Jan. 5, 2022

Disney Draft Day:Winter Olympic Teams

Disney Draft Day:Winter Olympic Teams

Game on! This week we’re drafting our Winter Olympics dream teams from the rank of world class athletes that populate our favorite Disney theme parks and movies! But first, all the week’s travel news, including face masks are back in at Universal Orlando...

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Game on! This week we’re drafting our Winter Olympics dream teams from the rank of world class athletes that populate our favorite Disney theme parks and movies! But first, all the week’s travel news, including face masks are back in at Universal Orlando Resort, Japanese mystery flights from a vending machine, returning home with an expired passport, returning to Disney World’s All Star Sports resort, and weird New Year’s traditions!  Sharpen your skates and watch out for the zamboni, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!


 In the spirit of fair play, inclusion, and equality, it’s time for us to get absolutely silly. Your job today is to draft the best possible teams of athletes for a series of Olympic events. And since we prefer to spend our time with space aliens, fairytale princesses and hillbilly bears, your pool of potential team members is any character-whether human, fantastical, or animatronic, that you would find in a Disney theme park. Remember, we’re doing this draft style. So once an athlete has been selected for a team, they’re off the board for the rest of the game. Also, we run our drafts the way we run from snipers, in a serpentine pattern, so the person who goes last in round 1 goes first in round 2. Let’s get started!





Our Disney World Winter Olympics teams:

Bobsled (3 man teams)

  • Heather: Big Al, Dash, Baymax
  • Jeff: Kristoff, Bob Chapek, Bob Iger
  • Jess: Maui,Michael Eisner, Pocahontas
  • Dan: Sven, Frozone, Vanellope 

Couples Figure Skating (2 characters)

  • Heather: Gonzo, Camilla
  • Jeff: Mrs Incredible, Mr Incredible
  • Jess: Quasimodo,Disneyland’s Big Al
  • Dan: Tarzan,Turk

Downhill Skiing (2 character)

  • Heather: Goofy,Kylo Ren
  • Jeff: Max Goof,Herbie The Love Bug
  • Jess: Bob Chapek, Carl Frederickson
  • Dan: Chip,Dale

Freestyle Snowboard (3 character team)

  • Heather: Elsa,Sanka Kofi,Snow Trooper
  • Jeff: Olaf,Kick Buttowski,Mickey Mouse
  • Jess: Bart Simpson,Poochie,Air Bud
  • Dan: PJ, Huey Duck,Michaelangelo

Curling (4 man team)

  • Heather: King Fergus, Winnie Sanderson,Ludwig Von Drake,Swedish Chef
  • Jeff: Ursula,Angela Lansbury from Bedknobs and Broomsticks,Anna,Bo Peep
  • Jess: Cinderella,Jabba The Hutt,Abraham Lincoln,Walt Disney’s Frozen Head
  • Dan: Skipper Frank,Donald Duck, SSE Storyteller,Fantasia broom


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Winter Olympics 2

Welcome to another gathering of the Gold Key Adventurers Society. Have a seat by the fire has to be prepared to help you unlock the secrets of the travel life from theme park thrills to purple mountains majesty. We want to see it all and do it all. And we want to help you do the same. We all have those bucket list trips once in a lifetime destinations that we'll get to someday, we're here to help you make your travel dreams a reality.

Buy the ticket, take the trip. Where do you want to go?

It's a beautiful day

game on this week. We're drafting our winter Olympics dream teams from the ranks of world-class athletes that populate our favorite Disney theme, parks and movies. But first other was travel news and weird new year's traditions. Sharpen your skates and watch out for the Zamboni is timed at the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society.

Welcome back to another meeting of the gold key adventurers society. My name is Dan Leonard and joining me this week in the studio is Jess Evans. Hello, Heather Strait and Mr. Jeff Williams. Thanks for adding me down. It is a pleasure as always. Our show this week is brought to you by key to the world.

Travel here to the world. Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising, and destinations around the world. Enter www dot genus. The world travel that curves where details and didn't no obligation code and the vacation of a lifetime. Guys, the holiday season is over and we're firmly into 2022 a year in which absolutely nothing bad or depressing can possibly have.

So far. 2022 has been great. As far as we know on the surface, the releases will be what the solid four days in surely nothing earth shattering can happen in that day. High right. Stop Prairie. Real good, Dan, and don't call me Shirley. This is the secret, right? I'm manifesting it. I'm bringing it into the world.

Nothing bad can pass away. Nothing bad ever happens to me. Yeah, that helps. It's time to start gearing up for this year's winter Olympics in Beijing with our signature Disney world flair. But first let's take a look at the week's travel news, starting with I guess we need to talk about the stupid OMAC pan things for at least a minute guys.

Face coverings have returned to universal or Lando. It cracks me up because the Delta variant was much more severe than this one, but universal finally was like, ah I guess we better do what everyone else is doing or severe as far as six sickness, but this one was much more contagious. True. And universal is the one that's been just in total yellow mode burying their heads in the sand.

I kind kinda liked it, got backed up in winter. Yeah, correct? Yes. Inside buildings. Oh, and. And, you entered the queue to the moment you exit the experience. Having written the Velossa coaster a few times. I can't imagine a mask staying on my face on that right on or not going down your throat by the end of it, I was just at Walt Disney world over the holidays.

And the masks endorsed thing was really no big deal. And interestingly, no, it has, it's still just indoors, but they're they're attractions that are fully outdoors. They don't make you wear your mask even in a queue. So slinky dog, no one had it on, more told to put it on in the queue. Didn't have to have it on.

And in the ride expedition, Everest was interesting. We put ours on because you do go inside for a bit, but a lot of that queue is outdoors and the ride is fully outdoor. So everyone seemed very confused. That's true. That's true. But there was no one there, none of the cast members were making people put them on, except for when you were in that little port, when you walk in the door, they said, put it on.

And then when we got out into the ride where you're actually loading, a lot of people were taking them off and casts. Weren't making them put them back on. We kept them on. And most of the people around us did, but they didn't seem as concerned with it there. That explains why I saw some ride photos with masks under chins, from a white knuckle rollercoaster ride through OMA, crown mountain, and big thunder was the same.

When you walked into the building, they asked you to put it on and we kept ours on the whole time. And I saw a lot of people as the train exited were pulling them down under there. Yeah, we kept them on really, whenever we were in close quarters with everyone, we're all fully vaccinated. And then three of the four of us are boosted, but I just, even a three to four day cold, I really don't want it.

So I was trying to avoid it so many shots and it has jokingly said that they will travel to China to get the Sinovac. Russia,

getting the Russia vaccine take you possibly permanently on the plus side that could help deal with the overcrowding issues in your home rent trail. That's a really good point. While he's a while, while your beloved family members over there picking up that extra vaccine, I I saw this story out of Japan.

There's this airline what's their peach aviation. Yeah, my favorite Japanese. Regional airlines named after a fruit. Yeah, the first place they've got these vending machines placed the first one in the Osaka airport in mid August to try to drum up some PR and what they, what what they stock these vending machines with is capsules with a mystery flight in them.

So far, they've sold more than three thousands of them. And these are all routes. They're local routes within Japan. You pay a 5,000 yen, which is about $44 and you get a capsule with a piece of paper. That's got a destination on it, along with a promo code to redeem, for points to use, to fly to these destinations.

Is it round trip? How's that to say? Are you allowed to return? You just have to hope you randomly get your home after that. Yeah. Yeah. It's a return flight. Destinations include popular hotspots throughout Japan like Sapporo. There's 13 flights. That's the only example they could manage to list in the article, but there's 13 different routes out of Osaka and 11 from Tokyo Narita airport.

So you just go up to the vending machine, get a little capsule and go wherever it takes you, take a day trip to somewhere around, but you don't have to do it right then. I assume you do it whenever. Probably not. You just get the code so you redeem it. It doesn't even, it just tells you the name of the location and then gives you a voucher for.

For the number of points you would need to redeem or these machines in the airport or just on the streets? They're in the airports. They're not sitting out next to the next to the panty. Hey, get him out and do, and a flight tour kind of dirty panties. It's call back to Japan is weird of those three I'll take the flight.

Yes, please. Either of the other two, I'll throw in the dirty panties for free.

The good news is once, once you're done with your excursion your vaccination tourism, you don't have to worry about getting home. If your a passport is expired. If you have been overseas during the COVID-19 pandemic and let your passport lapse, the state department has decided, okay, All right, we'll let you come home for a limited time.

So it's only until March 31st and it's for passports that expired on or after January 1st, 20, 20, while you were overseas. And I'm not sure how it would be that you hadn't made your way back to the United States yet. Then overseas flights have been coming back for a while now, but if you have been trapped overseas with an expired passport, you have until March 31st to get your butt back here and renew it and passport renewals are going pretty well.

Right now, they're turning their turnaround time has finally improve, starting to recover from that. Yes. Extradited things are taking like two and a half, three weeks now, like they used to they're also we've also seen, they're going to be increasing the fee to apply for your passport security search are just yesterday.

I think the day before we're recording this and December 27th prices are going up by 20 bucks processing times $10. Yes. A whole big 20 smack ruse. So what 135 or something like that now. And 65, now that it's gone up, it was 1 45 for right. And this is for a brand new one. If you are 16 or older and you're just renewing it, it'll be 130 now up from 110.

Yeah. Okay. I was way off either way. I was inaccurate information for me. It says in the article that processing times for unexpected. Her dated and expedited applications has dropped from 11 weeks down to eight weeks. So pretty much normal. Yeah. During the during some of the height of COVID, they weren't processing them at all, but expedited ones were taking six or eight weeks and even longer, there was a period of time where it was three to four months to get an expedited one.

It was nuts. They just had one guy pretty much, and everybody wanted to go to Mexico. So everyone was rushing to get a passport. Yeah. I remember at one point we were basically telling people if you're planning on traveling next year, go get your passport. Now I got cold in Texas one day and everybody wanted to go to Mexico.

Yeah. For some reason. Weird. Oh, isn't that just what you do when it's cold in Texas. No, my daughters wanted me to run down to Mexico and escort them there and come right back to fight for my state. Sure. Declare, we are talking about the Ted Cruz. We lost our Ted Cruz fan listener. You know what?

That's fine by me. The only Ted Cruz fan is Ted Cruz. So that's okay.

We're probably going to alienate a few more people with our lack of enthusiasm or lack of enthusiasm over this next story. But did you hear that the all-star sports resort is finally going to be opening up? I think that's fantastic, actually. Yeah. Finally all of the currently existing Walt Disney world resorts will be open as of March 31st, 2020, and a booking became available.

About a week ago as we're recording on December 22nd. If you had asked me in March of last year, if I thought how long I thought it was going to take for all of the resorts to open back up, there's no way I would have said that one of them would still be closed in 2020. It's kinda crazy, but if it's gotta be worn it's okay.

That it's all star sports. And it's interesting too, because it's true. Especially like the cheerleader groups and it was a huge one for that for the youth sports travel. Yeah. It didn't there one of those in February it's here. Yeah. Usually there is. There's a cheer competition. Yeah. We used to always that's when Wyatt decreed that he liked girls and we were saying it pop century and the cheerleading, the whole event was happening and they were all staying at our hotel and he was at the pool and he was like, I like this.

It's come to some a year, every year. I think it's interesting that, have they really said anything about if they've been doing. Refurbished and inside they have been refurbishing the inside. They're not going to be quite finished when they open. They still will have some buildings. I know. They will not have finished everywhere. Now there are problems with construction supplies. My wife has been waiting to move to a new space and it's been pushed month by he's a construction worker. She is, yeah. She's she works.

That's not unheard of salon suite. No. Now it's been moved to February. So Lord. Yeah, it was supposed to be November. You can reach me and a contractor even to return your call. They're also booked. The other thing was everybody decided everybody's working from home due to pandemic in the changing times we're in.

And so everybody built home offices and all that. So the. Yeah, but I don't have a feeling. Yeah. Are they really looking at doing construction there? I assumed it was more like flooring and soft goods. It's the rooms they're doing the same thing to the rooms that they've done at pop and the other two all-stars and they just finally cut around it.

That's probably imagined matter of getting that's a support, a new furniture and stuff. Yeah. And they're refurbing some of the public spaces there as well. So the, some of the rooms won't have not, all of the buildings will have been finished as an opening that will be ongoing, but they will be all new, nice and new.

And yeah, I think that this means those will finally have no more carpet, which will be good move to the, and that might be the only person, but I kinda like carpet in a hotel room. I hate hard ass floors when you're doing, you're talking about like the all-stars.

Florida humidity that just says I don't want to be stepping on too much carpenter. Yeah. Yeah. I like carpet in a hotel. I had my feet hurt and I like to be barefoot in my hotel and I cannot walk around on art floors. Yeah. I'm a Tenderfoot myself. I have to wear slip these everywhere. I'd rather have cooties and they need to have princess in the pea room.

So you guys can have, your carpeting can have shag carpeting. Yes. Especially foam padding. Everything's covered in foam. Covered it ring. But gosh, my theater company I'll start sports. They could cover the floors. Whereas like Astro,

that weird foam rubber that they have like in weight rooms, in the gyms. Yeah. It smells really good. Yeah. Stuff. I used to sit on a pile of in the gym while the other peasants worked out before I went under the bleachers to smoke a cigarette. In the life of Jeff Williams and high school, I've smoked uncle Walt spread and pickled six that's right.

The only brand for the gold key adventurous society. That's correct. Try the new deal lights. I feel like the light cigarette is going to be the bread and butter chips, bread and butter six. That's how they get the kids hooked. There is one bit of a news that I saw just before we started recording that you see, they finally have made an improvement to dyno land and have turned the primeval whirl into a stroller parking area.

It's completely gone now and it's a stroller parking zone and it looks beautiful compared to really what it was. So walking past the dyno land going, what are they going to do with this area? And please let it start with a map. Did they leave the benches there? Cause there's nothing there they're at first.

Okay. For a little bit, they had some benches sitting there and that's bio, bio reconstruct guy that does the aerial photography. It's not a very big footprint either that little caged mouse of a rollercoaster didn't take up much room. So I don't know what they could even put there. Probably a barbecue stand or food stand or something.

Raise that whole area and start over. Yeah. Turn it into Indiana Jonesville. Or I swear to God, we have to have this conversation about Indiana Jones in animal kingdom. One more time. Oh, yeah. I'm with you, Heather. Maybe we could actually do basically kingdom finally. Like I actually, I just got off.

E-bay the McDonald's toy dragon that came out in 98 with all the other animal kingdom opening toys as a promo for the Beasley kingdom section. That needs to go there. Show me your answer without telling me, tell me you make bad financial decisions.

Stop trying to tell me that the why did I'm just now I'm totally drawing a blank. We, it stop trying to tell me that those are the dragons. Those are space dragons. I want some real dragons, but yeah, they still have that. That's part of the end whole entry sign that has a big, beautiful dragon head on it.

That's getting rid of the dynasty. Just imagine a cool, like that sign, but with Indiana Jones is hat. What do you know? Like I said before, if they're going to do that now, they're going to try to connect it to the new movie, not the original stuff it's going to be. Carl Frederick Fredrickson is an adventure park.

It's really neat that they have a recent dragon movie. What's that called in the last day? I haven't totally got some dragon IP sold. We're all like connected to various parts of nature and stuff. Shawn G ah, yes. Oh, that's marble sense. That's iffy. Oh, there was no sharp. They're universal. They can work.

They can work. Yeah. It depends on if it is included in the full lineup that they bought the rights dues. I'm telling you the one of these days, the Simpsons is going to be a bargaining chip for that whole thing. You can keep the Simpsons. If you just give us the Marvel character who would fight over the Simpsons, that's the thing.

Yeah. They don't want to have to rescan that big, expensive land that they put there. Yeah. You guys take Marvel and we're going to keep Homer Simpson. No one has ever said man's taco carts. A cartoon that most people are surprised is still on this big donut.

They can tell the Hulk, Hulk into anything. Anything in that Marvel superhero land can be re skinned because it's all two dimensional. Make it all Harry Potter.

They could call it Harry Park, Harry Parker TMT. Yeah. I had one more quick, couple of quick stories. I know that when this releases this past new year's Eve, but as we're doing some time traveling, cause right now it's a few days before and I was so hung over still from new years. Last year was celebrating.

Bam is when there you go. There's somebody else that's probably going to be hung over. Next Tuesday still are the Scots because I wish, the people of Scotland Scotland, they liked it. They liked to partake and they have some interesting customs or new year's Eve. They celebrate what they call Hogmanay, the traditional Hogmanay, which there's disagreement about what it means.

Probably comes from ancient Greek holy month or holy night or whatever, but it's actually what they celebrate new year's Eve and every little town of village has their own weird stuff that they do in stone Haven, Aberdeen Shire. They like to make up little fireballs of burning rags on a string and they swing them around the streets of town, like at a rave or

there's people swimming around. There's a bunch of flaming hacky sacks going down.

Yeah, other than that, there's a lot of big bonfires burning, a Viking lung ship, fire involved. I'm being of Scottish descent. It's mainly fire. Yeah. It sounds like a band-aid.

But in, in the Scottish defense, it's a it's default mode to be drunk. Messing with fire at that point,

you're a PR you've been oppressed for centuries and you're drunk. It's time to burn some shit. Yeah. Apparently they basically like, like they Sage their house with Juniper branches, but they seal up all the windows and they just set a fire in the mother, her house to smoke out the evil spirits.

I don't know how much of that happens these days, but who knows. They're special people, but anyway, your way might get on your ass for that one

flock of sheep down on the corners. But I think you're going to be all right. I wanted to focus on one particular, a celebration for a Hogmanay that happens in Edinburgh is called the loony duke. Every new year's day, the locals, but on just the craziest costumes. And they walk on down to the Firth of force, which is, I don't know what to say.

It's the ocean, I guess it was the first, the fourth. It's a river. Yeah, it's a big river. So they basically do a polar bear. We would call that the polar bear on lunch here in the good old United States, but they do it with a particularly Scottish play. You can see a parade through town in their wacky assumes.

Some of them are just like messies and Vikings and superheroes. And I saw a guy wearing a hot air balloon costume. This sounds like fun. And they get drunk and they go jump in the freezing cold water and then burn stuff. You can jump into freezing cold water. You got to start a fire warm up. Yeah.

This happens new year's day. So I think it's, I think to cure your hangover from the night before when you're cold water, and then you need to go have a nip of something to warm your blood back. Yeah. That's that river lets out into the north sea. So I doubt it's very warm. Got a nice hot nip.

I see a friar tuck costume. I see. Yeah. It's it looks like funds. It looks crazy. Like I said, a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about. Those Mummers we need more of this like weird revelry go with, we need more unsafe indoor fires in ours. We need the purge. Can we have a friendly non-violent purge where we just work through?

It looked like you wandered the streets with the skull of a horse on a stick and people sing to it

until they give you their booze.

It sounds much better than the purge to me there, you have it. Scott, it sounds like Scotland does the new years. Stick around because after the break we're drafting our winter Olympics teams from the pool of world-class athletes, living in our favorite is in parks. When it comes to planning your next adventure, knowledge and preparation are always key.

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in the spirit of Fairplay inclusion and equality. It's time for us to get absolutely silly. Your job today is to draft the best possible teams of athletes for a series of Olympic events. And since we prefer to spend our time with space aliens, fairytale, princesses, and hillbilly bears, your pool of potential team members is any character or their human fantastical or animatronic that you would find in a Disney park.

Remember, we're doing this draft style. So once an athlete has been selected for a team, they're off the board for the rest of the game. We run our drafts the way we run from snipers in a serpentine fashion. So the person who goes last in round one goes first in round two, let's get started. Since I wrote these lists down ahead of time, we're going to go with the order that I have on my screen to make it easier for me.

It's going to go, Heather, Jeff, Jess, then me and our first event is going to be the three man bobsled run. Heather, who's your first team member for that?

Going to anchor that, bringing up the rear, right? Oh yeah. This is funny because I thought of big LV, Alabama Crimson tide basket. When you said that.

You use this truck? I was actually, I was thinking of the country bear, but yeah, that makes a lot more sense from the tide would be fun too. I like it. Jeff, should I put you down for the other big album? No, I will go with the Christophe from frozen. He knows his way around a sled. Nice. I like that.

That's true. My turn, yeah, your turn. All right. I was going to just say the entire team from cool runnings, because that is a Disney movie,

John candy. Yeah, so I guess as close as I can get to that is I'll go with Maui. Cause that's close to Jamaican. Bobsledders I can find in Disney history, stay strong to give me a brick.

And I did this as usual,

but if I had prepared, I would probably go with

the ice, snow, Elsa, the fuck that. Oh no. Oh Kristoff's pal that big old reindeer. His name is Ben. Dan. Yes. Fenn. He's better than people, man. He was on my list somewhere else and now I can't use him. No wait. We can't use them later. If they get taken in this sport, they play two sports.

Yeah. I remember last time. Last time we had to get around this by just created 20 different mutations. You want me to do that again? This is expected. This is how you get Julius tiles meet Julian style. Does that what you want? I'm trying to play nice today. You'll have Chile. Oh, make me do it. Don't make me styles.

Yo ass. Since we're going serpentine fashioned, I have to go for the second team member pick. And you guys you guys gave me just enough time to think of frozen would be an excellent choice would be a good one. I had him for downhill skiing.

I'm going to go with I'm going to go with Michael Eisner cause he has a lot of experience with snow from the eighties. If pretty good. These winter sports. Hey, it was the eighties. Everyone was doing Heather or Jeff. I'm going to go with Bob because it's a Bob sled

and he's cold. And his bald head resembles a nicey hill. It's true. That's right. I've got big L for my anchor. Now I need someone fast. So I'm going to go with dash for being Incredibles. I'm still playing by my own rules for this game. So here's somebody say something that I picked for another sport it's still coming.

Okay. I'll figure out some way to add a caveat to it. I don't, as long as you can explore the multi-verse Spiderman this weekend, no spoilers inspire is probably the only superhero I'm interested in. Oh, yeah. Heather, who's your final member of your teams? Oh, shoot. Am going to go with Baymax.

Cause he looks like snow and if you crash, then he's like an airbag. He'll fix you. Yeah. In case you go cool. Running style.

Hi Jeff. Bob Iger.

that would have been the perfect Bob sled. I couldn't think of anybody else that had bobsled experience or anything. So I'm going to go with Pocahontas. Cause the canoe is like a bobsled

freeze, the river, then the chicken sled with all the colors of the wind. On his, on a similar note, I guess an excellent driver would drive something that's vaguely sled. Is that a Disney movie now? Was that like a Fox? Her?

No vanilla on she's pretty good. She's a little too frantic. I don't know. Yeah, but like at the one that I don't know, I just was thinking about when Ralph was pushing her around, it looks upset. Oh, Ralph would be good. Ralph. That was a big arms and everything. Yeah. Told you late at night after you lose the bumps oh, I'm sorry.

I've got a spot for him coming up later on fanfiction. Why do we keep on going back to the fan fiction world lately for overalls? Anyway, figure skating. Alright, is it my turn? Yeah. It's your turn? All your first five, the first pair of the pair for your


They were disqualified for inappropriate behavior.

That means Jeff is up next, Mrs. Incredible. Ooh. Yeah. Cause she's all Bindy and stuff. I think she could do some cool tricks. That's true. I'm going to go opposite here. I'm going to say quasi Modo.

I promise not to take his goat friends for this.

It'd be interesting to watch. Yeah, it certainly would. How do you think of that? It was it just a little hunchback at the office.

It's not like you got a chip on your shoulder. About my choice there.

I didn't think you'd stooped to that. This is never ending someone make it stop

there. So how about, are there characters in the team? I can't think my mind goes blank every time we do this. I don't know why I keep on deciding we're going to do it. Cause I can never think of anything when I'm put on the spot. So I'm going to go with, I don't want to burn this character.

Okay. I'm going to go with. 'cause when he's like going on the street rashes and stuff. He's looking as of the roller skates, right? Yeah. From that one parade he's got experience. Tarzan rocks was a show imbecile

clots in roller skates. I was sensitive about that shoe.

Oh, that means I have to go next off. His partner is going to be Jane has to, obviously what's the gorillas dark shirt. 180 2. Yeah. Yeah. Quasi motives partner. I'm going to say just because I'm going with the, it would be interesting to watch, I would say big Al, but I'll say Disneyland's big Al the big out of that doesn't exist anymore.

So that's a different, big Al than was already said it doesn't exist because he does two character meeting. There you go. Then turn your answer back. Disneyland's big Al,

which one's doing the lifting on those. Oh, I hope they trade off.

You had interesting, Jeff, who's paired up with Mrs. Incredible. Mr. Incredible. So you can do all the lifting and she's very bendy and spinning and all that. I think they would totally win. Yeah. Edit it in the bag. Heather, make it official.

Camilla is Gonzo's chicken girlfriend. Remember the one that he bones down on in the laundry room.

He loves chicken thighs

finger looking good.

That's hack. It's a good thing. My wife doesn't listen to the show anymore, which you'd be disgusted by that. I'd probably be on the couch tonight, but you'd think she'd be used to that kind of behavior by now. Yeah. All these, you can never really get used to that.

That's a secret or a marriage. I keep everything fresh.

Sure she appreciates it. We're gonna move the competition back outdoors for some downhill skiing, we're gonna make this a two athlete team. Other first downhill skier, goofy,

goofy is a world-class skier. It's true. That's one of my favorite, one of those shorts. I did love that Goofy's shorts are grades. Wow. That was not

to say to you after dark is brought to you by boy Jeff max

team. He's gone from a snowboarding team. Max goof. Max's last name? Yeah. So it's goofy goofy. His name is goofy. Yeah, Mr. Musk, unless it's the those instructional cartoons, then his name is George GIF.

Yeah. There's the one about how to drive when it's all about road rage and stuff. His name is George

never knew that now your life is better for no. Let's see. Mine for down at my first choice for downhill skiing I'm going to go with Bob because he is familiar with what it's like to go downhill very fast. Oh.

Because that was too good. This is Bob JPEG when he was before he became CEO. So there you go. How about that? Cabana tents and the tomorrow land and playing fast and loose with these rules here, but I'll allow it this time. It's how I live. I'm the wind baby. Yeah. I'm going to go with both chip and Dale.

I was going to have to go twice in a row there because they're small and aerodynamic and I pictured them with adorable little candy canes for skis, and they look cute in that little scarf, cute bargain hat. I love Chippendale, especially when it is it's enough Pluto and

know back it up. I said, we don't need to repeat that. Use your second. I'm going to say Carl Fredrickson from up, because it'd be pretty damn funny to watch a very elder romaine go 45 miles an hour down a hill. I know Walker doesn't seem fair though. He's got those extra stabilizers with his Walker.

He can use a few balloons to, to help keep him up if he wants. But yeah. Jeff, who's your, and the love bug. Did he ever pop out skis? Was there ever a movie? Like it was on the snow? It just seems cool if he wasn't he shit, it was probably in the Lindsay Lohan version. This, that was the thing that killed my

It's pretty bad. When an old car age is better than the star that maybe

no. What's your nevermind Julia styles.

She's the rich man's Julia styles, other who's your second downhill skier. He's got that. Cool. Melted. The snow seems like a good ski mask. His outfit is very ski suit. Danny's cold as ice. That's right. He also seems like one of those douchebags skiers that you'd meet with the lodge dude. I get it.

Shut up already.

Yeah. Onto freestyle snowboarding. I'm going to go with Elsa. I think she'd be a great snowboarder. She could make her own snowboard, make her own loop de loops all off. He doesn't even need a board. He just uses buck. He would just form one out of the snow. I'm going to go with a Bart Simpson so weird that he's a Disney character.

Now. He is. Yeah, I guess he is. I'm sticking with it to here's. Here's where I screwed myself over because I plan on using tar sand for free style snowboard. And I planned on not having Jeff steal max out of a, I hate to be honest with you. I had max for snowboarding as well. So I'm going to have to pivot on that one too.

Yeah, I figure Joe would. Oh, then I guess he probably never actually showed up in parks. So this is cheating, but he was friends with max. So I'll go with PJ on the goof troop because they like skateboard together. And skateboarding is like snowboarding because those characters are so nineties. But every one of those characters could be a snowboarder because yeah.

Which means I'm going to have to pick a, we'll just go with a Huey duck or my other ones, since it was my turn. Anyway any of those three little Scamps could have been excellent snow, Jess, onto you. I'm going to stick with a theme here for a little bit. I'm going to go Pucci the rock and Doug from the Simpsons also technically a Disney character now.

And if there's anybody that could, shred the two and slam a mountain Dew while eating a gordita, then it's probably Jeff . Ooh, I forgot about that. Cartoon. I've never seen that cartoon. Jeff, did your son. Oh, big time. That was his era and my kids are too young, so I completely fine to kick Petoskey and show it to Wyatt and Alex like a red skateboarder and like just stunt man.

Yeah. It was like evil Knievel child basically. Yep. Good choice. Deep cut. They're digging the bottom of a barrel there. I like it.

My next team member for snowboarding is going to be a Sanka coffee from cool run. I think he would feed us some great flair. I should have put him on the Bob slightly. I didn't want to put him on the bobsled because that was too obvious. Of course John Kennedy should have been the choice. That's fair.

Yeah. So I guess, yeah, I guess your third character, if you want it to be, could be song cause egg.

Going with one of the storm troopers that invades Hoff, snow troopers, no truth, no tripper solid choice you have experienced or have experience in the snow. My third choice will be Mickey mouse, any particular reason you would be great at snow. He did all that stuff. There's always a skateboarding Mickey, and he's done everything.

He's the Bo Jackson of cartoons,

parents about Bo Jackson kids. There was nothing he couldn't do. Remember when he was in a cartoon? Yeah, it was at the superstars or the all-stars or something. I asked stars like Michael Jordan and Wayne. Gretzky is a legend here in Alabama. Wasn't there. Oh, Jackson Jess, who's your number three.

Since I got to pivot, then I guess I'm going to say I'm pretty sure air bud. There was an air bud where the dog wrote a snow snowboard. So I'm going gonna say Snell buddies, snow buddies. Nobody's is that one of them or? Yeah, they're from the bud overs. I was trying to determine there was a series of movies that white, like where a monkey did stuff.

They played hockey and they was a snowboarding monkey, but yeah, it's like Disney or net. Yeah, those weren't Disney. I don't think, but I know what your most valuable. Yeah, those are awesome. Dad like good like pop punk soundtrack and stuff. That's where, why I got turned on to a lot of the pop punk bands that he likes.

Now. I have a third member of my team since they actually appeared in the theme parks. Oh, I'll have to go with Michelangelo because again, skateboards are like snowboard. On snow. So Michelangelo of the teenage ninja turtles, paint hell out of the bottom of his skateboard. That's true. I see what you did there.

Only if he put it on the ceiling. I meant the other one though. I meant the one and a half shell. Can you each meet new heroes in a half shell turtle power. Michelangelo's a party dude. So of course he's of course he's going to be the snowboarder. Okay. So our final event for our Olympic games, because I realized that man, there's not as much variety in the Olympic, in the winter living accessories.

Yeah. I saw skiing and skating weird, but so I decided to go with a, with some people call the chess of the winter Olympics and that would be curling. You need some power to be able to get that rock down to the end. You need somebody who's going to be good at aiming and figuring out behaviors like angles for their shots.

I didn't use this criteria at all. Somebody is going to need some real fit, some real fancy pants, like the Norwegian curling team. They have fancy pants. They do. Yeah. Their pants have a Facebook page. They have they wore like really, or continue to wear really gaudy, loud patterned pants. It's an intimidation move. Anybody else? Warren would look like giant douchebags, but somehow they make it look awesome. But unfortunately they still can't make curling. That's true. That's a tall order member of my curling team is king Fergus merit his father.

Cause I think he would be good at throwing the rock. Yeah, he does have experience with that sort of thing. The curling stone Jeff Ursula, cause it, with all those arms, I feel like she could curl that thing. She could do all the brooms at once. Just who doesn't love meeting Ursula at the parks. She's my favorite.

Speaking of brooms, my first choice is a Cinderella because she is amazing with a broom. That's a good one. That's a solid choice as all women should be. The views expressed by Jeff Williams are solely Jeff deplorable

also. Correct. My first team ever on this one is going to be a skipper frame. Let's give her a Frank from the jungle cruise

so they're going to push him down the ice. That was really good. I got to give you that movie, by the way. I really liked that was a good move. It was really good. It was very good jungle adventure falling on the plane on the way to kink it, enjoyed it very much. And since I get to go twice in a row here, my second team member is going to be well.

I don't think we've used them at all. Donald duck specifically from Donald and math magic land, where he learns how to do the billiards balancing,

use those geometry skills there. That's smart. Jess, back to you. I'm going to go with Jabba the Hutt, no feet won't slip on the ice. Seems like a real solid sorta section there on the, it seems like he is really good now. It looks like a giant slug, right? That might actually not work. If he's like wet, he might get stuck like a big tongue on a telephone pole.

The imagery just keeps getting better and better. Oh, you want me to get along? No, thanks. I'll get into my job slash Vic. Angela Landsbury from a

that would have picked murder. She wrote, but whatever. She was, it was either that or Mrs. Potson

was Winnie Sanderson.

So she'd probably be good with a broom, and could probably use magic to win. Who's winning Sanders. She's one of the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. I hate the movie, but as she, the horse faced one, the old one. Yeah. But yeah, she's the one who actually gets to use a broom. So she's the one from beaches.

You get to go again. Okay. So my math genius for my curling team is going to be a little twig Von Drake.

Oh. And they would do pretty well on the ice. I think. You're right. Did I pick one of your characters? Yeah, that was my next one. Yep. Oh, it was a good pick. A good one. He's good with geometry and stuff. No, I'll have to come back. Somehow it out. Jeff, back to you on a.

Oh, the ice

from the hidden animated film, cold stuff,

just like the movie that a grandma finds in the dollar store thinking

Russian knock off her

froze, but you usually call it just let's see, I'm going to go with Emilio Estevez, but no, not the not him playing the coach from Don from the mighty ducks. No current Amelia washed up Julia styles version Emilio. We just tend to reboot. He's not coming back for the second season because apparently he's an anti.

Oh, no scratch. Scratch my answers from free Jack. I'm pulling it from my team and I'm pulling them from my team. I'm going with Abraham Lincoln,

honest Abe curling, come on. Oh, that's a good idea. Freakishly tall. So it might be awkward and fun to watch. And maybe just the audio animatronics, all he can do is stand up and sit down and then have to figure out a way to make that work for the team. Strong, a similar vein. Then I guess an entertaining animatronic to see out on the ice, trying to not fall down would be the.

Shaaban storyteller from the beginning of spaceship earth with the cool, oh, that one or, oh it's got like antlers on his hat and he's wearing first

I was thinking of the lady from the lame Pandora ride business. She has,

considerably less entertaining to me. And then yeah, they show up in the parks too. Hey my last team member is going to be one of the Fantasia brooms. That was my. Sorry, Heather. That's okay. I took Ludwig Von Drake from you. So seeing a Fair's fair back to Jess I'm over, I'm going to go with Walt Disney's frozen head as the curling, some lesser erection because it's already frozen.

Yes. The handle

on that note, Jeff, who's your final team member. What's that big snow monster drop shapers. Marshmallow marsh. Yeah no. I'm going to go with a bow peep. Oh yeah. Just because, by not sure. And my final team members then is going to be the sweetest. And he has real human hands. So of all the buckets to choose, that's a good way.

so somehow I never got that gag until I sighed in high, Def on Disney, or it just went over my head as a child sleeves to cover most of the hands. So it's really just the fingers. So yeah, if you don't see, like in high-def, when you're watching on like an old TV, you can't really tell, I love, I loved that.

It's filmed like it's like when they do a dog, they put a dog in a shirt and then somebody is down there. I love the idea that you do that at like party game where like somebody puts their arms through your armpits and has. Yeah, it just looks funny cause he's like here and then the hands are obviously separate and just, can we just do a whole nother episode on the Muppets again, please?

Can we find something related to do because it's always worth it. Sorry, Aaron. In a week or two, we could have Aaron on and we'll talk about the mothers. There's at least one other Muppet special though. So I'll find, I'll dig that up on YouTube and I'll talk more Muppets. It's gotta be better than of it's coded.

I don't know that it had some,

it was a little, the sexy side. Do we need to recap the teams real quick? All right. So for for Bob setting through me and Bob site team, Heather has big Al dash and may max. Jeff is fielding Christoph and the Bob's Bob JPEG and Bob. Jess has Maui Michael Eisner and Pocahontas. And I went with,

I went with spend the reindeer frozen and vanilla pea because of her driving skills for couples figure skating. Heather's pair is Gonzo and his main squeeze Camilla the chicken. That would be some good skating. Yeah. Yes. Jeff has Mr. And Mrs. Incredible for their combined talents of being flexible and strong.

I clearly wasn't that one chess, I don't know because justice, field and quasi Modo and big Al from Disneyland.

I'd rather watch that you finish the routine. They'd probably get a lot more credit for doing that than anybody else. They get the sympathy points for the judges. Can you imagine the chemistry between those two? Yeah, I do all the time in his family. Yeah. That was about to say you can catch that all on my fan fiction website, big Al hardens, quasi modo.com.

Please. Don't Google that, that makes me queasy motor. Please do I wonder if that, I wonder if that URL is available to purchase? Hold on.

My figure skating couple is Tarzan and Turkey. The gorilla that's hot. It's solid. Yeah. That's hot.

Yeah. What's Jeff said for downhill skiing, Heather's got goofy because of his excellent instruction, skiing skills short, and also Kylo Ren, because he looks like a Aspen ski lodge

in amongst club conflicted. Jeff has max goof and Irby the love bug because what can't that little car save Lindsay Lohan's career.

You can only work with once you get.

Just as again, God, for the winning combination of Bob J Peck and Carl Fredricksen two total athletes just going for gold because the pinnacle of the human form and I will be fielding chip and Dale, the adorable little chipmunks with their adorable little candy cane skis.

Yeah. For freestyle snowboarding, Heather's got Elsa Sanka coffee from cool runnings and I've never seen snow trooper and a snow trooper from empire strikes back Jeff side note. You need to rectify that situation cause that is quality nineties Disney sports candy movie is a really good movie.

Yeah. And it's my favorite rapper. What's the wrapper that's in it. It's Doug fresh. I can't remember. Doug.

Doug E fresh was too busy with, to get fresh crew to

a coffee. What a terrible name?

I lost my place. Oh, Jeff has Olaf Kik, Petoskey and Mickey mouse. Yeah. That's a hell of a crew after party. I want to go to that. Oh yeah, that sounds, I dunno. I kicked Petoskey. That sounds like an annoying after party. Your kids kick Petoskey on Disney plus I'll get right on it tomorrow. They need something to do, or that's a good one, but I won't be home.

They can watch that all day long, kick Petoskey a thousand times and try. It's such a fun show though. She will love it. It's so cute. It's funny. She's probably seen it and just has never told me about it. She probably watched it with your sons. Yeah, probably justice snowboard team is made up of the well-known and beloved Disney characters.

Bart Simpson Poochie, the dog and air bud, because there's no rule in the book that says that golden retriever can't compete with the snowboarding. Listen, Dan, you're just lucky. I did figure out a way to put Julia styles for every answer on this game and justify it, but I decided not to go there.

'cause I love you guys. Oh yeah. I really appreciate after that last review that we got apple podcasts files, fan club. That's my favorite review. Oh, curling. Currently the chest of winter sports as it's known. Apparently I had, there has king Fergus, cause he's going to throwing rocks when he's Sanderson or her broom skills, Ludwig Von Drake, because he's good at the angles and the Swedish chef, because it's weird,

right? Yeah, that's right. Jeff has Ursula for all those arms. Angela Landsbury specifically from bed knobs and broomsticks cause of brooms on a frozen and the Bo peep has hurt. It's like a broom just bristling.

She was born in a

that what the kids are calling it. Now

don't look that up on the air and dictionary damn crooked fire. You should go see a doctor about that is sticking with the women are good at using brooms

just as a big old sexist with his answer.

I'm just saying today is modern women's day. Just went with the characters circumstances. Yeah, that's true. They turn on the Roomba, pay someone to do it for them. Jabba the Hutt snail like a lower end package is good for gripping the ice. Apparently I hate every single word I just said,

can that be the title of this episode? Slower? I can't wait to see that plaster to crust

that wasn't my nickname in high school. My Scobie was

Abraham Lincoln

and obviously the rock is going to be played by Walt Disney's frozen head.

My, my curling team is going to be Skipper Frank, cause he's the rock Donald duck E storyteller caveman from spaceship earth and obviously one of the Fantasia brooms. And I think that thinking I would definitely don't have any. Gold metal teams in the real world, but this would be one Elvin entertaining Olympics.

That's what I'm more concerned about. Billy's probably going to ball better ratings than whatever best that happens in aging in a couple months, it's going to be great.

I forgot we were having the Olympics. Do we do that regularly? Early. We're trying

to work on that. T-shirt please. Yeah, we need to see shirt. Oh yeah.


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