Epcot by the imagination pavilion, the fountains that shoot from one basin to the next and they go right over your head. So he would try to catch it or whatever. Like that's all that stuff's [00:55:00] just extra. 

[00:55:02] Dan: For some reason we've never taken the kids up there. And so I'm really excited to show all of them, the jumping fountains there at imagination this summer. I think they'll like that a lot. 

[00:55:12] Jeff: Be fun to tell him that it's like acid and it'll melt their flesh if it touches them. So they have to avoid it. 

[00:55:21] Dan: yeah. 

[00:55:22] Jeff: And then you could tell them that, and there'd be a, like a fun game where they avoid getting hit. And then you could just catch one and do a whole dramatic thing. 

[00:55:35] Dan: Go on without me leave me. And then I got a nice quiet afternoon as they abandoned their deceased 

[00:55:41] Jeff: Save yourselves. Ah. 

[00:55:44] Dan: I'm riding in agony and they go on to Ratatouille or whatever. 

[00:55:48] Jeff: Well, they really took the whole interactive thing to the next level when they added the QS interactive feature into the cues, like had a seven dwarfs mine train and haunted mansion, all [00:56:00] those that were not just accidentally interactive, but Perfect.

Perf put a level up purposely interactive as well. 

[00:56:06] Dan: Yeah. I w and I wished that they would've continued on without, like they had planned on and that they had kept done a better job of maintaining the ones that they put in. And like big thunder mountain has a whole bunch that we're supposed to do things that affected the ride and then they just like never hooked them up or something.

Oh yeah. There's a bunch of dynamite boxes. Like the plungers that you see in a cartoon where you push the handle down to south, the dynamite, there was supposed to set off like water blasts out on the tracks. So you could try to set off the Explorer. Yeah. Yeah. But you can sit there and you can play with those handles, but they don't do anything anymore.

So I don't know if they ever did or, 

[00:56:47] Jeff: I don't think so. 

[00:56:49] Dan: yeah, they had planned on having those be interactive with the ride and there was supposed to, and that was part of something that was supposed to, with magic bands too, was they were supposed to do a lot [00:57:00] more 

[00:57:00] Jeff: So far, the only thing I know about magic bands really effecting is the Q for rock and roller coaster. It'll put your name on one of,

those concert or album covers or concert poster or whatever. And then in a Small world. it'll put your name up when you sing being Jeff Williams. 

[00:57:22] Dan: Mine never works. My name never shows up.

[00:57:26] Jeff: Does yours ever work on E T get by Dan? 

[00:57:33] Dan: Yeah. I love it 

[00:57:35] Jeff: I know you do. 

[00:57:36] Dan: so much so happy they brought back in saying everybody's name, but 

[00:57:42] Jeff: A lot of these are just take time to stop and smell the amazing roses at Disney. Like 

[00:57:49] Dan: Yeah.

[00:57:50] Jeff: especially the little detail stuff everybody's like run run, get to the next attraction and whatever. And there's your kids really well, thank you for it. If you take a minute to [00:58:00] wear a dumb hat or play in a fountain or push all the buttons on a thing or whatever, cause they don't know there's 14 rides.

They didn't get to, they don't care. They're just enjoying your company and making new memories. 

[00:58:14] Dan: Yeah. Yeah. That's what they want. And it's, it feels like that's what we say. Like every other episode is like 

[00:58:22] Jeff: Last episode was calmed down and have a good 

[00:58:24] Dan: Yeah. Slow down. Take some time to enjoy all the other stuff. That's not running to a ride and do what your kids want to do. And 

A lot more fun and you'll have a lot more fun too.

Even if you're there without your kids take the time to check out some of this other stuff and 

[00:58:41] Jeff: Yeah. There's just so much going on there. If you just take a pause and Look around yourself and so many people to make fun of too, 

[00:58:51] Dan: That's 

[00:58:52] Jeff: not all rainbows and sunshine. I'm also snarky and make fun of all the people around me 

[00:58:57] Dan: Oh yeah. There's there's definitely some people who are [00:59:00] deserving of that, but they're still your friends.

[00:59:02] Jeff: they host this show. 

[00:59:06] Dan: That's true. Well, thanks for hanging out with us again this 

[00:59:09] Jeff: No problem, Dan. Oh, did you meant the audience? 

[00:59:14] Dan: in this case. Yes, but also you personally, Jeff, if you're excited to fall in love with the Disney theme parks all over again, key to the world travel has a Florida vacation kingdom full of expert travel planners. Ready to make your vacation dreams are reality. Head to www.keytotheworldtravel.com To get started with the no obligation quote.

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[01:00:09] Jeff: Not sure if Dan mentioned it, but w goodbye.