June 15, 2022

Beating The Heat At Walt Disney World

Beating The Heat At Walt Disney World

What’s cooler than cool? The Gold Key Adventurers Society on a Walt Disney World Vacation! With temperatures hovering just below 100 degrees fahrenheit in Michigan (or South Canada, as our good friend Zach calls the Mitten State), and more than a couple ...

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What’s cooler than cool? The Gold Key Adventurers Society on a Walt Disney World Vacation! With temperatures hovering just below 100 degrees fahrenheit in Michigan (or South Canada, as our good friend Zach calls the Mitten State), and more than a couple degrees higher in the southern states, the dog days of summer have definitely hit us early. Fortunately, your favorite podcast hosts have some great ideas to help you keep your cool and beat the heat during a summer trip to Walt Disney World! 


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Keep Your Cool hosts

Dan: Welcome back to another meeting of the Gold Key Adventurer Society. My name is Dan Leonard

Jeff: Hi, Dan,

Dan: and joining me this week in the studio is Heather

Heather: Hello.

Dan: Jess

Jess: Hey.

Dan: and Jeff Williams.

Jeff: that's me.

Dan: It sure is our show as always is brought to you by Key to the World Travel. Key to the World Travel is a full service travel agency, specializing in theme parks, cruising and destinations around the world had www.keytotheworldtravel.com For more details and a no obligation quote on the vacation of a lifetime. Well, look, I know some of y'all live south of the Mason Dixon where the heat and humidity are your constant companions and your oldest friends. Yeah. But up here in south Canada,

Jess: Frenemy.

Dan: Yeah. It's a love, hate relationship, right?

Jess: That's a hate relationship.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: It's not the heat. It's

Dan: up here in South Korea, that's true. Everybody loves the dry heat, right.

Jeff: I really

Jess: Did you say dry hump? I'm sorry, what was that?

Dan: Dry heave

Jess: dry heaves. No, I don't like.

Jeff: one could cause the other.

Dan: sometimes. What, what? Huh? Nevermind. I'm cutting that part out up here in south Canada. For some reason, we always forget what summer feels like every year. Right now, it was just the first week of June. And I can already hear those dog days of summer. A Howlin what I'm saying is I'm hot and sweaty up here.

I need some tips for keeping cool Walt Disney world style. I figure we should just get the obvious out of the way. First with all those hotels and a few water parks. There's plenty of pools and sides and splash has for when you need to chill out and anybody have a personal favorite. Who'll

Heather: That's your favorite pool? The pool at splash

Dan: pool slide? Splash pad. We were not attractions yet.

Jess: I like a

Dan: Which one is the best?

Heather: Yeah. There's a lot of really good pools at Walt Disney world.

Jess: yeah, I that's. The thing is every time I don't think I, I can't think of a bad hotel pool.

Jeff: I love the wilderness lodge, both sets of pools

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: at the wilderness lodge, I think are great. They have real good service and full food menu and everything. I really liked the vibe at both pools. One is a little more active with all the games and stuff, but the quiet pool over there is awesome. And lots of shade actually at the quiet.

Heather: Yes.

Dan: Yes.

Heather: along bay. It might be a

Jeff: one's

Heather: obvious, but I like it because there's a really great little pool bar that right there in the middle. And there's

Dan: they've got that cool snorkeling section.

Heather: that we have yet to find. Yeah.

Jeff: that was good. In 1991,

Jess: Those were the days.

Heather: I actually

Jeff: love the pool bar there, but the rest of the pool is so crowded. All.

Heather: It is. Yeah, I actually really loved the pool at Riviera. Uh,

Jeff: I've never been in there.

Heather: the setting is really nice down there on the waterfront,

Jess: I love

Heather: it's a great pool.

Jess: Like I, you know, my, I haven't taken my kid over to that, but it's just, it's all Fantasia themed and it's like all

Heather: They have a gelato card at the pool.

Jess: That's always

Heather: You can't be.

Jeff: Disney really all the resorts they're full of great pools. The port Orleans Riverside has a great, cool and great pool bar

Jess: Yeah. Yeah. I love the, the, the old man island, uh, pool area is great. My son absolutely loved that. There's like a little, not like a, not a lazy river, but they've got a little track that you can kind of swim through. And he just went through that like 8 million times and yeah, and at that pool bar, they have one of the best things if you like to drink.

And it's hot is the. The frozen Coke with either rum or whiskey that you can

Heather: Yes,

Jeff: I a beat me too. And I was just going to bring that up.

Jess: I had two of those in a row last time and they are strong. Uh, they were

Heather: Sounds delicious.

Jess: Yeah. Uh, you got to drink them fast too. Cause

Jeff: Icee, but with booze in it.

Jess: yeah, it's real Coke. And then you can either get rum or whiskey and

Heather: Yeah.

Jess: big one for, I think it was like, it was like over 10 bucks.

It was like 12 bucks, something like that. But.

Jeff: a nice big one.

Jess: Oh, yeah.

Jeff: Is it

Dan: for 12

Jeff: too?

Jess: Oh yeah. It's big and strong and cold. Wait. Whoa.

Jeff: Yeah, that would be great.

Heather: Yeah, Polly has, uh, has two great pools, the main pool, which can get kind of crowded because it's really cool themed, but when they redid, uh, and they, they turned half the buildings into villas, they redid the quiet pool and it's really great now.

Jeff: Never been in one of

Heather: Yeah, they're they're quiet pool now has a, like a very nice shady area they've transformed at all.

It's got a bit of a mid century modern kind of vibe from the, the, the big wooden structure they put up, that's got shade and some combative seating underneath it. And then they put a little nice little pool bar and grill right there. Really nice. Cool. And it tends to not be very busy because everybody's over at the volcano.

Jeff: You know, I'll tell you a

Dan: a very cool pool

Jeff: For where you are and what you paid grand Floridian. It is an oval in the middle of the sun

Dan: but they've got their really cool teapot splash.

Heather: that that pool is

Jeff: there that pulls a little better. And it has the waterfall that the main like normal hotel pool,

Heather: that's right in the middle of the buildings,

Jeff: DVC side. Sucks.

Jess: Ah, what the grand flow sucks. I mean, come on. All the pool chairs have their own duallys on them.

Jeff: even when you're at the pool bar, it's too small. And the overhang is if you're sitting at one of the four seats at the bar, you're in the shade, there is the time of your boiling in the sun.

Heather: yeah,

Jeff: It's weird. It's

Heather: of hoping that now that they're finally giving that resort some love and it's on the refurb list that maybe the pool could get a little upgrade.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: Honestly, the contemporary pool is. Not super fantastic. It's, there's no shade. It's very, very hot, but it is right there on the, on the shore of the lake, which, so it's a nice, it's pretty, uh, there's the, world's hottest a sand volleyball court next to it.


Jess: Yeah.

Heather: But it's not really, it has some really, really fantastic cabanas and those are all nice and shady and they have. Uh, ceiling fan and a TV and that's great, but the pool itself is not spectacular.

Jess: love the contemporary, but that whole backside of the building, you just kind of feel like you're in a parking lot and it's

Heather: Yeah. And you, and it's, there's no shade, really a bit bakes

Jess: it's all stone. It's just,

Heather: makes it a sign. That's true.

Jeff: But generally I am a pool and pool Barga I probably spent the most time at the art of animation and pop century outdoor pool bars

Jess: I love the pedal pool bar at

Jeff: pedals. Yeah, it's great.

Heather: our strategy would always be go into the parks early in the morning, before the real heat of the day. And then when you, when you're approaching noon, get out and go to the pool at the resort and then go back

Jeff: And then go to dinner and never go back to the park.

Heather: that, yeah,

Jeff: That's where I would always say I will go to the parks later and it just never went

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: We wrote three things were good.

Heather: but it's a good way to get, to get your, you to get your family out, out to the pool at the resort, because if you're focused on the parks the whole time, you kind of miss some pool time and most of the pools are so great. It's really a great part of a summer vacation.

Dan: Well, John, if you were excited to talk about water rights, should we skip ahead? Right? Let's get right to those water. Water, right.

Jeff: Yeah,

Heather: Absolutely.

Jeff: slash mountains, about as wet as I ever want to get. It will cool you off, but you won't walk around with like soaked bridges

Heather: Yeah. Like some of those water rides

Jeff: rapids

Jess: can't do that one. Yeah, that's too. There's a chance that you will get completely soaked on that. And I

Heather: So.

Jeff: you and get your shirt and your face and hat or whatever soaked on splash. But generally you're not just wet all the rest of the day, like Cali river.

Jess: and I mean, I love a good wet, but that you get from like pirates and things like that. You know, you don't get fully wet, but you get a nice wet, but, and come on. That's a good feeling that follows you the whole day.

Jeff: some khakis. So you just got a dark circle rider out of your butt hole. At least

Dan: a

Jeff: what I'd tell people. Yeah, it was pirates,

Jess: It reminds me of writing the subways in New York.

Heather: Pirates of the Caribbean is kind of a water ride these days since they switched to those lighter boats and they seem to have made those, uh, the cannon blasts

Jeff: shots are a little

Heather: man.

Dan: Yeah, they turned the wa the air pressure up on those.

Jeff: Plus when you go by that one scene where captain Jack coming out of the barrel, now he's pouring a mega pint on everybody that goes by

Dan: I mean, yeah, actually that's kind of it for, for real true water

Jeff: other than the water parks, like on hot days. Those are great too. I actually have never been to any of the Disney water parks, but I assume they're good.

Jess: there's

Heather: are really

Jess: the, uh, the jumping fountains at Epcot. I mean, it's not necessarily a ride.

Heather: get completely soaked playing in those and had to go to.

Jess: going to have, like, if you're gonna be able to interact with the marijuana thing as

Heather: Oh, yeah. I've had to go to a gift shop and buy a towel for a toddler who is dripping.

Jeff: Yeah, the, um, splash pad, they have the whole thing back there and circus Ville USA. And, uh, the one at Epcot on the pathway between world showcase and future world or whatever, they're calling them these days. Those are great. My kid has always loved those. I keep another pair of shorts and under britches for him when he was little, we'd have that in a backpack so he could get wet and cool.

Jess: That's Circleville one though, on a, on a real, real hot day, when those bathrooms are, are smelling real

Heather: it is right by

Jess: And you're just having to stand there and wait for your kid. And it's just that's. Yeah, I

Heather: No, no.

Jess: it's not as much.

Jeff: well, it's authentically circus smelly.

Jess: Definitely smells like a lot of elephants came through,

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: like carnies,

Dan: So you just mentioned that that frozen rum and Coke or whiskey Coca, any other favorite cool treats or drinks?

Heather: float.

Jess: anything

Heather: I know it's I know.

Jeff: yeah. Any of those, the citrus swirl, the adult whip float is what I love at DOE it by itself. Not so much that I love that Peter pan one over there,

Dan: That Peter pan one is.

Jess: The flight. They've got a

Jeff: what is that place called? I can never remember the name.

Heather: Oh, what

Jess: it's

Heather: flight of dog libs.

Jess: Yeah. So it was like standard Dole whip. And then there was like one that had lake spicy, like tahini on top. And then there was one that was like blue and had like a cookie on it. Um, the, the cookie one was not good. Yeah.

The blue one, I didn't like, but the other two were really good. And just,

Jeff: What was the blue blueberry or

Jess: I can't remember what the flavor

Jeff: blue Raz.

Jess: was already drunk by the time we had gotten them. So I do not, I kind of remember eating them and kind of remember just handing them to my wife and telling her to just

Jeff: are the far, the whips themselves alcoholic.

Jess: No, these weren't, these

Jeff: You were just drunk already.

Jess: Yeah. I was just already drunk.

Jeff: Okay.

Jess: I had already been drinking it at.

Jeff: Forgot who I was talking to. It was, it was 8:00 AM. So of course he was already drunk.

Jess: We were about to rope drop. So I was already drunk, you know, wandering through

Jeff: family rope dropped while you pants dropped.

Jess: Just peed them, me for all that extra work. I just say I have a wet butt from.

Heather: you

Jeff: like a nice school. Treat anything ice cream or sherbet based or frozen can come down for

Heather: Or a margarita

Jeff: Oh my God.

Heather: Epcot, uh, go to club. Cool. And trick your friends into drinking the growth. Barbecue

Jeff: Oh that new. Yeah, it will cool you down.

Heather: while you have a nice, cool cucumber Sprite and

Jeff: need to smuggle us in some gin or some vodka and try that one.

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: Here's my touring plan of Epcot for anybody interested, bypass all of the stuff at the front. really it's just a construction site anymore. And then go left when you get to a real showcase and pop in for a quick mark and then come out and it's dark and you don't know what's going on and it's cool,

Dan: How long does it take you to drink that quick margarita?

Jeff: one turns into five or six, and

Jess: but I mean, if you think about

Jeff: light appetizers. And we have many, many times popped in for a quick mark and been there for three plus hours.

Heather: Yeah.

Jess: mean, if you start on that side, which is the proper side to start on world showcase and you go to that bar, if you think about it, there really isn't another good bar for a lot of world showcase after that. So why

Jeff: gotta tell ya. says good booze and some good food, but they don't have anywhere like to cool down much. And that's it. So when I get in there and it's nicely air conditioned and I'm seated, I don't come loud over

Heather: Yeah,

Jess: you want, if you want bars, it's that. And Roseanne crown and Roseanne crown

Jeff: Pros and cons always too hot.

Jess: bros to me. So I

Jeff: Yeah. It's a brochure and it's too warm. Cause the air conditioning's not, it gets authentically English because it's not cool

Jess: warm the beer.

Dan: Yeah. Isn't there a wine bar in Italy.

Jeff: That little dumb walk-in thing.

Dan: Hmm.

Heather: there's not well air conditioned because it's

Jeff: not like somewhere you can go and hang out. It's just that little counter.

Dan: there is a, there is a current there in Italy where you can get some delightful frosty, uh, a Bellini. And, uh, what's the other one? There's a lemon

Heather: Oh, it's the

Jeff: frozen lemon cello margarita.

Heather: it's called the Italian margarita

Jeff: that is so good.

Heather: One of

Jess: And that reminds me of the frozen

Jeff: I ordered two.

Jess: is really good.

Heather: Hmm.

Jeff: I full sour.

Heather: Oh, I love that one too.

Dan: Marnier slushy, things

Jeff: All of those are good hours. Order two, you pour one in your pants to cool down and then you drink one

Dan: It's

Jeff: and then you tell everybody I was just on pirates.

Dan: that's why Leah always bring an extra pair of underpants to the facts further.

Jeff: Yeah. I used to bring him for my kid. He's 20 and doesn't come with me anymore. So I just bring my own richest.

Jess: don't you sell a t-shirt in your shop that says I didn't pay myself. I just read pirates.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: don't think I won't go down the list.

Heather: I like an animal kingdom that you can go over to. Um, oh gosh. Why do I always forget the name of it?

Jeff: Nomad

Heather: Normally I'd lounge. Thank you. Yes,

Jeff: Another trap

Heather: it is a

Jeff: going to write? After a year I had a, I had a passage you're going to pop in for a quick drink and nine hours later, they're closing the park and they're like, sir, put your pants on and

Heather: Oh, that,

Jess: so nice in there.

Heather: has so many good drinks too.

Jess: I love the

Heather: good snacks.

Jess: Yeah.

Heather: They have some delicious chicken satay.

Jess: Um,

Heather: And they do the there's the indoor part. And if it's not super hot, the, the outside porch area that's covered in shaded is also nice, too.

Jeff: Yeah. It's not bad at all.

Heather: That's right there on the water.

Jeff: And they have that other.

Heather: I can never remember nomad lounge. I always just think of it as that great lounge next to defense.

Jeff: bar. That's basically what I, how I call down is don't get high, go into bars.

Heather: Exactly.

Jeff: There's not a lot of respite at animal kingdom park. I will say there's lion king and shows are always a good place to go and cool off. But that is a mostly outdoor park and there's no breeze because it's so thick with beautiful trees is shady. It's a good park to go to in their aim because the canopy keeps the rain off you, but it also blocks all the breeds.

Heather: If

Jess: don't like to go to rainforest cafe to have a drinker too, while you're in animal

Jeff: I've never set foot in there

Jess: You know what I mean? Either.

Heather: festival is a lion king is a great air conditioned show.

Jeff: for sure.

Heather: that. The, uh, the sad thing about the other shows, uh, the Nimo show is it's, it's an outdoor it's covered, but you're essentially outside. Aren't you? I mean, am I remembering it completely wrong? Okay. Well, there you go.

Dan: Does that exist in.

Jeff: It's sex tunnel, donkey

Jess: back as

Heather: So, yeah. I just always remember being really hot in there. So maybe I'm just, that was the air conditioning.

Jeff: The bird shows outdoor. Maybe you're

Heather: Yeah, no, I was really remembering though.

Jess: Or was

Heather: time I, I went into the Nimo show, I felt like it was a thousand degrees in there. Maybe the air conditioning just wasn't working.

Jess: That's probably it.

Heather: And I have not gone back to that show since that, since that time, because I was miserable and.

And it was also making me think if it gets any hotter in here, I'm going to pull a Jeff and claw my way over

Jeff: I was going to say the first time I ever had a full-blown anxiety attack was inside the

Heather: Yeah.

Jeff: the emotion monkey pod, a kid's face climbing over him to get out of there. And they're like, sorry, you can't leave. I was like, I'm not in Lyon prison. I mean, fish prison. I'm out. I do love the lion king show.

Jess: your whole thing about Ellen DeGeneres kicked in and he just couldn't take it. lion king one is good, but it's yeah, you, they don't let you drink in there.

Jeff: My favorite cool-down show type of thing at all. The parks is Mickey's Phil. Her magic.

Jess: Yeah.

Dan: one.

Jess: It's got a lot of wind effects, so those are always.

Jeff: And then blow it on you. It's nice and cool in there. Uh, frozen sing-a-long is amazing.

Jess: Yeah, the Mickey and Minnie shorts theater that they've got now in Hollywood studios. I mean, it's just showing clips from, from the cartoons,

Heather: place to go. Cool. Off.

Jess: so comfortable. They're like Micky themed and they're brand new love that place.

Jeff: I also, I can't believe I've never just unbolted one from the floor and

Heather: Stolen it.

Jess: there are nice. I'm at one.

Dan: There's no way. They'd notice

Jeff: now. Sir, what's in your pants. Wouldn't you like

Dan: obviously magic kingdom. You've got the classic, a carousel of progress, napping spot.

Jess: Uh, it's never cool. And it smells horrible in there. That is not a relaxing place to be. I love that attraction, but

Jeff: love it too.

Heather: Tiki room

Jeff: I'm going to go in there and cool down, but it's like it's instead of an air conditioner, I think it literally is a swamp cooler, like. You know, where they're hydrate, hydrate or whatever that system is. It's just never quite cooler.

Dan: Yeah. Others, right? Don't take your room is nice. And a seed.

Jeff: No, it's good. That's a good one. But the seats are uncomfortable

Jess: You guys have written the newest indoor, right? Uh, would you say cosmic rewind fits as a good cool-down

Heather: because the, the line, the indoor part of that queue is ice cold. It's great. I love it.

Jeff: Yeah.

Heather: And it's a

Jeff: And it's yeah, it's gradual. There's no like steep walking or whatever. So it's, it's, it's a good one. Very breezy and cool in there. Kind of like, um, like a bigger, wider, more open wide, uh, lame version of, uh, space, mountain. Like that kind of thing, but oh, but open, but it's very, you know, space, mountain cues, real narrow.

When you get up to the top where it's open, when it kind of looks like that, but it's very wide.

Dan: Yeah. Well, and that's what that actually brings me to something else I was gonna ask about. Are there other like unexpected attractions that have a good cool-down spot? That wouldn't necessarily one that I always think of is, uh, if you ride, um, uh, the little mermaid ride in magic kingdom. Towards the beginning, when you turn around and as simulates you going under the sea, when you're diving below the water, there's an AC that blows on you.

So you get the cold feeling of going into the water. It's nice. And pleasantly cool after that for the whole under the sea sequence.

Jeff: and roller coaster always have cool. Your ed had real quick,

Dan: Yeah. Once you're actually moving that, that parking garage is hell

Heather: Yeah,

Jess: Oh, yeah, Soren's always good.

Jeff: That starts blowing on any. I like to take my shoes off and just have my feet dangle there. Just blow garlic, stinky feet, right into the people in the robot below me.

Heather: that's kind of.

Dan: Yeah, they love you

Heather: Mickey and Minnie's runaway railway has that tornado room. That's

Jeff: Oh

Jess: Yeah, that's true.

Jeff: cool down. they were

Jess: of passage. You

Jeff: hold onto your hat and glasses. I was like, give me a break.

Heather: know, you bet.

Jeff: kid's ride. And then, oh, there it goes.

Jess: Flight of

Jeff: were in there one time. Yes, that's windy.

Dan: it's windy and you get that little spray of missed in your face.

Heather: Yeah, they're blowing the cool air on you. Cause they're hoping that you don't vomit on the screen and then they have to shut it down and close it.

Jeff: speaking to that. I keep seeing that everybody's like, they're talking about barf bags on the guardians.

Heather: I don't get it. I

Jeff: find that remotely.

Heather: I didn't either.

Jess: I've heard that

Jeff: After the fourth time in a row. Yes. But, and that was literally with no weight. If I had spread those out over a few

Heather: Yeah. I didn't find it vomit inducing at all.

Jeff: but it's breezy the whole time. Your hair's getting blown all that. I don't know if they're blowing stuff on you or if it's just from the turning, but it's really

Heather: don't know, but I got to remember to put my hair in a ponytail and I get on that ride because a lot of my ride photos, it's just, you can't see my face because it's just hair.

Jess: I have seen a few ride photos. Yeah. And it seems anybody who has long hair, it's just all over. That's hilarious.

Jeff: Where do you get cool at Epcot? That's not a bar.

Jess: earth.

Jeff: Yeah.

Jess: The whole land pavilion, you can go hide in the land, you know?

Dan: Yeah. Living with

Jeff: oh, that's true.

Heather: There's that awesome, awesome planet movie in there in the land pavilion, that's a little bit of a Pixar, um, film festival at over next to figment.

Dan: Yeah. And then in figure, and you've got that awesome room where it blasts the fart

Heather: Oh, that's true. That's true.

Jess: smell. I don't know why.

Jeff: and cool. And have parts

Heather: Uh, frozen ever after it's pretty cold in there. a good one. Um, I feel like some of the,

Jeff: like the, when you go to Germany, it's like out in the sun and then the only respite from the sun is that shaded, but no breeze, like, oh, like moist cave where you order a broad, so I'm already hot and sweaty and then I'm eating sausage,

Jess: me get some beer, cheese and.

Heather: all, all of the, um, the countries that still have a. Um, film about them. Like China still has one, right? Canada,

Jeff: as far as not watching some dumb 360 movie, there's just nowhere to get cool. And like sit down in that damn place and get cool.

Dan: an improvement for, from a 360 movie, Jeff, during food and wine festival, which is now approximately 10 months out of the year. Uh, if you go in Canada, they, the theaters converted into a giant, uh, cider based.

Heather: Oh, that's true. Yeah.

Jess: good.

Dan: you haven't been in there. They've got a whole bunch of cider drinks. They've got a delightful, uh, frozen, frozen mule with cider.

Yeah. Yeah. It's a hard cider mule, but it's a cider slush

Jeff: That was my nickname in high

Dan: to it, the frozen

Jess: When you

Jeff: No hard cider meal.

Dan: Uh, so yeah, you can call down in there for a large portion of.

Jess: You can call down in the seas. That area is always nice and

Heather: yeah. And the news, the new Starbucks and the new, what is the new rest of the restaurant? Um, it's connections cafe. It's, it's tons of seating in there and it's nice and cool. And a Starbucks in there is giant.

Jeff: Yeah, the whole place looks

Heather: You can get yourself a nice Frappaccino.

Jeff: I did that after my too many times on guardians went and got me prep.

Dan: The problem is to get to all these places. You can walk through all of

Heather: So much walking and the height.

Dan: reflects all of the sunlight onto your skin.

Heather: Hollywood studios is another part that it's can be tricky to find a cool, I mean, John don't plan on cooling down in toy story land.

Jess: Or Galaxy's edge

Jeff: Andy's lunchbox is the hottest

Jess: they're building shade as we speak in toy story land, but it's not, it's not going to be a cool place to go. It's going to be a shady place to go.

Jeff: well that

Dan: It's just a canopy. Overseeding in Andy's

Jeff: Are they putting this canopies? Yeah. Good.

Dan: Yeah. They've been doing that for a while and I'd imagine they should be ready to go. They were working on those back in February.

Jess: it's Disney, so there'll be ready in about three years. That's

Dan: We're not talking about a roller coaster here. We're talking about a shade structure. It shouldn't be that hard.

Jeff: you as a good Disney Springs is kind of hot, but there's a lot of covered patio kind of places that are nice and cool. The covered bar and patio area at boathouse is great. It's breezy out there by the water hanger bar, both the boat patio and the wraparound patio and bar. Open air, but they're killer.

They have fans and the breeze coming off the water. There's a lot of that there and that little margarita place, a covered patio and the marketplace. End of things. Great spot. There's none of that at Epcot. It's just like walking around in a parking lot.

Dan: another thing that they're pretty good about providing at all the parks, uh, is, uh, some nice missing opportunities. And sometimes those are themed. I like the tikis at, uh, in adventure land that spray the mist at you.

Heather: There's a rocket ship. Coke themed. Cool. Spot back by space. Mountain.

Jeff: Yeah, they have the carwash one at the Epcot by a space there. No test tracks.

Dan: the one from a Hollywood studios. That was the singing in the rain, a light

Heather: Oh yeah, it's gone.

Dan: and it had the umbrella that, yeah, it was back there by where the honey I shrunk the kids used to use to.

Jeff: Uh, that was a great cool-down spot to get in the shade. Let your kid climb around on some bugs and plants and stuff.

Heather: a good strategy too, during the really hot months is to plan a sit down or lunch and dinner, because then at least you have that time at lunch in the middle of the day. If you're not headed back to the pool. You can cool off for an hour or two while you're eating lunch.

Jeff: You know, it's a good pool bars, the Riviera, cause it's not really at the pool. It's under the building and there's fans and

Heather: I love that pool bar

Jeff: and you're not in the center.

Jess: Oh, yeah.

Jeff: Yes, good spot,

Heather: And for a while, you're walking around you. There's some things you can do, and you might think that you're going to look a little silly. But there's some various accoutrements that you can purchase

Jeff: bro. I have them all.

Heather: yes. Should use them all in tandem. The neck fans. Yes. Neck fans. And we were recently introduced by our good friend, Dave veers to the belt

Dan: yeah. I need to get one of those bad

Heather: He was rocking two of them one.

Jeff: one point it down at one

Heather: Yes.

Dan: Yeah. So this is a fan that clips onto your belt is especially effective if you do it right in the center of your back. So it's blowing up your spine and it's amazing. How that thing cools you down. It's like 20 bucks

Jeff: blows up. And if you

Dan: Yeah. You put it underneath your

Jeff: around it. So the air goes in there. They also that I noticed, I don't know if Dave's had that, but it had a menthol AIDEM kind of spray

Dan: Oh,

Jeff: your back with. And then when that stuff hits the hits, the mental aid and it cools you right on down.

Heather: That's genius. Those cooling towels actually really work too. You get

Jess: Yeah, I love

Heather: and snap the water out of them and then put that around your neck.

Jeff: Let's just make, give me like wet collar. I don't like it.

Dan: well, it's supposed to that's how

Heather: Yeah,

Dan: how it works is

Jeff: But then I'm

Dan: a swamp

Jeff: collar on literally my collar is wet on my shirt. I

Jess: I wrap it around my head. I wear it like a, like a headband.

Heather: Ah, there you

Jess: works really well.

Dan: I just.

Heather: neck fans, you have Jeff work really, really well. They're very light

Jeff: And we just ordered a one. Uh, we found the ad for this thing for other son in his dorm next year. And they make a neck version of it. This thing. Did you, did yours come in header?

Heather: not yet.

Jeff: So this thing is like a neck fan, but instead of like being positioned where you blow it in your face or whatever it has vents that go all the way around and it blows up at your whole head.

Uh, it's hard to explain exactly what it's doing, but it draws the air and then sort of cools it and blows it back up. Hetchy. It's a little bit louder than the traditional neck fan. You may have seen it most in your face, but it blows just all around you. It's pretty killer.

Dan: Nice.

Heather: That sounds

Dan: water reservoir for some of that ACS. Those, uh, those misting fans squirt bottles that they sell at the parks, those work really

Jeff: I love those with glasses. I want to walk around and just look through mist all day.

Jess: Yeah.

Jeff: Same with bubble one. Look, every one of us are wearing glasses on this podcast.

Heather: Well, and even

Dan: I bet you, we all love

Heather: where are you probably going to have sunglasses on.

Jeff: Yeah, you should.

Dan: Yeah, but you know what? Those fans are nice and cool. So

Heather: is

Dan: live with it and it makes my kid happy to spray me in the face

Jeff: Oh, yeah.

Dan: the squirt bottles.

Jeff: And if you, if there's a concert going on at the American experience pavilion, you sit on the fountain back there under the trees you're shaded. You can hear, he can't really see into there. You can hear the concert. Great. You're sitting in the shade and you're sitting down. And if you want to get full white trash, you take your shoes off and turn around and stick them in that fountain.

Heather: I've seen those gross. around in that fountain.

Jeff: no, I didn't do that, but I did. I thought about it. A number of times I sat there watching, uh, air supply one time and Ted man did have my shoes off and cooling my feet and just seated thought, how trashy would it be to just put my feet right in this film? I did not do it.

Dan: time, bring some Epsom salts to dump in there. You think those will get through security?

Jeff: Sure. So when you're ready, you

Jess: you do while listening to 38 special. It's not as much of an air supply thing to do

Jeff: Yeah. Air supply. You're supposed to be wearing like a nautical theme sweater.

Jess: dipping your toes and mimosas.

Heather: Yes.

Jeff: I had to, I was all out of love.

Dan: I'm glad you're on this show because I'd be so lost without

Heather: Um,

Jeff: Uh,

Dan: ah, do we have any other hidden gems,

Jess: Do we know any other air supply songs?

Dan: No.

Jess: I bet nobody

Dan: Uh, is, is, is Morocco is still, uh, still a ghost town where you can go into the restaurant and cool down in the AC.

Jeff: restaurant as a cooling station still. That makes me sick,

Dan: You can don't you briefly go into a freezer on the Remy ride.

Jeff: that I love.

Heather: Yes. Yes. We know

Jeff: two less lowly people in the world.

Heather: we do know more air supplies.

Jess: This has been the air supply.

Dan: Well, I think I'm going to say goodbye before we get, probably have to play licensing fees, set air supply of our

Jess: If you love knotless rock, then.

Dan: Thanks for hanging out with us again this week. If you're excited to try to cool down while sliding your way down. Mickey's Keester coaster Waterslide and Walt Disney. World's boardwalk. Or exploring anywhere else around the world. Key to the World Travel has an inexplicably ice and snow covered waterpark for the expert travel planners ready to make your vacation dreams a reality at www.keytotheworldtravel.com to get started with a no obligation quote.

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Heather: Hi, you guys.

Jeff: Remember, if you need to cool off, even the nights are better.

Jess: I don't care if it's.

Dan: Yeah.

Jess: Over a hundred degrees and the sun has exploded in the streets of radiator Springs are bubbling under my feet. I will still set a match to flows and warm myself by the fire.

Jeff: Well, talking about making love out of nothing at all.