Feb. 2, 2022

Disney World Game Night Round 2

Disney World Game Night Round 2

It’s Disney World Game Night Round 2:The Quickening! No time for news this week, we’re getting right back into the action for the thrilling conclusion of our Disney World Game Night Championship Series! Buy a vowel and watch out for whammies, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!

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It’s Disney World Game Night Round 2:The Quickening! No time for news this week, we’re getting right back into the action for the thrilling conclusion of our Disney World Game Night Championship Series! Buy a vowel and watch out for whammies, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!


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Game 2 Final Transcript

Welcome to another gathering of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. Have a seat by the fire has to be prepared to help you unlock the secrets of the travel life from theme park thrills, to purple mountains majesty. We want to see it all and do it all. And we want to help you do the same. We all have those bucket list trips once in a lifetime destinations that we'll get to someday, we're here to help you make your travel dreams a reality.

Buy the ticket, take the trip. Where do you want to go?

it's round two, no time for news this week, we're getting right back into the action for the thrilling conclusion of our Disney World game night championship series. Buy a vowel and watch out for whammies. It's time to hit the trail with The Gold Key Adventurers Society. 

Up next is the game I call The Quickening because at the end of each round, there can only be one player left, unlimited that it's, this game is simple on paper, at least at the start of each round, I'll give you a topic related to Disney World or Disney theme parks. You'll take turns, naming something, anything at all that fits the topic.

And I said, do you have a maximum of three seconds? But it's more like a reasonable amount of time to respond or you're out. If you repeat another player. Europe. If the judge or other players can make a reasonable argument, that your answer doesn't fit. The topic you're at play continues until only one player remains and points are awarded based on the order in which you're eliminated.

I've got several topics here, so we'll see how. Get through before we decide that we're tired of playing this game. Some of us, some rounds we'll probably most rounds will probably end quicker than the affidavit one. So our order of play again will be Heather, Zack, Jeff, Jess, do we have any questions?

Are you ready to commence? Let's do it. Do I need my alphabet? I wrote down. You will not need well, if it makes you feel better, we can do another alphabet round. I can make all of these alphabetical orders, but they're going to make for short rounds. Okay. All right. Let's start this one. Uh, relatively easy, I think.

And we're going to go with the first round is Disney dark rides. So it can be from any Disney theme park around the world, but they need to be a dark ride type thing. And we, I think we all know what constitutes a darker, still be in existence. Let's have fun and say no, that way we can make this strong blogger, if we need to.

That is more fun. And there's more options though. You'd overthink it. And then you come up like, so anyway, are we ready? Are we ready for round one? What is the order again? Heather, Heather Zack, Zack. And other sec, CIF. I'm Jeff, you are Jeff. Still just like class. It's pretty convenient. The way that works.

All right. And we're ready. Was that last week already feels like just moments ago. I know. I know. Time just really flies. Okay. All right. I have so much Disneyland. I don't want to talk about Disneyland. Okay. Brown one on your mark Disney dark rides on your March. A little mermaid journey of the little mermaid under the sea.

What's the official thing. Close enough. It's in there somewhere. Okay.

Mr. Toad's wild ride. Jess- Peter pan. The haunted mansion. There you go. Pirates. The media, just journey into the vegetation with pigment. Yes. Phantom men. Oh, I see what you're saying. And dinosaur Pinocchio's daring journey. Snow. White's not so scary. Adventure, whatever. She's close enough. Mystic. Ugh. Come on man.

Nikki and Minnie's runaway. That is a dark ride, then bad storybook voice grand Fiesta tour. The first half of tower of terror Twilight zone. Come on. That is a dark ride mixed with a thrill, right? You cannot tell me that it's not dark ride elements. That's a first has, I'm not saying guardians of the galaxy, cause that doesn't have dark red elements there.

We know. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You guys, somebody gave me a solid reason why it can't be considered a dark red ride. When you're going through the cards, your cards does move at Walt Disney world. Your car does make, so I guess we'll give you the world. Yeah. I would say this is a real technical publisher.

Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Oh, I forget that. One of the name. I see the Nimo and CS friends. The CS was named

a carousel of progress. Oh yeah. Been a dark moving don't move. Stop. Okay. Yeah. All right. Chess has all technicalities on this one. I called that one to stage. I should know, not to play these games that you find out. It's a show. The great movie, right? You said a dark ride. Yeah. Yeah, it is. And if half of it's as much a dark red is the first half of tower of 10 tower of terror.

I wouldn't count as, yeah. Yes. Good one. I think I might be out. Wait, why would we not question Na'vi river journey, but we questioned because Na'vi river journey. Doesn't go outside in the sunshine for AF it's not a thrill ride. It's not a thrill ride. It's a dark gray dark the whole time. Thank you. The best.

Yeah. Well, I was going to say then was he gave you credit for it? I was going to say radiator Springs racers. Or test track, but I guess those don't count. I think you should say they don't count any out. I think we made the wrong call from begin with, I think it should have been what the primary element is, but now that we've counted power of terror, we've got to count it to those other two.

So go ahead and say one. All right, then I'll say, did anybody say it's a small world? I'll go with it. Oh, yeah, I'll go straight up. Classic. How about that test check before a year Springs for the record, it's less for sure. It's definitely darker as it, to me. What's the ride? Roger rabbit, right?

Spin. Yes. Tune spin. Close enough. Cartoon cartoon spin stares, right? It is daiquiri poos. Ooh. Who's honey hunt. Oh, that's the kiddo pros and, uh, frozen ever after monsters, Inc. My consoli to the rescue Disney me

written that it doesn't have to be current. Right, right.

Can always go with what a ride was formerly

There's a point where you're in danger of repeating ones. Who are we? Oh, I'm sorry. Monsters, Inc. Ride and get a C it's a different risk, a different one. Now what Asia? Tokyo. Oh, I was laying here. Well, then I'm going to use Heather's technique and say superstar limo. I knew that's what you were thinking.

Wait, what was superstar limit? Superstar limo is now a monster zinc, Mike and, and the rescue or whatever it's called. I think I knew it'd become something else. Ratatouille that doesn't count an account. Did you have to go outside to get there?

Uh, in chain to tale of beating all of the Tokyo rides,

I'm starting to run out, man. I'm going to say horizons

now. This is a different ride Ratatouille in French. It's lovely to

I'm not looking at it. I'm looking forward. The sign is over there. Say you're cheating if you're trying to think of this.

okay. I can't say that it's a small. It's a small world. Uh, I said that, I just said that. Yup. It's exactly on to just, I don't think I have anything running down the clock here. Oh, wait. Oh, Dustin got nothing yet. I got one more. I don't know if I remember don't remember what it was called. Gift. You can fly if you had wings, the magic kingdom guy, way, something like that.

Yeah. Nobody said midway mania. Oh, that's an obvious one. Who's going to take a one. I suppose now that I think about it, there's so many rights that are in the dark. It just basically encompasses about 90% from me. Yeah. But I don't think it's just the light level that makes a dark ride. That's true. But what rises the resistance living with the land,

but that goes out,

I've never been. The speed show like quality and how many, 10 story free falls it does at the end. So first round now there's the first place. The four, Jess has three. Zach has two, and Jeff is on the leaderboard with one point, but there's a chance, one point for what? We're still a team. So no. Yes, we will.

We will combine your points together. And we remember chat was so long. It was a whole week ago.

And I forgot. Yeah. Round two is going to be Disney resort hotels, any Disney resort, any Disney resort in the world? Yeah. What the hell? You're going to have to police yourselves on anything. That's not in America, though. Okay. You're going to have to, what do I have to please yourself? In other words, I can't, I can't be responsible to tell you if it's a valid answer or not.

If it's not a Disney world or Disneyland sick, that means we're going to go in. Two one Heather wilderness lodge, Greenville, already Indian pop century. I'll start a music animal kingdom lodge, all star sports

Disney's contemporary resort and cafe all-star movies, resort and spa Polynesian village resort. All key west. This need is grand, California Seesaw hotel, New York, the art of Marvel. Ooh, it's a fancy one and I want to stay there. Disneyland hotel in Disneyland Paris hotel America. It's a tuck your disease.

Zach's going to get all the Tokyo ones paradise pier in these Caribbean beach resort. Cornado Springs resort. Do I have to say the Disney's every time Riviera Jack Bassler, uh, Disney.

that's, that's not, uh, that's part of another wilderness lodge stay. You already said, oh, come on, man. No, I just tell him I kicked the middle. I'm like Jess did. That's Richard and Jess, we did magic kingdom, animal kingdom lodge set it already. Port Orleans, Riverside boardwalk. What'd you say the other one that Heather, what do you said boardwalk, boardwalk?

Sorry, I didn't hear what he said. Beach up the other one, Heather port Orleans, French quarter

is the ambassador hotel at Tokyo. Does you speak up sec? If we can't hear you? The listener are. The ambassador hotel, Disney ambassador at Tokyo Disney, K Fort wilderness. Is that count. It's a camp ground and it has shebeens. It's got cabins. It's a resort. I said resort hotels. Yeah. Yeah. You did the toy story hotel.

Also Tokyo Disney art of animation. Tokyo Disneyland Disneyland hotel. This is the land and the

territory this spring, the Walt Disney world swamp. C'mon it's got wild to see you. Come on there.

How about kid Danny village? It's a separate hotel. It's a separate building. It does have its own. Check-in doesn't it. It has. Yeah, but if I bought it, but if I want to book it, you have to know it's Kadady village is separate. You're right. It's separate one that applies to all the villas, the villas at the grand Floridian.

That one would go, go with that one. The one with the miracle tower times of taking Zack.

I can never remember that adventure themed one at Hong Kong, Asian parks, hotels, or something. It's really cute. No clue. Then there's at Newport Sequoia lodge. I had two more in France and one more in Orlando Swan reserved. It's Walt Disney world Swan reserve, and you can book it on Disney travel agents.com.

So it counts. It's true. Four seasons, the Disney world four seasons. You can book in a busy travel agent trying to pick a good topic we're going to go with, and I want to make a little bit of a provision on. I'm going to go out first. So it doesn't really matter. You're not on this one. We're going to go with, um, what I'm going to call specialty alcoholic beverages.

So we're not going to have a margarita or a old fashioned on here, but any of the like fancy named adult beverages at bars around the resorts. Okay. Can I go ahead and remove my drink like that, but, okay. I don't remember the names of things because I have a lot of them also. Sorry, I just click around it.

Doesn't have to go for forever. So yes, especially adult beverages. This is no fair. Cause I only drink whatever Heather tells me to drink. So she knows the names of all the drinks I like, but I don't.

There's one drink. That sounds especially gay. And that's the only one I can

give up and don't give me answers before he said they're out. All right. We're gonna send her out in 3, 2, 1. Lapu Lapu, the wishing star,

the best catcher. Ooh, good one. I don't know the blood orange margarita. See that's specific. Yeah, that works. That you hit the bottom. My tie shrunken, zombie head. The cool headed monkey. Ooh, such a good one. The cracking. Yeah. We'll just leave it at that. Okay. That's called release the crackin, but okay. The Tiki rum, I think I got

I think there's one call to crack a toe. At trader Sam's. It's the one in a little bit, when we need another word, you have a, some of the right vowel sounds. Oh, then I have no idea. Okay. Well, I guess I'm just going to remove myself alright. To Jeff shrunk and zombie hood. Sorry. Oh, we already had that one.

Dammit. Now I'll be back. It's yours. It's your shirt. And Jeff, did you say something just went out so sensitive? Oh, it's to me. Sorry. Jet fuel. That's from a Olga's canteen. Oh yeah. The German mechanic. Oh, that is a good one. The Polynesian Pearl it's in that round thing at trader. The yellow bird. That is one huckleberry punch.

I know I've been making it the maelstrom at Mexico, the fuzzy tauntaun for Mogas. That's the one. That's your mouth. Oh, that's a good one. The spiky pineapple it's at trader. Sam's it's a melted Dole whip. That's got rum in it. It's called the spiky pineapple sparkling starfish. If there's gotta be, oh yeah.

Okay. What's the club. 33. Yes. Wait, can I name types of margaritas from from black coffee? Okay. Did he say avocado? Margarita. Okay. Avocado margarita, cucumber margarita. Oh, come on, man. I like to get, oh, there's one in the Nautilus trader Sam's. It comes in the button. Yes.

I don't really drink till I feel like I'm not surprised to drink. Well

Krakatoa cooler or something like that. Krakatoa punch punch.


Oh, I was going to say also there isn't a shrunken zombie head anymore. It's just called the zombie. I forgot they did. They removed it for cultural sensitivity reasons be come on. Which culture is offended by shrinking. They didn't really shrink heads, a little head association of Americans. Isn't it funny how most of those beverage names, after a certain point, they also to sound like they could have been entries in the urban dictionary.

Yeah. Yeah. When I give her a sparkling starfish, Rosie, that was the one that really made me stop. I was like, you got it. That's bad. Yeah. That's some kind of foul acts that you just slip it sparkling. Now, come on, give it a little bit. I like that. They said no mad loud. Just the two girls in one cup. Oh, then they have a drink drinks at that place.

Then I didn't even think to go there. And the wishing star, that's the only way I can never, cause I know if I'm at Disney world and if there's nothing on the menu, I like, I can say, make me one of those wishing stars. I don't think it's one of the drinks they put a on. And I always tell them, don't put a glucagon in the menu, the battery acid leaching into your.

This one gives it that extra brightness saying, okay, next round. I want to hear nighttime spectaculars past and present, man. And that could be a parade or a fireworks show or a anything that falls under the category of nighttime spectacular. Heather 3, 2, 1 go.

Back to your magic wishes. Ah, that's what I was going to stay in champion the harmonious, the main street electrical parade paint tonight, Epcot forever.

What was it called? The electric water pageant.

Illuminations reflections. Oh wow. You've got all the nomenclature I had to use only nighttime or daytime to nighttime

was going to be my next one. Uh, that was already said, sorry, I was trying to go out anywhere. So rivers of light. Oh yeah. I can do paid tails. I can do that. You said spectaculars, someone already say world of color. Wow. I thought surely Zach would have said that. World of color, celebrate the wonderful world of Walt Disney.

And then you are clearly reading off your screen. You see the reflection in your glass. I'm going to say sunset seasons greetings from Christmas time and Hollywood studios meals, food.

Jingle bells, jingle bam, a world of color season. And why have there been several? There's been a lot. I hope I'm getting this name. Right? Star wars, galactic spectacular. I think close enough. I think I am out and not know anymore. When I turned symphony in the stars. Oh boy. Oh, forgot that one.

Can we eat different?

did it have a separate name? Nope. Nope. It was just cause a different, it's a different name. We're going to count it as just the same show. Okay. Illumination that Disneyland Paris elimination show. Okay.

Oh, that's the current one. Yeah, no like there's. Yeah, it made me think of some things you dot, dot, dot screens coming through. What is that? I know I, wasn't going to ask what's the 50th anniversary fireworks for.

Oh, God, I don't know if I have one Aloysius. I got this, oh, holiday wishes. Am I running on empty? I don't have one anymore. Are we out three? I am too one. I had so many more. I had ignite the dream from Shanghai. I had fan Zack. You could just start Googling together. Disney buzzwords. And none of us would know that they were actual.

I had Nikki's nuts. The magic in the sky of wishes from Shanghai.

I don't, if y'all never been with me for a nighttime spectacular, but I do love nighttime spectaculars. I, I'm not going to win that one too. Yeah. Yup. I love it. Only parades. We can go for it. All right. I've got one more round. Celebrate it

once upon a time. That was a nighttime show.

That was Jeff's nickname in high school.

Last week, this wall was painted on the side of his Chevy van now I don't know what that means. I got to look. You don't know what that means. It's your perineum. It taint your taint, your balls.

I would have thought you might know it, but you regional dialect of.

The English version, perhaps the orange German is not a giant, but it's more of a no it's there. It's laid back jump. Let's see, we did resort hotels. We're going to skip that one. How about I'll give you two options here in the group. Can either do shops around the theme, parks or shows slash entertainment in the theme, parks, things like not nighttime spectaculars, but maybe things like every other.

And it shows that you might sit down and watch. Okay, let's do that one. I like the shows. I was trying to think of something that go on that wouldn't go on forever, but let's do restaurants. Let's limit it to okay. Restaurants inside of.

And we're talking quick service and table service. No snack standards. Yeah. Okay. It's going to be like our restaurant. I started with Heather in three to go with me. Our guest blows V8 cash. So you're out, you're out. That's not a restaurant. Tony's town square.

Cinderella's Royal table, the hungry bay

as a Disneyland, right outside of the thing has never been open one time when I've been in the way he was there. When we were there, he come a long time ago. It was open there and go back there. I should say we got the kids power. Anyway, Jeff Smith. That's true though. Looking at your phones, looking at that crystal star.

I is turning. I really do, man. I still didn't get it right. Just golden. I was going to say corral it into that Hollywood brown Derby, Columbia Arbor house, the diamond horse. Chef's favorite fifties prime time cafe Hi-Fi down in round Derby. Cherry said that. I think he knew that Tiffany, I can. I'm thinking of other things I'm not listening to you.

Biergarten it's a totally canteen set. Truly docking bay seven chefs differ from Lang tree, the crapper ribs, it crapper Paul three to Gar garden and grill some signs sees them scurry and world showcase in order. That's what I'm LIS Lea coral.

That was the first one I can think of France to Canada.

I, I backtracked the Plaza in my God. Why am I having a brain fart? All I do is eat in the parks via Napoli. Oh. To chill, Italia, Carnation cat. The pizza Al Taglio window, that's connected to via Napoli, but technically not. If you can't order either at, from the other. So we said no spans, you have to go in this place.

You do. There's an alcove, there's covered area. There's an awning. Um, what is the one 60 other restaurants in the world? China can't think straight when I'm up nine dragons is how many drinks. Yeah. Nine dragons. Okay. Cosmic rays, Hocker, shoosh. Thank you. The lactic girl, a space two 20. Oh wow. Nice restaurant Marrakesh.

Not currently operating. Zach said pizza and mama and Melrose still in Morocco. Oh, Tangerine cafe. I never say though. Yeah, the best place to get a corn dog and Disneyland stage Stuart, the cafe, my mum. Um, and I think of my reservations at Disneyland next week. Remember Belterra. Carthay circle is this past present and future present?

I have a predators in Napa rose. I wanted to say steakhouse 55. Also not inside a theme park, not inside a theme park. Oh, that's true. Neither is snapper road. That's true. You're right. Napa rose Plaza. I already said ice cream parlor is what I meant to say. Ice cream parlor. That's what I said. Jamie, roll the tape back.

If we use tape, we would, well, that's your fault. Do I need to go? Are we done? Oh, I didn't do it right. I screwed up. So

talk to me like that. Come back to strategy, worked out rather well, back to what I know in food at the new restaurant. In the Japan pavilion that was open for like two weeks. It was more than two weeks where my son tried to order beef steak. Jeff nearly killed him. That's the place

with the results of the game. Heather and Jess pied with 14 points. Each Zach has 12 points and Jeff has respectable four points, which means that overall Heather and Jeff have 18 points. Zach and Jess have 26 points, which means that the overall winner with 52 points versus the three teams on an 80 to, from more, because I don't know.

The 42. Yes. And I tied for first place. Yeah, it's true. It's just another did tie for first place. So anyway, everybody, no matter how it goes, you lost. So I want to make someone else lose. I don't know the individual game, you know who the real winners are. The real winner is the listener. Yeah, I guess that makes me the big, we'll be thinking about who you are.

It's okay. You shouldn't be. 

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We can't wait to hang out with you again next week and we'll see you real soon. Bye everyone. Thank you for joining us. Bye play around. Naming the worst restaurants at Disney, but there was really only one name on the list.

Name 3, 2, 1. Satuli canteen, it's a good one. Just kidding, it's Flo's. it's Flo's.

See you soon. To ask a question or share your travel story. You can reach us by smoke signal, carrier, pigeon, or send an email to goldkeyadventurers@gmail.com and make sure you follow the gold key adventure society on Facebook and Instagram.

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We'll see you next week for another meeting of the gold key adventure. And until then, remember, life is short in the world is wide. So go have an adventure.