Jan. 18, 2022

Disney World Bucket Lists

Disney World Bucket Lists

Hoka hey! It’s a beautiful day to dream about our Disney and theme park bucket list destinations! But first, travel news, including what’s cool and what’s not at EPCOT’s newly reopened Club Cool, a hoarder’s dream at the House On The Rock, and Minion weirdness at Universal Studios Orlando. Grab your passport and hop on the tour,  it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!

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Hoka hey! It’s a beautiful day to dream about our Disney and theme park bucket list destinations! But first, travel news, including what’s cool and what’s not at EPCOT’s newly reopened Club Cool, a hoarder’s dream at the House On The Rock, and Minion weirdness at Universal Studios Orlando. Grab your passport and hop on the tour,  it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!

The start of the year is a great time to sit down, look at the goals you’ve set for yourself, take stock of what you’ve accomplished, and maybe come up with some slightly more aspirational items to put in your bucket list. This week we’re filling up our lists with the theme park destinations and adventures that would make for the trip of a lifetime.


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Disney World Bucket Lists
Well, it's the start of a new year, but I'm not making any resolution. I'm planning a little further ahead than just 20, 22. And I want to hear what adventurous y'all have in your theme park bucket lists or on that later, but first some travel news starting with, uh, uh, it looks like, uh, Disney world put the rat on standby.

Yes. The, uh, Remy's Ratatouille adventure at Epcot is, uh, now being switched from the virtual queue to stand by as well as available for a guests, staying at Walt Disney world resort hotels during the early morning entry half hour that they get

early room minutes, morning, minutes. I like it. I'm wondering if this is going to, I can't is the, I can't remember off the top of my head is Remy on the individual lightening lane. Currently. It is now it is now that it's switched over yet. So that was probably the big impetus for that. Well, I do a virtual queue, if you can sell someone access to it.

Yeah. If you can run fast enough in that 30 minutes that you have when it opens, or if you go in for breaks down daily, every new ride, every new Disney ride breaks down daily has continued to do so in Paris too. Apparently it's the same ride system as the Phantom manner and the track red systems, that's the problems they were having with rise.

It's true. Let's rights. As we know, from using normal wifi at home, sometimes it just poops the bed. So if anything hits the floor it's items getting dropped out of the cars and then they have to reset because the cars don't know they're there. At least it doesn't seem to be going down as much as. Yeah, the problem they were having with rises, that when it goes down, they have to reboot the entire system.

It's not like a standard old school ride that can just stop for a little while, get fixed and then pick back up. So, so many moving parts in Christmas week that's seen and rise with Kylo Ren. When he gets blown out, near the end, he gets blown off the doubt. Sorry. It was broken. The animatronic was broken.

So they had blocked that off and there was a new thing on a screen. Oh, the backup not written. No, I still haven't written this down every time I'm there or I can't get into the virtual queue because the virtual queue system's broken or yeah, no more virtual queue for it. Now you just, now you could pay 10 bucks, VIP tour, pay $10, get it on a, for your individual lightening lane.

You're ill. It's been working pretty well. People are actually saving a lot of time on that one, as opposed to having, I didn't see yet what the standby line has done for Ratatouille is have y'all looked. No, but the rise standby line during Christmas week, I never saw it go over. It was usually between 90 minutes and 120 minutes during Christmas week.

And we just use the lightning lane. And that was very fast lightning. It was lightning living up to its name. Heather has a report on something else that you experienced over your Christmas trip. Yes. I finally got into club. Cool. I ever said every time I've been back since it's been reopened, there's been a huge line.

And so my 15 year old son loves club. Cool. And he, I mean, the kid, this kid won't eat anything, would , he loves to try a weird soda. So he wanted, he really wants to go do it and said, well, let's go look, but there's probably going to be a line. And there was not only no line. We were the only people in there.

Maybe one other group. It was completely empty Christmas week. Yeah. So they have. Beverly is still there, but they have seven new flavors when they reopened there's seven, all new things. And we try to all of them and there's a new flavor to trick people into trying, in my opinion, we kind of like Beverly I like the bitterness.

I don't think it's gross. The one that we tried that all of us thought was disgusting was from China and it's called smart sour plus. Is that the one that tastes like barbecue sauce, barbecue sauce, like a plum sauce. Cause it's a T it's a sparkling tea, kind of like a kombucha and it's disgusting.

It tastes like someone took a bottle of not even good barbecue sauce and mixed it with carbonated water. Like the Barbie. I like how you implied that. It was a really good barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce tastes like stubs or something. None of it says that it's sweet tart and savory it's gross. It's disgusting.

My new favorite. Came from Russia and it's a Russian Sprite and it's cucumber really delicious. Yes. I tasted that one and said, this needs some Hendricks in it and it will bring some delicious in there this week. Oh, you're a genius. That's happening. Hey, we're going to it's happening. There's a raspberry from Moldova and it was, it's a sparkling.

Are we just passing out? What the hell is Moldova? I have no idea.

He sits in Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, like a it's like there's a whole bunch of those M countries country. He's from Kazakhstan. No, they're having issues less funny than it is, especially this last month or so this one was good. It tastes very much like fresh raspberries and. It was pretty sweet though.

Not yet. It was so clean in there and maybe I'll hold off on going in there until they get nice and sticky floors and a bar mat smell. I don't know. No, it didn't have that yet. It's much bigger. Maybe a little bigger, not much bigger, but conducive. I didn't think this. Yeah. And it's, but it's brighter.

There's a lot more windows in there. It is. There's only one entrance. So the old club. Cool. You could come in and go out the back. You can't do that. There's only one entrance. Still all the Coca-Cola swag. It doesn't sound like all of the Karens to me, it just lost the magic. It looks like any other store.

It just looks like an, a, an apple store. They don't have the little, like the little groupings of the stuff. Soda fountains. They're all along the back. The. It felt less crowded to me because you didn't have everybody grouping up in packs in around those, I missed the magic of the calendar from before.

And as I said before, with their new renaming system for Epcot, why this place was not renamed as libation. Bro. Yes, I got concoction and libation come at me. Disney. I'll sell these to you. It's fine. You can have them. There were a few really good ones. The barbecue sauce, one was gross.

There was one from the Dominican Republic called country club. Marangu gay and it,


tasted like a cream, like an orange creamsicle. It wasn't bad, but it was sweet, but really another kind of gross one was from Madagascar and it was called bone bone on glasses. And you know, that that artificial banana taste and smell it, smelled like that. And it tasted like that mixed with vanilla.

I didn't like that. Wasn't good. And then of course, Beverly is still there. That was my favorite. No, no quartz anymore. Original flavors are still there except for Beverly that's right. Why would they do that? I don't know. There is a Bennett made leechy it wasn't carbonated. It was just a, kind of like a leechy lemonade.

That was good, but it was super sweet. She's too sweet for me. That's the problem with most of those ones that they had before was they were all, it was very sweet. Yeah. I guess they were trying to get something, another thing, not sweet. And that's why they went with that gross barbecue sauce one. But definitely that's the one that I think people should try to convince unsuspecting news.

Try that one. So if I can find a kid, I can pay 10 bucks to try it. That would be the one. Exactly. Oh this summer I'll have four children that I'll get a simultaneous reactions to get them to taste that head Beverly and see what happens. Mix the two together. You guys were on the edge of your seats.

Moldova, Moldova, Moldova. Yeah. That's the one is right in between Romania and Ukraine. That's where I left it. Ukraine, the Ukraine. I remember it well from hostel. Surprisingly listened to the show. I can't trick her into trying the barbecue sauce, but I'll get the kids in. Definitely. I tried every single one of them.

She should be a good sport. And just give it a try. I got her to eat an olive at Christmas. You've met your sister. Oh my God. Wow. We're not an olive eating

yeah, I don't, I didn't care for them. That's my son's favorite snack. He like olives and salted meat. He eats like an old Jewish mountain meat. I didn't know. They both hated olives. When I made this huge sharkutery spread that featured three different kinds of olives. I like green olives, supposedly a hate Kalamata hopes that everybody seems to love those.

I don't mind them, but I prefer green Aleph. The two year old made off with a gin soaked dollar. She didn't seem to mind that that was good. And I haven't seen her since this episode of all of talk is brought to you by

speaking of nasty artificial banana just says, weirdness coming out of. Yeah. We have some interesting shenanigans happening at universal Orlando resort. Shrek 4d finally closed its doors on January 10th with its last show. We have no official word from universal yet as to a replacement for the ride.

But on the same day, they shared on their social feeds of a video of an onion in front of the attraction that was then picked up and replaced by a banana with the caption. This post has many layers or something like that. And then at about the same time, construction walls popped up around. Trek 4d that feature graffiti with and of the minions.

So it looks like we're getting a new minions attraction right into that smaller thing. And then you use that prime real estate or something else. I don't know. Cause I mean that they. That theater it's I don't know. It wouldn't make any sense. And it just, it's, it's weird for them to double up on that.

I know it's probably their most popular property with kids, but they've got so many other ones that they haven't done anything with like trolls and how to train your dragon secret life of pets secret. They've got a ride ready to go for that over in Hollywood. So yeah. That's what replaced Shrek and Hollywood.

Yeah. That's what everybody thought. When they closed Trek down, when they said it was done, they're like, oh great. We're going to get secret life of pets, but who knows now? Well the minions sequel is finally supposed to be coming out this year. First movie was terrible. Oh, my son loves minions.

So they know where they're getting their people from moderate despicable, me movies. Yes. In moderation. But when it was the entire movie, I just. Kendra said that she, because we were discussing about this a little bit ago before we started recording and she says she saw a rumor that it might be some sort of walkthrough attraction.

That's supposed to be like a museum of, yeah. But the site I saw that rumor, I don't trust her. That would be better than another virtual kind of attraction. I'd rather it be a dark ride or something like that. It would be easy for them to just, they would be easy for them to convert it to another theater show.

The seating's all there and all that, but yeah, but if then they're going to do another minions theater show, which is basically what that does make sense despicable to me is now because they've taken away the 3d function of it. So it's just a motion theater now and there isn't the Trek also emotion theater, technically the chairs don't move to give you like full motion, like the minions.

Affects built into the seats. Uh, I remember I went in once when I dunno when I first started going to universal and I thought, well, that's enough. What was the reason for taking away the 3d? Was it making people sick? They never did said because they never say anything like that, but I would assume it was probably because it ranked as extremely high on motion sickness for most people that didn't have.

That's why they had to take the 3d out of there for big journey in Hollywood. Yeah. That one was making people sick. Yeah. And that came through Jimmy neutron before it was. If you have a neutron and a minions made me super sick, right? I forgot. That's what was the Simpsons? I can ride once, but I'd need to go be still after that, go to Moe's and eat or something.

I can't and forbidden journey. Those are the only things that, and I never really get motion sick, but those two make me go, you know, I have to say when I got too fat to ride forbidden journey anymore, I wasn't there. Sorry guys. I can't fit in it. I don't get motion sick on anything at all. I love forbidden journey and I hope you don't get it.

That got worse for me. The older I got, I was on a, I was on a trip with a group of ladies and one of them has been plagued her whole life with motion sickness, but as a huge Harry Potter fan, and we begged her not to get on forbidden journey. And she did. And it was it was, this was on a travel agent fam trip that I was on.

I don't know her personally, but she had been bowing out of every ride. They were taking us on because of her motion sickness, but really, really wanted to do the Harry Potter ones. And she didn't, she wasn't, she didn't do well on green guts, but didn't throw up. But will, would that be talked out of getting on forbidden journey?

And it was ugly. I was a few, luckily, a few what are you? They're not really cars, whatever you call those things down from her. And I heard what was happening. Yeah. It was bad all over the right. She had to be carried off of the ride and they

took her out of the park in a wheelchair because she was, it made her so sick. The legs came off. So don't ride forbidden journey. If motion sickness is a problem for you, talk to it,

I could write it had to be one and done,

but Haggard's, I'm down for that all day. Oh, absolutely. And have those screen eights and uh, I have no transition into this next story cause I can't think of sitting here trying to think of a segue and, uh, I've got none. I was, um, we've been thinking about where we were talking about bucket list attractions, and this is a place that I was thinking about this on my travel bucket list, but it doesn't fit into our main discussion because it's not a theme park.

So, I wanted to go ahead tell you all about it now. Cause it's pretty cool. The overview either see the series American gods or read the novel by Neil Gaiman. Both the dislocation, the house on the rock in Wisconsin plays a pretty big role. I don't know about the show cause I never watched that, but in the book it's where kind of the climax of all.

Yeah, I knew you'd like that word. So this is this great big house, literally on the side of a cliff that some eccentric dude built a long time ago and just like all good ecentric people. He had a bit of a collection with some might say hobby, some might say problem. the original house is 14 rooms.

Plus there's lots of gardens and stuff, but they've gone on to add several warehouses to hold this whole election. So for example, there's 269 carousel animals on various working carousels. Some of them on the carousel are not animals released completely. Yeah. There's some saying this one picture of the horse legs with the fully naked lady top drive that.

I was like done the wrong photos and I'm looking at how to build it. I don't know what my apologies I'll build it, build it on a rock. And it had me, ah, here we go equally. Interesting, but not the same. Yeah, there's just like lights, chandelier's all over the place. And there's like a huge collection of we laughed at this banned Oregon's, which we laughed at when they talked about that at Walt Disney world.

Those are those like player, self playing, not just like an organ, but with different instruments attached to it. Also various orchestra instruments. My organ could play with itself. I wouldn't have anything to do all day. Maybe you'd get something else. Maybe get something done. Some real work done. A tax at Jeremy monkeys and looks like, I don't know this, that raccoon playing fiddles and boots, strange lighting fixtures, weird tapestries in chest.

It's just kind of a whole big general mishmash of weird first. Amazing. Yeah, it's incredible. And so there's also gardens outside. There's one of those glass bottomed, walkways. That's like a dead end. Can't leave her out over the side lifts. He could go walk out into an air, look at it. It's huge.

It takes I forget how big they said it is, but it's one of those things that you would not it would take you a whole day to get through the whole election gardens and all of that. It just looks amazing as somewhere I've always wanted to visit. The first time I heard about it was when I read American gods.

Just the weird kind of crap that Wisconsin, that can't be too far from here. How far is this? It's a decent haul is plus go. So it's several hours, but it's drivable. It's definitely drivable from here. We'll ride that high speed ferry out of Muskegon and get there and note, good point. Yeah, so that's a location that's on my bucket list.

The infant with our main discussion. So I want to share that with you. Uh, and I'm going to say stick around because that's the commercial break. We're taking a look at all the theme park adventures we'd like to include in our travel bucket lists. When it comes to planning your next adventure, knowledge and preparation are always key.

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Started the year is a great time to sit down, look at the goals you set for yourself. Take stock of take stock of what you've accomplished, and maybe come up with some slightly more aspirational items to add more aspirational items to put in your bucket list. This week, we're filling up our lists with a theme park, destinations and adventures that would make for the trip of a lifetime.

Dan, you nailed it. You sort of a bit, you did a magnificent set of a picture. And look at that. I can read at a third grade level easily. Ed asked, um, you know, we talked about, we talked about. Last year, around this time we discussed our general travel bug. They said we would love to go that kind of trip of a lifetime type thing way.

Yes, we did the lovely people from outer vibe. And then we'll talk about bucket list stuff. So, uh, I was wondering what's what's what's all on your theme park book lists. Well, mine do the country beer James Berry. Oh, I hear it's good. But like as originally written with all all the other songs of racism intact.

Yeah. It's funny. I was actually watching, uh, he hall earlier today while I was working. It's amazing. Like here's where a clerk. It's amazing. How many, like you basically watched that show and you can pick out the exact characters they've ripped off for each bear. It's pretty wonderful. But my first on my actual list is and I tried to do this last time.

I was supposed to go to the parks and then I haven't been able to make it to the parks past couple of trips for various reasons is to do the LaCava tequila tasting experience. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah. It's 150 bucks a person and you get a few hours and a lot of tequila and mescal and you get chips and salsa along with it, but they say to make sure that you eat ahead of time, because they're basically not going to get you seriously drunk.

And I guess you get like a whole little section of LaCava that they section off for you and your group. So that's on my list. Yeah. Yeah. I would like to do that one too. There's a more formal, longer version of that, that they do only during I think food and wine over, across the street, but this version looks like even more tequila and less foods.

It's $50 cheaper. I think it's 200 or 2 25 for the other one. This one looks great. I was in there. I forget when that was, but I saw the remnants of a group leaving that had just done that and they were clearing it up and there was a lot of empty little tequila shot glasses on that saying it looks pretty great.

I'll never forget. Company conference a few years ago when we were running all around Epcot card in these adventures around the world, sweating our balls off. Cause there was like 110 degrees and we stopped into that restaurant for lunch. And Heather and Jeff were behind the partition

taking pride in that lunch taste while everybody was sweaty, scavenger hunt through the team building, having a four-course dinner. Yeah. There's Jeff. Clearly not part of the team. Yeah. We built the team. We need you guys to experience the team now. That's right. Yeah. It looks like a good experience.

One of the things on my list is not available right now, but I really hope that it comes back because I want to go scuba diving in the the seas in Epcot. But Hey, you have to be scuba certified since you mention it. I am actually a scuba certified. I am a diver now. Yeah, it looks really neat. SaltLife t-shirts no, that will not be happening.

No. Does anybody in your house buy a bunch of stuff? No. One, no. Nope. Nope. Not happening. Oh, won't allow us to own a divers knife. No, no, no. That's okay. Now you're getting closer. Yes. A very small risk to say it looks so cool though. I've seen people doing it and I would, it's. It's one of the things I like about it is it's a safe environment.

You can go and walk through the, and see the aquariums and what's in the tank. You're not going to swim past a cave and have some crazy scary sea creature whose home you just invaded. Yeah. It looks super cool. I've seen people doing it. And I would like to just wave at the children from inside the tank.

They have a lot of cool stuff in there. Yeah. I want to scuba dive with, yeah. I don't think maybe that's a separate thing because I have been in the restaurant and I witnessed a diver propose to somebody who is sitting in the restaurant. Like she was there waiting for him and that he going to show up and I had a diver come down with a sign. Yes. So maybe that was a separate thing that they.

Yeah to be free, but they had a happy anniversary thing or something. My sign said, she said, yes. Oh, that's cool. And it used to be free. They did a whole dinner at coral reef where you could get personalized menus. They would basically help you do the whole thing. And then they stopped. It was a long time ago yeah. This one is the diving is currently on hold because of COVID, but it's not even that expensive. It's about $170 when it was still running. And it's a three hour experienced. He was only spent about an hour of that diving, but the rest of the time you're getting to see behind the scenes.

You get to go up to the top of those tanks and see where, how they take care of the animals and how it all runs. And.

There are also some tours that you can take that don't involve the diving, where you can see behind backstage, not right now. And they started to back any tours other than the private VIP. I don't think so. Like the, behind the seeds and stuff like that behind the scenes is fantastic. That's what I bought, sorry.

I don't know if his bucket list level, but I've always wanted to do. Yeah. Speaking of tours, that was on my list. I have the what is it called? The wild Africa Trek. Did you do this? And didn't your family do this, the animal kingdom. You get to go out onto these Savannah areas and do a little backstage kind of stuff and your own Jeep out in the savannas.

And you do some walking. It starts with you gearing up. In harnesses and stuff and doing kind of a ropes course thing over the safari. The picture I'm looking at on the description is of hung over the alligator things, which would freak me out a little bit here. You're clearly cabled in there and it's all safe, but that's a Ricky looking.

And the funny thing about that rickety looking bridge is once you're up on it, you can see that underneath it. There are actually additional structures so that if that rickety looking bridge, actually the wooden plank. Yeah. If that wooden plank actually did break in half, you're just falling into a net.

Just hanging by your Wiener over there. There's a whole harness and they give you,

they give you something to hold your sunglasses on. So that if you're looking down, if your sunglasses fell off, they wouldn't fall. Your phone has a little thing that everything that they give you attaches to that vest that you see her wearing and you get a water bottle. That's says wild Africa Trek on it and you get to keep all that stuff.

Clues lunch looks like he stopped somewhere. I'm sure. Scenic and have a lovely life. Yeah. Have you ever noticed when you're on the safari, there's all sorts of off in the distance. That's where you eat. Yeah, I really would love to do this and they do another one. That's just a walking with giants is the elephant tour.

But I actually don't hear great things about that when I was excited for that. But people say it just smells like elephant shit. Yeah. And I've heard that one depends on how the, how well the elephants cooperate. If none of them are over near where you're standing, you're just watching them from. Yeah.

It's not really interacting the way you want it to be. Our family is just super animal lovers. So we would love to do this one. It's really good. One of my favorite parts of it is the first thing you do is you walk to the hippo enclosure and you're you get pretty close to the hippos. You're up on a hill above them,

but they bring you they bring a bucket full of the hippos. Love watermelon. And they bring a bucket and they like bang on the bucket and the hippos. No, that means, Hey, we're going to get some watermelon. And they all come

through the water. And when the, when we did this, there was a baby. It was very cute. Baby hippo or baby hippo.

Somebody had a baby in a backpack on the wild Africa track

that would not have. And you are all ever get Trek is only $199. That includes food and

yeah, you have to be 18 and, uh, or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Yes. And the lunch is really good too. It's not just, yeah, it looks like a nice spread. I was gonna say this one where they give you like a. Chicken Curry sale,

where I learned what a Tiffin lunch pail kind of thing. Yeah. It's really delicious. Somebody whose last name B to probably both imagine your Jeffrey Tippin Tiffins edit again.

While we're on the subject of tours, the one I really want to do is the 50th anniversary, VIP tour. Have you guys heard anything about what you get to do on this thing?

Not exactly. No. It's a bit, it's a planned thing specifically that the one you're thinking of is it's got the word dreams in it. I can't remember what it is. Yeah, that one's actually more expensive than this one. I think it's twice the price. It's like something like $12,000 and you just ask, you just tell them what you want to do.

And within reason they'll do it. It is this one is designed to specifically for the 50th anniversary and it, so you start off they pick you up wherever like a VIP tour, they pick you up wherever you want to start. If you're staying onsite or offsite, they come and pick you up in a Mercedes sprinter.

So it's not even the normal van, the fancy van. Yeah. And you start at California. 'cause they take you up there and this one has two guides and they, they gather some historians along the way, along your stops, but they, you start up there for a champagne toast and they show you, cause from up there, you can see all of Walt Disney world and they give you a little bit of some history and how it was conceived and all of that stuff and tell you where you're going to go.

And then you, the next thing you do is you get in a private pontoon and they take you out on bay lake and you get to see some of they talk about discovery island and what that used to be some other stuff. And there's they say that there are surprises at every stop. Tell you about an advanced cause they don't want to give it away.

Then you go, so you pull up to the magic kingdom in your private pontoon and you go walking down main street they do some history, but then you get to see the Cinderella castle suite, which is not usually a part of VIP tours. And before you leave the Cinderella castle suite, they will have taken your order for lunch.

So then they take you down to a private section of BR guest and have lunch at be our guest. And it includes some stuff that you can't get just eating there for lunch. So it's some things. Yes. So there's, you can order whatever you want, as much as you want off of this special menu that they have for you.

And here's where it starts to get into stuff that really made me want to do it. You go ride on it.

But when you get off the ride, they take you downstairs and they take you to see the Pepper's ghost effect. That's literally on my list is just to see the backstage, just to see it. Yeah. It's part of that. I will do that. It is. And was the thing that they told us about. This is one of the things that they want people to know is that part of the haunted mansion is really not handicapped accessible.

You have to go down this crazy, like spooky, tight, steep stair staircase, and they keep you back far enough from the railing cause the right continues to go. So you're seeing it from the ride functioning from that perspective. It's kind of like, if you, um, and I think we've talked about on the adventures by Disney of Southern California trip, they take you down behind the screen.

In, um, Soren. So it's like that you're seeing it, but you get to see backstage at haunted mansion. I've always wanted to do that, that right there when they said that, all right, I'm sold. I'll put that on my list then. Yeah, for sure. Then they do they do some more things. You do some more rides.

You get to go down into the Utila doors, which is cool.

It is a little underwhelming, but it's kinda neat still to say that you did it then they take you on take you to Epcot via the monorail. But the cool part is you have your own car. And then as they're approaching, they slow the monorail down to a crawl so that you're moving through that whole section where you're moving through Epcot, you're going really slow so that they can talk to you about Epcot.

And then they take you to space two 20 for some food and some drinks, which it's pretty hard to get a reservation there. So that's pretty cool. And then, um, do you do some more stuff at Epcot you end at Ratatouille and then they take you on the Skyliner and there's, I don't really want to give it away.

There's something very cool that they give to you as a souvenir when you're writing this Skyliner and it's just one of those bags from under the seat.

It's something that's not sold in any shop and that you can't get anywhere except on this tour. So Mickey flush nailed it,

but it looks really cool. And I am determined. It's only. This year, it will end at the end of this year. They won't be. And how much is that one? It's like for a group of eight people, right? $6,500. Yeah. And it's not 10 people like the normal VIP to where I believe it's six. Yeah. It's available.

You can find that on the website and do it now. Yes. You can call there's information about it on the website and you can call the VIP tour hotline or it is then they should call their key to the road, travel in it. Yes. Any travel advisor can book that for you, which is excellent. Yeah. You just need to get,

get a group of six friends together and split it. I'm looking for five other people who would like to come along with me when I do this. Yeah, that sounds incredible.

Perfect. Everybody to me of another behind the scenes attraction that I think would be really cool to see you is the American adventure at Epcot the mechanism that they use to change. So it's it's pretty amazing to watch. Probably my favorite part of the backstage Patrick tour they used to do at DTO seems like they had stopped that one even before they discontinued other tours.

So I don't know if that one is on my bucket list. It was epic, but yeah, that mechanism is incredible. Yeah. It sounds like it promoted everybody. That's seen it running. It's wow, it's the most incredible thing I've ever seen. So I'd love to see that I had on my list. Was and I don't know how many of these locations still exist even to visit, but I think it'd be really cool to try to visit as many of the parks that Walt visited or use for inspiration when planning, Disneyland, I'd love to Knott's Berry farm.

He stole a lot of ideas from there as far as parks, park, operations and stuff. There's some other amusement parks around the LA area that he visited a lot, like, Tivoli gardens in Denmark. There's some other European places, you know, see the, always a monorail factory in in Germany I believe is Disney needs to be making a nice big purchase from there.

It's still a working monorail factory. Yes, I think yeah, in the. Yes it is. Oh, no, it was a transportation company in Germany. So looks, it may not be anymore. Cologne, Germany. Yeah. So just to get to visit kind of those spaces that inspired the theme parks, as we know, and love them would be pretty amazing.

Tivoli gardens looks absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous. That'd be pretty mate. That's a cool thing. We did the Griffith park observed or the thought the observatory, but it's a park where the carousel was. It inspired well to come up with some things that parents and children can do together. Well, I smoke a pickled cigarette.

One of my things is actually very new to my theme park bucket lists, but has shot to the top rather quickly. And that is to yell something at Bob Che Peck in the park.

A lot of people

Disney better than Bob. That was great. Like I have a feeling we're not going to see him making appearances very much in the park, in his tenure, as he has dipped out of a few events already, since his initial taking over. He's not much of a fan of having things her well, he's already complained about his image.

But it would be fun to just, maybe he needs a better PRT has complained about his image as a bean counter and yes. In business. Yeah, that's a maybe stop being that then. Bob, have you considered that? He's had many opportunities that he has missed to at least seem like a man of the people during Disneyland's wreak grand reopening after 18 months of being closed charges, whether he's really a great guy or not, but Josh tomorrow is out there shaking everybody's hands and all that.

And Bob Shay picks back there and will not engage. That's true. He's earning that reputation and same with when the 50th anniversary happened at Disney world. That's where everybody is yelling at him though. Yeah, I think that would probably be the last time we will see him do something that he certainly didn't show over the 23 scheduling conflicts, you know?

Yeah. He was scheduled to not be, I have nothing.

He probably takes a worse rep than he deserves, but oh yeah, probably so, but it is kind of fun too. He's an easy target with that big old bald head. So,

but a real one on my list, a real one. All right. I'll counter that is to finish staying at every Walt Disney world hotel. And I've only got a handful left, so I got yacht, yacht, beach, animal kingdom lodge, and old key west. And if I must the grant. That will be the last one. Oh yeah. I want to stay at all, but the grand flow is just, it's not my style on the screen clarity in the style of it.

I always resisted it till we, we had to stay there for an event that we were co-hosting and I wound up really liking it. The rooms are in bad need of a reduced, but the amenities there are great. I like so many of the bars and restaurants and things. They're the, it's the same reason. I don't really like Portofino bay at universal.

I feel like they were designed by grandmothers. So I feel that I've never stayed there. The only ones left on my list are the all-stars and I think those are just going to stay that way. I started, I moved up from there. I've never stayed in all stripes, pop century. I love pop and art of animation, but I have never stayed at prince quarter.

That's one of our Caribbean beach, I think that's it. Caribbean beach. French quarter is my favorite moderate because it's small, quiet. It's a really well done key west. I've been there for breakfast. Do you know him? Not as I think about it, I've not stayed. Okay. The only time I ever have set foot, there was the one time we went to Olivia's and I thought this is cute.

I should stay over here. I've stayed at like four. And are they all named all-star? I did. As a child get to stay in the Disney Treehouse villas though. Oh, those are cool. They're a little remote and they're a little dated, but they're very cool. Yeah, they're cool. If you've, I think that would be a great for a large family, like multi-generational thing or something like that, or they need a little reefer on the decor.

Or they built in it's hard to redo. Oh, they were cast member housing. Or they were at one point a long time ago, but now they're part of DVC. The Treehouse villas are part of the Saratoga Springs collection and they recently redid the stereotype of Springs villas and they look really pretty.

So maybe they'll do the tree houses to all star sports is getting a refurb. So yet grand Floridians gotta be next, right? Fingers crossed. If they want to keep grand flower, if they want to keep charging those prices for that resort, they need to refresh the rooms. Like got them thinking of doing all of the things that there are.

I. I have been to Disney world Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, but I want to make one mega trip. That's all of the Asian parks in one fell swoop. And I want to do them all in two and a half days,

including travel. Probably could do that with Hong Kong and Shanghai. Yeah. Yeah. But I wouldn't want to Shanghai Disney just for his technology and the scope and size just looked so amazing. Pooping your bushes and just pirates of the Caribbean alone makes me want to go there, but really I want to see Tokyo Disney sea look so cool.

It's just so different than every other Disney park. And I love the idea of it. It's got the 20,000 leagues ride. It's cut that journey to the center of the earth just looks so cool. I could walk around there for days and days. Yeah. So was on my list

is DC. And what is it, Hong Kong Disneyland just redid their castle, but otherwise it's pretty much a carbon copy of Disneyland. Right. But I would love to the idea of just being there and everything looks, I like when you go, like, when I first went to Disneyland as an adult, after getting really used to magic kingdom, it's like earth to kingdom.

Everything's just slightly off. I liked that sort of you round the corner and that's not supposed to be there. I would love that part of it. And then just hearing everything being in Japanese or whatever, be cooler, Tokyo something on my list. You guys mentioned briefly I really want to get to do that. So Cal spiders, so great. I think it will. I think they've got to, I think they've got to really reevaluate it. Yeah. They do still have some Imagineers working in Glendale. So yeah that's the part, that's the tricky part is that was a big draw for that.

Getting Joe go to Mickey's of Glendale and if you think about it, they're probably going to keep all of the stuff that we saw, like the bottle room that's going to stay out there. So it is personnel. You're not getting to meet anybody as much, but we didn't really meet that many people when we did it.

No, that's true. It was only a few Imagineers, so yeah, they could operate that building like the backstage to. MGM like an archive. There'll be fewer. Probably Kurt is the archive going to move. The archive is probably going to stay out there. Right? Yeah. That's true. The studio isn't closed. Yeah. And that's why I think a good bit of, I think they'll move all the non I think they'll move a lot of the non-creative yeah, they've already started moving the creatives.

It's all of that. It's going to a big swath of people are in charge of creating things for the parks, the ones that actually decided they wanted to go to Florida. Yeah, the ones that are left that didn't just be, but there's so much else on that tour that you get, it will still make it a good tour that going to Jim Henson studios, I was sad that wasn't part of the shortened one that, that I did.

Yeah. I really wanted to do that. Yeah. That was neat. Jeff got to be a puppeteer because. That is hard to do.

Yeah. You get you doing this or whatever, with your hand for the mouth, but you have to look on these monitors and go the reverse, because the way they're filming it, you have to go everything's backwards. So you're looking at your monitor of yourself to get your thing, but you can't it's you're you feeling yourself in a mirror instead of in the monitor?

It's yeah, that part was fun. Yeah. There's so much on that tour. I ha I hope they'll bring that back. Can you go in the Chinese theater and all that stuff? It's super cool. Yeah. And the only thing I had left really on my list that wasn't really covered by everything else was a, and I guess it could be covered by a backstage tour.

But before I die, I would like to see Gonzo chicken in the laundry room, just with my own eyes, not on video. It was on the full day magic backstage magic tour that I did. But he did go to the laundry. Yeah, there was that there was no chicken loving going on that there was a stain magic tour if they do bring that back it's it was the greatest thing.

So we saw backstage of all of the, many of the attractions is tough, but we spent a lot of time in the Utilidor and they showed how. The trash what is it? Pneumatic tubes, whatever. So they just take these, have these huge things. They load into the tube and closing it like a thing at a bank teller. And then they went and took us later in the tour, back to, we went back behind the splash and saw where they store all the parade stuff and all of that.

And I got to do that once when we got stuck on splash mountain and they had to evacuate well, they took us out the back there. Do you see where it all, just those tubes come out there and then it's all sorted and scattered and some stuff is composted and recycled. It was really cool. I'd like to see in the Disney floral and in the places where they're working on all of the greenery and the stuff for the parks, that seems cool.

And didn't you get to go to where they store. All of the Christmas decorations, that was an accident. That's not normally that is not normally on the tour, but it was, this was the weirdest thing. The tours like nine plus hours long, including a lunch, but we went to central shops. So we were watching that, that day, what they were building in there was new splash mountain cars.

So they had the fiberglass shell and they were installing the seats and, putting the, I guess vinyl seat covers and all that, upholstering them and painting them. So we saw the paint shop, hat comes in and puts the base coat. And then the people are hand airbrushing, the log stuff on each thing and pressing trashcan.

So we saw that the bus broke down. So we all get on the bus. We can't go anywhere. So it's going to be a while. So across from central shops where they do that is a holiday store. It was just this massive warehouse. It being Disney it's the most efficiently run warehouse ever. So if you're there looking for a specific thing everything's of course extremely archive.

So they were like a name of things. So people would say like main Mainstreet reef, and then they type that into a thing and it tells them exactly where to go. And like in the parking decks at Disney Springs, a light comes on at the end of the aisle that is on where to go. And then there's a light under, so it's like slots, like you're searching for lumber at home Depot, everything is a aisle and a slot number for every single Christmas decorations.

You also got to see them stitching up costume for, I think none of that is there anymore. It was bummer. It was a, in the backstage area. They did. Yeah. That was where they made all of the costumes for every Disney thing in the world, including cruise ships and things in Europe and all that. I don't know where they do that now, but there was a woman that was hand beading, Swarovski, crystals onto Bell's dress for parade.

And so part of the original backlot yeah, I was standing in there next to her watching and she's like, you want to hold it? It's really heavy. And I was like, yes, I do. It's 50 pounds just covered in crystal. Cool. We were backstage of the the American experience that Dan was talking about. They were replacing mark Twain's head and I held mark Twain's head.

Cool. That's a lot of stuff that people just don't get to do. I love that at the time was that it was like $400 or something, but totally worth it. It was eight hours. It included lunch at either. They take you to either mama Melrose or we went to whispering canyon. It depended on. And that was because the bus broke down.

So we had to go somewhere. You've got a lot of extra cool stuff because of the broken bus. The last thing that I had on my list is something at Disney land and it's the 21 Royal experience, which is also very expensive. It's like a, just a crazy number, of course, private dinner in the, what used to be the dream suite.

And they turned it into this and it up above pirates. And it's where Walt was going to have his expanded apartments, better apartment after wherever the fire truck firehouse. And it's a crazy, it's $12,000, I think, to do this, but it includes, but you can have 12 people again, it's a thousand dollars a person.

If you have you in 11 friends not too shabby, if 10 other people want to do that, Heather and I are we'll do that. Yep. That's right. We're getting a group together. Have you read the description of how they, like you start off at the grand flora, grand, California, then they escort you into the park and right into the thing and you start with a toast and just the, it looks just gorgeous in there.

It's still all decked out. And you start with like cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and they contact you at a time and ask if are you more of liquor? People are wine people or whatever. And what kind of menu? It's a very bespoke definitely. And they they'll design the menu for you, that your cocktails are served by butlers.

And you can go out on the patio and watch everything going on down below at Disneyland, and then spit on the desk right before you retire to the dining room to eat on your gold plated dinner, where you're like, well, of course Mary Poppins I'm paying me. They could do that. Might be too much to ask Disney, make the magic.

Come on. Dick van Dyke is very old. He is very spry. Come on. That's true.

The chef works directly with premier suppliers, local and international, to get the very precious farm to table ingredients for your bespoke experience. It says right here on the thing, do you eat a roast pig that dined only on acorns from the month

was that a yachtsman that we had that charcuterie board, the description of the charcuterie board and have this pig died alone on this island, eating only certain things, his sadness and tears made his meat more tender. Unrequited love. Steph bear friend made him wear a pink sweater all the time. Because meat was salted with his own it's delicious despair tastes so good.

It's true. It looks like there's a lot of stuff we still have to do in the theme parks to get on it. Dan, did you have another? My last one was it's not actually a Disney theme park one, but again, it's in your head over to Europe and they have some crazy theme parks. Have you ever heard of F dulling?

No, it's

it's a theme park in the Netherlands. It's like fairy tale. It's a fairy tale theme. Yeah. It's not, it's nothing like that. Other Dutch theme park we talked about

certainly does not. It's a fairy tale theme park, but it's. These castles and it's, it kind of puts Disney to shame on the castle and stuff, but they've got some really crazy dark rides there. But there's quite a few theme parks around Europe that are like really heavily theme and just giant gorgeous, cool strip to just put together a whole two week or something.

John Taran, a bunch of theme parks in Europe, theme parks. There's so much regular Europe. I haven't seen it feels irresponsible to go over there and just see theme parks.

If that's your thing, it's just, they have just there's. There's that one part when we talked about once the park, that is like the different lands or different periods of history, Europe, and you can go to a medieval village and the Roman to get Ms. Evil on us. Those kinds of parks. Just, they just look, I don't know why we don't, I guess just cause we only hear about, don't forget to go to Westworld in Japan.

Yeah. Okay. You kill him in charge

or a fee as he can. So yeah, that's that's the last time I had on my bucket list. Anything else? I'm sure that there's stuff coming down the pike that I'm going to keep adding to my list. They always keep coming up with more stuff that I want to do. Yeah. They're good at manipulate, manipulating you to give them lots and lots of money someday.

I'm going to spend the night in the Cinderella castle suite. I don't know how I'm going to arrange it, but it's going to happen. Just tell him your Mariah. Yes, I was on a short-lived Disney channel, original series back in the day. I was one of the original Mouseketeers. I was on the 18 three, a reiteration of the Mouseketeers.

It was you guys don't remember Jerry, Jeff, the one with Brittany and Justin. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Ryan Gosling. Christina Aguilera. Yep. What a mega cast and JC sink. Oh man. It's like all those five people who all went on to huge fame and money. And then the Ronald Johnson red head named chase. I remember there was a kid named chase who had a big red hair and he did nothing.

There was some chick that just died.

She wasn't one of the famous ones. So who cares? Jan? Lennar's a laugh a minute. Can I cut that part out? Really, really killed in a bucket list. Really? Shit. The bed. More like chicken, the bucket list. Juicy cause of death. Yeah. Oh, I bet. Well, thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you're excited to cross some items off your own travel bucket lists.

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Hey, y'all goodbye. Yeah, you know, it is actually on my bucket list to outlive flows. As God as my witness, I will shuffle off this mortal coil. Only after that place has been raised